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Vengeance [Contest Entry]FrodoKreuger21615
Fled the Revolution [Contest Entry]SoftGameHunter101123
Another NightSmirkin111174
Naughty Fran's Neato PlanSoftGameHunter3305
Don't Go (a NSFW creepypasta)SoftGameHunter0210
Bambi Redux (#3 in Bambi Hunters Trilogy)SoftGameHunter2164
Copycat (#2 of Bambi Hunters Trilogy)SoftGameHunter6122
Lost, Hunted Girl (#1 of Bambi Hunters trilogy)SoftGameHunter1288
Cynthia's First TimeSoftGameHunter0774
Cynthia's Class ReunionSoftGameHunter0376
Cynthia's Bad BirthdaySoftGameHunter0424
Toons Doin' ItSoftGameHunter0137
The Discovery of the Planet of the Worms (Prequel to Worm Plane)SoftGameHunter0129
Worm PlaneSoftGameHunter0116
The Pi Killerís Bad CalculationSoftGameHunter0286
The Chain Rape PhenomenonSoftGameHunter2997
His Eye Is on the Sparrow [Contest Entry]Cyrano Johnson121413
The Slumber Party Nightmaresusanhaynes1912845
"The Courier, Pt. 2: The Key"RayPistonprowl111851
"The Courier, Pt. 1: The Parcel" [Winner of September/October 2016]RayPistonprowl355241
Room 614Shocker81289
Beloved Gummies [Contest Entry]Smirkin192574
Case 002 Smalltown PDeasttnc0584
Case 001 Smalltown PD.easttnc1857
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