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Author Topic: Lady Death reboot vol 1 rape gang rape murder druged  (Read 1734 times)

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Lady Death reboot vol 1 rape gang rape murder druged
« on: August 02, 2020, 10:54:20 AM »
Lady Death welcome back bitch

chapter 1 Lady Death war journal  kill one

it  3:45 am Jessica was in car with fat man with blond hair her mouth was suck his cock he felt up her tits.  This is Hank Gun he is 50s family man who go to same bar pick up Young and blond .  Last week Amy Smith Man she was 29 she died from puke as she was give Date Rape drug.    She choke to death

Jessica Did the police job even saw him put drug in her drink.  She made him  think she drink her  beer he help her out to her car he pull top off then cut her bra he lick her breast then take pants down. her lips was suck him.  her hand rub him down He said very good close his eyes lay back Jessica can see this.  open up purses grab a knife. as he cum in her mouth some on face.

She stab him in rib Ahhhhhhhhh he scream stab down shoulder blade Stab at him few more time wipe cum off with tt sse ass hole  she said.  Get out car,  She can see the Golden Gate can hear the waves hit rocks.  Jessica got her bike she left there.  drive home.

Chapter 2  Meet Panther and

Panther black lab was happy see Jessica hey buddy  Pater lick her.  Jessica look at  table she LDWJ number one My name is Lady Death name is Jessica Ann Green age 24 highet 5'9 hair blond eyes Blues Bra size 32D born in usa city/stat Richmond Va . 

been 2 year ago I was marry in New York with Frank Green a Us Marine he thought Jessica how shot a gun.  on there day wedding two Gangs start war killing my husband my Dad step brother and my son I was 3 mouth  pregnant I still hhave scar were bullet hit my belly..

Police did nothing same with Da who was disbar take bribes from same mobs hurt my family.  He live life in Los Vegas He my next target. 

Chapter 3   Jane White

Jessica went one hotel sign Jane White Panther were take up with bell boy.  Put bag on bed She tip him she took the key.  she lock the door.  pull some her bra nd underware off top pull a metel box out it had sniper rifle Frank Father sent to her a powerful man if II am kill or go to proson he would know nothing.  Jessica like that way.  Put gun way go down to pool area get much need sun.

She put some suntan on get much need ray it been forever since she got  ray.  Relax bye the pool.  A man come up Would like drink She open her eyes he in 30s he has brown hair and eyes fitness gym owner here in Los Vegas.

sit Next to Jessica. I am Max Peter.  she was about say Jessica but stop her self Jane White Did just get here.  I did she said.  Her Gin and tonic come she took slip they talk for good 20 mins.  He got go he ask her out at club That night.  o meet there at 9pm she said.  she smile.  he walk out there was man watch Jessica call someone said I  found her boss. 

Chapter 4 Dex Morgan

As Jessica pass bye the man he turn away still on the phone Then Jessica Hi Dex he jump all most drop the phone.  She grab it hello Papa Green.  Jessica he said I good and you?  ha ha Richard Green Frank Father is us senator of New York.

I good Jessica he said I notice you as talk to my new friend How Dax asked.  you 6,2 curly dirty hair and tattoo ll over arm.  oh yech he said.  anyways Thanks for new toy you got me.  you are welcome  he said hand phone over to Dax I got go to work. 

more soon subby

the girl is from amazinfg Spiderman 129  the punisher fist issue
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Re: Lady Death reboot vol 1 Chapter 1 to 43 up now yes now
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2020, 01:29:22 PM »
Chapter 5 Wake up in motel

Jessica eye open slowly she blink she was in dirty motel off the vegas strip she naked take gaged out her mouth.  She look for any put on no where to be found.  See neddle find the neddle mark.  well shit that happen.

Pick up a phone try get brain to work  Dax number. Call !hour later he some put on as he sit in bed Jessicatook hot shower get his truck.  drive around she said.  Jessica go in head still fuzz.

Chapter 6  Goodbye DA, Michael Stone* Date night.

LDWJ 2  I in old water tower see EX DA Stone  mansion  He have pool party he dance with a few strippers.  as going jump in pool.  Jessica took shot hit as about hit the water blood all over the water.  The girl scream.  Jessica put sniper way took the bullet way keep it.

She took bike  back get ready for date tonight.  she dress in green silk strapless bra and black thong.  Take ride in rideacar  app it eazy and there fast.  Dax recommend. 

Max was there all ready they walk in head off 2 dozen other who been waiting.  Good to know The owner  of the club he said.  they both got drink the band was lite.  Jessica think did she say it right.  Ohh well I a blond . 

She and him dance midnight he left the club.  Jessica dance little more. Go out side of club call Rideacar APP. 

Chapter 7  Wrong Car

Jessica wait for 15 minute a black car pull a voice ask are you Jane.  Jessica smile That me get in back.  He took off.  Jessica fan herself.  The driver said I got cold water in cooler. I need it 1:45am stiil so hot.

Jessica took drink of water. then  took anoter cold water go doqn.  Jessica did not know way she get  sleepy.  took silp drink then she pass out.  The driver took in Motal  room he strip her he feelt her up he had black mask.  He lick her breast from hole in mask. 

he put a condom on he took his time With her.  he cum.  get up another man come in see a tattoo on arm  Max show her at club.  MF she thought he had baby mask on.  Jessica moan try say no but she could get word out.  Then rapist one took a needle out eject her some keep calm.Then gaged her.

Chapter 8  More rape. 

As Max put dick in her mouth.  Other man said Relax and enjoy it whore.  Jessica  suck best she could.  other one spread her legs put cock in her again.  again he suck on her nipple as he enter her e was rough and hurt.  Jessica suck cock as well he had no condom he cum on her face.  It true roid make men dick small.

Ge slap me know what think my lips had blood on it.  Easy bro don't mess up The face.  in the truck Jessica touch her lips it hurt a little. max said all right walk out in huff.

Hour two more men walk a bull dog all so a biker but very young kid in one had bald eagle he had no shirt had  jacket with a confederate flag.  Jessica never like that kind history from the south..  Other man had on bulldog.  she tie to bed as injection  her again.  Her head hurt still hurt.

Jessica eyes open with guy on top her cum all face and body.  This bitch going have one baby he slap hands another took over she pass out again 2 days later they gone.

Get back to her room Panther so happy to see Jessica jump up down. Happy puppy she said see later she said to Dax ok he said Panther growl at tak snip at him. Evil  dog.  That baby how dare with smirk. As he s close the door she.  Good boy  Jessica took a bath.

Chapter 9 Relax and Research

Panther relax next to the tub sh was there good hour before get out. going to desk pull lab top out did research.  Find old blog post on Max and Brother Jim.  Jim own the carried app and dirty  motel as we.  Two come forward talk about the attack they like young blonds and big breast Jessica said to panther who doeslike big breast women.  You like big breast women?  Panther put little paw up.  Good boy pull his treat out.

Put on t-shirt and jeans  dark sun glasses drive to the Gym wait

Chapter 10 New Victim

Max come out gym at 3 pm  go to New hotels  He see new girl she sit at table have coffee Talk on  phone to her boss I on my vacation days.  I not take one in 3 years  You can take care of it 3 weeks.  She hung up. she get text you don't have come back Ever He said.  Max go up  to her  hello I am Kate She said With smile.  He Smile back Max the name she agree to meet her the next night at same club. 

He left and Jessica walk close to Kate go in the elevaters Kate said Hello again with Smile.  Jessica said Hello too. you Kate We need talk about Max.

Chapter 11 Get know Kate

Kate is 5'11 blond hair blue eyes 34 dd she had mole on lip.  Kate sit on a  sofa .  Jessca said he rape me with brother he spike my drink of water they drug me up show the marks on her arm.  Then show the blog say same thing Jessica said.

Kate went pale holy shit Wtf.  I know I was ducker in to  harm it happen Jessica said.  Kate order lunch for two.  and coffee.  As wait for food Kate sat there think How can I help out she said?  Well meet up him at club do what I did he told you about app Right?  He did  Good use it.  Like I did  follow you to.  Get out there find Biker too So put in jail?  she asked.   No I a call Lady Death for reason. 

Chapter 12 After dinner delight.

Jessica and Kate had bite to eat.  Jessica kiss Kat full lips.  Kate Smile would like to do it again.  Yes please Jessica said.  Kate laugh .  they kiss some more go to the bath room.    Get in bath tub Kate lit some candle  put bubble in Jessica felt relax.  Kate like Jessica right way.  She strong and open and she not bad kiss her. 

Jessica put finger in Kate she bit her lips.  She moan as Jessica Work her magic.  Kate Cum. Oh God it been long time since done tat Angel might felt that from D.C.

Kate touch Jessica as she finger bang her Jessica move her hips.  Then she cum kiss Kate some more.  Dry off go in bed room.  .  They 69  The went sleep happy.

.Chapter 13 Unlucky  Night

Kate got read put on red cotton sweaters jeans and hells.  Jessica wait a hour.  Before get on bike head club it was warm night.  in only white blouse and jeans. she wait.  Then power arm take hold Jessica pull off her bike.  She kick one with bulldog mask.  he go down.  Jessica stomp hard on his foot.  fuck bitch he scream.  He slap her hard.  The kid grab her and Bald eagle  rip her top off pull it all off.  drag dark  .alleyway.  Open up van near bye.Tie her hand to seat.  All Bitch you miss me he laugh.  Jessica kick him.   he hit in jaw.

The blow made her see star her jaw hurt.  Hold her legs Peter.  He did he pull down her jeans off he said spread them legs you well like it. 

rip her  Lace-Trim Organic Cotton Boyshorts  he put in Jessica mouth.  She moan as put dick in her she start crying.  Sorry Kate I fall you forgive me.

Chapter 14 Kate Ride

Max left about same time she left use the app.  Like Jessica what.  He only ten minute away.  Car pull up Kate is it.  That me she said with smile get in car took off. He told get water for free.  Good she grab one open it.  The replace it  with one of her own she took drink.  He pull over car.  pull Gun.  I know slut do not try pull some thing I know you were with Jane.  Drink my water you blondie.

She bite her lip pull cold water took long drink.  She try to stop Drink all it.  her head got fuzz then got pass out got to the motel.  like before.

The kid Peter was give Jessica doggy syle he put tongue in Jessica ear.  she try move her head put knife to her throat Relax he said put it back in her ear. He slice her faces like that he would cum in here.  Peter if we did use all them condom .  Peter get in driver seat then text we are on way.

.Chapter 15 Kate Nightmare

Max pick Kate up put on bed her eyes were open.  Jim took off his mask off we don't this need this you and Jessica are not going make it.  He pull knife out as Max  put ball gaged in mouth.  I going enjoy this carpet  muncher.  we know about you last night Dinner set up had cam.

He slowly cut the button open sweaters.  He paw her breast then cut her bra open.  use blade move it out way Kate felt his cock go hard.  she close her yes as put lips on breast.  he slap hard.  It hurt Kate then Took Jeans off and go to floor.  she grow as dick go in her.  Jim punch in face. 

 .  After Jim was down.  Max Tie heropen door slow   to bed on belly put fingar in her as she scream no no don't Shut the fuck up. Van pull up park next to other car.  A shadow  open door as slowly.  See Maz put dick in Kate ass it burn in her ass mmmmmmmm.  He said take all in she spit come ball gag then look up see some move slow.  Then Jim turn around See blood Jessica she in rage.  She stab him in chest as she back to wall.  then she pull 45 out Shot max in head.  Jessica twist put Gun to head pull trigger blood all Jessica face.  Dax cut rope on Kate she said think you. Jessica bath room Jessica was her face.  Kate was wrap in blanket come I. in.  Panther come happy blood come from mouth.

he  cough up something Kate look at it.  Is that what I Think it is?  I  thought to do that save mommy Dax  come in with bags.  both girl got dress.  I think I can talk the van to New York Jessica said.  I put my bike in back and can put my guns in back. Kate do like some company?  Jessica smile Kiss her Dax went Wow.  Panther bark at him.  ok ok he had turn around.
After they kiss Jessica ask are ready crazy blond with guns. 

Kate smie I what you all you.  Jessica ohh get van she said. ok kate.  Panther hop in back lay down.  Jessica hug Dax Thank you. For all you done.  It ok Jess he would be prod of you.  He better be I well make life Hell in heaven.  I meet you in Miami

Chapter 15 On Road Again

After Kate cheek out  of  hotel Jessica drove out side City limits. were are off on a adventure,  As Kate feel sleep Jessica LDWJ part 4  I thought I was going die last night as Bald Eagle them we are on way. he got out.  Jessica heard a dog bark and Panther jump bite his arm.  And Peter try stop him but Jessica start to choke Peter .  They fell out van.  Then Panter took bite out his balls. Take knife Jessica Stab Peter in back.  Ge slap Panther with 45 as about to shoot her baby boy.  Jessica jump on his back stab his neck ohhhh he went  rage Jessica took gag off bit his ear lobe.  panther got up and went for dick again tear it off stab him again and again

See Peter was still try move. Jessica took knife to his face slice him like did to her. Then shoot him in head.  Dax come out Jessica you bad ass. I know he hand blouse she tie up. put jeans on.  I like this van Dax can bring my back.  it took few mins get it in tie it in tight.

end of LDWJ

Chapter 16 Call from  a Angel

Jessica stop at rest room.  Panther had potty as he poo.  Angel Call Jessica answer after second ring.  Angel were you at.  on way to   Miami Florida.  I look net they are there.  Only for 3 week left.  Jessica pike poo and put in the trash.  Then come to D.C after that.  I can't wait for you get here she said. .  Get in van I see you soon Angel Jessica hang up.  she went on road see sign we got meat.

Jessica get out got two Corn Dog hand one to Kate took bite both laugh.

Chapter 17  two days later

Kate drive it 11pm.  Jessica in back I blanket Panther next to her she on lap top K-Chat and chatter box with Jennifer Love Hello I am host see pic of mouth part nose then see breast all most pop out her top. 

Jessica like her she funny sweet and mother.  She talk about her little girl Grace Jessica think.  She said Grace took a step today she walk soon,  talk about her  30 minute . at top of hour she had guest Tina Lynn She web host of rape survivor chat.  Talk about be raped how there no outlet on how deal of aftermath.

She talk meet her husband  how to tell him of raped she went.  year try not get over how deals.

Jennifer love said she on it after show Jessica log in site.  Sign up use Jane White email.  Go in
500 men and women.  Welcome all the new member, Tina private messages Jessica with Same messages.  Few min later J.Love pop in Hey all She said.

Jessica said hi back. 

Hi Jane.  Jennifer said many she can.  There lot. pm Jessica Hi Jane how are you doing?  I am well  she said.  How many pm have got all ready.  75 so far and counting.  LOL Jane said.  She went LOL as well.  I hope don't mine pm.  no no II don't mind Jane said.   Can I ask you a few Ques.  Sure she said Jennifer said open book. is that you on K chat website.  She said I get that a lot Yes that me Thy what suck on  lollipop in sexual way.

Got say like see that.  Lol She said.  you know something I in van move on dark hwy I get good five am log out so did Jessica.

Chapter 18 Meet Colonel Mendes

Park van go to Miamarina see oe biggest  yacht Kate said. one men put gun out. Put that way or I put so far way up.  Jessica good see you.  He said.  hug him is Colonel. in.  He is..  Go up Jessica so Happy see you.  This Kate she said.  Kate nice meet you.  to be young again he laugh.  It Dark times my friend here sit hungry ad eve know you are here.  No one but few know I am here.  I get it what do need. Well I need stick bombs.  I know a guy I call  him up.  I take care of it Same deal as before.  Agree he smile.

Hour later walk up the light house.  Kate out breath how many more.  Jessica said 100 no wait I wrong 150 more come on chop chop.

Kate said fuck my life climb u.  use spy glass found it there they are all them are Missy there too.. good can't for get her she had voice that make nanny say shut up fake tan and long finger nails.  Jessica Hate her but friend of Eva Mendes.   
Chapter 19 late night chat. 

Jessica was in   rape survivor chat. Jessica was in motel Room on beach.  look out at window. in chat alking to chat.  see Jane in she pm her Hey Jane Hey Jennifer,  How you doing?  Jessica ask.  I am ok.  just tierd grace well not go back sleep.  Jenn ask are marry. I was twice both died.  kids, Girl I was 16 at tie she take way to a rich family.  my pimp husband number 1 die of heart attack. 

OMG Jennifer said sorry she said. don't be second one.  My love of my life he was marine he killed after we marry I had miscarriages.  after found hee was kill.  Jessica hate lie to her friend Jennife but she had too you tough up after that. 

 I am 24 I still take day bye day.  Jane I like talk on air Never been on raido before.  Tonight I be working how about Friday.  I set up for Friday call this number 11:30pm.  Got it Jessica Said.  she stay to 8pm  Eat Dinner Kate got boat 11:300 Get close to boat.  Jessica go in water it fucking cold. she swam to boat hear  Missy and one guys moan eww her voice.  put four bomb on bottom of boat.  swim back to Kate she  got in boat get far way Jessica push the botton.  boat blow up take all them on it go down.    going back to shore get dry off.

Chapter 20 Sing and dance

At the Eve M.  Home she in one bed room.  I hate this I hate this.  Did I say I hate Calm down Eve said.she pour her some rum.  She had her shot glass.  Jessica took a shot.  Eve pour another. Shot.  Ready she ask all right but I never doing again she said. Eve said you well do next year.  Fine but that if not working.  Jessica took off robe.  Jessica It a Birthday I hear the kids cheer.  Timmy  m.  Son of Eve m.  The 23 with brwn hair and eyes she has 32c like Kate have mole but on it on right cheek.  She go Jessica Go. 

Jessica sing and dance look at kids you suck as wallk she slide on fllor and sang I did my WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.  Kids cheer Thank you all. 

Timmy open his gift and at cake.  Jessica and kate dance with kids most boys. oe pinch her butt ahhh perv my ass need as turn ahhh that hurt you perv.  Timmy dance Jessica.again.

Chapter 21  After Party

Jessica and Kate  pick up paper plate and cups toss in trash bag.  Eve said good last kids and there moms.  close the door Glad that over She said.  Jessica said your glad.  Timmy come down stairs hugs Jessica  Night he kiss her cheek. going to Eve cousin Rosa M.       

Night Timmy she said she 25 5,9 with long black hair and brown eyes 36d  .  Tow year she timmy 5 at time were on boat with Missy and her boyfriend 3 other guys.  Rich kids .  Timmy fell in Rosa scream part Sail hit in head she fell in.  the boat sail off left both to die.  Jessica saw Rosa fall in.  she went to water save both but Rosa bleed back head Jessica gave cpr and one two Three. then blow air in rosa mouth she keep up she open and choke . She had  long term memory after this .  so Police  did nothing. 

Eve took Timmy upstairs.  for bed.

Rosa come up to Jessica she hug her I know you right.  Yes we meet in ER day hit head.  ok you nice to me and Timmy you wait out my room. Eve was house on fire.  Yes she was mad at me.  Look up At Kate who still clean and her.  This my fried Kate we just meet week ago all most.  Hi.  you were about get marry.  That right Jessica we did get marry and he pass away. I am so sorry she S.  Thank you Rosa.  she hug jessica again good night went upstairs go to bed.  she never go out alone much. 

Eve come down she toss heels a side. she sat on couch.  Jessica  ask do what drink?  Hell Yech she said she laugh.  Kate went to 4th bedroom go to bed.   Eve Ask How you meet her?  and who mess with face.  They talk for two hours before Eve went to bed..  Jessica get Text Con said I got fift for you come as soon you can. 

Chapter 23 Lady Death is born.

20 minute Jessica walk out in black  Kevlar body suit.  Tell him it little tight but make my ass look good.  Come out it black with white LD for Lady Death. .Outside the city men were take drug off speed boat.  one them was yell at other hurry up we so gone bye now he had cuban accent.

He tall had many tattoo as he hear nose Claymore mine.  See word front toward an enemy
 he drop it then jump  out boat hit cold water.  then boat blow up.  look up said hill see flash bullet hit him in eye and LD fire hit 2 more fast she could  she rode way before police got there.  oe cops call Mr Coke Jose Diaz.

Chapter 24 angry little.  Diaz was 5'3 bald   Cuban he had large mansion.  Boss What do you what you fool hand hi phone.  all it you fools what left it all gone it how many were kill  two dozon of my man it was  what a marine corps they well pay for this they well pay toss  the phone. yell They well payyyyy.

Chapter 24 next day 

Jessica woke up at sun was come in room go down stairs Timmy eat   breakfast  pancake and eggs.  Jessica got coffee sat look paper 4 drug dealer are dead in drug bust going wrong.   put egg and few pancake.How long going say Jessica Few more days she said.

 He nod go back eat pancake.  get ready for play date That right run to bedroom. to get ready. Rosa in back her legs in water after Eve took off with Time Jessica walk out  hi I am Rosa Jessica she said.  get in water.  I not been water since bump my head. come on water cool on warm day.  she got in Jessica hold she lay back she see it easy stand up. she did warter come off shirt and shorts I did it.  I like dunk head in water keep eye close.

Rosa did it come 3 second later.  come on sit on step she float  alone doing good Rosa.  In Red Bikni Kate jump in the deep end.  Eve got home  watch as Jessica help her. they dry off Rosa go in cool house I went swim tell Eve.  I saw that Kate she part fish.

Chapter 25 Call in

It 11pm  in office of Eve at Pink Cowgirl strip club or gentlemen  club if like she in there  alone as she Call the number Jennifer gave.  Hello Jane a man answer.  Yes she said. .  Jennifer told call at 11 pm are time.  name is Jane  yes. age ohh 24 were you fro near Richmond Va ok doing you know what chat about.  How bad can I go?

Jessica went chat hey all any one who a J Love fan I on tonight.  Eve lock her office door turn off music and was ride in car

Jennifer start  show I can wait I have guest I meet on rape survivor chat   she told a story you go hear.her. Jane white.

Hello Jennifer. Jessica said.  Welcome to chatter box.  Nice to be here. so where are you at pink cowgirl?  it well Gentlemen club in Miami Florida.  Eve laugh at shout out.  I know owner she great  let use her office.  Ok this why I what you on my show.

Jennifer the ask Ques Tell about about your husband he was a marine. we meet at my work dental hygienist he was get Root canal.  I had hold his hand he all crush. My hand after that we went for drink we hit off. we hang out every change we can. he left for 6 mouths .

We in Miami on beach before he had report back.  He got in knee ask me marry.  Next day he was gone Talk about how meet Rosa and eve and part she was at last night.   My back side still hurt Jessica laugh so did Jennifer.. You got marry were have child..  Jennifer said if don't what talk what happen next it rough on any women.  Thanks you.  she tell story how lost her child and husband it is true not what really happen.  as well know.

We well take a brake again we be back with more Jane White.  So after he died and loss Do date or go out. at all.  I got black lab he my baby boy. I get look be tall and blond blue eye.  I did ask from time to time.  I never was one night stand girl.  I up 5 lovers two were Female..  And I was pimp out from 12 to 16 had a girl.  She take away he said rich man and wife.  her had heart attack I got way.

Jennifer know let her go on say few times.  3 hours went so fast.  Jennifer said stay on phone thank you after go  off air.  Glad help out.  do got zoom or sype ok I blond and boomer.  Jesssica look it up ok see what it download it fast we can talk I don't give ever give it out.

Go out side Eve was wait Think you know girl.  Hug her sorry took so long as get to car. turn on light se old sofa with rip fall apart.  how long has been there far too long.  Eve said I wish I could burn it.  shedrove them home.  every one sleep. 

chapter 26 Do you have mic

Jennifer full face on screen.  it took Jessica few second get her can to work Jessica.  Jennifer got mic do got mic in nerd way.  her face cam on Jennifer went wow you hot..  I can say same to you.  she took a lollipop out start sucking on it.  that add you turn down. Right she said put down.  It can work Jessica said.  Jennifer laugh so hard she snort.  Jessica that cute.  Sorry she said.  How about you see any one?  Jessica ask.  Not really most day I spend with grace and work night.  I don't men  many men beat down the door.

Men I bet can get women too she snort again.  I here make snort now. 

Chapter 27 Eve Secret

Eve was alone in room still up  Jessica see her up.  I got tell some thing she took drink of gin.  I was rape 8 year ago.  Jessica sat down on bed.  I was still dancer at pink Cowgirl.  I work full day I had on red off shoulder ruffle top skirt and heels.  I was go to car alone  late night I open car man with mask  come up he punch me in eye he had ring on drag me to under pass.  Same sofa go behind it made open my legs Iscream no he rip my top pull my bra down only one breast were out.  Nice tits he said.   

 Rip my underware off he un zip his pant bull down hi boxer.  ahh I scream he said shut up put his hand over her mouth.  No one her use due music and car pass bye. 

As was still rape her two men go to car.  put finger to mouth  whisper scream you die.

Eve breast  go up down try to breath.  she cry out he go back rape her faster as car go out the park lot.  Both them were  sweat hecum in her.  he keep it in her.put he mouth on her tits he bite down on ahhhh he got hard round two

He left her right leg over her hips You feel good slut.  I bet lay down with many men.  His cum dripp out he pussy.  she just lay there  as smoke pop then make get knee his hand was hold my hair tight made suck disk as sat next to  sofa.   put next to dick.  made me suck him off look over shoulder most cum hit my face it drip off.  Some found me lay naked were he left me.

I had Timmy. my baby but hand on Eve shoulder I see how much you love him he love you too hug her I love you too you great mom and a kick ass business women. felling better.  I never told any one before he still out there some where.  she lay down she went sleep.  Jessica fell sleep for few hour. 

Chapter 28 meeting Jack Jack

Jessica wake up around 11:am  Get text from some one unknow.  Beach tower 7 2pm.  Jessica go to beach at 2 am,  A man Jessica said.  Jack Jack she said she hug him he hand her a note.  Eve told me last. night.

Jack Jack voce so close to Bob burger or archer. Jack  is 6,0 29 year oldhas blue eye blond blue  all we all has Blue T-shirt   has hat and short and fishermen hat.  Still at beach patrol?   Jessica ask.  For sure I can not stop help safe life.  I do go back to work  he said. 

Jessica got bike and went to motal.  She let Panther out feed her.  Read the note. warehouse 47 1;45 am.

Chapter 29 LDWJ 4  Lady  Death was use uzi get more CMr Coke  Diaz  gang and some  major buyers.    Take only 20,ooo and he pour gage light a match she use her tumb toss  in gas. light where in fire.  get on bike went coffee shop meet Kate. 

Chapter  30  Pizza delivery

it 2;15 am Rosa was alone in Eve home she was no really watch TV she hate be alone at not Timmy say over Eve was working Jessica and Kate still out. then door bell she stood up go to the dor.  She look out see a man with said Pizza on he had box Pizza box.  she open the door she said.  he said pizza for Rosa M. I Rosa.  she got her casa she left door open she ask how much was it.  He hand her the box then he hit in jaw she fell back her head on hard tile flooring.

She saw star The pizza box had no pizza in it. Man drag to live room as other fallow him in they look over house.  8 men search the house no one is here boss.  Good he said.  Look at Rose Daddy Home.  One men strip her  put lips  on her tits .  2;45 Kate pull in van'  Jessica was in back.  They found  he door open still. out no were 4 men jump out one then hit Kate in knee cap she was then.  Jessica put fight Hit  one he hit ground.  but he kick her knee cap she fell forward her face hit his knee and he got on top he hit in jaw to calm her down.  they drag Jessica to living room put gag in mouth her nose was bleeding.

Chapter 31 Striping and BJ

Jessica was forced up power man hold hand from behind.  You must be Jane right See man talk put knife to Rosa neck.  It be shame to mess up her face. She naked hand were tie to back.  Look at them titty touch Kate breast.  Man hold Jessica Tight harder .  one men touch hers. Use knife and Kate top Then her bra he lick them like a child.  There leader she call Ringo King

Same man cut Jessica shirt was cut then her bra lick and suck on her tits.  pull Kate skirt cut it off as one pull Jessca pants and then put both one there knee.  they have nice lips who better cock sucker. Dirty Dave have at it start sucking.

Who ever get him shoot load well not het punishment.  I do suggest do your best to win.  They too gage off but held knife still Jessica and kate look at oher Both what the oter to win.  his crotch close there face.

Kate was faster then her Lover Girlfriend and Friend.  she grab his cock she squeeze.  her blue eye look as he put lips on cock.  he was ugly man he like it.  Kate was all thought of slut and suck her boss cock day and night.  She did not she work hard.   she lap it up Kate felt pulse and grow.she ook in eyes see only evi.

Jessica had push side Jessica took over she lick cock head ugly man chuckled .  He had force other women to fucking them.  but there two hot blond was suck him off.  Jessica know task in head she was Detrmind to Kate to win Try not look she not try to lose.

Diry Larry fat cock strtched Jessica mouth wide.  She went to work. on he shaft with toungue.  Years as Hoors practicing. on all men all type.  Jessica could to perfect of milking seam man.  he was 6 inch and fat was no match Jessica she use he tngue  then deep throat.  He grown very loadly. she work him over.

Kate watch push Jessica her side took hold of hard cockshe put it in her mouth she had pull all stop for Jessica This scambag well get blow job of life.  he moan as lick his back rub him jack him off. He moan Jessica watch for few moment.   again .  the gang watch two blond suck Dirty Larry cock .Jessica had do some she did like Jessica lick his ass her tounge Hot Damm he said.  Jessick lick suck his hairry ass .  He cum on Kate lips and face.  men cheer.  Jessic still lick his ass more cum go down Kate face and chin hit floor.

Winner Jane Larry pull pants up Move Jessica as men took Kaye  to stair tie her she 6 inch off floor her wrest hurt.  They made Jessica watch Kate get whipped in ass and back they left her men said Eve here.

Chapter 32 Eve past come back. 

eve walk she miss box go in to life room.  see kate hang there a man lick her back both Jessica on knee be held down Rosa was on floor one men tity fuck her,

What hell two men grad her and there boss Said don't call don't write no hard know that son Timmy I think it I he my.  He pnche in belly.  Tie her hand and gaged her move to middle of room they strip her like other girl  tie hand.  now it party time he open his pant pull cock out made Eve suck cock.  put all girl on knee they took pick a girl.  and went work.

they suck best they could one cum another take last for hour.  they took girl to a bed room.

chapter 32 Next day. 

Ringo made eve Watch other girl get raped.  Rosa on her on  back she moan  eash time he pump ht kate get Titty fuck  She was numb to it .  and Jessica was with bull he never been with a women he put cock in Jessica ass she look mad as hell 

Ringo took Eve to his room did miss me baby he made her come I know you like that bitch.Slap her again you well feel so much pain.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOO eve scream.

Sun was come slowly Ringo was touch him self watch Kate was sucking two cock eye eys close seat cum was all over her.  one moan as some cum in her mouth then pull out wipe dick in her hair.  We walk out Ringo nod as walk pass.  then other cum on breast.    then next took his plase she grown as he got top her her. 

Ringo go To Jessica room  She was fuck Doggy he cum on loer back and ass.  He walk out not say a word Ringo close the door a alone time.  Jane should call you Jessica I know who you are no worry I don'y work with mob but my boss well pay top money for see fuck an sucking get fucking he laugh show her a belt hit her on Breast.  again and again.  he  stop then hit her few more  time then he left. 

It 9 am on hot day Jessica eyes open she gron o bend her chest was on fire due whipping hand still tie in front still gagged she took it off.  she bite rope took few Minute to get it off.  she try stand up but was weak go back on bed.   then try again.  Go to Eve room.  Her eyes and mouth open. Jessica pull gagged off she look at Jessica did say a thing un tie her hand hand her a robe she put on.  Jessica hand her water.  she said got and thang stronger.  Jessica try lough but could not. go to Rosa room.

Chapter 33  Rosa is back.

As Jessica gaged out mouth Timmy what happen to Timmy.  I was on boat with him he fell in last thing I remember.  Take rope off her hand.  Back my head hurt.  Jessica look there blood cake up I her hair.  I Jessica I help Timmy and you out water.  you did Thank you I meet Eve we come good friend.  Jessica got some for Rosa head.  get cotton ball she said it going hurt. mmm mmm Jessica  held her hand as.  Then put band aid on cut. 

she told Rosa relax here I we be back.  Ok she said.  And timmy 7 year old now. 7???????

Kate was lay on stomach her leg was touch the floor.  Jessica see red welt on her ass and back.  What they do to u.  but rope she did move take gaged off.  I sorry I what you to win so much she said.  I what you to win.  put her robe on.  she sat there.  Jessica took long shower

as got out she call  Jack Harper carpet cleaners king.  This  Jack Harper the carpet cleaners king how can I help you?  Jack it Jessica.  Mrs. Jessica hello.  I need betty and baby we need now. 

Chapter 34 Air attack

Jack was fly helicopter he in 50s 5,7 brown hair and brown eye with hat on full brown gray  beard.  He said Mrs.  Jessica you don't look to good.  Well if get gang rape 3 times in week  see how good you look.  ok I get you he said.  How you know they be there.  I don't i herd one guys talking.  he said rest there after so why we need hurry ok I hope Eve ok he said.  She said she tough and might fine Lady. That she is he said

We all most there he said Jessica took coat off show her LD uniform.  How it Fit he ask, little tight but make my ass look might fine. ten second he said. 

Betty is hog mount on side Chooper, seen a old mansion run down Gang took over.  only get in is back.  5 second Jack said.   pull the tragger back,  all most there 5 men were on roof Jessica start to gun them down Nice shot Mrs. Jessica.  some men run on first and second floor.  they had hand gun she mow them down One them was one rapist. a car was try get way shoot it blow up kill two more man with Ak start shot.  he was gun down.  guy guy in a pool that had no warter was gun down. kill two more near another car Rapist number two was among them.  four more run out back door Ld took care them.  Jack land Lady Death jump out ducking.  Run to the door tak tk-47 but new clip in take cover next to door in.  one was right left on on stars .  shoot them down.  one saw it was her Yell it Jane.  Kill him.  Snitch.  holy shit it is her shoot as fast she could   Bull come out block he way up take out knife stab in rib cage then put knfe up under mouth he scream Take knife.  Dirty Larry put gun down ask for mercy.  No Mercy for you come one year. sot in head double tap him just case.  Ringo Laugh you think kill stop use were many He shoot one his boys dead .  There no way stop my master put gun to mouth kill self.

Jessica go back to Jack he took off as police get there.  he flew to city Dump land chopper. Jessica get out.  Mrs Jessica  tell Eve I think about I am glad Rosa better too.  I well

ack how much do I own you?  Nothing this time you are doing god work.  She hug him kiss him.  Jack There is no god.  Get on bike ride back Eve  home.

Chapter 33 Chat with Rosa

Rosa was still in bed she ate very little.  Jessica Took the plate/  did she ask Why did they do this to us.  Jessica put plate down grab a chir sat down.  it may be my fault.  I was a radio show I talk you nd Eve and Timmy how we met. Eve Told me how wonderful you are.  Then she said Timmy love.  Well he ok lol I love too.  and she told leader Rape her and Father of Timmy. She told me she told no before.  rosa lay back down.  Try get some sleep.  Sleep?  I know but need to try pick plate up the plate I cheek on you.  ok she said.

Chapter 34 another chat with Jennifer. 

sit in living room table.  she had hot tea She pat Panther rub his ear.  Jennifer was on line she call her we need to talk.  ok Pop in she Smile hey Jene.  Last night some thing Happen.  Ok what you are scary  me  well be for warn. .Jessica said.  turn on she topless she cover breast she said  see welt. Oh My god.

Put on shirt She pic Kate ass and back.  she was speechless. should record This Sure I ok with.  she said ok Hey all It me Jennifer Sunday 12;05am  I with Jane White  I going set back let her talk. I was Gang rape twice.  I was at fav Coffee shop.  I look forward come to   Miami Florida.  A man start to Chat with he is jack he told own a gym I call Brad he al me out,  he seem nice went to club I had good time had few drink and dance he even left before me.  I went out club call same ride car.  20 minute he show up.  It hot out he said I have free water so I took one had drink big one had little more.  I pass out.  Date Rape drug.  what It was.  he took me pay for hour motel.  he had mask on strip me he Raped few Next one  come I know it brad  come in with he has tiny you know he slap me cut my lip it heal nicely me after done There knock on door.  two more men come.  it fuzz  how long they raped me.  I one cut close to my eyes she band aid.  Wake up  two day later I wake alone naked they  stole my ever thing.  had friend pick put on some got ER taster I gave my info.  I not heard a thing yet   we working on kid use old man voice.  So left as plan.  day one I meet my a women call Ann.  I seen her back made me sick.  w so we hang on beach she went meet my friend Eve. I did your show After we meet up as drive muse home she told me  Eve She said  she was.  raped out side the club . She had Timmy.  Well I guess he was he must fan  the show.  he and 7 of his friend come back.  He attack Rosa as wee are all out.  Jennifer  ask and Timmy.  he stay over with  Friend.  Ok good he punch her she feel her head on hard she got memory back .  Me Kate come back  as we walk in few of them jump use I hit one like that he kick me in knee I fal foraed hit his knee one them hit blood my nose.  go in side were all there all had makde then there leader he was one raped Eve .  Hot DAMM

Chapter 34  More of Jessica story. 

Jessica have make more tra and Cheek other  girs.  Jennifer smile.  start to record  We back more with Jane White.  Get in to it.  They strip she all most said Kate but stop her self then  and suck on breast like baby.  Then I was strip suck my breast  as well.let alet Ann Win .  He made suck one boy off milk cum out.  loser be hurt.  I try to Ann win.  She had same idea.  well I put over face I lick his booty He cum on her face.  but told me I was true winner.  Tie Ann to stair her feet were inch off ground.  He made suck off as they whipped her.

After Eve get home he stripp her we place we had give BJ.  like for hour.  or so.  then we go to room raped all four use for hours cum all are body hair hot here  swat. .  they talk for few more min.  then log odff goningcheek girl one last time got bed with Kate she roll over her face on her Jessica breastt Jessica kiss  his cheek.

Chapter 35 Candy Lee be blackmail. 

Jessica was dish that get call Meet me at old porn studio right way. .  Jessixca took gun and went there.  Run down no more porn there going open date note meet in office.  she go I A women was there sit down she smile Jessica right Right I am Candy Lee. she 46 5,2  blonde hair blue eyes and  32E  she has few tattoo.  A fan sent this to me That Pamula my Danghter  28 blond hair blue eyes like her mom 34dd. she had bard wire tatton on right arm.

She meet guys bye van  her friend get marry so she went get some coke.  well see her grab from behind. her.  hey said were ware you narc.  hell her up.  one held down he would hit many time.  There more  stop video.  Any man send e his he what 5000 for this or he post online.  I went on dark web found more can send me this link.  sure I got money I tak care of him.  eet at porn shop  How fit this were I going Jimmy the Rat.

chapter 36 The Rat king. 

It dirty and Jessica did what touch a thing,  Man red dirty rag.  Jimmy the Rat.  That me like see real in store in like year.  that me.  he tall little man blue eyes glass on crooke teeth.  put book down.  slick his dirty hair.  Candy Lee sent me.  You got money I do hand the money.  to him.  but he stop what if stop him self said what if you cop.  Do I look one?  Well no put I like cheek left the shirt up.  Jessica took deep breath she untuck her shirt.  left it up. he touch her breast.   pull bra down  he lick them his bad breath. Stop he took cash as Jessica was going go.  I know you Jessica vegas cum 5 time that night.  pull 45 shoot three tie.  Take money.  back.  set shop on fire got way take.  going to office she working. on web sitr she cam porn site/ She smile is it  down?  Yes he made me mad.   so I kill him set place on fire.  hand her cash.  I was going kill him late anyway.

What did he say.  He saw one my video on the site.  I come like 5 time. ha ha ha .  any way you what go to party at my home I like you meet pam.  I think u well get along bring friend if you like.  ok Jessica.

Chapter 37 Meet Pamela

Jessica And Eve left Drove to address it beg not Mr. Coke.  Jessica said I wonder if had own zip code.  I guess so.  Jessica walk on door.  man name Friday Hello Jessica.  That me she said.  Come on in.  He walk to back out back there pool and hot tub with wood arch way.  Jessica walk him to hot tub told Candy they were. here.  she call Pamula She get tan she had pink
bikini sun glass.  other side of pool a girl was dance  two men in just boxer.  One man who naked hot tub.  He wave hey Baby come on in. Jessica is that Jazzy From Love Heart.  Eve That is.  Candy come in wet in red Bikini.  Jessica good could come This me daughter Pamula.  Eber one call me pam she said.  This my friend. Eve M.  She own the Pink Cowgirl.  Candy said nice meet strong female owner.  Pamula go with Jessica  to my office.  Tell ever thing about night she well understand.

Going to her mom Office.  Pam sat down on sofa. Jessica I not a T.  But I told my story I felt much better.  Jessica go to bar on one side pour  vodka put ice in it.  Hand to Pam she took drink.  Thank you.  She said. She took off her sun glass.  her Black eye was heal.  My frend sent me to them she said they all treat her right I say sun bird was code I was ok. hmm Jessica said Pam said how beat and raped Found naked on beach.  His name Jack Jack.  I meet Jack. as well.  he a sweet hear Pam said.

she lay down  drink her drink.  Jessica said thank you for tell this I know rough it help me.  bye talk.  if need chat call give her number or go to chat it for Rape  Survivor.  I use a fake name Jane White.. you can tell your story. or get T.

Jessica took drink.  of pam drink. Jessica left her there.  Candy and Eve just talk.  Candy got up.  She told a lot.  Good Candy said.  said,  Eve went car.  Her Friend what her name she gave to her.  ok Another.  Thing Jessica asked.  Shoot Candy said.  Do have naughty nurse outfit. and do put on.  and can I be second child.  Yes Yes Mabe.  Candy I would be better lover then mom. she kiss her then close front door.  Wipe lips stick off  get car. 

Chapter 38 Get it off get it off get off

Timmy wrap arms around Jessica leg she said get it off ahhh as try shake off, she did again.  for few time.  Then Hug him how was the stay over.  it fun.  Sorry you hurt from fall down stair.  With Kate I was Go down I  will take with me.  Kate laugh.  What wrong  Rosa.  ohh yes She slip on foor hit her head she got her Thought she still on boat. ohh man. I told her 7 now. 

Jessica on her door. Who is Rosa asked.  It Jessica  she said.  Come in she said.  Jessica come in Timmy here.  Rosa in tank top and short  get up she hug her.  Timmy is here he what see you.  Then let Timmy  in.  He hug he you man now. hug she kiss few time.  you ok .  Sure I good.  he said.   let her rest Timmy ok bye Rosa.  Bye baby.  close door.  Jessica ask have something today.  I had little egg and bacon.  Good Jessica said..I cheek on later ok.
go to bed.

Later that night Jessica put some cream to help Kate back and ass.  Jessica kiss Kate lips. they made out for few min.

Chapter 39 Jennifer Hard at Work

Jennifer was in office hard at work before tonight show abd 10:45 pm  Then a know on her door,  Come in. a blond come in Rose Master she run radio stations.  Her father s boss.  only 33 she 5,9 with long blond hair blue eyes 32b.  and fat lips.  Jennifer like her Rose is all was nice to her she number one fan.  What doing here so early.  I had get some line up talk lawyer. 

I see I trust you Jennifer I have go to thing.  ok I see you soon Jennifer.  said.  she went back to work.  Rose ok  she go to limo.  Ben ride around park yes Mrs. Master pull out of the garage head to central  park. 

12:05 am Jennifer took drink some of her coffee.  Guys we can talk anything here last Friday we meet Jane White she funny sweet and  hot.  I seen in vide.   but some happen so I recoard she tell happen to her.  so if don't what here about get raped it ok I under stand so I bring in Tina Lynn. of chat room.  hello Tina.  Hello Jennifer.  I well play Video it need to stop it let talk ok Tina said.  I said very little I let her talk she held nothing two three play. 

In limo Rose call her father Richerd Master Hello baby. Jennifer talk women been raped twice in week. oh really so sad then laugh.  well do ride car and gym owner.  she open his lptop.  yes I know them.  e open the rape link see her oh my He sade.  Wait what Rose asked. itt her Lisa Mother.  Lisa mother she said..  hold on last video was meeting Kate.  last they sent.  now talk about Pink Cowgirl Miami Floridan it strip club.

He enter Pink Cowgirl.  Eve Rosa Kate and look who Jessica aka Jane White.  This long one  have not had time edit this one yet.  good see you I made lot on her she one of my girl I was pimp she young pretty and she had your sister Lisa my little princess you my vil queen Thank you daddy she said.  I see you at home. 

Chapter 40 The Rape Master

he 50as 6'0 short blck hair  Blue eyes.  He was born in New York  Ciry he grow up poor.  he did what could get bye help his single mom of all 3 boys.  be he oldet whw left school Cklaw way make dollor.  he found make mony with pimp out girl young ones.  Then he made Rape video made more money so set it up took ten yeas get will  oil  machine.  he got rapist all over the world. he bye K- Chat and other business.  He got home as go in his bed room ball Hi Daddy hi Lisa he sad good night baby.

Chapter 40 meeting Love Heart.spend time with pam 

Do what meet love Heart sure Jessica said.  be there soon.  go back Lee home They there in pool again the UK band all way one some kind drug.  all them in 40s Jazzy has sid he smoke cat on dare.  Pam in pool she was floating dri a rum and coke.  Well hello baby I am Jazzy Billy and that Dan.  Hi I am Jessica where you from love Richmond Va.  I love it he said take Jessica hand  he sat with pool char.  Jessica is take to his charmin he give a drink.  he love tell road story look at time Pam I love you Jessica you a goddess kiss her go out side.  Pam he a lot but harmless I think all drug he can't get up.  Guess that. or tight pants  he all have on.

Pam agree.  Jessica asked how you doing today.  I am doing.ok.  Day bye day.  I was in chat room they had raido shoe on.  I not been in chat since doing in Jennifer show last week.Then pam friend Electra Carmen she is 5,2 brown hair green eyes 32E she in blue shirt and shorts.  Electra This My mom new friend  she help recover with my attack.  They had dinner.  Going to bike Electra What think Sunny Miller.  Cunt slut backstabber.  agree I think sit Pam up.  that bitch.she said. 

Chapter 41  Drug deal gone wrong

LDWJ  6 It time I drive my bike out hell shot at drug dealer  get a few stop turn around one come out no hit in chest with bat she off bike.  she rook on mn kik in rib Bat boy swing  at her pull her 45.  but one kick out hand block one batthen head butt blood out nose.  block bunch but kick too chest that sstill sora she she was breath lessica was hit from behind pipe that rust.  she see one open pants but one shot in back fall over then other two were kill.  Kate put hand out,  katr put bike back there van go home.  Jessica hold chest. to got home.  jessica lay on there bed for time.  panther sleep next to her. 

Chapter 42 Rose watch Rape link

4 am she was in meeting and  get call last night show some good and some bad.  make feal wif dome more ADS to lare at night get home what watch video she got uncut video with all girls sge get in bed watch it with head phone lock door.  she rub self Jessica is vry pretty she bring light to dark word she hate her.  hate love she could bring.  She had no love like lisa she was shipped off to board School.  The nuns miss treat her beat her,  but tough and she beat and kill Sister Tressa bye trip her with wire fell down stars broken her next. 

Police said she fell and no fault. come home to father he bed her down right way  see Jessica pass out.  feel her breast she moan like that she come ssshe wait little while she touch self  few more time   

End of part 1  sorry   








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Re: Lady Death reboot vol 1
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sorry more to come soon.

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Re: Lady Death reboot Part two The Hunt
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Chapter 44  Rest for few days

Jessica rest next few days.  it was 11:00 AM two days Pam was sit next to her Sorry she said I Did what wake you she said.  Jessica had drink of water naxt to her.  Jessica can hear Timmy and few friends in pool Kate sit next to pool.  Rosa dive n pool.  Eve was Sit next to Kate.  Jessica went bathroom.  I here take you shopping Pam said.  going the Me and Pam going shopping.  Do you need any thing?  they all said no. get in her cheer red corvette.  love the car Jessica said.  Thanks it my mother pride and joy.  head to Mall.  Pam and Jessica shop to they drop.

Pam said thank you go with me  o Thinks for asking.  I don't Have lot Friend That girls.  Electra is only true friend I ever had.  Did sunny set me up?  Look like it Jessica said.  she keep nod she did say anything.  put hand to face Hey I am true friend I am with you to end.  She said Thank You true Jessica back to Eve.  Pam took off.

Chapter 44 Sister alone time.  Rosa was brush Lisa long blond nd hair. Rosa love her like have sister.  Hold still you little monster  she said Rawor to once he was done got dress went to Central Park Zoo.  She put sun block. on her w  look around.  Lisa love it there.

Chapter 45 Big D Rap party

it after noon pool party Electra Carmen Was Dance in green blouse shorts gold belt  Black Suede Ankle Strap HeelsShe was ance Alone.  Bitch Sunny Miller said.  Big D was naked a 35 black man bald head and he had poerful arms.  He had 10 inch dick.  He said I maker moan.  Sunny is 27 years old 5,5 blond hair and 34D.  she work for the Rape Master she set other girls up be raped like Pam Lee Tonight it Electra turn.  She hate her.

The party was wind down Big D sang two rap song.  after that He talk to Electra Where Pam at?  She is at Love Heart  Record  I see how it is.  Drink going 50 His den He had bartender  two of band mate were there as well.  pour shot They put took shoot.  Then had one more.  Then he said you ready really too party.  What she said,  The man behind bar grab her.  her arm behind back.  Big D Punch in belly  Rip top his hand touch her tits Then one Band mate help tie her hand on bar brass bar.

Gageed her with rag.  Big D rip back her blouse off take bra off. Then her shorts down.  Take lube out put large dick I hope like Anal.  it well hurt a lot.  Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo.  he pump his dick in her ass.  She love it one said  she moan with ever pump of cock,  Then he cum.  all cheers the band took over.  the man behind bar.  said shut up or pee in mouth then feel dick in ass it hurt.  but feel cum again some would com out fall on floor.  there was blood as well, Laugh at her as took turn.  get a call yes she baby she ready for you.

Chapter 46 Girl on girl rape

Hour later Electra still where they left her.  Her hand untie Drag he slowly her ass hurt drag her to Sunny she was naked a dog color.  Big D pull it he touch her breast. one band mate open her mouth lick her Cunt he said call her Cunt.  one got behind Electra he kiss her back  lick her.  The made her do Doggy.  She put tongue In Sunny Big D lick on Sunny breast She moan and she suck His dick. He maon Sunny had evil grin as cum on Electra mouth and face .  put her on fllor She was DP bye band mater Sunny and Big D watch,  Good night boys take Sunny to his bedroom.

Chapter 47  Electra After math

Electra She was alone in Dark ally downtown.  she gagged and her hand tie nacked   glass bottle and just glass she  step best can but there lot class she cut her feet. find road car would pass she was about get there. Homeless man grab her put her o wall behind Trash dumpster put knife toi her  throat.  pull his ratty pants down his hand on breast.  he happy be in women it been few mouth since been with one. 

She is in her own  room in   hospital Her  eyes open took a few sec.  she saw Jessica next to bed.  Pa is get coffe.  It Sunny And rapper Big D .  we know you talk in sleep. Nod That she understood,  Pam come in hugs her

Chapter 48 LDWJ 

Sunny left town wonder why  But Big D still here in Town.  I am dress black off the shoulder no bra and short black  skirt and heels. 

Big D had show  in Club bye water I am dance had shake my ass.  He call her over Hello babe.  Big D.  I am Jessica big fan lie.  Babe I am big fan or your.  he touch her breast.  good slezzy asshole.  Jessica said can go some where to be alone.   Sure babe  go up stars in a offices they were alone take Jessica  bye hand Big D put his hand Jessica dress he touch her pussy rub her.  then put Jessica face on a window they can see out but not in.  nice ass.  Jessica ebow in him.  sge grab a lamp hit him in head he was knock out.  then get it took Jessica got him to talk.

on news  Big d was found dead with cock in his ass is that right the new caster said. ok His Big well thing was found in his bum. 

Chapter 49  Sunny Meet a old friend

Sunny topless she suck him he 42 black man bald head he had some in teeth.  She meet him once.  he is Rape Master odest Rapist. she choke down dicks  Cum in mouth slurp ever last drop.

He got up you what some to eat.  Sure I can eat.  Grab Jar had Cum in it dinner time smile with shark teeth*

Subby note Mr  Shark is back Bitch silly subby

Chapter 50 take a boat for ride

Jessica gE t a latter Tell her go to get fast boat stop Mr. Coke 1:00 am  in Super fast boat she catch up money boat.  shot them with mimni Uzi  put new clip in.  As she going to get men with she get call.  Look caller it Angel She pick up Hey Red Hey.  Hold on She shot four wait for cash.  Angel heard them yelll one cry for there money.  Jessica grab case of coke.  Sorry about that Jessica said.  you had work to do.  I just what catch up.  I got lot to tell you.  she tell story as cut back of cock drop in sea.  Hot dam Kate Hot.  No you are Jessica said.  I love too Bitch.  Batch I love Jessica said. 

Jessica drop the boat in boathouse cover it up.  left in bike .

Chapter 51 Timmy talk

Jessica open her eyes Time was only inch way he said Hi.  Hi back said then Hug her.  Ok what trhis about buddy.  he go to ear I love You.  I do as well Timmy.  I going marry you.  You better have good job then so you be my sugar daddy.  yes suger daddy as go out yell I am sugar Daddy.  Eve you are a what?  She look at Jessica.  Jessica put  both her hand up I do. it.

Chapter 52  Dinner time horror

That night in New York Grave lard 4 men dug up two Grave he pee on man and took shit on women I bet she like that.  then set both on fire even dead not save with you know is in charge.  Name was Beta Green and her son Frank Green

There dinner party 10 men at pizza and beer.  out no where Lady death use one AK-47 the Gimp limp out there she go around she shot knee cap he scream ohh good.  then one bullet eye.  before he sawher blond angel of death.

  10 pm  Jessica Kate and Pam were eat drink,  Then new report Jessica bite of her burger see her dead husband see get be o and some shit on mother.  She said we got to go. 

Kate pack the bag as Jessica say go bye Eve Rosa and immy she hug him I see you soon she said. get van Kate put Panther  in van.  Kate wave all there wave.  Do worry She said be vqck she well.

**** why am tear up he not real Timmy Jessica to soon

Chapter 53 Angel at work.

Angel saw the news Bartender job in DC.  it late night she 5'4 long red hair blue eyes and 32D  She in black tank top and jeans and tennis shoes.

As she clean glass she saw a man  from h.s  Hilly what his name.  Hello Angal it me Billy from H.S  Billy Right she said you look great.  Thanks beer. Yes sure.  Belly all was had crush on Jessica Angel know that, he talk a little had drink.

It last call Billy sat ther the got it only him and Angal he said tell Jessica my love.  he lock the door  he grab he to ground  she try fight back he slap her put knife to neck.put hand on mouth.  she sreacm.  he went shh.  she keep cry out mmmmm mmmm shh mmm.

 Then said open her legs,  he told again open her legs she did this time.  he pull her pants down.  Noooooooo sh e got out he hit in jaw shut up.  use knife cut tank top shoow her bra.  ahhhh.  he kiss breast as held knife in neck.she cry out more he went shh agan as tore her Under ware. she try fling her are scream but bill had 80 pound on Angel.  .  All Angel could do is spit on him.  cover her mouth again. then had pull pants down all Angel could do is cry. you well like this.  grab one hand hold tight other knife to her face he cock hard for her he maon as Angal rock up down.  it hurt she never been guy before she gay. 

He moan as she cry and whimper.  she said No and Please.  but he pay her now mind.,  he pump more moan.  Then he lick her neck she open mouth ahhhh cover her  mouth again shhhh he said. Then he again lick her neck. mmmm See angel with tear in eyes. 

he move pump that pussy faster she just had mouth open.  She try fight back but did Stop him  it did nothing  stop him still pump her he lick neck again he kiss her ahhh ahhh.

 he close to cum in her.  she wenk play look off at bar.   he moan again then he cum lick brest as got up pull pants up pick Angel up talk to her car drove to Angel home.  Billy know Jessica on way to Angel. 

Chapter 54 Do you like Anal?

Angel look iout window as Billy driver home.  Her hand tie in back seat belt cove her rip tank top. he drive with one hand he rub breast.  Angel  child hood home is 15 mile out the city.  only neighbor near her is 5 miles away.  Angel try sell her home since her fater home.  she sold most of  here horse.  Billy drag her to house and go to bedroom.  Tie her to bed put legs  he put dick raw.  She scram NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Hw had evii smile as Angel was so much pain.  She go blank again she made moans. 

Chapter 55 NERRRRRRRDDDDDD death

Jessica drove most way.  only stop was get gas and rest room Jessica drover.  Pull in to Angel places.  pull in drive way.  both get out Kate took Panther out.  Hello Lucy old horse she touch her Did angel for get you again get her fee she ate hardy.  Going to homme Billy was on Sofa naked.  He had gun.  Jessica see him.  With out think Kate let go of Panther get him.  Dog bite him in his dick then Jessica pull her gun shoot in his head dead.  Stop bate  him.  Jessica said.  Go to master bedroom find Naked still.    cute rope and un gaged her.  You ex sticker from high school was here.  yech I took care of him Panther come in ok He help.  hi buddy she said.  Jessica help  Angel to bathroom she took bath her ass still hurt.

Kate wrap the body in rug.   Jessica help buring him.  Mr. Wiggles Angel pet cat.  Go in home.  Jessica call Dax  I need pick horse she name lucy I come to New York.  I know I saw the Video.   Drive to angel place I well be here 2 day.  I on my way he said.

 chapter 56  On Road again.

  Jessica and Angel and Kate pack there Angel  say bye to Lucy.  There on road hour Dax got Lucy in Horse  trailers .  he on way back to NY City.  .Lisa in bedroom she sing I like Peanut butter and jelly I like peanut Butter and Jelly I all so like Tuna too.

Still drive Jessica still she him song she made up.  I like peanut butter and jelly I like peanut butter and jelly.  I also like tuna too. They made to there new Apartments.  Angel said it shit hole.  Jessica agree.  It not for long .  Both girl Sleep sat on chair with watch news cast over and over she see one talking had a hand tattoo,

Chapter 57 Find that tattoo man

Jessica ride around from tattoo shot to tattoo shop  nothing 12 shop help it from one go to long iland Tatto Shoop.  He tolp he was arts who did that one and his name Henry.  he on Compond .  Few dozen heavy arm men.  That night LDWJ  I get some gun I hide in van.  Use wire cutters sneek in.  So far so good.  They type end of world kid don't drink kool aid.

use knife hit neck.  wire few bombs on living quarters.  blow u up one then bomb two.  Jessica shoot one try to exape.  You play you better be right son  one talk run on fire  Lady Death let bur.  I like winne right Hrnk and his mom rest now so can I. 

Chaper 58 Meeting her father in law.

Next night Jessica was in green sweater and Kart  she meet up Frank father New York Penthouse. Kate in lovey white blouse and jeans.  Angel in blue Off the shoulder dress.

He had a donation fundraiser.  He great Jessica as Angel and Kate got drink.  go to his Library
. Richard Green look like son frank 6,0 black hair short blue eyes he in mid 50s  He all very friendly to Her.  Who every Frank love he would as well.  Have get any sleep?  he asked. A little She said.  I need show this.  show dark Rape video. How you find this?  A rat man try blackmail Candy Suxx Lee.  I need login to pay for video/  Ok why?  I and Kate are on this site. .Oh Shit.  you got ithe said.

Go back to party.  Talk to some staff .  See women alone she know her right way.  Jennifer Love I a big fan.  She look up Jane.  she said.

Chapter 59 Jennifer knows.

Jennifer stood up hug Jessica.  Never fel you be here.  Jessica said.  Jessica come here Richard ask.  Jessica?  my real name stay here Jessica said
.  ok she said.

go to meet  VP of Stock broker firm Ben Park 30 year blond and brown eyes 5,8 he easy smile and charming.  Jessica had to agree to a coffee date see how it go from there.

Go back to Jennifer Sorry my father in law try set me up on date.  wave to Richard Green  I am Jessica ann Green I marry to Frank Green.  Sorry I lie to you I.  She understood she know Jane not her real name.  They talk for long time. Kate And angel stop bye She get meet them.  Jessica walk Jennifer down walk to car.   Jessica and  A go to Apartment.Angel Kate. 

Jessica walk Panther at 3:30 am.  Man with knife step out the shadows said give me mony you bitch.  Jessica and Panther had same angry look.  it not my birthday but take it.  his legs were stink out trash can.  come puppy let get some sleep. she bark a little in agreement.

Chapter 60.  going to club

Jessica went to club own bye mob.  There singer a women was sing rock song she in black bra and short plad skirt boots backward ball cap blond red tips.  she had rig in lips and stud in her tongue.  took drink of beer in dirty Mug nasty. 

Look at man his name is Sal Morgan.  Part Ma Sanit crew he low lvl.  He deal drugs and a pimp teenage girls or boy he don't care. 

He left the club not to long ago.  Jessica went bath room.  The girl walk out  Jessica smile nice set you sang.  Thanks she said.  wash her hand.  she is 5:4 38d  I am Ashley Mass*  Jessica.  I like that name I was going name my daughter Jessica. she said but went to Lexi.  This not really my kind places Jessica.  I can tell  she said. 

RIP to rel Ashley Massaro from WWE and was in Survivor star I miss still

Chapter 61 Burn all down.  coffee date. 

5:00 AM Jessica  lock them in club bye chan the door so can't up she set fire to Roof go down watch fire works.  10 dead in bar after a fir start they lock in with large chain. 

!000Am she meet up a coffee shop close stock market.  Thank for meet me He said he in dark blue shit and red tie.  Jessica took a drink of coffee. He smile So what you do for fun I read movie play some Video Game.  he grab her hand.  I saw at party had meet you.  she smile she can tell he what sleep with her.  But he going work for it.  he had run after ten minutes Dinner tonight ok dinner tonight.  get text did hear about fire at club AM No I was on Coffee Date.  How it going she ask.  Fine he had only few minute before got work.  Most guys I date they jobless. 

Chapter 62 Meet Ashley for drink. 

Ashley was sit bye her self she in black low cut top and shorts on.  I hate heat she said.  I with you there Jessica said. both got a drink I it was best pay job or nice places.  it stable jobs.  Jessica let her vent.  She said sorry Jessica.  No don't be She said.  Then she ask about Ben.  Well I know nothinc in stock and bond.  but he easy on eyes.  I know he sleep with me not call me ever again.  Ashley know that feeling she sid.  like Jessica she had Lexy at 18 now she 28.

She love Lexi what better life for her. All mom do Jessica said.  You had Child? she ask.  I was 16 my pimp or a John.  and rick family took her in.  I would like meet her.  I lost my Son two year ago.  Oh shit let me vent.  Take another drink. cheers.

Ben text Jessica I can not make it he said. Jessica help Ashley to room  Lexi watch  as Jessica put to ed.  You must be Lexi are hungry?  She made tun and peanut butter Jelly sandwich.  and milk. 

Ashly woke Sorry baby it ok Jessica told me lost a job.  She feed me.  She nice lady Lexi said.  She is Ashley 

That night a viewer ask how Jane was doing?  Jennifer said she doing well.  look happy Ann and her are still together.  I happy together I glad i was worry for her.

after show Jennifer went laptop call Jessica.  I know it shit hole but only for few days.  Jennifer said nothing. 

Chapter 63 Nightmare Date

Jessica Meet Ben Park come up with Dodge Challenger Red Nice Bike Nice car, get in cover her short Skit.  Jessica in Nlack Dress and heels she had a locket in front chest.

He start to drive. I hope you are Hungry?  I can Eat She said.  Good h smile.  As he drive Jessica did see him grab a smile steel pipe she see it come to head but could do think.  Jessica saw darkness. 

In empty park lot in old Abandon building.  Jssica eyes open blood come down her faces she topless her Panties were around her  ankles.  Ben was naked he was on top her  he smile at her you awake good he pump faster he cum in.  her hand tie to door handle.

Chapter 64 Ashley has bad night. 

Ashley was sing to park  She got loose coin  and some cash.  she walk to Subway She was alone wait.  Then A men walk grab her go down The subway tunnel  He meet young in his 20s.  he toss on hard ground. Ask his friend hold her hands. get neddles and put dope in it.  get tub he tie so he get fore veins  he inject  her.  Ashley mind go fog she see one them undress she what scream but nothing.

Jessica rode Ben dick cumming he get out he went go pee.  Jessica try get hand free she just got losse from bound she grab purse she pull her gun.  Looking for this drop the bullets then grab at gun then punch in face Fucking Cunt open your. mouth Suck it I said Suck it. 

Ashley open her eyes Young man unbuckling belt unzip pants.  He get on top of her put lips on Nipple she moan.
Jessica lay there he lay on top she could move,  then he wake up he pull out bottle of beer he put inside her.  she grunt as deep and deeper he made her cum.  He punch again put dick in her again

After they done Ashley was there.  Both men pee on Ashley face and chest They had move on left naked Ashley there alone. 

Chapter 65 Jennifer  gong home.

Jennifer had great show but she had get Home  talk to Jessica she said Date tonight . She what know how it went.  She open the door as about go up stairs man grab he and use stun gun he put her over hos shoulder.  going down to boiler room.  He put on work table.  he tie hand he spread her leg then tie legs she had blue T-Shirt. and Jeand he cut Jeans with knife.  Rip her   panties h put in mouth it tight in mouth.  He had mask she could see odd teeth.  Take pants off put his power hand paw her breast.  Ahh Jennifer gasp.  he made her arch her back he cum in her.  Fuck condom you have my black baby.  then she slap her tits both of them take her gag he sit on cheast put in mouth  bitch.

Ben had Jessica on ground he fuck doggy she moan as pump cumm again then get dress left naked Jessica in middle of city. 

Jennifer suck his dick cum on her face pull jar out are you hungry pul jar out,  her pour jar cum in face she had drink much she can some pout her breast get turgky baster put in jar put in her pussy.  Then he walk out. Jennifer cough up Cum from mouth.  she lay there to moring.

Ashley made home she hug Lexi.  Jessica Call Kate and Angel.  To pick her up. 

Chapter 66 Ten days later

LSWJ it ten day since gone out.  Ashley been stay with use she did what stay alone.  I can relate I find one raped Ashley before I go after Ben Park.  They were shoot up Coke.  As Subway pass she shot them in head.

Ben Park was work in office after hours he was alone. She walk in he look up my gun is lad you bitch Lady Death said shot him in belly.  take bat hit his window. You Fucking cunt she grab head bash face in window over and over agai.  He pass out then window broken Jessica toss him out window he hit hard grown.  Get in car drive Dax place. 

That last time I well try to have life marry with white picket fance and few kids.  I am Lady Death now.  push a door open are ready for Pizza.  yes from crowd.

Chapter 67 He back. 

Jennifer took 2 week off she sleep then she heard a nose she think grace go to the kitchen she turn on light.  She see same black man he grab her she what scream.  But he put choke hold Don't make and noise or go in your little one room and snap her neck. She let pull her short off she went ahhh as he put dick in her she moan as put hand on table his hand go under t-shirt  feel up .  You feel good he daid then lick her neck.  He tie her hands than pull jar put spoon in her mouth again and again.  I know like it last time.  then she made suck his cock.

Grace cry for mommy he go to room.  Hello Grace I am Mr. Shark I new friend mommy Hungry  yes  she said.  He cock mac and cheese with hot dog she ate it.  Put her in bed.  Go to Jennifer bedroom lay next to her Anal time.

Chapter 68 few hours later

Jessica walk to Jennifer apartment Grace was sit down watch tv.  Hi baby girl.  you ok.  she nood her head.  good girl had any thing to eat. yes. Put her down stay here watch cartoon.

Go to befdroom.  she was on bed sit there.  she help to bathroom. wash her face get dry cumm and brush her teeth.  They hugs Jessica play grace put to bed.  Jessica stay with Jennifer rest of night.

Grace work in 7 am.  Jessica made her some oatmeal she haif of it.  Jennifer had bread and butter.  I glad you ate something.  Watch movie with grace as Jennifer Took much need nap.

Chapter 69 Back to work

Jennifer hard new guy shoe took over for her he ok but he nave got to Point to story.  Jennifer took call he did not.  But tonight Jessica took next four day.  Kate stay over with Jennifer.  Jenner change her locks so not as easy get in again. 

Jessica meet Steve the  producer,  he 5,7 blond hair blue eyes he got shart and jeans and cowboy boot.  he went 3,2,1  Hello I am Jane White Ad take over the show next four days for Jennifer we are talk about any thing I know Jennifer is at home glue to the radio.  If I get two days off I be on beach naked get tan.  But that just me.

Joe is on line 1 .  Lisa what on your mine let chat.  She said she help her have man raped her go to way for long time.  Lisa thank you I Told Jennifer   my story help other get power back. .

Steve on line 3 Have let chat.  Have you meet Jennifer what she like.  Good QuesYes I have I meet her once got in NY I was at party at my Father in law penthouse.  I don't what say his real name.  She cute as and funny. Thank you Jane. 

Rob on line 2 do I have boy friend.  No I don't date muchdate much.  I got Girlfrind Ann out there i bet she sleep.  ohh ok he sould reject.  Jennifer on line 7 she been wait.  Hellow Jennifer  hey Jane you tryy to take my job she laugh.  Good here you Laugh Jennifer.  Jessica said.  I have found.  for 3 hours she talk chat and had funny..

5:30 am A gang bar was hit at 4am.  9 are dead Ma Sanit.  not going be happy. The newscaster said

Chapter 70 Ma Saint not happy. 

Liv Saint got call at 6:15 am What you what shit head.  A man move over he naked so was she get up put on robe on How many were kill  all them there was whole crew of them not one is kill.  You got be kidding me throw the phone .  Liv Saint is 43 she 5,6 with short red hair with dark brown eyes and 34D.  What wrong Ma?  nothing she said get back in bed with youngest  son Bobby 25 year old man.

Chapter 71 Next Day Meeting Rose Master.

Jessica got ready day two of Doing Jennifer radio show.  Meeting Rose as going to Jennifer Office.  Hi I am Rose Master Hello I Jessica aka Jane.  I know Jennifer Told me about you.  She told me about you. as well Jessica smile so did Rose.  In Rose head What bitch.  Jessica could not read her but smile and Have fun tonight.

The show start Jessica just talk for 30 minute before take call. .  she took call all over US. and Canada good time for ll.

Rose go to Mr. Shark boat house. He get dick suck bye Sunny she was super skinny due Cum Diet.  Rose  good see you.  Rose took top off and you.  she suck his dick with Sunny. both girl made him cum Rose ate cum and she enjoy it.  Sunny ate very little.  Rose and Him fuck for hour.

Chapter 72  Kate and Jessica  spend time together.

Walk in to her Apartment Angel stay in Jennifer that night Ashley sleep at night.  Kate sleep as Jessica walk in.  Kate said hello Jessica said hi back.  Panther was on floor Jessica rub his head good boy.  Jessica kiss Kate I miss you.  So do I she said.  Kiss her again.  Jessica lift up her white T-shirt she suck on nipple  lick her belly before put face in pussy.  Jessica lick her out.  Kate moan Jessica cover her mouth shh don't wake Lexi.

Kate cum.  She lick Jessica she bit hard not moan to load she cum.

Chapter 73 Women Hood. 

Lexi had ham egg sandwich with cheese.  as Ashley was out.  Going to rest room she Call her.  She got scary Jessi show how to put tampon in.  give her ca I am bleed.  Jessica go in it ok baby girl it  ok Jessica tell her self.  You are have a period All women have them.  Jessica she had meds to help her.  I don't think I can call you baby girl now you are now a women. Now. 

Ashley come home after try find job.  Lexi now a women Jessica said.  I show her how put tampon in.  Ashley said Thank you.

That night Jessica told story of her time her Dad try help her with her first time she had put tampon on he was more scary of that be in Vietnam War Vet.  I never pale as ghost.  it was funny.  Jessica said I miss him my brother too sorry step brother. there dead air few second or two We take call snap out of it.  Right way.

After the show go to her bike a limo pull up Hello Nice bike Nice limo.. She said. I am Richard Master.  The boss Jessica said.  I hear you meet Rose.  I can tell story of her have hers.  I bet Jessica said.  You have one more day he ask.  That right she said.  we have drink in my offices   you can bring Steve if like so don't be alone.  Ok I am willing.   she said.  he pull way.  Dumb Cunt he thought.  He like play with her pry.  Jessica text Jennifer Text she meet the boss.  he ask me for drink.  he never ask me for drinks.  Steve  well be with me all the time. 

Chapter 74 Drink with boss.

Jessica last day on Chatterbox  was good.  Jennifer went up with Jessica he had big oak office with many book bif tv and bar.  He pour drink to both them.  Glad you feeling better he said.  Yes Thank You she said.  We meet before Jessica .  Before she rack her mind.  We meet at your wedding day.  I left before  the killing.  My youngest was sick.  Show her pic of her.  lovely she said her name is Lisa and this her mother.  she all drop her drink Show Jennifer my baby.  Now now do cry.  I was stun once found it out. 

We told u were dead I was told you were on drug use sex to get your fix.  my wife what another child this little was perfect.  I what tell the other day.  I under stand she said.  She too drink.  They left he call General Kink Hello he said.  I go new pet for you.  I need new one he said.

She work at the Pink Cowgirl in Miami Florida  I do this job my self he said.

Chapter 75 Pink Cowgirl on fire

There days later Eve was work number in her office she was alone/  some one knock it open General Kink walk in pull 45 at face.  U need better lock he said.  two boy come in tie her hand she watch as pour gas in office they drag her way put in car.  smoke  cigarettes then drop in gas.  set office on fire.  Girls and men ran out Eve was in back two other girls who were top less.  he look at eve as drive way you well be call My Pet.  blond here well fuck my boys all 2000 of them fo on plane head to Grand  Cesar Island. 

Jessica was in plane head to Grand Cesar Island with this buddy buck he tell a story it not me it was the dog he laugh if he was only one could fly this plane .  There is man in back he grab at Jessica breast.  he 7,0 hair man in brown pantd and shirt.  Mr. Beast is man few word I know him five years now he said two word to me.  Nice to meet yu.  Then the plane lost a part. it then caugt on fire.  he land hit tree.  If you can walk way from that it good thing.  yech Jessica said.  Mr Breast you know I can walk as carry her he said Yep.  Ok long you know she said.

Chapter 76 I got lay low.

Jessica had no make up hood over her face. LDWJ  Jessica watch a video see General Kink hit a 19 year PVT in neck with rifle butt in front of CNN camera.  He all so order his men attCK PEACE LOVE TOWN HE KILL MEN RAPE WOMEN AND GIRLS.  .Make young Boys apart army.  This place would be Hell on earth me this heaven.  there there are mercs and hitmen vets nuts killers and Sadist and junkssee a man she know was on her jons she choke life  out him.  Stop in Bar MR. Beast stood over her a char left up hoodie play with boobs again.  Few men come hello babe are here alone.  Mr. beast stood up She with me. ol cool he said.  get drink

Next day Lady Death was alone five mile from main camp where the men can enjoy the female.  as drag them out to show off most dead in side no hoe wait for death two blonds who were on same plane with Eve. she took  bite peanut butter and strawberry Jelly.  look in Felid Sammy cheek. one81mm mortar check nerve gas cheek one target gun fire dart two hypeodermic dart cheek. one syringe with antidote chwck.  Pur in Jessica.  Two giel drad tey only in bea onely atY ONW BYE SPIT AND STRIG.  lADY DEATH HIT ON BLOND IN HEART rhwn in oe in heart use mortor gags kill them all but he two blonde.  Lady death walk to them.  Cur there rope.  we got movie can both walk.  Both said yes. 

chapter 78  Helicopter Attack

Go over a rope  bridge Helicopter call hold right there young blond scream I surrend Lady death use grande from M-16  it go down Then more men come out no where We surr beore Lady Death open fire she said run.  they run pull out push trigger both side of rope blow cave in both side kill rest them.  you good one said.  Young one Kelly K said ys she is.  They camp for night.  Torrie Winter  5'9 blonde blue eyes.long legs 36D.  She hold 19 year old Kelly K she 5'5 blonde hair blue eyes 34DD. they wait to daylight find use wait bring more men I had penty tie and imagination.

Chapter 79 They have no chance in hell.

iy dawn  men look for the girls one men step one trap Lady Death trap it was vine around ankles he flew a about mile waywith neck broken.  another man got wood spear to chest .  one was alone near water fall.  he was muddy he smoke weed.  Lady death eye open up.  She stab his neck. he cry for mommy..  I had mud in my ass for two week later. one set hand grade take few more with him.  Lady Death and made way to airport.  250 mean well arm men man had cheek list .  Buddy Buck was fly  in.  This was all ready a good It better now,  Buddy see Lady in the runway. use another grade on M-16  hit one wing were one four Engine it load with fuel yell to buddy pull up pull up he lost control he said this way to go this be one hell of a story. As he hit fuel deport blow it up.

General Kink get his dick suck bye his Pet Eve heare noise push her off.  go to naked.  What the fuck going on find out who did this bring body to me so I can skull fuck them dead body for year.  Get me MR. Beast he drop the bomb. on un peace talk.

Mr. Beast was carry the Bomb put it on wing of a plane.  General Kink arrive with his Pet Eve she naked she gaged her breast tie tight  SHE ON DOG COLLER.  She in all fours.  Lady Death run to General Kink shot in back Torrie grab Eve as all ran to the plane girl jump in Mr. beast took off.  Doc go to General Kink.  We need to stop bleed  he smack one in face we need see you nose pick.

Then Lady drop the bomb no fuck you bitch.  bomb hit Island  it go up in mushrooms cloud  kill every one.  Jessica kiss Mr. Beast,  He pull mask it was Dax.  Jessica you came for me.  Look at eve like I was it going help you.

Chapter 80 3 days later. 

three days later Jessica Take Eve home she was in bed with Timmy.  Rosa was all same bed.  Going to Candy Lee home,  Kelly take another bath Torrie lay down Pam was stay with both them.  Jessica fell sleep.

Richard Master look paper Grand Cesar island nuke it self.  drink a drink good job Jessica take the Win but u well go down soon laugh.

Chaapter 81 Playtime is over. 

Jessica relax next few days The girls get color back the wlts were fade get smile back.  Kelly took more time but she young still.  she spend more time with girls. she smile and jome around.  Pam was good host Jessica go to Eve home every day hang with her. 

That night  near lighthouse.  Two gang start fight over drug.  Lady Death had Molotov cocktail toss few them hit near there feet burn both gang.  She drove off,  Hour later same gang fight on beach Lady Death got dune buggy drove on sand run them many over as she could.  They shot at it she jump out before blow hit few more kill some near bye.  She start shot at them.  She was hit in hip and shoulder she still got way.  just time as cops show up. 

Jessica was take care to welt on on hip and shoulder. Torrie help med her wounds. 

Chapter 83 New York Bar.

Jessica was in New York Bar  week later get drink look around . Then Bobby  Saint come up to her. Hello I am Bobby Saint. Jane she said.  He said one on Jennifer love show Chatter box.  Jessica nothing yes she said.  get new drink his twin brother Eddie.  he know to put date rapist. in womeen drink.  He look Jessica up down like she a pease of meat.  Bobby wlk her to the car. say bye she got on bike took off. 

Bobby took Jessica to new club Saint and Sinner Women dance all around dance with bobby even Eddie was there.  Jessica stay way from him. Next night Eddie call her got number from Bobby.  in his apartment late night botty call.  They were alone he said it get hot in here he said as she took off top sit in his lap he only in boxer.  She put dick in her. fuck him as hump his dick pull knife cut his neck he choke as Jessica got dress  she was lst thing she could see.  then she shot in head. she left.   

Chapter 84 Warehouse in Bronx

Next Day in Bobby Bar she herd news they hide in Werehouse in Bronx.  That night Jessica watch. Next night Lady Death  go up the roof.  Come down sky light. Hear Carlo Saint play card with  some his crew.  give two one said.  Out Shadow man sneck up on her.  Hit in head se fell from second floor to 1st floor hit table poker game was going on.  Before pass out see Dummy and tape recorder Then she pass out.

she was topless his dick in between her tits.  her hand tie above her head.  she on knee tie around same pole.  shee black man with mess up teeth.  one raped Jennifer twice.  He open jar pour cum down her   throat.  He made her choke all cum down.

Then he spread her legs put finger in her make cum.  Then put Dick in her he cumm over and over again.  Take a turkey baster put in her most cum would dipple out.

Torrie wait for Lady Death in Van Two men use pipe on window drag he kick screaming.they drag her to Mr.Shark Tie Torrie to a cot.  One them got top on Jessica as other one got top Torrie as Mr. Shark watch. on.  Mr. shark took turn on Torrie He cum in her then her breast.  put turkey baster.. all them got Dress left.  Jessica lad there Torrie eyes were open Cum all her mouth like Jessica.  Some how she got free.  wipe Torrie faces get to van lay Torrie in back of van she lay down.  take her to the Apartment.

Chapter 85 Officer Number 4

Jessica West is officer on N.Y PD she 33 year old.  She is 5,7 short brown hair and eye she 34B she is in Motel with man turn on his boss Dino Saint Brother in law of Liv Saint He mad Dog kill few Irish mob one night this guy saw it some got way.  Jessica was going go home as her partner arrive.  She go to bath room wash her face. 

coffee was sent up.  Put coffee over there He said.  pull a gun with silencer shot cop and the Rat.  As Jessica was dry her face he open the door grab her bye hair ram her face  to bathroom mirror.  she go to her knee try grab her gun he slap her in face kick way Rip her Purple satin blouse remove her bra.  as he was going lick her breast she grab her hair.  Slap her again make her stop pull her panties put it in her mouth.

He drag her to extra bed use her handcuff.  to bed pull his slack down get top of Jessica. lick her breast before put dick in her.  No No noooooo she try said.  Show me you love it. 

He was eat after he cum.  Then light a Cigarette Take few puff.  I like a good smoke after good sex and you really good one. Then he burn her chest.  you got there more left.  He burn again after second rape.  Jessica eye open little bet later His dick in her mouth . Cum hit face and hair.  Jessica left naked with dead partner and a witness both dead.  she burn. glass in her head.

Chapter 86 Lady Death to recuse.

Jessica read the news took Jessica West. to same hospital Jessica was in a come after her get shot.  some mob hitman try choke her life out her Jessica West save her from him.  Going out that night to save her just case.  She walk in see few reporters.  fine way in room.  She alone Like I was no cop in front door.  3:30am.  A man walk in try make to much noise.  put hand over her mouth her felt breast that was burn.  Lady Death come hide spot. she cut his throat.Lady Death went shhhh I here to help you like you did with me.  Jessica Green?  That me I all call Lady Death fine way to van take her home

Walk in panther said hello.  Jessica West this Torrie Winther.  Kelly K Kate.  my friend angel this panther.  ok we are going need bigger apartment.  ohh this  good boy panther.  but burn cream slowly.  Jessica fell sleep on her chair.

chapter 87 wake up. 

Kate answer Jessica  cell.  Kate said hello.  Hii am Richard Master I not sure if I got right number. You did I am Ann not real name.  Yes Ann not your real name he laugh.  Jessica woke up look at Kate.  It Richard Master..  Take the phone go to bathroom. Close the door Hello Mr. Master.  Jessica call Richard. any way.  Rose out Town would like meet Lisa?  Jessica  heart skip a beat Yes she said. .  he laugh Dinner at 7 bring Ann not her real name.  Look at Kate.  She smile at Jessica.  Ok What should I ware any thing well fine..

After he hung up Rose give some thing good her fall well be greater.  We can be a gods laugh the both them

Chapter 89 Date Night

Jessica and Kate with Angel went shoping for new dress.  Jessica cute mini dress and pink hells Kate was in blue dress and black heels angel in green dress off the  shoulder and black heels.  Going up to the penthouse.  She rang the bell.  Lisa open the door mommy hugs Jessica tight. hi baby girl. This my Sister of sort Angel.  Aunt Angel nice to meet you.  Hug her as well.  Look at Richard sorry had to bring her she beat me.  in scond grade she bite me. This my friend Kate hug Kate.  Angel said mini Jessica.

20 miles off New York Rosa was Fuck Mr.Shark He pull of her she suck cock milk his cock.  He get up she was on four he ger jar pour in dog bowl she lick up like dog.  Sunny was lay there on floor she super skinny Mr. Shark look at her Cum diet work wonder.  Take to back thow over side.  she could bearly swim she went under never come back.  Take off  go back to rose more cum honey she bark mean yes.

Jessica was make tuna sandwich both her sing I like peanut butter and jelly sandwich and I like tuna too.  Angel  and Kate clap.  After dinner Lisa show off her bed room.  It pink I love pink she said. she open toy box pic of Jessica hol lisa after she was born. I was 16 year old then. Are you marry mommy she ask.  Yes I was I am widow he died.  oh sorry Mommy.  You remember Frank Green.  he was nice to me.  long time friend of his father.  he nice too. 

After Jessica put Lisa to bed go in his office den.  Kate and Angel wait out.  he pour brandy.  he pour her one.  Thank you let me meet her.   Thank you bring her in to this world.  She took drink after he did last time I had brandy I got sick. I was 12 at time.  he ask something for her to do.Any but that no nope no more nooooooooooooooo.

chapter 90 no don't make do this.

Jessica keep say no no way.  Jessica Angel gave her a beer drink. Lisa come in ready Mommy as much I can she said. I every ready Jessie said she to bunch of kids Grace is your birthday.  Jessica dance with Lisa to cheer to crowd.

Jennifer was happy in long time even before her raped.  Hug Jessica thank her and Lisa she meet her once Rose took her in office.  All  watch Grace eating ice cream and cake. she open her birthday gift.  Lisa left with her Father.

Jessica and Angel left. Went home find new apartment 3 rooms.

  Chapter 91 Bobby go boom and bang bang club.

In his office building in Queen one his goon gave him a packed Bobby took what the fuck is this. he open the goon the girl drop off, Girl 5 a bomb 4,3,2,1,  Boom it took 3 floor eiyth it.  Jessica was drive way with Angel in fed ex outfit.  I look hot I this.  Angel look at those package the mc said at Saint own Bang Bang Club women are topless and beer lukewarm and if the cockroach tip the lady be all good. 

Up next she a southern belle with great rack too Belle Jessica walk up to pole she took off part top show off her bra 5 guys cheer Carlo run club watch from the office both girl well work out he said.  watch Jessica put ass in on guys face well close to it. Then put shot in between breast he took shot. he went crazy yesssssssss.

Carlo call bring Jessica in Ange dance again.  he was doing blow what some Belle.  She had some in bra try mine boss she said.  Put a little on breast and nipple. he lick snort the rest up.  it took few min it kick in blood come out nose What the fuck did put in it ohh Rat Poison and glass for extra touch.  Then he died.  put hand on his own safe it open 10,000 then a fire was set bye angel.  Get in van took off. 

Chapter 92 Dino win and lose

   Jessica was on roof alone Dino lawyer  made mincemeat pie of DA offices As going to jail I like peanut butter jelly sandwich I like peanut butter and jelly sandwich and tuna toooo pull sniper trigger bye Dino the car stop his lawyer ran out car scream bloody murder
 Jessica took the bullet.

 Jessica meet up with Kate went on date. On date get call from Pam hey Jessica I come to New York for few days.  Momma with Love Heart tour I am board.  Electra back up dance with  white rapper little muffins. That his name she laugh. see you soon she said text the flight number.  A man was watch her. See you soon number 7 he said.

Chapter 93 Pick up Pam

Pam fight land 30 min late in an Jessica wait she in leopard print dress with Slit Midi black with red Louboutin put a bag in back of van off to hotel.  Pam lay on bed Jessica ask how have you been.  I am ok Did you find Sunny.  No I have not.  Ok just had ask I had dream about be kill.  She shot burn hung and behead.  You been think about it Jessica said.

I know I should not but I do.  I can teach you how fight and shoot just in case.  Be my friend you be pubic enemy number one. She nodding I don't what be scary any more.  You don't have to be Jessica said. 

Chapter 95 Pam meet rest of the Gang

Kate and angel get to pam room and knock Jessica open the door.  come in with Torrie and Kelly come in Pam smile at them This red head is Angel Torrie and Kelly K.  Nice meet you all She said. as they were talk Dax call.  Hello She said.  it down at Joe E Camp funeral home 4:00 pm.  Meet you there Soon he she said. 

Chapter 95 15  break in

Pam went bed at 2 am she alone tonight Jessica was going after Ma Saint Pam did like but understood she get bed turn off the light a big was watch her room that on 15 floor.  go in hotel from employee elevator go in room next to Pam room.  wait ten minute slow go to the balcony go he hop over to Pam balcony use knife open her door.  grab bag took flashlight out turn it on.  close the door so cold air stop come in go to bed he sit next he touch her with glove hand she move touch her face she wake up.  he smile and whisper slut,  Pull the blanget down see her in Red sliknight gown  her nipple pokie he lick hhis ips.  Going down more to her legs.

he got up got on top her put hand over her mouth. Her eye open wide she try get his hand off her mouth.  She scream MMMM MMM.  He said shut up she keep scream shut up he said again.  fflah the light in face said i well kill you.  she sream some more then she put hand up give up.  she cry out still tear go down her face he smile see fear on her face.  Take hand off her mout pam said please don't hhurt me he punch her in jaw it hurt.  he said shut the fuck up.  she cry out.  He grab her face make her look at him but flash light blind he said You are so beautiful then she look away in shame vry harder.  shhhh he said then he rip he top off exopse her breast put mout breasr kick them.  he said good girl yiu well enjoy slut spread her legs he unblulke her belt pull pants put cok in her put under ware in mouth.  Cry more.

Chapter 96  More Fun. 

He moan as he cum in her but he keep cock in her .  he put her hand made her rub him make hard again she had cum on her hand he got hard after go back lick breast as he fuck her she arch her back then as was fuck her she cum she moan as moan he laugh i know you well love it. but relax we got all night long. He get off the bed get a bag he left on floor pull dog collars he un tie her put Collars around her neck. put her on her all fours.  pull dog bowel out them jar of Cu mmmm puppy you love dinner pour jar in bowel made her lick all it up.  some of cum was on her chin he wipe it off with finger Made her lick it off.  Don't bite or i wall kill you.  open up as pull dick out suck it bitch.  She suck dick after close her eyes but his hand to back her head made her take dick deeper. yes yes he keep on saying.  Then said lick my balls now.

Chapther 98 Pam got more to give

two hours later Pam lay on bed on side as her rapist watch TV as sunlight he was rub his cock. get hard put butt up put his dick inher ass she grunt as he moans love that ass as put hand on her breast he twist her hard nipple.  His dick pump her ass for few time.  He said you love it.  High class whore That what you are Then cum in her ass .  he got dress walk out and left same.way he came. 


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Re: Lady Death reboot vol 1 rape gang rape murder druged
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come  back with more soon

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Re: Lady Death reboot vol 1 rape gang rape murder druged
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Yes, come back with more soon!

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Re: Lady Death reboot vol 1 rape gang rape murder druged
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part 3 of lady death come soon

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Re: Lady Death reboot vol 1 rape gang rape murder druged
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part two still but bear with me

chapter 98 Sam funeral home

Bobby Funeral is today Jessica went back way in finfd his body lift Casket.  Ma and his gang well be here i can hit them where it hurts.  Pick Bobby up thow in trash can Jessica heard that ma come wait she sit dow before carry him out.

This casket is heavy one did ma put drug in casket.  I would put pass her. Shut up. Ma hear you she wrap ball in grinder.  Jessaca Think they call me fat as sat casket.  Ma Sanit scram I what see my boy one last time open up open uup she repeat again loader.  No Ma we can't he tore up. I well kill him that baster i feed his balls to the dogd.  One boy try calm him down take her home now she scream to left.

Chapter 99 Lady Death Shoot Out

As few by bow there head to bobby casket Lady Death pop out with M16 she start shoot it her? it Women doing this?  Lady death smile as they try run moe sonwn 6 of them get out casket. go one them hand him m16 then pull  her 45 and shot in head he go dowm she shot again. One scream try run way she shot with m16.  one them put hand up yell i give up she pull knife and stab in eye i bet you do.

The door open it the women get hur so she run to the door see one mob boys shot him.  one try grab her she cut throat choke lot blood before die.  one left before more come another door,  she grab him thow in open casket take hand grende close casket with slam.down run another way as one men come it blow take both men down.  two men rush in she shoot them another two men come hide behind a casket One said i kill you bitch as go out fire he get hit in head his buddy see blod hhe puke she ruh too him she shoot him in head too with her 45.A old man the police come Miss.  Who are you?  I am Sam i own this place.  sorry about the mess Lady Death said.

Chapter 100  The End of Lady death.

Then a shot Hit her her chest it bound off one hit rib ahhh then one went to lever and another shot see 20 something little punk  she pull out knife she grin as blood come out her mouth he sream no no nooooooooooo as stab over ad over again.  the police close in Jessica see Sam dead sorry same as got dizzy fell to harf grown she fade to black. 

Jessica eyes open  there no more pain.  am i in heaven look at her hand wow nice nails feel her chest feel soe come out her brest breast milk.  I must be dreaming.  Then door open mommy.  what in doctor who is going on. little gril laugh hi mommy. ohhh f@@k ohh come on silly mommy.  end of part 2 part 3 soon

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Re: Lady Death reboot vol 1 rape gang rape murder druged part 3
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Chapter 101 The New Lady Death

I am Eve Alice Wentworth I am 5,5 blond hair blue eyes with d cup i am 32 year old and lady one the youngest lady live out London UK. Mother one 3 year old Elizabeth Wentworth She is her wold after her husband died in
Helicopter crash
 she was onl 6 mouths. 

Now she works hard freed hungry child all over the world. she email daz like know it would happen he be there few hours. pick both them up She meet a women Jade Lee for lunch/  Jessica got ready ay bye to her baby girl.

Chaper 102 Jade Lee Lunch

Jade Lee chinese UK Citzen 45 year black hair brown eyes she in green sun dress welcome to my home she said Thankyou Eve was in blue dress with low neck line.  going in look around Jessica said what lovely home.  She smile at Jessica she did same sit down she open bottle of wine.  Would care care for some?  No Thank You I got milk my self.  That right i forgot. She got ices tea.  Jessica took drink. It swwet took another .  You hard get whole of.  But glad i can get meet you.  Ms Wentworth Jade said.  Oh call me Eve. Eve my boss what  you due him a favor.  What kind of Favor? My boss not greedy he ask one million Dollar.  What? think she was kidding. he what one millon dollar.  Jessica try stand but room start spin.  You do this or release porn type.  spain room get whorse.

I gave some help you relax as three men walk in in tank top and jeans one them unbuck his belt.  as go up Jessica skirt rip it down.then ripe dress and unhook her bra.  Jade took another slip odf wine as watch Jessica screambut hand over mouth.  he maons.  he lick her breast.  Drink her breast milk.  slup it up.  once done next take over Jessica moans she cum. Hhe pull out cum on her tits. 

Last man flip over he ass stick out lick her ear. lick her back put lips on ass lick out.  Grab her hair put cock in hr she scream.  He said  Anal Virgin Daddy Like high five one dude.he pull Jeans up..  Jade Lee said  You got two days give the money and no dalay

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Re: Lady Death reboot vol 1 rape gang rape murder druged part 3
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Chapter 103 Jessica give head

Jessica head still spinning.  je has move but one men grab her hair pull  off the table. put her on knee made crawl to one boys who pull pant down push her face to cock suck it nice and don't make nosie.  Jessica close her ryrs she lick him tease his tip Lady slut can suck her said. yech she suck Prince Charls old cock they all laugh.

She lick his balls he moan ohh yes then he made deep throat right there slut jessica feel his cock twitch warm cum shoot out keep licking no seman he made drink the cum.  tie her hands.  put coat gag in mouth take two to car. take her back home.  one in back home seat he touch her breast lick her and put hand in her pussy he smile she moan .

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Re: Lady Death reboot vol 1 rape gang rape murder druged
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i more like tart vol two soon


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