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  1. What is you favourite rape movies or programs would you would recommend
  2. Celebrities I’d like to fuck
  3. Putting "strong women" in their place
  4. A girls feet
  5. Small girl
  6. Who's on your rape list?
  7. Raping my wife
  8. Sleeping
  9. What kickstarted your fantasies today?
  10. Rape Victim Outfits/Occupations
  11. Why are you the perfect victim/rapist?
  12. Video game characters you'd like to ravish/be ravished by
  13. Tiny
  14. Teen Model Rape Meat
  15. Small
  16. Humiliation by Word
  17. Forced Pleasure
  18. How would you rape me?
  19. Look at what she was wearing!
  20. Starting as a fun idea of wife turning into marriage horror?
  21. What tropes do you DISLIKE in rape fantasy?
  22. Whats your type
  23. A fast hard brutal rape/ or a slow teasing rape
  24. Does anyone else know about your rape fantasies?
  25. Without naming names who do you know IRL you fantasize about?
  26. Wife being raped and fighting back
  27. Rape while pregnant
  28. Surprise! Which common rape fantasies DON'T do it for you?
  29. I have to fantasize about rape to masturbate.
  30. Questions About Your Rape Fantasies
  31. How long does a rape last?
  32. Father or Spouse as Witness to Rape
  33. Women raped together
  34. Rape me
  35. Thick and tiny
  36. Tiny and helpless
  37. Make her do this to herself, or she has to do something worse?
  38. After the Rape
  39. Towards a Rape the Policewoman Game
  40. Tiny girl
  41. Best Humiliation
  42. Is there a limit? Is there a porn scene that made you sick?
  43. Pre-rape ritual?
  44. Overpower
  45. rape fantasy on celebrities?
  46. Hooters, tilted kilt or twin peaks girls fantasy
  47. Fantisizing about my wife being raped
  48. How long does a typical rape last?
  49. snuff rape :D
  50. Milf
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