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Author Topic: Lamb Flesh  (Read 911 times)

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Lamb Flesh
« on: August 22, 2020, 02:10:10 PM »
rape, snuff, abuse, forced breeding, monster sex


In the distance behind you the night sky is lit by the fading fire of your home burning. The monsters came in the night as everyone slept. You were awoken by the sound of screams being cut off abruptly and fire crackling from the other side of the village, coming closer. Outside you see others running and being cut down by arrows or caught and dragged behind horses. Your home bordered the woods facing away from their approach and you ran without thinking, hoping some others got away, but mostly just that they didn't see you, wouldn't think anyone else was left. Now you are running blind, desperately glancing behind you. The screams seem to be fading away. You wonder are you safe?

You slip and abruptly come face down in the dirt and rocks. Horses are coming fast behind you. As you stand again they seem to pass you by. But just as you get to your feet, you feel something jerk you violently forward and constrict around your throat.

"What is this..One of their bitches almost got away from us." His tone is light and amused. "They all died so quickly, I thought we'd have nothing to play with.."

You hear the mocking laughter of the others as he drags you to his horse, the slip knot around your neck tightening until you struggle to draw breath. When you are within reach he snatches you by your hair and twists your head up to look at him, holding you at a painful angle. "Poor thing..You thought you were safe didn't you?"

You struggle against his grip "Please! don't! Let me go, pleease!" Tears starting to burst forth as you come to realize any hope of escape is in vain. You are nothing to the strength of even his casual hold on you.

He bends forward to drag you up and over the side of his horse, straddling it facing away from him as he holds you still against him. You can feel him laugh. "Let you go, little bird? I didn't let any of them go." He gestures behind him.

"I butchered your people like the weak frightened cattle they are and I will do the same to you. You can do nothing to stop me, my delicate little bitch. I could snap your pretty neck without thinking. You've nothing to offer me except your holes to stroke my cock with so that I let you live just long enough to shoot my seed into you."

As he speaks, he holds you still with one arm around your abdomen, using his free hand to grope your tits, bruising them with the force with which he is playfully squeezing and caressing them. You can feel him growing hard against your backside as he freely explores your body with impugnity.

Your crying gives way out outright wailing at his rough treatment of you underscores your fate as an object at his mercy. Or lack of.

"Please just kill me quickly..." your tunic rips under his touch and your breast slides through the opening, leaking onto his bare fingers.

He collects the moisture he feels on his hand from your exposed breast and holds it to his face, sniffing then licking it hesitantly. "The sow is pregnant...she has one of those lamb spawn inside her. We will have to cut it out and roast it for our celebration. Your kind make for tender soft meat, excellent meal. We know you have fertile womb though. That is useful. still intact. We could pump you full of our seed and make you bare our spawn. True warriors to fill our ranks and kill more worthless lambs like the one you carry. We'll tie you to the fence outside and let the men take turns on you."

At this you feel him laugh and grind himself against you. "You want to take our seed inside you, sow? You would rather we butcher you fast, that would be your wish? You are weak. And you will suffer. We have conquered you and your kind lay dead. You will suffer for your defeat and bare warriors for us."

As he urges his horse forward he squeezes your breast hard, his nails digging in. "Hold still, sow. I could drag you behind my horse instead of letting you rest here if you wish to be difficult. either way you will live to suffer more, I promise you."

"Just let me be with my people, and slay me too.." you sob, failing to find strength to resist him.

"You'll die soon, sow. As soon as I see fit. But first you're going to be entertainment for us. Your kind gave us no challenge at all and broke very easily. There was no fun to be had with them. Now only you are left. You will make this up to me. You will suffer for their weakness"

Pushing your head sharply to the side, he bites down savagely into the space between your neck and shoulder, just barely splitting the skin there and pulling at it, coming up after a moment, smiling from the taste. "Your lamb flesh is good and soft. You will make a good meal when we are bored with you."

You moan as he bites down into you. You can feel his arousal against you growing ever more obvious and as you continue riding he holds your hips, keeping you still as he rubs himself against you.

"Just.. throw me down under your horse, trample me to death.. Please dont do this to me.. please.." tears run ever more freely, carving lines under your eyes.

"Why should I not?" he takes your face under his hand, cradling your jaw between his fingers. "What can you do? What can you offer? Why should you not suffer when your suffering pleases me?"

He slip his fingers between your lips and forces them down your throat a bit. "What will you do? cry less if I show you mercy? You will earn a quick death. That is for warriors or those that bare warriors in their womb. You are a lamb bitch with weak lamb spawn inside you."

He slows as you approach the edge of his village and you can see fields of people run through with stakes in the ground, impaled, dismembered, some still hanging, softly moaning. He makes certain your head is turned up to see it

"Oh gods, no!" you recognize some familiar bodies and start to almost go limp from shock.

Climbing down, he drags you with him by the rope around your throat, having to pull you to your feet when you stumble. "Stay with me, sow."

He strikes you hard twice, going each way, and pulls you back to your feet. You can feel your teeth knock together and loosen, your tongue splits when they are driven into it by his blow and you start to drool, your head spinning.

"You will stay here and feel this. Or i can start skinning you cunt first. I promise you will be awake then."

Pushing you up against the wooden barricade, he forces your arms through the openings, coming around to pull them from the other side until your back arches from the pressure and you are flush against it, the edges and splinters of wood digging into you. Bending your arms and bringing your wrists together he secures them like that with a short length of rope.

He comes around to the front, taking his blade out to cut away the rest of the rags on you and casting them aside, standing there to admire your body as he smooths his free hand along your arm, down your shoulder and along your right breast. "look at these udders on her. They will make a fine trophy."

He brings the blade just under it. You can feel the cold of it's surface on your skin. The edge pricks a bit as he slides it up to the peak, taking hold of your nipple and pulling at it, lifting your breast, holding the edge of the blade to it, letting it split the skin a bit. "They will be even bigger if she survives with this lamb spawn inside her. But no. We must do something about that now."

He releases you and steps back, bending to caress your abdomen. "You will make a fine punching bag, until this problem is taken care of.." He smiles broadly in amusement, inhaling a bit and striking you in the ribs, enough to bruise you but it's obvious he is holding back considerably. He playfully slaps your face, turning it to the side, then bringing you back to look at him before he strikes you in the abdomen, a bit harder.

You wail in pain from the mounting disconfort of being stretched and beaten. The last hit leaves you winded and you sag forward, soiling yourself and coughing, spitting up bile and blood.

"Disgusting. filthy weak lamb bitch." at each word he knees you in the abdomen again. And again. Until the ropes split from the force of his blows shaking the barricade and you fall forward on your hands and knees in the grass. He kicks you sharply but lightly in the face to send you sprawling over on your back. "You will break before long, and we will have nothing to play with."

Taking your ankles and drawing your legs around him as he kneels between them, he pushes you down in the grass. "Maybe you need practice handling real cocks and and not those of lambs."

He is already pulling his cock free, and indeed it is engorged with desire as he holds the shaft from the back and guides it between your folds, holding himself over you.

Others are gathering, coming from the group that brought you, taking their own cocks out and stroking them in excitement.

"Ruin this lamb bitch's holes..Stretch her out for our use." He forces himself inside you, without hesitation, rubbing your walls raw as he impales you.

Above you two of them are holding your arms down and one is prodding at your face with his cock, clumsily trying to grasp your head and hold it still.

You are almost stunned but the weight of his fat thick cock wakes you up as it stretches you so wide it feels like being cut. You try to shout but another cock rams into your throat. It bulges as he fucks your windpipe, and your stomach seems like bursting as his cock hits your intestines again and again

He lifts your hips as he brutally strokes himself inside you, his fingers digging in as he pulls you onto him. The cock in your throat spasms and shoots a hot load into you, withdrawing and spilling cum and saliva all over your face.

"Swallow that warrior cum, lamb bitch. You did well as his cock sleeve, but i am not so easy."

The others are crowding around, slapping and groping at your tits. You feel another load splash on your face and your eye burns as it trickles into it.

He slams himself into you in frustration before withdrawing. "I will never finish with so loose a hole." Abruptly flipping you over face down, he braces his hand on your back, delving his fingers inside your anus. 

"Clean the bitch off."

You feel him spreading your anus wider for his use as streams of hot liquid begin soaking your hair and running down your face, more and more of it. Looking up, blinking through the salty sting you see the others gleefully pissing on you, one of them prodding at your lips now, trying to pry your mouth open so they can get it inside.

Whimpering through your nose, you claw at the dirt under you, knowing your humiliation and pain have only begun.

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Re: Lamb Flesh
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2020, 08:24:10 AM »
@SadoHedonist is there a part 2?

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Re: Lamb Flesh
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2020, 04:31:32 PM »
@SadoHedonist is there a part 2?

That's all I wrote on this story. It would start to get redundant if I just kept going and I got next to no reaction to this, so I haven't revisited it. I have one similar and a good deal of other content. What are you interested in?


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