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Let the games begin!
« on: March 07, 2021, 04:33:42 PM »
When you have unlimited funds and no parental control you end up doing what you feel passionate about in life with no restrictions or worries. For me that passion is inflicting as much pain and humiliation onto a woman as physically possible. I’ve seen other users post on this site about their dark web shows where they are steering things to keep viewers happy and to give viewers what they want, well my show is for an audience of one. I’m not running a rinky dink operation. Since my folks died a few years ago I've spent quite a bit on the underground complex beneath my home. There’s a crew to keep the girls alive and well, there’s security and I've even recently employed a snatcher squad to go out and get girls to my specifications.

The current plan is for a reality style show in the near future but right now i’m just testing to see if everything works and that’s where my two current residents come in. Melissa is 23, sunkist skin, raven hair, clearly put a few pounds on her over the last few years as the stretch marks would tell you. Not fat by any standards but a little thicc which is always a plus. Sticks don’t react quite as well when you strike them. Mary-anne is also 23, pasty white, red hair, barely any tits, just little mosquitoes down there. These two have a history and it’s exactly that reason they were both selected for my little game. See Melissa was the most popular girl in her high school and unfortunately Marry-anne was not. The bullying was rough but now I am giving both of them a chance to prove who truly is the strongest and who’s the true loser.

The girls will be playing ‘The Wheel’ a competition to see who can withstand the most punishment. Each playday both girls will spin the number wheel and then the action wheel to decide how much of what they are to receive. The girl who taps out first must then spin the punishment wheel while the winner gets to spin the reward wheel. Much fun to be had for all!

Day 1

I drummed my fingers on the arm of my chair as I waited for the guards to bring both contestants down from their rooms to testing room C. In the centre of the room stood two large wheels. One with a variety of words and pictures, the other with numbers. Metal cabinets covered both side walls of the large room but were shuttered to hide their contents. I heard the keypad press as the guard was unlocking the door. Melissa and Mary-anne were brought in, hands handcuffed behind their back and totally nude (they hadn’t earned the right to clothes yet) Upon Melissa’s face I saw hate and contempt, those were always the best, I didn’t want a subservient slave, I wanted a challenge. Mary-anne looked like a deer in headlights, I worried that the competition would be over far too soon but happily this was not to be the case. I explained the rules to both competitors and flipped a coin to decide who would go first. Mary-Annes tails pick saw Mellisa up first in round 1. I stood up to the first wheel and gave it a good spin, icons whizzed past of the over 100 different potential outcomes. As it slowed both girls look apprehensive not knowing what it meant. The first wheel stopped on the picture of a conker, a small spiky object. I smiled to myself, this was a new addition to the wheel and I was curious how it would go. Next I spun the number wheel which gave a relatively low 6. This was disappointing but i’d need to make the 6 count!

“What does the conker mean?” Melissa asked. I launched myself at her at lightning speed with a punch to the gut that buckled her knees and dropped her to the ground. “Rule 1, never speak unless spoken to. Break the rules and you’ll know not to do it next time” That hateful look on Melissa’s face as she looked up practically made me salivate. I clapped for my assistants who had been watching on the camera to set up our first challenge while I went and got myself ready.

Upon returning to the room I saw Mary-Anne in a cage with a gag in her mouth and a blindfold covering her eyes, patiently waiting until it was her turn. She could hear the screams but that’s all she was allowed to do while it was her competitors turn. Melissa was at centre stage, tied to a wooden frame so that she was bent over and faced away from us. Her legs were tied to an X shaped to keep them spread apart and her upper torso was tied down to stop her from lifting. She was exposed to the room and could not move or readjust herself. On the other side of the room sat a type of cannon that i’d had custom built for this exact punishment. It had a filter that allowed for small objects to be placed, specifically it was designed for small sharp spiky balls to be fired at the anus of the helpless woman tied in front of me. I pulled out the 6 conkers and loaded them into the machine. The first launched at lightning speed by veered off to the left striking Melissa’s left butt cheek. She howled in pain as the flecks of blood shot up the wall. Not much but enough to let me know that she felt it. I readjusted the shoot and fired another. The second was too high and hit slightly above her anus, i’m not even sure she felt that one I chided myself. The third shot was a bullseye and the green spikey ball landed directly in her anus. The howls and chokes from Melissa were like music to my ears. Her little hole had clearly never taken any abuse before and now had been wedged open by a high flying projectile with spikes all over it. Mary-Anne was crying in her cage as she imagined what was happening in the room. “50 points to me” I shouted gleefully. Melissa’s hate was not active at that moment as she focused more on her pain and less on the man inflicting it. Shot four hit her right butt cheek and shot 5 dug into the cut that the first shot had made. It looked quite nasty but our girl was still wailing and screeching. She’d not passed out from the pain which was a great sign, this was only day 1 after all. I had one shot left and I was determined to make it count. I triple checked the aim and fired the final shot directly at her anus which still had the conker sticking out of it. Direct hit! The original conker was pushed even further inside as I saw blood trickling out of her hole and into her pussy. The poor girl was clearly out of it as she screamed “I give up!”

Those magic words end a competitors suffering but they mean that she has lost the round competition and must spin the wheel of pain that houses the losers punishments. I think she’d forgotten that I only had 6 shots and that her pain was about to stop while Mary-Anne had a turn. Well lucky for the ginger stick in the cage, she’d get rewarded without even having to work for it. This made me quite angry but rules are rules. If the girls followed the rules, they would one day be returned to their families, so it was only fair I also followed the rules. I clapped and left the room while my assistants setup the next stage.

Upon returning I saw two chairs facing the two wheels. Mary-Anne was sat obediently but Melissa had decided to stand in front of the chair instead. I’m guessing something was causing it to hurt when she sat I chuckled to myself. “Okay girls so you know the rules now, unfortunately Melissa you have really fucked up and not only were you the only one to experience pain today but you are also our loser! First lets see what you could have won” I said as I gestured for Mary-Anne to step up to the rewards wheel “Give it a spin!”

Main words and icons whizzed by as the large pink wheel span. It landed on an icon of a dress “Oh lucky girl! You will be getting a lovely makeover and a nice princess style dress. On top of that you have 24 uninterrupted hours in your room without any visitors! The same cannot be said for Melissa” I said as I gestured for Melissa to walk up to the black wheel of pain. She waddled over and gave it a pathetic spin. The icon it landed on one one of my favourites. It was of a toilet. I grinned ear to ear as I explained what day 2 had in store for Melissa. “Well I have an ever growing staff here to keep this show running and unfortunately we only have the one toilet… well we did, now we have 2! For the next 24 hours you are to serve as the toilet for my entire staff. If they need to go, you will be there with your mouth open and ready. If you vomit, you will consume it. No waste must go anywhere but inside of you. Next time maybe you’ll pay more attention to the rules?”

Melissa looked horrified, furious and trapped. Mary-Anne on the other hand had the hint of a smile on her pale face. I was beginning to think she was enjoying this. Well maybe until it was her turn to spin the wheel.

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Re: Let the games begin!
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2021, 05:07:02 PM »
Oh Mary-Anne. Precious summer child. Cherish this blossoming flower of your contempt while you can.


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