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Author Topic: Hurting The Second Girl  (Read 449 times)

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Hurting The Second Girl
« on: February 12, 2021, 05:49:25 PM »
I marched them both downstairs with the thought of instilling a bit of discipline inside the first and then enjoying the second.  I had the right.  Lord knows I had the opportunity.

The first girl was sobbing because she knew she had let me down.  My discipline - the severe reprimand - was intended for her.  The second girl was moistening her lips and showing off her bare legs as an invitation.  My enjoyment - the sweet domination - would come from her.

Courtesy of her mouth.

So it came as a surprise to both when after I had locked the door behind us I forced the naked, sobbing girl to her knees and shoved my erection halfway down her throat.  Making her brown eyes go ROUND as saucers.  And making she of the newly moistened lips and the blatantly displayed legs go stark white with pure fear.   

The downstairs is expressly for the hurting of girls and the enjoyment of girls.  Oftentimes it doesn't matter if they're the first one inside or the second.  What matters is that I have the right and I have the opportunity.  Katey and Lisa know that now......
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