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In The Bleak Midwinter [Contest Entry]Eigniu113
Second VictimCerealRapist0204
Initial VictimCerealRapist0314
Day by Day (Complete)Eigniu8696
'Sara' - Torture on a TuesdayCerealRapist4587
Crazy Like MeAlastor820167
With The Proper MotivationCerealRapist0241
Look What You Made Me DoEigniu131026
Sadistic GameCerealRapist2550
Needing Her To Be In PainCerealRapist6608
Like Father, Like SonThe Sickness3156
The Prize - Mf, fant, rape, violence, torture, sizecarnal1482
A World of True Patriarchydarkfantasygirl1533
Control Over All of Them - EXTRA. EXTRA!CerealRapist8678
The Obedience Contest - teen, bondage, torture, sadism [Contest Entry]carnal8839
Regarding Punishment......and GuiltCerealRapist1381
Rape Frenzy - Part 2 of 3 / Good AfternoonCerealRapist0622
Rape Frenzy - Part 1 of 3 / Good MorningCerealRapist0880
Audrey's Lies, Audrey's RapesCerealRapist0554
Spoils of War... [Contest Entry]BlackKnight1531
Reception HouseCerealRapist2836
An Object LessonEigniu152047
Torture, Rather Than SexCerealRapist4623
Criminal's Revengearchon19800610
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