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"High Noon. The Director's Cut" by Jim Trent.
« on: January 16, 2019, 07:33:27 AM »
Here is one of my favorite stories...

"High Noon. The Director's Cut" by Jim Trent.

Starring Gary Cooper as Marshall Will Kane Grace Kelly in her first starring role as Quaker Amy Fowler Lloyd Bridges as Deputy Harvey Pell Katy Jurado as Mexican saloon owner Helen Ramirez Ian McDonald as gang leader Frank Miller William Phillips as gang member Ben Miller Bob Wilke as gang member James Pierce Lee Van Cleef as gang member Jack Colby

This 1952 Western was nominated for seven Academy Awards and has been seen by millions of viewers, however, few people know that there was a second film made at the same time with a different ending. It was never released to the general public. It was duplicated in very limited numbers and reserved for the unbelievably rich, powerful, and/or famous. It was this second movie, not the one released to the public, that made Grace Kelly a superstar.

Before this movie, Grace Kelly had only been in one film and it had been a bit part. She was chosen to star in High Noon because she also agreed to do the second (private) film. The part had already been turned down by several better known female stars before Grace Kelly accepted it. After Alfred Hitchcock saw the second film, he cast Grace Kelly in his next three movies. Other famous directors also saw the second film and cast her in their films. Always as the star and always as the sex symbol. When Prince Rainier of Monaco married Grace Kelly in 1956 (shortly after obtaining a private copy of his own), he reportedly spent millions of dollars searching out and buying the other copies of the film. Of course, he was never sure that all of them had been found.

The second film is identical to the first one up until the time that the outlaw Frank Miller arrives in town for the high noon shootout. A brief description of the film up to that point is as follows:

The film opens as the Marshall (Will Kane) of the small western town of Hadleyville is marrying his much younger fiancée (Amy Fowler) in the town's courtroom. In addition to the marriage, this is his last day as Marshall. He is hanging up his guns and going with his new wife to a different town to open a general store. The replacement Marshall is due to arrive the next day.

Three menacing cowboys ride by the office as the marriage takes place. They ride to the train station to await the noon train. They are the remaining members of the Frank Miller gang. Frank had run the town until Kane was hired as Marshall. Kane brought with him six deputies, all top guns. Shortly afterward, Kane arrested Frank for murder (one of many, he was convicted and sentenced to hang. The Governor, for reasons that were not explained in the first movie, commuted the sentence to life in prison and then, five years later, pardoned the killer. In the meantime, all of Kane's deputies left for better positions in other towns. He replaced them with two inexperienced locals.

Immediately after the Marshall and his young bride exchange "I do's" the train stationmaster bursts in, bringing a telegram that announces that Frank Miller has been released from prison and will be arriving on the noon train. Presumably, it will be to kill the Marshall and Judge who arrested and sentenced him. The station master also tells Kane that the three other members of the gang are waiting at the station. The Judge leaves town immediately. Kane and his new wife leave town as soon as they can load their buggy. Shortly after riding out, Kane has an attack of conscience. He has to return to save the town.

The bulk of the film is taken up by Kane trying to get townspeople to help him stand up to the Miller gang. Harvey, his Deputy quits, still angry that Kane had not arranged for him to become Marshall. His ex-mistress Ramirez sells her half of the saloon and buys a ticket on the noon train. The previous Marshall, now an old man, first hides from Kane, then tells him that he is too old to be of any use. The people in the saloon turn him down. They liked Frank better than the straight-laced and moralistic Kane. Finally, Kane walks into the church during services and asks for help. Some of the church members remember how wild it was before Kane arrived. But, after some debating among themselves, they turn Kane down. Even his wife, Amy, buys a ticket on the same noon train that Ramirez is leaving on. Kane is totally alone. However, his overgrown sense of honor, duty, and morality prevent him from running. At noon, he leaves his office and strides down the main street to meet the gang members. The camera pulls back in a high crane shot that shows how small and alone Kane is.

This is where the first film, the one released to the public, and the second film diverge.

In the director's version of the film, Frank Miller arrives on the noon train and is met by the other three gang members. One hands Frank a gun and a holster. He puts it on, they all check their guns, tie their holsters to their legs, and stride off towards the Marshall's office. The camera remains in place after the gang passes and we see Amy step off the train and follow them. A few moments later, Ramirez also gets off the train.

The next shot is the four gang members walking towards main street. As they pass a dry goods store, Ben Miller smashes the window and steals a frilly ladies bonnet. He ties it to his belt. The camera shot pans around the corner to main street where Kane hears the glass break. He hides in an alley between two stores waiting for them to pass so he can get the drop on them. Two of the gang members walk by. Just then, the camera focuses past Kane as Frank comes around the corner behind him. Frank and Colby had separated from the others, going to the back of the storefronts along each side of main street in case Kane tried something like this. Frank shoots Kane through the heart. Kane lurches out from his hiding place, staggers into the street, collapses in the dust, and dies.

A shriek is heard from off-screen. The camera rotates down main street to frame the shocked Amy. She runs to her husband and throws herself over his body crying and sobbing. The legs of the four the gang members are shown walking up to her kneeling on the ground.

Frank asks, "Who is this pretty young thing?" Abandoning her pacifism, Amy reaches for her dead husbands gun. Frank steps on her hand before she can wrap it around the grip. He reaches down and pulls her to her feet.

Ben answers, "She is Kane's wife. They just got married this morning."

"You mean that she has not had her honeymoon yet?"

"They couldn't have had time."

"Well, now I feel downright bad," says Frank. "I feel that we owe this little lady a proper honeymoon. One that she will never forget. Let's get out of this sun. The saloon is a better place to make it up to her, anyway."

They all walked away from the dead man in the street, half dragging his widow between them. The camera pulls back in another high crane shot that shows how small and alone Amy is. We also see Ramirez hiding down the street.

The next shot is inside the empty saloon. The four gang members are seen entering the swinging doors with their captive in tow. Frank is the first to speak, "Get a bottle." He takes Amy to a round table in the middle of the room and swings her into a chair. He pulls up another chair, puts it back-first next to her, swings his leg over the seat straddling it, and leans forward on the back of the chair. "What's your name, little lady?" She says nothing.

Ben blurts, "Amy, it's Amy."

"I didn't ask you," says Frank as he stares at the girl. He suddenly reaches out and slaps her. She gasps. "That is my mildest expression of displeasure. If you want to keep your lily-white skin unmarked, you had better answer."

She says between sobs, "Amy."

"There, that wasn't so hard was it? Now, did your husband -- excuse me -- your ex-husband practice for the honeymoon with you?"

Between sobs, Amy answers, "No, I just arrived. We decided to get married through our letters."

"I'll bet you weren't expecting Kane to be such an old man. You deserve better. You deserve a man with a hard cock."

At this point, a whiskey bottle and several shot glasses are plunked down on the table right in front of the camera, framed between Frank and Amy. Frank reaches for the bottle and pours a shot. "Drink it."

She says, "I don't drink."

He slaps her again, this time harder. "You don't learn so good, do you? I said drink it."

Amy grabs the drink and downs it in one gulp, coughing after she swallows.

"There, that wasn't so bad, was it. Now, drink another," and he pours another shot. She slowly picks it up and drinks it slowly, grimacing and coughing as she does.

"Now stand up, little lady."

Amy slowly, and a little unsteadily, rises to her feet. Frank stands up and walks around behind her. He puts his arms around her waist and begins nuzzling her neck. While doing that, his hands work their way up from her waist, to her bosoms, and then he works his fingers in between the buttons of her tightly fitting white blouse. He yanks her blouse apart, with buttons flying in all directions, and pulls it over her shoulders and down to her elbows. She is still wearing a slip and long skirt. It is obvious from her nipples showing through the slip that she has nothing underneath the slip. Frank moves his hands up under her breasts and caresses them, emphasizing her areolas and nipples through the thin fabric by pulling it taut for a close-up.

Then he moves his hands up to her shoulders and rips the slip downward to below her waist. The slip, the rest of the blouse, and the skirt fall to the floor. Amy is naked except for her shoes. The camera focuses on the pile of clothes at her feet and slowly pans upward showing her long legs, flaring out to wide hips with a blond bush in the center. Frank's right hand is there with one finger moving up her slit, up over the narrow waist, up over the flat stomach, and up to two firm, well formed, but not overly large breasts. His left hand is already caressing one breast while the other hand (the one that the camera followed upward) squeezes the other breast. Her skin is exceedingly white and unmarred. Frank nibbles on her neck and then turns her around for a kiss.

Frank whispers in Amy's ear, "We can solve each others problem. You don't have a husband anymore to give you a proper honeymoon and I have not had a woman for five long years." Then Frank sweeps the bottle and glasses off the table, pushes Amy back until she is lying on the table. Frank steps between her legs, unbuckles his gun-belt, unbuckles his regular belt, and drops his pants. Like many cowboys, he does not wear underwear and he is already stiff. He rolls the foreskin of his penis back and places it just inside the lips of her cunt. There is a close-up of the penis slowly penetrating her cunt. Then he starts stroking back and forth. The camera, still in a close-up, pans slowly from his cock as it slides in and out of her cunt, across her flat belly, over her tits which quiver and shake with each thrust, and then to her face. Her head is turned sideways, toward the camera, with one cheek on the table. She is biting her lip. It is obvious she is not enjoying the rape. Just then, in the background, the door of the saloon swings partially open. It is Ramirez. She has a small, but cruel smile on her face.

Just then Frank grunts and shoots his sperm into Amy's cunt. It did not take long. There is a wider shot of him pulling out, with cum stringing between the two of them. He pulls Amy upright and then backhands her across the cheek even harder than before. A dark spot shows where she had been struck. "You lied to me, you stinking whore. You were not a virgin. The next time you lie to me will be the last time."

"I didn't lie," Amy says. "Will and I never had relations. My virginity was taken by the same men who killed my father and brother. My brother died in my arms, then they dragged me away and took turns raping me. Just like you. That is why I became a Quaker."

Frank thought of slapping her again, but decides not to mar her beauty yet. "Did Kane know you were used merchandise?"

"Yes. He didn't care."

"That explains how such a dried-up old man could land such a tender young cunt. You are a bit on the skinny side, but when you start swallowing cum and drinking whiskey, you will fill out. In particular, your tits will grow. They aren't that big right now, but they stick right out like they are proud. Perky. That's what your tits are, perky. Once you start swallowing cum, they will get big. Really big. I can hardly wait for that." Then he turned to the other gang members, "Anyway, each of you boys can have a crack at the little cunt now. Just don't spoil the merchandise. She is going to be the first whore in my new empire."

Frank turns slightly and sees Ramirez at the door. "Now there is a real woman. Not a skinny little cunt who just lays there making her man do all the work. How you doing, Helen?"

As Frank and Ramirez talk, the three gang members can be seen raping Amy in the background on the same saloon table. First is Ben, who bends her down over the table and fucks her in the ass. Then Colby drags her off the table, forces her to her knees, grabs her blond hair, and sticks his cock in her mouth so she can suck him off. He pulls out at the last minute and squirts her in the face. And last, Pierce repeats Franks performance by fucking her cunt on the table. He also pulls out at the last moment and squirts cum on her bush and belly. Amy does not resist any of them.

"Not so good," answers Ramirez, "After they sent you away, they ran off all our whores, closed down the gambling, and made it a lot more difficult to sell booze. I sold my half of the saloon to Weaver. It wasn't worth much anyway, at least now."

"Don't worry. Things will be different from now on. You were my best madam. And, my best fuck, too. We will start up all over again. New women, new gambling, and selling booze whenever, wherever, and to whoever we want to. I won't take up cattle rustling again, though. Not enough return for the work. How about it, Helen. You and me. We were a pretty good team. We can do even better than before."

"I am all alone in the world. I have to make a living," said Ramirez softly. Then after a short pause, she continues with a firm voice, "Alright. Just as long as I get to do whatever I want with this prissy little cunt."

"It's a deal. Just don't leave any permanent damage." Frank and Ramirez shake hands, then he leans over and kisses her. The kiss deepens. He squeezes her tit closest to the camera through her blouse. Then his hand moves downward to cup her cunt through her dress. By then, the gang members are each through with Amy and are ready to start over. Frank breaks the kiss and stops them. "You can continue with her later. I have other things that need to be done first. Get a rope."

Colby finds a coil of rope on the wall of the bar. He hands it to Frank who cuts off a section two or three feet long. He hands the short piece back to Colby and says, "Tie her hands behind her back." While Colby ties her hands behind her naked body, Frank fashions a hangman's noose from the remaining rope. He drops the noose around her neck and snugs it up tight. Frank looks at her briefly and says, "There is something missing." After a few seconds as the camera pans over her naked body, with cum on her face and cum dripping down between her legs, he continues, "I know. Ben, hand me the bonnet you took from the store earlier. A lady with such fair skin should not go out into the sun without a bonnet."

Ben puts the bonnet on her head and ties it under her chin. Frank yanks the rope around her neck. "Come on little lady. I am going to introduce you to your customers." As they pass Ramirez, she swats Amy's naked butt, hard. Amy jumps.

The next camera shot is outside with Frank leading Amy by the rope. The other gang members follow behind. Ramirez quickly walks up to Frank at the front and takes his arm. As they walk past the dead body of Kane in the street, Ramirez yanks the rope Frank is holding. Amy stumbles and falls to her knees next to her dead husband. She is sobbing. After a few seconds, one of the gang members pulls her back to her feet and they continue walking. Amy is staggering slightly as she sobs.

They are walking toward the church. One side of the double doors in the church is partially open with several heads sticking out. They see the gang members coming and close the door. Frank reaches the door and pushes it open. All the church members are on the opposite end of the church huddled around the preacher. Several of the women gasp when they see Amy. Some of the men leer. When their wives see that, they frown. The men's expressions turn to disgust. The wives seem to be mollified.

The preacher speaks first, "It is not right for you bring a naked woman into a house of God. Take her outside."

Frank ignores the comment and says, "It looks like everybody is here except the Judge and, of course, the Marshall. Lets see. The Mayor is here and the City Council. You are still all in office aren't you?"

The Mayor answers, "Yes, we are all here. Except the Judge. He left town as soon as he heard you were coming. And the Marshall. We tried to get him to go, but he wouldn't listen to reason. Surely you can't hold that against us?"

Frank walks past several of them, with Amy still in tow. He says, "I have lost five years of my life because of you people. Of course, you thought I was going to LOSE my life, didn't you? But, you didn't know that the Governor uses my whores regularly. He is not as unimaginative as all of you, though. He doesn't stick with the kind of sex you have with your wives. He likes it rough. Sometimes it gets out of hand. Sometimes the girls can't work again for months. And they aren't worth very much when they can work again. And, a couple of times, the girl never worked again... Never worked anywhere again."

Several people in the crowd gasp as the meaning sinks in. Frank pauses for a moment and then continues, "There have been rumors about the Governor and how he likes his sex for years, but nobody has any proof. Nobody except me. I know where the bodies are buried. Literally. That is why I did not die like you thought I would. And that is why I am back here now to settle scores."

Frank continues walking back and forth in front of the church members pulling Amy with him as he talks, "Before I left, the Governor and I came to an understanding. I won't be arrested again and I won't be convicted again. By you or by anybody else. He knows that I have given several sealed envelopes to trusted friends with enough proof to get him hanged if anything happens to me. If you try anything again, he will send the militia to wipe this place out. The papers will say that it was a town of desperados, like the Hole-in-the-Wall. They will say that Hadleyville had to be wiped out for the safety of every god-fearing person in the territory. No one will mourn your destruction. He also knows that you never vote for him anyway.. You just make it harder for him to fix the elections. Does everybody here understand exactly where you stand?"

There is a murmuring and shaking heads "yes" in the crowd. "I am glad to hear that." continued Frank, "In spite of what you think, I am a generous and forgiving man. I have to rebuild my string of whores, gambling, and booze. I am going to start right here. This is my first whore. Look at her. Doesn't just looking at her stiffen your cock? Don't you just want to stick it in her tight little cunt? Or anywhere else for that matter." Several of the women in the crowd gasp. The men stare.

Frank stops for a few seconds and continues again, "Well, she is starting work tonight. Today is her honeymoon and I expect every man here to wish her well tonight. With his cock. Any man who doesn't show up will have to answer to my boys here. But, to show you how generous I am, I will even let you take the first crack at her for free." This time, the men started murmuring.

Frank continues once again, "While this little lady is a rare beauty, we all know that she cannot handle a town this size by herself, let alone the business from the passing cowboys. That is why I will be borrowing some of the women here until I can build up a string of experienced whores." Pandemonium breaks loose. The unarmed men push the women to the rear and start moving threateningly towards Frank. The three gang members all draw their guns, cock them, and shoot over the crowd. They stop instantly. Everything is momentarily quiet and the clouds of gunsmoke drift away. Then the church members slowly back up.

Frank walks slowly among them and looks at each of the women. He picks one and pulls her out to the front. She starts crying. Then he picks another one. Then a third woman. All are young and well built. The husband of the last girl chosen grabs at Frank to try to stop him. Frank draws his gun and shoots the man in the stomach. He falls and several people kneel around him. "Does anybody else want to be as stupid as this man?" Then Frank pushes the three women towards Ramirez. She grabs them, slaps them, and starts ripping their clothes off.

"Before I go, I want the Mayor and City Council to officially appoint me as Marshall. That will go a long way towards letting bygones be bygones. You can appoint these three boys as my deputies. A town like this can never have enough deputies. You saw what happened to Kane. Also, I want you to rule that this shooting and the one outside were justifiable. Anybody who disagrees, raise their hand." After looking around, he says, "Then it is unanimous. I am your new Marshall, these are your new deputies, and both shootings were justified. You can telegraph that to the Governor. He will be happy to hear that we have patched things up. Naturally, you will show the telegraph to me before you send it. No need to have any more misunderstandings, right?"

Frank turns and picks up the rope around Amy's neck. By then, Ramirez has stripped the three churchwomen naked. They are unsuccessfully trying to cover their tits and cunts with their hands. Just before walking out the door, Frank turns to the remaining chruch members and says, "Remember, I expect every man here to visit Amy tonight. And pass the word to any man who is not here. The festivities start at six. Don't be late. My deputies and I will be VERY unhappy if you don't attend the party."

The next scene is in the saloon. Ramirez is sitting in a saloon chair with her knees spread apart and her ankles close together with a small pair of panties strung between them. Amy is kneeling on the floor in front of her vigorously licking the Mexican's hairy cunt. A few seconds later, Frank calls down from above and says, "Get ready, it is nearly 6 o'clock."

Ramirez pushes Amy away and stands up while pulling up the panties that were around her ankles. A close-up of Amy's face shows the glistening love juices from the Mexican's cunt on her nose, cheeks, and lips. In addition, there are tears streaming down her eyes. She stands and walks behind Ramirez.

Ramirez walks to the middle of the room and stands facing the door with her hands on her hips and her feet spaced shoulder width apart. She is wearing high heels, a white garter belt, white mesh stockings, small white lace panties, and a low-cut white lace vest that buttons below her tits in order to hold them up and out, holding her dark areolas and erect nipples out for everyone to see. The lacy white clothing emphasizes her dark skin. She is holding a riding crop.

Behind her are four nearly naked women. First is Amy, and behind her are the three churchwomen in a line. They look completely different from the earlier scene. The camera slowly pans over each of them in a midrange shot. They are dressed in high heels, black garter belts, black mesh stockings, and have garishly painted faces. Nothing else. The black clothing emphasizes their white skin. There are several long dark marks on the tender parts of their bodies, obviously from the Mexican's whip. The most marks are on Amy. Behind them are three of the gang members sitting around a table. The bartender is at the bar wiping shot glasses. The camera pans upward to the second story balcony walkway and frames Frank as he is watching the minute hand of the wall clock click over to six. As the clock strikes, he says to Ramirez, "Open the doors. Let's get this party started."

Ramirez grabs Amy and pushes her towards the door. She whispers as Amy passes, "This is what you get for not helping your man." Ramirez throws open the doors and men pour in. Several of them grab at Amy. Harvey (Kane's former Deputy) starts up the stairs with her. Several other men follow, all grabbing and pulling at her clothes. By the time Amy reaches the top of the stairs, she is completely naked. Amy is pushed into a bedroom at the top of the stairs and the other men line up outside. The men downstairs start grabbing at the other three women. Frank smiles. He is back and it looks like business is going to be good.

The End.
Soon to be available in VHS and DVD.


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