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Title: A Brief Count, Part 2
Post by: Smirkin on December 13, 2017, 01:48:29 PM
Part One is here: https://www.rapecage.com/forum/index.php/topic,3761.0.html

Part Two

Not allowing him the chance to fall asleep, I strum my fingers over his sides to catch his attention while listening to his breathing shift.  Little whimpers are heard with a soft yawn.  Glancing up and smiling I see the slight tiredness in his face.

"No time for sleeping, pet."

Leaning and pushing up from the bed, I reach to unfasten his ties around his extremities.  Watching the look on his face as he rubs each wrist with a little smile.  I quickly open the bedside table and retrieve the leash from within it before waving it around playfully.  Pet's face immediately flushes as he perks up on the bed.

"Does someone want to go for a walk?"

He bounces up and down on all fours in his little collar and bare form.  His face beaming with the desire to have his leash attached onto him.  He always did enjoy walkings, even if they were simple and just around the house.  Which he may be expecting but not today. 

Stepping towards his bouncy body on the bed I clip the end of the lead and snap my fingers commanding him to the floor beside me. Without hesitation he follows and scurries to my side happily. Tugging his lead taking a step we head out of the bedroom. 

"Does someone want to go outside? Just as they are?"

I glance down to see him hesitate a step for a moment as he continues to look forward before whimpering a small nod and blushing. If I remember correctly this will be the first time he has been out on his lead before, luckily for him it is nearly the dead of night.  Passing my eyes over his form as he crawls beside my steps I smile.  A walk isn't the only thing he will be getting. 

Pulling the lead gently I pause, stopping outside of a room before squatting down eye level with him.


Watching him follow through promptly I lay the end of the lead across his mouth and close it softly before patting the top of his head.
"Good boy, now stay right here."

Grinning I reach for the knob to the door behind me before slipping inside and taking a quick glance around.  Quickly scanning for my dong, this particular one I like that most due to it's comfort for the both of us.  Assuming he will be a bit anxious I think it would be best to use this one.

After checking several drawers I finally locate it, sitting there wanting to be worn.  Pulling my hair back quickly, I slide into the harness and adjust it for comfort. Swinging my hips back and forth playfully while watching the pink dong sway slightly. It always causes me to giggle.  That giggle continues as I turn around to step out of the door and be greeted by an enthusiastic pet.  Reaching for the lead from his whimpering mouth.

"Did you miss me?"

A reply in the form of a quick repetition of nods, greeted with a few more head pats. Uncertain if he noticed the harness or not. Regardless we continue our walk to the front door as I glance down at him watching the excitement and hesitation build. Reaching for the knob he pauses a bit behind me with a look of nervousness.

"C'mon, everyone is asleep."   

He sighs in relief as I open the door and see the light of the moon land across his worried face.  Pulling the lead we take small steps out of the door, little by little moving forward. Eventually reaching the walk way.  Several more steps and I can see him loosening up as we reach the cool grass.

"Is this better?"


"Well, now that we got your bare booty out of the front of the house let's move off to the side a bit… Shall we?"

Continuing to talk off to the side of the house slowly, he stops to look for me to give him another command as I grin and point to the pink cock of mine.

"Suck me, make it wet, I want to see you work."

The pet swallows hard while panicky looking around to see if anyone can see him or if anyone were outside. It takes him several moments to gather himself together before he smiles and reaches up to the cock and brings his mouth to it.

"Y-y-yes Miss."

Smiling looking down stroking my fingers through the top of his head, he takes the cock into his mouth slowly and begins sucking it softly.  Wrapping his tongue around it and covering it as much as he possibly can. Gripping his hair and tugging back I can see the sparkle of the moon light against the moisture of the dong.  Glistening brightly as his tongue works hungrily.

"That's a good boy, that's enough for now."

Smiling down at him as I decide what to do next. Knowing my plans may change slightly as I feel the heat growing between my thighs and a craving for something else.  Also knowing if I keep them as they were it would be that much sweeter for myself in the end.

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Pet's timid but willing nature is adorable. You're teasing him AND us with this story. Love it [member=1532]Smirkin[/member]   :heart:
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I love this one.  @Smirkin (http://www.rapecage.com/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=1532)
Title: Re: A Brief Count, Part 2 [BDSM]
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Just reread this.  Not my usual cup of tea but just as good as the first time!  Excellent jo b  @Smirkin (http://www.rapecage.com/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=1532)
Title: Re: A Brief Count, Part 2 [BDSM]
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A really good story.