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Author Topic: A Controller's Torture Victims  (Read 950 times)

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A Controller's Torture Victims
« on: January 28, 2021, 08:57:15 AM »
The Controller always utilized copper wire that was flexible enough to complete the job.  Yet of a thick enough gauge to accentuate the pain. 

"Not this.  Please!  Oh, please s-sir...anything b-but this!  PLEASE!"

The girl to the left of the Controller was ungagged.  Her opposite facing her still had the invading dildo gag in place that had been inserted hours ago.  It made it extremely difficult for this girl to breathe.  Especially as the copper wire was causing her intense agony.

"Oh, please...PLEASE!  Just fuck us again!  PLEASE!  Oh...uugghh!  EE - aarrgggghhhh!!"

This helpless pair of pretty girls standing eye-to-eye were of mismatched height.  But the Controller's in-progress game necessitated that the nipples of one girl be perfectly level with that of the other.  So the blonde victim - the one pleading pathetically for mercy - was propped up by six inch stiletto heels to bring her petite frame up to the height of the much taller brunette.  Each slut had extremely pretty breasts.

"Ohhhh, it hurts!  Please!  PLEASE!  N-not this...please not this again.  UU - uugghhhhhh!!"

Two weeks of tandem rape had brought these one-time strangers close together.  As mere victims who needed each other as allies.  In order to (hopefully) survive.  Now - strung up naked with their arms pulled agonizingly above their heads and their ankles roped tight to 'O' rings recessed in the flooring at their feet - the girls frantically looked into each other's eyes hoping for a way out.  Hoping for mercy. 

"Don't you desire to fuck me sir?  Don't you want to rape BOTH of us sir?  PLEASE!!"

The electric current would be applied much later that evening.  For now the Controller was content with piercing (for a third time!) the aching nipples of his slaves.  With a devilish instrument that both held the breast tip steady whilst also sending a needle-sharp lancet laterally to create an opening suitable for wound copper wire.  It was with the insertion of this copper strand that the sadist was currently engaged in.  Resulting in excruciating pain for the girls who had to bear the additional humiliation of seeing each other suffer face to face.

"I'm...I'm begging you sir.  PLEASE!  You...y-you like my ass sir, yes?  PLEASE!  Fuck our asses!  Rape both our asses again s-sir!  PLEASE!!  EEEE - uugghh!!  UU - uugggghhhh!!"

The wire was flexible enough to complete the job.  But more than thick enough to be considered part of the torture.

"PLEASE FUCK US!  PLEASE!  EE - aarrgghh!  UUUU - uugggghhhhhh!!  PLEASE FUCK US BOTH!"

Their nipples were perfectly level.  And the Controller thought the annoying blonde with the filthy mouth looked especially fine atop those stiletto heels that brought her breasts level with that of the other pig.  This uniformity of breast height allowed the Controller to yank and twist the copper wire in a series of scream-inducing figure eights.  He was winding the strands in such a way that the girls' abused nipples were being (painfully) crocheted closer and closer together with the copper wire.  Distending their helpless breasts inwards towards each other and inflicting unbearable pain.  So much so that the brunette with the dildo inserted down her throat was propped up on tip toe in a degrading attempt to even slightly lessen her own blinding agony. 

"I'm sorry we're whores!  I'M SO SORRY!  PLEASE!  EE - aaaarrrrgggghhhhhhhh!!  FUCK ME!"

The electricity would come much, much later.  For now Theresa and Debbie would have to content themselves with the copper wire that was just flexible enough and more than painful enough.  Just like their two previous sessions Belowstairs.  And exactly like their Controller had planned for the day after tomorrow.  Helpless girls with wonderful breasts had legitimate value to him.  Especially if they screamed for mercy. 

"EE - aaaarrrrgggghhhhhh!!  Please!  Fuck...f-fuck us!  Fuck b-both of us!  PLEASE!!  Not again...not again.  PLEASE!  I'm a whore!  RAPE ME!  Pl-please!  PLEASE!  EE - AARRGGHHHH!!"
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