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  1. What are YOU listening to?
  2. What shows are you watching/bingeing?
  3. I gave you Rep
  4. general
  5. What MOVIE did you see last?
  6. Random Message Thread
  7. Finally returned
  8. Birthday Wishes for the RC
  9. Streaming video games on Twitch
  10. What's your favorite and least favorite thing about your appearance?
  11. Banishment
  12. What video game(s) are you currently playing?
  13. Absent members you miss most
  14. What's your Halloween?
  15. What's cooking?
  16. Being unable to build vanilla relationships because of your kinks
  17. Men hired for sexual fantasy break into wrong house
  18. I have returned!
  19. What are your favourite comic book runs?
  20. Dream Fights that will never happen
  21. Any plans for today?
  22. What's a Slut, and Are You One?
  23. What are you drinking?
  24. How to answer ??
  25. Most bizarre thing you've shagged?
  26. Big age differences
  27. Your favorite movie scenes
  28. What TV show are you addicted to?
  29. What is your favorite crossover?
  30. Liking evil characters in media
  31. I cannot trust a man that denies having rape fantasies.
  34. Banned search words from porn sites
  35. Unpopular opinion:
  36. What book did you read last?
  37. I just had my very first breastgasm!
  38. Rape Cage Theme Song
  39. For the Love of Words... Poetry, Prose and Quotes.
  40. Turn-ons
  41. Help please
  42. A random fact about you
  43. How do I check my Sent Box?
  44. Real life interactions
  45. Heard in the Shout Box / Chat Room
  46. I have never...
  47. Is dissertation help legit?
  48. What is Your Favorite Music Album of All Time
  49. RIP Larry Flynt
  50. Waves of satisfaction
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