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  1. How and when did you start having rape fantasies?
  2. what happended to the on fantasy section
  3. Anyone here get their fantasies from being a victim
  4. Shame about fantasies
  5. What should I do
  6. No matter how strong you are it still happens
  7. Is a molester a rapist
  8. Anyone Else Do This???
  9. SO incompatibilities
  10. Does rape have a grey area?
  11. Do you ever wonder...
  12. Can a victim get an orgasm during a real rape?
  13. Guilt about NOT being a victim?
  14. Can dry-humping be considered Rape?
  15. What is left of my manhood? How easily I lost it.
  16. What motivates people to be utterly and despicably evil?
  17. Emotional support board
  18. Finding My Fetishes - Public Diary Entry
  19. My rape adjacent origin
  20. You're A Rapist!
  21. Painful reminder from the medical torture thread
  22. Church forces teen girl to listen to her own rape
  23. My Journey of Suicide.
  24. Embassy Employee drugged and raped women
  25. Spanish Big Brother made contestant 'watch her own rape'
  26. MOVED: Do You Consider This A Rape?
  27. Triggered a lady friends flashback
  28. Still struggling
  29. PTSD
  30. Pre-encounter discussion
  31. Becoming better at sex
  32. nasty wickr group
  33. Apology
  34. Nicheclips
  35. Psycology of rape
  36. Attraction to the eager
  37. Who Rapes? Study Challenges Assumptions About Serial Rapists On Campus
  38. want my wife done
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