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(Just a little backstory on the character in case you aren't familiar with the show.  Rachel Duncan is one of many clones created in a experiment by a biotech corporation called the Dyad Group.  Unlike the other clones who were unaware of what they are, she was raised first by scientists connected to the program then within the corporation itself by the program's director, Dr Leekie. In the process, she grew up in the board room and became a fairly cold hearted and very upper crust British CEO before she was 30, but was still part of the medical experiments on the clones.  At times during the series she becomes less agreeable to the terms of her treatment, and this story takes place shortly after one of those episodes.  Also, her nemesis in the story, Evie Cho, runs a company that on the show makes half living/half mechanical "maggot bots" that can be inserted into people's cheeks to alter their DNA with both Evie and Rachel's companies vying for funding from a higher organization called Neolution.  Marion Bowles is part of a cabal steering genetics companies in general called Topside.)

“Ms. Duncan, it’s time for the presentation.” The CEO of the DYAD Group sighed as she stood from her desk and straightened her knee length dress.  Rachel was reluctant in her acceptance of the new entertainment subsidiary but was assured that there was a market to apply the biotech firm’s work in genetics and cybernetics to fulfill people’s fantasies.  As much as she likes to be a hands on executive, she couldn’t bother to worry about the specifics of the project while focusing on the issues with the sick clones in Project LEDA and securing patents on synthetic DNA.
“Aldous, Marion.  I hope this is worth our time and considerable investment.”  She kisses the Marion Bowles on both cheeks as Aldous holds the door for them.  “Evie.  I didn’t know you were coming.”  Evie Cho of the Brightborn Group nods coldly at her.
“Of course, I am.  There is some of our technology involved in the program, too.  I suppose you haven’t concerned yourself with this at all, have you?”
“I assure you I have given it all the attention I feel it deserves.” 
Rachel may be the youngest of the group entering the elevator but growing up in board rooms with Dr Aldous Leekie as a mentor has given her the confidence to believe she is the strongest in this group.  The four walk across to the old wing and down into the basement to the ultramodern viewing room.  Passing through the glass door, Rachel is directed to a cold steel chair on the shiny black floor.  In front of her is large container covered in black sheet with two DYAD security guards standing next to it.
“Rachel,” Marion says as she walks over to the box crate and rests her hand on top of it.  “As you are aware, we’ve been looking to expand beyond medical research and agricultural genetics.  In recent years our partners in the Brightborn Group have been able to create bot technology that merges mechanical components, high level artificial intelligence, and lab grown biological material.  It’s primary use has been in the creation of DNA altering bots, but we saw the opportunity to ramp it up to create real versions of fantastic creatures.  I know it may be unseemly to discuss, but there are large groups of people who have been unable to fulfill their own fetishes and we hope that this will give them a path to do so at a considerable price.” 
The older businesswoman removes the cover from the container to reveal a steel cage.  Inside is a large veiny auburn mass with several arms wrapped around the bars.   Rachel looks confused at this creature as the guards and executive move away.  The young blonde stands and cautiously approaches the cage, kneeling for a better look.  “What is this?  It looks grotesque.” She looks back as the rest of the party stands near the door.
“As I said, there are fetishes no one has ever been able to live out and one of them is, well tentacle monsters.”
“Certainly, you aren’t serious.  We can’t be seen tied to anything like this.” Rachel turns to approach the Topside representative only to have a guard step in front of her.  Marion and Dr Leekie join Evie Cho outside of the room. 
“Please have a seat Ms. Duncan,” the guard orders while raising a cattle prod to make clear that it is not a request. Nervously, she sits as she hears the door lock and the cage door swing open.  “Aldous?  Is this safe?  Someone is going to answer for this outrageous misuse of funds.”  As the guard slips into a side room with a two way mirror the lab produced creature reaches two arms out.  One long tentacle reaches far enough to brush a slimy across her pantyhose clad foot only to be kicked away.  The cyborg sex toy seems unbothered by being kicked and in fact, doesn’t really show and interest in her at all.
“Really?  How much did we spend on a gross blob with arms?  The monstrosity doesn’t even seem to do anything.”
Evie, the Asian engineer behind the project step to the glass.  “That is a key safety feature.  To ensure that no one gets caught up in the creature’s actions unwillingly, its processor is programmed to identify the source of human pheromones and activate accordingly.”  Evie holds up a remote and smirks.  “Clearly it is working as you haven’t shown any desire to use it.” Evie presses a button and raises her eyebrow.  “I can fix that.”
“Of course, I don’t have desire to use it.  It’s disgusting. Let me out of here.”  Rachel pulls hard on the locked door as she glares at her rival for Neolution’s attention. 
“Give it time, Rachel.  I don’t know if you are aware, but we have remote controlled bots now.”  Rachel reaches p to her cheek and presses around until she feels the small lump.  “Don’t worry, Rachel.  It’s just pumping you full of a mix of sexual hormones including serotonin, dopamine and little testosterone.  Maybe a little visual stimulation would help.”  Rachel looks back to see the wall across from the door burst into a spy video of Rachel straddling her bound bitch, Ferdinand.
“That’s enough.  Aldous, I demand to be let out now!”  The older scientist gives out an exasperated breath before responding.
“I’m afraid you brought this on yourself Rachel.  We need a test subject for this project and, if I’m completely honest, you seem to have forgotten that you will always be a test subject no matter how important you are.”
Rachel tries to keep herself calm and controlled but can feel her cheeks flushing in anger.  At least she thinks it is anger.  As she hears herself moaning and her beaten sub grunting in the video, her nipples begin to harden.  “Aldous?  Please.”  She spins to look at the video and briefly brushes her hand across the front of her skirt.  She is shocked to feel dampness against her womanhood and even more shocked to see the large lump roll out of the cage.  “Let me out now!”
The cybernetic sex beast compresses and expands its body as it inches across the floor.  Rachel presses her back against the door as the beast approaches and pulls its arms in toward its mass.  “Aldous?  Marion?”
Suddenly one of the arms whips across the room catching her left ankle in one swipe.  “Get it off me!” Rachel  pulls hard against the tentacle but the monster’s grip only tightens.  She’s only given a couple seconds to fight before the arm pulls with a force that instantly drags her foot out from under her and sends her slamming to the floor.
Evie laughs and waves her remote at the trapped British executive. “See, Rachel, now that the beast identified you as a horny slut, it has highly accurate visual and thermal imaging to target your body no matter how much you fight.  The mechanical substructure makes it incredibly strong as I’m sure you have discovered.”  Rachel turns and kicks as she sits on the tile floor.  Soon another tentacle has her right knee wrapped.  A few muscular spasms lead to the appendage looping all the way down her calf.  The other tentacle snakes its way up her left leg until both calves are captured.  The strong mix of muscle fibers and hydraulics pulls them.  Rachel struggles with all of her might but the tentacles are so strong that they may as well be stone.  She is helpless to do anything but lie there with her dress sliding vulgarly up her thighs no matter how much she claws at the beast.
“There will be hell to pay for you all.  Stop this thing at once!”
“I don’t know,” says Evie.  “I think you might enjoy this more than you let on.”  As much as Rachel hates Evie and hates what is happening, she can’t deny feeling a little excitement as two more tentacle.  One has what appears to be a ring of teeth while the other has the unmistakable shape of a cockhead.  Both attacking masses have a number of smaller tendrils growing out of them.
“No!  Stop!”  Rachel shouts as she reaches for the mouth headed tentacle.  It easily avoids her hand instead wrapping around her left forearm then slaps itself across her back.  With her wrist pinned near her shoulder, Rachel pulls with all her might against it only to feel metallic scales on the tentacle raise up and act as barbs to anchor it on her back.  She is able to grab the head as it emerges from under her right armpit but the experimental sextoy merely plays with her letting her struggle for a moment before clamping down on her chest. 
The normally pristinely polished executive would be humiliated if she could take a moment to see her three cohorts watching her.  Her perfect blond bob is in her eyes as she grunts in her losing wrestling match with the intruder on her chest.  Her straining legs have managed to do nothing except cost her a shoe and rip tears in her nude pantyhose.  The sweating and grunting on the floor is only matched by the clandestine sex tape still playing on the wall in the background and is starting to get a reaction from the observers.  While the equally prim Marion Bowles takes a deep breath and Dr Leekie adjusts his pants, Evie is less subtle with her hand slipping into the waist of her skirt.
In her fight with the mouthheaded tentacle, Rachel has completely ignored the penis shaped one.  Thinner than the first three to grab her, this one gently slithers around her neck. It finally gets the blonde’s attention when it rubs the head across her cheek coating it in a mucus that quickly catches her hair when she tries to shake her head violently in protest.  “Just open wide and relax,” Evie laughs, but there’s no chance of that.  Instead, Rachel’s mouth stays clamped as her lips and chin are coated in ooze from the prodding mass.
Her fight doesn’t last long. The teeth of the beat are a mix of grinders and stabbers.  As the pointy teeth pierce through her dress Rachel screams.  It is all that is needed for the cockhead to disappear into her mouth.  Anger floods her as she bites hard on the invading tentacle, but this is no raping man.  Instead of retracting, the tentacle simply sprays fluid into the back of Rachel’s surprised throat.  As she coughs, the tentacle plunges all the way into her throat.  She barely notices the fabric literally being chewed away from her chest, scraping and cutting her small breast.
Rachel panics at the intrusion into her throat.  Even as the mouth clamps onto her breast her chest heaves in an effort to breathe.  Rather that thrusting in her mouth, the tentacle expands and contracts, filling her mouth with flesh as it withdraws and fattens before stretching into the thin snake filling her throat without ever opening her airway.  “Don’t worry.  That tentacle has a thin airway that will feed you just enough oxygen.  It will only feel like you’re choking.”
While her mouth and throat are assaulted, so is her breast.  The rough teeth on the tentacle hold firm to each her fairly small mound.  A wet fleshy nub rubs over her thick nipple applying a tingling solution before suction draws her in.  Across her chest a thin tendril slides under her clothes and wraps around her other nipple.  It squeezes tight around the already stiff nub tickling the tip as Rachel is helpless to stop it.
While Rachel has focused on the four limbs attacking her, she barely noticed the body of the beast crawling to her.  The muscles in the strong arms around her legs ripple as they work further along her limbs, tickling the back of her knees before the tips start caressing her nylon covered thighs.  Two more tentacles ease their way out of the lab made attacker.  The thicker but shorter of the two falls across her crotch.  If she could see past the bulging mass in her mouth, she would see a long veiny penis pointed at her. 
The tentacle flattens its body against her groin opening up to expose four rows of grinding teeth.  The rough mass lurches forward and back across the gusset.  Rachel’s free hand pushes against the head as her hips buck.  Much to Rachel’s dismay however, they aren’t bucking in an attempt to free themselves.  Between the chemicals released by the bot in her mouth and the thin liquid coating the teeth, the grinding is just as effective in arousing her as it is in tearing the nylon.  Slightly smoother teeth pass over her swollen clit, massaging it while the outer rows tear and pull to the side.  The arm around her throat squeezes tight in response to her moans, silencing her as tears well up in her eyes.
“Looks like your cold hearted corporate psychopath isn’t so cold after all, Aldous,” Marion says as she rubs her hand across her chest.  By now all three observes are obviously stroking themselves to the sight of the ravaged test subject.
A tendril finds its way through her pantyhose and wraps around her thong.  Rachel lets out a muffled moan in protest as it is pulled away from her leaving room for the longer tentacle to slip past.  Thick slime oozes out of pores across the six inches closest to the tip soaking into the back of her skirt as it presses between her asscheeks. The tentacle slides between her cheeks as the thick grinding tentacle has her bucking uncontrollably.  The moment the tip touches her puckered hole and begins to morph into a thin finger pressing against it, Rachel is thrown over the edge.  Her body trembles and thrashes as much as the tentacles will allow, but it doesn’t deter the thin slimy mass from worming into her sphincter. 
Rachel can’t believe what is happening to her.  She never allows herself to appear in anything less than control.  Ferdinand, Paul, and Daniel all learned that under her heel in bed.  Lying there cumming against her will as her peers watch is just too much.  As the orgasm subsides, there’s no reason for her to even fight the finger working inside her.
How she will regret that.   The finger worms deeper into her.  It snakes past her anal ring and through her rectum.  As tendrils now tickle at her ears and nose, she can feel the thin tentacle in her ass begin to expand. 
“Feeling full, Rachel?  You know, we programmed this to really stuff the people who play with it.  It stuffs you everywhere.”  Rachel barely notices wiry tendrils working their way up her nostrils as her bowel is stretched.  A wave of contractions travel down the length of the tentacle pulling her ass open as they pass through her anal ring.  She doesn’t even notice the flattened tentacle leaving her clit and reshaping itself. 
What she cannot miss is the head pushing into her pussy.  The mix of chemicals poured into her and on her have left her so wet and ready that the beast rams in easily.  The beast batters her cervix as it pumps hard and fast.  Rachel’s hand moves to her clit, but a flat tendril beats her to it.  A gentle current is sent through her sensitive pink button.  The involuntary spasms driven by the current are met with a a tentacle transformed into a knobby phallus rubbing over her g spot.  Soon the nearly fluid mass contained in the anal tentacle floods into her bowel stretching it until she instinctively tries to force it out.  The tightened, straining muscles make the fit even tighter as the beast violates her more completely than she could imagine possible. 
By now, Rachel’s mind has shut down.  She can’t worry about her ruined dress or her puffed up nipple stretched in the monster’s mouth.  She doesn’t care that the tentacle in her mouth has unwrapped from around her throat letting her father figure and his colleagues watch her throat bulge rhythmically.  Even the certainty of her ass being torn or her pussy bruised is meaningless as she feels the next wave of orgasm flow through her.  As her body tightens and her breathing quickens, the monster responds.  The cockhead in her throat drives deeper, letting her feel it pulse all the way down her esophogus while also making her truly choke.  The battering ram in her cunt stops pistoning in and out of her.  Instead it spasms as it is pressed against her cervix.  She can feel the three little vines poke into the little hole as her body is held firm.
“Oh, good.  Now you get to realize the ‘simultaneous orgasm’ feature,” Evie barely gets out as she pants through her own edging.  “It can cum so many ways to suit the freak’s particular fetish.  Rachel can feel the long tube of meat in her throat go rigid, spasming as a thick fluid fills her.  “Of course, it can unload human like semen.”  The spasming tentacle retreats from her throat as the tendrils leave her nose and ears, dragging a thin stream of vomit with it before aiming at her face.  Rachel is gasping for air when the heavy stream of cum hits her eyes, then here cheek, then her forehead, then straight in her mouth until she is completely glazed over.  “And it can cum a lot.  Then there’s a little something for the sci fi crowd.”  A pair of large bulges travel down the anal tentacle.  Unlike the flexing muscle and fluid transferring before, this is quite firm and solid as it hits her anus. The new tearing makes her scream in pain as not one but two large spheres are deposited inside her.  “Ever wonder what it is like to lay a big egg?  You’ll soon find out.  I don’t think it will be fun passing those.”  As the tentacle in her backside shrinks and retreats, Rachel feels those vines running through her cervix stiffen.  “Oh, it can lay little eggs, too, and a lot of them.”  Rachel is helpless with her legs in the monster’s grip as the phallus inside her ripples.  Each marble sized egg it releases is guided straight into her womb.  “A kinky couple looking to get pregnant could even have the man’s semen delivered this way, but you don’t need to worry about that, do you Rachel?”  It doesn’t take long for the eggs to fill her, beginning to distend her womb and build a hump in her lower belly.  A gargled moan passes through her cum filled throat as the pressure of her full stomach, the large eggs in her colon and her enlarged uterus make her feel like she is going to explode.  The tentacle withdraws its tendrils and begins its withdrawal, but not before releasing its own sticky load of cum that quickly dries and hardens over her cervix to seal its gift inside her.  As one last parting shot, it hoses down her pussy and thighs in the substance gluing her shredded pantyhose to her skin before letting her curl up into a ball. 
She barely notices the door opening as Dr Leekie and Dr Neelon wheel in a gurney.  “No need to worry, Rachel.  Those so called eggs in your uterus should dissolve in a few hours.  The bigger ones break down more slowly, so you will have to force them out.”
“Go to hell.  Get me a car to take me home.”
“Oh, I’m afraid we can’t do that,” Leekie replies calmly.  “You really have been a disobedient subject so we have to treat you like the others.”  The two guards scoop the small woman in their arms and place her on the gurney.  Before she can protest, she is cuffed to the rail on both sides.  “Take her to observation cell 5.  Make sure to get plenty of pictures of the aftermath and send that along with the video recordings to my office.”

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Re: Rachel Duncan, Test Subject (an Orphan Black tentacle fanfic)
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Rachel's humiliation was just beginning. Wheeled into the white cinder block cell, the cuffed woman is powerless to clean the pearly slime from her face or cover her body.  "It's a necessary precaution to gather data," the research assistant assures her as he takes detailed photos of every scrape and bruise on her body. Rachel cries as she reluctantly spreads her legs to reveal her still gaping anus. The researcher places a hand on her taut bulging belly and gently prods at the hardened white mass clinging to her labia ensuring that the synthetic semen is effective in adhering even to wet flesh.

"When can I have some privacy?"

"After the ultrasound, " she is told as a blood sample is taken.

"The ultrasound?"

"Of course, Rachel," replies an older male voice from just outside the cell.  It's Dr Neelon rolling a rack of equipment into the room before donning a pair of gloves. "In actuality, you will be receiving hourly ultrasounds and periodic scoping of your cervix to study the breakdown of the prototype's deposits."

"I will do no such thing.  Remember who you are speaking to."

"I do remember, which is why I tried to do this without the help of guards or interns. If you would like the more aggressive tactics, we sometimes use with test subjects that could be arranged."  Rachel knows all too well the heavy-handed tactics having ordered them herself. Slowly, her legs spread allowing the gloved fingers to open her and guide the probe inside her.

Being uncuffed and allowed to clean up provides some relief even if the grey pajamas and velcro sneakers are little more than a prison uniform. Lucky for her they have plenty in just her size as they prepare to host any of her clone sisters that prove to be a problem. "This should be Sarah, " is all she can think about as she looks in the mirror and fixes her makeup.

Over the next 12 hours, doctors observe the marble sized eggs breaking down into a slush.  Slowly the bloat she felt from the stomach full of monster semen abates as her body absorbs the surprisingly nutritious blend. It's a good thing, too as the whole ordeal has put her off food and her sore throat needs rest.

Rachel is about to fall asleep when she feels the dampness in her panties. A slow trickle of ooze has seeped through a crack in her cervical seal. Rachel calls out for a pad to soak up the growing flow, but the medical team is more interested in collecting samples.  As her uterus squeezes again the pressure inside it, the dissolving seal cracks further. Soon the unnatural discharge is streaming out of her vagina, dripping across her taint and soaking her sheets as doctors try to swap and suction their specimens. When she is presented with a beaker to collect more, it is the straw.

"No more! Get out, all you! I'd rather it run down my leg than squat over that like an animal!" For once, Rachel gets her wish and is allowed to stand alone and pantsless as a sheen builds across her inner thighs.  She tries to maintain a dignified front but change in pressure in her abdomen soon has the large deposits in her bowel shifting. Cries for help go unheeded and Rachel is left to squat over a bedpan as one egg presses hard against her swollen anal sphincter and a viscous goo drips from her labia. As Rachel grunts and strains, she is keenly aware of the security cameras as well as the monitoring station in the next room.  She screams in pain as one egg slowly passes out of her rectum, its size only slightly smaller than when it had entered her.  The fact that the second one is marginally smaller and takes advantage of the havoc already fallen on her body is the smallest of miracles as Rachel collapses in a heap.

The next day sees Rachel back in the boardroom. Her white dress suggests everything is normal even if her finger stride and uncomfortable shuffling as she sits at the head of the table hints at her abuse.
"I understand you were our first test subject yesterday," says a middle aged Asian executive. "Tell me, Ms Duncan, what you think of the product."
"You are correct, although it came as a surprise to me" Rachel looks around the table fixing her eyes on each of the three conspirators that watched her as they sit among a dozen attendees. "I can't say I ever took that fetish seriously and I don't think it is for me, but I must say you have created something that is...thorough and effective.  Is there really a market for this?" 
After someone pulls out their phone with a nervous laugh, Rachel is given a brief review of tentacle hentai before her debrief begins in earnest. She blushes as images flash on screens around the room. She lowers her eyes as she describes its strength. "We could market it to riot police if it wasn't a sextoy." She describes the fear when she felt her throat invaded.  "I would have been certain that it would choke me if Ms Cho had not informed me of the safety features. "
As images of various moments from her ravishment popup, often with video of her vulgar response, she is asked to describe each sensation.  At first, she answers clinically to hide her anger, but that changes the more she watches the beast take her.  She bites her lip at the sight of her throat bulging.  By the time the screens show a toothed tentacle grinding on her crotch, she is squirming in her seat.
"Quite frankly, I think that was too rough. Look at how raw I was after it tore through the nylon."
"It looks to me like you were enjoying it," Mr Nakamura says with a smirk as the video shows Rachel in the throes of her first orgasm.  The now flushed young woman can do nothing but look at Evie, certain that she must have activated the maggot bot to make so horny, and then concede the point.
"I suppose I was in the right state of mind. It still seems rough."
When it comes to the climax options, Rachel is quite clear about her disdain for the eggs. "No one could possibly want that." When it comes to the facial, however, she has to pick at her fingernails to keep her hands off other things. "If I have to experience any of these, that's the one I might look forward to."
As the meeting ends, Rachel desperately texts her personal security. "Paul. My apartment for an urgent assignment. Do not make me wait."

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Re: Rachel Duncan, Test Subject (an Orphan Black tentacle fanfic)
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Rachel's heart races as the elevator descends to the underground carpark.  The door opens to reveal a muscular man in a black suit, his tie missing presumably to make way for his broad neck. "Oh, Paul. I need to see you privately."  Rachel tries to walk to her car, but Paul's grip on her wrist stops her.
"I'm sorry, but Dr Leekie asked me to escort you back inside." Rachel scowls at her boy toy bodyguard.
"You work for me, Paul."
"I work for Dyad." Paul pulls a small stun gun from his pocket and zaps Rachel in the neck. It only stuns her for a few seconds, but it is enough to get her back on the elevator without a fight.
"I can make Afghanistan a real issue for you," she warns on the ride up, reminding him of the friendly fire incident that has him in Dyad's debt.
"So can Leekie." As the door opens to reveal 4 guards, Rachel knows her only choice is to follow with as much grace as she can muster.  As she arrives at the room with her caged partner, she sees Leekie has a new guest.
"Yo, Rachel." The blonde clone glares at her deadlocked doppelganger before addressing Aldous. "What is Cosima doing here?"

Rachel's brunette clone answers for him" I'm sorry, but..." she pauses to adjust her glasses, "even in a top secret lab news of the CEO fucking a tentacle monster travels fast."
"I want her gone, Aldous, and give me time to undress myself, please."  Dr Leekie just shakes his head and makes an adjustment on a tablet he is holding while a guard guides her inside.
"Cosima stays and the setting we are testing today won't damage your clothes."  It would hardly matter as the manufactured alien is already approaching.
Rachel is still looking through the glass door when the heftiest tentacle wraps around her tiny waist.  “You really seem to be enjoying this, Aldous,” she snarls as her fingers dig into the firm, auburn arm holding her tightly.  She struggles for traction in her stiletto heels as the arm pulls her back toward the creature’s body as if they are in an interspecies tug of war.  Nervous laughter on Cosima’s face just infuriates the blonde captive.  It also distracts her.  Two tendrils cross behind her back and reach out for her arms.  The shock on Cosima’s face is the only warning she gets before they both wrap around her elbows.  Thin as they are, Rachel is still able to tug and fight.
“Does she have even the slightest chance of fighting it off?”  Cosima asks.
“Not really.  You see, those thinner appendages look frail, but this is still about 70% machine.  When the AI is done toying with her it can merely reel them in like a winch and…” Dr Leekie points to the sight of Rachel’s arms being pulled back.  “It has a safeguard that prevents it from pulling hard enough to injure, but look at the position it gets her in.”  With her elbows being pulled behind her back as close as the can go, Rachel is forced to thrust her chest outward at her sister and observer.
Cosima looks down at her chest and laughs.  “Even like that I think Felix is right.  Mine are bigger, Rachel.”  Rachel stares down her sister in disgust while her legs still struggle, but that doesn’t last long.  The moment a foot slips, the monster draws her back, lifts her two feet in the air then brings her down hard at an angle ensuring she can’t land on her feet.
Three tentacles hover above Rachel.  The tooth covered mouth head comes within 6 inches of her face.  The prey turns her head in disgust just to feel another tip prod her cheek forcing her to look forward.  Turning the other way leads to a hard thump across the side of her face.  “This is the Oral Fixation Mode.  A little more specialized than yesterday’s test.”  Rachel’s hand flail uselessly as she turns her head, but eventually mouth head just swings with her and finds its target.
Rachel screams as she sees the monstrous mouth on the tentacle open just a fraction of a second before it swings at her face.  Even Cosima jumps in horror as it plants itself across Rachel’s mouth.  No amount of jerking her head around can shake it as powerful muscle clamp under her jawbone.  Even as she struggles, she can feel the beast’s tongue-like mass lapping at her clenched lips.  Those lips aren’t much of an impediment as the prototype demonstrates its dexterity by firmly squeezing her cheeks holding her head steady as it lowers her jaw.  Rachel has no choice but to let the sour-tasting tongue intermingle with hers.
“It…is it trying to each her face?”
“Oh, heavens no.  It’s a passionate, if not unusual kiss, but with a secondary motive.  As the tongue pushes deeper into the mouth, it targets a local anesthetic on the receptors that cause a gag reflex while also stimulating her salivary glands.  It’s literally licking the back of her mouth and she is powerless to stop it.”  Cosima may have been there to watch the Uber bitch suffer for the things she has done to Sarah, but now she is genuinely curious about the cyborg.
Mouth head releases itself from Rachel’s face and the other two take over.  The pair of sci fi phalluses take turns passing through her lips.  More nimble than any human penis, the bulbous head and veiny arm twist over her tongue hooking her cheek as often as it thrusts back and forth.  The two force their way into her mouth spill out of her very wet mouth onto her chest. They dance with each other between her stretched jaws with one thrusting as the other retreats.  Mouth head licks at her cleavage as  a tendril slips down the front of her dress out of sight.
Cosima is stunned by what she is seeing, especially knowing that this thing was built in a lab.  “It’s like you boiled down the libido of a fratboy into a living monster.  It’s a lesbian’s worst nightmare.”
“Oh, I don’t know.  You get all of this without having to deal with the fratboy.”
“True.”  Cosima watches one of the tentacles pull out and wipe a thick glob of spit across her forehead.  The remaining tentacle fucks deeper and deeper before pausing and pulsing.  The amorphous mass grows into a knot in Rachel’s mouth locking it in before pulling her head back.  With her neck craned back, the monster has a straight path into her throat with the rapidly shrinking knot transferring its mass straight past her tonsils.  Cosima’s jaw drops as she watches the movement in the very base of Rachel’s neck.
“Would it be safe if I went inside and watched closer?”  Dr Leekie raises an eyebrow at his young compatriot’s question.
“It’s designed to only respond to people who are aroused, so you should be alright.  Right?”
“May I?”  Cosima slips into the room with her clone sister.  Cautiously she feels Rachel’s neck.  She shudders as she feels the head passing the whole length in slow strokes, not knowing that it is a strategy to give Rachel short breaths through its internal air passage.  Cosima bites her lip as she takes in rosy change to Rachel’s normally pale chest then setting her eyes on the grinding hips.  How much of that is Rachel’s lust and how much is her disgust at having a normal clone inspecting her is not for the scientist to know.
Muffled moans escape Rachel before the synthetic cock pulls out of her.  A thick stream of phlegm spills over her chin soaking into the top of her dress.  “Oh, God.  It’s hooked inside me.  Right…ah…right on my G spot.”  The two arms slap at Rachel’s face before one wraps around her neck and reenters her mouth.  Cosima feels the pulsing tendril through Rachel’s dress.  “Sorry, Rachel,” she says as she kneels and guides the blonde’s thighs apart.  The hippie scientist lets her hand rub over one of the big tentacles then watches the thin mass pulsing over the hood of her clit.  She can only imagine what it is doing inside her.
Cosima’s attention to her sister doesn’t go unnoticed by the tentacle monster.  Her focus on the action in Rachel’s panties is broken when a tentacle rubs against her shoulder.  “Hey, there big guy,”  sh says as she tentatively rubs the head of the thick alien arm.  “I’m not here to hurt you.”  As one tendril wihips around her wrist it becomes clear that hurting the monster isn’t the worry she should have. “Oh, no, no, no,” she scolds as she pulls on the coil of flesh.  That just brings her hands together and lets another tendril capture both wrists together.  A swift tug on her tied wrists forces her to crawl on her knees around Rachel to the large central mass.
“Dr Leekie?”  Cosima calls out nervously as a second tentacle appears in front of her. 
“Be honest with yourself, Cosima.  You’ll be okay.”  The purple head of the slender tentacle rubs across her lips before wrapping around her throat.  With two feet of flesh hanging in front oof her face.  The tip turns toward her. A gentle pressure on her throat makes the lesbian scientist open her mouth for a phallus for the first time.  The best pushes the head past her lips but no further.  With no experience, she’s not sure what to do, but she decides to lap her tongue over it.  The beast seems to like that and begins to rock and twist.  As it pulls out and gently brushes across her lips, Cosima’s attention is drawn to a sudden pressure around her waist.
Looking down, she is shocked to see the thick tentacle that first greeted her trying to squeeze into her pants.  “Wait, wait wait.  What about oral?  Docto….” Cosima’s words are cut off by a gagging tentacle.  The pressure grows in Cosima’s pants until the button at the top pops off.  As the monstrous tentacle slide between her legs it pulls on her thigh to turn her to toward her sister.  The two women are  forced to look at each other as their mouths handle pumping shafts of meat.  Cosima can almost see the cockiness in her sister’s eyes as the brunette gives her first ever blowjob to a lab creation. That look is wiped out for a moment as the tentacle spasms in Rachel’s mouth, a sticky white cream forced out of the corners of her mouth.
Rachel had felt humiliation when the carefree clone took the liberty to watch her violation.  Knowing that she stoked the lust that now has Cosima in the same predicament gives her a sense of justice.  Even as the beast fills her mouth with cum, she is more concerned with the sight of the single tentacle forcing Cosima’s pants down over her hips.  As the spent tentacle pulls out and the tingling in her loins ramps up, Rachel catches enough breath to chide her sister.  “I guess the first cock you ever take is going to be a big one.”  She spits a little cum out and shudders on the tendril toying with her before the other tentacle slides over here cum slipped lips.
Cosima hears the Uber bitch’s words and knows they are true.  The head is already rubbing across the front of her panties as it tries to push them aside.  It alerts her to how wet she has become, not knowing if she really had control of that fact.  The head find its way past and snakes across her slit.  Her bound hands push uselessly on the long body of the tentacle, but there isn’t a chance of hell of her stopping it.  The tentacle practically flows into her as it thrusts into her making her gasp in fear around the fleshy gag in her mouth.
Turns out she need not fear.  The tentacle morphs inside her to fit like a glove.  She’s had fingers inside her, obviously, and has had her share of toys.  Even big ones.  There has never been anything inside her that was so big and alive. As it flexes and thrusts, it secretes an aphrodisiac that warms the walls of her pussy.  Soon she is humping the invader harder than the monster is working her mouth.  Her moans ripple down the length of the shaft, her eyes closed to focus on her own pleasure as the beast quickly has her chest heaving and a flood of her juices running down the shaft.  She doesn’t even notice that her sister has been dragged to the shortest but thickest tentacle.
The tentacle that had been responsible for filling her womb just a day earlier now stood erect in front of her.  A tentacle on the back of her head presses her downward, the used woman needing no instructions as she opens wide.  The head stretches her mouth so much she is certain her jaw will dislocate, but she is thankfully mistaken.  Instead, it just roughly forced her to impale her own face on it.  Soon she is joined by her sister.  The beast holds Cosima by the throat and presses her to its shaft.  Her black dreads swing from side to side as her mouth is dragged over at least a foot of its length.  Rachel is dragged into position opposite her.  The two have little choice but to look at each other as the tentacle saws back and forth between their mouths.  While the limb grabbing the blonde is rather passive, the one holding the brunette is still active, rubbing a thin coating of slime on her cheek.
It’s Cosima’s turn to take the big cock, and the beast really puts her to work.  The wrap around her throat shakes her like a rag doll driving her forward as the thick phallus lunges into her.  At the same time, the monster between her legs has her soaked and as open as she can be, so it begins to slide back so it can fuck the full length of her vaginal tunnel.  For a full minute she is nothing more than fuckmeat for the monster to pulverize as her sick lungs burn almost as hot as the feeling in her loins.  Just as she is allowed to breathe, the tentacle around her neck pulses to spray its load into her gaping mouth and across her glasses.  As it releases her neck she falls to the side.  Her trapped hands reach desperately for her clit, managing to find it just seconds before the beast sends waves of pleasure through her.  She is so lost in her orgasm that she barely notices the flood of fluid being forced into her so quickly that most of it spills right back out into her panties and soaking into her pants.
As for Rachel, she still has the attention of three tentacles.  While the big one spends  most of the time in her mouth, the other two rub the spit on her cheeks and chest, sliding into her mouth briefly when given a chance.  They both give her their loads on her face with one seeming to make a point of placing itself two inches from her eye when it came.  The big one, of course, empties itself into her stomach again, although not as completely as the day before.
The two women lay spent on the floor, but in two very different states.  Cosima is smiling.  Laughing.  Even as she coughs due to her dangerous genetic condition, she relishes the insanity of it.  “Oh, my God.  That thing is intense. Delphine will have her work cut out pleasing me now.” Rachel, on the other hand, slowly gets to her feet, adjusts her dress, and looks at the mess soaking into the neckline.  “You don’t think this ruins clothes, Aldous?”  She finds Cosima’s scarf and wipes her face with it.  “I’m going home and you can find another test subject.”  Dr Leekie reaches out to her.  “No, don’t try to stop me.”  Her heels echo through the cold white hall as she storms out and ponders what her true future is with the company.


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