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One-on-One Roleplays / Re: Family Issues (with zero)
« Last post by darkfantasygirl on Today at 02:34:09 PM »
I heard my mom go quiet and I knew I had to go make sure Jason wasn't losing his cool. She was still at it and I'm beginning to think that she's doing this on purpose. She's so hurt over losing dad that she wants everyone else to be in as much pain she is... as if I'm not... I just have to be the one to do the right thing.

And when I come back into the room he has her against a wall, pelvis eerily close to her. I know he has to be threatening her. I can't hear hm exactly but I recognize his body language and I immediately stop him, setting my bag down on the floor. "Jason, stop. Let her go," and I turned my attention to her. "I don't care how much pain you're in... you shouldn't act the way you do to anyone..."

She's still angry, seeing that I'm serious about all of this, "Yeah, well... not all of us can be perfect, little rape sluts, can we?"

I was astonished, not just because she as willing to say that, but because it was true... she thinks it happened once... or maybe she knows it was two or three. Either way I turn and get my back, "We're leaving..."
Extreme Stories / Re: A Rosie X-mas
« Last post by Beater on Today at 02:14:34 PM »
Thanks archon. I cut ended up cutting a lot of this story to tone it down a bit so it could be a little more Christmasy. Made a little bit less melodramatic as well which was a plus.
Rape Fantasy Stories / Re: That’s What Friends Are For
« Last post by Roleplaying_Dave on Today at 02:10:03 PM »
Great so far and can't wait to read more!
One-on-One Roleplays / Re: The Contract (with Smirkin)
« Last post by archon1980 on Today at 01:38:20 PM »
I leaned back with a sigh, running my hands through my short red hair.  The sun set her hair alight, her, eyes meeting mine.  I took a moment to formulate my thoughts. 
   “Sit down sweetie,” I said.  Concern, already on her face, grew.  “When you agreed to marry me…you knew what I did for a living,” I said weakly.  She gave me a sarcastic smile, concern, laying around her pretty face.  Of course she knew what I did, that was what the Universe, or God, or Fate had used to bring us together.  This beautiful woman, who my heart ached to marry, this woman that I wanted to hold in my arms, until the stars grew cold.  I continued, unsure of what to say, or how to say it.  “I got a call at dinner last night.  I’ve been given another contract.  It’s back in the States.  Do you have any misgivings about my job?  Do you have any thoughts…do you want me to give up my job?”  The truth was, with six confirmed kills and half the balance paid for Penelope’s death, I didn’t need to work.  I ‘d made some wise investments, that were paying off quite well.  Penelope’s husband could afford the house lifestyle they had on his salary alone, why couldn’t mine?  She leaned over and smiled. I leaned in to hear her.  She didn’t say anything for a moment.  Partly because she was thinking about what to say, I think, but mostly because her lips were too busy kissing mine. 
Extreme Stories / Re: A Rosie X-mas
« Last post by archon1980 on Today at 01:08:04 PM »
Oh My God, Beater, what a great story, what an amazing Christmas gift.  I loved it.  Nice to give Rosie a little attention.  Where was mom while all this was happening?   I love your stories. 
Games / Re: Your end, my beginning
« Last post by Beater on Today at 12:51:47 PM »
Extreme Stories / A Rosie X-mas
« Last post by Beater on Today at 12:38:20 PM »
This story is for adults only and features characters that are all over the age of 18. All characters are completely fictional with any real life similarities being purely coincidental. The author of this story does not condone any of the acts that takes place in this story, nor does he support or have any desires for such actions to occur. If you are planning on committing such appalling crimes, please seek professional help.

Please read with caution.

A Rosie X-Mas

The sheer coldness that coated her body was like nothing she had ever felt before. It was like she was frozen, her mind trapped with limbs that would not move. The pain of it all was as deadly as an Arctic chill. Ice was being forced through her veins and her breath was stolen by the frost.

And when the whip ripped through the snowstorm and came down like a searing lash of fire on her back, she should have screamed her lungs out. With it being so cold, being struck by the hard leather didn't come with the usual unbearable burning sensation of hellfire, but it instead felt like shards of ice were being stabbed into her naked skin. The whip just intensified the cold, cutting to her clattering bones.

Forcing herself to toil one more step before falling, the world flew above her as she fell into a bed of knee high snow. The soft flakes of icy glass crumbled under the new weight, dragging her into the white ground that became strained with red from the blood coming out of her nose. It of course wasn't comfortable but to her, it would do. In her mind this was a good a spot as any to spend her final moments alive.

Too exhausted and knowing that her life would only get worse, Rosie painfully shut her eyes and silently waited for death to show her mercy. She deserved to be allowed to die. The universe at least owed her that. Wishing for a quick end, fate seemed to want to drag it out as long as it possibly could.

Patiently, she wanted for it, remaining as still as she could with her only movements resulting from agonising jerks as the whip frayed her back. Despite of her mind shutting down to numbness where it would be free of both pain and thought, she still managed to imagine what it would be like to be in a place where she wouldn't be raped and tortured for sport. Such a place seemed to be so wonderful that she struggled to even fathom it.

Closing her eyes while he continued to whip her senselessly in the snow, she wanted so badly to be able to see a light. If she were to ever see it, Rosie knew that she would gratefully follow it, regardless of where it led her. Crying as the whip slashed her tortured ass once again, that light unfortunately never came.

A couple of hours later.

When she woke up and stepped back into life, everything hurt. Her disoriented head couldn't quite make sense of herself or her surroundings but she knew that every part of her was in excruciating pain. It hurt her to think and it hurt her to breathe, making Rosie want to do neither.

Opening her brown eyes and then daring only to peek, she saw that she was at least back inside, away from the snowstorm that had battered her evil winds. The warmth of a couple of space heaters bathed her in their heat, fighting off the numbness in her limbs. Within not too long, she was able to feel again and as soon she did, fresh agony washed throughout her tortured joints.

It was her fingers where she regained feeling first. Her digits could be bent and flexed, despite having been chilled to the bone. Bound behind her by coarse rope, interlocking and pulling apart her fingers and thumbs was all she could do with her tied up arms. Even if her hands were not bound behind her back, she most likely wouldn't have been able to manipulate them well enough to untie the rest of the rope anyway but not even having that as a option hammered in her hopelessness.

Beyond her arms as she stared down at how the rest of her body had been strapped down to a horizontal wooden beam, she saw more of that horrid rough rope. The twisted coils were wrapped tightly around both of her legs, constricting her thighs and calfs like pythons. She could also felt a snakebite like tear towards her groin, as if the ropes truly had come alive, resulting from the way her legs had been spread in a forced splits.

"Hey, I think the bitch finally woke up."

She followed the voice back to one of the men who was responsible for doing this to her. A whimper escaped from her lips when she saw that her sister, Alice had her lips wrapped around the man's cock. Another man was thrusting into Alice from behind while three more were busy, brutally assaulting Tash who like Rosie and Alice, was also one of their slaves.

As much as Rosie didn't want to watch the orgy taking place in front of her, the man who approached her wasn't a welcomed distraction. Stepping around the huddle of two pretty girls being raped, Santa strolled up to his favourite toy. Jolly as always, he looked eager for another play session where he could give her some more festive cheer.

"Hoe hoe hoe cunt. Finished napping have we?"

He mocked her while his gloved hand cupped her cheeks, squeezing her face to make her pout. She found herself flinching to this monster's touch and then cried out as his other hand swatted her exposed and spread open cunt.

"Do you want to pretend to be Mrs Claus again? Give daddy a kiss."

His breath made her want to be sick and that stupid fake beard scratch into the sensitive skin of her face. Right at this moment, Rosie didn't think it was possible for anyone to hate a person more than how she despised this overweight thug. She wanted to be able to hurt him back for all the horrible things that he had done to her but she was too afraid to even bite his vicious tongue which he was now forcing down her throat.

"You know what, someone, roll in that monitor and start the film again so this cunt can watch herself in action."

As one of his friends pushed a flatscreen television that was on a wheeled strand, directly in front of her view, Santa Clause pulled down his fluffy red trousers and took out his disgusting unwashed cock. The revolting tool was the biggest out of all her rapists and was also the fattest. It also happened to be the worst tasting, a fact that made her stomach turn just by looking at it.

Rosie desperately did not want to have to please Santa yet again but there was nothing that she could do to stop him from him from having his way with her. The angry head of his cock pressed against her, in between her legs, ripping tears from her eyes. A couple of months ago, she would have screamed and begged for him not to rape her but now she knew that her pleas just made it even better for him.

She chose to deliberately remain silent, robbing him of her begging. Just as his cock penetrated into her with a sharp deep thrust, the television in front of her started playing a film. She tried focusing on what was playing, doing what she could to save herself from having to live through yet another rape.

The tune of jingle bells played out in the background while Christmasy front appeared on screen. Like the ice particles of a snow flake, words were spelt out over a holly wheel. She read the title of the film and realised what it was that she was looking at.

A Rosie X-mas. A slut torture entertainment production.

The screen turned to black with a fadeaway before the movie really began. The first thing that Rosie saw was her own face. Her ginger hair wasn't as messy as it was now, in fact it looked really good there, brushed and parted to either side of her face. The makeup that she had on also looked better in the movie, having been applied not too long ago and with it yet to be ruined by her tears.

Humiliatingly, she was smiling in the start of the film. She had done what they had told her to do, foolishly believing that they would keep their word and not hurt her if she obeyed. She really should have known better. That stupid dumb smile that was etched on her face seemed like a disease to her now. A cruel joke that she had fell for that came with all the shame in the world as her face was bright red from embarrassment.

As the camera zoomed out, more of the shot became visible. Rosie could now tell that she was in the same room that she had been in that video. A thick piece of red ribbon was knotted in a neat bow, covering her tits like a bra. It made her look like a sexy present that was waiting to be unwrapped whilst she bounced up and down in Santa's lap.

With his cock up her ass, she fucked him like a teenage whore as he raised his right hand and spanked. His blow to her juicy butt cheek was the signal for her to begin, cueing her to start saying the degrading lines that she had memorised to heart.

"Merry Christmas everyone and welcome to Santa's workshop. You will have to excuse jolly old Nick, he's occupied fucking my tight my tight little asshole. Am I tight enough for you Mr Santa?"

"You sure are cunt. Now tell me, what do you want for Christmas?"

Having gone along with the script, she watched herself gesturing that she was thinking by holding her hand to her chin, all whilst being fucked like a disposable doll. Santa Clause really was pounding hard into her, doing his best to try and destroy her. Rosie was still sore from that nasty fuck.

"I would like some presents Mr Santa sir."

"Ho ho ho. Some presents? And have you been a cleaver cunt this year?"

"Yes Santa." She was nodding her head along with her answer, bouncing up and down whilst impaled on his cock.

"Oh? But my little birdies have been telling me that you've been a very bad girl. Apparently you're such a cock pig that you can never get enough rough sex. Is that true Rosie? Are you really an insatiable slut?

"Yes Santa. I've been a naughty girl."

"And what happens to bad girls here?"

"They get punished severely."

The camera then zoomed out a little more so that the audience could see Santa's throne. Rosie had somehow forgotten about this but was now reminded the fat oath had been sitting on top of Tash, using her back as a chair. Decorated with an assortment of Christmas lights and baubles, she was struggling to support the combined weight of both Santa and Rosie, especially as the rough fuck continued at an increasingly frantic pace.

Taking one of the many candy canes that had been stuffed up Tash's ass, he forced it into Rosie's mouth and told her to bite it. She did what he wanted, recalling how much it had hurt her teeth to shatter the hard sweet. The sadist then pushed the newly jagged point into her tit, adding to her misery as he came in her guts.

With her eyes transfixed to the film, the fact that Santa was raping her in the present was somehow lost, pushed to the back of her mind as she watched herself cleaning Santa's cock and thanking him. Rosie just stared almost blankly at her self degradation whilst her tongue lap polished the tool that had just tormented her. There wasn't even a hint of disgust on her face, making it all the more humiliating as it looked like she was actually enjoying it.

"Hoe hoe hoe. You're such a dirty slut aren't you Rosie? Perhaps you deserve some presents after all."

"Yes please Mr Santa."

She crawled by the man's feet as he grabbed hold of her red hair, yanking her across the room. Rosie wanted to scream at past self for being so stupid when she relived this next part. As Santa fucked her even faster in the present, he led her to a special Christmas tree in the past. Her sister, Alice was locked to a steel fame. Metal bounds were tightened around her limbs, waist and neck, spreading her upright into the triangular shape of an evergreen.

Rosie wished that she had burst into tears when she saw what they had done to her poor sister. The decorations that were strung around her weren't at all festive. Barbed wire was used instead of tinsel, baubles were replaced with paper clips and the star on top was actually a lit candle that Alice was having to hold in her mouth.

"Go get your presents Rosie."

Managing to close her eyes and look away from the first time since the film started playing, Rosie tried to block out what she knew was happening on the screen. She just loathed herself for not being able to figure out what they had planned. How could she be so naive? Why on earth had she believed them when they promised that they wouldn't hurt her if she behaved?

As the screen transitioned to the main act of the film, Santa was now biting down on her tits whilst he pounded her cunt. Feeling that fake beard on her skin  again revolted her. She just hatred everything that was being happening. Why couldn't the bastard just hurry up and cum already? All she was asking for was for him to be leave her alone.

On the moniter, they were now all outside where a thick layer of snow had formed on the ground. Remembering how cold it had been out there was enough to make her shiver, even though she was now inside. It had been so cold that it had hurt for her to simply breathe. The icy frost just consumed everything, gripping around her with vice like claws and not letting go. She would have done anything for just a little warmth.

Rosie watched on as she took her first step into the snow. It crunched under her foot and attacked every nerve in her leg. She yelped from the pain and cried, not being able to believe that they were making her do this. In slow motion, her other foot also stamped into the snow, triggering the same horrid sensation. It felt like for all the world that her feet were freezing solid, about to shatter at any minute under her weight.

She took a couple more steps into the snow where the harness that she was wearing could be seen out of the shadows. The thin leather straps were wrapped around wherever it would be the most uncomfortable for her, making it even harder for her walk in the already inhospitable surface. The straps constricted around her breasts, squeezing them together and drawing unwanted attention to her chest but the what was really dehumanising was the reindeer antlers that she was wearing on her head.

They were forcing her to play the role of rudolf and the sleigh that she was having to pull, was far to heavy for her to manage on her own. It didn't even glide through the snow, ploughing through it instead as Santa sat in the back with various whips and canes in his rugged sack.

"What do you have to say to everyone Rosie?"

The first of many whips came slashing onto her back, making her scream as something new was added to her misery.  Someone, anyone, make him stop.

"Merry Christmas."
Pictures / Re: Accomplices
« Last post by Smirkin on Today at 12:35:58 PM »
General Discussion (Non-Fantasy) / Re: So...What are You Wearing?
« Last post by Slipknot on Today at 12:32:00 PM »
Black briefs and a smile
One-on-One Roleplays / Re: Family Issues (with zero)
« Last post by zero on Today at 12:25:31 PM »
Kelli told me not to hurt her any more, and I tried to listen. But she just wouldn't shut up. The entire time Kelli is gone. Get off of me you fucking rapist, take that ungrateful little whore and get out of here, blah blah blahhh blah blah. Eventually it just...turned into static. And then I snapped, so quickly and suddenly I didn't even realize it was happening.

I don't know exactly what happened, just that one second I was holding her down, and the next I had her off the ground and against the wall by her neck, managing to apply enough pressure so that she couldn't keep fucking talking.

"You'll be as quiet as possible, or you'll learn firsthand what your daughter and I have both gone through."

I turned around and noticed Kelli staring at me. I suddenly felt a little ashamed."S-sorry, she was...loud."
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