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Extreme Stories / Re: Holiday to Hell
« Last post by archon1980 on Today at 12:55:28 AM »
Holiday to Hell Chapter 4

Maya fell back, choking on her own brother’s cum.  Desmond and Jack howled in laughter.  Janelle, on the other hand, was nearing an orgasm of her own.  Seeing the cute 19 year old choking and gagging on Michael’s cum was enough to push her over the edge.  Moments after Michael came into his sister’s mouth, the love of his life, made a stranger cum.  Desmond meanwhile dumped her in front of Dayna.
   “You dirty little cunt.  That was your brother.  I think we should cut his balls off for  getting off in his own sister’s mouth.”  Maya whimpered but leaned forward extending her tongue to lick her sister’s muff.  Janelle watched while stroking Mika’s hair.  It was almost an hour before all the family had cum, except Maya.  Even Mika had been able to cum.  Jack released Paula and Desmond released Michael.  Maya was tied to where Michael had been tied.  Michael was forced to his knees in front of his mother, wrists bound behind him.
   “Okay bastard.  Make mom cum or your girlfriend’s brains will decorate this otherwise very nice room,” Desmond said.  Michael hesitated.
   “Tick, tock, the clock’s ticking,” Jack said.  When Michael looked up, Jack grabbed Mika’s face and kissed her hard.  He broke the kiss and pressed the gun against her temple, “I guess he doesn’t love you sweetie.  Too bad,” he said with a smile.  Michael leaned into his mom’s muff and began toying with her slit, kissing, toying, coaxing.  He was oversome with shame but also desperation so they wouldn’t kill Mika.
   “You’ve got fifteen minutes or our beautiful new friend here dies,” Jack said, his right arm draped around Mika’s shoulders, his left hand holding the gun aimed at her stomach.
   “C’mon mom,” Michael thought, his mind aware of what he was being forced to do, to save his love’s life.  It seemed like an eternity later,”Michael felt his mother’s love juice spraying his face
   “With less than a minte to spare,” Desmond said with a smile on his face.
   “Pity,”  Jack said, “I  was looking forward to killing this pretty little thing.” He said indicating athe woman standing beside him.  He turned to Mika.  “Lucky you,” he whispered in her ear and gave her a quick kiss on her cheek.  Michael shook in rage.  Jack and Desmond secured all their captives before going into the kitchen.  They made each of them and Janelle, a sandwich.
   “Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m tired,” Desmond said.  Jack and his cousin both agreed.  Paula, Mika and Maya were tied tightly.  A noose around their necks, with the lead running down their chests and stomachs.  They were drawn up sitting snugly in their cunts and in their asses.  Before trailing up their backs to attach to the other end of the nooses.  A second piece of rope was wound around their breasts making them look swollen and strangled.  Each of their ankles was tied to the others.  Paula’s right was tied to Mika’s left, her right was tied to Maya’s left, who’s right was tied to her mother’s left.  Each of their wrists were secured with zip ties behind their backs.  Each had a ball gag in their mouths.  Desmond and Jack went upstairs.  They cam down carrying a matress each.  The two matresses were dropped onto the floor.  Desmond and Jack each selected one of the two elder sisters, Danielle and Dayna.  Jack picked Danielle, the aspiring model, while Desmond had the no less gorgeous Dayna.  Danielle breathed a sigh of releif.  As much as she didn’t want Jacl to rape her, the black guy with dreads scared her even more.  She wasn’t a racsist, but she though the brown haird white guy was a little handsome.  She felt sorry for her younger sister, but was glad it wasn’t her.
   “We’re going to play a game.  Me and Jack are going to fuck one of these two fine fuck meats.  Whichever fuck-meat makes us cum first, will get to specify who gets to skip the next game,” Desmond said.
   “Trust us when we say, you want to skip it.” Janelle said.  She meanwhile grabbed Michael around the upper arm and yanked him to the couch.  She tossed him down, his bound wrists trapped under him.  She knelt right beside Mika’s head and started sucking her fiancee’s cock.
   “Aw look at that, look at how your fiancee loves my mouth on his cock,” she said giving Mika’s head a light tap with her sandaled foot.  She leaned in close to Michael’s ear,
   “If you dare cum before either of your sisters, you’ll loose your balls,” she said with a laugh.  She stood up and mounted Michael’s hard cock.  She rode it hard.  She wanted Michael to cum first.  It wasn’t lomg before she felt her lover was struggling to hold back his orgasm.  With a scream, Danielle felt Jack explode inside her.  Janelle looked over at Danielle angrily.
   “You’re lucky bastard,” she growled and slapped Michael hard acros the face.  Moment’s later Micahel finally allowed himself to explode in his second orgasm of the day.  Dayna was last.
   “Alright, pick which of your sisters or little Mika will get to skip the next torture.”  Danielle was tempted to pick herself.
   “Maya. Don’t hurt Maya,” she whispered.
   “Oh we didn’t say she wouldn’t get hurt.  We just said she got to skip this round,” Desmond said.  Danielle broke into tears.

Rape Fantasy Discussion / Re: Questions About Your Rape Fantasies
« Last post by Chloro55 on Today at 12:19:10 AM »
1. Your gender and age?  - Male, 37

2. Do you identify yourself most as Straight? Gay/Lesbian? Bisexual?  - Straight

3. Do you fantasize being the rapist or the victim?  - Rapist

4. Age when you first started having these kinds of fantasies?  - Fetishes, 6 or 7; rapes 12

5. Do you still know what started it?  (f.e. movie scene, book, story you heard etc. ...) - I don't, but I found certain TV and movie scenes arousing.

6. Have you been molested or sexually abused as a child?  - No

7. Have you ever raped someone  or been raped in real life? [EDIT by mod : If you have raped someone in real life, please don't admit to it here. Let's not confuse rape fantasy with rape reality.]. - No

8. How often do you fantasize about rape?  - Several times a day

9. Do you masturbate while you fantasize?  - Yes

10. Do you masturbate while you read rape stories or watch rape movies?  - Yes

11. Do rape fantasies help you to get a faster/better orgasm while you are masturbating?  - Yes
12. Are your masturbation fantasies always about rape or do you also have vanilla fanasies?  - I have vanilla too but rape/force is more prevalent.

13. Do you more often fantasize about stranger rape or rape with someone you know?  - 50/50

14. Do your fantasies more often involve one on one scenes or gangrape?  - One on one

15.Do you always fantasize to be involved in the rape (as rapist or victim) or does it sometimes arouse you just to watch?  - As rapist. 

16. How important is the enjoyment of the rapist(s) for your fantasy (Absolutely important, very important, not so important). - He needs it

17. How important is the suffering of the victim for your fantasy (Absolutely important, very important, not so important). - The fear can be such fun

18.What are the most common settings for your fantasies? (bedroom, outdoors, forest, a cabin, a dungeon, prison, military camp, etc.)  - Bedroom, usually hers.  I like cheap, hourly motels too.

19 What's your favorite typ of rapist (blacks, gangster, convicts, soldier, biker, pirat, KKK men, etc. ..) or victim (virgin, schoolgirl, housewife, middle aged woman, MILTF, business woman, nun, femal POW .....)?  - For rapist, I like normal..exes are great, delivery men.  Everyday people.  For victims, all sorts.  Mainly coeds, young professionals, MILFs

20. Are your fantasy scenes typically more "soft" (the victim being forced against her will/ overpowered/unable to resist without overt violence) or more brutal (include the victim being hit/slapped/punched by the rapist)?   - Soft

21. What's the center of your fantasy, the sex or the humiliation and degradation?  - Always sex

22. Is it important that your fantasy scene has a convincing overpowering sequence including some struggling, slapping, screamimg etc. - Yes.  Always a kidnapping where the girl/woman is drugged.

23. Do your fantasy scenes typically include convincing resistance (kicking, biting etc.) by the victim?   - Yes, for sure

24. Is it important that your fantasy victim is screaming, pleading, begging etc. - Yes

25. Is it important that your fantasy rapist(s) is/are degarding the victim with words ( calling her a slut, whore etc.) ?   - No

26. Do your scenes typically include a man's cum and if yes, where does it usually end up?  - Yes, in her or on her bare back

27. Do your scenes include anal rape? (Always, Often, Occasionally, Rarely, Never)  - Very often

28. Do your scenes include oral rape? (Always, Often, Occasionally, Rarely, Never)  - Not usually

29. Do your scenes include vaginal rape? (Always, Often, Occasionally, Rarely, Never)  - Always

30. Do your scenes typically include the victim having an orgasm?  - Yes
31. How important is the size of the rapist(s) cock(s) cock in your fantasies?  - Sometimes it's fun but not important

32. How long does a typically rape fantasy (masturbating) session usually last?  - Hours to months

33. How do you feel after such a "session". - Fulfilled and hungry

34. Do you sometimes feel some kind of guilt for your fantasies?  - Not anymore

35. Does someone in your real life know about your fantasy?  - No

36. Do you know of someone in your real life having such fantasies?  - No

37. Have you ever enacted a rape roleplay in real life?  - No

38. How is your rapist or victim typically dressed?  - Rapist is usually casual, ready for it.  The victim can vary.  I like everything from nude to power suit

39. Do other kinks or fetishes (such as BDSM, foot fetishes, furries etc.) make their way into your rape fantasies? If so, what are they?  - Yes.  Foot, light bondage, kidnapping is huge.  I have a major chloroform fetish.  Making the victim submit and having control of her is hot to me.

40. Are there other key elements to your fantasies that I have missed with the questions above? If so, please describe them briefly.  - A story I play out over and over is kidnapping and raping the first woman I loved.  Often I'm the aggressor, sometimes it's a character I make up.  It's like therapy for me.
Pictures / Re: pics that turn me on
« Last post by pantherx on Today at 12:14:42 AM »

Piss & Moan / Re: "Stealthing"
« Last post by Carlosdevil on April 28, 2017, 11:43:31 PM »
This is a very slippery slope. To use the example that @Corvid gave, if a woman lies about using birth control,  is she then guilty of rape? I'm sorry but the answer in both cases is no. A violation of trust is not the same as a violation of body. Consensual sex, even under false pretenses is still consensual. If a prostitute accepts a check that later bounces, is that rape?  No.

I believe that words are powerful things and they shouldn't be thrown about lightly. Calling what is essentially a dick move rape diminishes the sexual assault that the word is commonly associated with. If you go into a sexual encounter the potential of pregnancy exists; after all no birth control is perfect. Let's not dilute the meaning of words by stretching them to fit an agenda.
One-on-One Roleplays / Re: You're my girl now (an essence/savage story)
« Last post by EssenceofRed on April 28, 2017, 11:31:36 PM »
Sadly? I look in his eyes with a concerned look. Why would he want the same life for me? If he truly loved me, why would he put me through all of this? Why wouldn’t he want more for me and let me go? What a selfish man.

I start to sit up - albeit slowly and with a few grunts from all of the aches and pains my body is feeling. He’s talking about what I should wear when it’s time, only I have no idea when! “Sorry, what time is this happening? Is there something I should be doing in preparation?”
The Savage Abattoir / Re: Control
« Last post by kittyumbrass on April 28, 2017, 11:30:21 PM »
Pictures / Re: Kidnappings / Captives
« Last post by kittyumbrass on April 28, 2017, 11:15:49 PM »
Introductions / Re: Hello
« Last post by EssenceofRed on April 28, 2017, 10:44:41 PM »
Hi and welcome! *waves* Any friend of @Ingy must be pretty okay. ;) ... Any friend except a certain savage, who incidentally is not okay.
Rape Fantasy Discussion / Re: What kickstarted your fantasies today?
« Last post by archon1980 on April 28, 2017, 10:43:28 PM »
Restarting this thread:

I was sitting on my friend's couch, last night, which had a view of their bottom three steps.  Her three year old came down at nearly 9:30.  She went to take her daughter back to bed.  I love her ass. 
Giggles / Re: online quizzes
« Last post by Addie on April 28, 2017, 10:16:21 PM »
@Ingenue You really need to change this quote in your signature from...

But then again, if there is anyone here who can tell you that you do not control the nickname you get saddled with it would be me ~the savage


But then again, if there is anyone here who can tell you that you do not control the nickname you get saddled with it would be me ~ :heart: Schmoopypoo Smoochsponge :heart:
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