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  1. 28 [M4M or F] seeking Dom in Arizona, Las Vegas or Seattle.
  2. Kendall’s Rape.
  3. Looking to toy with an innocent girl
  4. F in search for M: abuse/violence RP
  5. Seeking female for rp
  6. Seeking feisty female victims
  7. Seeking F victim for RP
  8. Seeking Cougars and MILFs
  9. Dominant woman for Lesbian rape
  10. Seeking Dark and Depraved Female Playmates
  11. Looking for M
  12. German roleplayer here? / Deutsche Rollenspieler hier?
  13. Leia is back! (F lf M or Futa)
  14. Looking for female roleplay partner for PM chat and play
  15. Sin with me - Prey Inside
  16. Kidnap erp
  17. Georgia fun
  18. Looking for F to rp with.
  19. Looking for roleplay partners!
  20. Looking for a lesbian rape ro
  21. Looking for a dom for master/slave roleplay
  22. Hell on Earth, a Supernatural Post Apocalyptic rape rp. (female players wanted)
  23. Game of thrones/fantasy
  24. Seeking F victim for RP
  25. Roleplay?
  26. Putting Herself in Danger (Victim Wanted)
  27. BDSM, Control, Abuse, Adventure? f/M f/F
  28. idea of rp- female victims
  29. Search a dominant woman for a succubus rp.
  30. Looking for a truly submissive female role play partner
  31. In the mood for an illustrative roleplay
  32. Cute 38 yo mom home invasion rape
  33. Looking for lady
  34. Home Alone Idea (Closed)
  35. Scifi/Fantasy Scenarios-Female victim wanted
  36. Characters and roleplay canon
  37. Reality TV scenario
  38. Seeking Milfs! Nice MILFs, mean MILFs, oh my god any MILFs
  39. I married a monster (temporary second female role)
  40. Completed roleplays: ask here to have them moved
  41. Brutal dominant woman partner.
  42. Cute Blonde Teen looking to get used by Sadistic Older Man
  43. Seeking sadistic men who'd love rape a cute straight guy
  44. [F4M / GM] Young, naive girls looking for dark and filthy adventures!
  45. Chikan Rp?
  46. Mother/Son Rp
  47. The Taking Of....
  48. Older guy looking for younger females for RP
  49. Any guys for anal rape roleplay?
  50. Game of thrones
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