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Author Topic: Stranger Things: Nancy Gets in Trouble  (Read 2475 times)

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Stranger Things: Nancy Gets in Trouble
« on: September 17, 2017, 08:00:37 AM »
Part 1

The air was crisp and cool and carried the fragrance of fallen leaves as Nancy Wheeler pedaled her bike up the lonely the gravel pathway. A faint breeze cut through the tree branches and made her long, silky brown locks of hair flutter to and fro and made her wiry teenage body shiver now and then underneath her jean jacket, white cotton t-shirt, and tight hip-hugging black slacks. But she pressed on.

Occasional headlights rose and fell in the distance from the highway at the edge of the woods. But Nancy took no notice of them, either. Her attention was fixed nowhere but straight ahead, to the government research lab that lay at the end of this trail. She had to get to that lab, and pronto.

Barbara had been missing for the past four days. And men with badges and dark suits were after her Mike and his friends. How did everything get so out-of-control zany, so fast? Nancy didn't know. But she did know this: that all their troubles somehow traced back to that creepy old lab. The one that little Nancy was now pedaling toward, through these cold, dark woods in the dead of night.

A trio of bright lights appeared in the distance. More lights followed. And the trees thinned out and gave way to a vast empty field that ended in a tall wrought-iron gate. She had made it. Now, to find a way in. Nancy carefully leaned her bike against a sturdy-looking tree, pulled the bike chain out of the satchel strapped to her back, and fastened the bike to the trunk. Satisfied that her ride was both safe and well-concealed, she scampered toward the fence and looked for a way in.

And she spotted a gate. There was a booth and a security guard inside. But wouldn't you know it, he was engrossed in some skin magazine. "My lucky day," Nancy whispered to herself, and she hunched down and quickly, silently tiptoed past him. Wonder of wonders, she was in.

Now what? It hit her, hard: I don't have a plan. She looked around. There was a cluster of buildings on one side, a big square warehouse on another, and trailers, parking lots, and little one-story constructions everywhere in between. Where do I go now? And what, exactly, am I supposed to find? Nancy stopped and shifted unsteadily on the balls of her feet. I really didn't think this through. Dammit.

But she didn't have time to keep pondering. That moment, a door somewhere opened. And not one, but two or three pairs of work boots came clomping down a walkway. Nancy's spine went rigid and her breath caught in her throat. The footsteps were drawing closer. She spotted a row of hedges and she dove for cover. Thin branches raked through her hair and stuck at her sweater, but she burrowed in through them, letting their twiny ends and thorny offshoots scratch at her backside. Leaves tickled at her firm, trim butt. She barely noticed—all she felt at that moment was icy fear as the footsteps drew closer and closer. Flashlight beams waved over the hedges. There were men. Two of them. And they were now less than 20 feet away. Nancy didn't move, didn't even breathe. Then the flashlight beams shut off and the two men continued on their way, leaving the hedges and the burrowing Nancy behind.

Nancy breathed a huge sigh of relief and started to crawl back out. And she stood back up. And in that instant, a flashlight beam caught her dead-on. She gasped and looked behind her. A big, beefy ox of a man with a bald head and mean, squinty eyes stood just a few feet away. He lowered the light, momentarily illuminating his guard's uniform and badge, and his lips curled into a cruel smile. "Out late on a school night, are ya, Missy?"

Nancy ran for it. Up ahead was the gate, the woods, and freedom. She dashed, her legs straining and her heart pounding in her chest. And she landed with a thud into another guard's chest. She fell to the ground, and a raw, sick feeling simmered in her stomach, as more flashlight beams flooded the ground around her and more fast klomp-klomp-klomps of boots sounded in her ears. The first guard had caught up to them, and so had three more of his friends. Nancy leapt to her feet but saw with growing dread that there were now five men, and they had her surrounded. One of the newcomers swung out a foot and tripped her to the ground.

"What do we have here, Mahoney?" another newcomer said, looking at the big bald man.

"Well, Gates, it looks to me like little Missy was being a little troublemaker. Up and sneaking around where she shouldn't be. Is that so?" the bald man, apparently named Mahoney, said. And he jabbed at Nancy's backside with his right foot, making her wince.

"I'm so, so sorry. I got lost and didn't know where I was. I'll just go," Nancy answered, looking up at him with pleading eyes.

"I think you're lying. I think you knew exactly where you were," he said, as he crouched down, raised his right hand and gave her a hard smack across the face. Nancy yelped and buried her face in her arms.

"I'm sorry. Just please let me go," she mewled.

"It don't work that way, sweetie," said Gates. "You're trespassing on secret property. We can't just let you walk out of here. We're gonna have to keep you for a little while. Maybe more."

Another guard peered down at her. "So, uh, what are we gonna do with her?"

"Whatever we want to do, Yeats," Mahoney laughed. "She's ours now. Don't nobody know about her except us right here. I think you get my drift."

Yeats smirked. "Yeah, boss, I think I do."

"Alright, boys, we're bringing her in," Gates piped up. "Yeats, Rogers, you two grab her arms. Hayes, you take her legs. And follow me and the boss man on to the holding cell."

The three other guards took Nancy up by her arms and legs as directed and carried her in the door like prey from a hunt—which she pretty much was.

Nancy's chest tightened and her stomach turned. She knew exactly where this was going.

The crew carried her in through the door and down a long, all-white hallway and into a room with a wooden table. Gates shut and locked the door behind them. Hayes let go her legs, and Yeats and Rogers roughly slammed her face-down onto the table. Her legs dangled off the ledge as they pressed her face down onto the cold, hard tabletop.

Mahoney stepped over and unbuckled his belt. Nancy heard a slow swish as he pulled it off of his waist. And he furled and unfurled it in one hand. "You're a naughty little girl, sneaking around on a government facility. And do you know what happens to naughty little girls?"

He unfurled the belt in one swift motion and cracked it hard on her ass, making her yelp in shocked pain. "They get spanked," he said. "Hayes, do me the honors."

Hayes reached in and unzipped Nancy's pants and slid them down her hips. A renewed vigor over took her and she squealed and fought against the two sets of hands that held her down, but they had her locked in place like a vise. She was going nowhere. But her pants were. Hayes slid them down to her ankles, and then pulled the pink panties she had on underneath them down to her ankles, too. Nancy's firm teenage ass lay fully bared and fully at the mercy of these five cruel men. And they had no mercy to give.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Mahoney whipped her ass again and again. Nancy screamed and screamed some more. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Whack! Whack! Her buttocks had gone from lily-white to inflamed red. Welts formed on their baby-smooth surface.

Gates and Yeats rolled her jacket and the t-shirt under it up off her backside, unveiling the pale contours of her slender sides and the pink frills of her bra to Mahoney and his belt. He swung higher on his next blow and brought the bet down on the small of her back. Nancy writhed in agony but was helpless as more lashes came down and made her whole lower back sting even worse than her abused butt cheeks. Then final, Mahoney reached back far as he could and let his arm hurtle forward with one final, brutal whack to her back, and this time drew some blood. Then he flung the belt aside. "Alright, gents, now the real fun begins."

And he unzipped his fly. "You ever sucked a dick, little girl?"

Nancy threw up a little in her mouth. Surely he wasn't going to make her do that?

"Please, no, don't make me ---" she was cut off as he grabbed her by her hair and flung her down to the floor.

"Don't you get it? You don't have a choice in the matter, you little brat!" he roared.

Gates and Yeats yanked the sweater and shirt fully off her shoulders. Then Hayes unclasped her bra and slid it off her arms. Her shoes, socks, and her pants came next. Then Hayes licked his lips and claimed the final prize of her skimpy pink panties. His fingers gripped their straps and he edged them off her thighs and then off one foot, then the other. And he tossed them aside. And Nancy lay on the ground, her lithe teenage body fully unveiled in all its sweet, fragile beauty.

Mahoney took in the sight of her pert young breasts, the flat, firm tummy under them, and the sharp projections of her little shoulders, and a raw animal lust coursed through his veins. "I'll bet that pretty little mouth of hers can treat a man's dick real nice," he said.

She looked down and shook her head fiercely, but his hands grasped clumps of her hair and yanked, drawing more squeals of pain from Nancy. And as her mouth fell open in a pitiable, heaving sob, tears welling up in her eyes again, Mahoney took that split-second to cram his hard cock into her mouth and stuff it deep into her throat.

"Mmmpff!" she sputtered. Mahoney's dick stopped up her throat and she couldn't even breathe. Her larynx heaved and contorted, and strings of spit seeped from her lips. Mahoney tightened his hands around her neck and dug in deeper. She smacked her hands against his thighs and squealed some more. He thrust forward, mashing his cock head into her throat and jabbing it around. Nancy's head drooped. She was near to passing out.

Suddenly, he pulled out. She drew in a long, hard intake of air. "You really don't want to go this way. Choking to death on cock, do you?" he said. She sniffled and starred down at the ground, the fight now all gone out of her. And she meekly shook her head.

"Then you play by our rules. You dig? Now suck," he said.

Nancy winced. There really was no way out of this. Painfully, reluctantly, she took his engorged cock in her hand and stroked it. Once, twice, her fingers ever so lightly encircling its girth and caressing its length from tip to base. Mahoney sighed in satisfaction and then put a hand on hers and guided the cock to her lips. She parted her lips, closed her eyes, and slowly eased it onto her warm, wet little tongue. And she sealed her lips around it, her fingertips clutching the base of the shaft, and started to work her lips up and down its length. Her tongue hugged its underside and massaged its folds and crevices forward and back, right and left, making Mahoney grunt with swelling bouts of pleasure as his cock grew even bigger and harder. Nancy's head bobbed up and down and her tongue and lips stroked his cock a little faster and a little faster.

Then she jumped, startled. As she was pleasuring Mahoney's manhood, Gates had knelt down behind her, thrown his arms around her, and cupped her breasts in his hands. And his fingertips gave her nipples one little squeeze, then another. Then they started to massage her breasts' little, growing mounds in smooth, circular motions, closing in on the nipples and flicking them with his fingertips. One of his thumbs found a nipple and pressed down gently. It started to harden with his ongoing play.

Mahoney yanked the cock out of her mouth and smacked it against her right cheek, then her left, humiliating her more. "Woo-wee, you boys gotta get a taste of this mouth. She's a good little cocksucker, sure enough."

He plopped his dick back in, and her oral pleasuring of his stiffening cock continued. As did Gates' pleasuring of her breasts. And Gates was getting more aroused. He slid off his shirt and knelt down closer and let his tongue flick against her shoulders, tasting her sweet, supple skin. He kissed up and down her neck and her back and pressed his bare chest firmly against her bare back.

Yeats and Rogers stood next to them and patiently waited their turns. Well, not too patiently. Rogers reached over and started playing with her breasts, too. More roughly, though, his hands kneading their flesh deep down to the bone. Yeats put his hands to her other breast. Then he took her hand and put it atop his groin, which he freed from its zipped fly. He wrapped her fingers around his dick and bid them to stroke it just like she had first stroked Mahoney's.

Yeats dropped her hand from his dick and grabbed a hold of her locks of hair. And he pulled her head over in his direction and pushed himself in through her lips alongside Hayes' dick. Nancy's cheeks bulged like a chipmunk's as she struggled to fit both dicks on her tongue at once. The two cock heads jabbed at her cheeks incessantly, pushing them out one way, then another, then up and down.

Nancy was walled in by nearly-naked men on all sides and had multiple erect dicks either pointing straight at her or already in her. She had never felt more overwhelmed and afraid in her life. But what else could she do, except go along with it? She sank back against Gates and let his lips and tongue caress her tender backside as she brought Mahoney and Yeats to slowly building orgasms. A dab of salty fluid dripped from Mahoney's dick onto her tongue. She braced herself for what she knew would come next. And come it did: A firehose-like burst of hot sticky cum poured into her mouth. She felt his hands grab her chin and pull her face upwards, and she took the hint and swallowed.

Part 2

Mahoney slunk back. And made way for Hayes, who stepped over and shoved his cock into her mouth where his boss's had just been. His turn now.

And then Rogers crept over to her right side and stuck two fingers in between her legs. And they found her pussy lips and began to stroke.

Meanwhile, Gates' hands had wound down her back and now rested on her hips. One hand slid back and touched her asshole. And then, inch by inch, two fingers slipped into her ass. And they started to move back and forth.

Nancy squirmed, her discomfort immense. She had never put an object in her ass, ever. This was a totally new sensation, and not a good one. But she was helpless to stop it as his hand went on sawing in and out of her ass crack.

Rogers' fingers crept into her pussy lips and found a tender spot just inside, and they rubbed her deeper. Slow, rhythmic strokes graced her vaginal walls and then hooked up and ensnared her clit.

Nancy groaned at the double invasion. And to her dismay, her body started to betray her. A warm, wet restlessness overtook her hips, and she began to sway back and forth in time to the prodding of the two men's fingers.

And through the mouthfuls of dick, she moaned louder and louder. "Mmmm … oohhhmmm …. Ermmmm … ohhmyahhd…" The fingers in her pussy and ass were now both rubbing her insides full speed, making her whole body shake. Her breasts puffed out as her back arched and her vaginal walls clamped down on Rogers' fingers. And one, two three squirts of her cum seeped through her walls and drenched his fingertips in a warm, flowing rush of orgasmic delight.

Holy moly, did I just feel pleasure? Did I just enjoy what these creeps are doing to me? Nancy's pale, pretty face burned bright red with shame.

Her face went white a second later, though—very white—when Yeats leaned back and glided his schlong up and out of her lips. And a volley of his seed spurted out and covered her nose and her left cheek. Hayes followed a minute later with another drenching of white, gooey mess all over her right.

She furtively wiped as much of the goo off her cheeks as she could. And she brushed back strands of her free-flowing hair, which now hung all about her brow in a disheveled mess. And then Mahoney stepped back into the fray. "Alrighty, boys, I'm ready for round two. Time for me to dip my wick into that tight little teenage pussy."

"No, please, please don't," Nancy begged through ragged breaths. The head guard paid her no mind as he grasped her by the waist and hoisted her up onto the table, plopping her down in a seated position with her moist cunt dead even with his cock. His cock, which was re-surging upward in another bulging, raging erection.

She crossed her legs together tightly and cast her eyes to the ground. "Please, you don't have to do this."

"Ho-ho, I'm gonna fuck your little cunt good and hard," Mahoney crowed as he eased out of the rest of his clothing. "Harder than them candy-ass high school boys ever fucked you. You'll be smarting down there for a week after I'm done with you."

Nancy broke down into more tortured sobs as he pried her little legs apart in one swift motion and wrapped them around his hips. And she flinched, shut her eyes, and braced for the inevitable. "Oh, God. … Okay. Just … please, be gentle."

Mahoney snickered and clasped his hands again around her trunk. And he pushed his groin in toward hers. His cock snaked out and crashed into her trembling pussy lips, and slid in. He was inside her.

He leaned in deeper, and Nancy shuddered anew as she felt his big, powerful manhood snake through her vaginal canal. His ball sack smacked her ass. He was in, all in, buried to the hilt inside her girlhood. Mahoney leaned in and planted his lips over her lips and pushed his tongue in, assaulting hers. She let him. Let his tongue taste deeply of her tongue, her cheeks, the roof of her mouth, and her pink, tender lips.

And as he mauled her mouth in this rough, barbaric kiss, his big hard cock ebbed back a few inches and then swiftly slid forward, then back, then forward, his hips pistoning his erect rod in and out of her pussy in an easy, unhurried back-and-forth. Nancy leaned back onto the tabletop and rested on her elbows, took one deep breath after another, and let it happen.

Minutes rolled by. Mahoney's back-and-forth motion in and out of Nancy flowed on. And then he roared and started to pick up the pace. Beads of sweat dripped down his forehead and glistened across his back and buttocks as he continued pounding into the poor girl relentlessly.

Their exertions were making her sweat, too; a sheen of wetness coated her chest and the sides of her face. And they made something else happen, too: the stirrings of more unwanted pleasure. Another soft moan escaped her lips as her legs, with no bidding from her bewildered mind, wrapped themselves tighter around the head guard's hips. Her pretty little feet crossed each other and squeezed into his buttocks and jiggled with each forward heave of his meaty, muscly hips.

"Huuunnh" her moans grew louder. Reason left her altogether. And the walls of her girlhood again dripped with moisture and hugged the invading cock with all their might. "Ahhh … oh God …. Oh God oh God … ohhhhh" her moans turned into frantic wailing as the hot pangs of lust within her surged forth into her second orgasm of the night…

… But it was cut short. Mahoney growled and lunged with a brutal power thrust, mashing his groin into hers and burying his cock nearly to her cervix. He lunged again. A third time. And a geyser of hot cum jetted from him out into her canal.

A flurry of thoughts ran through Nancy's mind. Oh no, I'm gonna be pregnant, was one. Oh brother, why couldn't he let me cum, too, was another.

Mahoney solved the second problem. "She's all yours," he told his cohorts. And he shoved her off the table down onto the floor. She tumbled to the linoleum. And Hayes promptly seized her arms. He was fully naked now, too, and lying down on his back on the floor beside her. With a harsh grunt, he pulled her into his lap and plunged her down onto his very erect cock. Nancy screeched at the shock of it but surrendered, as she had to Mahoney, and let Hayes commence a thrusting up and down into her snatch. He wasn't slow and steady like Mahoney had been. He was fast and hard, his up-and-down motions hitting into her like a jackhammer. Her little body bounced up and down, her hair flopping around every which way and her petite young breasts shaking and quivering. Her hands clasped the guard's honed chest for balance as she rode his raging torrent of genital thrusts.

And the orgasmic pleasure that had stopped short when Mahoney had pulled out of her reared back to life. Her haunches felt that same restless heat and took on a mind of their own as they ground and twisted down on Hayes' cock. And more cries of pained ecstasy: "Ahh .. ahhh .. ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!"

She was so caught up in the crashing waves of sexual excitement that she didn't sense Yeats kneel on the ground behind her and sidle up to her exposed backside. Only when the tip of his dick touched her ass crack did she glance behind her. And a lump formed in her throat: His hands were on her hips and pushing his cock straight into her ass!

Her rectum retched with painful tearing. His cock had to rip skin out of its path to make way, and trails of blood dribbled down onto the floor. Still he rammed in deeper, deeper, filling her anal cavity to the brim. She shrieked and jerked left and right, trying to shake him loose. But he held her firm and was going nowhere except in and out of her poor virgin anus.

"Aieee! It hurts! Ahh!" she cried, twisting about as he impaled her rectum again and again, stuffing her to the breaking point with every forward lunge of his monstrous schlong. There was nothing she could do except ride the in-and-out battering ram behind her. And give in to the exploding fireworks of hot sexual pleasure up in front: While Yeats ravaged her ass crack, Hayes went on driving in and out of her pussy and stirring more cries of pleasure from the little girl's lips. She tossed and turned, rocked by the duo of powerful hips that railed into her from both ends, feeling their long, meaty might course in and out of both her orifices, plying her little body with flash-bangs of pain and delight all in one. The two men pumped harder, harder, harder, and she shook like she was in the onset of an epileptic fit.

And her legs curled in around Hayes' ever more tightly. And her anal walls and vaginal walls, all at once, squeezed down on both cocks with fury. And she threw back her head and let loose an "OH GOD OH GOD OH--AHHHHHH!" and a bucket's worth of cum gushed out of her pussy walls and drenched Hayes' cock and the floor below. He responded in turn and shot another flood of semen into her pussy. Leaving only Yeats, who drove his cock in and out of her ass another full minute and then unleashed a cum bath of his own onto her back.

Part 3

The men took more turns gang-raping her in all of her orifices over the next hour. Finally, she lay at their feet, an exhausted, dazed, shivering mess, drenched with sweat and with cum—theirs and hers.

"Hey, I think somebody else oughta get a crack at her," said Rogers.

"Yeah? Who?" Mahoney replied.

"Our buddy down in Annex 22A," said Rogers, grinning, and the whole crew erupted in guffaws and exclamations of "Hell, yes!" and "I'd pay money to see that!"

Nancy looked around, dazed, trying to figure out what they were laughing about. Whatever it was, it was nothing good.

"To 22A!" they shouted over each other and roughly pulled her by her arms out the door and down the hall.
They stopped at a set of bulky double doors with a steel beam deadbolt and three massive padlocks running down the center. Hayes undid each lock, lifted back the deadbolt, and pried the doors ajar. Then he and his men took their captive on through.

Seconds later, they brought Nancy to another doorway with multiple heavy padlocks and proceeded through. They emerged into a vast dome-shaped chamber, wide as major-league baseball field and encased on all sides by transparent looking-glass. The floor dropped down sharply into a dark pit at one far end, 30 or so feet beneath the glass. Clearly this was an observation deck of some kind, Nancy reasoned. But to observe what?

A deep, inhuman grumble echoed from the pit. "There he is," Rogers whooped. "Hey, big guy! We brought you a little present!"

Nancy didn't think her evening could have gotten any worse. Oh, but she was wrong. The grumble repeated, deeper… and closer. And before the young girl's eyes, her ordeal took on a brand new dimension of horror.

A cluster of tentacles snaked out of the pit. The men shoved Nancy to the ground and then dashed to the door, closing it shut behind them. Nancy watched them gather behind the adjacent glass enclosure and wave at her, smirks on every one of their faces. More tentacles emerged. Then a viscous, slimy mottled-green trunk, broad and bulky as her next-door neighbor's Chevy station wagon, reared up out of the pit. Six crab-like, spiny legs stretched out over the edges and guided the body up and onto the observatory floor.

A mouth opened on one side of the body. It turned aside, revealing another mouth on the other side. One of them opened again and made another long, slow grumble. Nancy leapt to her bare feet and raced for the door. She yanked at the knob. Of course, it was sealed shut. She screamed again and yanked again and again, all in vain.

The grumbling grew closer.

And then, a row of coarse hairs tickled her back. Nancy swiftly turned around. A tentacle had found its way over to her. They were hairy, it seemed. And very interested in her young body. The tentacle wrapped itself around her trunk and sealed her in a lasso-like grip. More tentacles drifted over. Nancy shrieked and swatted at them but was again completely overpowered. And the inhuman appendages lifted her up off the ground and held her in mid-air.

The creature carried her toward one of its mouths, and Nancy screamed in terror as it opened and closed its jaws, revealing a steamy cavern of many rows of teeth. She felt faint. Was this how she was to die? As midnight snack for a mutant?

Then the creature paused. Its eyes—and there were more than a dozen, arrayed in a hexagon above the mouths—blinked repeatedly as they fixed their pupils on Nancy, inspecting her. The creature wasn't so much hungry, it seemed, as curious.

Well, it was not hungry for food. A whole other hunger was gnawing at its inhuman brain. A multipronged tongue leapt out of the mouth and gave Nancy's face a lascivious lick. She crinkled her nose in disgust. It licked again, this time across her breasts. Another lick left a trail of slime on her flat, firm tummy. And finally, it burrowed its tip in her vulnerable pussy and licked some more.

Two more tentacles crept over and began to poke and prod at her exposed thigs and abs, making Nancy flinch and repress a few giggles—the damn things were ticklish, as well as thorough.

And then three tentacles descended on her breasts and took to making steady, circular motions over and around her nipples. Nancy kicked her legs, until a few other free-flying tentacles shot forward and enwrapped her calves while two others secured her arms, rendering her completely immobile. Then one lifted up in front of Nancy's gaping eyes and darted to the right, then the left, then upward, and downward. Nancy's gaze followed its every move. Then it made her gasp: The tip had journeyed downward and found her pussy. Its rough hairs brushed at her quivering pussy lips. Nancy shut her eyes and whimpered in shock and disgust.

It wiggled, and the tip slid in and began to feel their way around inside her pussy. Nancy twisted and turned furiously against the tentacles that held her in their grip. And her vaginal walls clamped tightly, trying in vain to repel this inhuman invader. It was no use. This creature would not be denied. The tentacle shoved through them and wandered deeper and deeper into her inner canal. Nancy's mouth flew open in a mute scream, too horrified even to make noise, as she felt the wormlike monstrosity travel inside her body. And then it stopped, nearly all the way in to her womb.

And it went to work. The hairs came to life and started to caress the girl's body tissues around them, making Nancy tremble and twitch. And the tentacle began to swell outward, until it pressed up against her cavity's walls and filled the inner space to the brim. And it began to slowly in and out.

Nancy drew a deep, hard breath. And another. And another. She was on fire with sensation. This thing was touching her vaginal wall in every place all at once and rubbing it to excitation. "Unnnhhh" she moaned, quivering against the tentacles as she felt the onset of another powerful orgasm take over her body. Against her will, her hips started to buck, responding to each inward thrust of the tentacle with a brisk forward hump, and her vagina's walls squeezed down on the raping tentacle—this time, not to repel it, but to embrace it.

The slow, rhythmic in-and-out motions of the tentacle continued. And other appendages roamed freely over Nancy's tight, sweating, spasming body. Every inch of her body was feeling the creature's caresses, from her breasts to her butt, her thighs, her calves, and the soles of her feet. And her skin was going mad with sexual sensory overload. She bucked her hips more furiously and let loose more peals of "uhhh … Oh God … ohhh … oh my God … oh God oh God" and then "Aaaahhhhhh!" as her back arched, her toes curled inward, and she drenched the tentacle with her cum.

The tentacle was far from done, though. It continued sliding in and out of her, and Nancy felt her loins growing sore. After the past few hours of abuse, her insides were just plain spent. But the creature's tentacles gave her no rest.

Five more minutes crawled by, and soreness turned into burning pain. Then, with no warning, the tentacle started to tremble. Nancy shook with the brutal force like a rag doll. And the tentacle grew warm. And moist. And it exploded a geyser of thick, oily goop into Nancy's canal. Alien seed. Nancy's brain was reeling. She had been pumped with alien seed. The creature had claimed her as its mate.

The creature lowered her to the floor. Nancy sprawled out on the hard cold linoleum and panted hot heavy breaths. She had never thought so much sensual feeling all at once was possible. The horror of being raped by this alien creature weighed on her mind, but so, too, the explosive pleasure she'd felt in its clutches.

She didn't get much time to think these things over, though. A "whir" filled the room suddenly, and a dazzling blue-ish light flipped on above her and the beast and bathed them in its glow. The light coalesced on the floor close to the pit. Nancy felt the tentacles grasp her arms and legs, and she was again in the air. The creature took its mate and shuffled into the light's blinding blaze.

And the observatory disappeared from Nancy's view. White light was all she could see in any direction. Then, instantly, the white light was gone. And there was darkness. And more strange sounds, from somewhere she couldn't see. None of them sounded remotely human.

Nancy had been told there was an Underside. At this moment, Eleven was trying to psychically visit it. But now Nancy was there, in the flesh. And she was going to learn more about it than she had ever bargained for.
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