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General Discussion (Non-Fantasy) / Re: The "What the ACTUAL FUCK?!" thread
« Last post by Trill on Today at 02:38:36 AM »
Rape Fantasy Stories / Re: Fighting Back - 3rd Installment Available
« Last post by randomgirl on Today at 02:32:31 AM »
This is exhilarating to say the least !!! I looooove Beth. I can figuratively feel the hammer and scalpel finding their home someplace appropriate e.g. controller's face :P
Pictures / Garden of Oral
« Last post by RayPistonprowl on Today at 02:17:23 AM »
I accidentally deleted it. Restoring it from backup will be a pain in the arse and won't include the recent stuff so let's just start a new one. I've set up a Recycle board so from now on when we delete shit it will go there first so we can rescue cockups. :facepalm: Sorry!

Now post your oral piccies! :bj:
Mouthface! :troll:

(in-joke for the movie nights crew XD )


I considered "Craphole." Good solid family name.
General Discussion (Non-Fantasy) / Re: Too Many Me Toos
« Last post by RayPistonprowl on Today at 01:46:31 AM »
I've talked in the Rage Cage about how all this shit has triggered me and enraged me etc. As well I talked about watershed moments that pass us by repeatedly cos the people who need to make the changes don't get the message cos nothing forces them to wake up and pay attention. Carlos, you're not the problem, you bloody know that. The problem is bullies who look to take advantage of power imbalances to get their sick jollies. BULLIES. BULLIES BULLIES BULLIES. Every time you see a bully, you are seeing someone with the potential to be a rapist or worse. So if there's one thing I want everyone to get out of the #metoo movement and the Women's Marches worldwide etc. it's that same old thing that must be repeated until enough people get it to pass it forward with each generation so it doesn't fizzle yet again:

WHEN YOU EXPERIENCE BULLYING, SPEAK UP. WHEN YOU WITNESS BULLYING, SPEAK UP. Even if it's years later. Because enough voices need to speak up just so we'll believe that one powerless one who was afraid. That's how bullies get their power: ABUSE THRIVES IN PRIVATE, where bullies aren't challenged and aren't held accountable for their actions. Speak up for all the other people you can bloody save from being future victims. Yes, you will hit blue walls. SPEAK UP, SPEAK UP, SPEAK UP. Don't let predatory settlements and contracts with NDAs and forced arbitration clauses and gag clauses shut you up! Your ignorance is surmountable - an illegal contract is always unenforceable. SPEAK. THE. FUCK. UP. FOR. ALL. OF. US.
You demand a lot from me and I can hardly stand let alone show you respect you don't deserve. I'm tired, in pain, and was feeling dead inside. I looked at you, sniffling and drying my tears.  Your arms were flexed some, the veins were showing.
I could tell you were trying to hold back."Fine." Was my simple, less respectful reply compared to my "yes sirs". I was still wobbling some, but I tried to stand and focus on anything other than falling.
Pictures / Re: Femdom
« Last post by kittyumbrass on Today at 12:41:37 AM »

They sent the Princess to her Aunt in a neighbouring kingdom to be trained in her role. This included how to discipline and make use of the male concubines she would surely have at her disposal...
Mouthface! :troll:

(in-joke for the movie nights crew XD )
Kitty's Ladies' Chamber / Re: Lesbian rapists
« Last post by kittyumbrass on October 20, 2017, 11:47:03 PM »

- "I promised you something special for your 18th birthday and, here I am. Don't be nervous, it's much better this way. You don't want some dirty boy being your first, do you?"

- "B-but I'm straight!"

- "Don't be silly! Now get out of that dress or I'll call everyone to see what a slutty little femme dyke you are."
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