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How employee took employer
« on: March 27, 2021, 02:30:20 AM »
Liquor store was located in town of Suomussalmi Finland where people can buy alcohol. Reija Sylvia Kinnunen now forgetting his boyhood days was very acknowledged woman of himself these days as he was having stockings under the counter. For peely reasons so to say to allow pee more easily to fly in sexual acts he kept very tiny cock by himself which was now looking him upwards next to the panic button under the selling counter. "Look at that handsome unicorn" thought Reija about this man. The boss of liquor store betterly known Alko was bearded man arranging now the shelters as Reija was looking his ass. "I could lick that crack and forget the salary". Next coffee hour the coffee room was quiet once the boss was arranging the magazines on table. Reija approach and slammed the boss to the table. "Oh but I want youuu". And began to cemen the old man now behind. "Please let me go this is horrific I have serious condition". Reija Sylvia pumped quickly the load inside of tight hole and ratherly weird enough was never got fired after this event


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