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  2. My Body Was No Longer My Own (with TheSavage)
  3. I was supposed to be exempt (teaseme)
  4. You're mine (Archon1980 & MamaMeadow)
  5. Making Ends Meet (Smirkin and Alastor82)
  6. Unhappily Ever After (With TeaseMe69)
  7. Taking what I want. (Kendall and Carlos)
  8. Becoming the Product. (Girlie00)
  9. For Your Entertainment (MamaMeadow)
  10. Hook up (Carlosdevil and Kendall)
  11. The Rape of Berlin (Alastor and TeaseMe69)
  12. For a good reason (teaseMe69)
  13. A Mother's Love (with Minskirty)
  14. From Father to Son (with the one and only Darkfantasygirl)
  15. Stole my Baby (w/ zero)
  16. I married a monster (darkfantasygirl)
  17. To The Stars (with the savage)
  18. The Veil of Shadows (w/ the savage)
  19. The Occupation (With Teaseme69)
  20. The worst protection money can buy (girlie00)
  21. Tech Support (Derick and Smirkin)
  22. The Price for Water (Derick and Kendallbelongstoarchon)
  23. Cost Chivalry: A Nation Survival: (Derick and )
  24. Lands of Chaos (Derick and BeneathYou)
  25. The forces of evil (teaseme69)
  26. Road Trip To Hell (with Zero)
  27. The Lords Property (with Pillowbiter)
  28. A Merchant's Trade (Derick and Pillowbitter)
  29. The Young Indian Girl
  30. Roadside (with Smirkin)
  31. Shannon’s Ordeal
  32. Stir Crazy (with Katatonic)
  33. Honeymoon Horror (Kendall, Archon, and Natalia)
  34. Lost and found (with Kali)
  35. Life Sentence (Kendall and The Savage)
  36. The long weekend ( with kendallbelongstoarchon)
  37. Abuse of Authority (with Archon)
  38. Camera (Me and @Kendallbelongstoarchon)
  39. Innocence and Obsession (Ayako and Pat Rairchy)
  40. Sexytime pathfinder reborn starts here!
  41. The Moon Is Bright, The Time Is Right
  42. A Gymnast's Horror-Filled Adventure -- Open to Anyone
  43. Yakuza Prize - Open to anyone (Multiple people, females included!)
  44. Red Dragon [Sekah & Slimfatter]
  45. "Lady Faust" (With The Savage) (Extreme)
  46. "The Sex Robot" (With Shocker)
  47. "Fix Me" An Open RP (For +1)
  48. Cloaked Casanova (Illustrated)
  49. "BURN THE WITCH" (Open For Anyone) (Seeking +2) (Extreme) (Any Gender)
  50. The Enternal Secret (Derick and Dawn)
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