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One-on-One Roleplays / Re: Perfect Match (teaseme69)
« Last post by Teaseme69 on Today at 12:32:24 PM »
You lifted me up in the air, wrapping my legs around me as you carried and held me. You kissed my forehead again nice and softly as I clung to you. It was off putting how I needed tenderness from you of all people, but it felt right now. I softly kissed your chest as you held me.
"I don't even know your name." I didn't exactly say this towards you, but for me. My body already loved your touch, I could tell by the fact I got wet everytime you were near me. I hated how my body betrayed me, it took over my thoughts. I could feel how wet I was without even feeling my pussy, this desire my body needed from you was something I didn't understand. I actually felt content at the moment in your arms, maybe you were right all along. I just wished you had never hit me, broke my ankle, and tried to kill me because that taints everything. I needed to push those painful memories down and focus on now.
One-on-One Roleplays / Re: For Charity (Derick and rvplymates)
« Last post by Derick on Today at 12:19:07 PM »
Pumping into her and groaning, he would miss taking her young body almost daily. His lips press hungrily against her, kissing her as he presses her against the seat, with every thrust into her. Slowly picking up speed and force as he eagerly took her.
One-on-One Roleplays / Re: A Christmas Present (Derick and rvplymates)
« Last post by Derick on Today at 11:56:55 AM »
"Because no one will realize your missing. Your friends will assume you got on that bus because that is what has happened every night. The police will just simply think your a run away as they almost always do. It was a quiet night and I know most of my immediate neighbours are away, so no one would of seen you enter my place." Starting to move his hips, down and back and then forward and up, pumping his shaft inside her as he lets out a small groan. "So you were in the right place at the right time. Anyone of your group could of ended up here." She was still tight as he pumped pushing her against the wall as he pumped himself inside of her.
Rape Fantasy Discussion / Re: Having the tables turned
« Last post by darkfantasygirl on Today at 11:37:59 AM »
I do think about this occasionally when the mood strikes me. it's not my fav, and I've only written about it once, which was a hell of a lot of fun, but yes, I do like the idea of revenge and turning my rapist into my victim, even if for a short while
Rape Fantasy Discussion / Re: Describe your favorite rape scenario
« Last post by ModernBrute on Today at 11:10:53 AM »
I'm going to say the short term kidnapping or home invasion trope. Keep it simple
Break in after work or before she gets home and hide. Wait till she is about to shower or get in bed. Gag her and tie her up. Then sit a drink a beer just watching. Let the whole thing sink in before playing with her.
Ya know, I just realized that I've been here for over a year and still never posted in this thread XD

1. Your gender and age?

Female, 25 as of now

2. Do you identify yourself most as Straight? Gay/Lesbian? Bisexual?

Pansexual, I guess. All I know is that a person's personality can make or break how I feel about them, even if they sexy or ugly af. gender also has no bearing on my sexual attraction to someone.

3. Do you fantasize being the rapist or the victim?

Mostly the victim. I like the powerlessness. Though, very occasionally I do fantasize about how awesome it would be to take revenge on the man/woman who raped me. That's one of the few reasons I would dome in fantasy.

4. Age when you first started having these kinds of fantasies?

As far back as I can remember, actually. I don't know when it started, as I never payed much attention to what I was thinking about until I was old enough to be ridiculed for showing too much of my thoughts.

5. Do you still know what started it?  (f.e. movie scene, book, story you heard etc. ...)

Eh, could have been a number of things. I was ignored mostly as a kid so I had may more freedom than I should have. Saw some really grotesque cbt at 5 years old so really, who knows if that's what started it or just threw wood onto the fire :shrug:

6. Have you been molested or sexually abused as a child?

yes. I've posted my story in the survivor group so please don't message me about this. i've said all I want to about it

7. Have you ever raped someone  or been raped in real life? [EDIT by mod : If you have raped someone in real life, please don't admit to it here. Let's not confuse rape fantasy with rape reality.]

Unless you count the banana I shoved down my throat as breakfast dessert this morning, then no... now, have I been raped? Again, refer to my survivor story for this

8. How often do you fantasize about rape?

At least a few times a day. Way more since finding this fucking place :laugh:

9. Do you masturbate while you fantasize?

only when I have permission to masturbate, though I do occasionally slip a finger when no one is looking :uhoh:

10. Do you masturbate while you read rape stories or watch rape movies?

quite often, yes. I also use the stories on here to keep myself on edge for playtime with daddy

11. Do rape fantasies help you to get a faster/better orgasm while you are masturbating?

Absolutely. a lot of the times I think about being taken by strangers, either during personal playtime or when daddy and I are in scene, it does a lot for me, especially if he's in character or masks. i love masks

12. Are your masturbation fantasies always about rape or do you also have vanilla fanasies?

it's not always about rape. though I rarely have a "vanilla" fantasy. it at least involves some sort of bondage or submission. I do love a brainlessly submissive girl, though. the kind that lets everyone around her walk over her no matter what. I think that's my best fantasy so far.

13. Do you more often fantasize about stranger rape or rape with someone you know?

Stranger or incest. I guess you can say I have a mix, just depends on my moods, really.
14. Do your fantasies more often involve one on one scenes or gangrape?

Just depends on my mood. I love both, so introducing one or the other isn't going to bother me at all.

15.Do you always fantasize to be involved in the rape (as rapist or victim) or does it sometimes arouse you just to watch?

Again, just depends on my mood. Over the last year I've discovered a fetish for being a cuckquean, so in that context I like to watch. but just to observe a woman I don't know being raped by a man I don't know, I mean that's hot but not really my cup of tea

16. How important is the enjoyment of the rapist(s) for your fantasy (Absolutely important, very important, not so important)

The most important. I want a man raging with such emotion that he literally can't stop himself. he doesn't care about her, only himself, and doing what he has to to achieve that pleasure.

17. How important is the suffering of the victim for your fantasy (Absolutely important, very important, not so important)

Depends on what type of suffering. mental anguish is a must have if you want me really engaged in a story. what is she thinking, what does she feel, how much does it hurt. And while I like physical pain it's not even on my top 10 list of fetishes, so not required but adds something other things just don't. But boy when I get in a gorey mood, watch it :naughty:

18.What are the most common settings for your fantasies? (bedroom, outdoors, forest, a cabin, a dungeon, prison, military camp, etc.)

Everywhere. Everywhere is the perfect spot for a rape. Though I tend to really enjoy public spaces the most.

19 What's your favorite typ of rapist (blacks, gangster, convicts, soldier, biker, pirat, KKK men, etc. ..) or victim (virgin, schoolgirl, housewife, middle aged woman, MILTF, business woman, nun, femal POW .....)?

Rapist: Either angry or unreal horny men. I mostly enjoy a large age difference, young girl gets taken by more experienced man who knows way more about her body than she does. But as far as anything else goes, can i say all of the above XD

victim: inexperienced or naive. Virgins work, or a girl who may have only had sex once or twice. i love innocence in them, but I'm not limited to this type of victim, she's just my favorite.

20. Are your fantasy scenes typically more "soft" (the victim being forced against her will/ overpowered/unable to resist without overt violence) or more brutal (include the victim being hit/slapped/punched by the rapist)?

Just depends. i like both, so I'll usually let my partner guide my reactions with his or her actions.

21. What's the center of your fantasy, the sex or the humiliation and degredation?

The mental state of all participants. It's weird but I like being in people's heads, all the physical stuff is just secondary

22. Is it important that your fantasy scene has a convincing overpowering sequence including some struggling, slapping, screamimg etc

Yes. Build up is everything. That's not to say a story or roleplay where it just jumps right into the action can't be good, but the build up is like foreplay. You don't necessarily *need* it for penetration, but it does make things smoother ;)

23. Do your fantasy scenes typically include convincing resistance (kicking, biting etc.) by the victim?

For rape, yes. The girl shouldn't be ultimately submissive until she's either been raped several times, been hurt, or a deadly weapon has been shown

24. Is it important that your fantasy victim is screaming, pleading, begging etc

I like gags, so not too important. Her thoughts and feelings are important to note, but speaking. Not really.

A woman's mouth ain't made for words :troll:

25. Is it important that your fantasy rapist(s) is/are degarding the victim with words ( calling her a slut, whore etc.) ?

yes, yes, and yes. degradation is incredibly important in my fantasies, though they can be sweet and endearing as well as horrible and soul crushing. Also, I have a thing for removing the identity of the victim, so the rapist "renaming" her something terrible is always a plus for me.

26. Do your scenes typically include a man's cum and if yes, where does it usually end up?

Just depends on intent. Is it for humiliation? The in the ass or face. Does he intend to ruin her life? Then in the vagina where he could end up impregnating her. Is this a training mechanism where he wants her to worship the ground he walks on, even if being forced? The on the floor, where she can lick it up. There are really too many options here.

27. Do your scenes include anal rape? (Always, Often, Occasionally, Rarely, Never)


28. Do your scenes include oral rape? (Always, Often, Occasionally, Rarely, Never)

Almost always. Oral is just one of those things that makes my pussy wet even if I am a giver and not a receiver ;)

29. Do your scenes include vaginal rape? (Always, Often, Occasionally, Rarely, Never)

Most of the time.

30. Do your scenes typically include the victim having an orgasm?

Not always. A victim cumming from her rape is just a spice that doesn't go well on everything.

31. How important is the size of the rapist(s) cock(s) cock in your fantasies?

About as important as it is in real life :troll:

That being said, not too important. I do like big, veiny cocks (they be pretty :drool:) but it's really down to how the cock is used and the intent of the user.

32. How long does a typically rape fantasy (masturbating) session usually last?

I don't really know. Sometimes it's just wham, bam get it done and other times it's just like, wait... wait... wait... release lol

33. How do you feel after such a "session"

like I wanna smoke some weed XD

34. Do you sometimes feel some kind of guilt for your fantasies?

Of course. i think we all do at some point or another, but also at some point we just gotta do what needs done and move on to the next thing. No time for feeling bad about it

35. Does someone in your real life know about your fantasy?

A few people, though I try not to let any more people know, as I've noticed that I am treated differently by the ones who do know as compared to when they didn't. Especially daddy... he treats me like a dirty slut, now :bateyes:

36. Do you know of someone in your real life having such fantasies?

no, I don't think so. Daddy likes bdsm and reluctance, but isn't really turned on by full on Rape. other than that, no one has ever mentioned it to me.

37. Have you ever enacted a rape roleplay in real life?

Just with daddy

38. How is your rapist or victim typically dressed?

Depends on the weather :giggle:

39. Do other kinks or fetishes (such as BDSM, foot fetishes, furries etc.) make their way into your rape fantasies? If so, what are they?

It would be easier to tell you what hasn't come into my rape fantasies since they started ;)

40. Are there other key elements to your fantasies that I have missed with the questions above? If so, please describe them briefly.

Detail is everything.
Rape Fantasy Discussion / Having the tables turned
« Last post by Whynot on Today at 10:38:16 AM »
Does anyone else have fantasies about having the tables turned on them?
I love RPs and fantasies where I am fully in charge as the attacker and get to do whatever I want with my victim with no comeback. However sometimes I like to have the tables turned on me. Either after I have raped and abused her or even before I get that chance, it all goes wrong and I am the one that ends up bound and gagged at her mercy. To go from being defiant and in control to being totally at my former victim’s mercy, a fuck toy for her to play with and abuse as she sees fit.

I’d never thought about this myself until it happened in a RP with someone I had been playing with for years. For a joke she escaped and captured me and it went from there and I really enjoyed it.

Is this something others like or is it just me?
Other Fetishes Discussion / Leaving my panties for a stranger to find
« Last post by chrisrap22 on Today at 10:19:49 AM »
I get turned on by thinking about leaving a pair or two of my used panties in a bag and having a stranger find them and then take them home where he has fun with them before filming himself cumming in them!! Such a naughty dirty thought! LOL! :] I have masturbated  more than a few times thinking about this!
One-on-One Roleplays / Re: Stolen Inheritance (Derick and Aria)
« Last post by Derick on Today at 09:25:41 AM »
The conversation and what he had witness stuck with him, even as he worked on a new rune, once again putting in long nights, knowing something was up. This was new magic, their were a lot of new words that he never had any access to before. Yet he had defense down, what he needed was offensive. When he was finished, he had a new trinket, that he simply slipped into his pocket. He did not think he would need to wear this one always, but he wanted to keep this one with him for now.

Once he was ready, he went out to find Ariana, stopping by her place, she was not there.  Two Mages, looking for a girl, could they be looking for her? Could they have found her? What was their interests in her. The question echoing in his head was that why he even cared, he had raped her, and all but stole from her. Why was he out their looking for her. He had saved her once already, and now had more power than he ever had. Yet perhaps the real reason is, it gave him a chance to use his magic. When going up against another Magus, all the rules required hiding were off. 

Yet his wish would come true, he would not see either of the Magus, but he would find Ariana being silently stalked by three of those beast made out of flame.
Catrina had finished for the day.  All cleaned, staff gone home, monies handed in and about to lock up.She had been asked to lock the gates so she knew that she was alone and in no hurry.She liked it when it was like this quiet, all to her self.
The two young  men had been coming into the garden for some weeks now, stealing oranges and taking money from the boxes.They had seen the man leave and had thought the gardens empty, as they wandered through the garden they were startled when they saw a lady walking to one of the stables in the little courtyard.  They ducked for cover and watched.The girl was in her late 20’s, pretty with long brown hair.  They could see through her white blouse that she had nice breasts in a white bra.A navy skirt and tights completed her dress.  They both thought the same thing instantly.  A young English woman all alone, neither of them had had a woman for a long time.  They would have her.
 As she returned into the barn they cautiously followed, making sure that no-one else was around.Catrina went into the kitchen and turned out the lights, she would be glad to be home, her knee was killing her and it was her time of the month so she ached all over. As she turned out the lights she thought she heard the outer doors but when she stopped to listen all was quiet.  She picked up her bag and walked out into the barn.She didn’t see the man at first as she walked through the gloom towards the exit.He was stood near the counter.“Oh God you gave me a fright”, she said.
She was about to ask what he wanted when she sensed movement behind her she turned right into the other man. Catrina cried out as he pushed her backwards towards the other man.“What do you want…..please leave me alone” She could see the look in their eyes and she knew that they weren’t here to rob the place.She tried to dodge and make for the door but the second man tripped her, pushing her down onto the floor his hand on her neck her knees pounding the concrete floor.  She gasped in pain as he bent her arm back behind her straight out, her cheek pressed to the floor.He held her like this, twisting harder when she tried to speak.  With her hair around her face she couldn’t see what was happening but she heard the doors being closed and bolted from the inside.With the barn secure the man released her arm and with his foot pushed her sprawling onto the floor.
The men looked at their prize.  Her skirt had ridden up to reveal shapely calves and thighs; they both noticed a white tubular bandage around her right knee as their gaze traveled up her legs.  Her black tights were now laddered in a couple of places.
She scrabbled backwards pulling down her skirt as she went trying to get towards the door but one of the men was after her in an instant.  With the toe of his shoe he flipped her arms away from her and she went sprawling again hitting her chin and crying out.  The men laughed as she cried out.“Stand up” the first man commanded, “Where are the lights”
Catrina pointed into the kitchen and he pushed her forward motioning her to turn them back on.  Both Catrina and the man saw the knife block at the same time.  She lunged fo rit but he grabbed her hair yanking her backwards as she yelped.  He smashed her up against the hot counter, the servery colliding with her hip and the hot lights catching the side of her head.  She crumpled to the floor moaning in pain.  With the lights put back on they could see there prize better and Catrina was dragged back out into the main barn.
They threw her down into the centre of the barn and stood back to admire her and plan the next move.“Strip” one of them said.Catrina looked in disbelief…”What!?” She shrieked.The mans boot caught her just beneath her armpit and she cried out in pain. He brandished the knife in her face.“Stand up and Strip….now!”Sobbing now she stood up, her legs trembling as she looked at the knife.“Ple…..” she began but the man moved closer with the knife and with a moan Catrina realised that she did not have any choice.With her vision blurred by tears she reached for the buttons of her blouse.The men licked there lips as one by one she unbuttoned the white cotton.  She pulled the waistband out of her skirt and hung her head as the last button was undone.“Take it off, now” he demanded.
Crying Catrina pulled the blouse off her shoulders and dropped it to the floor.The woman was  pretty and she had small firm breasts in a white smooth Lycra bra.The cold air in the barn had caused Catrina’s nipples to harden and the men joked in Croatian about here prominent nipples.  Tears fell from her eyes as they laughed and pointed at her.  Her hair fell over one shoulder and covered one breast, she put her hands across her chest to cover herself but the man shouted at her to put her hands down.  With a groan she did.“Your skirt” the man gestured.“Please let me go”, Catrina begged.  The man took 3 large strides towards her and smashed her across the face with his hand.  She fell to the floor crying out her hand to her face.  She could taste blood and feel her cheek swelling.  The men looked down at her and gestured for her to stand, as she did they saw the trickle of blood from her split lip and the beginnings of a bruise and a black eye.“Your skirt, NOW!” he barked.
Catrina was crying hysterically now, her breasts wobbling in her white cotton bra as she fumbled with the buttons and zip of her skirt.  She slid the zip down and her navy skirt slipped down onto the floor.  Once again she moved her hands to protect herself but an angry bark from the man had her standing with her hands by her side her fists clenching
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