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The Raperonomicon
« on: January 10, 2018, 08:11:52 PM »

A perverted Grimoire of rape-ridden tales conjured in the twisting, tenebrous corridors of a salacious little witch's mind.

Recurring themes: obsession, stalking, captives, sadomasochism, bondage, domination, psychopaths, unrequited love to name a few

Winner March/April Rape Cage 4th Anniversary Story Contest (prose portion) and 3rd Anniversary Winner, too :cool:


~Nightmare Creatures~
Supernatural, horror, sci-fi featuring demons and other strange beasts:

Blood on Stone
An unwilling beauty is visited by a beast with an insatiable lust for more than just her body.

Deadly Sins
What would you sacrifice to save someone from demonic possession?

Sorcery, treason, sacrifice, femdom, a virginal Empress, a buxom slave, a monstrous randy demon... read it.

The Necromort
A creepy cryptid revisits a young woman to take her on their next hunt for a murder victim. Her reluctance to spill blood forces her to face terrible consequences.

Candy Butcher
A nightmarish, bloodthirsty crowd attend a sinister circus to witness the erotic main act between a demonic ringmaster and his lovely new toy.

Neon Blood
The sole survivor of a rescue team is hunted through lush tropical jungle by an alien creature with breeding on its mind.

~Rape Operas~
With meandering storylines and characters you love to hate or hate to love:

Mila's Ghost
Ghost, head of a criminal empire that spans the globe and Master of his city obtains Mila, the object of his obsession, to train her into his ideal sex slave. But the beautiful, charismatic chanteuse does not bend easily to his will.

The Chip-Toothed Grin
A young woman confronts her rapist weeks after the fact. It is the beginning of a twisted, addictive, obsessive relationship that neither one of them is able to extricate themselves from.

They should have been high school sweethearts, holding hands, canoodling in class, making out in the back row at the movies. But when Artie discovers Billie's unwholesome secret fantasies mirror his own he ensures her first sexual experience is unforgettable.

Mirror Lenses
The consequences of teasing your quiet, horny roommate can be dire.

The Gravedigger
A gothic beauty is kidnapped and held captive inside an old crypt for the lewd entertainment of the Gravedigger.

The Briefcase
A young woman's good deed is repaid in a most villainous way.

~Things strange~
Murders, mindfucks, stalkers, sadistic pricks, hedonists, fetishes etc:

Out With a Bang
:heart: Winner of the March/April 2018 RC 3rd Anniversary story contest and Winner of the Prose portion of the March/April 2019 4th Anniversary story cotest :heart:
A world champion boxer holds his lover's lover captive, seeking to possess her by tormenting her mind and body until she's forced into submission.

Fear the reaper...

Because beautiful men into autoerotic asphyxiation turn me the fuck on, as does man on man action.

I'm Your Man
A tale of betrayal between best friends, set in a delapidated old house that comes alive inside a woman's drug-poisoned mind.

Better Watch Out (A Christmas Party Nightmare)
The gift a man exchanges with the object of his obsession is a very deadly one.

Oppressive, raw rape becomes something more when the victim catches a glimpse of her attacker's soul.

Agony's Anatomy
Because he can't bring himself to kill her, a sadistic serial rapist will sexually torture her until the end of time.

Luck Be A Lady
An opportunistic bad guy takes the girl he's always lusted after, who also happens to be the local crime boss's moll.

~The Others~
Straightforward, 'vanilla' rape- no blood, no death, no drugs, minimal (if any) violence etc:

Prince Charming
:heart: Winner of the January/February 2018 RC story contest :heart:
A villainous prince in search of mischief has a night out he and his lovely victim won't soon forget...

Sugar Daddy
:heart: Winner of the July/August 2018 RC story contest :heart:
Money can't buy any man a night with her, let alone buy her love, so one obsessed patron takes matters into his own hands...

Cap'n Cruel
If nautical nonconsent be something you wish... Man on man on man action on the high seas!

Death reunites a man with the object of his obsession, and he seizes the opportunity to show her how much he's always wanted her...

 to Midnight

They'd fucked before, so how could she resist him now? Even if she tried, she couldn't, because he won't let her.

Roxie's Little Helper
When all you want to do is curb your addiction to orgasms but a stranger has other plans to 'help' you beat your demons.

Never the Bride
Getting her best friend's future husband ready on the Big Day turns out to be a huge mistake for this Bridesmaid.

Just Like That
A young man succumbs to the need to taste the object of his love, lust and obsession.

Hateful Hearts

The Rule
When she forgets her place he demonstrates it to her.

Scraps I've left behind on the board:

The Sergeant' Plaything

To Sir, With Lust
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