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Author Topic: Deep Into The Woods with PlaysWithKnives  (Read 355 times)

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Deep Into The Woods with PlaysWithKnives
« on: February 14, 2021, 07:31:07 PM »
The following is a one-on-one roleplay between @PlaysWithKnives and @RopeNRoughness, edited and published with the consent of both.

EXTREME CONTENT WARNING: This roleplay contains extreme violence, including mutilation, bone breaking, vomiting, and snuff.

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Re: Deep Into The Woods with PlaysWithKnives
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2021, 07:31:22 PM »
Mandy, a 25 y/o woman who likes to travel for vacation and has booked an AirBNB for 2 weeks near a national forest.  She works as a receptionist at a legal firm and answers phones all day.  She told her job, friends and family that where she's going there's no cell service and don't worry if she doesn't check in.  She did this intentionally because she wants to get away from being connected 24/7.  She's planning on going trail hiking for a few days, swimming in the lakes, maybe rent a boat to go fishing.  She just wants to get away and relax on her own.  Commune with nature and recharge.

She's petite, 5'2", and 125 lbs, with long straight black hair and green eyes.

She'll be walking to a forest trailhead, down the road wearing khaki hiking shorts, button up flannel over a white t-shirt, socks and hiking boots.  She will have a backpack with granola bars, jerky, some water, some baggies, handi-wipes and a map of the National forest.

A rugged individualist type, living in a cabin deep in the woods on a small bit of private land adjacent to the national forest.  He towers over most women at 6'3", and has an imposing bulky build from chopping wood and hunting wild game.  He'll be out hunting when Mandy is out hiking, wearing canvas overalls, hiking boots, a plaid, flannel, button-up shirt, mirror shades, and a hunters cap.  His facial features are hidden under a thick, bushy beard, his arms are hairy, and his hands are rough and callused.

I am just finishing getting geared up to make my rounds, checking up on my territory in the surrounding woods.  It's remote enough that the park rangers don't bother me.  Just the occasional stupid tourist, who are always easily scared off by my animal calls.  I have no idea how good the game is going to be today.  It's just another ordinary day in the wilderness as far as I know.

I sling my my bag and rifle over my shoulder and head out the door of my cabin into the early morning of the dew-covered forest.

I awake to the chirping of birds outside the window.  I yawn, stretch and leap out of bed.  It's the first full day of my vacation and I plan to make the most of it.  I wander into the kitchen of the rental cottage and put on some coffee to brew.  I cook some scrambled eggs and toast while waiting, then take my breakfast out to the porch.  It's a beautiful day and I can see the edges of the park forest that I plan on exploring thoroughly.  I've marked several of the trails on the map so thoughtfully provided by my rental host and I can't wait to get out there, in the silence of the woods, away from the constant hectic rush of the city and my job.

I finish eating and clear the dishes, pouring myself another coffee to drink while I get ready.  Rummaging through my suitcases I put on my underwear, a pair of thick socks, khaki shorts, white t-shirt and plaid button up.  I struggle into my new hiking boots; a little tight but they'll loosen up soon, and throw my hair in a ponytail.  I pack a few essentials in a backpack and I'm ready to go.  For today, I've chosen a rather remote trail.  Not recommended for beginners, but I like the idea of solitude.  I'd rather not have to make small talk with anyone I might meet along the way.

Backpack on and boots laced up tight, I step out of the cottage, take a deep breath of the wonderful fresh air, and I'm on my way.

I make my around one of my usual routes, listening for movements in the bush and checking my traps.  I always take a different route each day to avoid trampling a visible pathway in the ground.  Most of the traps are untouched, but one of them snared a pheasant, which I carefully remove and attach to my pack.  "That's tonight's meal sorted," I think to myself.

A little later on, I stop to admire the view from a clearing on raised ground.  The mountains with the rolling forest canopy, the distant roar of the waterfall, the blue sky with some picturesque clouds.  And not a human in sight.

And then that's when I notice you, approaching far in the distance, but without a doubt in mind my mind, heading my way.  My mood darkens at the sight of another human in my territory.  I raise my hands to my mouth to make an intimidating animal cry, but hesitate.  I notice how young and fit you are.  It occurs to me that it's been a long time since I had a woman, and I feel a long-forgotten sensation rising in my loins.
"I think I'll be hunting some… endangered game today," I say to myself out loud.

Having reached the trailhead, I picked my way through dense scrub before emerging into a relatively clear area laying before the forest. "Beautiful," I sighed.  I stopped and took in the view, breathing deep of the smells of nature and feeling completely relaxed for the first time in years.

Alright, get moving! I think to myself, Have to make time if I want to complete the loop before dark.

I began crossing the clearing, socks and shoes damp with grassy dew the sun had not yet burned away.  Mid-way I stopped and slung off my pack to get a drink of water.  As I drink, I think I hear a rustling sound.  I glance around with excitement, I hope that’s a deer!, I would love to see some out here!  I wait a moment, but the noise never repeats.  "Oh well… Maybe I’ll get to see some wildlife in the forest," I say to myself.  I put the half finished bottle of water in my pack and continued to approach the tree line.

I watch as you enter the clearing, look around, take a drink, and make your way further into the forest.  When you pass my hiding spot in the thick scrub, I take my shot, deliberately missing your head by mere inches and hitting a tree, sending tiny flakes of bark flying.  I step out to show myself, pulling the bolt to chamber another round.
"Next one won't miss," I say plainly, "In case you're thinking of running like a scared animal.  Sorry to disappoint you," I add, "But that wasn't a deer you heard."

As the tiny fragments of rough bark fly past me, and a millisecond later I hear the *BLAM!* I startle and freeze, ducking down a bit.  I hear a rustle and look round with widened eyes and racing heart to see a bear of a man, rough and intimidating, step clear of some bushes.  He chambers another round and growls "Next one won't miss, in case you're thinking of running like a scared animal.  Sorry to disappoint you, but that wasn't a deer you heard".

Fuck, fuck, fuck! I think, What the hell is this?!
"Please, sir… I didn’t realize I was on your property.  I didn’t see any signs… and… and…" I start to babble and back away slowly till my back is pressed up against a tree trunk, "I’m so sorry, I didn’t see any signs and, ummm, I’ll just go back the other way, okay?" I force my face into a broad smile desperately hoping this giant will calm down and put his gun away.

"Oh, it's not my property, miss," I flash a lecherous grin and advance on you, gun pointed at your face, "I just hunt here, and you're today's game."
I get close enough to rest the gun barrel on your collarbone.
"On your knees, cunt."

I gasp as you walk toward me, I can see the venom in your eyes and I feel a cold wash of dread flow down my body.  I grasp at the bark of the tree trunk behind me and gasp as the gun touches my collarbone.
"On your knees, cunt."
Hearing that, my whole body starts to shake, from fear, from adrenaline.  My legs start to buckle and as I go down I blubber "Pleasepleaseplease, oh god please, do you want my backpack?  Please, just take it!!  Do you want money??  I don’t have much but I’ll give you everything I have just please *sob* please leave me alone!!"

"Why?  What's in your bag?" I sneer, "Is it better than what's in your pants?"
I flip the rifle around and bash you in the head sideways, throwing you to the ground.  I circle around your splayed out body as you clutch your head in pain, wrench your arms back, and bind your wrists with a length of paracord, a survivalist's most versatile tool.

After testing your restraints, I turn my attention to your bag and root through your belongings.
"You travel light, rookie," I say bluntly, "You might have gotten lost and died out here if I hadn't come along.  C'mon, get up."
I haul you up to your feed by the collar of your overshirt and jab you in the back with the rifle barrel.
"Let's go," I say, directing you further into the forest and in the direction of my cabin.

A brief moment of crawling horror at hearing those words… a dawning understanding of what they mean… *CRACK!* and sudden overwhelming pain as I fall to the ground.  I clutch my head, ears ringing and vision fuzzy… then my arms feel like they're being torn out of their sockets as they're manhandled roughly and bound with cord.  My face in the dirt, nose blowing dirty little clouds of dust, I can just make out you pawing through my backpack.  I'm still in shock from the blow, and twisting my hands and arms, fruitlessly trying to free them.

I barely notice your return until I'm dragged to my feet, choked momentarily by my own collar.  I start to hyperventilate, the initial adrenaline wearing off, full shock setting in.  Feeling the rifle pushing at my back, my face crumbles as tears start to flow.  Oh god, please god just let me get away, please give me an opportunity, I think, as, weeping and dirtied, I begin to unsteadily walk in the direction you are prodding.

I walk you through the forest without saying a word, giving you a sharp jab in the ribs whenever you stumble or slow down.  After about 45 minutes of walking, we reach my cabin.  It's small and tucked away in a dense part of the woods, but cozy, quiet, private, and roomy enough for one person to live comfortably without feeling cramped.

When we reach the front door, I push my foot into the back of your knee, forcing your legs to buckle and drop to your knees.  I keep my rifle pressed to your head as I walk around you to unlock and open the door.  I then step back and command you to stand, then march, and then I bash you between the shoulderblades with the butt of my rifle, throwing you facefirst onto the hardwood floor.  I step through the door, closing it behind me, and step over your battered body, letting out a deep chuckle.  I realise that I'm really starting to enjoy myself.

As I'm marched in front of you, I slowly regain some of my senses.  *Oh holy fuck… I’ve got to get away somehow… he has to put that gun down sometime, just need to wait for the right moment… I intentionally stumble a few times, hoping for an a slight distraction, an opportunity to present itself but you just silently jam the gun barrel into my ribs and propel me forward once more.

After walking in silence for what seemed like forever, I see a small cabin up ahead.  Increasingly panicked, I think, No no no no I can’t go in there I don't wanna go in there please god please help me.  Almost to the door, I’m ready to sprint back into the trees once your attention shifts, but suddenly I’m collapsed to my knees, with the cold hard gun barrel pressed to my head.  I begin to grovel and cry, "Please mister *sob*, I don’t want to be here *sob* please don’t kill MEEE!!"  Terrified, my eyes squeezed shut, I hear your barked commands and shakily get to my feet.

I take two small and reluctant steps forward and "AHHhHH!!" I scream as the rifle butt smashes into my spine like a hammer and I fall, smashing my cheek and eye on the floor.  Pain signals from my arms, head, face and back threaten to overwhelm me. *Uhhhhhhhgg* I cry, rolling to one side I pull my knees up to my chest, body shaking as I hear your threatening laugh.

"We're going to have some reaaaaal good quality time getting to know each other," I say, circling you as you lay on the floor, "Intimately," I add, speaking right into your ear after pulling you up by your hair.
I am lowered down on one knee, still looming over you on your knees and dangling from my hand by your hair.  The rifle is propped up on the stock with me holding it halfway down the barrel, which I tilt and place under your chin.
"So, girlie," I say in a conversational tone, "What's yer name?  What brings you to these parts?  I don't get many visitors as pretty as you."

I cringe, eyes filled with tears squeezing shut, and straining to pull my face as far away from yours as I can with my hair in your hand.  When I feel your hot breath, hissing the word "intimately" into my ear, I start to shake uncontrollably.  When you place the gun under my chin my bladder lets loose and a few drops of urine darken the crotch of my shorts.  I'm crying uncontrollably now, sobbing hard. I struggle to control myself and answer your questions, terrified that any delay may get me killed.

"Mu-mu-*sob*-My name is Mandy, sir," *sob* *sniff* "I'm here on holiday," *sniff* "And uh, my friends are expecting me back really soon!" My sobbing under better control now, "So if I don't come back soon they'll start looking for me and call the police!" *sniff* "So, if you just let me go now, there won't be any trouble.  I swear it.  On my mothers grave I swear it, I won't tell anyone what happened," I plead, pleading with all my might.  I never was religious, but I started praying that I would get out of this, away from this place and away from you.

"Uh huh," I say, clearly unconvinced, "You know I can smell lies on people's breath?"  I look down to your darkened shorts.  "I think you'd be a bit more confident if you really had friends looking for you.  No, you came out here all alone, didn't you, Mandy?"
I laugh at your sniveling and prop the gun against the wall, leaving my hand free to start unbuttoning your shirt, from top to bottom.
"I see you layered up.  That's one smart thing you did today."
I undo the last button and start to pull your white T-shirt up over your breasts.
"Not even a sports bra?  Tsk tsk, that's a good way to ruin your perfect tits, Mandy," I look you in the eye as I spit your name like an insult, while flicking and pinching your nipples."

"Wait now, did you say your mother's grave?" I ask in a tone of mock concern, "Why a young thing like you shouldn't have lost your mother already.  Tell me how'd she die?"
I keep fondling your breasts as if this is a perfectly normal for people to converse, not even looking you in the eye.

I let out a small, high-pitched squeak of despair as you cruelly mock me, seeing right through my ruse.  I start sobbing again when your rough callused thick fingers fumble open the buttons of my flannel, sobbing even harder when you reach down and pull my T-shirt up exposing my breasts.

I'm hyperventilating, chest heaving and heart beating so fast it feels like it's going to explode.  I almost manage to stutter a soft plea before you roughly grope my breasts.  Feeling your fingers pinching my nipples sends a wash of dread throughout my body and I try to twist away from the touch while dangling from my hair.  My heart is beating so hard, fluttering like a small trapped bird in my chest.

When you look at me, with such dispassionate cruelty and say my name insultingly, I wail in terror.  No one has ever treated me this way, ever in my life… I'd been pampered, protected… Now treated as a mere plaything I can’t quite believe this is real.  This is all a dream, all a bad dream, I’m going to wake up, safe in bed and I’m going to just pack up and leave and go back home, this is just a dream.

I barely register your words through the hopeful chanting thoughts in my mind… *sob* "My mother? *sob* "She, s-she died in a car crash when I was 9, sir…"  Get him talking, maybe if he sees you as a person he will let you go, "Is your mother still alive, sir?" *sobsniff* "Do you have any sisters?" I ask hopefully as you continue to maul my breasts.

I ignore your questions and carry on with my taunting.
"Such a shame, such a shame," I say, still staring at your chest, "But one less person to miss you.  Now," I continue, tossing you on your back, "Let's get those soiled pants off of ya."
I reach down and pull legs out straight, then unbutton and unzip your shorts and pull them down your legs by the ends of the pant legs and over your feet, tossing them aside on the floor.
"Aww, you poor thing, you must have really had to go," I say, looking at the soaked crotch of your underwear, "Let's get those off, too."
I reach down again and whip your panties off even faster, a let your legs fall to the hard floor.
"That's much better," I say with a ravenous hunger in my voice, "Now you're dressed for the occasion, Mandy."

"Ooof!" My breath is knocked out of me as you toss me back like a rag doll.  I'm trying to get my lungs working again, and still processing the cruel comment you made, so I don't notice as my shorts are pulled off so quickly.  But once I feel the cool air on my legs, I'm hyper aware of the way you are staring at my body, like a snake stares at a mouse.  Before I can even scream, react, anything at all, you move so fast and I'm fully exposed.

I hear the menace in your words and with my first full, deep breath I scream shrilly "Nooooo!!!!" And start pushing myself backward on the rough floor with my legs, not even registering the pain of the splinters and scrapes appearing on my hands and back as I frantically try to back away.  I scream and scream, hoping that someone, anyone will hear.

I laugh at your feeble attempts to evade me and attract attention.  I slowly advance on you as you push yourself back.
"Where you tryin'a go, little lady?  You want to move things to the bedroom already?  Haha!  Naw, we should take things nice an' slow."
I close the distance between us.
"And I'd appreciate it if you would keep QUIET," I bring my boot down on your guy with that last word, pinning you to the ground and knocking the wind out of you once again.  I lean down and add, grinning, "Not that there are any neighbours to disturb or anythin'."

I'm furiously backpedaling along the floor as I scream at the top of my lungs, starting to shake my head, "Nonononono!!" as you advance on me.  I squeeze my eyes shut, tight; I don’t want to see your face, don’t want to acknowledge what is happening.  So I’m absolutely unprepared for a hard boot slamming into my abdomen, leaving me gasping for air once more.

The pain of your weight is like an anvil dropped on my innards… I can’t breathe, I can’t move, all I can do is lay there gasping like a fish out of water, hungry for air as you lean in close and demolish my last hope for escape.

I remove my boot and smile at the dirty impression it left on your bare flesh.  "So here's what's going to happen," I say, as I begin circling you once again, just like almost an hour ago when I first abducted you, "You are going to do everything I want, or I'll leave you out for the bears.  You will not want to do anything I want, but you want to live to visit your mother's grave again, so you will be obedient, or you end up down the waterfall.  Oh, shut up," I give you a sharp kick in the side when you start wailing at my death threats.

I stop pacing to remove my overalls, and then I remove my underpants, exposing my hairy legs and groin, my erection at almost 90°.  My plaid shirt is still covering my arms and torso, but you can see the hair on my belly peeking out from the hem of the shirt.
"So," I say, looking down and looming over you, "Do you wanna fight?  Or are you gonna be nice and pliant, like a good little slut?"
The question posed to make you feel horrible either way: making it clear that resistance will get you hurt, but cooperation means humiliation.  And the worst bit, for you, is that I will enjoy myself either way.  I'm almost giddy with the thoughts of all the things I can do with you, trying to decide where to start while I wait for your answer.

When you lift your foot I immediately roll to my side and draw my knees up to my chest, in the fetal position with my hands behind my back.  I manage small hitching breaths as you slowly circle, heavy boots vibrating the floor around me.  My mind is racing, ohmygodhesgoingtokillmeeeee and manage a high wail of despair “Aaaaaaaah–!“ abruptly cut off by the savage kick to my ribs.

I hear cloth rustling, and slit my eyes open to see your bare legs, covered in thick hair… slowly drag my eyes upward to see with horror your thick erect member nestled in a patch of fur, slightly pulsing with your arousal ohgodohgod.  I shut my eyes tight again as I listen, as you deliver the choice I must make.

Do whatever it takes to survive, that’s all that matters, just do what he wants and get it over, just…
"I’ll be good for you, sir, I swear justpleasedon’thurtmeplease," I babble with panic.
Just get through it just get through it and survive, Looping over and over in my mind you begin to come closer, I can smell your aroma, a dense, male sweat mixed with pine and dirt. My body is trembling, chest heaving with rapid breaths with the dread anticipation… and my mind snaps.
"NOO! FUCK YOU DONT YOU TOUCH ME NOOOO!!" I scream so loudly my voice breaks with the strain.  My torso is bucking, and my legs are scissoring, flailing and kicking out savagely at you, "YOU FUCKING STAY AWAY FROM MEEE!"

"I was hoping you'd say that," I say with a sadistic chuckle.  I take a knife from my overalls and without another word, step out of the cabin, closing the door behind me.  I select a thin but firm branch from a nearby willow tree and snap it off, pare it down with my knife, tapering it at the end, and return to the cabin, wielding the freshly-crafted switch over you.

I let the terror sink in before raising my arm and bringing the thin strip of green wood down on your exposed body.  *LASH!!*  And again.*LASH!!*  And again. *LASH!!*  And AGAIN! *LASH!!*  And again and again and again! *LASH!!* *LASH!!* *LASH!!!*  I carry on like this for several minutes, working over every surface of your body.  Every time you try to cover yourself from the pain, you expose another surface for me to beat.

I finally stop, toss the branch to the floor, and think about what I'm going to do to you next.
"Well..." I say with a sigh, "That was a good warm up."

Hearing you move away, I stop my shrill screams, just in time to see you take out your knife.  Fuuckkknoooohesgoingtokillmeee, races through my mind as a terrified expression appears on my face.  But you don’t come back, you go out the door… I'm puzzled but hugely relieved, thinking I’d scared you off with all of my noise.  Maybe I wasn’t worth the trouble and you’d given up.  Oh thank god, I think.

I was just starting to try and work my wrists free when the door slammed open and suddenly you’re looming over me again, brandishing a long, thin, green stick.  I freeze, eyes locked on the stick… Whaaaa then a thin, white hot line of fire as the stick is brought down.  "Ahhhhhhh!!!  Ahhhh!!!  AHHH!!!" I scream, over and over, throwing my body from side to side, wriggling desperately as you whip my tender flesh mercilessly.

Then… it stops.  I immediately roll on my side and press my face into the floor, sobbing, my body feels like it’s covered in a lacework of pain.  Distantly, through the sound of my own crying I hear, "Well..that was a good warmup," and my mind just breaks.  Finally accepting that I had no escape, never had any chance at all.  I just lay there, keening high pitched mindless noises into the hard wooden floor.

I pause for a moment to take in the beautiful sight of your misery, before hoisting you over the arm of the sofa.  I lift your arms up, painfully wrenching your shoulders and pressing your face into the scratchy fabric, and run my fingernails down your back, crossing every burning line I just made with the pine switch.  Then, still holding your arms up like a lever on your body, I take my cock and press it up against your slit, but not penetrating you just yet, instead keeping you in suspenseful dread, pushing your arms up slowly, further and further forward, until your shoulders can't go any further, and then I slide myself into your helpless body, letting out a deep groan of pleasure.
"Ohhhhh-ho-ho-hoo, you've no idea how good that feels after so long..."
I let your arms fall back down so I can grip your hips with both hands and soak up the intense sensation for a moment.

Hauled off the floor and thrown over the sofa arm, my legs buckle and shake.  I can feel you right behind me, your hairy legs brushing up against the welts on my smooth calves and thighs.  You lean forward, pushing my arms painfully up and forward at an unnatural angle and I feel roughed jagged fingernails scraping harshly down my back, setting each fresh welt on fire again.  Then I feel a smooth, hard insistent pressure between my legs.

"Oohhhnoooo please no," I cry out, as you push my arms forward even more; the pain is unbearable, almost as unbearable as the knowledge that you will soon be inside of me.  I attempt to wiggle my pelvis, to lean forward to relive some of the pressure on my arms and dislodge your penis where it waits just at the entrance to my slit, but all I accomplish is lifting my ass higher, giving you a better angle to enter my body.  You immediately plunge in, one hard long stroke, pushing in and abrading my sensitive vaginal lips, stretching me wide until you're firmly seated deep within.  Disgusted, humiliated, I can feel your penis hard and warm and thick inside me, your hairy crotch pressed tight against my backside.  Your groan of pleasure only make it worse.

My arms drop to my back, free of the pressure there now, but all I can think about is what is to come, as you firmly grip my backside with fingers like steel.  I turn my face down into the rough sofa and cover the fabric with my tears

After enjoying the initial sensation for a moment, I pull back out, all the way, and slam into you again, repeating the immensely pleasurable sensation of entry, and forcing you to relive the initial violation again and again.  I soon move on, remaining inside of you and pumping away, grinding on your backside like an animal.

Throughout the act, I move my hands around to manipulate your body.  At first I just hold onto your hips.  After I grow tired of that position, I pull you up by your hair, forcing your back to arch and giving me a better angle inside you.  Then I push your hands up your back, forcing your arms to bend painfully at the elbows.  Not to make my ride any better, just to hurt you for fun, just to make you wail in pain some more.

It doesn't take me long to finish, not having had this pleasure in such a long time, but I don't try to hold back and last longer, since I can keep you around for my use whenever I want.  As I feel myself coming close, I pull you further up, to almost vertical, so that your face is right beside mine, my hot breath on your cheek.  And then I climax, growling in pleasure, my hips spasming.  I bite down on your shoulder as I slowly rock my hips up against you, working out every last drop of my load into your vulnerable womb, and hold my free hand over your mouth as you wail.

And then I let you drop, pull out, and step away from you, finally satisfied, for now.

As you pull out, I tighten up, squeezing as hard as I can, but you slam back in past my feeble resistance.  "Ughh… ughh… ughhh” I groan as my body is pushed forward and scraped along the rough fabric of the couch with each hard thrust.  I feel your fingers dig in harder when your thrusts get shorter and faster.  And the noises, oh god the noises… hearing your grunting and pelvis slapping against my backside, it’s unbearable.  "Nooo no no no no, this isn't happening this can't be happening," I groan into the sofa.

"Waaaah!!!" I scream as my face is hoisted off the sofa, pulled to arch my back by your grip on my hair.  I can feel you thrusting even deeper now, painfully hitting my cervix with every stroke.  I begin to whine through gritted teeth, a low desperate noise "huuuunnnnnh," which turns to higher shriller screams as my arms are wrenched up "AhHhHhAAHHH!!"

I feel you speed up, your cock seeming to get larger and harder as you pound into me.  I hear your breath getting ragged and I'm cruelly wrenched back even further, back screaming with pain, breasts pushed out and bouncing in time with your thrusts.  Your grunts of pleasure blow hot in my ear, inducing a fresh round of shrieking, “nOOOoO!” I feel you slam into me roughly, over and over spasming as you release deep inside of me, uttering a low primal growl before you savagely sink your teeth in my shoulder and clap your hand over my mouth.

Held, trapped I can only quiver and shudder while you push in, planting your seed deep inside.  Oh god no, he came inside me… Please god don’t let me get pregnant please please, I’m begging, praying to any god that will listen.  Soon, your cock, slimy with cum and my juices, slides out and I’m dropped back over the sofa arm.  Burying my face in the cushion again I sob, hard jagged sobs of despair as your hot cum leaks out of my sore and roughly used vagina and down my leg.  "Please sir, pleeaase!  You've gotten what you wanted, please let me go now p-please!  I promise I won’t tell anyone, just let me gooo!" I plead through my tears.

"Let you go?" I say incredulously, wiping my cock off on a dry part of your shorts, "Heh heh..." I start to laugh, at first a light chuckle, then a louder, deeper laugh, then roaring belly laughter.
"Do you think that just because I live out here on my own that I'm stupid?!" I roar, "Let you go?  So you can go tell the cops and the media about the mean man in the forest?  No..." my voice lowers again, "You're mine now, you stupid bitch."
I toss your shorts to the floor once again.
"Promise I won't tell anyone," I repeat your words in a mocking voice, "God, you must think I'm simple."

My moods shifts back to mirth when I look at your backside and at my semen dripping down your leg.
"Maybe I'll keep you 'round for a while," I slap your ass and give it a squeeze, "If you give me a strong baby boy, I'll have a use for you.  We can start a family out here.  I teach him how to live off the land, while you stay here at home, chained up in the kitchen."
I stand you up and walk you around the sofa arm and push you down to sit on the sofa seat, where I sit beside you, one arm around your shoulder, my hand pawing at your breast as I continue talking.
"Might even teach the boy to get a girl of his own, just like you.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Won't be quite a while 'til we see what fruit you bear.  We have plenty of time to enjoy ourselves until then, city girl.  You just forget about that old life.  This is your life now."

I say nothing for a moment, giving my words time to sink in.  I think to myself that this dumb city bitch must think I'm just a dumb hillbilly, so why not act the part?  She couldn't be trusted to be a wife, and me raising a child?  Out here?  This cabin wasn't ever intended to hold more than one person.  Something you will be learning soon enough when she learns where she'll be sleeping.  I wonder how long you'll last before you're completely spent and only good for bait.  Then I smile, thinking fun how it will be to find out.

I cringe, flinching at your mocking words, the venom I hear in your laughter.  I can't understand how you can take such evil pleasure in my pain and humiliation.  "I don't think you're simple, mister I swear!" I gasp into the sofa cushion, barely audible through the fabric.  I'm shaking uncontrollably, pain and discomfort singing from my arms, my head, the roughly used place between my legs.

Horror rushes over me after the stinging slap to my behind.  What?  Baby boy?  Family??  Oh god no, please I can't… I can't…  My body goes into spasms, thrashing over the sofa arm as I hoarsely cry out and piteously wail.  Then, hauled upright and trembling you push me down on the couch, sitting close to you with your arm draped across my neck and groping my breast.  I try to twist and turn, to move my flesh away from your rough and callused fingers, but I'm held firm in place.  My exposed skin brushing up against the rough flannel of your shirt and the bear like hairiness of your leg.  Soft sobs turn to heaving cries when you tell me "this is your life now…"

My mind is churning, I can't bear another single second of this…  I can't comprehend the thought of being forced again and again to submit to your rough touch, to feel my belly swelling with your child.  My stomach roils and I drop my head, dry heaving at the thought.  My thoughts are now consumed with survival… He wants to keep me… to use me… I can use this, if I'm still alive there's a chance…
I shudder and become still, pushing my breast forward into your hand.  I force myself to look at you and smile, "I'm… a very good cook, sir.  I promise I will be good for you, you won't get anymore trouble from me… I'll make you happy, sir just please don’t hurt me anymore,” I say with a pleading and hopeful look in my tear streaked eyes.  I stretch my neck forward, closing in on your bearded face and place a soft hesitant kiss on your lips.

"Is that so," I say, "Well that's a pity, because I can already cook pretty well myself.  You know," I turn to face you, "that's the fastest case of Stockholm syndrome I've ever heard of."  I grin wickedly, watching as I break your resolve again.  "I saw how you reacted when I talked about you giving me a child.  And you expect me to buy this act right after all that sobbing and wailing and thrashing and looking like you're about to puke?" I laugh in your face, "Sorry, I should have been clearer: when I said this is your life, I meant this is you life for what little is left.  Don't worry hun," I plant a kiss on your forehead, "You won't live to see the kid to term."
I slowly start digging my fingers into your breast and move my other hand up to wrap around your throat, "And I'm afraid I can't promise not to hurt you, because, you see," I tighten my grip on your breast and neck, "That's the most fun part."

Fuckfuckfuckfuck, races through my mind as you recognize and blow right through my paltry ruse.  As I register your words "this is your life for what little is left," a cold deep dread overcomes me.  A high pitched ringing in my ears, vision greying out around the edges...I'm petrified and frozen in shock.  As you move to place a mockingly gentle kiss on my brow, my face is smothered in your rough and scratchy beard and I hear "you won't live t see the kid to ter"m.  My breathing is hitching and ragged, my heart close to exploding.

As I feel the dull and pressing pain of your increased grip on my breast, and your steel like fingers wrap around my delicate neck I look at you with a mix of fear and hatred.  Continuing to mock me, squeezing tighter, at the words "that's the most fun part", every scrap of adrenaline my body can produce is dumped into circulation at once.  "FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" I hoarsely scream through my compressed windpipe, and viciously snap my head forward with all the force I can muster, my forehead connecting with your nose with a horrible crunching noise.  I've dazed myself with the blow, knowing I should be struggling to run now, but my vision is fuzzy and my senses are knocked awry.  All I can do is flop and roll away from you on the couch.

I reflexively let you go from the pain and clutch at my nose.  I can't tell how badly broken it is, but it is bleeding like crazy.  Now, in a cortisol-fueled rage, I come after you.  I see you on the floor, having rolled off the couch and lay into you, kicking you with all my might.  In between kicks, I bark out the words, "YOU STUPID BITCH!!  YOU THINK YOU CAN FIGHT ME?!"  I then get down on the floor, straddle you, and hold your head in place to pull my right arm back and deliver a hard punch to your face.  "YOU KNOW WHAT?!  I'M SICK OF HEARING YOU TALK!!"  I get up to fetch a rag from elsewhere in the cabin and come back, shove it in your mouth, and tie it in place with more paracord, wrapped many times around your head.

"You ready for round two, bitch?!"  I flip you over onto your belly, "You got me ready to go again, slut!" and shove my cock into your pussy once more.  I start thrusting, "I won't be gentle this time," and push your bound hands up your back, bending your arms painfully until they won't go any further, and then press them into your back, pinning them in place, while I pound your battered body for a second time.

Still reeling from the self-inflicted blow to my head, I don’t even know you’re standing over me until the swift and savage kicks to my ribs begin.  "AAAHHHHHH—" I utter one scream of pain and no more as the blows keep coming; several ribs have cracked and I can't inhale deep enough to utter more than a low and piteous whine.  I draw one desperate half breath through the flecks of blood now pooling in my throat before you straddle my chest, grab my limply flopping head and deliver a single brutal punch to the left side of my face, connecting squarely with the orbit of my eye and cheekbone.  I hear a hideous grinding noise as the blow connects, the vision in my left eye going red.  My head whips to the right with the force, the blood in my throat coughed up to spatter my lips when I attempt a cracked scream.

I lay limply on the floor, like a badly arranged ragdoll, just trying to breath while you fetch your rag.  "Nnnnnhhhhhhnnn," I whine through the cloth, weakly shaking my head to try and keep you from wrapping the cord around my face.  Flipped on my stomach with your weight pressing me down, arms pinned at a painful angle, I can feel the broken ribs grinding with each painful breath, warring for attention from the violent assault on my pussy.  It’s so hard to breath, trapped between the hard wooden floor and your weight, I offer no resistance, no struggle at all.  Please god, please please please helpmeeee…  I don’t know how I can take much more of this…  If he’s going to kill me, just please, please do it and make it quick, pleasepleaseplease. I lay still, body jerking in time to your thrusts, face scraping back and forth on the floor with open and unfocused eyes.  A mindless, empty eyed stare of hopelessness and despair.

I take longer to come this time, as it's not been long since your last rape.  When I finally shoot another load in your already-wounded cunt, I'm still not done with you.  "Whatsa matter?  All tuckered out?  Well I still need to be sure you're not going anywhere."  I get up to retrieve my knife from where I left it earlier and come back, pull up one of your feet, and jam it in the sole of your foot, making a horrific crunching sound as it grinds through the bones in your foot, almost poking through the other side.  I wiggle the blade the tiniest bit, then pull it out, wiping the blood off on your flannel shirt.

"Well, I dunno 'bout you, but I've worked up quite an appetite," I stand up, "I think it's time for lunch," I look down at you and ask mockingly, "Do you want anything?  No?  Alright, suit yourself."  I dress myself and head off to the kitchen area of the cabin to fix myself a hearty meal.  Afterwards, I carry about with my usual chores: chop some firewood for the night, clean and sharpen my knives, oil my tools, do some resistance exercises on the trees, a bit of target practice, and so on.

I finally acknowledge your existence come nightfall, when I want one last fuck before I retire to bed.  I opt for a titfuck, rolling you onto your back, straddling your badly-wounded chest, and jerking myself off with your soft breasts, finally spraying another load onto your chest and face, some even getting stuck in your hair.  Then I go to bed, leaving you in the dark for the night.  My last thoughts before I drift off to sleep are of regret for having spent you so fast, tempered with pleasure from the thrill of the day, and of how I will dispose of you tomorrow.  Or maybe the next day.  I wonder how long I can keep you alive like this, wishing for death.

Endless.  That’s how it feels… scraping back and forth along the floor, struggling to draw breath, being fucked by you.  The pounding, the grunts of pleasure you make, the beads of sweat and blood falling from your face into my back.  This is your life now, this is your life now, I hear your voice echoing in my brain.

I barely have any dignity left; just enough to be humiliated again as you spasm and release another load of warm cum deep inside me.  I sigh, relieved, It's over, for now.  I can lay here, untouched, unmolested for a least a little while.  I hear you speaking but the words don’t register. I just feel the vibrations of heavy footfalls on the floor.  I utter a muffled protest nnnnhhhh when you lay your hand on my foot, raising it high.  "AHHHAHHHAHH!!"  The pain, it's incredible, my body shudders and jiggles around on the floor as the knife punches through bone and twists.

"AAHAHHAAAAHHH!!" I scream over and over, drowning out your mocking words.  I heave up stomach acid into the gag and I’m still screaming in unbearable pain as you move away. Finally the trauma and shock overcome me and I pass out.

I'm brought to when you roll me over and sit on my chest nononononoNONO and brought back into the nightmare.  Your weight crushes me, my nostrils are flaring as I struggle to get air.  My foot feels hugely swollen, painful and heavy.  I can see your cock laying on my chest, your hands groping and squeezing my soft tender breasts while you rub your cock swiftly between them.  When you cum, spraying me with the hot thick liquid, I break out into a hitching, breathless wail of misery and despair.

I lay shuddering and shivering on the floor as you leave and the lights flick out.  Alone with my thoughts. Whyy, whyyy can’t this just be over.  I can’t bear this again, can’t bear another beating, another raping. Please I just want this to end, I cry, tears streaming down my cheeks as I slowly and painfully move to place my back against the bottom of the couch for some small amount of warmth against the chill of the night.

I wake the next morning, at dawn as usual, keeping the same rhythm I've held to for years.  I enter the lounging area, still dressed only in my underwear, and approach you.  I kneel down beside you, and untie the paracord holding your gag in place.
"So," I say coldly, "You still wanna fight me, bitch?  I slap you across the face, on the side I punched the night before, when I don't get an immediate response, "ANSWER ME, CUNT!" I bellow in your face, tiny drops of spit flying from my mouth and landing on your face.

I had managed a fitful sleep once the pain in my foot and face had settled into a dull throb.  I was awakened by heavy footfalls, initially confused and flexing my bound hands before reality came crashing back down.  I lay limply as you manhandle by head, ungently unwinding the cord.  My mouth is so dry… I’m so dehydrated from the crying, the bleeding and I haven’t had a drop to drink since yesterday.

The gag is still lodged in my mouth when you fix me with a venomous stare and ask, "You still wanna fight me bitch?  Eyes wide with fear, I start to shake my head, No! when your hand connects with my already bruised cheek.  *CRACK!*  My head drops back hard on the floor, as I whimper in fresh pain.

"ANSWER ME CUNT!" I cringe backward from your scream and the fury on your face.  With a thick furry tongue I mouth the gag, pushing out the fabric… "n-no sir, please, no…  I'm so thirsty, p-please may I have some water?" I croak, voice broken from screaming and dehydration.  I fix my eyes on the floor, not daring to meet your eyes, "You won’t get anymore trouble from me, just… please… water…”

"Yeah," I say, standing up, "You can have some water."  I leave the cabin and return a short while later with a bucket of water, which I dump over your face.  "Is that enough or do you want some more?!" I roar, standing over you with he bucket in one hand.  "ANSWER ME, BITCH!!" I scream when you only respond with sputtering and coughing.

Oh, thank god "T-thank you, thank you," I croak watching you leave.  I had been afraid you'd just laugh in my face or some other equally cruel reaction to my request.

Watching you come back, the pail overfull and sloshing water over the sides with each step, I lick my dry chapped lips in anticipation… My mouth is open like a baby bird in the nest… *SPLOOOSH!!* Ice-cold water hits my face, rushing down my throat and windpipe, and splattering all over my bare chest.  I cough and sputter, shivering violently from the cold.  "No, no more, please.  Just… no more."  I struggle to turn over, to bury my face in the base of the sofa.  I don't even care that I'm laying on the bruised and battered side of my face.

I cry into the fabric, shivering, in pain, thirsty, my stomach in knots.  I don’t have any tears left to produce, I just let out soft keening wails of despair.  Please let this end, I can't take any more, I have nothing left other than the hope for a swift end.  I wish for the peace that death would bring.

I set the bucket down and sit myself down on the sofa.  "I just realised," I say in a low, meacing voice, "I never tried that smart mouth of yours yesterday.  I'm willin' ta bet you aren't gonna give me any trouble, that is, teeth, are ya?  Now get yourself up here," I command, "Unless you want s'more hurt."
I wait sitting on the couch, legs spread, for you to haul your broken body up and degrade yourself this time.  I stroke my cock while I wait, keeping myself ready for you to do your work.

Just do it… just get it done… then you can lay back down and he'll leave you alone.
I struggle up to my knees, scraping them along the floor as I shuffle over to kneel between your legs.  Dragging my swollen and blood crusted foot behind me, a reminder with every movement just how cruel you are.  I lean forward, eyes glazed, mind taking me to a far away place.  You’re holding your cock up to my lips and I can smell the musty sweaty smell of your crotch.

Opening my mouth and covering my teeth with my lips,  I slowly impale my face on your dick, feeling the skin scraping over my dry tongue.  Sucking, I work up a little saliva and use it to moisten the shaft with my tongue.  I apply more suction and work my mouth back to the tip, to swirl my tongue around he head and give the underside a flick.

Impatient with the slow pace I’m setting, you grab my head and slam the entire length into my throat.  My hands clench in their bonds. ggggaaagghhh I gag, over and over as you thrust your pelvis, fucking my face.

I let you start slowly before grabbing your head with both hands and ramming my cock down your throat.  I hold your head down all the way for a several seconds, making you gag and panic from lack of air, then I let you up for air and do it all over again.  After repeating this a few times, I start thrusting my hips at the same time as bobbing your head up and down on my cock, fucking your face like a sex toy.  That's all you are to me now, all you ever have been to me: a sex toy that I can also torture.

I don't last long this time, having had the whole night to recharge.  When I feel myself about to climax, I hold your head down on my cock, your nose buried in my pubic hair, and your panicked squirming and gagging noises push me over the edge, my cock exploding at the back of your throat.  "You'd better swallow, bitch," I say with venom in my voice, holding your head down for a few seconds after I've finished, then pull you off of me and push you backwards, off balance, and knocking you to the floor.

I get up from the sofa and get dressed for the day.  "Get up," I say in a quiet but deep tone, "We're going for a walk.  And if you don't want to walk," I add with more anger in my voice, "You can be dragged along by your wrists, which I'm sure won't be too comfortable on your shoulders, but it might give your foot a rest."

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Re: Deep Into The Woods with PlaysWithKnives
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I dry heave, your cock triggering my gag reflex when you force it down my throat.  I can't draw a breath and begin to panic, trying to lift my head; you allow it, for a split second, long enough for me to inhale a small breath before ramming yourself in my face again.  Speeding up, your cock going in and out of my mouth like a piston, tears come to my eyes and I make horrible gurgling noises trying to breath through the face fucking.

Revulsion combines with relief when I can feel your thigh muscles tense, your cock swelling and jerking.  Almost done, almost done, I think to myself, grateful that I’ll be able to breathe soon.  No sooner than that thought went through my mind, you slam my face down, smashed into your wiry haired crotch and hold me there.  Already weak and starved for oxygen, it doesn't take long for air-hunger to set in.  I jerk and flail about in between your legs, straining pathetically in your grasp.  Your cock explodes, hot cum spurting on the back of my throat and pooling in my mouth.  Pushed off onto the floor, hitting my injured foot and cheekbone, I reflexively swallow to scream "AHHH!!!" I lay sniveling on the floor, trembling, lips coated with cum, pain coming from every part of my body, "Please… please… no more,” I beg quietly.

I'm still in the same spot, heaped on the floor and staring off into space when I hear your demands.  I don't have much hope left but I think, Perhaps you've grown tired of using me and you're going to turn me loose in the woods? I roll onto my belly, wincing at the pressure on my cracked ribs.  I bring my knees up underneath me and get up, all my weight on my good foot.  I attempt to limp forward, but even the slight quick weight on my injured foot is too much to bear and I collapse to the floor, moaning in pain.

I watch with a smirk as you struggle to your feet and fall painfully to the ground.  "All right then, guess it's the leash for you, then."  I tie a rope around the bonds on your wrist and walk out the cabin door, dragging you along behind me, your entire body weight on your shoulders as you're pulled along by the lead.

I walk for a while, the rope slung over my shoulder, dragging you cruelly along behind, scraping your exposed body on the debris all over the forest floor, until we reach the edge of a small gorge, small enough to see both ends, and shallow enough to see the pile of bleached-white bones at the bottom, but deep enough that no one could survive a fall into it.

"You see that?  Get over here and have a look, you dumb bitch," I pull you right up to the edge and then yank you up to your knees by your hair, "You see that down there?  Tell me what you see."  I'm no longer shouting at you, but still growling with venom.

"Nooo!  Please, let me try again!" I plead as you tie the rope to my wrists.  Ignored, you walk away, the rope plays out and my arms are wrenched upward, at an excruciating angle.  My shoulders are on fire as I'm scraped along the wood and out into the rough, twig and brush coated forest floor.  You set a brisk pace, pulling me along behind you like a child's toy.  Screaming “heeeelpppmeeee!!” over and over while I'm twisting and struggling, dragged over every sharp rock, every thorny bramble, scraping and scratching my already battered body.

It seems like you go on for hours before stopping.  I'm roughly grabbed and hauled to my knees at the edge of a drop.  Shaking my head around by my hair like a dog with a chew toy, you growl menacingly, "You see that down there?  Tell me what you see."

I look down and immediately recoil in horror, backing away the few inches available with my hair trapped in your hand.  My eyes are squeezed shut, face drained of blood, body trembling like a leaf.  "NoNoNoNoNoNo," I say over and over, a chant to refute what I saw.  Bones!  So many bones!  They looked human, oh god, I take it back, I don't really want to die, please oh please…

I begin to beg, no dignity at all and blubbering through tears, "Please no please I’ll do anything, anything!  I don't want to die, oh god, I'll have your babies, I'll stay with you and never EVER try to escape, I SWEAR IT!!  Just please, please don't kill meeeee!"

"Sorry babe," I throw you backwards, away from the ledge, "It was always going to end this way," I start circling you, "You just made sure it happened much sooner than I had originally intended.  Ever think this was how you'd die, city girl?" I start undoing my overalls, "Out in the middle of nowhere, beaten, raped, thrown in gully for coyotes to eat?  Cuz this is how it ends, prissy bitch."
My overalls drop to my ankles and I throw myself on top of you, and, taking the rope used to drag you to your grave, throttle you as I fuck you one final time, your panicked thrashing and, finally, your death throes making the last ride extra special.

I come before you expire, and I keep my cock fully hilted inside your clenching pussy until the light finally goes out in your eyes, and they roll back in your head.  Then I get up, pull my overalls back on, and roll your lifeless body with towards the edge of the canyon, and finally shove you over the edge with my foot, sending your corpse tumbling down to join the pile of old bones.

I let out a sigh as I leave to return to my cabin to start the day.  "Damn that bitch was good."

Thrown back onto the rocky ground, I'm terrified, begging,  "NO! NO!  I’ll do ANYTHING PLEASE!!" as I scrabble at the ground with my good foot, trying to push myself further away from the ledge.

I push faster and scream a wavering, "PppllleaaaaSsEEE!!! as you take off your clothes.  With a sudden lunge your weight is on me, crushing my ribs, legs forcing mine apart to shove your cock inside me.  My legs are flailing and kicking, uselessly as you start to violate me once more.  I gather my breath for another scream… "AAAHHHH-ggaakkkkk…" choked off when you grab and tighten the rope around my neck.

My legs are kicking wildly, body bucking under yours as I strain against the rope.  It tightens, a little further with each rough thrust between my legs.  A light headedness comes over me as my face turns purple… mouth opening and closing but no sound comes out.  I barely register your loud grunt as you cum.  The rope tightens again… my vision is fading, eyes open and staring blankly at the trees overhead.  And again… I convulse, as the last vestige of consciousness leaves me and I surrender to the peaceful darkness at last.


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