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Author Topic: My fantasy 3  (Read 489 times)

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My fantasy 3
« on: March 11, 2021, 09:40:51 AM »
It was around 9 pm as I and Claire, my wife were walking through the suburb of Paris coming back from the restaurant. I suggested we go for a little walk on the way back. We were walking through a quiet residential area with lots of high rise apartment buildings. Because of the cold there were very few people about.

All of a sudden turning a corner, we stumbled into a gang of five North African men. They were dressed in long overcoats, woolen hats and looked very mean. A tall guy seemed to be the leader.

We wanted to pass them but they started insulting us and pushing us about while making lurid comments about my wife. Suddenly they started groping Claire, feeling her tits and trying to kiss her. She resisted and I was being held while she got smacked. The leader winked at me, I thought shit, it's him, it's the guy I've been writing to, shit it's really happening, Claire is going to get raped!

It has been a very strong fantasy of mine to see Claire raped while I am forced to watch. I wanted to see her force fucked brutally while I'd be forced to watch. To see men take her and cum deep in her. I realized it was going to happen. I set up this "chance" meeting with him through mail, but thought he would probably be another of those fake rapists.

They smacked her very hard, our mouths were taped and they covered our heads with sacks so we couldn't see. Our hands were tied with plastic cuffs and we were thrown into a parked van.

The van started moving. Except for the men driving the others must have gone in another car because there seemed to be no one else with us. I was getting very aroused; Claire was going to be raped! What was going through her head?

After about one hour the van stopped. It got very quiet. The door was opened and we were pulled out and forced to walk through the cold evening air. We were forced down some stairs and along what appeared a corridor. Finally we were pushed into a room on the left. Nobody talked yet. I was pushed into a wooden chair and the hood was taken of, my tape stayed on.

We were in a concrete room with lots of graffiti along the wall. A bare naked mattress lay on an iron bed and the room was lighted by a single naked bulb. I saw the five men holding Claire and touching her. She tried to resist, but got hit hard, her hood still on. I could hear her whimpering. I got very hard, I knew it was going to happen!

Two men took off her shoes, socks and pulled her blue jeans down. She had still her green coat on above her white panties. They ripped her panties of and her trimmed dark pussy was for all to see. Quickly a hand was put before it and fingers inserted. She struggled and got hit. Then her coat, sweater and shirt went, along with her bra. One of the men came to me and put a knife at my throat. Her hood was taken off. She wanted to scream but the tape held back the noise and all of a sudden her tear filled eyes saw me with the knife at my throat.

The leader told her she was going to get fucked, there was no sense in shouting as we were middle in one of the infamous Paris suburbs called the "cite". There were only these men and the neighborhood would be deserted because of fear. No cops dared come around. They were going to take the tape of her mouth but if she screams they would kill me. She nodded. Her 36 year old body trembling as the men caressed her naked sagging C cup breasts. Tears were streaming down her face as she was pushed on the mattress.

Without any discussion the leader dropped his pants, kneeled and pushed his tremendously swollen dick in her while two others tied her hands to the bed. I almost came watching his dick enter my wife. He started humping like mad while Claire tried to refrain from shouting with pain. After a while she involuntarily started pushing back with her hips in the rhythm he was fucking her. All of a sudden he let out a moan and discharged his cum in her fertile pussy while spitting in her face.

Then the next guy mounted her and she involuntarily started responding to his thrusts. The others were manhandling and brutalizing her tits. She started to moan. After the guy pumped her full with his seed, the next two fucked her. After they were finished Claire lay almost unconscious on the bed. They laughed and said they enjoyed it very much.

They untied me from the chair and left us. It finally happened, I was so happy. I was already thinking about the next pervert I might meet through the net, even more violent and sick. Maybe a drug pushing pimp, forcing her into prostitution while I'd be forced to watch?
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Re: My fantasy 3
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2021, 04:22:21 PM »
Great story! I enjoyed it a lot, I think I would have liked it even more with a better physical description of Claire.. Still very enjoyable!

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Re: My fantasy 3
« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2021, 04:47:05 PM »
I have the same name as your wife, Peter, so your stories give me a bit more of a buzz :D
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