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  1. Unhappily Ever After (With TeaseMe69)
  2. The Young Indian Girl
  3. Roadside (with Smirkin)
  4. Shannon’s Ordeal
  5. Stir Crazy (with Katatonic)
  6. Honeymoon Horror (Kendall, Archon, and Natalia)
  7. Lost and found (with Kali)
  8. Life Sentence (Kendall and The Savage)
  9. The long weekend ( with kendallbelongstoarchon)
  10. Abuse of Authority (with Archon)
  11. Camera (Me and @Kendallbelongstoarchon)
  12. Innocence and Obsession (Ayako and Pat Rairchy)
  13. Sexytime pathfinder reborn starts here!
  14. The Moon Is Bright, The Time Is Right
  15. A Gymnast's Horror-Filled Adventure -- Open to Anyone
  16. Yakuza Prize - Open to anyone (Multiple people, females included!)
  17. Red Dragon [Sekah & Slimfatter]
  19. "Lady Faust" (With The Savage) (Extreme)
  20. "The Sex Robot" (With Shocker)
  21. "Fix Me" An Open RP (For +1)
  22. Cloaked Casanova (Illustrated)
  23. "BURN THE WITCH" (Open For Anyone) (Seeking +2) (Extreme) (Any Gender)
  24. The Enternal Secret (Derick and Dawn)
  25. A cold moon
  26. Abuse of Authority (Teaseme69)
  27. The powerful brought to heel (with LittleChinaDoll)
  28. Be careful ny little witch (the Savage)
  29. Home Free (Archon and Lez)
  30. Chance Meeting (Archon and Mama Meadow)
  31. Breaking the Protester. (girlie00)
  32. The Chip (the savage)
  33. D&D take 2 Mosos
  34. New boss. (Girlie00)
  35. Pop SuperstarDoom (Ayako and Shadowform)
  36. Dragon vs Hunter (Derick and FoeChristina)
  37. It's a living (FoeChristina)
  38. The Inventor (with the savage)
  39. Family Business (Archon and FoeChristina)
  40. The next victim (MamaMeadow)
  41. Temerian Troubles (Minskirty & nemo01)
  42. The Horror of Blackmoon Estate (Harmless & FoeChristina)
  43. The labrynith. (Minskirty)
  44. Life Takes A Turn (Ayako & Archon1980)
  45. Not Exactly What She Expected (ImAnnie and Cereal Rapist)
  46. Too good to be true (archon1980)
  47. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (archon1980 and Trill)
  48. Trapped in The Sahara (Archon1980 & FoeChristina)
  49. Taking Mama (With MamaMeadow)
  50. Stolen Inheritance (Derick and Aria)
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