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Author Topic: Cuckold, Slut Wife and... BDSM?  (Read 56 times)

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Cuckold, Slut Wife and... BDSM?
« on: April 28, 2021, 03:24:24 PM »

We are married couple. Wife is 32 and husband 37. We lead normal life like everyday. But from time to time wife loves to be humiliated, feel embarassed  in front of husband.
We choose when and where and with whom. The things that have been done or are in plans are things like gangbang, fucking 2 strangers at the same night at club bareback (it was hot for her because of two things - first one was she didnt took her pills regullary, secodnd was - risk of potential STD gave it more adrenaline), another are making husband watch her wife having huge dildos put inside the ass and bulls tell how her ass is huge, how slut she must be, there was also collar, leash, faceslapping, making her piss in publc place (bull told her to look to took her underwear nad piss in a place she could be seen. There was also face slap in public places but not from bull, but by bull's dominant girlfriend. Bulls also wanted to watch hardcore porn with wife. Even during a sex. Hair puling with calling names. Opening doors in hotels naked or was ordered to try seduce a guy that will come to rapair something, public musturbation. rimming... and lots more

But we have never considered BDSM with wife desire of humiliation and embarassment during a meetings. She was never interested nothing behind collar and leash.
But this post on the forum:

has changed wife's thinking about this.
Theme with a gallows or just such a threat of imminent death depending on the bull, who may additionally could make you with sex tools give her forced orgasms
For example, in this photo where slut wife is prepared to die, because it is enough for bull to remove what is under her feet, but it does not prevent him from standing behind her and fuck her, threatening her to show she likes it or to remove what's under her feet.

Browsing trough BDSM porn stuff, it was kind like fake to us. Wife does not like idea of Bondage (so far), spanking etc.
From what we have seen through BDSM porn - this is the only thing she gets excited about pouring wax on her body but not so much to be obsessed, even passionate for this.

Physical pain can be sexually arousing, but it is about domination coupled with humiliation, embarrassment, giving wife to choose whether she do something she doesnt want.
One of the topics she is turned on, but will feel embarass is having lesbian sex in front of others males.

Any ideas how and what to implement from bdsm to let's say extreme cuckold play?

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Re: Cuckold, Slut Wife and... BDSM?
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2021, 08:37:52 PM »
wife is hot!  :fap:

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Re: Cuckold, Slut Wife and... BDSM?
« Reply #2 on: May 03, 2021, 08:58:54 PM »
Seems like you've postulated your own answer to this one, or at least one example.

If the wife is embarrassed about having lesbian sex in front of other men you could try a couples party where your wife if forced to perform clean-up duties on the other women only.  She can only clean the used pussy's of the other women although they may elect to do whatever they will with her.  She also gets to wear a  collar, leash, and blindfold, but not much else, so your wife doesn't get to know who is doing what to her but she is easily accessible.

Of course the women aren't limited in their choices. Perhaps they'll use toys or maybe they'll have one of the men use her. Your wife's job is to just keep the ladies happy.

Think of it as ladies' choice night.


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