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Author Topic: Poor Batgirl [Contest Entry]  (Read 1941 times)

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Poor Batgirl [Contest Entry]
« on: March 17, 2019, 09:35:44 PM »
Taking myself a little out of my comfort zone with this story, Fan-Fic isn't something I'd normally do, but I thought I'd give it a go.  If you like it, please do fap to it and please do leave comments and feedback.  Thank you for taking the time to read.


It was another bank heist that The Joker had us pulling off tonight.  The bank had an underground vault that was built in the basement right next to the Speakeasy that masqueraded as a bookstore.  Whoever heard of a bookstore open all night was another question, but the cops never came round to check it out so nobody questioned it.  Course, it also helped that Maroni had half the cops on his payroll.  And the good thing about a back room Speakeasy is that it’s always full of crooks.  So if you wanna pull off a bank job, nobody’s gonna rat on you and you have a whole room full of guys just willing to get in on the caper. 

This particular Speakeasy is run by Sal Maroni and let me tell you, nobody was more surprised than he was when The Joker came here looking for some muscle to blow their way into the vault next door.  Me?  I work for Maroni and when he told me to get in on the act, of course I was only too happy to.  A share of the loot from the vault of the New Gotham Bank?  Who wouldn’t want a piece of that action?  When The Joker asked for volunteers, I volunteered me and a few of my guys to pull this one off. 

We all know that The Joker’s crazy.  Beyond crazy.  But he had the perfect plan.  He’d managed to get the blueprints for the bank and we could see from them that they’d built the vault against the basement wall of the bookstore.  No steel reinforcement or anything.  We could use a jackhammer to drill our way through in and there waiting for us would be the motherload.  $50 million, Joker promised us.  Split between six of us, if you include the nut job with the green hair.

Everything went to plan.  The jackhammer destroyed the concrete wall in minutes.  And just like Joker promised, the cash was all there, stacked up in the middle of the floor like it had been left out for us.  Sure, me and the boys thought that it could’ve been a set up.  That it was all too easy.  But those thoughts disappeared as soon as we started filling the bags with cash.  None of us had ever seen that much money in our lifetime, never mind in one place at the same time.  None of us had ever even dreamt of that much cash.  And it seemed to take forever to bag it all up.

Eventually we did it.  We had it all bagged and we were loading it into the back of a plain blue panel van.  Bag after bag of green.  So far it’d taken half an hour just to load the van and there were still lots more bags to go.  I’ve no idea if it was the fifty mil that the weird guy had promised, but I didn’t care.  One bag full was more money than I’d ever seen in my life.  So I’d have been happy with that as my share, even though it was just a fraction of what we took.  It would set me and the wife up for life and put my kids through college. 

We’re just throwing the last half dozen or so bags into the back of the van when there’s an almighty bang on the roof that startles all of us.  We all jump back and look up and see the dark silhouette against the night sky.  The ears on the mask, the winged cape.  The black bat on the yellow background.  There was no mistaking who it was.  “Shit, it’s the Bat” Tommy yelled out as we all scattered, running in all directions. 

Tommy ran down the alley the other side of the bookstore, which I thought was probably the best option.  Al ran to a fire escape on the side of an apartment block and started climbing up.  Brave move considering the bat is usually seen near roof tops.  Well done, Al.  Mickey and Joe, well they just ran as fast as they could following Tommy towards the alley and overtaking him as they all got there.  I chose to go with Tommy’s idea and go down the alley too.  Especially since my car was parked on the block at the opposite end. 

The Joker, well he bolted down the street.  I’ve no idea where he went to but he shot off like the wind.  And everyone one in Gotham knows that Batman’s gonna go after him if there’s ever anything in town that he’s involved in.  I guess the Bat guy has a thing for dudes with green hair.  So I just grabbed a bag of the loot and strolled casually down the alley following the rest of my guys.  I was gonna head home and make my wife a very happy lady, while Tommy, Joe and Mickey were probably gonna loop back around to the Speakeasy and get themselves an alibi.  There’d be someone in there willing to tell any straight cops that came around that they’d all been in there all night.

I could see the other three guys in the distance running.  Joe in particular, who wasn’t exactly in great shape, was struggling.  Let’s just say that Joe was built for comfort rather than speed.  Why he even volunteered for a job where he might have to run was beyond me, he wouldn’t have stood a chance if Batman had followed us and not Joker. 

I catch my guys up after the slow some, and I’m all but walking with them when what we thought at first was Batman dropping down from a fire exit and landing in front of us all, stopping the other three guys in their tracks.  But this bat was wearing purple, not black.  And this bat had long, red hair.  And curves.  No.  This was no Batman.  “W..who a..are you” I hear Tommy ask as he’s temporarily frozen to the spot.

“I’m your second worst nightmare” the girl said to him, pulling a smoke bomb from her belt and tossing it towards the trio. They all turned and ran back down the alley towards me.  I saw one of Batgirl’s Batarrangs spinning through the air, just missing Joe’s head and embedding itself in the brick wall of a building just ahead of him. 

Tommy ran back but ducked into a doorway just a few feet away and waited for the smoke to clear.  I just stood in the middle of the alley and waited.  Even Batgirl would need to bring something special to a party that would make me run like that.  While Mickey just stopped where he was, suddenly going up in my estimation as he decided to be brave and take her on. 

As the purple clad chiropteran woman emerged from the smoke and advanced towards him, Mickey took a swing at her, his right fist connecting with her jaw but seemingly not affecting her in the slightest, instead kicking out at him, her boot digging into my buddy’s midriff and firing him backwards a good ten feet.  “Jesus, nobody’s that strong” Tommy yelled from the doorway. 

The flame haired bat strode over to Mickey and leant over him, pulling him up by his shirt collar.  He wasn’t done, though.  He thrust his head forward into the woman’s nose, this time rocking her backwards slightly but not nearly enough for her to lose her composure.  She was quickly able to recover and drive her fist into his jaw, sending him crashing back to the ground once more. 

Seeing their friends bravery, Joe and Tommy returned and waded in, coming to Mickey’s rescue.  Having every faith in my guys that three of them could take one girl dressed in a Bat costume, I lit up a cigarette and stood to watch as the smoke cleared. 

Tommy started pounding his fists at the woman, while Joe jumped on her back, trying to wrap his arms around her throat.  Mickey picked himself up and stepped back into the mix, punching her as hard as he could in the stomach.  She flinched some but didn’t buckle like he expected her to. 

She threw a punch and knocked Mickey back down again, spun around and ducked down at the same time, spilling Joe from her back, then kicked out her leg and tripped Tommy, dropping him unceremoniously on his ass.  I rolled my eyes as they all picked themselves up off the floor and advanced on Batgirl once more, the young redhead standing there grinning at them.  All at once they rushed her and managed to take her down in a flurry of swinging arms and flailing legs. 

I could hear punches landing, grunts and yelps, groans and shouting.  It seemed that my boys were getting the upper hand when, suddenly, Tommy was flung backwards through the air, landing just a few feet from me, rolling around in pain holding his groin.  I helped him to his feet and pushed him back towards the fray.  All credit to the man, he went back to swinging his fists and kicking out at her with gusto before he was tossed back out of the mix again with an elbow to his chin. 

As Tommy rushed back in, Joe was sent flying sideways on the end of a purple gloved fist, groaning as he landed.  Getting back to his feet, he went back in and managed to dodge another punch, grabbing hold of Batgirls arm and holding on for dear life as she tried to swing him loose.

It seems as though my faith in my trio of goons may have been misplaced as it was clear Batgirl was getting the upper hand.  Oh well.  Time for me to get stuck in I guess.  I throw my half smoked cigarette to the floor and crush it out with the heel of my shoe and start to walk over to the scuffle. 

By the time I get there, Batgirl has tossed Tommy out of the fight once again, Mickey is pounding his fist into her kidney with little or no effect and she has Joe flat on his back, her arm pulled back about to deliver a vicious blow down on his head.  Just like Batman, she’s no crime fighter, she’s a vigilante who’s breaking the law just as much as everyone else in this town.

I drop my bag of loot and pick up a metal trash can, coming up behind the fracas.  Just as she starts to bring her arm down towards Joe, I slam the can down on the back of her head.  It rocks her and puts her off her swing, her fist missing its mark and driving into the concrete at the side of his head as she turns and glares at me.  I lift the can and slam it down on her head once more.  This one rocks her, her eyeballs rolling in their sockets.  Joe seizes the opportunity and starts driving his fist into her temple, while Tommy is back in the fray and kicking at her head.  I look at the dented trash can and decide it has one more in it so I lift it and bring it down on her head with all my might for a third time.  This is the one.  She collapses to the floor and Joe is able to move from under her.  We all stand around her as she looks up, her eyes flickering closed as she slips into unconsciousness. 

“Ok, boys, we need to get her out of that suit.  That’s what makes her strong.  Without it, she’s just another silly little girl” I tell my boys.  While Tommy unbuckles that belt, tossing it over a fence into the grounds of the building beside us, Mickey goes to work on her gauntlets, Joe is dragging off her boots while I’m unzipping her top then working down her pants.

It takes less than a minute to get her suit off and discarded into the dented and bent trash can I used to take her down.  We all stand over her, looking down on her, all that she’s left wearing is her mask, which we just couldn’t budge, and a matching purple lace bra and panty set.

I can feel myself starting to get turn on as I look down on her almost naked body, thinking about what I could do with her if I took her back to my place.  I could teach her a lesson for meddling in my business, that’s for sure.  But then I start to form ideas in my head.  Why do I need her back at my place?’ I think to myself.  ’I could teach her that same lesson right here‘

I look at my guys.  Tommy and Joe are both the heaviest set and the strongest.  They can help me with this, especially as she’s starting to come round.  She’s not as strong now she’s out of that suit, but I’ve no idea how naturally strong she is.  I start to move towards her as she groans and writhes on the ground, seemingly still unaware she’s almost naked. 

“Joe, Tommy, hold her arms, hold her down” I tell my boys as I stand over her, my feet either side of her legs.  The two boys look at me quizzically as I stand towering over her before they realise what I’m planning and jump into action, taking and arm each and holding tightly to it, pulling on it to keep her from getting up. 

I reach into my pocket and pull out my flick knife, pressing the button to release the blade.  I lean down over her, sliding the blade under the front of her bra and slowly sawing through the fabric, the two sides sliding from her chest as the elasticated garment separates, exposing her pert breasts, the little pink buds of her nipples becoming erect in the cool night air.  I take them both between my thumbs and forefingers and start to pinch and tweak them, feeling my cock stiffening more and more as I touch her soft skin.

“Wha...what’s happening.  W..where am I?” she whimpers, confused and unaware of her surroundings.  Suddenly, she realises that she’s naked, save for the purple panties she’s still wearing - and she won’t be wearing those for much longer either.  She also realises that she’s surrounded by men.  Powerful, lustful, hungry men.  This is not going to be a good night for Batgirl

“GET OFF ME” She screams out as she tries to wriggle out of Tommy and Joe’s grip, her legs flailing all over the place, her hips bucking and rocking as she tries to free herself, all to no avail.  I lean down on her, pressing my body weight onto her naked torso and holding the knife in front of her face, pressing the tip of the blade into my little finger and teasing a tiny droplet of blood through my skin, which I smear on her face.  “Now, now.  You wouldn’t want to disappoint us would you now?” I ask her with a chuckle, sliding the cold steel of the blade down her chest along the valley between those pert little tits.

“We’ll get off you when we’re done with you” I tell her as I push myself up off of her.  I slice through both sides of the thin lace of her panties, pulling them out from under her so that her ass is now resting on the cold concrete floor, revealing a well trimmed triangle of soft red hair pointing between her thighs.  I hear her let out a gasp as the delicate material is whisked from under her butt and she feels the cold on her ass.

“Batman will save me, he’ll see what’s happening.  You guys are toast” she yells at us all, still trying to kick out at me with her bare feet.  I chuckle and grab at her ankles, pulling and straightening her legs out, gazing at that ginger arrowhead that’s pointing straight down towards her sex. 

I reach up and press my fingers into her inner thighs and push out, splaying her legs as far apart as they’ll go.  She lets out a scream that could wake Bruce Wayne’s parents it’s that goddammed loud.  Ear piercing.  Definitely enough to get someone’s attention.  Quickly, I drive another fist into her skull, silencing her momentarily until she starts to come to again.

“Mickey, keep the fucking whore quiet” I tell my one remaining henchman who’s standing around idly, doing nothing but watching what’s going on.  “Sure thing, boss” he says as he moves towards her head and kneels down beside her.  He reaches out and starts to stroke her hair, cupping the unmasked part of her face.  I’m expecting him to hit her, to knock her out so I’m surprised a little when I unfastens his pants and heaves his humongous phallus out from his shorts.  It must be nine inches or more long, with a good thick girth that even makes my cock, that my girl is always telling me is so thick, look like a weiner. 

Panic starts to run through her as he wraps his hand up in her hair, pulling her head closer to his cock.  She tries to fight it but, ultimately, she loses and she has no other option but to swallow as much of Mickey’s cock as she can, gagging as he bucks his hips forward and forces it down her throat.  “This ok, boss?” Mickey asks, turning to look at me for approval to continue.  “Very nice, Mickey” I tell him with a smile

My approval granted, he goes to work thrusting and ramming his mighty shaft into her mouth, the sound of his balls slapping on her chin echoing through the alleyway.  I decide that since she’s already fully occupied with Mickey’s manhood, she won’t mind feeling mine now.

I kneel between girl Bat’s long, shapely legs and unfasten my pants, pulling my own shaft out and, after pushing her legs further apart, using my hips to spread them wider still, I lean over her, taking my precum coated manhood in my hand and lining myself up with her entrance, I push forward, the swollen tip of my penis pressing into her hole and breaching her, spreading her open to take my girth as I force my way into her dry, tight pussy.  I groan as I push deeper and deeper into her, my precum barely having any kind of lubricating effect, making her scream onto Mickey’s cock as I go deeper and deeper, bucking my hips forward until I’m all the way in, filling her void.

“Fuck me that’s one tight cunt!” I groan as I bottom out inside of her, my balls resting on her butt.  Her legs are kicking out but with me between them, their movements are limited.  She tries thrashing her arms around but Tommy and Joe are doing a good job of keeping hold of them.  All she has is to try and buck her hips, bucking and rocking and trying to throw me off of her.  But I’m 6’3” and she’s barely 5’9” and I’m much heavier set than she is, her slender frame working to her advantage when she’s upright and able to move and fight, not so much when she’s under someone who’s lying on top of her pumping away at her pussy with his thick cock.

As I start to move inside the girl, she squeals and screams onto Mickey’s cock, bucking and writhing beneath me as I gasp and groan, driving myself into her as her body starts to protect itself against my invasion, moistening as I pump her, feeling those slick juices lubricating my cock and making it easier to slide in and out of her tight little pussy. 

All the while she’s trying to throw Mickey and myself off her, bucking and trying to scream around his dick, Tommy and Joe are laughing as they hold tightly onto her arms.  “One of you guys hurry up and finish” Joe says suddenly, “My cock feels like it’s gonna explode.  I need my turn” he chuckles.  This makes Batgirl squeal a little harder. 

While I’m plowing into her, grunting and groaning with every thrust, I see Mickey pull his arm back and swing a punch into her jaw, a cracking sound exploding when his big hand makes contact.  “What was that for?” I ask him as her body goes limp for a few seconds.  He turns his head back to look at me.  “Bitch was gonna bite on my dick” he replies as she starts to recover and her screams turn to sobs and cries.

“Serves the dumb whore right then” I tell him with a smirk.  “Just don’t do it too much, I want the slut to feel every second of this.”  I plow harder into her, really pounding her pussy, groaning as I’m thrusting, throwing my head back in pleasure as I start to feel the pressure building in my balls, her unwanted juices flowing as she soaks my cock finally pushing me over the edge.  Grunting with every thrust, I explode inside her, my warm, thick cum spurting deep into her womb, settling inside her.  Her body heaves beneath both me and Mickey as she cries when she feels me claiming her body with my cum.

I push a few more thrusts into her cunt to pump the last of my cum in her before I ease myself out, panting like a dog as I stand up and look down on the helpless redhead, her mouth still full of Mickey’s huge cock and a stream of my warm cum oozing from her hole, steam slowly rising from it in the cool night air.

“Hey boss, come and take over on her arm” Joe yells to me, his hand already reaching down and pulling his dick out of his pants.  “Sure, buddy” I say, pulling my pants up and securing my flaccid manhood in my shorts before walking around to the side and taking hold of the girls hand from Joe.  “Enjoy yourself, it’s good” I say with a chuckle as my henchman moves between her thighs, his pants and shorts already dropped to his ankles, his penis already leaking profusely.  Poor Joe really is not going to last long

Settling between her thighs, he bucks his hips forward and forcing his way into her pussy, pushing my cum back into her, he starts to thrust at an astounding pace, grunting and growling as he fucks her like a rabbit. Like he hasn’t had sex in a decade.  She’s squealing onto Mickey’s cock as he’s driving hard into her, the rapid pace rocking her whole body back and forth under the pair of them. 

Mickey has a handful of her hair, holding her head steady while he fucks her face, drool coming from her mouth as he’s slamming his dick between her lips, balls slapping on her chin as she gags, his huge cock going deep down her throat.  He’s groaning as he’s plowing into her mouth.  Surely he’s getting ready to blow by now.

Meanwhile between her legs, Joe’s still trying to set some kind of record for the fastest thrusting in history as his ass is going back and forth like a fiddlers elbow.  He’s grunting and panting, really getting short of breath as he’s fucking her, going slightly red in the face as he groans and grunts.  Still, Batgirl is trying to buck and thrust him off, but again two men on top of her is more than enough to keep her pinned to the ground.

Another few thrusts and Joe is done, almost howling like a dog when he shoots his load of cum deep into her tight pussy, grinning and laughing as he fills her womb with the second load of semen she’s had to endure in minutes.  “Fuck that was good.  Boss, can we keep her? We need a new pet” Joe says smirking as he climbs off of her, his cock already soft and shrivelling.  I chuckle at his comment, especially when she tries to scream around Mickey, forcing him to moan with pleasure at the vibrations of the sound on his shaft.

Joe moves to the arm opposite me and takes hold of her wrist.  “Go on, Tommy, go get your turn, buddy.  She’s fucking worth it.  I’m gonna go home and fuck my wife and pretend she’s Batgirl tonight” he says laughing.

Tommy grins and releases his grip on the girls arm and slowly stalks around her body and unfastening his pants.  She bucks her hips and kicks out with her legs, getting a swift kick to the sole of her bare foot from Tommy’s boot for her trouble.  Letting his pants and his shorts drop to the floor, his member hard and throbbing just like the rest of us, but slightly curved up.  I couldn’t help but think that it was perfectly shaped to rub on her g-spot.  Tommy might be giving Batgirl more than he expects to, since she’s already wet and ready to take more cock.

He surprises me and Joe, though, when he takes hold of her legs and lifts her knees onto his shoulders, forcing them back towards her chest as he closes in on her.  She screams onto Mickey’s massive cock when, after sliding his bell end up and down her slit to lubricate himself, he pushes the swollen head of his cock into her ass, driving into her with one swift movement, tearing into her balls deep with a loud groan, throwing his head back in pleasure as he feels her tight anus gripping on his manhood.  Straight away he starts driving back and forth, pulling and pushing his way in and out of her butt hole, more tears falling from her face, her expression now one of excruciating pain as well as fear, her cries clearly doing it for Mickey, who’s now gasping and panting.

With an almighty groan, Mickey lets go.  Grunting and growling with pleasure, pulling the girls head onto him as his cock visibly twitches and puslates, pumping his cum down her throat and making her gag, drool leaking from the corners of her mouth as she’s unable to swallow since her throat is full of Mickey’s huge shaft unloading into her gullet.  “Fuck. Me. That’s. Good” Mickey groans out as he finishes climaxing into her mouth. 

“Get off me! Leave me alone. GET OUT OF ME!  HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP” the girl screams as Mickey pulls his hips back, pulling his dripping cock from her mouth and allowing her to breathe and speak again.  Although what she has to say is nothing any of us wants to hear so all it gets her is a punch to the jaw from Mickey, who’s cock is dripping cum onto her face as he slams his fist down into her face three or four more times, busting her lip wide open, blood running down her chin.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch.  Nobody’s gonna come and help you.  Where’s your precious Batman now, slut?” Mickey hisses at her as he rains his blows down on her before climbing off her chest, leaving her shaking her head from side to side as she cries and sobs, tears rolling down her cheek and mixing with her blood.

Meanwhile, Tommy forces her legs further backwards, almost folding her in double as he leans over her and drives his cock hard back and forth into her ass, slamming his dick deep into her abdomen, making her scream in agony as he tears into her intestines while he groans in pleasure.  “Oh god this feels so fucking good” he moans, pumping hard and fast, her tits bouncing up and down as he fucks her rectum hard and fast, his balls swinging and slapping against her.

“P..please.  St..stop” Batgirl whimpers almost silently as Tommy is clearly getting close to finishing, the veins in his neck bulging as he picks up speed and force, driving into her butt harder and harder.  “Go on, Tom, get your load into her” Mickey says to him, encouraging him.

Looking at Mickey, I can see his abnormally large member is still hard and throbbing so I can only assume that he’s encouraging him on so that he can destroy one of her other holes.  And, going of the size of his dick, destroying it is exactly what he’ll do. 

Tommy leans down and takes one of her nipples in his mouth, sucking and biting as she wails, her body heaving as she sobs.  Lush strands of red hair sticking to her tear stained face when she shakes her head from side to side as she tries to deal with both the physical pain and the emotional anguish. 

With a growl, Tommy thrusts deep and hard and blows his load into Batgirls colon, grunting as he keeps thrusting; pumping his thick cream up her ass, sweat dripping from his brow onto her breasts as he pants like a dog in heat as the young woman lies there wailing, feeling his cum invading her intestines. 

It seems that Tommy really tore into her butt when he raped her ass because his cock is slick with pink mixture of his cum and her blood when he pulls out.  “Maybe you’ll get lucky and not die from it, whore” he says as he wipes his penis on her inner thigh, smearing the sticky concoction over her skin.

Tommy has barely pulled out of Batgirl when Mickey wades in.  “‘Scuse me, Tom.  My turn” he says, literally dragging him out of the way as he presses his fingers into her thighs and splays her legs as far apart as he can get them.  Despite his size, he doesn’t hold back, pushing his cock fully into her in one hard thrust.  “That’s an offensive weapon, right there” Joe quips as Mickey slams into her cunt with a grunt, forcing another scream from our helpless victim, bringing another punch to the head from her current rapist.

Grunting and groaning, Mickey starts to pound her pussy as the rest of us watch on wondering how he could be ready to go again so soon after he just emptied himself into her mouth.  “Are you some kind of fucking machine?” I ask as he pumps away at her vagina pushing himself deeper and deeper, grunting with every stroke. 

“P..please. Somebody me” she whimpers softly as Mickey takes her, no doubt destroying her pussy for anyone else who fucks her after him.  We all agree that, with such a monster between his legs, we’re glad that we all got to fuck her before Mickey did because none of us think that her pussy will ever be tight again by the time he’s finished with her.

“ more. Please.  I p..promise I won’t c..come after you, just s..stop now” she begs as Mickey slams into her, his big heavy balls slapping on her recently violated ass as he fucks her.  He groans out as he pushes himself into her as hard and as deep as he can.  A loud, guttural groan that signals his next climax, his balls draining once again, filling her womb with his seed as he shoots his cum into her pussy.

She lies on the cold hard ground with her eyes closed, sobbing hard as she takes yet another load of unwanted cum into her young womb; the third different load that she’s taken in her pussy in the space of an hour.  If one of us has raped a baby into her fertile womb, she’s never going to know which one of us did the damage. 

Mickey pulls his long, thick penis out of her, a large glob of cum coming out with it and running down her slit towards the floor.  Smirking, he looks down on her and slaps her hard across the face, snapping her head to the side.  “You’re a good little slut, taking all this cum.  Maybe we’ll come and do it again, you have a pretty decent cunt” he says to her before slapping her again, backhanding her this time and snapping her head violently in the opposite direction.

She wails and bawls as Mickey climbs off her, standing and finally putting his beast of a cock away.  Joe and I release her hands and let them flop to the floor as we turn to leave her to what or whoever might find her next, me collecting my bag of money I’d stolen from the bank vault.

“I’m gonna kill you.  I’ll find you and kill you all for this” Batgirl sobs defiantly as we start to walk away.  All four of us stop in our tracks when we hear her words and turn around and return to our pretty little victim. 

“You’ll do nothing of the sort” Tommy says as he starts to kick at her, his boot digging into her side over and over.  Almost immediately, Joe joins in, kicking at her on the other side.  Mickey grabs his crotch and, for a fleeting moment, I think he’s going to rape her again, but he’s just adjusting his monster cock.  But he does lean down and pummel his fist hard into her temple three times, her eyes rocking in their sockets before her eyelids close and she drifts off into unconsciousness.

“Come on, let’s get out of here before Batman comes looking for her” I say to my guys as I turn and continue down the alley towards my parked car.  I hold up my bag to the boys.  “Look, we need to go and split this.  Joker’s probably been busted again by now, but we still got some loot” I say with a grin as we reach my car and all pile in, heading to my house to count and split the money, talking about our entertaining night in the company of Batgirl as we drive.
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Re: Poor Batgirl (Prose - Contest Entry March/April 2019)
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Excellent story, based on the description this is batgirl as depicted by Ivone de Carlo?

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Re: Poor Batgirl (Prose - Contest Entry March/April 2019)
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Excellent story, based on the description this is batgirl as depicted by Ivone de Carlo?

Thank you @Shocker - the description I give of her in my story is based solely on the image that I pictured in my mind after trawling through the many pictures on Google Images trying to find the perfect one  :rofl:
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Re: Poor Batgirl [Contest Entry]
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