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Author Topic: The abduction of Hannah B Part 3(two minds one body)  (Read 452 times)

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The abduction of Hannah B Part 3(two minds one body)
« on: December 04, 2020, 04:41:24 AM »
Hannah stared at her reflection in the mirror for what seemed like hours to her but was only twenty minutes. The man who first interacted with her at the facility comes in to her cell pushing a cart with a t v monitor on it and puts it in front of her .

Hannah screaming, trying to ask questions as he walked behind her unbuckling the strap of the ball gag , a pop echoes in the room as the ball is removed from her mouth.

She screams/yells , who the fuck are you, why am I here, what have you done to me!

The man laughs as he says , who I am isn't important I'm not the one you'll be pleasing his names Mark , your new owner.


Well yes you are ,and this brings us to your second question "Hannah" you see you were selected by one of are scouts. He found you at the hospital you worked at , and he has Wright when he said you would be worth alot to the wright buyer.
Which brings us to your final question we done and are doing we were payed to do , turn you into a bimbo.


Before Hannah can say anything else the man taps the button sending a quick pulse thru her body.

Pp- please sir don't ss-shock me anymore.

As long as you do what your told "and don't fight back" you won't be shocked , understand?

Whimpering Hannah replays yes.

Good girl, now let's get started shall we he says as he picks up a small collar  from the cart Mark picked this out for you to wear during your training. He puts the new collar and removes the shock collar.

Before you try anything myself and my associate 's have stun guns on are side so don't think you won't be shock.

Hannah nods her head yes

He pulls her head back a half metal circle and fasten a strap around on her head keeping her from turning her head he then walks back to the cart, picking up a dildo and walks back to her.

Please don't pu-- , is all she could say before he forces it past her plump lips stopping with the tip resting on her tongue and fasten s a strap keeping her from spitting it out he then reaches under the chair on hooking a latch and spreading her legs he goes and retrieve s a vibrating wand and straps it to her thigh resting against her clit. The he moves the mirror from behind the monitor and places it beside it an then another one on the other side.

Ok Hannah this video is going to bring the tru you out don't fight it he says as he turns on the video.

He presses a button on a remote a buzzing sound comes from the collar.
Turning the wand on

Video clips of girls sucking cock start flashing pictures of bimbos randomly appear words submit let your tru self out flash rapidly

A few minutes in to the video the collar vibrates causing her to swallow

Disgusted at what sees being forced to watch say closes her eyes.

A female voice) HEY!! Open these eyes I was watching that rings thru Hannah's head.

(Hannah thinking to her self)
What's going on , great now I'm hearing voices.

(Female voice)
Shh your distracting me.

Hannah's tongue starts moving around the tip of the dildo

(Hannah thinking ) why is my tongue doing that I'm not moving it

( Female voice, bimbo Hannah)
AHH!! for someone so smart you can be so stupid at times, didn't you hear what he said this video is bring out your truck self.

Hannah and Bimbo Hannah argued back and forth for the next hour while the video played Bimbo Hannah s will keep getting stronger.

These training session went on for a few weeks when the collar was activated Bimbo Hannah's will got stronger but Hannah was still fighting to control her mind.
The clothing Mark bought and sent for Hannah/Bimbo Hannah , tight club dresses leggings tight shirts was given to her/them. Hannah tried to remove the collar a few times only to be shocked.

In the cell Hannah sits on the side of her bed suddenly the collar starts humming Bimbo Hannah takes control of the body and changes it to a club dress a few minutes later the cell door opens and a man walks in

( Hannah in the mind)
Fuck that's the guy who's balls I crushed.

(Bimbo Hannah thinking)
Relax I got this

(Hannah thinking)
Don't you even this is my body.

(Bimbo Hannah thinking)
Hee Hee not now it ain't. As she walks up to the man, sorry about what happened last time I saw you I wasn't ----

I know you wasn't in your right mind then

But I am now she says rubbing his cock thru his pants.   
Can I make it up to you she says , unbuckling his belt and undoing his pants

(Hannah thinking)

Bimbo Hannah pulls his cock out and starts rubbing and stroking it , kissing the tip licking the sides and the head , his cock twitches Bimbo Hannah knows his ready and forces it thru her lips moving her head back and forth she jerks her head back making a loud POP! when the head leaves her lips she does that a few more times.

(Hannah thinking)
Ohhhh god

Bimbo Hannah sucks his cock for awhile she can feel with her tongue that he's ready to cum

He takes control grabbing both pig tails and starts fucking her face he made sure to cum down her throat. He pulls his cock out of her mouth POP!!

Bimbo Hannah stands up

The man pulls some rope from his back pocket
Turn around and put your hands behind your back he says Bimbo Hannah did as she was told he ties her wrists and elbows together he grabs her ball gag that's hanging on the wall and starts to put it in her mouth

Why are you tying me up she asks

You are leaving us today we're shipping you to your owner he says as the gag is forced in her mouth. He walks her out of the cell and down the hall a little while later they stop at a door he opens it and they walk thru he stands her next to a few other bound girls. He says to the two men in the room #1226 and hands them a piece of paper and the remote for the collar and walks away one of the men pulls a girl over by a wooden crate the men pull a nylon sleeve over her the both start wrapping tape around her from toe to head after she was mummified one of the men grabbed a rag from a table and held it over her nose placing her in the crate they closed the top and screwed it shut.  Hannah watched this happen to the other girls now it was her turn nylon sleeve mummified cloroformed

To be continued
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