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Cry pretty Carrie
« on: April 24, 2019, 04:26:28 PM »
Cry Pretty Carrie

Carrie found herself with a little time on her hands before her tour to promote her latest Album, Cry Pretty. Her husband Mike was back in Ottawa running a hockey camp and the nanny had taken the children out for the day. While sipping a cup of coffee and going over some planning for her upcoming tour, she happened to notice a local news story on TV that she had running for background noise. There was some controversy regarding a homeless shelter and soup kitchen located in the downtown Nashville area. Nashville was growing and the downtown area changing fast. Property values were on the rise and living close to the action was becoming more and more popular, especially with the affluent. Old buildings were being purchased and either torn down to build chic new condos and townhouses or gutted and renovated for the same reason. The shelter found itself being surrounded by new neighbors and they weren’t happy about the element that the shelter brought into their new neighborhood. They blamed much of the crime left in the area to the existence of what they referred to as an eyesore. Conversely, there were those that were fighting for these poor disadvantaged people and the need for shelter, a warm bed and food. The reporter was interviewing some of the volunteer staff as well as a few of the poor souls that depended on the establishment for survival. Their stories broke Carrie’s heart and she decided right then and there what she would do with her free day.

Dressed in a par of denim shorts, a white t-shirt with her upcoming tour logo emblazoned on the front and a pair of sensible athletic shoes, she parked her Range Rover in a public parking lot a few blocks away from the shelter. If Mike had known what she was doing alone he would be upset with her, but it was a beautiful sunny day and surely, she was safe in the broad daylight. Just as she thought, she made it to the front door without incident. The staff was surprised and delighted to see the Country Music Star walk in the door. She explained that she wanted to volunteer for a few hours to do whatever needed to be done and that her only request was that her appearance be kept quiet. This was about volunteering and not meant for publicity or recognition. Carrie was true to her word and found herself helping cook the mid-day meal, washing dishes and whatever else was needed. Once this was completed, she made her way out to the dining area and mingled with the people that either lived there, came for food or both. She was enjoying herself and the crowd seemed to enjoy her chatting with them. In the back of her mind she had decided that she would contact her financial manager about providing some financial help to this place.

Everyone was happy to see Carrie, none more than a group of 6 men and a woman that kept to themselves in one of the far corners. This group was responsible for much of the trouble that the area residents were complaining about. There had been break-ins, hold-ups and worse; some sexual assaults to a few women that found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. The group took pains to spread their mischief around a large area of city so as not to make things easy on authorities to put together a pattern or a specific area of operation. It was quite a diverse group. The only thing they had in common was their bad character and worse attitudes. They blamed anybody and everybody for their poor circumstances and most of their enmity was reserved for the elites. The group consisted of two Caucasian men, Stanley and George, an Asian man, Jiro, a Latino named Mateo and two African Americans, Ethan and James. The lone woman, Alice, is older, gray haired and her heritage difficult to determine. They were all unkempt, unshaven and none were overly concerned with their hygiene. They were not much cared for in the shelter by the staff or patrons and even somewhat feared. They hadn’t done anything anyone had personally witnessed but there were stories. The group watched as Carrie made her way around the room and commented amongst themselves about the Country Music beauty.

George rubbed his crotch and admired the sexy ass and shapely legs of their special guest as she walked around the room. “Damn, wouldn’t I love to stick my dick between those legs and what an ass! I wonder if that hockey jock husband of hers has ever popped her in that ass?” Mateo chuckled, “If he hasn’t, he is a fuckin’ punk. That bitch needs to be fucked hard and often and shown her place, which is servicing cock.” James piped in, “Yea, I have seen her on TV. She sings at the beginning of Sunday Night Football. What a cock teasing cunt she is. There she is, on a show that has probably 95% men watching, strutting around in a short skirt and low-cut blouse, showing of her legs and tits. Don’t tell me she don’t know what she is doing. She’s definitely a cock teasing whore. That bitch makes a living making dicks hard.”  The conversation continued along those lines until Carrie made her way over to them. They attempted to behave themselves, not wanting to draw any undue attention. The close presence of the sexy 5’3” blond with her toned athletic body was making that very difficult. Her breasts weren’t big but motherhood had added a little to them as well as given her shape a bit more in the way of curves. Her yoga and workout routine had made the most of these changes. The 6 men were polite, but Carrie did notice the bulges in their crotches and soon made her way to another part of the room. She was understandably a bit leery of the group.

Once Carrie had moved on, Alice finally piped in, “You guys are calling her stud husband a punk while you all sit here rubbing your cocks and fawning over the cunt. The bunch of you will probably spend tonight in some ally punishing your cocks and thinking about her. If you had any balls at all, you would figure out how to stick’em in her instead. I won’t lie, I wouldn’t mind sitting on that pretty face myself!” Insulted, Ethan immediately chirps right back at the woman, “You shut the fuck up old woman. How the fuck would we ever get close to her anyway? Maybe we should just put a bag over your old head and pretend you are that bitch and fuck you til you are dead?” Alice just grinned at the bunch, “You think I am afraid of you fuckers? You go ahead and try and I’ll cut the balls off of you and feed them to you as you bleed to death! Stop your crowing. You bastards want to fuck that little bitch?” The men were taken aback by their female cohort for a moment. Finally, Jiro got his tongue, “What, you think you know how to get to her bitch?” She probably lives on a ranch somewhere outside of town with security and dogs and shit. No way we fuckin’ have a prayer and even if we did, we would end up in jail or dead.” Alice just smiled, “you limp dicks really are stupid. We don’t go out to her place. The bitch is here and from what I can tell, she came alone. I’ll tell you what, the dining hall closes in a half hour until dinner tonight. Y’all grab an old mattress from somewhere and head to the back ally where the dumpster is. This Carrie Underwood cunt will be out to join you for some fun.” George was flabbergasted by the suggestion, “Fuck you, bitch. She ain’t about to come out back and meet us in the fuckin’ ally?” The woman just nodded and headed toward the kitchen. “Out back. Half an hour.” None of them believed her of course but having nothing else to do they decided to do as she said. “One of them grumbled, we’ll beat the hell out of her for fuckin’ with us and wastin’ our time.

The old woman made her way into the kitchen area and meekly volunteered to help. Looking around at the numerous bags of garbage she said she would see to taking them out to the dumpster. Taking a bag at a time, she made sure to walk pass Carrie hoping to be noticed. With each turn, she acted as if the chore was increasingly difficult. The charade was only played in the dining hall so as not to get the attention of anyone else. Her efforts came to fruition as Carrie, noticing the struggling old woman pull the final two bags out of the kitchen walked over. “You poor thing, let me help you with these. I am just about to leave so I can take these out then be on my way. Just sit down and rest right here and tell me where they go.” Alice smiled at the pretty young woman and pointed to the door at the end of the hall. “The dumpster is out back in the ally, just outside that door over there. Be careful to prop the door dear. If it closes behind you, you’ll have to go all the way around.” Carrie touched Alice’s shoulder and told her she would be right back. A few moments later, a staff member came out of the kitchen and enquired about where Ms. Underwood was. The old woman said that she had left for home just a minute or so ago. The staff member said something about being disappointed about not getting a chance to say good bye. She then told Alice that it was time to close the dining hall and that she would have to leave. Alice nodded understanding and mentioned that she had left the door to the ally open and would depart through that door and make sure it was closed. She shuffled toward the rear door as the staff members shut off the lights and headed out the front door to their cars. The trap was sprung.

With no idea she was walking into a trap, Carrie made her way out the rear door, stopping for a moment to prop the door and then proceeding with the two bags of trash towards the dumpster that was positioned about 30 yards down at the end of the ally. She noticed an old mattress that was laying on the ground a few feet away but dismissed it as one that had been removed from the shelter as being too old and tattered for use. In fact, it was just the opposite. The mattress was perfect for it’s intended use. She sat the two bags down, opened the sliding door of the dumpster and threw them in and then started to shut the doors. It was at that moment she heard the door she had come out of shut. Startled, she looked back toward the door and there stood not only Alice but the 6 men she had seen with her in the dining room. A cold chill ran through her body as she stuttered, “Alice, the door closed, can you tell me how to get back around front? Wh Wh what are these men here for?” All the while the group walked toward her, their prey having no way to escape. “Sure honey, I’ll help you but first, I thought you might be willing to provide one more charitable deed before you leave.” This statement did nothing to ease the Country Music star’s concerns, “Umm, well I really need to be going…what exactly needs to be done?” Alice nodded to her friends, “well honey, this place and places like it do meet many of the basic needs of the poor folks that need them but there are a few basic human needs that aren’t provided for, especially for the men folk. You could see to it that they get a little something to help them take care of the terrible case of blue balls these boys are suffering with. I saw you glance their way and notice these earlier in the dining hall!” With the last statement she reached over and placed her hand on the bulge in George’s pants. “Completely aghast, Carrie struggled to contain her rising fear, “Look, I am so sorry for all your situations and I had planned on seeing my financial manager about helping this place out with some funding, but this is a very inappropriate suggestion. I am not a prostitute. I am a wife and a mother. I think I should be on my way now and we can just forget about this conversation all together.” With that, Carrie worked up her courage and starting walking toward the group with the intention of walking around them and continuing up the ally. It wasn’t meant to be as the minute she came close, she was grabbed and pushed roughly up against the brick wall. She only managed a little squeak in protest when a dirty hand covered her mouth. Almost as instantly, the old woman had placed an old dirty knife that she used for protection to her small feminine throat. “Listen closely bitch, you are going to do exactly as you are told and will keep your trap closed or I am going to give you a whole new kind of smile, just about right here.” She pressed the blade to illustrate her meaning. “You got it? You aren’t going to be using that pretty mouth to sing for our entertainment this afternoon bitch. I’m quite sure you know what you will be doing with it and I am guessing it won’t be the first time considering you have a husband. He might be a might gentler that these bastards here though. I am pretty sure it’s been awhile for most of them and I am damn sure, that ain’t a one of’em had anything as pretty as you in their entire life.” Carrie’s eyes were as big as saucers and filling with tears. When the old woman barked at her to answer, she slowly nodded. Alice looked menacingly into her eyes, “I am going to remove the knife and he is going to remove his hand from your mouth. If you holler or scream, that is the last sound you will ever make. I wouldn’t test me if I were you.” Looking down at the logo on Carrie’s shirt, then back into her face and the tears already smearing her mascara she added, “Cry Pretty Bitch!”

The blade was removed from her neck and her mouth uncovered. She managed to resist the urge to scream for help as she had no doubt they would kill her instantly. The magnitude of her situation washed over her, but she attempted to remain calm and reason with her assailants. “Please, you don’t have to do this. Nothing has happened that can’t be forgotten. I am a wife and a mother and have done nothing to deserve this treatment. I am begging you, just let me go right now and I swear never to tell a soul. You will never see me again.” Stanley stepped up and placed his hands over her left breast and looked into her eyes. She saw no mercy in them at all. “We have all seen you on TV cunt. We saw you on Sunday Night Football, singing and dancing with sexy short skirts and low-cut dresses, showing off your sexy legs, tight ass and those new mommy tits you have now. You may be somebody’s wife and a mother but there is something else you are. A world class, professional cock tease. You know damn well who mostly watches football and when you wear those slutty outfits at your concerts, you also know who is looking at you. Sure, you sing pretty good but you know exactly why those men are watching, buying tickets and paying you any mind. You use your body for making money the same as any whore accept at least a whore ain’t no tease. Now, we are going to show you what happens to cock teasing bitches.” He placed his hand on her shoulder and pushed down, a clear signal for her to kneel. In utter terror, she started to comply. “Now, unless you want Alice here to take out her knife again, you are going to be a good whore, get on your knees and pull out my cock. You know what I want you to do with it. Don’t get stupid and think about biting anybody. We’ll just bust out all your teeth and skull fuck you anyway.” He chuckled as he thought ahead. “You are a momma so you ain’t no virgin, but I bet you are about to learn a lot today bitch. Nobody here is gonna treat you like a princess the way you’re used to. Naw, you are gonna be treated like you fuckin’ deserve. Just like a fuckin’ street whore.” She had made it to her knees, the man’s crotch directly in front of her beautiful, tear stained face. With shaking hands, she unzipped the man’s pants and began to pull the engorged penis out of them. His hands gripped her head as he barked at her to open up. The stench of his unwashed crotch reached her nose as the tip of his cock entered her mouth. At first it was the smell that made her gag but soon it was the head of his cock forcing its way into her throat. His friends began fishing their own cocks out as they watched, transfixed at the sight of Carrie Underwood on her knees getting her beautiful face fucked. Alice also had her hands in her pants, rubbing her pussy. They all began encouraging Stanley. “That’s right, fuck her, fuck the bitches face. Choke you cunt, choke on that cock. I can’t wait to fuck the shit out of this cock teasing country cunt!”

Soon the others became impatient and wanted a chance to get at their quarry. “I want to see this cunt naked. Stand her up.” Carrie was suddenly pulled to her feet, the cock pulled from her throat. It seemed like hundreds of hands were touching her and pulling at her and her clothes. She pleaded with them to no avail as she felt her t-shirt torn from her and the belt from her shorts pulled free. Hands made their way under her bra and began mauling her breasts. She could smell the terrible breath and body odor of the terrible men abusing her. Soon the bra was pulled from her and her shorts were being pulled down her shapely legs. The excitement of the 6 men was building as her sexy nude body came into view. Her panties were the last article of clothing ripped from her. There were now hands, tongues and mouths all over her body, her hands and legs pinned, preventing her from interfering in their revelry. The mauling she was receiving was none to gentle as they kneaded, licked, bit and probed her. She screamed when a rough finger entered her vagina which elicited a slap in the face and a warning.

The old woman, still in charge directed the men to drag Carrie to the waiting mattress and they willingly complied. She found herself unceremoniously dumped on the old mattress. While looking down at her nearly drooling, they all began to disrobe. She attempted to crawl backwards but was blocked by Alice. “You ain’t goin nowhere honey. You are about experience what I would imagine is your first gang bang!” In a panic Carrie answered, “Oh God, no. Please don’t rape me. I will give you all oral sex if you just let me go.” The first of the men got on his knees at her feet, grabbed her legs, separated them and dragged her toward him, his hard cock standing at attention. “Don’t you worry missy, you are going to get a chance to suck some cock but right now I am going to crawl between these sexy legs and plow this sweet pussy of yours.” If it hadn’t before, the horror of what she was about to endure struck her to the core. “Oh no, please don’t do this. At least wear a condom. I beg you, I am someone’s wife, I have 2 babies.” This only earned her some guffaws as she was informed that they didn’t have any rubbers and wouldn’t use them anyhow. The man between her legs, leaned onto her and lined his cock up and pushed into her dry pussy. Alice’s hand covered her mouth so that all that was heard was a muffled scream followed by wrenching sobs. Carrie Underwood was being raped in an ally by a bunch of vagrants. How life and turned upside down in less than 15 minutes.

The man was relentless as he pumped away at Carrie’s body. Once her body began to react naturally to the invasion, the pain subsided a little. The hand was removed from her mouth to allow her to breath. The ally was filled with the grunts of the man exerting himself as he plowed into her and with her grunts from receiving the thrusts. In between she was repeating the words, “Oh my God, Oh My God.” Soon enough, the thrust began to quicken, and the man’s grunts began to slightly change. Being an experienced woman, Carrie knew exactly what this portended. She began to beg again, “Oh no please, please, not inside me.” All her words managed to accomplish were to drive him over the edge. She felt him tense up and shove into her with several short, full thrusts, howling as he did so and shooting his hot cum deep into her fertile womb. Her body was once again wracked with sobs of humiliation and despair.

Once the man pulled himself off her, she turned on her side and curled up in a ball, her hands covering her abused vagina. She could feel the evil semen seeping out of her. She had been soiled. The part of her that had been reserved only for her husband and had been where her two children had been birthed was now forever tarnished. What if she became pregnant? Her mind was reeling but there was little time for her to contemplate her future as two more men were now on her. She was being forced on her hands and knees with one behind and one in front. “Git on you hands and knees cunt, you are gettin’ ready to learn what being spit-roasted means!” Carrie began to moan, “please no more” over and over again as another hard cock pushed its way into her. The man at her head pulled her up by the hair with his hard cock pointing at her menacingly and demanding she open her whore mouth as she resisted. He pinched her nose closed until she was forced to open her mouth for air. The cock was forced into her mouth and the two began to fuck her from both ends. The pain from her abused pussy was almost forgotten as she was dealing with a cock being forced down her throat. The gagging and choking spurred on the men as the pumped into her with all they had. The others were gathered round her, stroking their cocks in anticipation of their turn and spewing encouragement to their buddies and terrible insults at her. “That’s right, fuck her. Fuck the cock teasing bitch like she deserves. Take it bitch! Look at her tits giggling. Man, I want to fuck those too! Choke on that cock cunt!”

The man fucking her pussy came first and not to long after, the cock in her mouth forced its way into her throat. Her head was held tightly in place as the cock jetted hot cum straight down her throat. Once she was released, she collapsed and began to cough and sputter, the cum coming back up through her mouth and nose. Her audience got quite a laugh from her humiliation and discomfort. James stroked his big black dick and stepped forward. OK bitch, its time for what I bet is your first black dick. You are going to love it baby. Ol’ James has another surprise for you too.” Nodding to Alice, “You are going to have to keep this bitch quiet for me. I’m gonna need a couple of you boys to hold her still too. Something tells me she ain’t gonna like this much and I’m about to get a helluva ride!” His big dark hands forced her back on her hands and knees as two of the others flanked her. Alice moved to her head, “OK bitch, you best remember what I said earlier. If you start screaming and making too big of a fuss, I will cut that pretty throat!” Carrie was confused at what was happening until she heard the man behind her spit a few times and then felt his wet finger press between her ass cheeks. No one had even suggested to her the possibility of such a vile act but she knew exactly what he had in mind. “Oh my God no. You can’t, I am begging you. No one has ever touched me there. You will tear me apart. Please God no.” She began to struggle but the two men had no problem keeping her in place. James huge finger pushed into her rectum and it took her breath away. Before she could catch a deep breath to scream, Alice forced something in her mouth and covered it with one hand. The smell and stench of what had been forced in her mouth distracted her for just a moment. Her gag was a nasty pair of dirty underwear that one of the men had discarded preparing to fuck her. She struggled as the huge wet finger probed her anus as James attempted to lubricate her enough for him to penetrate. Satisfied or just impatient, he withdrew his finger and placed the head of his big black cock at her ass. “All right you sexy little white bitch, James is about to fuck your sexy little ass.” She struggled in vein and tried to plead with him through her gag. The bulbous head pushed against her anus and began to make its way inside. The sound that could be heard might be described as sounding much like that of a mortally wounded animal. The muted wail lasted for what seemed like several minutes without so much as a break to take a breath. The man sawed in and out of her tight little hole going deeper with each thrust. He grunted with effort and much pleasure as he continued his assault. “MMMMM, oh fuck, her ass is so tight. I don’t think anybody has ever fucked this bitch’s ass. Oh, take it you country whore, take James’s big black cock in your ass. You ain’t never gonna forget me cunt!” Soon he was balls deep in Carrie’s ass and slamming it in and out with his full length. While it was little comfort for her, there was some blood acting as lubricant dripping from her abused rectum. The two soon were in sync as he grunted with each thrust and she answered with a grunt of pain in response. It may have seemed like hours to Carrie but James wasn’t going to last long. His pace began to pick up and soon he was groaning in pleasure and filling her bowels with his thick hot seed. Exhausted, he rolled off of her, his cock making an audible pop as it exited her ass. “Oh, fuck boys, y’all got to get you some of that tight little ass!” The men holding her in place released her and she again collapsed into a ball on the dirty mattress.

Carrie’s respite was short. Her gag was removed and with a hoarse voice from screaming she repeated over and over again, “please no more, please don’t hurt me anymore.” Her pitiful pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears as there were only hard cocks listening. The men were growing impatient with the need to use the Country Stars beautiful body. They moved her off the mattress for just a moment while one laid flat on his back. She was made to straddle him, impaling herself on his cock. Another cock was placed at her recently deflowered ass and another at her mouth. Before she even understood what was happening, Carrie Underwood had a cock in every orifice and they were all pounding away at her, eager to inject her with yet more of their vile semen. Two others were not to be denied and figured that they could pleasure themselves with her petite little hands. The old woman propped herself against the wall and rubbed her own pussy as she enjoyed the scene that was playing itself out in front of her. She groaned,” don’t kill the bitch boys, I want to ride her pretty little face. I wonder if the cunt has ever licked pussy before?” Carrie was being used in way that most porn stars couldn’t handle. At some point, her mind refused to process the pain and humiliation any longer and she passed out. Her rapist barely noticed as they continued to pound away at her body. When the cocks in her ass and mouth had emptied into her, the two using her hands replaced them. The six men continued to trade positions and fuck her with no regard as to whether she was passed out or dead.

Carrie was awakened by warm water splashing on her face and chest. She finally came too and when she had regained some of her senses, she started to cough and sputter as the liquid continue to splash her. Finally, when she was able to catch a glimpse of where the water was coming from, she was horrified. The men were standing over her, using their feet to pin her into place and urinating on her. “Wake up cunt! We ain’t done with you yet bitch. Don’t move around so much, we are trying to wash you up a bit you cum covered whore! Alice here wants a turn bitch, wake the fuck up!”

Once they had finished pissing on her and released her, she turned on her side and curled up in a fetal position once again. The group wasn’t about to give her rest just yet. Alice was barking out instructions, “Put the pretty little Princess on her back. I am gonna ride her sweet country sweetheart face and let her lick my pussy. You boys don’t get all the fun. I got her out here for ya after all.” Carrie was soon forced on her back with the woman straddling her chest. A sharp blade held at her throat. “Have you ever licked pussy before bitch?” She was answered by a pitiful mewling. “Oh no please, don’t make me do that. I beg you….” Her weak protests were muted as her mouth was covered by the hairy, sour smelling crotch of the evil old woman. She grinded herself on the poor woman’s face, moaning with pleasure. “mmmm, that’s right baby, make ol’ Alice feel good. Now, if you don’t want me to slice that pretty little throat of yours, you are going to use those lips and that tongue on my pussy. We are going to find out if you can lick pussy as good as you can sing and suck cock.” The threat was not taken lightly and soon Alice was groaning again. The warmth from her crotch spread throughout her body as she approached orgasm. Grabbing Carrie by the hair with both hands, she forced her face roughly into her crotch. A violent shudder shook the old woman’s body and her juices poured into the face of the once proud starlet.

Once Alice had crawled off her, Carrie didn’t bother moving. She laid on her back, sobbing. She was covered in the semen, urine and most recently the juices from the old woman’s vagina. Her entire body ached, and it felt as though her vagina and rectum were ripped to shreds. She could see five of the men putting their clothes back on as they chatted with Alice and the Latino man they called Mateo. He had not yet begun to dress. Once dressed, the others walked toward the entrance of the ally as the remaining two walked back toward her. She hoped that they were done with her. “Can I please go home now? Can you please leave me in peace? I hurt so bad, I need to get some help.” The old woman smiled at her, “We just have one more piece of business Ms. Underwood and then you have my word that we will leave you in “peace.” Carrie wasn’t sure why, but the promise sounded menacing. The two sat her up and pulled her hands behind her. She felt that he was binding them and began to panic. “You said you were going to let me go and leave me alone. Why are you tying my hands? I need to drive to a hospitable. I won’t tell anyone. I just need to get home to my husband and babies. They will be expecting me.” She was laid on her back, her head resting in the woman’s lap. The man spread her sexy legs and crawled between them. “Oh God, not again. Please don’t rape me anymore. I hurt so bad. Haven’t you had enough?” Alice stroked her face as yet another cock entered her. “Now, just relax Carrie, I promised we would leave you in peace, didn’t I? Mateo here has a bit of a special fetish that he wants to satisfy before we leave.” Carrie saw that the woman had the bra that had been ripped from her in her hand. The man began to thrust himself inside her in long slow strokes, unlike the frenetic way that they had all pounded on her earlier. Alice wrapped each hand in the bra straps. It wasn’t until the fabric was placed over her throat that she understood what was about to happen. Her eyes flew open wide and she gasped, “Oh God please no, please don’t do this? I won’t tell anyone. I can pay you. I have a husband and a family…please dear God don’t ki….” The bra was wrapped around her feminine neck and at that moment, pulled tight. Fear coursed through her body and she began to struggle. She saw the ecstasy spread across the face of her rapist. Her legs began to gyrate and kick at the man’s sides. “That’s right Pucha, you are going to die on my hard cock! MMMMM make it good for me huh, bitch. Kick those sexy legs for Mateo. Milk my hard cock with your dying cunt whore.” The old woman was staring into her eyes and talking to her in a soothing voice. “Let it go Ms. Underwood, give him what he wants and you will get the Peace I promised you. You had to know we couldn’t let you go didn’t you? How would you explain your condition to the doctors, police and your husband? They would know. Now you don’t ever have to face them and explain that you were nothing but a cock teasing whore that got what she deserved.” “Die Pretty Carrie.”

The woman’s voice faded away the irony of her last words lost on Carrie as she struggled to live. She could still hear the man moaning in her ear as he continued to fuck her. “Ohhh, your pussy feels so good baby. Your muscles are beginning to spasm from lack of air and will milk the cum from my cock into you.” He enjoyed watching her sexy legs flailing about. Her eyes were no longer focusing and the tiny sounds of her gasps growing weaker. Soon her legs were on the ground and simply twitching. He felt her muscles flexing and contracting in a vein attempt to find oxygen. Suddenly the muscles deep in her pussy contracted tightly around his cock, sending him into orgasm. They both shudder together. He collapsed upon her, gasping for breath and Carrie simply relaxed. Her beautiful eyes staring into the abyss, leaking tears smeared with mascara.

Alice stood up and looked down at the two bodies lying at her feet. “Well that looked like the best one yet Señor. She gave you one hell of a final fuck didn’t she? I’m glad you enjoyed it but we got to get the hell out of here.” The man stood up on shaky legs and got himself dressed. The two gathered up all of Carrie’s clothes and placed them with her on the mattress. They rolled her up in the mattress and used a few pieces of cloth ripped from a discarded sheet to bind it all together. The body of the sexy country star was unceremoniously thrown into the dumpster and the top closed. “The truck comes at 6 o’clock in the morning. It’s gonna be awhile before they figure out where this bitch went. I bet it makes quite a stir in the news. You be sure to let those morons know to keep their traps shut and don’t go around bragging that they got their useless cocks wet or it will be the last pussy any of us get.” The man nodded and they each walked out of the ally and went their separate ways.

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Re: Cry pretty Carrie
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Very nicely written story, although I quite like her music so I must say I'm a little disappointed at how it ended  :rofl:
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Re: Cry pretty Carrie
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I like her music sweat...its fiction! ;-)  :laugh:

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Re: Cry pretty Carrie
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« Reply #4 on: February 12, 2021, 05:53:29 PM »
Theres one line in the bridge that I cant decipher - ...Im stronger than all my menExcept for youDont say you need me ifYou xxxxxxxI cant do it, I cant do itBut you do it well Some one have that line?

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Re: Cry pretty Carrie
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That’s Lana del Rays song not Carrie’s 😉


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