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Rape Fantasy Discussion / Re: What kickstarted your fantasies today?
« Last post by cosmicwitch on Today at 03:47:14 AM »
So you didn't stop...... why ??  :naughty:

@RayPistonprowl I did stop. Later on, in my mind :naughty:

IRL he was very cute but his aura was fucked up. Self-preservation prevailed. And what if he was drunk and puked in my car? Then I'd have to kill him  :angel:
Pictures / Re: man candy
« Last post by cosmicwitch on Today at 03:31:56 AM »

Pictures / Re: man candy
« Last post by cosmicwitch on Today at 03:25:52 AM »

*gasp*  :faint: :love3:
Other Fetishes Discussion / Re: Scat...
« Last post by archon1980 on Today at 02:59:26 AM »
I did a few stories, here and elsewhere, in which I used scat as a form of ultimate humiliation and degradation on my captives.  Poop Play just isn't as pleasing to me and watching it turns my stomach.  Having her poo into a bucket and only changing once a week so the smell is revolting is just as good. 
General Discussion (Non-Fantasy) / Re: What MOVIE did you see last?
« Last post by pantherx on Today at 02:35:58 AM »
Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Is it a fun movie?  Sure.

Is it going to drive geeks nuts due to massive liberties taken with plot and some silly continuity errors?  Absolutely.
Rape Fantasy Discussion / Re: What kickstarted your fantasies today?
« Last post by pantherx on Today at 02:30:33 AM »
A new Star Wars movie invariably means another scene with a heroine in a vulnerable position and villains seemingly too focused to take full advantage of the situation. 
One-on-One Roleplays / Re: Costume Party (teaseme69)
« Last post by Teaseme69 on Today at 02:21:04 AM »
You were more insane than I thought you were. I almost retched when you were tasting my blood, then you started choking me. The room was going hazy,  my vision was blurred.  I couldn't scream, your hands were tightening hard around my neck and I felt the color disappear from my face.
My nails dug hard into your arms as I tightened everywhere inside and out.  This was it! I was about to die, die at 19.
Rape Fantasy Discussion / Re: Women who fantasize about friends rape
« Last post by Leftwanting on Today at 01:51:35 AM »
A friend told me her story, it was a long time ago, wasn't quite rape, but she felt under so much pressure that she gave in, she told me that there came a point when she felt she had "no other option."

She was at a party with her friend and two guys (strangers) came on to them, at some point later, they all went into a quiet room, she said "for a joint" and just for a little "Petting".
But after a short time her friend and the other guy were fucking, "very noisily"

Her guys hands were all over her, she resisted him for a long time but the more she did the more he pushed, until she "gave him what he wanted"  :fuck:
She tried to give the impression that she was ashamed of what she'd done, but I felt that she had enjoyed it really.
There was a lot of unnecessary detail in her description, think she just had to tell someone.. Me

I have fantasised about it, imagined myself in her position.  :naughty:

Oh, I have also fantasised that it was me, my friend, and two other girls  :naughty: :naughty:
Other Fetishes Discussion / Re: Panties
« Last post by RayPistonprowl on Today at 01:51:05 AM »
A hitch hiker at around 3am this morning, when I was driving home after the gym.

I slowed down to see if he seemed alright and I'd have stopped for him if he hadn't smiled at me the way he did. All teeth and ill intention.

@cosmicwitch So you didn't stop...... why ??  :naughty:
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