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Slaves Of Darkseid (DC Comics)
« on: March 10, 2017, 09:24:04 PM »

(I wrote this story as the answer to a simple question: What would happen to Earth if it were under attack from a powerful supervillain like Darkseid? In the real world, we have no superheroes to protect us from otherworldly threats, so we would be conquered.)

Melissa Benoist sat on the comfy couch in her trailer wearing her Supergirl outfit and reviewed the script for the latest episode of Supergirl Season 2 when Chyler Leigh knocked and entered.

"Hey, how's it going? You almost ready? The call is in five."

Melissa looked up and smiled.

"Almost. Are you going to come in or not?"

Chyler closed the door behind her and sighed.

"So, I guess you wanna talk about what happened the other night."

At a party for one of Chyler's friends two days ago, the actress had gotten wasted and kissed her guest Melissa deeply, tongue and all. And then there had been the begging pleas to come back to her hotel room and make love.

Chyler was humiliated. Melissa rose from the couch and embraced her friend.

"Chyler, stop being upset. It's totally cool. You were drunk off your ass. No worries, okay?"

They hugged.

As Chyler broke from the embrace, Melissa suddenly kissed her on the mouth. Leigh melted in the star's arms as Melissa's curious tongue explored her own.

"After work, let's go back to my place. Just us. We'll have some champagne in a warm bubble bath together and see what happens then."

Melissa playfully squeezed Chyler's breasts as a strange thunder rattled the trailer. Something flitted by the trailer window and the door exploded inward as both women screamed.

A monstrous winged creature entered and tore Chyler from Melissa's grasp, spiriting her out the open doorway. Benoist followed it outside and looked up to see a huge hole in the sky teeming with flying monsters. Chyler was carried into it and vanished. Melissa, terrified, began to run for her car in the nearby lot.

She almost made it before strong inhuman arms lifted her off the ground and carried her flailing body to the mouth of the Boom Tube, a portal between two points.

A freakish face looked at her as they flew upward. Melissa swore it was grinning.

"You will serve Lord Darkseid."

Dark side? The first thing she thought of was the Dark Side of the Force in Star Wars, but then Melissa remembered her mandatory research for the DC Comics role. Darkseid was the ruler of an alien world far from Earth, and his army were called…Parademons. But none of that was real.

This must be a dream. Had she recently ingested shrooms? The portal was blinding lights and rushing sound as her body was sucked into the sky. She felt sick.

The tube culminated in a grey hangar. She peered groggily around as the creature dragged her forward, her red boots dangling. As they passed a porthole, Melissa saw the planet Earth below as thousands of war like vessels descended towards it. Was she in outer space?

Impossible. This couldn't be real. She was dragged through several hallways and into a massive chamber lit by torchlight, where the monster tossed her to the stone floor.

She slowly rose to her feet and her eyes adjusted to the warm dimness.

About ten feet away, she saw a nude woman crouching before a shadowy figure seated in a broad throne. The woman's head bobbed up and down as she sucked cock. With growing horror, Melissa recognized her hairstyle.


The nude woman turned to face her. Chyler held a thick grey penis in her hands and looked hazy, confused. Her eyes were unfocused.

Two bright red eyes opened in the darkness. The voice that spoke from the shadows sounded like deep rumbling thunder. Melissa shivered.

"And who is this?"

Even in the darkness, Darkseid could make out the sigil of the House of El. A female Kryptonian? Kara? He must possess this one. Darkseid pointed down at Chyler.

"Take this pet to DeSaad for surgery, and leave me alone with the daughter of Zor El."

The Parademons abandoned their prisoner, grabbed Chyler and dragged her off, leaving Melissa and the alien despot alone in the vast throne room. With fiery red eyes, he gazed at the hateful symbol on her chest.

"Kara Zor El. Long have I dreamt of this moment."

"No. No, I'm not really Kara. I'm an actress, and this is a role I play. It's all just make believe."

His eyes narrowed to red slits.

"It's only a story. There's no Superman or Justice League. It's just stories for entertainment."

Darkseid seemed confused.

"So, Earth has no powerful champions who fly or speed or turn invisible?"

"Right. We're all normal around here."

At last, the ruler of Apokolips understood what had happened. During a ferocious battle with the Justice League in deep space, his fleet of ships had been pulled into a wormhole leading to another reality. They had emerged in a universe where super powered nuisances like Superman did not exist. That meant that the world his minions were currently invading was completely unprotected. He pondered this for a moment, then gestured for her to approach.

"Come to me, pet."

Melissa took a hesitant step forward. She was weak in the knees.

"Closer, now."

She felt a sudden hot pressure in her mind as Darkseid prepared to enter her there. Fight him, she thought. But her legs didn't respond and she came closer.

When she was within arm's length, he reached out and grasped the neckline of her costume, tearing the rubbery top to pieces. The long cape fell to the floor, and her skirt was next.

For a moment, Melissa wore only her long red boots and panties. Her arms were crossed over her breasts in terror as he yanked her red panties off and ate them without hesitation, tasting the flavor of her pussy.

He just ate my freakin' underwear!

"Kneel before me."

Though she didn't want to, she watched in horror and amazement as her knees bent and she knelt before his throne. The pressure inside her brain grew as he began to speak.

"You cannot resist me, child. Feel yourself embracing slavery. Feel yourself giving in to my strength. Feel your body preparing to please me."

Melissa felt sudden wetness between her thighs as her pussy sent waves of desire through her core. No! She had to fight it!

"Feel your own surrender. Feel the pleasures to come. Feel the guilt at your own wet desires. Feel yourself embracing the slut you always were. Your body and soul belong to Darkseid."

No! He's....raping my mind, she thought. Melissa saw herself in the future nude on his lap as he impaled her juicy pussy with his huge veiny cock. Saw herself covered in sweat, riding him to ecstasy. She saw a satisfying life spent on her knees, leashed and collared, gazing up adoringly from her master's feet. To worship that big tool with her mouth, pussy and ass would bring her such completeness. Yes. Must surrender to him.

And she licked her lips, liking the visions. No! Must...resist.

"Feel your will to resist crumble. You cannot win. Only servitude is the answer."

She shook her head to try and clear her mind as he steadily penetrated her psyche.

"You are helpless, and now you are mine. Feel yourself yearning for submission. There is no fight. Your struggle is over. There is no escape. There is only Darkseid."

Inside, Melissa saw herself growing smaller and Him growing larger as her will to resist his psychic assault dissolved. He was too powerful, and a single tear slipped down her cheek as she finally gave in and became Darkseid's slave.

Something inside her broke, and her entire being was filled with the heat of his lust for power. As the last of Melissa's resistance shattered and he entered her mind fully, she saw his sickening vision of Earth's future.

Innocent girls in chains, forced to suck throbbing alien cocks. Darkseid would bring his many intergalactic comrades to Earth, and provide them with virginal human females to use for pleasure and degradation. Hordes of flying Parademons nearly blotting out the sun as a massive palace was constructed by slaves for the ruler of the conquered world. Men and women with Omega symbols on their foreheads mindlessly serving their new master.

An entire world brought to its knees.

"Now, use your mouth to pleasure me, slave."

"Yes, Lord Darkseid."

Melissa happily took his pulsating cock in hand and guided it into her mouth. It was big, but she would make it work. As her soft lips began sucking and he felt her tongue teasing his veiny shaft, Darkseid groaned. This pet was very skilled.

"Mmmm, you suck very good. Soon I will spread your legs and pump the secrets of Anti Life into your womb, and you will embrace the darkness inside yourself. You will become a mother to my offspring."

She attempted to please the gargantuan shaft thrusting eagerly down her gagging throat. Tears of joy slipped from her eyes as she worked him, her lips stretched tight around his painful girth.

"I will breed humanity into extinction by inseminating every able bodied woman on this planet and turning every man into one of my loyal Parademons. Humans will cease to exist except as the pretty submissive whores who will service my allies. I will make your world a brothel."

The slave looked up at him with her lovely blue eyes. He watched her head bob as his stiff cock filled her throat and leaned back in his throne.

Three levels below them, Chyler was strapped down to a metallic table in an abattoir. She was absolutely terrified as a creature appeared next to her.

"Darkseid has requested extensive surgeries, my child."

The thing was grinning down at her as nozzles between her thighs rose up and entered her anus and vagina. A cold metal hose entered her mouth and squirted a freezing, bitter chemical down her throat. Chyler felt her pussy and ass being filled with chemicals, as well. She bucked and writhed on the operating table as her humanity was stolen from her.

A steel halo lined with tools suddenly circled her head and long drills extended from it and pierced her skull as DeSaad held her struggling body down, laughing. The halo broke in half and moved over her anguished face. Two long stainless steel awls extended from the rings and punched into her eye sockets, lifting the wet tissue of her eyeballs from them as she howled.

DeSaad lifted a glowing brand from a kiln and pressed it into his subject's forehead. It sizzled as she screamed in agony, an Omega symbol now seared into her face.

In the throne room, Darkseid patted Melissa's head as she sucked lovingly on his huge grey cock. She licked it up and down, pleased his balls with her mouth and made several attempts to deepthroat his throbbing shaft.

Darkseid felt an overwhelming desire to enjoy her pussy.

"Turn around and get on your hands and knees. I want to see your wet sex now."

She obeyed, releasing his cock. Melissa faced away from him and gave her master an unobstructed view of her aroused pussy and ass. She heard him rise from the throne and drop down heavily behind her, examining her like a child with a new Christmas gift. His thick fingers traced the soft curve of her ass cheeks and parted them to inspect her anus, then moved on to her wet pussy. She was overjoyed, prepared to accept him.

A grey finger pushed between her slick pink lips and explored within.

The hot slippery tightness he felt inside her excited him.

Darkseid took hold of her waist, just above the swell of her buttocks, and guided the head of his cock to the glistening lips of her cunt. She felt it begin to push inside and rejoiced.

"My Lord, I beg you, please put it in me. I only seek to bring you ecstasy."

She nearly passed out as his full rock hard length filled her inside. The huge alien grunted and groaned at the snug feel of her agonized pussy stretched around his cock. Each thrust caused fresh tears of twisted joy to spill down her cheeks. Melissa had never felt so satisfied and so horribly degraded than during this erotic invasion of her body.

I'm being used, and I love how dirty it feels.

"Mmmm, do you feel the joy of surrender surging through you, the pleasure in becoming a slave to Darkseid?"

She was wet, her juices flowing between her thighs, and despite the agonizing pain, she got a sick thrill from the power of his big hard cock splitting her pussy. He was a god.

"Yes, my Lord. Though it hurts me, I like it."

Darkseid knew that her pussy would rip if he used too much force, and she would bleed out and die. He wanted this pet to live many years, giving him child after child as despair set in. She would eventually be subservient but miserable, wishing to return to the sweet freedom of her old life on Earth. Having violated several tight pussies today, the ruler of Apokolips now understood why Kal El had chosen as his mate an Earth woman.

They were so soft and helpless and the pink lips between their thighs were an entrance to a heaven of pleasures. Finally, he shuddered and Melissa felt hot alien semen flood into her womb as her new master came heavily inside her. She felt gallons of his cum moving through her.

Darkseid pulled out and watched in satisfaction as her blood and his semen leaked from her stretched lips and slipped down her thigh.

"You were a good pet. Now off to your cell."

He smacked her bare ass as a Parademon entered.

Melissa was picked up by the hulking Parademon and whisked away to a cell in the Slave Pens.
She lay on a stone slab in the darkness, nude and shivering. Her pussy ached and bled and she cried softly at the sudden absence of her Lord. Her breasts felt strange and sore and she gently touched them.

To her surprise, they had grown more full in minutes. Was it possible? She played with one of her nipples and was shocked when a tiny drop of milk slipped out onto her fingertips. Her violated body was already making ready to bear children.

The cell's solid door slid open, revealing a rubber clad warrior woman. She wore thigh high black boots, a gleaming metallic armored corset with spiked shoulder pads and an obsidian helmet that obscured her face. Except for a slender black thong between the cheeks, her ass was completely bare. A glowing electrified whip hung from her hip. The warrior entered her cell as Melissa sat up. A dim light clicked on as the door slid shut again.

Fearful, Melissa watched as the woman removed her helmet, exposing Chyler Leigh's familiar face. Except, there had been some dramatic changes. Her head was bald and several three inch long cybernetic plugs had been driven through her skull and deep into her brain tissue. Through the gleaming plugs, her mind was a part of the ship's computer system. She knew what was happening on every level simultaneously, and would report any strange occurrences to her Lord.

Chyler's skin was now bloodlessly white and her eyes had been replaced with black mechanical orbs. Instead of irises, she had glowing red Omega symbols in each orb. Her exposed left ass cheek and forehead had both been branded with the Omega symbol, marking her as Darkseid's servant.

"You are pregnant with Lord Darkseid's children. Good. Come to me."

Melissa obediently climbed off the cold slab and stood before her friend, looking into her eyes. They were cold and filled with rage and something else…lust?

Chyler reached out and squeezed Melissa's left breast, and then sucked the nipple. When she pulled away, milk dribbled from her lips. She caressed her former friend's face and smiled.

"Even now, your breasts are filling with the milk that will nourish His offspring."

Chyler ran her hands over Melissa's smooth, flat belly. She seemed to be listening to something Melissa could not hear.

"You will give birth to twins. I am jealous that you had our Lord inside your womb. What was it like to mate with a New God?"

"It hurt me, but I liked it. Serving him makes me feel whole."

"Within weeks, you will give birth and then be impregnated again. Your purpose now is to provide our Lord with soldiers for his hybrid army, and your only satisfaction will come when you demonstrate total submission to Him."

Chyler's hand slid down Melissa's belly and touched the stretched lips of her battered pussy.

"Please don't. I'm so sore right now."

Melissa stiffened and winced as Chyler slid two fingers deep inside her cunt, then licked the juices off. To her surprise, the rubber clad warrior forced her down on the slab.

"Only through total submission will you discover happiness. Submit to me now."

Melissa spread her thighs and the transformed woman dipped her head between them. As Chyler ate, licked and sucked expertly, the pregnant slave she was tasting moaned and wriggled. She had never been so wet or ready for sex in her life.

"Oh, GOD! Oh, god, YES! That feels so…please don't stop. OHHHHH!"

Chyler brought her to a body shaking orgasm in minutes. The warrior woman wiped Melissa's pussy juices from her lips and chin, then climbed onto the slab and lay next to her lover.

"Now you again see the pleasures of submitting."

Melissa nodded.

"In the morning, you will be summoned to Him. You will be used purely for pleasure in the tight hole He ignored today. It will be delicious agony."

She patted Melissa's ass as the slave fantasized about Lord Darkseid sodomizing her. Oh, to feel His thick shaft pounding inside my butt, Melissa thought, drooling slightly.

"After, you will kneel and swear allegiance to Darkseid and be branded with His mark. This will officially begin your life as a breeding slave. By the way, Earth fell three hours ago. World leaders surrendered and the entire population has been enslaved. The planet will be renamed New Apokolips."

Melissa smiled at the news, and spoke.

"All hail Lord Darkseid. All is one in him."

Darkseid entered his bed chamber and enjoyed the sight of the struggling woman tied in an X-shape across his bed. She looked up at him with wide, terrified eyes filled with tears. Her name was Gal Godot, and she had been abducted while doing reshoots for Justice League wearing her costume.

"What----what ARE you? Please let me go!"

He touched her thighs and tore away her skirt and the skimpy black panties beneath. He ate both articles of clothing as she struggled.

"Those restraints were designed to subdue a true Amazon, and you are nothing more than a weak imposter. The real Diana never cried this much."

"Please let me-"

He silenced her with a finger over her lips.

"Your desperate pleas only make me harder, and your body is young and strong. You will breed excellently and give me many healthy offspring."

"WHAT?! No!"

He would allow her to wear the boots and corset during the rape. Darkseid climbed over her, careful not to crush the fragile human with his dense, bulky body. He supported his weight with his thick stony arms, and lined up his hard merciless cock with her tender, quivering pink lips.
Gal's eyes were big and wet with tears as she understood what was about to happen.

"I'm begging you, PLEASE don't hurt me like this. Please!"

He shoved deep inside her and she screamed as her pussy was packed with a massive stone shaft. Darkseid thrusted and groaned at her sobbing helplessness, savoring the heavenly tightness of her cunt. He looked down at the gorgeous sight of her pink pussy lips stretched tightly around the thickness of his unforgiving cock.

She mewled like an infant as he slowly fucked her.

"Feel misery. Feel hopelessness. Your body already belongs to me, and your fear makes me stronger. Open your mind and accept Darkseid. Accept slavery."

Gal sniffled and felt strange pressure at her temples. His voice was in her mind, telling her of the paradise of true submission. Giving up her own will, her own decisions and her soul to Him. It seemed so tempting.

"Feel yourself bending to my will. Feel your mind opening like spreading thighs, preparing to be entered by your true Master. You will know a life of satisfaction at my feet."

She closed her eyes, confused. Though she was being violated by this monster, his huge cock began to bring her incredible pleasure. And the way he dominated her so roughly, taking complete control of her body.

"I know you feel yourself surrendering. I can feel it, too. Let me in."


Darkseid ejaculated deep within her womb as Gal experienced an orgasm unlike any other. His formidable power surged through her, erasing resistance, personal identity and memories. All she knew in her reshaped mind was her Lord Darkseid. His semen filled her, impregnating her body and ejecting her soul. In her mind's eye, Gal thought of only three words:
Pleasure Lord Darkseid.

She was removed from her restraints as Darkseid lay back on the bed and Gal sat up, awaiting for his commands.

"Worship my cock, slave."

"Yes, my Lord."

She slurped and licked his shaft tenderly, loving the feel of it in her throat. Gal gazed up at her master with love as she sucked with enthusiasm and stroked his balls. In the night, he ordered her to her hands and knees on the bed. She looked over her shoulder at him as he spread her ass cheeks. The head of his cock found her anus and Gal cried out with joy and pain as her master thrusted inside. He wrapped his fingers in her dark hair and pulled his slave's head back roughly while sodomizing her so deep.

"OH, Master! You're so BIG! Ooooooh, yess!"

Gal had never felt more at peace. Now that her master had taken her hopes and dreams from her, had stolen her meaningless opinions and thoughts and made her a mindless servant, she experienced the simple comfort of complete submission. And the idea of bearing his children gave her a mission. She hoped to be the best baby maker amongst his many slaves.

Her cries of pleasure and agony echoed through the floor to ceiling windows and out into the depths of space as cargo ships filled with Earth's terrified captive women rose from the planet's surface and ascended towards Darkseid's battle cruiser.
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This series by Dofantasy is very erotic in my humble opinion
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