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He steals his treat, gives her what she really wants. Littlecherrybomb032
The CustomerCyrano Johnson16540
A pleasureless cruiseShocker11363
Go gentle. First story..the forest (posted on bdsm to as not sure where it goes)Pixiewolfe3159
The Hopewell Pop Music AcademyCyrano Johnson6269
False Hopearchon19804247
Slave in the Palace of the Elves [Contest Entry]kittyumbrass6496
Part Three: Hiding in Her house; it's Showtime.Sassyone2467
Alena's Visit to Taiwanarchon19805370
One Full Turn [Winner of July/August 2017]kittyumbrass71304
Vengeance [Contest Entry]FrodoKreuger21615
La Sombra (Parts 1 and 2)LonelyEmber1359
Bike Ride From HellBrowncherrygurl0840
Amanda gets Fuckedarchon19802562
The Rape of EmmaJailBaitLover0201150
Under ControlCerealRapist41758
The Mind Rape of JenniferTheLurker51150
Third Victim, Correcting the Cocktease GentlemanCaller11031
Holiday to Hellarchon19808731
"Crueler Than Winter" (From Disney's "Frozen")Corvid2300
The bad Dreameasttnc0479
It's Your Birthday, Carol!kittyumbrass41133
Carrie's Nightmarearchon19805645
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