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Six + One Equals Dead

He left the house quite satisfied but almost at once someone approached him and asked if he wanted to buy some hash. Lance grabbed the man's arm and slit open his wrist then yanked out his tendons. Using them he strangled the flabbergasted fool to death and laughed. Lance then searched the dead body and found quite a large amount of the drug and 10,000 credits which he greedily stuffed into his trench coat. He then stood up, towering over the fallen man. But suddenly a body builder in a tank top walked up and tried to help the man Lance killed get to his feet. The dude realized he was dead and looked at Lance.

"Hey man, I just found him like that." Lance said with a faint smile on his face.
"You think it's funny? I'll show you something funny!" the man said, flexing his chest muscles.

Lance laughed out loud at the 2.1 meter man who suddenly lunged at him. He caught the dude by the neck and quickly choked him to death then threw down the body and kept walking.

Lance then saw a dazzling brunette walking across the street. But using his enhanced optics, Lance saw a car speeding out of control toward the girl. He jumped out in the street and grabbed her seconds before the car approached. Startled, it took the woman awhile to realize what happened.

When she finally came to her senses she thanked Lance but he just ripped off her jeans and panties and shoved his huge, thick cock into her pussy and raped her on the sidewalk.

It didn't take long for people to see what was happening and a small mob formed and was preparing to attack Lance. Still humping the brunette with vicious, deep thrusts, Lance pulled out a TEC-9 and blasted the crowd with black talon bullets shredding them all and leaving nothing but bloody bodies piled everywhere.

After just 5 minutes of his brutal rape, Lance finally blew a think wad up the bitch's snatch. She cried out in pain, her pussy torn from Lance's immense rod. He pulled out and beat the young girl on the head with the butt of his gun until she was dead. Lance laughed at her body and her skull was completely smashed while blood and cum oozed from her twat.

He then saw 6 cunts jogging down the street. "Yeah bitches, it's time for fun." Lance said while gazing at them. "Enie meany minee moe, cut off a bitch's toe, from who will I make the blood flow?" he jested. Lance picked a long straight haired brunette who was about 24 and she was nice and ripe. He yanked her from the group as they passed by. "Stupid fucking bitch, it's time for pain, fucking whore!" screamed Lance in anger. He threw her onto a metal table and swiftly tied her arms and legs to the four corners using leather restraints. Then Lance opened a drawer under the table and inside were plenty of tools designed to cause extreme pain. All this just happened to be laying nearby.

But just then the other girls reacted and tried to attack him. He subdued the sluts via a directed low intensity shock front.

Then Lance then pulled out a tool with a small curved blade designed to be shoved under fingernails and rip them off. "Yes, this will do." he said, smiling. He rammed the tip of the blade under his captive’s left thumbnail and she howled in pain. Lance pushed it all the way under the nail and it dug into the soft meat. Then he quickly twisted the torture device tearing the fingernail completely off. The girl shrieked in torment, shaking her head back and forth, but couldn't stop the pain. Lance laughed and shoved a nail through the tip of her now mutilated finger.

He did the same to each of her fingers in turn, causing pain beyond pain and the woman convulsed and quaked, unable to inhibit this hideous persecution.
After mutilating the bitch, Lance pounced on her and shoved his throbbing dick into her pussy and raped her raw. He slammed her super hard, splitting the pretty young girl open and causing her to bleed all over his member. Feeling the warm plasma drench his cock excited Lance so much and he increased the speed of his thrusts, pumping her solidly. He banged the girl without mercy for half an hour then finally exploded deep in her cunt with sticky, gooey cum. "UHHHHHH!!!" screamed Lance in pleasure as he pumped what seemed like liters of sperm into the tied bitch. She just moaned, her will easily broken. Lance eventually pulled his spent rod from her assaulted pussy and groaned in satisfaction. He then hastily strangled her to death with piano wire which brutally dug into her soft flesh causing one last bit of pain before her sorry life was ended.

The other 5 girls started to come around when Lance poured ice water on them. “Bitches? Bitches??” he joked. One of the remaining whores suddenly became fully conscious and got off the ground. She saw the nearly decapitated body of her deceased friend and screamed.

“What is this??” she cried out, attempting to revive her fallen female comrade.
“You, bitch, you will be suffered!” was Lance’s simple reply. He grabbed the young adult cunt by one of her wrists and tossed her over the body of the deceased slut. “Lick her blood!” he ordered her.
“No! Please don’t make me!”
“Do it, do it now, or you all die.” he calmly expressed. She didn’t know that they will all die anyway. “Fucking do it!!!!” Lance suddenly screamed, now fully enraged.
Instead of complying with his sadistic command, the 19 year old girl took out a small pistol and pointed it at Lance while backing up.

“Seriously?” he snickered. The cunt opened fire and the discharged bullets merely turned to ashes against his personal force field. She then tried to run away with remarkable speed. “Enough of this!” the annoyed super killer remarked and matter transtated his Mega’ Blaster, then selected a barbed sniper cartridge. He took aim, and fired right at the back of her left knee. The hyper velocity shot hit its target almost instantly and she dropped to the ground crying as her entire knee was blown out leaving a gaping hole.

“Ahhh!! Fuck!” she screamed as Lance trotted over to her after kicking the 4 remaining bitches in the face to keep them from escaping. He reached her in seconds via his long legged stride.
“Poor cunt, how does it feel??” He laughed at her as she lay sideways grasping her destroyed leg. Her calf was held on by a few tendons and skin, and blood spewed forth. He grabbed the appendage and tore it completely off and threw it aside. Next Lance took a blow torch and used it to cauterize her gaping wound while she was fully awake. She shrieked in agony while he laughed. “Don’t want you to die too quick, do we?” he joked.

“Please, please stop.” she weakly cried. He laughed again and ripped off her shirt and bra.
“Let’s have a look at your fun bags. Ah, nice B cuppers.” he proclaimed while taking out a tin snip and quickly snipped off her left nipple. She screamed out in searing pain, but ignoring her, Lance next took a rusty, serrated filet knife and cruelly started digging and cutting at her bloody areola. After a few painful minutes, it became severed, and he forced her to eat it, while he ate her nipple. She spat it out though, which enraged Lance so he violently started to stab her breasts with the same knife. He stabbed them over and over and over, at least 30 times on each breast until she was basically de-breasted. The stupid cunt passed out right towards the end of this assault and Lance pissed on her face to wake her up. Some of the urine got in her mouth and he held back her head so it trickled down her throat. She began choking and woke back up to find Lance masturbating over her bloody body. He quickly came, and shot the load all over her chest.

Lance then grabbed her hair, flipped her over, and drove his still throbbing cock right into her ass with no lube. It easily tore her anus as his penis was enormous and it got even thicker once he was inside her since he became even more aroused. He thrust as hard as he could, shredding her, and she just sobbed. Apparently giving up.

But he wasn’t done. Lance shot another load deep in her bowels, pulled out, and made her suck him off. Shit, blood, and come covered his still swollen meat. She cleaned him quite nicely, surprising the sadistic rapist, and he congratulated her, then put a coarse rope around her neck and yanked it tight. He then tied it off and it was so tight that it dug into her skin. But, not letting her die that easily, he took an ice pick and jabbed out both of her eyes and ear drums. Blood dripped from her eye sockets and ears as she asphyxiated and the agony was intense. She was still alive though, so he raped her in the cunt while her face turned blue. He shoved so hard that he was sure he broke her cervix, if that was even possible, but definitely caused internal damage.

He then pumped her like a jack hammer and orgasmed as she finally passed away. “Fucking piece of shit!” he screamed and cut the body to pieces with a hacksaw.

“Four cunts left, eh? Oh what to do?” Lance remarked.

“Please mister, let us go. You had your fun, killing the rest of us is not worth going to jail for life!” they cried, thinking Lance actually had emotions, or cared. He obviously didn’t and just laughed at them. Lance then grabbed two of them at once, after putting a stun gun into the other two bitch’s cunts, frying them like eggs. He heard their twat juice sizzle and the 10,000 volts of electric torture easily subdued them.

“Now sluts. The time is now.”
“Time for what??” one of them cried, a super sexy, barely legal 18 year old slut with long, straight brunette hair, parted slightly to the one side with nice long bangs. Just what Lance liked.

“This!!!” he said and grabbed her by the hair. He swung her around and bashed the other cunt in the face with her body. She went down, knocked senseless. Lance then threw down the cunt he was holding and started kicking her in the crotch. The spiked boots he was wearing perforated her privates and blood soon soaked her jean shorts and panties. He tore them away and shoved the panties in her mouth, following with duck tape. Her screams now silenced, he went to work. Lance grabbed a pre-heated soldering iron and instantly pressed the burning hot tip right against her clit. It seared, burned, and just fucking annihilated the sensitive flesh. Even while gagged, Lance could hear her cries of agony. Next he did same to her pussy lips, this time sideways and just pushed the tip directly through the skin, piercing it. Finally after they were also ruined, Lance said fuck this, and raped her with the iron. He pushed it all the way to her cervix, making sure it fried it to a crisp. Then he pumped the tool in and out of her, making sure it scraped against the sides of her vagina causing unending pain.

It was too much for her and she mercifully fainted. But Lance slapped her face until she woke up then he started stabbing the sharp iron tip, still white hot, into her gut no less than 50 times. He didn’t go too deep, not wanting to cause life threatening damage, but the agony she felt was pure bliss to him. He was rock hard as always, and sliced open her belly button with an X-acto hobby knife just wide enough to fit his cock in, and raped her in this new hole. He could feel her warm innards as he roughly drew in and out. He got on top of her after fully inserting himself and began to crush her with his massive bulk. He busted a nut on her intestines, got a bit softer, than pissed inside her.

Her breathing was quite labored, and she could take in air only through her nose. He smiled and punched her in the mouth, then pinched her nose all the way shut. She already couldn’t breath because his full, nearly 550 pound frame, was on top of her, but she now suffered even greater. She started to convulse, and Lance broke a Sprite bottle half way and rammed the sharp glass into her throat severing several main blood vessels. She really reacted now, and the blood pouring from the wound excited Lance so much that he was compelled to rape her destroyed twat while still holding her nose shut. He quickly put himself inside her, wanting her to feel the rape as she dies. Blood squirted everywhere and he laughed, pulled out, and came on her tits. She perished, her useless, pathetic life was finished, over.

Lance wanted to head back to Acropolis, his home, and blasted the remaining three cunts with a flame thrower, and while they were fully covered in fire, tossed 20 gallons of sulfuric acid on them. The result was amusing and he re-dressed, and took off.


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