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Caity Lotz' Mexico Trip Goes Malo
« on: October 28, 2017, 05:30:27 PM »
"Seriously, Chad? Uggh!" Caity Lotz angrily hit the "end call" button and snapped her phone shut. Chad was her new agent as of three weeks ago, and he was screwing up royally. And today took the cake: She was due to board a plane tomorrow morning for Mexico City for a full week of filming of Over the Line, a new action flick about the narcos, and he had all of his first three weeks to secure a hotel reservation for her. And today, less than 24 hours before her flight, he calls to tell her that every hotel in the city is booked. WTF!?

Granted, it was an unusually busy time, what with the World Trade Organization holding its big global convention that same week. But Chad was supposed to work around things like this. What the hell else were they paying him for?

"First thing when I get back, I'm finding a new agent," Caity muttered to herself.
Her phone buzzed. A text. From Chad: Hey. Maybe I can get you a motel outside the city. Want me to look?

Caity sighed, then typed back: Fine. The urge to type another f-word at him was strong, but she batted it down." One of us has to act like a professional here. Might as well be me," she thought to herself.

"We have problems, you and I," said Ernesto, glowering, placing two firmly clenched fists down on the table.

"Lo siento, Ernesto. You know I would pay you if I could. It's been a bad month. Two more weeks, please. I will get the money you ask for and I will pay you everything."

Ernesto snorted contemptuously. "The promises of a drunk. They mean nothing to me. Or to him who sends me."

Javier lowered his gaze to the floor. Lean times had indeed come to Motel Delgado, the Mexico City establishment he had taken over from his father nine years ago. But they hadn't made a dent in his excessive taste for liquor. He kept buying and guzzling down whiskeys and brandies from up north with abandon. Leaving precious little dinero left over for more important expenses. Such as the protection money he now owed to Ernesto's cartel, Los Leos Santos. Ernesto was here to collect and in no mood for excuses.

The late-afternoon sun shone bright outside, a striking contrast to Ernesto's jet-black mustache and smoldering, cruel dark eyes. And out in the sunlight, on the other side of the window, a prim little girl with bouncy shoulder-length curls and a red tank top shuffled along the walkway, watering can in hand, and sprinkled the colorful quilt of flowers that lined the motel's entrance. Rosita, Javier's 12-year-old daughter, was tending to the garden as she always did, blissfully unaware of the mortal danger now looming before her father.

Ernesto glanced out the window, watching her crouch over a rosebush on her slender little legs, her trim little derriere in the air.

"Perhaps we will take something else then," Ernesto sneered. "We have uses for little girls."

"Leave my Rosita out of this!" Javier barked, eyes wide as saucers. "This is between you and me. She is innocent."

Just then, the door creaked open. And another lovely young female timidly stepped through. Early twenties, with lustrous blond hair flowing down over a pair of deliciously bulging breasts that nearly overflowed the tight, low-cut white blouse that confined them. It was Caity, and she had both men's instant rapt attention.

"Umm, hola. Habla Ingles?"

"Yes," said Javier, nodding and smiling back. He felt relieved for a momentary distraction from Ernesto. And pleased that this distraction happened to be such a thing of beauty. "Do you need a room?"

Caity brushed a lock of hair out of her eyes and strolled over to the desk, the heels bearing her shapely calves and thighs—gloriously displayed beneath a pair of very short jean shorts—making a brisk clop-clop-clop across the tiled floor. She reached the desk, and the scent of lilac mingled with a faint hint of sweat teased Javier's nostrils. He was feeling fireworks bursting inside. He looked over to Ernesto. The man was no longer scowling, that was for sure. Ernesto's eyes were wandering over every inch of Caity's figure. Undressing her, no doubt.

Javier looked up her reservation, crossed off her name and gave her a key. And he stepped over to guide her to her room and give her a hand with her bags.

Then Ernesto tapped him on the shoulder. Javier turned. Ernesto made one more side glance toward Caity, then leaned in toward Javier's ear and whispered: "I think you can give us something else. Meet me outside."

"Thanks so much," Caity said, forcing a smile and offering Javier a five-dollar tip as he lifted her last two suitcases over the threshold.

She was not smiling at all inside. The place was a shithole. The garden outside was nice, if sparse. But the room was just plain sad. The carpet was torn in several places, and long, winding stains—maybe coffee, maybe something else—marred two of the four walls. Caity plopped her biggest suitcase down on the bed, and the springboard squealed harshly, betraying a thick coat of rust. No minibar. At least there was a TV—albeit a decrepit square boxy one that looked to be older than Caity herself. She turned the knob on the TV's side, only to get an earful of static and an all-snowy screen.

"Seriously, Chad, fuck you." Caity kicked off her heels and set about unpacking her bags. Later she'd go to the market and get a bite to eat. And a much-deserved glass or two of wine.

Three hours rolled by. The sun was now setting over Motel Delgado. Caity emerged from a refreshing shower—at least that worked—and slipped into some more comfortable evening wear: a thin white t-shirt and baby-blue panties. Then she hopped into her bed and stretched out her bare legs atop the cottony blanket, her bare feet rubbing around and into its scratchy but cozy surface top. Glass of local cabernet in one hand and her phone in the other, she perused the social media while waiting for sleep to arrive.


She was on a beach. Bright sun shone overhead, a cozy blanket lay below her. And Justin, one of her recent casual hookups, was on his knees beside her and giving her a full-body, coconut oil massage. His hands worked in circles over her flat, firm tummy and settled on her breasts, kneading the fragrant oil into those pillowy mounds in gentle squeezes and tugs. Caity closed her eyes, smiled, and let the feelings of bliss roll through her.

Seconds later, another pair of hands was exploring her hips and her legs. She looked up. Another guy, one she didn't recognize. But his broad-shouldered, muscly Latin physique was so sexy, all the same. Caity lay back and savored the deep, strong forays his fingers were making into the thick of her thighs, then her calves. Then she twitched: His hands just crept under bikini thong. Her heart beat faster as he lifted up the skimpy cloth, first with one hand and then the other, and started to slide them off her hips. Inch by inch, they left her buttocks and made their way up her thighs, leaving her womanhood free and fully vulnerable to her two male companions. The muscly stranger guided the thong down her legs until it dangled loosely on her left foot. Then it was off. And then---

Caity woke with a start. The beach had been a dream. But the hands roaming over her body were all very real. Four men wearing ski masks surrounded her, and one of them—a big bull of a man with bulging biceps, massive shoulders and a barrel-like chest—had just stripped her real-life panties from her real-life hips. Another man, leaner but sturdy-looking all the same, was running his fingertips underneath her shirt and was rubbing up and down her breasts, fondling her nipples and giving them light pinches.

Two other men loomed to her right and left, both shirtless and both formidably muscly. The left guy had a crazy look in his eyes and a hodgepodge of skulls and fanged beasts tattooed across his chest and arms. The guy to her right was inkless, his only decoration a triage of old scars that looked like knife wounds running across his pecs.

Caity screamed. And the man groping her breasts smacked her hard in the face. "Callate!" he shouted.

The third and fourth men took ahold of her shirt and lifted it up over her arms. Caity kicked and smacked at them in vain as the linen left her body and got tossed to the floor. Her lovely body now lay totally bare and at the mercy of these four creeps. Caity reflexively closed her arms over her exposed boobs, but tattoo guy and scar-chest each took an arm and pried them off, opening her chest to the first guy's continuing assault. Caity's eyes went watery and her chest heaved with deep sobs as four sets of hands roamed her breasts, tummy, and legs.

"We meet again, chica," the man assaulting her breasts said. Caity didn't know it, nor care, but this was the same Ernesto that she'd run into in the lobby. He'd come in with three of his compadres: the big, barrel-chested Hector; the tattooed Juan Carlos; and Miguel, who had survived a dozen knife fights and had the scars on his chest to prove it. Four men with one mission: to have a good time with the leggy, busty young American blonde.

"Who… wh-what are you … wha-" Caity stammered, too shocked and frightened to even form a complete sentence.

Ernesto dangled something metallic in front of her. Keys. To her room.

"Javier in the lobby, he owes us much money. So much, he cannot pay. So he gave us you instead," he said. "We say 'Bueno.' You will please us, show us a good time. And then, we take you to market. And you will make us a lot of money."

Caity screamed again and fiercely twisted and turned, trying to break loose from her captors. Miguel grabbed her by the throat and shoved her head hard into the wall. Caity screamed again, this time in pain.

Juan Carlos pointed something else at her. Something also metallic. A gun. In one seamless sweep, he flipped the handle toward her and clocked her right in the temple. Another flash of searing pain overwhelmed Caity and she gave up the fight.

The man moved the gun downward and rammed it into her mouth. "Here's another plan. We take you to Juarez, and my ese Julio cuts you open with a big knife. Like this," he said as he traced the gun barrel down her chest and tummy. "He sells organs. There is a market for heart and liver, si?"

Caity whimpered helplessly and shook her head. "Please, please, don't kill me. I'll do whatever you want."

Juan Carlos continued tracing the gun barrel over her bare skin. It made circles around her nipples, up and down her ribs, a few more on down her abs. And then, horrified, Caity felt it dip past her waist and start to poke at the edge of her pussy.

The gun tip glided up and down her pussy lips, teasing her. Its tip prodded her slit. And then it sank, just an inch, down inside them. Caity flinched. A few more inches. And then all the way to the hilt. And Juan Carlos slowly retracted it. Only to push it back in again.

She was being raped with a gun. Caity grimaced. The cold metal and sharp side edges were torment on her sensitive vaginal walls. She jerked her head to the right, to the left, yelping and mewling, but the gunman's assault went on.

Finally, he pulled his piece out and put it aside. "It's time you feel something else in your pussy," he said.

And he unfastened his belt and dropped his trousers to his ankles. His undies followed. And then he jumped onto the bed, landed on top of Caity and plunged his rock-hard dick straight into her pussy and began to thrust. His left hand picked up her left leg and flung it over his left shoulder, and his right hand placed her right leg over his right shoulder. And he held her legs fast, her feet dangling behind his head and her breasts jiggling rhythmically with each push of his pelvis into hers.

The gun inside her canal had gotten Caity's adrenaline running full-steam with fear. So much fear, that it was actually arousing. Caity's body submitted to this cock that was now ramming in and out of it. It felt, her brain noted, much better than a gun. Caity closed her eyes and groaned as the first trickle of her feminine juices began to flow over the invading cock.

Then his compadres got in on the action. Ernesto dropped his own trousers to the floor, climbed into the bed, and swung his right leg over Caity's heaving chest, straddling her and pointing his very erect dick straight at her mouth. He took a hold of her blond hair with both hands and smashed her face into his groin, his mass of pubic hairs stuffing up her nose and his dick ramming through her lips. And he let out an "ahhhh" as his shaft slid in over her warm, wet tongue. The cock tip pushed up against her throat, and Caity gagged. Her soft lips shut tight around his cock, bringing more grunts of satisfaction from Ernesto as he gripped her hair tightly and used them as handlebars to bob her head up and down the length of his shaft.

Miguel and Hector awaited their turns. But their hands didn't. They pawed at her breasts, her hips, and then one of them dipped a finger into her clit, just shy of his buddy's thrusting dick. The double stimulation was too much for Caity, who felt a rush of moist heat build in her hips and her vaginal canal clamp down on her rapist's dick. "Unhh ….unnhh… unnnhhhh" she moaned through mouthfuls of cock as the bed under them creaked loudly. And then her back arched and a flood of her cum poured out, soaking the man's cock and the sheets under him. A few seconds later, he let loose with a roar, yanked out his dick, and let a volley of his own cum splurt onto her tummy.

The other hombre raping her mouth kept going. His rod sawed back and forth over her tongue, savoring the gentle caress of her lips, ramming up against the wetness of her cheeks and now and again stabbing into the back of her throat, making Caity cough and sputter and her eyes well up anew with tears. Her tongue tip flicked reflexively, tickling his cock head as it jutted in and out. Her tongue traced his cock's underside as it snaked its way in and out of her mouth. Four or five more minutes rolled by and then, suddenly, Ernesto's cock began to batter her mouth more furiously. And then, his cock head trickled pre-cum and, seconds later, a mass of gooey semen exploded into Caity's mouth. His hands grasped her lips shut, forcing her to swallow. Then he let go.
Caity swallowed. And gasped for air.

She was already out of breath. But she wouldn't get to rest just yet. Hector seized her hair and yanked her forward. "Oww!" she screeched, but she let him pull her forward and she fell face- down onto the mattress. Now the man who had just raped her pussy stroked his cock a few times and stuck it into her mouth. He got in a few seconds of suck action when Miguel leaned over, grabbed her chin, and pulled her mouth toward his own erect schlong. And he pushed it in. Two cocks now invaded her mouth, making her lips twist right, left, up and down over and over.

Meanwhile, Hector slid in behind her and took a hold of her hips, lifted them up off the mattress, and hoisted her onto his cock. It was a huge, meaty mass, just like his body, and Caity's vaginal canal strained to fit it. He grunted and heaved his monstrous hips into her, and it forced its way through. Caity shook, overcome with a wave of pain and pleasure in her hips. And Hector started to sway in and out of her, doggy-style, in slow, steady pelvic heaves, grunting with each thrust. There was power in each thrust, and Caity bounced with each inward jolt of his hips into hers, making her breasts shake and her head bob up and down on the cocks in her mouth. A sheen of sweat glistened on her flawless skin and her breath quickened into rapid pants as the three men triple-penetrated her.

And her body continued to betray her. "Mmmh ... mmmm ... mmmm ... mmmmmmmm!"

Hector's cock was smacking her clit from every good angle, and Caity could feel another hot geyser of orgasm welling up inside her. The thrusting picked up pace, faster and faster. And his hands reached around and took ahold of her bouncing breasts, rubbing their meaty, pillowy masses as his cock plowed in and out of her wet pussy. Caity's vaginal walls went tight and then, without warning, she came hard. "Ooohhhh," she moaned breathlessly as another burst of cum rushed out of her pussy and coated the man behind her.

And then the men raping her mouth came. Two volleys of semen smeared Caity's face, splattering over her nose and mouth and dripping down her chin.

.   .   .

The men roughly flipped her over. And one of them—Caity wasn't even keeping track anymore—climbed up atop her and placed his cock in between the mounds of her breasts. His hands squeezed them together around his schlong and he began to thrust. His cock pistoned in and out, his hands squeezing her breasts around it in a warm, fleshy hug.

Meantime, another man crawled up behind them and took ahold of her legs. He pushed them together and bent her knees up toward her tummy. And he knelt down and placed her feet up against his cock. And he started thrusting, her silky-smooth soles rubbing his cock into another full-throttled explosion of semen. He guided her legs up and down, keeping her soles tight around his schlong. Minutes later, he grunted, and an eruption of semen spilled all over Caity's ankles and toes.

The man raping her tits suddenly leaned in, pushing Caity deeper into the mattress, and began to lunge faster and harder as his hands clamped down on the mounds of her breasts and squeezed them into his raging, bulging cock even tighter. Caity's whole torso shook and her head bouncrd this way and that, her hair making quick little flops up and down on the bedsheets. She was a helpless rag doll under the furious motion of the man's hips. Caity's tender breasts were starting to burn with the friction of the man's humping. Then, with a grunt, he let go and lifted his hips up. And came like a fire hose, splashing cum all over her chest, lips, and face. A few dabs landed in her eyes, making her wince and blink and rub at her eyelids.

Hardly had her eyes cleared up, when Ernesto took ahold of her again. He slid in under her legs, lifted her right leg in one arm and intertwined his left leg with hers. Then he pushed his cockhead into her sopping wet pussy and began to thrust, all the way in and all the way out.

Caity's right leg twitched and kicked with each thrust, her foot fluttering about aimlessly as more wellsprings of pleasure built up inside her. Hector, not yet done, took a turn at raping her mouth, grabbing up her hair in one hand and plunging her mouth down onto his waiting cock. He and Ernesto continued their dual impaling of Caity until both of them, almost in unison, erupted in more gushes of cum, drenching Caity's naked body and the sheets under her.

The men paused and stepped back, wiping their brows and catching their breath. "Damn, this chica is good!" she heard one of them say.

She didn't hear much else. Because one of their hands clamped down with a handkerchief over her mouth. A heavy dose of Chloroform was in it, and Caity drifted off almost instantly to a long, dreamless sleep…

Glasses clanked. Voices shouted joyously from another room. Caity woke up, confused, taking in the sounds but having no idea what any of them meant. She looked around. Clay walls and a wood floor spread out all around her. She was in a bed. And she was naked except for a skimpy thong bikini bottom and matching halter top. She sat up, and almost plopped back down again, assaulted by a splitting headache and intense dizzy spell. She sat, cradling her head in her hands until the dizziness subsided. Then she tried to get up. But she couldn't: A chain around her neck confined her to the bed.

The door opened. And a very obese and slightly inebriated middle-aged Latin man with a big grin and a wide bushy mustache waddled in through the door. Two young, muscled men stood behind him. He handed them a wad of money, closed the door, and stripped down right in front of Caity.

"No, no, oh God, no!...." she pleaded, as the now-naked fat man climbed into the bed, lay down on his back, and hoisted the poor girl up onto his eager cock. And he began to thrust, slowly at first and then building up speed. Caity bounced up and down on his cock as his hips smacked with hers, and her hands gripped his chest for balance as her head tilted back and, between a new volley of tears, she felt another orgasm well up in her anew.

Little did she know it, but she was no longer in Mexico City. Or even Mexico. She was in El Salvador. In a seedy bar in a neighborhood where no tourist would ever dare set foot. She was many, many miles from home, from help, and from hope. This bar had just paid Los Leos Santos a handsome sum for the young blond American. Enough to pay off Javier's debt a few times over. And now she would make the bar a fortune in turn, as a local sex slave.

Three years went by. Caity fucked hundreds of men. Young men, old men, sometimes skinny young teenage boys eager to get their first lay. Caity would sigh with relief whenever these youngsters shuffled in, because they'd be mercifully quick. Thirty seconds riding her sexy grown-woman body and they'd bust their loads and be done. The old men, not so quick—she'd have to coax life into their tired, shriveled dicks with her tongue, pretending all the while not to be revolted by their grotesquely wrinkled foreskins and foul unwashed tufts of old men pubic hair.

With time, though, even these things ceased to gross her out. And the constant forced fucking became everyday life. She'd look forward to each new john, feel her pulse start to race and her chest grow tight with anticipation of the orgasm awaiting her. It was the only pleasure she still had. Every last trace of her life before Mexico City was gone. There were no more friends, no more films, barely any news of the outside world. There was nothing more for her except endless lines of hard cock and sticky cum.

Sometimes the club owner even filmed the encounters and sold them to select buyers online: Real-life rape films could fetch a pretty penny on the darkweb, especially when the victim was as sweet and sexy as Caity.

.   .   .

[two years later]

"I've been where you have been, Javier, and I know what you're feeling. This disease we call alcoholism is a terrible thing. And I feel blessed that I am here today helping you find your way out, just as someone once helped me find my way out."

On the other side of the café table, Javier nodded, his hands folded, and smiled weakly back at Filipe. It had been eight months since he'd finally put away the drink for good and began attending meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. And six months since he'd found Filipe, who took him under his wing and started leading him through the 12 steps.

"I'm thankful I found these meetings. And you," Javier finally said.

"Well, you have come a long way," Felipe said. "And so I know you are ready for the next step. Making amends. Who have you harmed while drinking? We will make a list."

Javier looked down again, scrunching his lips together, dread and unease in his eyes. "There was a young woman. An American. She stayed at my motel. … And I did … something … terrible."

Felipe's brow crept up, his eyes narrowed, and he answered, "And what will you do to make amends?"

"I think I know what I must do," Javier said.

Minutes later, Javier pulled out his phone and dialed the police. The nature of his call? To report a human trafficking operation.

And a month later, two dozen assault-rifle-clad federales kicked in the doors of Caity's El Salvador bar prison and packed every man inside into armored cars for quick transport to jail. Then they radioed a medevac to take the bewildered and traumatized young blond sex captive to the nearest hospital. Javier had turned himself in and taken the entire prostitution ring down with him. At last, Caity was free. Within days, she would be on a plane back home. While Javier bided his time in a Mexico prison, no longer a free man but, at long last, a man who felt true peace.

Awaken the beast within you.

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Re: Caity Lotz' Mexico Trip Goes Malo
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2017, 12:42:39 PM »
 :thumbs: Good stuff! Like it.

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Re: Caity Lotz' Mexico Trip Goes Malo
« Reply #2 on: June 12, 2018, 01:24:21 AM »
My cover

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Re: Caity Lotz' Mexico Trip Goes Malo
« Reply #3 on: August 05, 2020, 02:56:56 AM »
hot ordeal, for the hot slut. good job mate!

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Re: Caity Lotz' Mexico Trip Goes Malo
« Reply #4 on: July 16, 2021, 05:22:26 PM »
great upload my friend love it

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Re: Caity Lotz' Mexico Trip Goes Malo
« Reply #5 on: July 19, 2021, 06:43:47 AM »
there should be a follow-up to it


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