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The Surgeon
« on: July 11, 2020, 12:30:54 AM »
So idk i'm not even writing this one to be that sexual although if it gets you off that's great, you incredibly sick fuck  XD Just something about more efficient and cold-blooded sadism as opposed to brute force that's intriguing to write about. This was inspired by another story on the extreme board, consider it an off-shoot or an alternate universe, points if you guess which story lol anyway yeah medical torture lots of cutting surgery type stuff in this jawn. So away we go...


He walked in ahead of the other two men. The two who were left. He was smaller, slight. He wore an overcoat and glasses, and carried a leather bag with him. His complexion was darker and his face was thin, angular. There was no emotion in his eyes at all as he appraised her naked body, strung up to the ceiling by her hands.

"This is her?" Different accent. Spanish, maybe.
"No, the other crazy jacked-up whore we keep tied to the ceiling."

The new one's tone remained uninterested. "Very amusing."

He slowly circled her beaten, muscular form, looking her up and down. He kept his distance for the most part, keeping a watchful eye on her unrestrained legs lest she kick out at him. The only time he approached was from behind, feeling her ribs and back. Feeling, she realized, for cracks and internal damage. Dull pain radiated through her as his fingers palpated her kidney and ribs. She twisted on the ropes, trying to kick back at him, but without much leverage. "Get the fuck away from me, pussy! You aren't shit!"

The man continued, unperturbed. "Calm down, I am only assessing the damage. Have they knocked teeth out?"

"Fuck you. Why don't you put a finger in my mouth and find out, you little bitch?"

The stranger walked back to her two captors and raised an eyebrow at them. "Well?" The bigger one shrugged and gestured at the floor. "Fuck, yeah maybe two or three, I don't know. Look around the floor, why don't you?"

He sighed and removed his glasses for a moment, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "Contusions, internal bleeding, ribs cracked but not badly. You don't appear to have broken her jaw, but neither of you are being exactly helpful. Nothing shattered and nothing life-threatening. No thanks to you. You imbeciles have managed to inflict quite a few dangerous injuries without affecting her disposition in the slightest. You should have called me sooner."

The large one opened his mouth in protest before thinking better and closing it again. After a moment, the second one piped in. "Are you going to help us or not?"

"Of course. I accepted your payment, didn't I? I'm simply telling you, you make my work more difficult when you do this to the subjects." He set up a metal folding table near the woman and placed his bag on it. "You two, please. I need to concentrate."

The thugs who had taken her looked offended. "No fucking way. You don't know how much trouble this one's been. We want to watch everything you do to her."
Another sigh. The stranger had the beleaguered air of the only one in the room who took a job seriously, or a teacher trying to explain a concept to children. "This is not some simple, sloppy application of force to hurt someone to make your disgusting dicks hard. It is a delicate procedure. You want me to remove a threat while keeping her important functions intact, that is what I am going to do. You can come in afterwards and enjoy the result to your hearts' content. But I need to focus, lest I do more unnecessary damage than you two have already done. You are very distracting. Please."

The men were clearly angry, but they left almost without a word. Before closing the door, the larger one ducked his head back inside. "This had better be worth it."
"I have yet to disappoint a client."

With that, the steel door shut and the woman was alone in the room with the strange man. He removed his coat and hung it from the door. He was well-dressed, wearing a vest and a tie of all things. He opened his bag, removing surgical instruments one by one and placing them on the table before pulling on plastic gloves.

"Is this supposed to scare me, microdick? You better hope I don't get my hands on any of those or I'll make you cry for your mommy before I kill you."

"I murdered my mother for money," came the response in that same cold, affect-less tone. "And no. I am not supposed to scare you. Your psychological reaction to my presence is irrelevant."

He drew some liquid out of a vial with a syringe and approached her, tapping the side to release any bubbles in it. "My name is Dr. Barrera. I am here to perform a series of minor surgeries on you to make you less prone to physical resistance so that my clients may rape and torture you for longer without fear of killing you, or you killing them." He was reciting his spiel in a dry, clinical way like he'd given it a thousand times and was already bored of it. But then he smiled a bit, with his mouth closed, the first real expression he'd shown. "I patched up your work on that third fellow. Not bad. However, I have no desire to fight you. In fact, I would prefer it if you spoke and struggled as little as possible during the procedure. This is a muscle relaxant, it should help with that."

Walking around her in an arc, Barrera approached from the side and to the back of where she was suspended, clearly wary. She laughed a bit, starting suddenly as if to make a move on him. He didn't flinch. "What's the matter, dickhead? Scared of me?"

While she was mocking him, he finished closing the distance between them and she felt the needle enter her thigh, then the cold rush of the liquid being shot in. "I have a rational aversion to unnecessary risk," he replied simply as he drew another syringe-full of out of the vial and injected the opposite leg.

She concentrated on flexing her muscles, trying to keep her legs moving, but they felt rubbery. far away. Weak. The strength had been drained out of them. No fear. Don't feel fear, don't make a sound. Don't give him the satisfaction.

"That should help keep you still. Now, I should explain what is going to happen. There are patellar ligaments here..." he walked around the front of her and indicated just below her kneecap with his finger. "And here. I'm going to sever those, so you can no longer extend your knees. For added safety, I am going to insert these..." he walked over to his instruments, holding up two long, thick steel needles. "Into the backs of your thighs, just below here," he indicated dead center of where her ass ended and thigh began. "Attempts to move your legs with these penetrating the nerve will be..." he pauses a moment, as if he forgot the word. "Highly unpleasant." Another smile, wider, still closed mouth, clearly fake. "Then we dislocate the shoulders and put the mouthguards in and we should be in business. Shall we?"

As he approached her with the scalpel and took a knee on the floor, she tried in vain to swing herself forward, to put her knee directly into his stupid, smirking face. Shatter his nose. But it felt dead, she couldn't put any force behind it at all. He simply lifted her calf onto his leg, extending it and holding it in place. "Ah, thank you for your cooperation. Most of my patients aren't this permissive. This may sting a bit."

There was no other warning at all. She was halfway through spitting an obscenity out at him when the scalpel cut through her, deeply. It was so sharp that for a split second, there was no pain. There was a feeling like burning and cold at the same time, her nerves trying to make sense of what they had just experienced, and the crushing visceral feeling of pain about to come crashing down, but no pain. She stared in mute horror as she saw, actually SAW the severed end of the tendon before blood began gushing out of the wound. He dropped her leg and let it hang there, a horrible pain now shooting through her. She clenched her jaw and breathed shakily, making low grunting noises. "I'll...kill you for this. I'll fucking...kill you."

"I doubt it," came the cold reply. His tone of voice hadn't changed once. He didn't even seem turned on or excited by what he was doing. It was a standard procedure to him, no different than repairing machinery or filing paperwork. "Thank you for not screaming. It is distracting."

She didn't bother to reply, just redoubled her efforts to get her right leg to obey her. Kick him, knee him, get him, do SOMETHING. She managed to make it move and twitch far more than she should have been able to, a testament to her sheer force of will. But physical limits just can't be broken. She clenched her jaw and closed her eyes as he took her ankle between his knees, bracing herself. At least he was quick.

She barely had time to steel herself before the blade slipped effortlessly through her again, making her gasp. She wanted to cry out, wanted to scream, but she didn't. She bit down, grunting and groaning hard and pulling her wrists desperately against the ropes that held them to take her mind off the pain.

"Feel free to vocalize, I truly have no emotional stake in this. Your secret is safe with-"

She spit a gob of saliva and blood she'd been building up her mouth straight into his face. "Fuck you, dickhead! When I get out of here, I'm gonna fucking flay you! Do you hear me?"

Barrera calmly pulled out a handkerchief and wiped his face off with it before returning it to his pocket. His expression still hadn't changed. "I hear you. Hmm..." He was still kneeling by her feet and now, with a quizzical and perturbed look on his face, was staring up at her vulva.

"What the fuck are you-" She was cut off by the feeling of his plastic gloves parting her pussy lips, examining the sides, then sliding a finger inside her. Then two. He slowly spread them apart and rotated them, and she could feel abrasions from the rapes she'd already endured being re-opened. Finally he pulled his fingers out, looking at the blood on them, and then returned to his feet, looking back at her. "They have already done some damage to your vaginal canal, I'm afraid. They'll probably move on to your anus shortly."

"I'd like to see them...try." The woman panted raggedly.

"Yes, well, that's what the procedure is for. They're too stupid to accomplish these things themselves. Hm..." he returned from his tools with a needle and thread, and some gauze and set about sewing her wounds shut and bandaging them. Compared to the actual cutting, the piercing and yanking of the needle wasn't nearly as bad, and she kept her eyes straight ahead and her jaw clenched, doing nothing more than grunting a little. When both bandages were in place, she thought he was finished and looked down...just in time to see him hooking the needle into her perineum.

"What the fuck are you doing?!"

"The term," he continued casually as he pulled the thread through and looped it. She could feel the thread yanking on her tender flesh, pulling tight. "in English, I believe is...husband's stitch? Daddy's stitch? Regardless, used to tighten the vaginal canal for male pleasure after damage incurred giving birth. Outdated, nonsensical, and makes intercourse uncomfortable or painful for the woman. So naturally, if I tell those two I've given you one to fix the loosening they've done, they will be delighted." He finished and cut the thread, standing back up on his feet. "Halfway done with the legs. You've been very pleasant."

He approached her back with a small hammer and the needles he'd had before, and looked at her bound form for a moment before sighing. "I suppose I need those two after all."

He crossed over to the door and rapped on it politely, waiting for it to open. "You're not done yet?" One of the men asked almost angrily.

Barrera smiled patiently. "Of course not. I changed my mind about something. For the next part, I would like her loosed from her bindings, and I could use your help restraining her arms." The two men looked at him and back at the bound woman. She laughed a little to herself. She could tell they were still afraid of her.

"Her legs are quite useless, I assure you. One of you on each arm. A child could do it."

That emboldened or insulted the two into overcoming their fear. they slowly approached her and, seeing the bandages on her knees, laughed. "Not so tough now, are you cunt?"

"I don't need my legs to rip your fucking guts out, microdick."

"Gentlemen, if you please. Focus."

Reluctantly, they untied the bindings around her wrists. She was ready to tackle them, to crash into one and bring him down, if she could put any weight on her feet at all...she crumpled to the floor. There was searing pain and she felt stitches pop. Fresh blood started soaking through the bandage.

"Uh, is that all right, doc?"

"I just did it so she wouldn't bleed out, she'll be fine.Now, on her stomach. Hold her arms." She defiantly rolled onto her back and put her hands up, fists balled, waiting for one to come near so she could break his face.

"Oh, for the love of God. Just reach out and grab her wrists with both hands."

The two thugs got on either side of her and grabbed her forearms as she lashed out, but had trouble restraining her, much less getting her onto her back. She writhed and twisted, spitting and cursing at them. "Help us! Get this cunt under c-"

Her sudden cease in movement as she bit back a sob cut him short. Her eyes went wide, filling with tears of pain. Barrera had simply taken her leg and bent it . No more, no less. He folded it up more, sending a fresh wave of agony through her as she strained to reach down. "If you can't handle flipping her over, perhaps just stand on her arms while I work? Sit on them? Whatever takes your fancy."

The men wrestled her fists to the ground, one punching her in the jaw to try to stun her. She barely felt it. Both of them needed just about their full strength and body weight to keep her arms down...but they did. Barrera, meanwhile, had unfolded her leg again and stood with his back against it, bending over to look between his own legs. "Not exactly ideal working conditions...all because you couldn't flip one woman onto her back."

"You try flipping her if you're such hot shit!"

"Shhh...hush now." Barrera was positioning the point of the needle against the muscle of her upper thigh and testing the hammer against it...and then slammed it in without warning. It didn't hurt that badly at first. It burned, but it was a simple piercing. It wasn't until it was driven, blow by blow through the muscle to penetrate the nerve itself that she started biting her tongue so hard she tasted blood and letting out muffled cries. With one final tap, she felt an electric shock radiate through her body as the needle hit bone and finally let out a real scream. Not loud or long, but she screamed all the same.

"There. One accomplished. Now..." he dropped her leg unceremoniously to the floor. Experimentally, she tried flexing it, and immediately regretted it as fresh tears sprang to her eyes. It was effectively paralyzed. Every attempt at motion caused searing, tingling pain that made her light-headed. She was so pre-occupied with her horror at her paralysis, she didn't realize Barrera was readying the other needle until it started to enter her thigh. Again, it worked through the muscle. Again, it pinned the nerve to the bone. There was no scream this time, she was bracing for it, but a gasp and a low kind of wail.

"You may release her." The two thugs got off of her and stared down at her limp legs. "As you can see, movement is essentially impossible. Oh, I took the liberty of a brief gynecological exam and did a bit of stitchwork to repair the damage. She should be much more enjoyable to rape now."

The men were leering down at her, salivating. One spit on her. "I'm going to enjoy this."

The doctor cleared his throat. "There are still her arms. And mouth. Am I going to have to knock her out for this, or do you think you can manage tying her wrists again? Behind her this time, if you please."

She tried to sit up, only for the needles in her upper thigh to flash white hot and force her back down. She turned over, crossing her arms under herself and holding them tightly in place. "Paralyzed from the waist down, I'm still more than enough to-"

A needle pricked her neck and separated her from her own body. She watched as the three men spoke. She couldn't make out what they were saying from her place floating on the ceiling, but it looked like the two had been against drugging her. Dr. Barrera gestured to my body and then meaningfully prodded one in the jaw, making them look away in embarrassment. Reminding them what she did to the third one probably.
It was nice, floating up there on the ceiling. He must have given her a massive dose to have this effect on her. She watched without much fear as they bound her hands behind her, then tied the rope to the same place in the ceiling she'd been suspended before. She watched as Dr. Barrera pulled the loose end of the rope to lift her higher and higher, until her feet weren't touching the ground. Her entire body suspended by her arms, tied behind her back.

He spoke briefly to her captors again. The word "strappado" came to her musically from somewhere. He gestured to the larger one, who seemed giddy. He slapped and spit in her unconscious face before grabbing her around the waist...and lifting his feet off of the ground.

She heard a horrible cracking and tearing from all around her as the world spun into blackness...

She woke up with a horrible hung over feeling and searing pain in her shoulders. Her world was being bounced up and down, and she felt nauseous. Everything felt too much, her head was splitting, and...and someone was inside her. She was simply laying on the ground now, and woke up to see one of the men was raping her while he waited. She instinctively tried to swing at him, and only too late realized the searing pain in her shoulders was the result of several hours spent healing. Trying to move it again so violently, she felt the full weight of the break hit her again like a wave, and cried out hysterically for a moment before it turned into gasps. At the sound, she felt the man cumming inside her. "Ungh! That's more like it, bitch." He punched her in the face and wiped his cock off on her before standing up and walking away.

Dr. Barrera was sitting nearby, apparently uninterested. "Oh good, you're awake. One more step, and we should be in business." He stepped on one of her ruined shoulders and put his weight down on it, producing a prolonged crunching sound as she screamed. She was too weak and disoriented to stop herself. "Yes, that should do nicely."

"Now, finally. These gentlemen asked that you keep your ability to speak, because they want to hear you beg. They seem convinced they will break your psyche. However, they also indicated a desire to-"

"To fuck your rotten whore mouth until you shut the fuck up," one chimed in.

"Indeed. So, these:" he held up two metal contraptions. Each one resembled half of a spider gag, but with an inward-facing rubber shield and plates with screws on the top and bottom. "Are inserted into the mouth. Your lips and tongue can still move, so you can talk. It will be painful and difficult and may sound muddled, but you can. However, you will be unable to close your mouth completely." He turned to his two clients. "The shield here is for your comfort. You will have to feed her through a tube. I can give you supplies and instruct you."

She tuned out the business details they were arranging as she fought to come up with a plan. Just keep your teeth clenched. No matter what happens, no matter what they do to you, keep your teeth clenched. Don't let them pry your mouth open.

Barrera sat astride her chest just beneath her tits, and affixed a metal contraption to her face. He spread her lips out with his fingers and put them around plastic paddles that held them painfully open, then looked at her clenched jaw and tightly shut teeth. There were hooks in place ready to keep her jaws pried apart the second she opened her mouth.

"You do understand the outcome will not change regardless of your behavior? It can only be made more or less painful."

She didn't reply, just growled at him.

"As you wish," he sighed, and took a small dental tool, no more than a hook for cleaning, and found where one of her teeth had been knocked out, pushing it straight up into the wound in her gums. Her nerve endings rioted, a cacophony of pain and a feeling like electricity running through her bones. She screamed, and the contraption locked around her head found her lower jaw and held it in place. Barrera swiftly pulled the bloody hook out and shook his head in mock disappointment at her. "You see what I mean?"

The contraptions he had made were actually small things, but he still had to maneuver them carefully into place in her mouth.  He adjusted the contraption holding her jaws apart precisely so that her teeth rested perfectly along the top and bottom of each half...and then he produced a screw gun.

"Two screws in the top and bottom of each half," he said calmly. "Connected through the gum line directly to the bone. As I said, her lips and tongue will be unaffected, but her jaw will be effectively held in place." The fact that he was ignoring her entirely, treating her like a corpse or a medical school dummy was worse than when the two dipshits had been trying to make her scream deliberately. There was nothing human in the doctor's eyes. No empathy or pity, but no anger or lust either. He might have been filing his taxes.

The feeling of a screw penetrating the sensitive nerves and bone of your mouth is almost impossible to explain with words. It's more than pain. It's a live wire being forced into your teeth. It's your entire mind and body being overwhelmed with something being horribly, horribly wrong. Being screwed into holds new dimensions of feeling that being stabbed can't cover, and the mouth is where the most nerves in your body are located. The surgeon put her through it eight times.

She screamed. She screamed and screamed as the doctor did his work unperturbed. He adjusted, he examined, he cleaned the blood off so she wouldn't choke on it, and she screamed until her voice was hoarse. And all the while, though her limbs were unbound, all her flailing and attempts to hit him did were hurt her more. She blacked out from the pain, only to be awakened by ice water thrown on her face by one of her captors while he continued.

Finally, he got off of her and stood up. He meticulously cleaned his instruments and packed them back in his bag before adjusting his glasses and shaking her captors' hands. "Gentlemen. I guarantee, a human being, whatever their strength, in such a state will be completely useless as anything except...what was the word you used?"

The smaller one grinned maliciously at her. "A rape toy."

"Yes. Call me if you have any further issues, and don't forget the feeding tube."

They didn't waste any time. Within seconds, one was laying down on top of her face, his balls on her chin and his sweaty dick crammed down her throat. She bit down with all her force, tried to pull her jaws further apart, but all she felt was aftershocks of pain from the screwed in her bones. Meanwhile, the other one was raping her pussy, bending her legs this way and that, making her scream into the other's cock.

It continued for weeks. She was beaten. She was vaginally and orally raped, before they turned her over and raped her ass for the first time. Then the second and third. Whatever nerve the needle in her legs had hit, it made clenching her ass cheeks shut unbearably painful, but she still did at first. There just came a point when she got tired. The rapes were better than the pain.

It wasn't the constant barrage of "slut, whore, bitch, cunt, rape toy" that broke her down, or the cocks in and out of her ass, her pussy, her mouth. It wasn't being pissed on and having a cock fresh out of her ass shoved down her throat so she would have to clean it off, choking on the taste of her own bowels. It wasn't being cleaned off by being blasted with alternately icy cold or burning hot water, or the way they put cigarettes out on her or deliberately aggravated her wounds between rapes.

It wasn't the way the man whose jaw she had ruined eventually did come back with a cattle prod and shock her, shock the needles in her legs, burn her open wounds, stomp on her shoulders to re-break them, and rape her and then kick her when he was finished so violently the doctor had to be called back to attend to her wounds.

It was the feeding tube, the way they had to clean up her shit and piss like an animal, the way that when they weren't using her, they simply left her on the floor. It was the fact that her anger that had once gotten under their skin now made them laugh harder, take videos of her swearing at them as she lay there limply between the cocks forced down her throat. Showed her off to business associates to let them use her.

Once a woman, a hooker by the looks of it, was brought in by her pimp to show her what would happen if she fucked with them. She was a frail, scared, drug-addled looking thing. The kind the woman used to feel nothing but contempt for, they were so beneath her. And here she was, looking at her with horror and pity. She screamed and cried and begged, said she'd suck all their cocks, she'd take it up the ass like a good girl, anything, just please, please don't do that to me.

She had been so strong. And now she was crippled, physically incapable of doing anything but servicing cock. She couldn't do anything by herself. Her muscles were starting to atrophy. It had taken them a long time, but they did it. It was when she noticed her body degrading after all the abuse, after three months that she first asked for death. It wasn't begging, at first. It started as a threat, then a request.

"You'd better fucking kill me, microdick"
"You'd...better kill me,"
"Why don't you just kill me? You've had your fun, asshole"
"Just...kill me. Just kill me."

"Please kill me."
"I'll scream, I'll scream and I'll cry and I'll tell you how big your cock is, I'll moan, I'll tell you whatever you want, just please...please fucking kill me. Please. I'm sorry. Please."

They didn't.
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That woman deserves her revenge. And we deserve to die.

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Re: The Surgeon
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2020, 07:43:21 PM »
The sheer physical torture was too much for me, I could barely finish reading that. I guess I'm just sensitive to body horror, especially when there are dislocations involved.
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Re: The Surgeon
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2020, 07:49:41 AM »
This story made my heart beat faster  :heart: thank you! Absolutely beautiful!


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