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  1. Planet of the Rapes: (Star Trek Universe)
  2. Rachel Duncan, Test Subject (an Orphan Black tentacle fanfic)
  3. Cry pretty Carrie
  4. Vault 00
  5. Caity Lotz' Mexico Trip Goes Malo
  6. Acid Blood
  7. Neon Blood
  8. Poor Batgirl [Contest Entry]
  9. Stephanie McMahon Gets Tabled [Contest Entry]
  10. SXIVM: The Dark Seduction
  11. The Lusts of Dathomir (Star Wars Fanfic)
  12. "High Noon. The Director's Cut" by Jim Trent.
  13. Then a Princess, Now a Slave (an Aladdin fanfic) [Contest Entry]
  14. Lust of the Sith
  15. Nature vs Nurture (an Orphan Black fan-fic) [Contest Entry]
  16. Slaves Of Darkseid (DC Comics)
  17. Stranger Things: Nancy Gets in Trouble
  18. Shapeshifter
  19. Lost Little White Girl (a Tomi Lahren story)
  20. Clara's Departure
  21. Behind the scenes of Dr Who's great Dalek gang-bang, paqrts 1 and 2
  22. On Board U-Boat 26 (Raiders of the Lost Ark) [Contest Entry]
  23. Stuck in the Middle(Earth) With You (working title)
  24. Forsaken will rise again [Contest Entry]
  25. His Guiding Light (The Hobbit Fan-Fic) [Contest Entry]
  26. His Guiding Light (The Hobbit Fan-Fic) Completed!!!
  27. Batman, the Dark Knight: Night of Assassins
  28. Batman, the Dark Knight: The Beginning
  29. Batman, the Dark Knight: Barbara Gordon
  30. Batman, the Dark Knight: Knightfall
  31. Batman (A Darker Knight fanfic)
  32. Toons Doin' It
  33. Rape, Peterotica Style
  34. Immortal (Naruto [Akatsuki] fanfiction)
  35. Emma Watson and the Sorcerer's Bone
  36. "Crueler Than Winter" (From Disney's "Frozen")
  37. Divergent No More
  38. You're Poison
  39. In Name Only [Contest Entry]
  40. "Fuck" [Contest Entry]
  41. Bowser's Bruises (A Mario brothers BDSM story) [Contest Entry]
  42. Am I fighting the Dark or fucking it?
  43. Forsaken (A LOTR Fan Fiction)
  44. Master List of Story Contest Entries
  45. Story Forums Etiquette (The Rules)
  46. An End to Resistance: An SW:tOR Fan Fiction
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