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Author Topic: Celebrating and Using Policewomen's Behinds  (Read 272 times)

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Celebrating and Using Policewomen's Behinds
« on: January 28, 2021, 02:37:12 PM »
Custodes nates femina

I sing the praise of policewomen’s arses
In edgy dramas, jokes and farces.
They used to be on cards to post;
They’re on the internet, though most
Belong to a model, not a copper,
Since real cop porn is thought improper;
But some fine men, both sly and bold,
Hunt real cop rumps, and may strike gold:
Some waddling cop-girl rears are “candid”
For men to grab, if lecherous-handed.

Some cop-girl rears are fat and wobbly,
Demanding canes both cruel and knobbly.
A few, though vast, are taut and tight,
So when their owners lose a fight,
When spanked, these rumps are lushly bouncy,
And may be shown around the town, see?
Some cop-girl arses are called pert:
If round, they’re fine to bare and hurt.
Only the flat ones you should pass by
To find another for an arse-fry.

Near every bold or devious criminal
Has thoughts deep, dark, but not subliminal
About police girl bitches’ rears:
They dream of beating, stripping, tears
And to imagined music martial,
They roughly rape police-girl arsehole.
Some villains sell poor girls for cash
And rescuing cop-girls rather rash;
And many a pimp and heroin dealer,
Chased by a cop, contrives to steal her,

To crush her whitey or her black pride
And fuck her big and bouncy backside:
First up her arse goes manly dick
And then she gets a little prick.
It’s so hilarious, just and funky
To make a police-girl bitch a junkie.
To sell her cunt she plies the street;
Her arse looks good enough to eat
And it is right and it is funny:
She gives her conqueror all the money.

Police-girls’ panties may be yellow,
So rip them off as “Help!” they bellow.
Policewomen’s panties may be pink
And of their cunts and arse-holes stink;
Police-girls’ panties may be violet –
That cunt inside? You may defile it.
Policewomen’s panties may be white
And frilly-fringed and much too tight;
Police sluts’ panties may be turquoise
For lads to sniff and slyly smirk, boys.

So if you spot a lovely constable
In Delhi, Tokyo or Dunstable,
Muse on her panties’ size and hue
And how the slut’s arse is to screw.
If she should sternly chase a mugger,
Then brick her: she’ll be fun to bugger.
If on a paedophile she picks,
Then give her arse a few good kicks,
For raping her’s a real banger
And if it turns you on, then hang her.

Then as for men to view she dangles,
With buttocks, tits and cunt and bangles,
Then raise your phone and take a snap
To show the end of all her crap.
To keep in mind sweet Yua or Sophie,
Collect her panties for a trophy.
She’ll no more stalk past men aloof:
Of male triumph she is proof.
Then for the meat arrive the pillagers:
Her arse will feed a dozen villagers.



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