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Author Topic: Planet of the Rapes: (Star Trek Universe)  (Read 258 times)

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Planet of the Rapes: (Star Trek Universe)
« on: June 01, 2021, 04:05:31 PM »
(Origin: Originally an idea for an episodic roleplay for a STNG fan that didn't work out. I thought I'd try it as a story instead. The plan being to add episodes as and when I can)

(Background: A rare Class M planet beyond the fringes of the Federation is uninhabited and seems harmless to the Enterprise scans from orbit. Data, the android, assembles the away team in the Transporter Room just as Geordie, the ships engineer, reports some unusual readings from the ship wide systems but they are within tolerance.)

The team materialise on rocky outcrop on a tropical shoreline where they are immediately in trouble.  Data starts to stutter and spasm, Worf and two male security officers collapse like they’ve been poleaxed as Dr Crusher, seemingly unaffected rushes to help them as Councillor Troi, fighting off terrible pain in her head, hits her comm badge and half screams “Code Red! Beam us back!”

A garbled response comes back as transport beams dissolve the victims but leaves Troi and Crusher behind. Deanna staggers and Beverly steadies her as she tries her comm badge but it is dead.
“Are you okay? What happened?”
“It stopped as soon as the beamed out, it was like a psychic scream. I’ve never felt anything so powerful. I think it might have affected my empathic ability.”
Beverly holds up her mediscan but it too is dead.
“That’s not good.” Taking out her phaser, she sets it low and points it at the ground. Nothing happens.
She tries her comm badge again.
Deanna tries hers in vain.
“I don’t like this, Beverly, I sense something badly wrong here. I feel like we are being watched”
They both look around, the sun is high and hot reflecting of the sea below and plunging the jungle undergrowth into gloom.
“Oh no. Our gear went back too, all I have is my medipack and what we have on us. Come on Deanna, we need to get in the shade. Our first priority is to get out of the sun while we wait for help”
Setting off across the rock slab, already sweating in the high humidity, the two women enter a little way into the shade and find a fallen tree to rest on.
“The transport failure means there must be unexpected interference so they’ll have to send a shuttle down on autopilot to this location.” 
All around the lush green is alive with the sound of creatures, chirping, howling and buzzing. Something big crashes away through the depths of the jungle, stirring up a cacophony of broken branches and frenzied screeches.
“I hope they get here soon”
Back on the Enterprise chaos reigns, every system from propulsion, communications to the replicators are failing. Only life support is intact. Fortunately, they did get a shuttle away to pick up the two stranded crew though it was hit and miss if they might be better where they are. None of the returned away team have recovered, all appearing catatonic and Data offline.


Tilting her head back to expose her neck, fanning herself with a large leaf, Beverly is the first to spot the glimmer of the shuttle as it descends.
“Here it is…”
No sooner are the words out of her mouth than the shuttle seems to dissolve in a bright flash, followed by an explosion of debris with a thunder crack a few moments after. Stunned, they both stand and stare as the debris appears to hang in the sky as it blooms and grows bigger.
Deanna is the first to react to the danger.
“RUN”, she yells as the first pieces of debris start to rain down through the canopy and bounce off the rocks.

To be continued.
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