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Title: Electric Execution
Post by: darkfantasygirl on November 27, 2020, 08:17:54 AM
This is a short story I wrote in two days. Its not meant to be much, just some ramblings in my head that didn't really go anywhere. Enjoy.  :*

~ ~ ~

   I can't remember what I'm here for. I know they've told me a million times, but it's always been between head injury, torture and rape... So I'm not sure there was ever a good reason... I was taken off the streets by a gang. I've seen about ten of them in the month I've been trapped in this little, metal cell, naked and tied up with rope and metal cord wrapped around my neck three times before it somehow attaches to its self in the back. They've nearly killed me with it four times... I don't know how or why I'm still alive... My body was covered in gunk, the skin underneath the ropes around my wrists, ankles, hips and chest are all red and raw, even bleeding in a few places.

   I stopped crying weeks ago. It seemed pointless because all it would do was remind them that I was here. Not that they forgot, but it did seem to cut my rapes down from about fifteen to twenty per day, to right about ten to twelve rapes. Sometimes I'd have a bad day where they were all active but that only happened a couple times so far. Not since I stopped crying, though.

   But, today was different. They didn't feed me, not this morning and not yesterday, either. I was hungry and thirsty and so very exhausted. It was quite obvious that I haven't been able to sleep this month, even when I was lucky enough to be in the room alone. It was just so horrible, being tied up constantly like this, dealing with the beatings and rapes, and the cold concrete floor... It was always so cold.

   I usually heard their voices from down the hallway before they got to my room, and I tense up, finally hearing them coming like they usually do, but I'm only hearing a couple of them. Something big was happening and I closed my eyes, hoping a heart attack would take me before they got here. It didn't, though, and just as usual, I'm picked up by the metal cord wrapped around my neck and stood to my weak, shaking feet. I was right, and all ten of them were here to play.

   They immediately started walking me toward a different part of the room, throwing me down onto the floor so that I would roll and hit against the wall. I stayed where I was, afraid to look at any of them, anymore. Not that I could move if I wanted to. I didn't listen to the things they said to me, either. It was always the same, calling me horrible things, making fun of me, telling me all the bad things that was going to happen to me today. And this was going to be a bad day, I could tell.

   For the first time I felt water against my body, but it wasn't pleasant. The water was as cold as a January river and the pressure felt like it was blasting my skin off. I started screaming, choking, writhing and twisting as the water moved all along my body, blasting every part of me over and over again, until it felt like my blood was as cold as the water drenching every inch of my body. By the time the water turned off, I was shaking and trembling, the cuts all over me burning and my skin trying to absorb warmth out of the air. It was almost colder in the dry air, laying in the freezing water on the hard concrete.

   My ears were ringing and full of water as I choked some up, feeling the same jerking motion as before, being dragged away again, though my legs wouldn't respond the right way, this time. They still didn't have a problem getting me to a table where the only thing I could really see was a light shining down at me, the silhouettes off all the bodies surrounding me, and a knife waving around, cutting away all the ropes from my arms, legs, torso. All of them were gone and I could relax my shoulders, which hurt more than having them stay that way for weeks and weeks.

   The only thing left was the metal cord, still tightly wound around my neck three times. Now, things were different... normally, they'd all be scrambling around me. Hands all over me, dicks already taking me in every hole. I was expecting it, even. But no, something else was happening. I could feel it. Because now, the man that I only knew as 'Sean' was carrying something toward me. It was a gag of some sort, and I didn't realize that it was metal until it was already three inches inside my mouth. Once strapped around my head, it nearly touched the back of my throat and I was gagging on the unbelievably stiff cylinder.

   Then, it was just him setting me up under this bright light, putting metal cuffs around both my wrists and ankles. All of them so tight that they squeezed into my skin, almost cutting off circulation to my hands and feet. Those cuffs were attached to long, lose, incredibly heavy chains and once Sean was gone, I could move around for the first time in a month. My limbs are sore but I finally flip over, supporting myself with my arms and knees.

   I only hear a voice tell the others that I'm not ready. Three men were dragging in this huge, steel bar, similar to a railroad rail, but not that long. Maybe this is a section that's been cut. Either way, they lay it down in front of me so they could lace my arm chains through the couple of holes in the steel. Then, I get picked up and put back down over the rail, so that my legs fully straddle it while I pull gently at my chains. I get a kick to the hip for it, but it's still strange to me that I wasn't being fucked, yet. Even being bent over, no one has acted even remotely interested.

   Now there were a couple of them, and they seemed to be moving quickly. They attach these hard, metal toothed clips to both of my nipples, which make me hiss but I am unable to complain about it too much. What concerns me are the wires attached to them, one to each clamp. Only now do I feel my twat being probed, which incidentally made me moan but I've often moaned during their rapes. Except, it's not anything warm and fleshy doing the probing, now. It's ice cold and, like everything else, made of hard, stiff metal. They sink it deep in that hole, and now I can feel a lube bottle pressed against my asshole, pushing in slightly before they practically empty the bottle inside of my asshole.

   I whimper at that, too, the lube being cold and once the bottle is removed, gets squeezed out, some. I can feel them rubbing something slick against the hole, but this one is large... hard, and knotted up and down, I can feel. They push it in, slowly spreading my asshole apart and I can feel each of the nubs grabbing onto my insides as I'm forced to straddle and hug this metal beam while my hair still drips with cold water.

   “Move those hips,” I hear one of them command me and with little hesitation I begin grinding my hips against the uncomfortably hard metal beam. I resist the urge to moan as I always did when they made me pleasure myself like this... But this was scary and nerve racking. I could feel the slick metal trying to move inside me, when I would lift my hips, a little would slip out so it was like I was fucking myself, pushing it back in so it would slip out again, and I'd penetrate myself again as I grind against this metal rail.

   Then... Pain struck me in waves, entering my body and then turning off in a single second and I gasped in shock once it was over. But, it wasn't over...It happened again, my every nerve clamping around the metal... in my cunt, ass, and mouth, like it was drawing in and pulling while my every muscle convulsed around me. And it was over. But not really... it starts again, this time sharper, like it was trying to rip my muscles toward each other and I still couldn't scream. Not until the feeling stops and I start screaming and panting, the feeling still lingering on top of my skin and in my muscles by the time it ends, again.

   I only get the chance to get out a few panicked sobs before it grips me again, pulling so hard that I piss myself, even though I don't feel it happen, only intensifying the horrifying pain in my entire body. When it stops this time, I can feel my whole body buzzing, hear a ringing in my head as my brain tries to process it. Only seconds before it starts again, I hear a high pitched whine, like something charging up... I bite down, this time, on the metal, clamping hard as my whole body shakes... I feel a crunch in my skull but I can't react to it.

   My eyes were rolling back into my head, this time it was lasting longer. Not sure if time was just slowing down or what. But, when it stopped and I could breathe, I felt the pain in full force of my breaking all my teeth on that metal shoved in my mouth, and cry out into it as I finally have the courage to admit that I'm currently being slowly electrocuted. I can't accept it! Not now! Not like this!!

   And it starts, again, this time... I just convulse... it hurts but it's also numb... until I can't really feel anything... this is much better...

Title: Re: Electric Execution
Post by: CheerCaptain18 on November 27, 2020, 08:23:46 AM
Beautiful prose, I love the way you constructed this!

The descriptions seem so realistic.  Just wondering, are you imagining what it would feel like?  Or do you have personal experience?
Title: Re: Electric Execution
Post by: darkfantasygirl on November 27, 2020, 08:46:15 AM
Beautiful prose, I love the way you constructed this!

The descriptions seem so realistic.  Just wondering, are you imagining what it would feel like?  Or do you have personal experience?

Thank you, @CheerCaptain18 (http://www.rapecage.com/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=5028)   :D

But, to answer your question, have I been tortured sexually with electricity? No, unfortunately.

Have I been stuck to the side of a trailer due to an improperly ground wire? Yes.
Title: Re: Electric Execution
Post by: kittyumbrass on November 27, 2020, 09:59:02 PM
Love the whole thing of she can't remember why she's there, and then finally, there's no explanation about why she suddenly won't be any longer - they just calmly get on with exterminating her.

Also, great vivid descriptions of the build-up, too.