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Title: Unknown Tourist in an Italian Ditch (rape, kidnapping, snuff)
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I went downstairs for a smoke.

We were on vacation in Rome and the rest of the party I was with were all non-smokers, so I went downstairs by myself. Out on the street, I stepped away from the door. I didn't know the rules in Italy, but I didn't want to be where everyone was walking, so I went down by the alley to light up.

A man was walking by and stopped by me. He said something in Italian.

I shook my head. "Non parlo Italiano," I said clumsily.

He came closer to me and stroked my cheek with a knuckle. "Bella," he said.

I pulled away from him, thoroughly creeped out and alarmed. He gripped my jaw in his hand. "No," he said.

I didn't move. With just my eyes, I looked back towards the hotel door. There was no one else outside that I could see and I'd gone far enough from the door that there was no hope of anyone hearing me if I yelled.

He brushed the hair out of my face and took the cigarette from my hands. "No," he said again, and threw it on the ground. I swallowed hard. Fear and adrenaline prickled through my body, starting in my stomach and arching out across my limbs.

He wrapped an arm around my back and guided me back into the alley. I dug my heels into the ground and pushed all my weight back, away from the direction he was pulling me. "Tsk." He wagged a finger at me disapprovingly. "No no no." Then he said something else in Italian and again prodded me gently into the alley.

I ducked and slipped out of his loose grip and managed a few steps back towards the hotel before I was being lifted from behind and pulled into the alley. "NO," I yelled before his hand quickly came over my mouth. I kicked uselessly at the air but he carried me with little trouble back between the buildings.

He stopped probably 50 feet back and I realized we were standing next to a small white Italian car. He removed his hand from my mouth long enough to open the car door then quickly replaced it. He used a foot to kick the door fully open and dragged us halfway in, sitting in the driver's side seat. Again, he removed the hand over my mouth and fumbled around a bag sitting on the floor on the passenger side.

He found what he was looking for and pushed us back into the alley. He pushed me onto the ground stomach first with his knee in my back. He pulled my hands together behind me and I started to scream and flail. I felt his hand in my hair and he yanked my head back, then brought it slowly down to the ground where I could smell the hot asphalt, then pulled my head back again in a warning.

I whimpered and he released my hair to finish putting my hands together behind my back and tying them with a rough cord. If I'd had time to think, I may have chosen differently. I may have screamed anyways. I may have fought harder. My dad told me to never leave two crime scenes, and those words ripped through my head as the man pulled me to my feet and opened a door in the back of the car.

This had just become a crime scene.

The ride was rough and lasted forever. He had thrown me onto the floor in the back row and I twisted around and around, trying to struggle out of my binds.

I pleaded with him in English, kicked at the seats when he wasn't listening, and screamed just because I was angry and scared and there wasn't anything else I could do. Through it all, he just hummed to himself as he drove.

After maybe two hours or so, the car pulled to a stop.

I was quiet then, breathing hard as he got out of the car and I heard the crunch of gravel under his feet outside. He took a minute to take in the scenery of wherever we were before opening the back door. He lifted me by my stomach and dragged me out, throwing me off balance, and letting me fall to the ground painfully.

I tried, in a panic, to kick and crawl away from him.

He watched me calmly.

I looked around at our surroundings wildly for anything that might be useful. It was actually beautiful. The road cut through a beautiful grassy field with rows of grape vines starting maybe 10 yards from us.

He picked me up off the ground and walked me over towards the front of the car and I could see it was facing a shallow ravine. He laid me down on my stomach with my head hanging over the incline and the rest of my body ground into the rough dirt filled with small, jagged pebbles.

There was a tire and some strewn trash below in the ravine. How do tires always wind up in random places?

The man had a foot on either side of me and was taking off his belt. I wondered if I could wriggle free and escape down the ravine, but he leaned down and fastened the belt around my neck. He pulled it so it was tight, then laid the long end on the ground next to me.

It was oddly quiet and peaceful... here... at the second crime scene.

Behind me, the man was lowering himself to the ground, on top of me. He worked my shirt up first, pulling it up my body, then over my head and let it lie crumpled, pinned between my bound arms and my back. Then he pulled my bra up and let my tits rest in the dirt. I could feel each grain digging into the soft flesh.

Then he went to work on my pants, unbuttoning them and pulling them with my underwear down. He pinned my right leg down and worked that pant leg off, slipping my underwear partly off with it. My pants and underwear still clung to my left leg, but my ass and pussy were fully exposed to the cool air.

That's when I started to wonder if I was going to die here, as I lay face down, mostly naked, and staring into a ditch with a belt fastened around my neck.

The rest of my party would have long ago noticed I hadn't returned. They would be looking for me. They would be getting worried. They would be worried but they would be telling each other that everything was going to be ok, that they were going to find me, and as I lay in the dirt with my pants hanging off one leg and my shirt and bra pulled around my shoulders, I began to wonder how they were going to find me.

I wonder if any of them had begun to suspect what was happening to me at that very moment. I pictured them at the hotel, talking to the police, and I wondered if any of them had started to think that somewhere, a couple hours distance from them, a man was positioning himself between my legs, pushing me apart with his knees.

I hoped they never found me. I hoped none of them suspected that I was naked and exposed and now he was unzipping his pants and I was about to be raped.

I could feel my pussy tightening involuntarily - possibly the last goddamned thing in the world I wanted my body to be doing right then.

He rubbed the smooth head of his cock against my entrance and I thought if a cunt could close up shut, mine just had, and that was more terrifying.

He pushed into me. He pushed, forcing his dick against my interior muscles. It was a fight between him and me and it actually surprised me that something as fleshy as a dick could force my walls apart.


I grunted as he won.

He pushed deeper and deeper into my tight, constricted pussy, instantly bruising me as he overcame its resistance to have him inside. I writhed in the dirt as I stretched open against my will.

His cock was long enough that it punched my cervix once it was fully in.

He began to fuck me rapidly, thrusting in and out of me without a care how much it hurt. We both grunted in rhythm, in completely different ways. His grunts were breathy inhales and exhales of pleasure. Mine were ragged gasps of pain, involuntary noises my body made as he roughly humped it back and forth in the dirt.

Ours were the only noises in that quiet field. The rest of our surroundings were calm, the serenity interrupted only by the man thrusting violently in and out of the bound bitch in the dirt.

One of the times on the out-thrust, he pulled out all the way and when he came back in, it was in my ass. He did it all at once in one hard thrust with no warning, and then just kept pounding away like he had before, jackhammering my wounded, possibly bleeding ass.

It took a moment for the pain to catch up with me.

It was so shocking and so severe that it washed through me like waves. It felt like I'd been ripped open like a zipper. My vision actually tunneled and went almost black for a second and I thought I'd pass out. I hoped I'd pass out. But the world came back into focus and there was still a stranger in a strange country violently fucking my ass and I cried.

I cried and I cried because it was the only goddamn thing I could do and because my asshole was getting fully destroyed. I wondered if I survived if I'd ever be able to hold a shit in again because he was ruining my sphincter. It felt torn. Can you break a sphincter? Can you shove a dick past it so hard that it snaps?

Our bodies convulsed as he raped me faster and faster. My entire front side was raw from rubbing back and forth in the dirt. It felt wet in places. I began to taste my own tears as they ran down my face and ended at my lips.

The Italian sounded like he was enjoying having my rectum wrapped tightly around his dick. He moaned and his breathing was short and intense. His bucking got more urgent. It became that hard, shallow thrusting that happens as a man's about to come.

I stared down into the ditch, wondering if those were my last moments. I couldn't decide if I wanted it to last longer so I could live a few more minutes before being snuffed out of this world, or if I couldn't take the pain anymore and needed it to end already.

I wondered if my parents would know that this was the last thing that happened to me.

And then he was coming. He cried out and I felt his load splash up towards my intestines, his cock twitching inside me.

He strained for a minute, pumping out every last drop of seed into my butt and then his whole weight fell on top of me. He let out one last satisfied sigh and rubbed my tits. He kneaded them, pushing and twisting. He pinched my nipples hard between his fingers until I was afraid he'd crush them and they'd burst open, but then he stopped.

He pushed himself up to his knees and I heard him pulling and zipping his pants back up. He crawled up my body with one knee on either side of my bound arms.

And that was when he picked up the belt and began to tighten it hard around my neck...
Title: Re: Unknown Tourist in an Italian Ditch (rape, kidnapping, snuff)
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Very good story
Title: Re: Unknown Tourist in an Italian Ditch (rape, kidnapping, snuff)
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Beautiful story - so very intense. Please continue.
Title: Re: Unknown Tourist in an Italian Ditch (rape, kidnapping, snuff)
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Very well done.