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Author Topic: The abduction of Hannah B  (Read 782 times)

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The abduction of Hannah B
« on: December 01, 2020, 05:46:55 AM »
Slow story leading to body modification's, slavery, inpregnation         

As the van stopped at the loading dock of the hospital the hunter double check to make sure nurse Hannah was on duty . Accessing the hospital's network he confirmed she scanned her I D in three hrs ago at 6:30 am and was on duty in the E R . making his way in the hospital his first stop was  the laundry room once there he gathered what he needed laundry Cart a stack of sheets . After changing into a pair of scrubs he made his way to the E R .  Out side the E R he holds his phone by a access scanner and tryped in a few numbers a few seconds later the automated door opens inside the E R he makes his way to supply closet and pushes the laundry Cart in. Back in the hallway he looks at the picture he has of her a pretty red head, slim the kind of girl that will bring a lot of money from the auction he looks down the hall for her  a few minutes later he sees her coming out of an exam room and start walking down the hall toward him. Excuse me nurse he says when she's close

Can you give me a hand he asks

Hannah smiles sure whatcha need

It's in here I need you to make sure these boxes don't fall on my head when I try to move them
Once in the supply closet he says if you could stand there by that laundry Cart  as she walks towards the cart he clap's his hand over her mouth  pulling a tranc pen from his pocket he jam's it in her hip


The dose works quick paralyzing her body as he pushes her in the cart his hand still covering her mouth he sees it's starting to work on her vocal cords her muffled scream going to a low hissp then silent as he lays her head down on the bottom of the cart . Turning her head towards the ceiling he brushes some hair off her face looking into her eyes as he says you'll grow to like your new life  unfolding sheets and throwing them over her body . Once she's hidden in the cart he makes his way back to the loading dock at the van he lifts her body into the van after closing the door he binds her wreist and elbows with zip ties  he stuffs a foam ball in her mouth and wraps tape around her head covering her mouth zipe tieing her knees and ankles  . He starts to go to the front of the van but notices her wedding ring he pulls it off her finger and climbs in the driver's seat picking up a some what small wooden box he opens the life and drops the ring in with over a hundred other ring's trophies from other woman he's abducted for auctions

Back at the facility Hannah is pulled from the van her body starting to recover from the tranquilizer she's cared into another room as the hunter that abducted her is given information on his next target

In the other room Hannah is struggling as she's set in a chair another man with a laptop comes over to her clicking the keys on the key pad

Hannah B aqwired 11-30-20 item # 1226
He typed

Setting the laptop down he stands Hannah up

Stop fighting or I'll have to stun you he yells

Hannah relactenly stops with tears rolling down her face

Her new captor pulls his phone out of his pocket and starts to takes a few picture of her walking behind her he pulls the stun gun from is side pulling her in close to his self he presses the stine gun in her side and pushes a botton sending the 1200 Volt's thru her body as he lowers her towards the floor dropping her about two feet away with a marker he writes #1226 across her gag motioning for the two that brought her in he says put her in cell 27  .

He uploads her pics on to the laptop and  creates  her profile for auction


30yrs old

Image attached.
Image attached
Image attached

And the adds her to the auction

A few hours justacaveman777 logs in to the auction site scrolling thru the new profile s frustrated still can't find the look or close to what he wants he sees #1226 click on her pics , she's the one his mind says

He looks at the timer 4:30 remaining

  With out hesitation he clicks high bid accepting the undisclosed asking price

A few minutes later a chat screen pops up on his computer

Congratulations justacaveman777 you are the new owner of #1226 a message was sent to your inbox  as you know we can alter her physically and mentally

     To be continued

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Re: The abduction of Hannah B
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2020, 07:38:38 AM »
Very good story, I’m looking forward to the next installment.

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Re: The abduction of Hannah B
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2020, 12:11:17 AM »
Love the idea of a profile, although it seems that I can't see any images?

Either way, I'm loving the story you're creating.


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