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Title: Dirty Business (with Teaseme69)
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“I’ve built this business up from the ground,” I say to Ben, the newest recruit to my business as he drives us through the quiet, affluent streets of Temple Falls.  “It’s not been easy, I started out as a kid with a lemonade stall on my mom and dad’s front lawn every summer.  But I made the best lemonade in the neighborhood.  I saved the money I made every summer and then the next year I made double the amount of lemonade then got one of my school friends to buy it from me and sell it on his front lawn.”  I watch his face as he drives, intently listening to me as I tell him how I progressed from selling lemonade on my folks’ front lawn to owning more than half of the property in this whole city.  Homes, stores, bars, garages, gas stations, I own a huge amount of them.  I even own the land that the newly built shopping mall is on.  The best part of almost having the monopoly on the property in a city is that you can charge as much for rent as you like.  And I make sure that’s exactly what I do.  This isn’t some scumbag city that’s filled with deadbeats.  I’ve turned this into something nice, somewhere people want to live.  The cost of living in this city is high, and rents reflect that.  There’s nobody in this city who can’t afford to be here.  Well, almost nobody.

The East of Temple Falls is a side of the city where business doesn’t quite boom as much as it should do, and certainly not as well as it does on the more desirable side.  The homes over on the East are owned by a Housing Association who didn’t want to give up their properties when I made them a very reasonable offer, an offer that would have included completely modernizing the whole run down ramshackle area.  And the people who own the commercial land on the East of the city took their lead from the housing association and refused to sell.  Over there, I own a few small pieces of land that have convenience stores and the like on them.  These, I get rent from.  The rest I have to generate some income from them in other ways. 

In the more desirable West of Temple Falls, crime is low - almost non existent.  And the police are very happy to not have much to do.  But it’s a different story out East.  There is crime in the East and the police refuse to go there.  Which is why I started a private security company to patrol the properties that I own in that neighborhood.  Of course, I offered the same protection of my security services to the tenants - both commercial and residential - of other people’s properties.  At a price.  Of course, it’s a very reasonable price to make sure that nobody destroys their home of their livelihood, though many still complain about the cost and a few still struggle to make their payments.  And some flat out refuse the services of Robert Morgan Security Services.  These are the ones who seem to suffer from most crime in Temple Falls; it’s almost as though the criminals know which properties are protected and which aren’t.  This is where Ben is driving us to now.  Today is collection day and people have to pay what they owe.  I don’t normally make a habit of collecting money myself, that’s what I pay my staff for.  But it’s not unknown, either.  Occasionally, I go out to meet my customers just to remind them who the face behind the corporation is and to let them know that I am a friendly, reasonable, and approachable person.  I’m a nice guy.

“I’m not one to keep all my eggs in one basket,” I tell Ben as we climb back into the large, discrete Mini van with the blacked out rear windows after collecting rent from a small business.  “I also own a large distribution network.  Almost all of the stores in this town get their stock delivered by my company too.  Especially the bars.  I have negotiated a very good deal with the brewing companies and suppliers.”  As he pulls out into traffic, he’s looking at me with a kind of devoted interest that I like from my staff; gives me the feeling that I can rely on them to carry out my instructions without question.  “Just O’Reilly’s Convenience Store left to collect from then we can go back to the ranch and have some lunch and enjoy the sun,” I say to Ben with a smile as he drives.

We pull into the parking lot at the front of O’Reilly’s and I’m pleased to see it’s all but empty.  It’s always good for places to be quiet when collections are being made - the business I’m in should be kept private and not on display for the customers to see.
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I was not in the best spirits this whole day because I was covering for one of my idiotic co-workers, my brother. Finn was one of my brothers, the one that always let you down. I was supposed to be off this Friday so I could go out of town and see some friends, but Finn called in sick. When I bitched and moaned at my father about why my other brother, Liam couldn't do it he said that Liam worked too hard and needed a weekend away. Liam has always been dad's favorite, maybe because they both have the same fiery red hair and blue eyes and both act the same. Dad was out somewhere with his new flavor of the month, leaving me to work today. It was about lunchtime and I was texting one of my girlfriends that I was supposed to have been leaving with. She kept begging me to shut down the shop and just deal with getting in trouble with my father later on. What can he really do to me knowing that I'm just two month shy of turning 22. He'll yell at me and all but he won't do jack crap.

Marissa was one of my closest friends who was the one giving me a hard time about staying and being a responsible adult. When I promised her I would make it up to her, she finally forgave my absence and told me to text her later. There wasn't much to do in the store and there were hardly any customers coming in and out. I texted a few other friends and played around on social media and would have to sit the phone down when a customer did finally come in. I could kill my brothers, mostly Finn for leaving me here on the day I was supposed to have set off one a three day weekend. At least I wore what I wanted to wear to work for once. Normally dad would have us wear black slacks and a white button up shirt, long sleeves just so we look proper. Instead today I work my cute tight little jeans that always show my ass off and white short sleeve top. Dad always wanted my hair up since we do serve some snacks and fountain drinks, but not today. I let my hair down, my long thick dirty blonde hair that was soon going to get cut up to my shoulders. I had to be here today, then I was going to do things my way.

I played around on my phone some more, then took a bag of chips and snacked on them while staring at the nearest wall. "I'm so bored." I complained out loud. Just then I heard the door bells going off and I saw two men walking in. They looked like they were in the wrong place from their attire. They both seemed to be wearing suits and already I could smell expensive cologne. These men must be lost or something because the clientele around here doesn't dress that way. One was younger, he was thin and had dark brown hair and he was paler than I was and that's a lot coming from an Irish family. The other man was a bit older than the younger lad, maybe in his mid 40's. The man in his mid 40's had facial hair and was more built than the younger one. They must be lost I thought to myself as I smiled at them. "Hi, may I help you two?" The younger one didn't smile back but the older one did as they walked up to me at the counter.
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We both climb out of the minivan and go into the store, Ben turning the ‘OPEN’ sign to ‘CLOSED’ as he closes the door behind him.  He’s a quick learner, I’ll give him that.  We walk towards the register and I’m surprised to see Pete O’Reilly isn’t there.  The young girl with mousey blonde behind the counter is much easier on the eye than Pete; she shares so many of his features that she has to be his daughter.  I’m immediately struck by your natural beauty, your pale complexion, and the pretty face that’s framed by that mane of lush hair with a pair of sparkling green eyes gazing out towards me.  A beaming smile of pearly white teeth outlined by painted ruby red lips greet my associate and I as you ask if there’s anything you can help us with.  I would guess, by looking at you, that you were twenty, perhaps twenty one; possibly even nineteen at a push but definitely not older than twenty one.

“Good morning, Miss,” I greet you cheerfully as I approach the counter looking you up and down, appraising your slender figure in the tight blue jeans and thin, white top that are clinging to your every curve.  You can’t be more than 5’6” as you stand behind the counter, slightly shorter than my 5’10 frame.  “I’m Tom.  Tom Morgan, I’m here to collect the weekly security payment,” I inform you with a warm, genuine smile, my right hand extended politely for you to shake.  I’m always pleasant and polite to my customers, as any businessman must be to get the most financial return from their investments.  Because, at the end of the day, this is still my business and these people are still my customers.  The fact that these customers may end up getting hurt or having their homes and businesses destroyed if they decide not to pay for my services is merely a technicality.  And there isn’t a cop in the whole of Temple Falls that could pin anything that would happen to these people on me or anyone I employ. 

Your smile wavers slightly as a look of both concern and confusion crosses your face and it becomes clear to me that old man O’Reilly clearly hasn’t told his family everything about his business.  Of course, there’s the possibility that I’m reading you wrong, but I’ve been in business for a very long time so I doubt that.  My smile broadens as I glance towards Ben, indicating with my eyes for him to hold back before returning my gaze to you and looking you up and down once again; my eyes lingering slightly longer than they should on the curve of your ample breasts. 

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I noticed the younger man had turned our sign from "Open" to "Closed"as he closed the door behind him. I was about to say something to him when you greeted me, you said good morning and approached me with a wide smile. I was confused already. You introduced yourself as Tom Morgan as you extended your hand for me to shake. I noticed how you were looking me up and down when you walked in, making it obvious that you were checking me out. That always bothered me, men making it so damn obvious that they were checking out a woman. I never really got into it, most of my girl friends loved the attention they got from men but it always made me a tad uncomfortable. I remembered my dad gave a bottle of mace to keep under the counter along with a  baseball bat. He taught me to never be unprepared and to trust no one.You seemed so pleasant when you introduced yourself and when you shook my hand, you were very gentle. I smiled back at you until you told me that you were here to collect the weekly security payment. I'm sure my face showed confusion on it because I had no idea what you were talking about.

The other guy stood right by the door like he was blocking the entrance purposely. I started to feel uneasy now as I took back my hand. Dad never told me about a weekly payment for security, he might have told my brothers but no one told me. I felt embarrassed because I should know what is going on with my family's business, but I stood here looking like a fool. "Um..." What was making me nervous was the black haired guy, almost looking like he's a leftover goth boy from school days now trying to be a businessman. Why was he standing there?! I looked around real quick, my eyes scanning my store to see if there was anybody else in here even though I already knew there wasn't. "I'm sorry but I don't know what you are talking about." Your smile faded some, but you kept part of it. I was getting more and more nervous, feeling anxious. "My father isn't here now, nor is my older brother, Liam."  You stood there looking at me, being silent while I fidgeted behind the counter. "I would check back Monday, since I'm working the weekend and obviously do not know what payment you are referring to." It's not like I can call the cops, they don't come around here anyways. I wanted you and that other one to leave but I had to be polite and show manners since I really didn't know who you were. "They'll be back Monday." I repeated hoping you would leave and come back then.
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You took my hand and shook it politely, which is always something that pleases me.  I treat everybody with kindness and respect, until it’s time not to.  When I told you why I was here, your warm smile wavered and you took your hand back and held it at your side.  You look taken aback by what I just said, clearly wondering what to say to me.  It’s now obvious that your old man O’Reilly hasn’t told you about the debt he owes to me every Friday.  You told me that your Dad and your older brother weren't here right now and that you know nothing about any security money.  You fidget nervously behind the counter before telling me that you’re working all weekend and that I should come back on Monday. 

The smile on my face evaporates altogether when you tell me this and I tilt my head to the side, narrowing my eyes as I look at you.  You try and force your smile back onto your face but I can see that you’re now just a little bit worried about things.  And if you’re not going to make your payment, then you have every reason to be worried.  The fact that your Father hasn’t told you about the money he owes is not my concern.  What is my concern is that I have come for my money and I fully intend to leave with it. 

I lean forward and rest my elbows on the counter in front of you, stretching my arms forward and interlocking my fingers.  I sigh and look at you, shaking my head slightly.  “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name,” I say to you, still keeping my voice neutral and hiding the anger that’s starting to build inside me.  “But please allow me to explain.  Every Friday, this shop, and all the other shops like it,  pay $500 dollars for the security service that keeps the criminal scum bags of East Temple Falls from destroying them and everything and everyone in them.  Every Friday.”  I lean back from the counter and stand up straight again.  “How it works is I call by on a Friday around this time and you give me $500 and then I go away until next week.  And nothing happens to the store, or your pretty little face,” I say, my voice becoming threatening.  “I don’t come back on Monday.  But I wait until I’m paid and I charge a fee for waiting.  The fee is $50 for every fifteen minutes you keep me waiting.  So it’s in your interest to pay me now so that I can be on my way,” I tell you, an intimidating smile crossing my face when I’ve finished speaking.
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You explained why my father owes you money, but it is not just him, but everyone around here apparently. Your face is no longer showing a friendly smile and the tone in your voice has changed as well. I can feel my stomach turning in knots and my knees were shaking some. You told me that the payment is $500.00 A WEEK! I wanted to tell you that was insane, but I was still listening to what you had to say. Then you made an underlying threat, about how nothing will happen to my pretty face. My hand reaches under the counter as subtly as possible and I grab the mace can but I keep it hidden for now. I know the smile is gone from my face and now I know I must be showing signs of worry. The other guy was staring at me with a flat expression, just a poker face waiting for me to pay up. I let go of the mace for a second so I opened the till without saying a word, feeling like my heart was lodged in my throat. Tears were in my eyes as I counted what little cash we had in the till. I counted it out and it was only $175.16. I even reached into my purse and grabbed what cash I had, which was only $20.00 and change. "This is all I have on me." My voice started to break, I was trying to hold back from crying. How can you threaten a girl? I wondered if you were just trying to scare me. You peer down at the cash, the cash that was not enough for your greedy self.

"Please, can you not make a one time exception, sir? You see I am unaware of what has been going on, please can't you just do that?" You both stood in silence for what seemed like hours and I placed my hand back on my mace bottle under the counter. When you didn't answer, I looked back at the dark haired man and he just stood like a statue. Why would my father not tell me about this?! I knew that dad's new girlfriend was a gold digger because ever since she got with him, his money has been disappearing. Liam and Finn must not know about this either since one of them would have told me. I was feeling anger towards my dad and how he left me here alone to work without a heads up about you. "I'll give you all that I have now and then the rest no later than tomorrow. Does that sound okay Mr. Morgan?" I needed to stay clear headed and not act like an emotional girl. We do have an exit in the back, maybe if I need to, I can run like hell out that way. I waited for you to respond and had my hand on the can below the counter.
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I can see tears starting to well in your eyes when my tone becomes more threatening and I notice you reach under the counter for something.  I’m not worried; if you pull a gun from under there, I trust Ben to shoot you down before you even have a chance to aim it and your Father will find your cold, dead body lying where it drops when he returns on Monday.  But whatever you reach for, you come up empty handed and, instead, go for the more sensible option of opening the cash register.  I can instantly see as the drawer slides open that there’s nowhere near enough in there to cover what is owed, hell I’d be surprised if there was two hundred bucks in there.  Business must really be shitty down in the East of the city.  You take the contents of the register and count it out before me, totalling just over $175 and I shake my head.  You impress me with your enthusiasm when you grab your purse and pull out your own money, but that adds little more than $20 to the total.  Way short of what’s owed.  I can see from the expression on your face that you’re a little worried as to what’s going to happen next.  Perhaps you think we’re going to trash the store, but that would be counterproductive.  If you have nothing to sell or no store to sell from, then you won’t be able to make money to pay me.  There’s no way I’d deliberately deprive myself of $500 of your hard earned takings every week.

You start whimpering, your bottom lip trembling as you ask me if I can make an exception this one time.  You tell me that I can see you knew nothing about this and promising to pay me the rest tomorrow, addressing me respectfully as Mr. Morgan.  “I’m glad to see your Father has taught you some manners,” I say, being equally as respectful to you, for now.  “But, as I said, Miss O’Reilly, I don’t make return visits.  The debt must be paid in full today.”  You have your hand under the counter again and I turn my head slightly towards Ben, a signal that he needs to be alert to what you’re doing and be prepared for anything you might be planning. 

I lean forward again, this time placing both my hands flat on the counter top shoulder width apart, then lean a little closer to you, ready to grab at you if you make any sudden movements.  “Listen, I’m not stupid.  I know that old Pete has a safe in the back office, so why don’t we go in there and open the safe and see how much is in there?” I ask you, my smile now more forced, and more of a wicked smirk.  “I’m sure that’s where he would have left my money to keep it safe and it just slipped his mind to tell you,” I say reassuringly before leaning back up from the counter, taking a few steps towards the end of it, and extending my arm towards the door that leads to the back office.  “Shall we?” I ask, still smiling towards you and waiting for you.  “I’ll even waive the waiting fee since you weren’t expecting me,” I promise helpfully.
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You complimented my father on teaching me manners and then went back to telling me how you do not make returned visits. I was feeling like I had walked into a movie scene and now a crime lord was here threatening me if I didn't pay him what is due. This wasn't my fault but you don't care, you just want your $2000 a month for some bullshit protection. My anger was focused on my dad for keeping this little secret from us. How convenient this happened when I worked the weekend! I was already pissed off at Finn and my dad for making me work and now my life was on the line. I was trying to put on a brave face, but I'm young and not experienced with real life stuff like this. My hand was still on the can of mace when you placed your hands on the counter and leaned in towards me. You had the coldest eyes as you stared at me, telling me you know that my father's safe is back in his office. As soon as you said "safe" my eyes widened and I felt more relaxed and actually smiled some. Yes, the safe! How could I forget the safe?!

You walked at the end of the counter and extended your arm so I could take you back to where the safe was. At least I know the code to open it, I thought to myself as I followed your instructions and walked over to you. I smiled at you. "I'm sorry about all this, I will get you your money and then make sure we do not have this problem again in the future." You nodded and smiled back at me and placed your hand on the small of my back as you walked beside me. Your henchman followed us but made sure he kept a good amount of distance like I was the dangerous one. I was mentally remembering what I saw in the safe last week when dad asked me to put one of his old Irish heirlooms he received when his father passed away. We had over 5,000 in the safe along with some other Irish jewelry and Irish money. This was a miracle that the safe was here, a good back up to keep us from losing our lives. I was already thinking of a big argument in my head towards my dad. Oh boy was he going to hear it from me! Putting us at risk and me, his only daughter too! I know he's living it up with Sheila, girlfriend number 3 so far this year, but this was irresponsible for a 55 year old man. 

When we reached the safe, I looked up at you and smiled again. "I totally forgot about the safe, I know we have enough to cover you in here." You smiled at me and I knelt down and put in the code and it opened. My mouth instantly opened in shock, felt like my jaw hit the floor. "It's all gone!!" I looked up at you, still on my knees. "I d....don't k...know where it is!"  
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A look of relief washes over your face when I mention the safe.  You tell me you forgot all about the safe and, being completely honest, I can’t argue with you.  In my business, you deal with a lot of people who try to lie to you and cheat you, so you get to recognise body language and learn to read people.  You have to if you want to be successful because if you don’t, then people will just walk all over you.  And, reading your body language along with the expression on your face, I know that you’re not lying when you say you forgot about the safe in the back office.  How you could forget something like that I’m not sure, but I’d be willing to put it down to you being thrust into the stressful situation of a creditor coming to collect his debt when you weren’t expecting it. 

You joined me at the end of the counter and we walked towards the office, my reaching out and placing the palm of my hand softly against the small of your back.  Feeling your warm skin through the thin fabric of your shirt sends a tingle through my body; it’s been a while since I’ve been next to a young woman such as you, and even longer since I’ve laid down with one.  I glance behind me as we walk and see that Ben is still behind but keeping his distance; doing his job protecting me, not that I think I’d need it against you if you were to try anything.  You’re a few inches shorter than me, and your slender frame would be no match for my muscular physique. 

You turn and tell me that you totally forgot about the safe and reassure me that there is enough in there to cover what I’m owed.  “That’s good to know,” I say as you go into the office and kneel before the safe.  You lean forward to put the code in and I can’t help but notice how your tight jeans are hugging the curve of your ass as you bend.  My cock twitches instantly as I watch your ass wiggle slightly as you move, the straps of your bra clearly visible as they protrude against the thin shirt you’re wearing.  You open the safe door and I hear you gasp and see your jaw drop almost to the floor.  You say it’s all gone, though I don’t think you’re actually talking to me, you’re just thinking out loud.  I lean down beside you and peer into the empty safe over the top of you as you stutter out that you don’t know where it is.

“Then we have a problem,” I say calmly, standing up straight and looking down at you.  I turn to Ben who is standing at the door to the office and nod my head in the general direction of the store and he takes the hint, backing away and leaving us alone.  As soon as he’s gone, I close and lock the office door then turn to face the office while leaning back against the door.  You’re still on your hands and knees staring at the empty safe in disbelief, your mousey blonde hair falling down around your face.  “The question is,” I continue as I look over your young, fit body lustfully from head to foot, blood rushing to my groin.  “What are we going to do about it?” I ask.
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Everything was gone and not one penny was left in sight. Where could it have all gone?! I even had my birth certificate in there and other sentimental items from my dead mother inside. I had looked up at you and told it was all gone and then you knelt down beside me to check. I knelt back down and took another look as if expecting it all to reappear. It felt time stood still for a few minutes as you looked inside and I did again too. I knew something bad was about to happen, I could feel it inside my bones. You were about to either break my face in or kill me dead. I kept wishing and hoping this would go away in a minute, that maybe you would have pity on me. My father and brothers left me here alone and now I was about to be a bloody corpse or a vegetable.

When you told me we have a problem, I felt myself freeze up. You stood up and looked at Ben and he nodded and walked out. I felt my legs shaking as I was still on my knees, but now you walked to the door and locked it. Something bad IS going to happen, I'm 110% sure of it. I kept trying to hold back anxious tears but this situation is scary for anyone, especially a young woman. I turned and looked back at the safe and hoping that looking at it for the third time will make it appear. Third time the charm after all. Still nothing was there and my face was wet from tears. You then leaned up against the door and asked me what we are going to do about it. Ben is outside waiting for you to do what you wanted to do to me. "Please Mr. Morgan, this is not my fault, I knew nothing of this! I d...don't know why the s...safe is empty... all my stuff is gone too!" I was still on my hands and knees, basically begging for mercy. "I can call my dad! Please let me call him or one of my brothers and they will come now!!"
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I keep leaning against the door and watching you bent over on your hands and knees looking into the empty safe as though you’re expecting it to refill itself with money.  I watch your young, slender body start to tremble as realisation dawns on you that the money isn’t going to magically turn up and you’re now in over your pretty little head.  You actually look as though you’re about to burst into tears, and I’m almost feeling a little sorry for you since this is clearly your Father’s fault.  You turn to me and instantly look at me with pleading eyes.  You tell me this isn’t your fault and you knew nothing of this, saying that you have no idea why the safe is empty and telling me that some of your stuff is gone too.  You offer to call your Dad or your Brothers, promising me that one of them will come quickly to pay me right away.  All the while I’m watching you, my cock is twitching in my Armani boxer shorts and bespoke Brioni suit pants as the blood rushes to my groin at the sight of your body on hands and knees ready to be ravished

I lean up from the door and slowly walk over to where you’re kneeling, my piercing blue eyes roaming lustfully all over you.  My cock is throbbing in my pants, but the cut of my clothes does not betray my arousal to you.  “We can work something out,” I say to you, my voice soft and kindly.  As I get to where you kneel, I hold out my hand to help you to your feet, which seems to ease your fears a little.  You blink back the tears that were threatening to spill from your eyes and look up at me, almost even forcing a relieved smile onto your lips.  Inside, so that you can’t see, I’m smirking to myself as you innocently reach out to accept my help and take my hand.  Your small hand slips into mine and I gently pull you to your feet and a lone tear rolls down your cheek.  I reach out and use my thumb to gently wipe it away, then brush the hair that’s fallen in front of your face back behind your ear.  Your hair is soft and lush and feels nice to touch and I get that tingling feeling through my body again as I touch you.

You become apologetic again and I can tell that you’re both frightened and embarrassed by being put into a situation that is clearly not your fault.  What you don’t see is that, while I’m brushing your hair gently behind your ear with my left hand, my right hand is balled into a fist.  You don’t realise that it’s coming until you feel me drive it into your abdomen, forcing the air from your lungs and making you crumple to your knees clutching your tummy and gasping for air.
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I kept thinking to myself that this was not happening, but in reality it was. How can my father not tell me about this?! He's been so wrapped up with Sheila who is ten years younger than he is and is the biggest slut her age I've ever met. I wonder if Liam or Finn know and if they do and I am the only one who was in the dark, I am going to have big problems with my family if I survive this. I offered to call them and then you told me we could work something out. I felt my breathing slow down and my heart was too, I was breathing calming and ready to listen to what other options we had. Your voice is soft and gentle, maybe you were kind hearted towards women and just ruthless towards men. I was hoping that was the case and you were going to have mercy on me. 

This whole situation was jarring and even though you were being kind to me,  you're still some strange man that has me back here alone with him. Ben was still out on the other side waiting, waiting for what? I kept apologizing to you for the trouble we put you through and how I never knew about this. You smiled at me while you are brushing my hair behind my ear and this whole time I was waiting to hear what options you had in mind. The next thing I felt was your fist that smashed into my stomach and had me falling straight to the floor like a bag of rocks. I can't scream, or talk but all I can do is gag and wheeze as I clutch my abdomen and feel the sharp pain deep inside. I have never been hit in my life! I was shocked at what just happened. I knew something bad was going to happen but in the back of mind, I guess I was in denial. I couldn't breathe just yet, I was holding myself and trying to catch my breath. 
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You collapsed as though your legs had turned to jelly beneath you.  I ginned, satisfied that the desired effect of force and surprise had caught you so off guard.  You sat on your knees, still too stunned to even start crying, just holding your tummy and gagging, trying to get the air back into your lungs.  You lean forward and support yourself with one arm while the other continues to rub and massage the point where I punched you. 

I know that I don’t need to worry about any noise that you might make because there are no other buildings on this lot - the nearest being an apartment block which is over five hundred yards away.  And, though Ben is still new to my staff, he wouldn’t be here with me now as I make my rounds if I couldn’t completely trust him.  He will wait outside until I emerge, keeping the place secure, preventing anyone coming into the store and finding out what’s happening.  He knows that I can take care of myself in one on one situations like this, especially against a young girl who is smaller and weaker than I, and who is completely taken by surprise by the unprovoked attack that is being waged on her.

My lips draw back into a wicked, tooth baring grin as you start to get your breath back and support yourself on hands and knees.  As your breathing starts to slow and return to normal, I step forward, pull my right leg back then swing it forward, driving the toe of my highly polished Christian Louboutin shoe into your tummy at roughly the same point I punched you.  The blow sends you sideways, crashing into the side of the desk before landing on your back, gasping and fetching for air once again.  Within seconds, you’ve rolled over onto your side and curled yourself into a fetal position, clutching your midriff and bringing your knees to your chest, your tight jeans stretching across the pert curve of your ass.  Now the tears that are starting to fall down your face are visible as I step forward to continue my relentless attack, swinging my leg again and kicking you in the small of your back to make you stretch yourself out from your protective, curled state.  This time the pain is too much and you cry out.
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I was writhing on the floor and trying to hold my tummy which felt like it was going to explode. I've never been hit and this was a punch from a man. How could you do this to me? This isn't even a fair fight! I was sobbing and looking up and watching you grin as you enjoyed the aftermath of what you've done. I couldn't even speak just yet, the sharp shooting pain in my stomach was too much. This day was normal and now it's like I have turned up in some sort of episode of the Sopranos. I still had no idea what all was going on. My breathing finally starts to slow down some and eventually the pain starts to subside. I get on my hands and knees and pant, trying to breath in and out, checking to see if everything is alright. As soon as I start to feel like I could breathe again, you kick me in the stomach, in the same way you punched me in! You kicked me so hard that I crashed sideways against the side of  my dad's desk.

The pain is too much for me, I curled up as tight as possible and held myself as I rocked. I was sobbing and gagging on air, coughing and spitting up, This was it, you were going to murder me right here in my father's office. My father and brothers will walk in to see my cold dead corpse lying here. Most likely you will just leave me here to be discovered by them and sadly it would serve my father right. He should have told us what was going on! He should have prepared me at least since he knew I was working the weekend shift. I laid there in a tight fetal position, so tight that I felt like I was a rollie pollie bug. "P...please n...no m...more..." I sobbed out. I kept on clutching, too scared to move out of this tight position. "I... it's n...not my...fault. Please..." I was shaking, trembling in fear and the unknowing of what was about to happen to me. "I'm j...just a g...girl... please d...don't k...kill me." I carried on weeping and holding myself, hoping that you would show me mercy.
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There’s something about dishing out a hard, violent punishment that really gets my adrenaline and blood flowing rapidly.  I guess that makes me a sadist or something, but I don’t really care about labels.  All I care about is that it makes me feel good when I look at someone’s suffering because they can’t follow my simple rules.  The adrenaline that rushes through my veins makes me feel alive, like I could take on the world, I could take on any superhero who comes after me and win.  Superman? I’ll be his kryptonite.  Spider man? I’ll be his Venom, or Batman’s Joker.  And seeing the suffering makes my blood rush to my groin, stiffening and swelling my cock as I see someone writhing around in pain at my feet.  And it becomes much more pronounced when it’s a young, pretty girl that’s rolling around at my feet. 

This is clearly not your fault, but you’re the one who is here now and not paying the money that is owed to me so you are the one who has to suffer for it.  And feeling my cock throbbing and pulsating in my pants, you’re going to suffer for it in the worst way you could imagine. 

You curl yourself up into a ball again, wrapping your arms around yourself, begging me to stop, reminding me that it’s not your fault and that you’re just a girl. Pleading with me not to kill you.  I laugh when I hear this.  “Now, honey, I’m not going to kill you,” I say to you, moving so that I’m standing by your feet.  “That would just send the wrong kind of message to your Old Man.”  I tilt my head as I look at your young body trembling in fear at my feet.  “And that would be no fun at all,” I add as I lean down and grab your ankles.  You scream when I pull and twist, using my grip on your ankles to yank your legs straight and twist you onto your back.  As I manhandle you, one of your pink Converse sneakers comes away from the foot that was inside it, revealing a pink sock with hearts on it.  “Awww, cute,” I say in a mocking voice.  As soon as I have you straightened out and on your back, I sit on your legs slightly above your knees, my legs astride you and my weight pinning your lower half to the floor.  “And we’re going to have some fun.  But first, you’re going to tell me your name,” I say, grinning down at you, my hands resting on my thighs but ready to strike out again if you struggle.
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I was hoping that at any moment one of my family members would walk right on in. Not even a customer walked in the store. This was the scariest experience of my life! I was laying here begging for you not to take my life, not to kill me and reminding you that I had nothing to do with this.You walked over and stood by my feet and you told me that you were not going to kill me. I knew not to trust you but at least it sounded sincere. I kept holding myself and you told me that I would send the wrong message to my father if you killed me, how it would be no fun at all. Just then it was like my brain light bulb turned on and it dawned on me what you meant by that. You want to have "fun" and I knew what that meant. There's no way I am going to say it, nor will I beg you not to, so I wait. You have something on your mind, otherwise I wouldn't still be locked in my father's office alone with you. You grabbed my ankles and immediately I started to scream and kick my legs about.You had to manhandle me, hold one of my legs firm enough to where it didn't kick you in the face and a shoe fell off in the process. You had me on my back and you're looking at my leg in your hand, eyes roaming to my white sock with pink hearts on them and you mock  them by saying they were cute. You were on me, keeping me pinned to the floor when you told me we were going to have some fun. "No, please don't do this to me! I didn't know, this isn't my fault!" I cried out to you, trying to scoot away from you but you just kept me pinned to the floor.

You had asked me for my name and I knew if I didn't comply and give it to you, then it would mean more pain. "My name is Ava, please you've hurt me enough, please don't do anymore to me!!" I tried to yank the leg you were holding, the one with the missing shoe. You wouldn't let go, so I started to panic. I need to fight you off, I don't see any weapons on you and just then I remembered in the bathroom  in dad's office there is a small window I can crawl out of above the toilet. "Please Mr. Morgan... let go!!" I kept sobbing and trying to wiggle my legs free from  your grip.
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You tried to kick out a little as I sat astride your legs, but my weight upon them was too restrictive and you’re barely able to move them more than a couple of inches at best.  You’re whimpering and sobbing now.  You do, it seems, appear to have some brains in that pretty little head of yours because, when I ask you your name, you tell me that it’s Ava, before begging me not to hurt you any more and telling me that I’ve done enough to you.  Then, addressing me respectfully as Mr. Morgan - which is both pleasing and futile, you beg me to let go of you. 

“Now, now, young Ava, there’s no need to be like that,” I say with the corner of my mouth turned up in a smirk.  “We’re only just getting started,” I continue as you try to wriggle yourself free from under me.  I dig my knees into your thighs a little tighter to hold your legs still.  While I sit on my heels astride your legs, I slip my suit jacket off and toss it onto the desk at the side of us.  I can see from the expression that flashes across your face that you have an idea of what’s coming, and that makes my cock twitch a little harder.  I then unfasten my tie and slide it from my shirt, fold it in half and stretch it out in my hands.  “I could do a multitude of things with this,” I tell you as I look into your Celtic eyes.  “It would be in your own interests not to make me,” I growl in a soft, threatening voice.  I set the tie down at your left hip within easy reach if I need to use it. 

“Now, what do you say you and me have a little fun?” I ask, my voice now light and mischievous.  As soon as I reach for the button on your jeans, you scream a loud ‘No’ and start to swat at my hands.  I laugh every time you manage to hit my hand because there really is no force behind them, you’re just flailing around.  Despite the swatting and flailing hands, I manage to pop the button then I slowly pull down the zipper to reveal a flash of black lace panties beneath your jeans.  I cock is throbbing to the point of wanting to bust out of my Armani boxers; I can already feel the precum leaking into the soft fabric.

I gaze at your chest as you try and fight back, almost mesmerized by the way your breasts are moving under your thin shirt, jiggling around while you try and prevent yourself from being overpowered, and heaving up and down as you sob and wail. 

“Just think of it as working off some of your Father’s debt,” I tell you with a grin as I get the zipper of your jeans all the way down.  Just to subdue you for a moment, when you least expect it, I swing my right arm from left to right, catching your right cheek with a hard backhand, snapping your head hard to the left and leaving you stunned, your arms flopping to your sides as you try and take in what just happened.  While I have you in this dazed state, I stand up off of you, lean down and grab at the waistband of your jeans and your panties and, in one swift move, yank them down your legs.  It’s fortuitous that your shoe fell off, as I’m now able to pull your left leg out of your jeans and underwear and leave me able to spread your legs wide enough for me to get between.  You’re just coming out of your daze as I’m lowering myself on top of you while, at the same time, reaching for my belt and pants to unfasten them.
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I yelp out when you pressed your knees into my thighs to keep me still. The whole time you are taking your suit jacket off, I cry and try to get you off of me by squirming some. I can't move too much because of your knees holding me down, then you take off your tie and my eyes grew big. You told me you could do alot with it, like tie me down most likely. You basically threatened me not for me to make you use it on me. "No, please Mr. Morgan!! Please don't do this!" When you reached for the button on my jeans, I screamed out and started hitting you. I kept on trying to squat at your hands and you just laughed. This was a nightmare for me! How could this be happening and why when I am working this shift? I was feeling alone and sort of betrayed by my father and abandoned by both him and my brothers. What's going to happen to me when you're done? It's not like we can call the police or even report this, if you are who you say you are then you own them practically. The fact you wouldn't even let me call them proves you are evil in heart, you were waiting to inflict punishment on me. I've just hardly turned 20 and never experienced life like my  brothers have. I'm only in college part time while I work here and try to save money to move out of Liam's place. I was sort of sheltered compared to my brothers and now I was living in a moment that I was never going to forget.

You told me to look at it as a way of paying off my father's debt and then you backhanded me hard across the jace. I felt the corner of my mouth burning and my cheek was hot from the impact of your hand. I tasted a metal flavor in my mouth, a bit of blood was in my mouth and I took both my hands and covered my face as I was stunned. I could feel you grabbing my jeans and panties and yanking them both down at the same time, but I was still recovering from the impact of your hand. I could feel one of my legs completely free and then you got on top of me, kneeling between my legs as you fumbled for your belt and your zipper. I finally took both my hands off my face and saw you getting ready to pull yourself out of your pants that probably costs more than our store. "NOOOO!!"I screamed at the highest pitch, trying to close my inner thighs. "Get off me! No, you can't do this! NO! Stop... somebody help me!!!" I couldn't believe that Ben was outside this door and just waiting. What kind of world is this!?
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You start to come out of your daze and realise what’s happening to you then start trying to close your legs on me, but it’s a fruitless act because I’m already well situated between your thighs.  You scream out a loud and drawn out ‘no’ at the top of your lungs as I get my belt and pants unfastened, and continue by demanding I get off you before telling me I can’t do this and, finally screaming for help. 

“There is no help,” I growl at you as I free my cock from my boxers, the tip covered in a liberal coating of my precum that has leaked while watching your fit young body rolling around in pain.  “I don’t think you realise just how powerful I am, Ava.  I can do anything,” I say, the evil grin returning to my face.  I use my knees to splay your legs further apart and shuffle into a better position, pressing my cock between your delicious looking hairless lips.  I can feel my thick, hard shaft pulsating against you, eager to be inside you and claiming your body as mine.  “This will be a day you will never forget,” I grin as I push my hips forward slightly, teasing your entrance and watching you as you close your eyes tightly trying to shut me out.  I can already tell that you’re going to be tight.  And you’re obviously dry, too, so this is going to be uncomfortable for a while.  But your body will react to my invasion, the discomfort and pain will be temporary and won’t last too long; once you start getting wet, I can tell your pussy is going to feel so good around my cock as I rape you on the floor of your Dad’s office.

“I’m looking forward to this,” I grunt as I line myself up and get into position, making sure to press enough weight down on you to keep you in place while I penetrate you.  You sob and wail as you feel my precum being smeared around your womanhood; your lips, your clit, the entrance to your vagina, all getting covered in the thick liquid that’s leaking from my cock.  “How old are you, Ava?” I ask, grinning as I prepare myself for the pain of forcing my cock into your dry pussy.  “Are you a virgin? Is your cunt pure or are you a slut just like all the other girls on this side of town?” I ask with a smirk as I finally start to push my hips forward and stretch your entrance out.  You wail and bawl like a baby as I push myself deeper inside you, groaning loudly as I feel your tight, dry inner walls gripping to my cock as I force myself fully into you with no lubrication.  “Jesus Christ, that’s fucking tight,” I gasp as I violate you.
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I'm screaming for help and you growl out at me that there is no help, how you are more powerful then I realize. I look down as you pull out your cock, dripping with precum and I continue to scream for help. You may be powerful, but it won't stop me from trying to call someone for help or at least fighting you off. What's embarrassing is Ben is outside the door and I know he can hear everything. You told me you could do anything and then used your knees to spread my legs as wide as they would go. I could feel the tip of your cock dripping, leaking your cum out on me, then you push but not forcefully yet, just taunting me. The whole time I carry on sobbing and screaming for help, thrashing under you and trying to close my inner thighs, but you're in between me. It's too late, you're in position to penetrate me. "Nooo!! Please this wasn't my fault!!!" I wailed out at the top of my lungs.

You told me you were looking forward to this and how I will never forget his day. I know I will never forget this day, this day will be burned in my memory as long as I live.I kept kicking my legs, my heels hitting the floor and getting bruised. "I.... d...didn't do anything!!" You got lined up and ready to force yourself in me and I had no way of bucking you off. You asked me how old I was and if I was a virgin or like the slut down the street. I was not going to answer you, I kept on screaming my head off and calling out for help even though I knew help was not available. I'm not a virgin but I've only had sex a couple of times with a boy my last year when we met through a mutal friend. His cock was a thick as a number 2 pencil, so when you started to push into me, I screamed bloody murder.

You grunted as you inched yourself in my dry pussy, only just a little bit of wetness from the cum that was already coating the tip of your cock.You're much thicker than the one guy I was with before, so thick that it causes me to arch my neck and back and scream as I bang my palms against the floor. "Take it out!!!" I screeched at the top of my lungs and thrashed around as you groaned out and got balls deep inside me. I could feel your pubic hair against my womanhood, my smooth skin. You're inside me, actually inside me!! "Get the fuck off me, you sick pervert! GET OUT!!!" I took my hand and swiped you across the face, leaving a couple of thin red lines of blood given to you by my nails.
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You screamed and arched your back as I’d forced my cock into your pussy, stretching you with my girth and filling you with my length.  I’m groaning with the discomfort of your dryness, but I’m making it sound like I’m groaning with pleasure as I violate you.  You scream out when you feel me starting to fuck you, yelling at me to take my cock out of you.  At this moment in time, I’m thinking that you must have been a virgin because of the way that you’re reacting.  But I’m not new to this.  You’re not the first woman I’ve raped to get my way or taken in payment for unpaid debts.  And yours wouldn’t be the first virginity I’ve stolen if you are.  Either way, it’s of no odds to me.  I will always get what I want; when you’re as rich and powerful as I am, that’s just the way it is for people like you.  After the first few thrusts that I force into your tight pussy and I don’t feel blood from a busted hymen, I know then that you weren’t a virgin after all, but you must be very inexperienced to have a pussy as tight as this.  Perhaps you’ve only had needle dicks before now, I think to myself and grin.

I frown at you when you start swinging your arms around and yelling at me to get the fuck off you, calling me a sick pervert and telling me to get off.  You’re screaming the words at the top of your lungs but the only one who can hear you is Ben, who gets paid a very handsome sum of money to turn a blind eye to things he might see or hear in the line of his work.  I feel a sting of pain when your flailing hand connects with my cheek and I glare at you as I thrust my cock into your tight pussy.  “You don’t want to be doing things like that,” I growl at you, pulling back and thrusting my cock hard into you again, making you yelp out.  I feel something wet on my cheek and I instinctively know that you scratched me hard enough to draw blood when you slapped me, and now I’m mad.  I backhanded you before to daze you just long enough to get your jeans and panties off ready for me to rape you without too much of a fight, normally I don’t hit a girl’s pretty face because I don’t like to mess with the beauty with which they were born.  But for you, thanks to your scratching, I’ll make an exception.

I wipe my hand across my cheek and see a small amount of thick, crimson liquid on my fingers, which I then smear across your cheek, leaving two red lines on your cheek similar to old Native American war paint.  Then I ball that same hand into a fist and drive it hard into your chin.  You scream out as your head snaps hard to the side and I thrust my cock deep inside your pussy at the same time.  Then I grab your chin and turn your head back to face me before punching you again in the same place.  “If you ever do something like that again,” I growl at you as you lie under me, pinned to the floor by my weight as my hips buck and thrust and drive my cock into your tight hole over and over, “it will be the last thing you ever do,” I growl.

“Do you understand me?” I ask, driving a particularly hard thrust of my cock into your pussy while, at the same time, turning your head straight again and, this time, backhanding you.
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I'm dry and it hurts like hell having your cock three times the size I have had before pushing into me. I scream out bloody murder, arching my whole body as you get all the way inside. You're groaning out as I beg you to take it out. When I hit you, I had scratched your cheek and a few lines of red appeared. When you told me I don't want to be doing that, you thrusted into me harder causing my body to scoot and I screamed out in pain. You wiped your cheek and looked at your fingers all while you pounded into me and never lost the rhythm. I could see the anger in your eyes all while I was screaming and crying, trying to scoot upward some to get off your cock some but it was useless. You smeared your own blood on my face, on each cheek and I cringed when I felt the stickiness. 

The next thing is you balled up your hand into a fist and then punched me hard on the chin. At first the pain did not even register, I just felt my head snap hard to the side and then I felt it. I screamed out and you fucked me harder, thankfully I was starting to get wet. Before I could wrap my head around that I was just punched brutality, you punched me again in the same spot. You growled at me that if I ever did something like that again it would be the last thing I do. I believe you too! I know you will kill me, you have no integrity. My chin was throbbing and then you asked if I understood you and grabbed my chin and backhanded me again. "Y...yes!!!!" I screamed out back at you. 
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Finally I feel you starting to get wet for me, your inner walls moistening as I thrust my fat cock between your inner walls.  You whimpered and stuttered out a ‘yes’ when I’d asked you if you understood that I’d kill you if you hit and scratched me again and I grinned as you lay under me while I pounded into you.  A small bruise is already appearing on your chin where I’d hit you, and you’re slowly, gently rubbing the burning pain as I keep grinning.  There are ways to cause physical pain without hitting someone in the face, and I generally prefer to use those methods - punching and striking the abdomen and back - when I’m having to use that kind of force with a woman.  The fairer sex are pretty and a joy to look at but that natural beauty is destroyed when their face is blemished with cuts and bruises and scars.  While I have no problem rearranging a man's face, I like to see and admire the beauty of a woman’s features.

I’m grunting and gasping loudly as I thrust my thick, hard cock into your pussy, my girth stretching you wide as I violate you.  I feel you kicking your heels, one with your Converse still attached and one sock clad, against the hard office floor while I cause you both physical pain between your thighs and mental anguish in your head.  I can’t remember ever having been inside such a tight pussy and, whether you’re a virgin or not, it still feels damn good.  My hips buck and drive my manhood deep inside you while you sob and cry under me, your back arching and muscles spasming in pain as I force myself upon you.  I wonder what you’re going to say to the Father that put you in this position when he left you alone without the means to pay me or the knowledge that I would be coming to collect. 

“That’s a nice little cunt you have, Ava,” I gasp, grinning maniacally at you as I force my will upon you, invading your womanhood and taking what I want, claiming your body.  The discomfort that I felt from forcing myself into your dry vagina, which has long since disappeared now that you’re getting wet, had the added effect of slowing my pleasure down since I was focused on forcing my way into you, which means I’ll be able to fuck you a little longer before I cum.  The thought of that pleases me; I’m enjoying your tight pussy around my cock and I’m in no rush to be finished.
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I still felt like your cock was going to ruin my vagina. I've never had a cock this thick inside me, the way it stretches me hurts and I can't help but feel like you're going to rip me in two. I can't help but scream uncontrollably because of it, I'm sure you're extremely proud of your penis and how you can use it as a weapon. My breasts were bouncing up and down with the rhythm of your pounding. Here I am having a strange man's cock inside of my body, deep inside of me. My chin was stinging and throbbing and when I touched it, I could already feel a bruise forming. My bottom lip was swollen and bleeding, my ribs and stomach were all still hurting and I wondered if you actually broke a rib. 

The more you make your noises, the more I cringe! You're grunting and gasping and you thrust into me, I'm so tight that this hurts even while getting wet. You gulped down air as you started to build up a sweat, grunting out how I have a nice little cunt and then grinning down at me. I felt disgusted! I was being used like an object from some strange man. The worst part was there was Ben on the outside of the office, listening to this whole ordeal. Yes, he's most likely getting paid well, but I know I won't be able to look him in the eye knowing he practically witnessed me being violated. This was embarrassing and I knew I would not be able to look anyone in the eye after this.  I hated how I was wet now, my body betraying me and my pussy gripping your thick veiny cock. I cringed every time I felt your balls slapping against my ass, a strange man's sack was hitting against my ass. I could feel your pubic hairs against my skin, another cringe moment. All of this was so disgusting that I wanted to just boil myself alive in water. I kept on wailing like a baby and using my hands to push against your chest. 
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Now that you’re getting wetter, fucking you is so much easier and so much relaxed.  My cock is sliding effortlessly in and out of your tight pussy, soaking me over and over as your body’s natural defenses take over to prevent any internal injury from happening to you.  My big, heavy ball sack is swinging back and forth as I fuck you, slapping against the cheeks of your ass every time I thrust into you.  I groan and gasp with pleasure, feeling the sweat building on my brow as my hips work, thrusting and pounding and filling your hole with my thick, throbbing shaft.

You’re pressing your hands against my chest as though trying to push me off you, which only makes me chuckle slightly.  I’m bigger than you, stronger than you, heavier than you - much stronger and heavier.  The chances of you managing to push me off are almost zero, especially as I have you impaled on my stiff cock, too.  I grin down at you and allow you to try to push me off for a moment, then laugh as a droplet of sweat falls from my forehead and lands on your cheek, mixing with the tears that you’re crying.

As I fuck you, I can feel your breasts under your shirt bouncing up and down in time with my thrusts.  “It’s been a while since I last got laid,” I tell you with a smirk, “My balls are so full of cum that I’m going to flood your whole insides,” I say, taunting you as I start to thrust harder and deeper into your tight pussy, your juices having now formed a slick coating over my dick as I bury it fully into you.  I consider hitting you again for the fun of it, just to see you hurt, just to see you cry some more.  But I decide against it.  Instead, I grab at the wrists that are pushing against my chest and hold them down on the floor either side of your head.  Now you’re almost completely immobile as I fuck you and enjoy what I’m stealing from your body.
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The wetter I got, the louder you made your disgusting noises. You were sweating and a few droplets of sweat fell on my face and I turned my face the opposite way as I wailed out. I never would have thought any of this would have happened to me. If I survive this, I don't know what I will do. I know that the police won't help and every one is most likely afraid of you. I'll have to move far away from here, get the hell out of dodge and never come back. I just hope that you meant what you said about not killing me. After this, my father is all on his own! I won't even tell him what happened to me, none of them will know cause I am gone.

My inner thighs were already sore from your hands when they reached down there to spread me wide at first. You're much heavier and bigger and you were crushing me at times until I would yelp and you would lift up some. You were going faster now, pounding in and out as you grunted, hitting my cervix extremely hard to where I screamed out in pain. I just wanted this to end. It was like you read my mind cause as soon as I thought that, you told me how it's been a while since you have gotten laid and how your balls are all full of cum. I looked at you with big eyes and shook my head from side to side, tears still streaming down my face. "No, you can't do that! Please don't cum inside!!!!" I wanted to swat at your face again, to maybe gouge out your eyes for doing this to me, but I just kept pushing on your chest.

You were taunting me. Here you are raping me and then you go on and taunt me about cumming inside. How can you be so heartless?! I'm freaking out because I'm on nothing. It was like one thing after the other. I just need to survive this and then I can deal with other stuff later when I'm safe and sound. You grab my wrists and then slammed them down on both sides of my head and now I'm pinned, spread eagle with your knees keeping me wide and your hands pinning me down.
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When my sweat started dripping onto your face, you screwed your eyes up tightly and turned your head away trying to get away from that feeling.  But it doesn’t last long.  Your eyes flick wide open and you stare up at me when I mention cumming, a look of terror crossing your face even more so than when you first realised what I was going to do to you.  And your expression was worth every second of what I’m doing to you.  Your whimpering and sobbing stops and then you lie there silent for a moment as you absorb my words, the only sound in the small office being that of my hips slapping against yours and my grunts and groans of pleasure as I enjoy your body.  Then the tears start to fall again and you tell me that I can’t do that, you beg me not to cum inside you.  Hearing your whimpering plea only spurs me on and I fuck you a little harder, feeling the entrance to your cervix as I drive my cock as deep into you as I can go.  “Deary, deary me, young Ava,” I say sweetly as I laugh mirthlessly at you.  “You have no idea how rape works do you?  You don’t get to decide what happens to my cum,” I say, my voice taunting and mocking you as you lie beneath me, hands held firmly in place beside your head and impaled on my thick, thrusting shaft.

While I’m fucking you, I wonder to myself what I’m going to do about the debt that your Father owes me.  Yes, I might be taking some of it out of your body by raping you now, but that doesn’t cover the full cost of what he owes.  And the longer it takes him to pay up, the more his bill increases.  Perhaps I will have one of the local goons who go around terrorising those who refuse my services burn the place down.  But then that’s $500 a week that I’ll be losing if there’s no convenience store here.  I will decide that later, I have more pressing matters on my mind right now, I think, and return my attention to the young twenty something pinned under me, who I’m currently enjoying.

Your pleading and my taunting in return has had the effect of bringing me closer to finishing and I can feel the pressure starting to build in my balls as I fuck you deep and hard.  I grunt and groan and gasp as my hips rise and fall, my long, thick manhood now sliding effortlessly in and out of your soaked pussy which feels soft and warm and inviting now that you’re wet.  I feel my cock stiffening inside you, throbbing and pulsating as I get closer and closer, fucking you deep and hard.  I get to the point of no return, where I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to, and I groan loudly as I drive a thrust especially deep into your tight pussy and cum explodes from the tip of my cock.  I gasp and groan as I fuck you, each thrust sending stream after stream of my thick, warm semen shooting deep inside your young body, filling your womb with my seed as I pound into you over and over until I’m completely spent.  Collapsing on top of you and crushing you under me, I pant and gasp for breath as my cock twitches inside your pussy, keeping you plugged up as the last of my cum slowly leaks into you.
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It was bad enough being raped and now here you are threatening me by cumming inside my unprotected womb. I've never been on birth control, never needed it when we used small size condoms for when I slept with that guy only twice. Twice was too many times for me, I never felt it, even when he popped my cherry because he was so thin. You're like a beast. Your cock is so thick, the veins are bulging and your bell-head feels wider than the hole my to pussy. The more I cried and begged, the harder you got as you pound into me harder, hitting my cervix over and over. You grunted out how I had no idea how rape works, asking me and mocking me as you laugh. Telling me I do not get to decide what happens to your cum. It's going in my body, yet according to you, I do not get a say. No matter, I just need to survive this horrid ordeal and deal with everything else later. My father will have so much to answer for if I even talk to him again. Your hands were crushing my tiny wrists, they were going to be bruised by the time you let up. 

You started to show the signs you were about to cum, your face got red and then you acted like you were holding your breath. Next thing I knew it, you groaned out and it felt like a gallon of it shot out. I screamed at the top of my lungs, shaking my head left to right and screaming "no" over and over. You were filling me up to the brim! I did all I could to try and buck you off, which made no sense but I still do so. You have my legs already spread painfully wide as your cock pulsating inside me, shooting out thick streams of cum. Even while you were currently shooting your load, I could feel it already starting to leak out and onto the floor near my ass. You collapsed on me and still held my arms down beside my head as you panted and tried to catch your breath. Your dick was still lodged inside me, still twitching away and getting the last few dregs of your filthy cum out and inside me. I laid there wailing out, the sounds of my cries filled with despair and shame. 
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I lay on top of you catching my breath, my cock still twitching inside your tight pussy as the last of my cum leaked into you.  I grin as I feel your inner walls soaking my cock still, while cum is already leaking out of you and running down your ass to the floor below.  I have no idea how much cum I dumped into you, but I know it was a lot.  It felt like a gallon or more spurting and shooting into you in short jets, my seed being injected into your womb every time I thrust my cock into you.  After a while I start to feel myself softening and the grip of your pussy slackening.  I push myself up and look down on you, smirking at you as I keep your arms held down with my hands and my hips pinning you down to the floor beneath me.  You’re sobbing and crying, your eyes closed with tears streaming down your face.  I lean down and forcibly press my lips against your, not actually wanting to kiss you, just humiliate you a little more.  I wonder if you’re going to tell your Dad what happened to you when he returns.  Will you tell him that nasty Mr. Morgan came round and raped you because he didn’t have the decency to leave the money he owed; or to tell you that he even paid for my protective services.

I chuckle to myself as I wonder what his reaction will be when you tell him.  That’s if you tell him.  Perhaps you’ll be too embarrassed to even say a word to him about it.  But I think he needs to know.  Needs to know what the consequences of his actions actually were.  “That was fun, wasn’t it, young Ava?” I ask without wanting or expecting an answer.  “I really enjoyed myself,” I continue, laughing at you and taunting you.  “I think you should blame your Father for what happened to you, since he was the one who left you completely in the dark about what he owes and who he owes it too,“ I say, planting a seed that he’s the one who caused this to happen.  Partly it’s true; if I’d got my money, I would likely not have raped you. 

With my cock almost completely soft now, I finally release your tiny wrists from my grip, smirking when I see red marks around them where my fingers have held onto them so tightly, and push myself up off you.  My flaccid cock slides out of your pussy and I climb to my feet.  I look down between your thighs and see my cum leaking out of your beautiful, hairless slit and falling to the floor beneath your ass.  I laugh at you when I see this, pulling up my boxers and pants at the same time, fastening them securely.  I tuck my shirt in, push my tie under my shirt collar and re-tie it, then slip my jacket on.  All while you lie on the floor, your legs still spread for me to see your womanhood and my cum leaking out of you. 

Suddenly, I have a thought.  What if you don’t tell your Father about this.  What if he remains completely oblivious to it and has no idea that you didn’t pay me?  I need some kind of insurance policy.  An incentive for him to pay up.  There’s only one way I can imagine giving him that incentive.  I kick at the jeans and panties that are gathered at the bottom of one leg.  “Get dressed,” I demand as I fasten my belt buckle and tuck my shirt into my pants.  “Get off your back and get dressed again,” I growl at you.
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It was over, finally over! I was sobbing and trying not to look at you laying on me and you were still keeping me pinned down and panting like a dog. You were still inside me all hard and throbbing away, it was the worst feeling ever! This was so mortifying! I still was in shock that this was even really happening. It all happened so fast. When you start to soften, you finally push enough to look down on me crying as you still held me down. You grinned and then leaned down and forced a kiss on my lips, I winced and yelped out when you did. My jaw was tender and my mouth was swollen, yet you didn't bother to care of course. Not only did it hurt but I felt so much shame and embarrassment, I felt like I had done something wrong. I know this isn't my fault but I feel like it is and I wish I can gouge my eyes out so I never have to make eye contact with another man again. 

I didn't want to open my eyes when you started talking and commenting how it was fun. I could feel my face getting red from how I felt humiliated. I wanted to plug my ears so I didn't have to hear you talk to me, to ignore every single vile thing you say. I wanted to scream at you to shut the fuck up but I knew if I did, my face would get bashed in. You're such a perverted, vile man and you see how god awful uncomfortable and in distress I am in and you just get off on it. You leaned down and taunted me, telling me that I should blame my father for what happened to me. I already was feeling betrayed and angry at him once I saw the empty safe. 

You finally pulled out and got off of me, leaving me on the floor battered and bruised and filled with cum. I could only imagine how I looked from your eyes. I didn't want to picture it, I just wanted to get dressed and climb in a hole and die.  Thankfully I still had my bra and top on, I was just naked from the waste  down. I wanted to pull up my pants but at the same time I felt like I couldn't move. I was frozen in some sort of shock or fear. I took my hands and raised them to my face and covered my face, I just couldn't look at anything. Now would be a great time for you to just leave. You taught me, my father a lesson and now you can just go and deal with him later. I started to curl up some when you kicked at my jeans and snapped at me to get dressed and get off my back. Without looking in your direction, I reached down and grabbed my panties and jeans and put them on. I cried harder and a little louder as I did, my pussy was aching bad and it felt so uncomfortable having a tight pair of jeans on, the stiff fabric pressing against a violated pussy filled with cum. I was dressed now, sitting down still sobbing pretty hard. I just wanted you to leave and I was in no hurry to try and stand up with how much my body hurt all over and my aching cum filled pussy. "Please l...leave."
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After I told you to get dressed and kicked at your jeans and panties that were hanging off your right ankle, you slowly did as you were told, sobbing and wincing in pain as you pulled your clothes up to your waist and fastened your jeans.  I can see that it’s causing you some pain to have your tight jeans fastened; I can imagine after I brutally raped you like that, forcing my cock into your dry and unready pussy, your lips are fairly tender.  I smile at the thought of your bruised vulva rubbing on the fabric of your panties.  You sit upright, your legs stretched out in front of you then bury your face in your hands and start crying heavily.  You tell me to leave now.  I can see how you would want me to just get the hell out of here so that you never have to see me again, but if I do that, how will I be sure that your Father gets the message?  How will I be sure that you even tell him what happened to you?  And if you don’t, perhaps he pulls something like this again and if he were to leave somebody else in the store alone without the funds to pay his debts, that person might not be so lucky as to get away with just being raped.  The thought had crossed my mind while I was in the middle of fucking you and I grinned when I thought of it.  I look down on you sitting on the floor like a little girl, sobbing into your hands, and I go to the desk beside you.  Grabbing pen and paper, I scribble your father a note.

Once I’m finished writing, I crouch down beside you.  “Do you think your Dad will have learned his lesson?” I ask you.  You don’t answer other than a shallow nod of your head.  “I’m not so convinced,” I say with a smirk that you don’t see since you still cover your face with your hands.  “I think you’ll be too humiliated and embarrassed to tell him that what he did ended up with you being raped in his office.  So I don’t think he’ll understand the full extent of what he did.”  I reach out and stroke your soft hair, making you flinch away from me as you wail out.  I grin again.  “So you, young Ava, are going to be my insurance policy.  I’ve left your dad a nice little letter telling him that he can come to my offices to make his payment,” I say as I stand up and look down on you.  “Once he’s paid his debt, he can have his daughter back.  In the meantime, you’re coming with us,” I tell you as I reach down, hook my hand under your arm and hoist you to your feet. 
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I couldn't make eye contact with you, so I had my hands covering my face as I cried. I hear you walking over and opening a desk drawer and I turned and looked at you. You were writing something on a pad of paper and then when you were done, I turned and looked down. What were you writing? My jeans were tight enough on me that none of your cum was leaking out at a rapid pace like I thought it would. I still felt some wetness on my crotch area, it was slowly seeping out but enough of it was kept in by my jeans. You crouch down beside me and you ask me if I think my dad will have learned his lesson. Knowing my father, yes he would be livid, he would be pissed. This is why I was so shocked that the safe was empty, dad always kept us safe and sound. He was never a father that was selfish but ever since he started dating Sheila, he's more into her and less into us kids. Yes, we are grown now, but not to tell me about this and taking everything out of the safe is a big red flag something is up. 

When I nodded my head that he would, you said you weren't convinced and how I will be too humiliated and embarrassed to tell him. I honestly would tell him, I would tell him and make him feel bad for not telling us about you and the arrangement he made. I would make him feel guilty but then he would already feel that way to begin with. You reached out and touched my hair and I flinched, you were stroking my hair and I started to tremble and feel my inside tense up and cry even louder. You then told me something that caused the alarm bells to go off in my head. You told me that I am going to be your insurance policy and how you left my dad a letter to come to your office to make a payment. Knowing you, you're going to charge him extra just for making you wait. You told him once he has paid his debt, then he can have me back. Before I realize it, you stand up and lean down and grab me by the arm and pull me up. "Get your fucking hands off of me!!" I took my free arm and grabbed the pen off the desk and pointed it at you. "I'm not going anywhere with you!" I felt like I was going to wet myself because I was standing up to you. I know you can kill me, but I don't want to go anywhere with you. My legs were literally shaking as I looked at your hand holding my arm. "Please just deal with him, I had nothing to do with this! You can't just take anyone because YOU WANT TO!! The last three were I shouted out at you at the top of my lungs. 
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When I pulled you to your feet, you let out a yell and told me to get my hands off you.  Before I knew it, you had reached onto the desk and picked up the pen I’d used to write the note for your dad and pointed it at me as if to threaten me with it.  You tell me that you’re not going anywhere with me and that I should deal with your dad because you had nothing to do with this.  You’ve been protesting your lack of knowledge in all this since I first arrived and I’ve been inclined to believe you; raping you and letting you live was me showing mercy on you by not killing you and letting your dad find a note attached to your cold, dead body.  But just raping you probably wouldn’t get the message across to your dad about how deep a hole he’s dug himself.  You scream at me, telling me that I can’t just take anyone because I want to.

I laugh at your last words and take a step towards you.  You raise your hand that’s holding the pen, threatening me with it.  I can’t help but laugh at the thought that you think I’m going to be scared by you threatening to stab me with a pen.  “You really don’t understand the way the business of the underworld works do you?” I ask you.  “I’m wealthy and powerful.  Very, very powerful.  If I want something done or taken care of, somebody will have a price.  I pay them and it gets done.  Nobody asks questions.  If I want to take somebody, then nobody will stop me.  And, depending on how they take it, they may never be seen again.”  The threat is subtle, disguised as an explanation of the way my world works, but it’s there.  Do as you’re told or die. 

I could call out to Ben, who would come bursting into the room with his Glock drawn, see you threatening me, and blow your brains into the middle of next year.  Or I could just release my grip on your underarm and take a swing at you.  I really don’t think you’ve thought this through, but I’m willing to let you have your moment of glory.  I release you and raise my hands, mocking you by feigning surrender, chuckling to myself at the same time.  “Please, Ava,” I say with a smirk, “Please don’t draw on me, I beg you,” I say, then burst out laughing.  Your face flushes bright red, though I’m not sure whether it’s anger or embarrassment, and I slowly lower my hands.  “Do you really think you stand a chance of getting the better of me with a pen?” I ask you.  I take a step forward and you raise the pen a little more, thrusting it towards me slightly in a stabbing motion. 

I hold my hands down in a neutral, non threatening position, waiting for the right second.  “Do you really think you can win against me and young Ben out there?” I ask you, gesturing towards the office door with my head.  “One scream from me and he’ll bust that door down shooting.”  I see you look at the door over my shoulder and I see the chance I was looking for.  I seize the opportunity and lunge forward quickly, wrapping my hand around your throat and pushing you backwards until your back and the back of your head slam into the wall behind you with a loud, dull thud. Before you even have time to scream out, I punch you again in the tummy; you would have crumpled to the ground but I still have a firm grip on your throat too.
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I know grabbing the pen and pointing it at you wasn't my best idea yet, but I was desperate. I was reacting and not thinking. When you told me I was to go with you, I freaked. You laughed at me while I had tears streaming down my face. I was being mocked! You made a statement about how I really do not understand how underground business works. No, of course I don't! I know nothing about the corrupt world! The hand that is holding the pen is shaking, I know I can't kill you without being killed by Ben. I wasn't thinking.  You went on to tell me how wealthy and powerful you are and you if you wanted to take something or someone, you will and nothing and no one can stop you. My lower lip was trembling and I was panting like a scared animal trapped in the corner. "Please just leave me alone!" You even looked intimidating in your suit that was mostly black. Your last threat was how people were never seen from again and it was because of you. No one will question you if you dispose of me. Hell, if I walked in the police station now with my body covered in bruises and a pussy violated and filled with cum, they would turn a blind eye to it. Sure they would examine me in the hospital because they have to, but you won't even get a cop showing up at your door. I'm sure you have paid off all the judges and all the top city councilmen too.

I was in hell! Nobody could help me now, not even my father and brothers could help if they walked in right this second. Ben is armed and I am sure you are too, you would just order Ben to blow them away right in front of me. I have no choice but to go with you and who knows what will happen to me. The look on your face shows how you get off on the misery of others, getting off on the fear and pain you inflict. I know Ben is hearing all this and is waiting to hear from you when he can barge in. You took me by surprise when you let go of my arm and you raised your hands, at first I thought you were being genuine, but then it showed you were mocking me. Your voice got high on purpose as you pretended to be scared, asking me not to draw on you. You started to bust out into hysterics, laughing at me, laughing at my pain. My face was getting heated and I was feeling anger rise up inside me like no other. You walked over to me and asked if I thought I stood a chance with a pen.

I yelped out when you grabbed the hand that had the pen and made fake stabbing motions towards your face, again mocking me. You finally stopped and put both your hands down and I stood there shaking as I looked at you with my mouth opened in shock. You're crazy. Your actions and everything about you shows you are insane. You asked me if I thought I could win with Ben outside and then telling me one scream from you, he will burst in here and gun me down. Like I didn't know that! I glance at the door and then when I do, is when I felt you run into me like you were a rhino. I felt your hand wrap around my throat and you threw me up against the wall as you held me there, hand clenching my throat. I yelped when my head hit the wall and then you punched me in the stomach again! I didn't even scream, I crumpled over but you held me up. "P...please..." I sounded like a man, my voice all scratchy and low, trying to clear my throat by coughing. "Please l...leave me..me.." I was hurting, weak all over and now it hurt too much to stand up straight.
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It’s only the fact that I have hold of you by the throat that you didn’t fall to the floor when I punched you.  You’re gurgling out to leave you alone as you try and get back the air that I punched out of your lungs, air that you are struggling to get back due to a restricted windpipe.  Your trembling hands are still clutching the pen that you threatened me with, though I’m still not sure what you really hoped to achieve with your dad’s cheap ball point.  I consider releasing my grip on your throat and laughing at you as you slump to the floor.  But time is pressing on and I need to get out of here, I have other things to be getting on with.  Raping you here in your dads office was fun and, since it had been a while since I got laid, was a welcome relief for my cum laden balls. But now I have other work to do.

“You will be coming with us, Ava.  Just to make sure your Dad doesn’t forget to pay up again.  As soon as he turns up with the money, he gets to take you away.  Then you can have a conversation with him and he will have learned his lesson,” I tell you, relaxing my grip slightly so that you’re able to breath.  I reach down and slide the pen out of your shaking hand and put it back on the desk.  When I think you’ve gathered yourself enough not to collapse if I let go of your throat, I release my grip and exchange it for a handful of your shirt and drag you with a yelp away from the wall and towards the door.  When I open the door Ben is stood leaning casually against the opposite wall waiting obediently.

“What are we doing, boss?” He asks as he leans up and tugs the bottom of his suit jacket down and adjusts his cuffs.

“Taking out the trash,” I growl as I pull you from the office and back out into the store.  Ben chuckles as my quip.

“Now, Ava,” I begin as you start to sob again, “we’re going to walk out of here really casual.  Then you’re going to get in the back seat of my car with young Ben here.  If you do anything other than sit quietly with your hands in your lap, he won’t hesitate to put a bullet in your pretty little head.  And I won’t stop him.  Do you understand?”

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You're holding me upright, making sure I don't fall down flat on my face. Everything hurts so bad. I'm small and you don't hold back when you hit me, if you're not careful, you will kill me by mistake. You tell me that I will go with you just to make sure my father does not forget to pay. He will not forget to pay if you have his daughter! I know my father loves me and my two dumbass brothers, but how could he take everything from the safe and let me work knowing you were going to collect? I felt more at ease once I heard you say I will be free to go as soon as he pays. I know my father will pay, but I also have a feeling you will jack up the price. 

I groan out and try to lift my head, but my head hurts and I just feel too weak. You finally let go of my throat and then you take the pen out of my hand and place it back on his desk. You then drag me by my shit and I yelp when you do and you lead me to the door. I'm stumbling as I walk, clutched over some and holding my stomach. Ben was right there, but I didn't make eye contact with him. This was humiliating! He asked you what we are doing and you respond by telling him you're taking out the trash. What did I do? How did any of this that happened to me fair? How am I trash? None of it mattered, I just wanted to crawl in a hole and die. I was quietly sobbing, little hiccups here and there escaped my mouth as I cried. I'm crying as you walk me towards the exit of the store. You tell me we are going to walk out casually and how I am going to get in the backseat with ben. I just cry as you carry on. You tell me that if I do anything other than sit quietly with my hands on my lap, then he will put a bullet in my head. I nodded when you asked me if I understood. I couldn't speak, I was too embarrassed to say something especially in front of Ben. I wanted to ask you why we needed to be casual if you had the whole city in your pocket. I wasn't in the mood to get another beating, so I stayed quiet.  
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When I asked you if you understood my instruction, you simply nodded your head as you sobbed and tears rolled down your cheeks.  “Good,” I say, “let’s go.”  I lead you out of the store, my arm around you with my hand resting on your shoulder; though it’s not doing anything other than resting there, it can be seen as a threat or a warning that I will hurt you if you try to do anything.  You’re still clutching your tummy where I punched you.  Holding my hand out to Ben, he places the car key in my upturned palm and I unlock the doors.  I open the rear door and give you a gentle shove towards it.  I don’t bundle you in, more encourage you but in a manner that really leaves you without much choice.  Ben slips in beside you and fastens his seat belt.  “Belt up, Ava,” I instruct you before returning my attention to Ben.  “I don’t think she’s dumb enough to do anything stupid, but deal with her if she does,” I tell him.  He nods his understanding and I close the door and climb into the driver’s seat.

The drive to my house takes about forty minutes, crossing from the poorer desolate East of the city to the affluent West along the freeway that my fundraising, and a few bribes along the way, helped to build.  The journey is made almost in silence, the only noises are your sobbing and sniffling in the back seat.  I occasionally glance at you in the rear view and see that you’re looking out of the window, sometimes wiping your eyes with your sleeve.  I didn’t like that I had to hit you in that pretty face of yours, but it was something that had to be done to get your attention, and expedite your fear.  The bruises on your chin and the cut on your lip are unsightly but they will heal and disappear and you will have your looks back very soon.  I like to look at pretty things which is why, if I have to get physical with a woman who is not behaving as she should, I rarely touch her face.  Idly, I wonder what exactly you’ll tell your dad when he comes to bring my money and buy your freedom.  Will you tell him how you were terrified for your life?  Will you tell him that his actions meant you were raped and beaten on the floor of his office?  Or will you just bottle it all up and then explode on him later?

As I turn the car into the long driveway, the large wrought iron gates swing open fluidly when the receiver picks up the tag that’s attached to the car.  I look in the mirror and watch them swing closed again equally as effortlessly.  I drive slowly along the tree lined driveway and pull up at the front door.  My house is more like a mansion, with no less than a dozen bedrooms - all with full en suite bathrooms. There’s a games room, a library, a large dining room and a living room that runs almost the full length of the house.  There’s also a large office where I do most of my business.  As the car draws to a stop, the large front door opens and Adam, another member of my staff, emerges from the house.  Dressed in a black suit just like Ben, Adam stands and waits on the top step.  I climb out of the driver’s seat and Adam looks a little surprised to see me driving and Ben in the back seat, and he seems even more surprised to see you sitting in the back seat.  Immediately, he moves forward and opens the door for you to get out. 

“Put her in one of the guest rooms,” I tell Ben and Adam.  “Give her food and drink, not the slop we feed the usual dregs of humanity that we bring here, we look after her until she’s collected.  Got it?” I ask them.  Both nod their heads in understanding.  “I’m sure you’ll find my guest rooms very comfortable, Ava.  Hell, you might not even want to go home after a night here,” I say with a laugh.  “Take her,” I tell them, and the lead you into the house to one of my luxurious spare rooms, where they will lock you in.  As they get you settled, I head to my office to catch up on some work, and decide how much extra I’m going to charge your father for the inconvenience of housing and feeding you while I wait for him to come and pay his bill.
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I kept my head lowered as I nodded and you grabbed the key from Ben. The whole time we were getting situated in the car, I was half aware of what was being said just due to me trying to block you out. I sat in the backseat and immediately looked outside my window while you and Ben were getting in. You barked at me to get my seatbelt on and without looking at you, I grabbed the belt and belted in. You told Ben to take care of me if I tried something and then you started the car and took off. The drive took forever. I stared out the window the whole time, crying my eyes out and using my shirt sleeve to dry my eyes. It was so awkward being in this car with two men while I cried. I never thought my day would have ended like this. I think about my dad and the safe. What happened?! I kept thinking of situations to where he would clear the safe out. We all had stuff in there and he took all of it. I was definitely angry at him for setting me up, that’s what he did obviously.

I kept rethinking what happened to me over and over and over again. It was like a bad dream that I couldn’t wake up from. We finally pulled up on a long driveway and up to what looked like a mansion. I wasn’t surprised. When we pulled up, a man walked out to open the car door and he was dressed just like Ben. My heart felt like it was lodged in my throat and I felt kind of intimidated by how I was outnumbered. I kept my head down as I stepped out and stood right by Ben as I listened to you instruct them to take me to a guest room. I was starting to wonder how long I was going to be here. I needed to try and call my dad or my brothers. One of them is going to see I’m not there and find your note. It has to be soon. You talk to me but I keep my head lowered as you tell me how I’ll love the guest rooms here. The fact you can joke and laugh now shows you really have no moral code. All this is a laughing matter to you.

You tell Ben and Adam to take me to my room and they both lead me out and walked in the so called house. I wanted to use a phone and see if I can get a hold of one of my brothers at least. I slow my walking down once we got out of eye of you and Ben and Adam looked at me to see why I was dragging my feet. “Ben, please let me call my dad. He can bring the money now if we can just reach him. I don’t need to stay inside a room, it won’t long. Please Ben.” I was whispering and of course Adam was listening but I needed a chance to use a phone and hoped one of them would feel sorry for me.
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I’m just heading into my office when I hear you whispering something.  I go back to the entrance hall and see you hanging back from Ben and Adam, saying something in a hushed voice.  Silently, I step behind you close enough to hear you whisper that there’s no need to put you in a room and that you want to call your dad so that he can come and get you and pay what he owes me.  You focus your attention on Ben, perhaps thinking that he looks like he’d be the one most likely to give in to your requests; if that’s your theory, you’re very much mistaken.  Ben has been enthusiastically watching how I work.  I trust him to do as I tell him and if I tell him to put you in a guest room, that’s exactly what he’ll do, no matter how much you beg and plead with him, or whatever you offer him.  Hell, you could get on your knees right now, pull out his cock and swallow his cum and he’d let you.  Then he’d drag you up to the guest room and throw you in there.

I step forward from where I’m standing in the hall.  “There will be no making calls,” I say, my voice booming as it bounces off the walls of the vast area.  “Your father will be here when he gets the note I left him if he ever wants to see you again.  You will have to be patient until he arrives.” 

I saw the look of shock on your face when you spun around and saw me standing there.  Clearly you’d thought that I was well out of ear shot when you started asking them for things.  And even if I had been, Ben and Adam would have told me what you’d said anyway.  I come over to where you’re standing and stand facing you, looking down at you since you’re a little shorter than I am.  “You will come to no harm while you’re here,” I tell you.  “You will be well fed - probably better than you are at home.  Your father will come when he reads the note, of that I’m sure.  He’ll be wanting his little girl back.”  I reach out and stroke your cheek softly with the back of my hand, wiping away some of your tears.  “Once your dad is here with the money he owes, you’ll be able to go back to your mundane life in your cute little store,” I say, mocking you and your family.  “Until then, you will remain here where you’ll be looked after.”

I look to Ben and Adam.  “Take her up,” I tell them, then turn my back on you and walk away, going to sit in my office while I wait to hear from your father.  “And keep a damn eye on her,” I add as I walk through the door out of the hall.
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I was confused on why I wasn't allowed to use the phone, even back at the store I asked to call my dad. You want your money, then I should be allowed to try and reach someone that can possibly help. When I pulled back from Ben and Adam, I whispered to them to let me use the phone and call my father. They didn't even respond to me, Ben looked down on me and grinned but didn't say a word. Adam looked up like he was looking at what was behind me, when I turned I saw it was you listening to what I had to say. You said that there will be no making calls, your voice bouncing off the walls and the high ceiling. You told me that my father would see the note that you left for him on his desk and told me I have to be patient until he arrives. Who knows where he and Sheila went, it's not unheard of that they just took off and went to the beach or flew out of town somewhere. I shook my head side to side when you spoke, tears streaming down my face. There's no way I am going to wait for my father to see some paper on his desk! He may not even see it right away.

You stood and looked down at me, I kept my face lowered like I was ashamed. Why did I have to feel ashamed when I didn't do anything wrong? Why do I feel this way?! You were being nice to me right now, saying how I will be well taken care of here. My head still lowered, I couldn't make eye contact with you and just cried as I listened to you. I don't think you are putting on a nice act for Ben and Adam, Ben heard you raping and beating me. I wanted to ask you why all of a sudden you were being nice when before you were... brutal. For some reason, you being kind now and telling me I will be fed better here and etc made me cry harder. Why are you being nice now?! You told me my father will come and collect me as soon as he reads the note. I just kept on crying with my head lowered. You were telling Adam and Ben to take me up to one of the guest rooms and then told them to keep an eye on me. Ben grabbed my left arm and started pulling me as you walked away. Adam grabbed my other arm as they both started to pull me. "No, wait! Please you can't deny me calling my father or my brothers!" I looked up and screamed out at you as you walked away from us. Both Adam and Ben kept dragging me up the stairs as I continued to cry and scream. "You bastard!!!"" All my built up rage finally came out and when I kicked Adam, he yelled out and grabbed the leg I struck. "You fucking bitch!" He yelled out at me and then next thing I knew, he punched me against the temple and the last thing I saw was pitch black and I was out.
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Ben and Adam grab an arm each and start to drag you towards the stairs as I leave to return to my office.  I hear you yelling that I can’t deny you calling your dad or brothers and I shake my head.  Clearly you don’t understand the gravity of your situation, or the way the world works in Temple Falls.  I practically own this city; I can do whatever I want.  You scream out, calling me a bastard and I chuckle to myself.  I stop in my tracks and return to the hall when I hear a commotion and Adam calling you a fucking bitch.  I arrive just in time to see him driving his large fist into your temple.  Your eyes rolled back into your head then you collapsed to the floor. 

“Way to go, Adam,” I said, rolling my own eyes. 

“The bitch kicked me,” he replied, defending his actions.

I look at Ben and he nods in confirmation of Adam’s story.  “Feisty little bitch,” I say.  I check for a pulse and see if you have any cuts from the punch or the fall and am satisfied that you’ll be fine.  “Ok, carry her up to one of the rooms and lay her on the bed, I’ll deal with her,” I tell them.

“Ok, Boss,” they say in tandem, almost as if they were twins who had a natural telepathic bond.

They lean down and hoist you up, Ben with your arms and Adam with your legs, and carry you precariously up the stairs.  These men I trust as hired muscle, but between them, they can’t possibly share more than half a dozen brain cells.  They’re big guys and either one of them could pick you up and throw a slender thing such as yourself over their shoulder and carry you upstairs.  Instead, they choose to struggle and I simply stand at the foot of the stairs and watch in wonder.

I go to the kitchen, where my cook is already preparing dinner, and pour a pitcher of water and get a glass.  “Good afternoon, Mr Morgan,” she greets me as I walk into the room.  “Hi, Miss Glover,” I reply.  She’s an aging woman who is reputedly an old spinster with a reputation for playing bridge and enjoying a brandy too many with her equally aging friends, but she’s a great cook and what she does outside of work is not my business.  “What delight’s are you cooking up tonight,” I ask her as I fill the pitcher.

“It’s nothin’ special, just some old beef recipe,” she answers as she stirs something on the stove. 

“Sounds good.  We have an unexpected guest, will there be enough for one extra?” I ask. 

“Sure will,” she answers.  I’ve never asked where she’s from, but there’s definitely a twang of deep South in her voice; Louisiana or Mississippi perhaps.

I take the pitcher of water up to the guest room where Ben and Adam left you, grabbing my newspaper along the way,  and find you lying on your back on the bed, sleeping soundly.  I set the things down on the nightstand then pull up the chair from the corner of the room, open my newspaper and wait for you to wake up. 

An hour passes before you start to stir and, when you do, I fold my newspaper and pour a glass of water.    “Welcome back to the world, Ava,” I say calmly and offer the glass.  “Drink, the water will make you feel better.” 

Groggily, and a tad reluctantly, you do as I say and take the glass and sip from it.

“I told you that you would come to no harm here, but that wasn’t taking into account you losing your shit and trying to beat up my men.  All you have to do is behave yourself.  Think of this as a mini vacation; a break from the dullness of routine,” I say.  You look at me with angry and tearful eyes and I wonder if you’re going to have another outburst. 

“If you behave yourself, I will see to it that your stay here is pleasant.  But if you try and pull that shit again, your dad and your brothers will be carrying you out of here.  So enjoy my hospitality.  Look out over the grounds if you like; watch TV - I have the full cable package.  Dinner will be brought up to you when it's ready.  In the meantime, enjoy your room.  I’m sure you’ll find it relaxing and luxurious.”
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When I woke up, I was in a room I've never seen or been in before. I was on a bed and when I turned to look to my left, you were sitting in a chair reading a newspaper. You saw I was awake and welcomed me back and handed me a glass of water, telling me  to drink it. My head was throbbing and when I tried to sit up, I groaned and rubbed the side of my head that Adam punched. I took the glass from you and took a small sip from it and held on to it and kept sipping. The bed I was in was bigger than any bed I have ever seen, it could fit easily 4 or 5 people and there was a flat screen tv on the wall across from me, hanging above a dresser. There was a window to the right behind you covered in thick blackout curtains, probably to keep the sun out during the day. There was a wing chair to my right and you were sitting in the wing chair to my left. The door out of this room was to my right, but I'm sure you had either Ben or Adam outside the door to guard it. I glared at you the whole time you spoke and I was highly uncomfortable being on this bed while you sat two feet away from me. I scooted away from you and even grabbed a pillow and placed it on my left side as a barrier. You lectured me about trying to beat up your men and how I will be well taken care of as long as I behave. I grabbed another pillow and held it as I sipped my water and started to cry again. I was angry with you for what you did to me and now you were treating me with respect for the most part.

"Where was this professionalism back at the shop?!" I cried out as I still clutched my pillow, using it as a shield. "Why weren't you nice like this to me back there?" I whimpered and sobbed, wiping my face with my pillow. My head still hurt, my face hurt, and where you kicked me all still hurt. You had told me that if I act the way I did before, then my father and brothers will have to carry me out. "I only kicked him to get your attention!" I sobbed out harder in my pillow, shaking all over just because your presence was unnerving. "Please why can't you pick up the phone and call him or one of my brothers?! This could all end today if you just did!" You just looked at me with a cold expression on your face. It was weird how you can go from being an evil bastard to a nice man offering me food and board until I am collected. I waited for you to respond, but you sat there with your arms folded across your chest and just stared at me with that cold expression. "I WAS behaving when you first got to my store, you were the one that hurt me!" I screamed that last few words out at you so loud, that some spittal flew out of my mouth. I turned back to my pillow and cried and cried, it was soaked with my tears. "How can someone so wealthy be so greedy and heartless?!"
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You’re looking around the room as I speak to you, lecturing you about trying to beat up my men, clearly only half paying attention as you cry and sip your water at the same time.  At one point you bury your face in the pillow and cry into it, leaving tear stains all over it.  But that’s fine, I employ cleaners who will take care of that.  And if the stains don’t come out, the pillows are easily replaced.  You shuffled away from me slightly and placed a pillow between us, as though you were trying to build a wall to protect you.  Unfortunately, for you, if your little pillow wall were the last defiant shack standing in the way of a shiny new shopping mall, I would be the bulldozer that levelled it. 

You asked me where this professionalism was while we were at your shop, and why I wasn’t being nice to you then and I grin.  You are clearly not wise to the ways of the real world; the world where the rich bad guy always gets his way because he pays people off and he extorts money from the little people like you to be able to pay people off.  There are fights everywhere, you just have to pick the right ones at the right time.

“It’s not about being professional.  It’s not about being nice,” I tell you as I sit back in my chair and lean against the arm.  “You are my insurance policy.  Your old man will come and get you.  It wouldn’t do if I wasn’t able to give you back in one piece now, would it?” I ask as I try to make you see how the ways of the real world work.  “If I gave you back all battered and bruised with broken bones, he might get the notion that he doesn’t want to pay for my services any more.  In which case, some more of my men will have to pay your store a visit.  And these men will be bigger, and rougher, and tougher than Adam and Ben.” 

You start to cry again as I enlighten you, but I’m not done yet.  “This isn’t me being nice to you, this is me protecting my assets, protecting my life, protecting my empire.”

You tell me that you only kicked Adam to get my attention as you wipe your face on the pillow, then tell me that you could call your dad and brothers and this will all end today, all the while sobbing and crying.  You tell me that you were behaving when I first got to your store, and I was the one to hurt you, then go on to ask me how someone so wealthy be so greedy and heartless. 

I lean forward and lean my elbows on my knees and shake my head slowly from side to side.  “You really don’t get it, do you?” I ask you.  “This is just your dad stalling.  He’s done it before when he doesn’t want to pay up.  He thinks that by leaving you there I’ll be all nice because you’re a girl and I won’t hurt a girl.  So now he’ll get the message; now he’ll understand the consequences of not paying me,” I tell you.  Your jaw drops when I tell you that your dad has a history of pulling stunts like this.  “Trust me, Ava, the money that was in the safe was moved so you couldn’t pay me.  And he’ll be back later when he thinks I’ll have been and left empty handed.  This will end today, Ava, without any phone calls.  You dad will see my note and will come and get you.  That you can trust me on.”
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To a young girl's mind, everything you have done and said was confusion to me. First you came into my store and told me some news that I had never heard before. When you didn't get your way, you beat me and raped me and kidnapped me. Now I am here and you are being kinder to me than when you were at the shop and you say it is all business. None of this made sense to me, why you would rape me violently and then turn around and act like the perfect host in your home. I was crying non-stop as I listened to you make me feel stupid. I'm not a corrupt person like you, I do not know the rules of the corrupt. I glanced over and noticed I had my own private bathroom that I could go in and wash up. You were not the first man inside me, but you were the second and the first one to ever cum inside me. My mind was going a million miles per minute and I was confused and distraught more than ever. I lowered my face into the pillow and continued to whimper and sob. I am your insurance policy and therefore you explained why you were being accommodating. I was so angry. You messed with someone's life by violating them all because your greedy self was late on getting your measly $500.00. A person like you as rich as you are wipes his ass with a bundle of hundreds I'm sure. You don't need the money, you need the power and control that you have over this city. 

When you leaned inward towards me, I scooted more to my right. You told me I didn't get it and how this is my father stalling. I raised my face up from the pillow and looked at you in shock. You told me he has done this before when he does not want to pay up. I wonder if you are telling me the truth or if you are trying to get me to turn on my father. You explained it better, telling me how he left me in charge for the weekend, knowing you would visit and thinking you would not hurt a girl. All this is crazy to take in and I just continued to listen to you when you told me he took everything from the safe so I wouldn't have it to pay you. He knows I would pay you what was owed, I would grab whatever was needed from the safe which makes sense why it was empty. You tell me this will end today and for some reason, you seem certain he will see the note today. I had a thought that maybe my dad used me, knowing you wouldn't kill me, but would rough me up a bit. You did more than that!  

"I don't believe anything that comes out of your mouth!" I hissed at you. Yes, my father is having the time of his life with his new girlfriend, but he loves me and my brothers more than anything in the world. He was the one that raised us after our mother died when I was young, he has been an amazing father to us. Sure he may owe you and is doing business with you, but he would NEVER put his only daughter in harms way. "What if he doesn't reach you today? What if he doesn't reach you tomorrow or the next day? This isn't my f...fault nor is this fair." I was sobbing so hard that I started to have hiccups. 
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You listened to what I told you about your father’s past history of trying to avoid paying me and, to your credit, you took it in and considered it.  I can see that you’re trying to work out if I’m telling the truth or not and I can also tell from your body language and the expression on your face that you don’t wholly disbelieve me.  Of course it would come as a shock hearing this news,  and this is the man who raised you that we’re talking about so I don’t expect you to completely believe me either.  That would be ridiculous if I were to expect you to turn on someone you’ve known and loved your whole life based on something a stranger has told you.  But you’re thinking it over, adding it up.  The sudden departure of him and your brothers; the missing money from the safe.  Sure, they could have perfectly reasonable explanations - perhaps your dad really has taken his new squeeze away for the weekend and taken the five thousand to lavish on her, but I doubt it.  I expect that cash is rolled up in the sleeve of one of your dad’s work shirts in his closet. 

You finally tell me that you don’t believe a word that comes out of my mouth, asking me what if he doesn’t find the note today, or tomorrow, or the next day.  You tell me it’s not your fault and it isn’t fair before you start sobbing and crying so hard that you hiccough into the pillow. 

“Oh, he’ll see the note today alright.  Of that I’m convinced.  In fact,” I say, sitting back in the chair, placing my elbow on the arm and resting my cheek against my fist as I regard you with a grin.  “I think I’d be prepared to put money on it that he rocks up here before dinner with his tail between his legs like a scolded puppy ready to pay his bill and take you home.” 

You wipe tears from your eyes, though they are still flowing rapidly and wiping them just seems futile because they’re instantly replaced with more.  Then you look at me and I think that there’s just a hint of you believing what I’m telling you. 

“Do you want to take that bet, Ava?  How much shall we wager?  Or, more importantly, how much could you afford to lose?” I ask you with a snigger, convinced that if you were to take my bet I would be taking money off you.
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You tell me that he will see the note today and you seem pretty sure about it. The fact that you seem 100% sure that he will see the note, makes me wonder more about what you and my father have been up to. How do you know he will see it? Something does not add up! You told me he would be here today and I could only hope that you were telling me the truth. I wanted to get out of here and go home. I wanted to scream and yell at my father for putting me in this situation and in danger in which I did get hurt. I was so confused and feeling so betrayed. You sat back in the wing chair looking all cocky and sure of yourself. You told me you were willing to put money on it that he would be here today. It seems everything is about money and power with you.

I clutch the pillow even tighter, my soft protective shield that will do me no good. I kept on whimpering and crying; hiccups escaping my mouth as I kept on taking sips of the water. My eyelids were heavy from shock and fatigue, I just wanted to crawl somewhere and hide. My hiding place as a child was under the bed, whenever I would have nightmares or I would hear mom and dad fighting, I would crawl under the bed. I just wanted to crawl under the bed until dad got here. I was terrified,scared out of my mind that you were going to touch me again, possibly kill me if dad doesn't pay.

You wanted to make a wager on it, of course you did! Everything is about greed and power with you. I am not surprised. "No, this isn't a game you lunatic." I had a glass in my hand to where I could easily bash this across your face. I forgot about stupid Ben and Adam with their guns and who knows who else you have here portecting you from girls you've raped. "If you are so sure he is coming today, then please leave me alone until he's here." I kept scooting more to my right to where I was going to fall off. I could always run to the bathroom and lock myself in until dad gets here but you would just bust the door down. All this violence over $500.00 which you clearly do not even need. I glared at you on the edge of the bed, clutching my pillow and the glass like it was all I had left in the world.
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You looked at me with contempt when I suggested making a bet on whether your dad turned up today or not.  I grinned back at you because you clearly have no idea what depths your dad is prepared to stoop to to avoid paying for my services.  Clearly he’s found a new low by throwing his only daughter under the bus, leaving you in the shop alone with no knowledge of my visit and no means of paying the money he owes.  You sit and sob quietly into the pillow as I enlighten you to his ways, still sipping at the almost empty glass.  You look at me and tell me that this isn’t a game and calling me a lunatic.  I chuckle as you speak the words; words that may be true.  But, right now, this lunatic holds all the cards.

You scoot away from me some more; you’re now on the opposite side of the bed from where you started, actually teetering on the edge.  If you don’t watch out, you’re going to fall right off the end.  And I can’t promise I won’t laugh either.  Because I do actually have a sense of humor, not that I allow anyone to see it too often - it would be seen as a sign of weakness, a sign of humanity - but that would be just the thing I found hilarious.  You look at me with that contemptuous stare again and ask me, if I’m so sure he’s going to come today, to leave you alone until he gets here.  I tilt my head in a respectful nod, fold up my newspaper and pull myself out of my chair.  “Of course,” I say as I walk around the bed to the door.  “I will send someone to come and get you when he arrives,” I tell you, then walk out the door, closing it behind me.  When I put the key in the lock and turn it, I hear the glass smash against the door.  I snigger then turn to Adam who is sitting beside the door.  “Keep an eye on her, but don’t hurt her,” I tell him.  You’re a special case.  I won’t be getting anyone else to do my dirty work with you.  If anybody is to hurt you, it will be me.

I go down to my office and finally start to get on with my work.  I have several businesses to run and all these distractions are holding me up.  The first email in the inbox that I have hidden behind a net of servers on the dark web is from an associate who informs me that one of my rival’s men has been caught trying to sell drugs in one of the bars that I own.  That is concerning to me since drugs are something I’ve never gone into, nor do I intend to.  And I will not have them associated with any of my businesses.  This has become my next top priority, after dealing with you and your wayward father when he turns up.
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I was expecting you to give me shit about leaving me alone, but you said "of course" like a gentleman and got up. Your behavior and actions confuse me, the way you are now just irritates me. I'm clutching the glass, ready to use it as a weapon if needed, but you just get up and tell me that you will send someone to collect me when he arrives. You opened the door and there stood Ben and then you shut it and locked it. Immediately after you did, I launched the glass at the door and it broke and shattered all over the floor. I curl up on the bed and cry and clutch the pillow tight to my chest. I was thinking of what I was going to say to my father, what I was going to tell him. You told me before that I should blame what YOU did on my father and a part of me did blame him. I had fallen asleep from all the sobbing, but woke up to a wet and sticky face. My hair was stuck to my cheek when I sat up. I looked in the direction of the bathroom and got up and started to take off my clothes. I stepped in the bathroom and turned on the water for the shower, making the temp hot to where the steam filled the room. I scrubbed my body raw with the wash cloth I had taken out of the cabinet by the sink. I finally sat down while the water poured over my head and held my legs to my chest and cried as I rocked myself. This whole ordeal has been too much for me to process. I still was confused. I had so many questions and wondered if Finn and Liam knew about this.

The water started to get cold, which was a sign for me to get out and crawl into bed. I did exactly that, got a towel and dried myself off. Once I was dried, I purposely threw my towel on the floor and got my bra and panties on, then my jeans and white top. This was all I had to wear while I stayed here, but you told me dad was coming for me today. I stopped and thought how stupid I was to take a shower, I washed away evidence of your violation. I guess it doesn't matter, since the cops and the judges are in your pockets. I curled up in bed, wrapping blankets over me and pillows all around and cried as I clutched the pillow. I wanted to go home so bad, to be in my own room with my own things. It had been 4 hours since you last were in my room, I was starting to get a little hungry and thirsty and I could tell that it was getting close to dinner time. Where was my dad?! I know you have hired guns all around your house and outside, which is why I haven't even tried to jump out of a second story building just to get away from you. I was sobbing so loudly, I'm sure Ben could hear through the door.
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It was getting late, almost dinner time, in fact when I heard the buzzer for the intercom at the gate sounding in the security office.  I was in the middle of a Zoom meeting with a couple of my men discussing what we should do about the issue concerning my rival selling his filth in my bars.  Adam appears at my office door and waits for me to acknowledge him before he comes in.  I nod at him to show him that I’ve seen him then return my attention to my laptop.

“Next time the guy turns up in the bar, you bring him to me, and then I’ll invite Mr. Hatfield over for dinner and discuss his options with him myself,” I tell the men before closing the zoom call.

“He’s here,” Adam tells me after I beckon him into my office.

For a moment I wonder who he’s talking about, then I remember it has to be your dad come to pay his bill and collect you. 

“Excellent.  Show him into the drawing room then fetch the girl,” I tell Adam.  He nods then leaves.  I wait in my office, looking through some invoices and replying to a few emails until I hear Adam telling your dad that I will be with him shortly.  I close my laptop down and head to the drawing room.  Your dad is sat in one of the luxurious leather sofas in the centre of the room and glares at me silently as I enter.  I stroll over to the side table where a decanter of single malt sits.  I pour myself a glass and walk back over to the door.

“What is the meaning of kidnapping my daughter,” he growls at me through gritted teeth. 

I pull a cigar from my jacket pocket, place it between my lips and light it in silence.  Taking it between my fingers, I remove it from my mouth then sip at my scotch.  “I don’t recall Mr. Cartwright inviting you to sit down,” I tell him as I stare back at him.

“I said….” he begins, but I cut him off.

“I heard what you said.  And we’ll come to that,” I tell him calmly, noting that he hasn’t taken the hint and is still sitting on my couch.  “And I said that you weren’t invited to sit down,” I repeat, more sternly this time.

“Now look here,” he says, finally getting to his feet but stopping his speech mid sentence.  “Pumpkin, what did they do to you?” he asks as you appear behind me flanked by Ben and Adam, both of whom have an arm each.  He rushes forwards to get to you and I side step and block his way.

“I think you’re forgetting something, Mr. O’Reilly,” I tell him.  “And I’m sure young Ava has a few things she’d like to get off her chest too,” I say with a smirk.
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I heard the door unlock and open and I turned and saw it was Adam. He told me my father was here and it was time to go downstairs. I quickly got up and straightened my hair out of my face and glared at him as I walked out of the room with him following me. I couldn't wait to get home and to find a new job and move out of Liam's place. I should have gone with my girlfriends outta town! I should have called in sick, but he would have known I wasn't sick. When we reached downstairs, I saw you standing and having a heated conversation with my dad. Ben then grabbed one of my arms and Adam did the same. "Daddy!" He turned and looked at me and asked what they did to me. I know my face is black and blue, I looked at it in the mirror along my left side where you kicked my ribcage which was also black and blue. Ben and Adam held me back and in place and you got in his way. "Please, let me see him!! Please!!" They still held on to me and I tried to wiggle and jerk out of their grip. "You fucking assholes, let me go! Let me go to him!!" Seeing him made me cry even more than ever. As angry as I was at him, I still love him and just wanted to run in his arms and hug my father.

"Daddy, what happened?! What's going on!?" I was hysterical by now. I was still thrashing about as Ben and Adam tried to hold me in place. "WHy didn't you tell me about him and your arrangement?! Did you spend all the money on that bitch?!" Normally, I would never talk to my father that way, but I was raped by a man he owed money to, so he owed me one. Ben growled at me when I stepped on his foot on accident, but he didn't retaliate like Adam did.  Dad looked at me with shame all over his face.

"Do you know what he did to me?!" I couldn't even tell you cause I just cried and cried, screaming obscenities about. "YOU DID THIS! YOU DID THIS TO ME!" I lost my footing and Ben and Adam let me down to the ground as I sat there and wept. They made sure I stayed in place while they each held an arm. "PAY HIM!" I didn't realize I was going to lose my shit but I did and was crying uncontrollably.
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As soon as Ben and Adam had brought you in, you screamed for your dad, then begged to be allowed to go to him, throwing a hissy fit and calling Ben and Adam assholes and demanding to be let go.  You cry out asking him what happened and what was going on, why he didn’t tell you about me and what happened to the money, firing a barrage of questions at him without hardly taking a breath and not allowing him time to answer any of them.  Eventually, you ask him if he knows what I did to you, before screaming at him that he did this to you.  Finally, your body gives way and you slump to the floor, your arms in the air as Ben and Adam keep hold of you.  I nod to them and they release their grip and you instantly wrap your arms around yourself and sit on the floor bawling like a baby.  Then you yell at him to pay me.  Your outburst comes as no surprise after what I did to you and then the truths I told you about your Dad. 

I look at your dad and I see no tears in his eyes, and not much in the way of remorse.  “I’m sorry, pumpkin,” he says, “I didn’t mean for this to happen.  I thought that I would be back before he came.” 

I tilt my head to the side as I listen to him trying to appease you.  I’m sure that when Ben and I came to your store to collect, you’d told me that he wasn’t due back until Monday, so how would have been back before I came when he knows I call on a Friday?  He’s clearly trying to bullshit his way out of something again.  A trait I see from him all too often, and this time it’s backfired on him.  He has no idea of what’s happened to you.  Yet. 

“You know I call on a Friday.  Why didn’t you leave the money to pay me?” I ask him, frowning at him. 

“I had to run an urgent errand,” he replies.

“You’re lying.  You cleaned your safe out, you cleaned your register out.  I know you, Pete.  You’re trying to get out of it again.  You know what happens when you don’t pay on time,” I tell him.

“I..I’m sorry,” he says, “I promise, it won’t happen again, Mr. Morgan.”  He digs his hand into his pocket and pulls out a wad of money and I hear you breathe a sigh of relief behind me.  He hands me the money, which I then hand to Adam and watch as he counts it out.  I see your dad breathing heavily; nervously.  I watch Adam recount the money, then recount it a second time. 

“Three hundred twenty bucks, boss,” he informs me.  I frown at your dad again.

“I really hope you have some more money on you, Pete,” I growl at him. 

“I’m sorry,” he says without regret, “that’s all there is.”  I hear you gasp behind me.

“Sorry isn’t good enough, Pete.  This is becoming a regular thing.  Where’s the rest of it?” I ask.  He doesn’t reply, he just looks at his feet and shakes his head.  I turn to Ben and beckon him towards me.  He stoops down and grabs your arms and drags you to your feet, pushing you to where I’m standing face to face with your dad.  “Maybe you’d like to explain it to Ava,” I tell him.  He looks up at you, doesn’t look you in the eye, doesn’t reply, looks back down at my thick pile carpet again.  I drain my glass and walk back over to the side table and set it down before casually walking back.  “It appears you have a problem, Pete,” I tell him as I stand between the two of you.  “Now, what are we going to do about it?” I ask. 
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Ben and Adam finally let go of my arms and my ass hit the floor. They both stood on each side of me, like I am going to so anyone harm here. This was humiliating and all I wanted was my father to pay up so we could go home. He looks at me bawling my eyes out and apologizes and tells me he didn't mean for this to happen. I listen to my dad tell me he thought he would be back before you came to collect, but you spoke up before I could. I listened to you tell him that he knew you call on Fridays and asked him why he didn't leave me the money to pay you. You were a couple of questions ahead of me, so when you asked dad those questions, I listened to what he had to say. 

I was intrigued as to what was dad's urgent errand he had to run. You were getting annoyed by him, telling him he's lying and how he has done this before. It was like I never met this man before me that I call dad! I wonder if Finn and Liam know about this side of our father or if they are in the dark still. When he apologizes and pulls out a wad of cash, I finally relaxed and was able to breathe calmly now. You handed the cash to Adam and he started to count it, not once but twice. When I heard the amount that dad handed over, my heart felt like it had stopped and I froze. How could he not even have the amount that was due that he knows to pay weekly? He came up here to collect me, but he didn't bring all of it. You told my father he has a problem and I saw him lower his head in shame. What was happening with him?! You asked him what he is going to do about it and he didn't answer you. "Where is the money that was in the safe?!"
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You look at your dad with shock and horror when you see that all he has with him is $320.  It’s obvious that you’re astounded that he would even think about coming here with less than what he owed originally, not even taking into account the extra fees I will be charging for the inconvenience of him paying late.  He doesn’t say anything, just stands there looking sheepishly at the floor like a child who’s been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.  I can hear you behind me breathing heavily and almost starting to sob again.  Then you ask him what happened to the money in the safe.  He looks up at you, then looks at me.

“What she said,” I say, pointing my thumb over my shoulder in your direction.  You were adamant at the store that there had been over five thousand dollars in the safe, yet it was empty.  It must have been a hell of a spending spree that he went on.

“I...I...I…” he stutters. 

“Spit it out, man,” I say, growing impatient.

“I owed it to s...some guys,” he begins.  “To a b..bookmaker.  I have a gambing debt.  I had to pay them,” he confesses.  I can hear the exasperation in your breathing.  You’re shocked;  stunned.  I hear you moving behind me so I glance at you.  You’re back on your feet staring open mouthed at your dad as if you’ve never known such betrayal. 

“I told you he has history,” I say to you in an almost ‘I told you so’ voice.  He looks up at you, his eyes searching for your forgiveness but showing no signs of regret or remorse for the situation he left you in. 

I feel my right hand starting to ball itself into a fist; between my thighs I feel blood rushing to my cock as the thought of impending violence starts to arouse me.  I know that as soon as I land the first punch on him that my cock will be erect and throbbing.  I have no idea why I find the violence such a physical turn on, but there was a time many years ago in my younger days when I first realised the eroticism I felt from being violent; I’d got into a fight with someone and, as I swung punch after punch into his head and torso, my cock swelled and stiffened and before I’d even finished raining down my barrage of punches on him, I’d ejaculated.  That was the first time I realised just how much of a rush I get from my position as head of my empire. 

So, when I step forward with a broad, teeth baring grin splitting my face in two and drive my fist into the middle of his gut, it’s no surprise to me when my cock stiffens and twitches and all but wants to burst out of my designer boxer shorts.  You scream out ‘Daddy’ as he crumples to the floor.
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I wait and listen for his response as to where all the money in the safe went. He's hiding something, I know it. I knew I saw changes in his behavior ever since he started dating Sheila, but now it seems he has a double life.  He stutters out his excuse and finally tells you that he owed a bookmaker due to a gambling debt. I stood up and I looked at him with utter shock and you turned to tell me that you told me he had a history. I never knew he had a gambling problem and now he can't even look me in the eyes.

"This can't be happening!" I hear Adam snicker to himself and when I look at him, he has a grin on his face. He's enjoying my misery but when I turn and look at Ben, he still has his poker face on. My father can't even look me in the eyes. He looks at me but not dead straight in the eyes. Maybe he knows what you have done to me, or maybe he has an idea. I'm sure he has heard of your ways and your vile reputation on how you handle deadbeats.

I see you walk closer to him and I just know you're going to hurt him. Just like that you do, you punch him in the gut and he goes down like a pile of bricks. "Daddy!!" I start to move towards him, but Ben grabs my arm and Adam grabs the other to keep me there in place with them. "No! Don't kill him, please don't kill my dad!!!" I started bawling and as I tried to break free from Ben and Adam. "We'll pay you your fucking money!"
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Your dad groans in pain as he sits on his knees clutching his stomach, the wind forced out of him, while I hear you behind me causing a fuss.  I turn around and see you struggling against Ben and Adam’s grip, trying to break free from them so you can come to your dad.  I turn back to him and look down on his pathetic, curled up form as he gasps to get the air back into his lungs and my cock throbs and twitches.  I hear you start crying again and yelling at me not to kill him and insisting that you’ll pay my money.  I turn and come over to where you’re standing in the clutches of my men.  “Oh, I know you’ll pay me my money,” I start as I lick my lips, looking you up and down.  “And I have no intention of killing him.  If I do that, I won’t get my money, will I?” I ask. 

“I guess I deserved that,” I hear your dad groan behind me.

I turn around and he’s pulled himself back to his feet.  “Oh yeah,” I tell him, coming back over to him.  “You deserved it.  Just for daring to come here a hundred and eighty bucks short you deserve it.”  I consider punching him again but I choose not to.  I decide I have something more important to tend to.  “You owe me one eighty,” I tell him, standing almost toe to toe with him.  “And I’m adding a hundred dollar late payment fee.”  His face falls and I hear you cry out something behind me, but my attention isn’t focused on you just yet.  “I’m gonna cut you a break, though, Pete.” I back off from him and come back over to you.  “I won’t charge you for young Ava’s overnight stay.”

You gasp out a breathless ‘no’ when you hear me say this.  “If you don’t turn up with what you owe me tomorrow, then it's another hundred bucks a day for non payment, and a hundred bucks a day for me to have the pleasure of the company of this pretty, young thing.”

“Y..you can’t d..do that.  Let her go you bastard” I hear him stammering in shock.

“I don’t think you’re in too much of a position to make demands, Pete.” I tell him, returning to him.  “It’s in both your interests to come back tomorrow with the two eighty because after tomorrow it goes up two hundred a day.  Let’s not have another situation like last time huh?  I would hate for another one of your children to have an accident,”

Behind me, I hear you grumble something about this can’t be happening and then Adam snickers. I turn around and glare at him and instantly, the smile vanishes from his face. 

I look at your dad, then look at you, then turn back to your dad.  “I think our business here is done, Mr. O’Reilly.  I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow,” I tell him, turning my back on him.  “Ben.  Adam.  Get that piece of shit out of my house,” I tell them.  Immediately, they release their grip on you and go to bundle your dad out of my house to his car. 

“Allow me to show you back to your room, Ava,” I say, taking a firm grip of your upper arm.
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I never knew my dad could have a double life like this and now I have more questions. I just need a few minutes with him but I can't even get near him. You turned and looked at me and told me you know we will pay you the money. Dad is on the ground groaning and moaning as he clutches his abdomen. He tells you that he guessed he deserved that and I looked at my father in shock. He still seems so nonchalant about this whole mess. You turned around and watched him get to his feet and I watched you talk to him. I'm on edge. You say you won't kill him, but why should I believe you?!

I listen to you telling him how much he owes you, adding on late fees but not charging for my overnight stay. How could he even show up here with less than what he owed? Now I have to stay here overnight! I was so angry with him but I just wanted to give him a hug and cry on his shoulder.  You told him he couldn't have his daughter until everything was paid. He got mad at you but he knew what you were capable of. You turned back and looked at me and then told Ben and Adam to get rid of him. 

When you walked over to me, you grabbed my arm and started to pull me to the direction of the stars as they forced him out. "No, please let me see him before he leaves!!" I started to dig my nails into your arm and drag my feet. "Let me say goodbye!" I screamed at you at the top of my lungs. 
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With a little over half the money I’m owed by your dad, I’m just a tad pissed that he’s making me wait.  And that he had the nerve to come here without the full amount.  He said he has a gambling debt which he used the five thousand dollars he had in the safe to pay off.  Though I doubt five grand would’ve been enough to pay a bookmaker off.  So when I grab hold of you and start to lead you out of the room and back to the stairs, I’m not too gentle about it.

You start bawling again, begging me to let you see him before he goes, screaming at me to let you say goodbye.  “You just saw him for a whole ten minutes,” I growl, not relaxing my grip.  You reach around to my hand and dig your nails into my skin, trying to squirm out of my grip and dig your feet into the ground to stop me taking you back to your room.  I stop at the bottom of the stairs and yank on your arm, turning you to face me.  “Given the circumstances, you are in no position to make demands,” I hiss at you, glaring harshly into your eyes. 

At that moment Adam and Ben escort your dad to the front door.  He’s still struggling to get the air back into his lungs from my punch but he looks back and sees you stood with me.

“I’m sorry, pumpkin,” he says, though his eyes don’t share the remorse his voice is speaking of.  “I’ll be back for you tomorrow, honey,” he promises. 

As you cry out for him, my men open the door and bundle him out and back to his car.

“Time for you to get back to your room.  Don’t make this any harder than it needs to be,” I growl at you.  I’ve already decided that, since my cock is hard and throbbing from the pain and punishment that I dished out to your dad, you’re going to be taking me inside you again.  I wonder if you’ll put up more of a fight this time than you did at your store.  I took you completely by surprise then, you might be expecting it more this time.
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I was still in shock with everything. This all hit me like a tidal wave and finding out that my father has a gambeling problem was a surprise. I didn't even get a chance to find out if Liam and Finn knew of all this too. Liam was always dad's favorite mainly because Liam was a goody goody who did no wrong. Finn was the one who always got in trouble in school, suspended and even expelled which led him and dad to fight a lot. I was never a trouble maker like Finn, but I definitely wasn't a kiss ass like Liam. I needed to talk to them! Watching my father get kicked out as two men escorted him was a hard sight to see. He kept telling me he was sorry but it didn't show, just useless words coming out of his mouth. "Why would you do this?!!" I screamed in his direction as you kept on dragging me. "Daddy!!!" You told me not to make it hard on myself as you growled at me. I looked at you with pleading eyes as I kept dragging my feet. "Please don't do this over such a small amount! How can you be so cruel?!" Tears were running down my face as I kept on dragging feet.

The next thing that happened took me by surprise. You bent down and you picked me up, kicking and screaming and tossed me over your shoulders. "Put me down!!!!" You grunted and then smacked my ass, calling me a name I couldn't hear over my screaming. "STOP!!! Please let me talk to him!" I tried reaching for anything that I could grab, like the handrail but I wasn't in reach.

"You're not the law! You can't do this to me!!!" I was bawling my eyes out, screaming my head off. I'm sure whoever else you had employed in your home and on the grounds could all hear my screaming. "This isn't my fault!!" I could hear fucking Adam laughing when they were shutting the door and locking it. I guess they literally shoved my father out and now laughing like it's all fun and games. You reached the top of the stairs and turned to Ben and Adam while I was thrashing about and told them to stay down there until you return. I had a feeling I knew what was about to happen, I could feel it in my bones that you were about to force yourself on me. "FUCK YOU, FUCK ALL OF YOU!!!"
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You start bawling again; I’ve known babies who cry less than you do.  You asked your dad why he would do this before Adam and Ben had got him out the door.  I caught the pitiful way he looked at you, no sorrow or regret in his eyes.  There’s no doubt in my mind that he knew exactly what he was doing when he left you in charge of the store.  I’m certain that he thought I would be more inclined to show mercy to a young woman who didn’t have the means to pay her father’s debt than I would either of your brothers.  He couldn’t have been more wrong.  You’re not the first woman who’s been forced to take my cock into her unwilling pussy as punishment for something or other, and I doubt you will be the last.  No, the only difference between you being in charge of the store and your brothers is that they would have got their heads broken.

You’re still digging your nails into my skin and dragging your feet as I try to lead you upstairs, yelling ‘no’ at me over and over, crying your eyes out and screaming at the top of your lungs.  You ask me how I can be so cruel over such a small amount and I chuckle.  “When you’re older and you know the way of the world, you’ll soon realise that small amounts have a habit of becoming very large amounts in a very short space of time,” I tell you.  And, with that, I lean down, pick you up and throw you over my shoulder in a fireman’s carry and start climbing the stairs.  You yelp out in surprise then start yelling at me to put you down.  I call you a mouthy little slut but you’re screaming so loud that you probably didn’t hear me, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if you have no idea that I said anything at all. 

When we reach the last few stairs, I hear the front door close and lock behind me.  I carry on climbing and look back when we reach the top.  You yell at me that I’m not the law and I can’t do what I want and I laugh heartily.  “No, I’m not the law.  If I was the law I wouldn’t have this big house and a bank account full of money and I wouldn’t be half as powerful as I am now.  And when you’re this much bigger than the law then, actually, yes.  I can do what I want.  And with whom.” I tell you.  Behind me I hear Adam laughing.  “Stay down there until I come back,” I instruct them.  They both nod their understanding and go in different directions; Ben going towards the offices while Adam headed towards the kitchen, no doubt thinking about feeding his stomach again.  I carry on into the room that you were in earlier, walking in and kicking the door closed behind me.  You sobbed quietly that this wasn’t your fault then find your voice again, screaming ‘fuck you all’ at the top of your lungs.

“Actually,” I say with a smirk tossing you down on the bed like a rag doll. I then slip my suit jacket off my shoulders and throw it over the arm of the wing back chair I was sat in earlier, “I think you’ll find that it’s me who’s going to fuck you.”
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I was hysterical to say the least. I was being forced to stay here until dad brings the rest of what he owes, plus a late fee. I was still in panic mode, kicking and screaming and trying to get out of here. You opened the door to my guest room and kicked the door shut. Before I know it, you drop me down on the bed, take off your suit jacket and place it on the wing chair. You told me it would be you that fucks me. My eyes grew big as I saw you getting undress to fuck me and Iimmeditaly reach for the lamp on the night stand and threw it at your direction. It hit the wall and I missed you completely. "NO!! YOU FUCK! You touch me again and I'll kill you!!"  You turned and looked at the busted lamp on the floor and then turned back and shook your head slowly. Tears were running down my face as I backed up  to the nearest wall, the wall  that had the window. "You can't DO this!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

You slowly started to walk towards my side of the room and I was panicking. I turned and tried to open the window, but it was locked and when I tried to unlock the window, I felt your arms grab me and lift me up. "Put me down, you asshole!!" My foot hit against the wall and then the window and you violently turned me around and threw me so hard on the bed, I fell off on the other side and landed on my arm the wrong way. I screamed out in pain and grabbed my left arm and looked at it for a brief second and then scooted away from you as you started to walk over to me. "GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!" I was crying so hard, mainly because my arm was throbbing and I was abandoned by my father who left me with a sexual predator.

"Please I beg you to leave me alone!" I lowered my voice some, not so high pitched and shrill. You chuckled and told me not to be so stubborn. I tried to grab the other lamp nearest to me, but then the next thing I knew, you were on me and grabbed the lamp from me. I had already made a mess in this room by throwing the glass I was drinking out of against the door. I also had my towel that I purposely dropped on the floor when I was done showering. "No, get off me, no!! Please don't!!" You grabbed me by the hair and I yelped and froze,you were yanking it hard from the roots. You told me to shut up and calm down and when I did,  you picked me up and placed me on the bed gently. You went to look at my arm and I scooted, but you dragged me back.
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I unfastened my tie and tossed it onto the chair with my jacket and was slowly starting to unbutton my shirt when you lost your shit.  You reached for the lamp on the nightstand and threw it at me.  Unfortunately for you, your moves were slow and you didn’t put that much force into your throw so I was able to dodge out of the way of it in plenty of time.  It whizzed harmlessly passed my head and hit the wall, the ceramic base exploding into a million pieces on impact and tinkling to the floor.  You screamed at me, telling me that you would kill me if I touch you again.  I looked at you and frowned, shaking my head slowly from side to side.  “That’s no way to repay the hospitality I’ve shown you, Ava,” I say, my frown turning to a smirk.  You almost launch yourself off the bed and try to back away from me, but you get no further than the wall behind you and I slowly advance on you.  You turn around and try to open the window, but all the guest room windows are securely locked; heaven forbid if one of my guests were to accidentally fall out of a window to their death.  Or, perhaps, escape. 

With your back turned towards me while you hopelessly fumble at the window lock, I’m behind you in a flash, my arms wrapped tightly around you and pulling you back from the window, lifting you from the floor.  You kick out, screaming at me to get off you, your foot hitting first the wall and then the window.  Thank heaven also for toughened glass.  You yell out for me to put you down, calling me an asshole at the same time.  Happy to oblige, I turn and toss you down on the bed so hard that you literally bounce back up and fall off the other side, landing with a dull thud and a scream.  If it wasn’t such a perilous situation for you, and so fucking annoying for me that you’re trying to fight off the inevitable, it could have been a scene straight out of a Chevy Chase comedy movie. 

I walk around the bed to where you fell and you’re clutching your left arm as though you’ve landed awkwardly on it.  You yell at me to get away from you, your voice calmer and quieter now as you beg me to leave you alone.  Instead, I crouch down and scoop you up in my arms and lower you onto the bed, climbing on beside you and reaching to check your arms for any cuts or broken bones.  Immediately, you shuffle away from me to the other side of the bed, sobbing and with tears streaming down your cheeks.  I grab at your ankles and drag you back towards me, dodging back as your right arm takes a wild swing at my face and misses by a country mile.  “You should work on that,” I say with a chuckle, “I saw that coming before you’d even started swinging.” 

With my hands still firmly gripping your ankles, I drag you towards me, pulling you and parking you with a leg either side of me.  “Now, you can either be good and take what I give you,” I say as I reach up and start to unfasten your jeans for the second time today.  “Or you can carry on as you are and you’ll end up getting hurt again.  I really don’t care which,” I say as I pop the button on your jeans and pull the zipper all the way down.  I yanked them off you when I raped you in the store, this time I intend to take it a little more slowly.  You kick out at me when I grab the waistband of your jeans and start to slowly move them down.
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It should be obvious to you that this is terrifying, being in a situation like this with a dangerous person. You hurt me before and now you're about to do it again! I was scared out of my mind, my fight or flight mode was on and I was fighting. I don't care if my dad owes you a billion dollars, you don't have a right to fucking touch me. When you came over and bent down, you picked me up and put me on the bed. You grabbed at my ankles and pulled me towards you as I yelped and screamed out. "Get your hands off me!!" You always had a smirk or a grin, even chuckling and laughing at my expense.

You had me now in a position that I couldn't get out of, me on my back as you pulled me and had my legs on both sides of you. I was crying again of course and you told me I can either take what you give me or carry on as I am and I will end up getting hurt again. "No, you can't do this!!! I'll kill you!!" My left arm was aching, so I couldn't fight like I did before, I was actually holding it with my good arm. You popped open the button to my jeans and pulled my zipper all the way down. I wasn't ready for this! My heart was pounding so hard, that I swear it felt like I was about to die of a heart attack at any second. You start to slowly slide them down and I kick my feet about, but there was no room for me to move about. You had me pinned in a way that I had to lie here and wait for you to take my jeans off. I was going to try and kick you in the face and then run like hell out of this room and hopefully get past Beevis and Butthead.

"You'll get what's coming to you! Not today or tomorrow, but one day you will!" You smirked at me and then laughed. When you started to pull down my pants, I took my good arm and grabbed the waistband of my jeans and tried to pull them up while you pulled them down. "No, please I beg you!!" I tried to scoot upward, wiggle around, just anything to get out of this position you pinned me in.
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You’re thrashing your feet around trying as best you can to put me off what I’m doing.  You tell me I can’t do this and threaten to kill me again.  I’m half tempted to stop and let you try just to see what happens, and then have fun with your body making you pay for it.  But, for now at least, I will leave you in one piece to send back to your dad tomorrow.  If he turns up with the money and not another pathetic, snivelling excuse.  I grinned at your threat, trying my best not to laugh at you then carried on pulling your jeans down.  As I start to get them down over your hips and to your thighs you reach down and grab them and pull them back up again.  “Ahhhh, we want to play games then do we?” I chuckle. 

You tell me I’ll get what’s coming to me one day.  Presumably, you’re talking about the day I go to meet my maker and face the reckoning.  That’s fine, I’m completely ready for that.  I know exactly where I’m destined for when that day comes and I’m at peace with that.  Billy Joel had it pegged, and I quote his line now: “I’d rather die with the sinners than laugh with the saints,” I grin, then hold tighter to your jeans and pull hard, snatching them out of your grasp and dragging them down your legs to your ankles. 

You yelp out loudly and kick out with your legs then try and push yourself up the bed away from me.  I grin as you do this and I grab hold of your ankles, stopping you from getting any further away.  I pull off your Converse sneakers and toss them over the side of the bed, each landing on the thick carpet with a dull thud.  Then I pull off each of your socks.  Holding your right ankle in my left hand, the finger of my right hand brushes across the pads of your toes.

“Now which one shall I break?” I ask, my voice soft and purposeful. 

“This little piggy went to market,” I say, taking your toes between my thumb and forefinger as I recite the children’s rhyme, “this little piggy stayed at home.”
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None of what is happening to me is right! I should be kicking ass but I am not strong enough to take on three men or god knows how many more you have here. My arm is hurt and there is no way I am able to fight you. You had pulled my jeans down and now I just have my black panties exposed to your lustful eyes. "No, please, you can't do this to me!! Not again, please, no!!" You were finding this amusing, always having a smirk or a grin on  your face. You took off my shoes and then grabbed one of my feet with the sock still on. "Let go of me!" You're holding my right ankle and now asking me which toe you should break. "WHAT?! Please don't!!" I've never been beaten up in my life, never had a broken bone before. I was starting to panic!

"Don't hurt me anymore, please don't!!!" I sounded so pathetic in my cries and pleaded with you. I didn't even try to yank my foot, I was too afraid to. "You've already done too much!" I was starting to feel like I would pass out at any second from the trauma of just what has been going on. "Please don't!" You started to recite the children's rhyme of "This Little Piggy.."

"NO!! Please, I won't fight, I'll be good!!" I started to perspire, nervous and scared that at any second you were about to break one of my toes. "Mr. Morgan, please..." I looked at it with my big watery eyes. You stared at me and had that stupid smirk on your face as you watched me beg and plead with you. I wanted to ask you if you felt like a big man for picking on little girls well I'm not a little girl but compared to you I am. "I'll be good! I promise! Please let go of my foot." I sniffled out.
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You’re not screaming at me now as I’m threatening to start breaking bones and inflicting some real pain on you.  Now you’re all begging and pleading.  Begging me not to hurt you, pleading with me to let you go.  You stopped kicking out as soon as I started with the nursery rhyme.  I saw your eyes widen in terror; I’m sure you were imagining the immense pain that it would cause you if I’d taken one of your toes in my hand and just snapped the bone.  Eventually, panic gets the better of you and you beg me not to hurt you any more, promising to be good.  “That’s such a shame,” I say, still smirking.  “It would be fun to teach you that life is hard, that life hurts.”  You sniff and sob, telling me you won’t fight any more.  You say that now, but I’m sure that you will.  And with gusto, too, I would imagine.  You’re a feisty girl, I’ll give you that, and I can’t imagine for one single second that you’re just going to let me take your pants off then voluntarily spread your legs and let me fuck you.  No, I’m sure that as soon as you feel the pain going away and I’m looming over you, you’ll be begging and fighting me again.

But I give you a break.  I smile at you; the transition from maniacal grin to warm smile is fast and frightening.  I had no intention of breaking your toe, or any other part of your body.  You’re far too valuable to me in one piece - much more than you are if you’re broken physically.  But you have no way of knowing that.  You couldn’t know that I was counting on you panicking and promising me whatever you could to make me stop.  And I wonder how many of the promises of not fighting and being good you’ll remember in a few minutes. 

“Good,” I say, my voice remaining calm.  Cold.  Emotionless, even.  “Then let’s have no more of this screaming and crying nonsense,” I say to you, letting your foot drop to the mattress as I reach up for the waistband of your jeans and continue pulling them down your legs, all the while gazing up at where your thighs meet, and the small, black panties that cover the little piece of heaven that I seek.  “If I do not take my pleasure from your body, young Ava, then the financial cost to your father will increase.  He has been given a substantial discount in his late fees since I have you here to amuse me,” I tell you as I pull your jeans off and discard them on the floor.  My hands now slowly slide up your smooth legs, the index fingers of each hand sliding under the fabric of your panties at the legs and sliding slowly between your thighs, each finger brushing over lips that are as smooth as your legs. 

I notice that during the struggle your shirt has ridden up your body slightly and I can see the bruises that are forming on your tummy and side where I punched and kicked you.  I lean down and kiss the bruises softly, my cock throbbing in my shorts as I feel the heat from them on my lips and feel you tense at the same time.  Your body trembles beneath me, likely in fear of the pain I might cause rather than the anticipation of any pleasure that you might get from what I’m going to do with you.
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I felt like I was a tiny mouse in a mousetrap and you were the hungry cat. You had me literally by the toes, threatening to break them. I was frozen with fear and could hear my own heart beating. My lower lip was trembling and I kept looking at you with pleading eyes. You chuckled out how it was a shame and how it would have been fun to teach me life is hard and it hurts. I wanted to ask you if you thought you were my fucking teacher or life mentor but I stayed quiet. You know that I hate you and I would kill you if I could. I just stare at you and listen. I sniff and wipe my face, sobbing quietly and shaking all over. I was waiting for you to be sneaky and break one when I wasn't looking. You coldly reply to my begging and promise I would be good. You told me there was going to be no more screaming  and crying. 

You dropped my foot and then raised your hands and finished pulling the rest of my jeans down. You tell me that you are doing this because of the debt that my father owes. You are literally giving me an excuse as to why you are violating me. I try not to cry because you just said no more crying, but you just took my jeans off and now your fingers are tracing my panties and touching me softly. I felt one of your fingers trace and brush across my lips and I tensed up. Then you lean over and kiss the spots that you punched and kicked. I whimpered out and then took my hands and covered my face and softly cried in my hands. This was mortifying to me. Now, you are being gentle but I do not trust you!  I wanted to keep fighting you but we basically made a small deal here. I told you I would be good and I'm trying my hardest. The last thing I need is a broken bone. 

I closed my eyes and then removed my hands from my face, grabbing on each side of me a big handful of the bedding. Now, I had something to hold on to and my eyes were closed, now I just needed something to bite on. You hurt me last time so bad that I ached for hours and your cum leaked out of me for that long too. 
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I can hear you sobbing quietly while I kiss your bruising and my fingers run slowly up and down the edge of your panty legs, touching your smooth lips.  My cock is fit to burst out of my boxers as I savor your young body; throbbing and pulsating as precum leaks out and soaks into the expensive fabric that contains it.  I do not expect you to remain silent - how could you when I’m about to deliberately cause you pain - but seeing and hearing you take me literally is amusing.  I become aware of your hands moving and I continue cautiously, watching them to make sure you’re not going to try and take a swing at me, but they fall harmlessly to your sides and you grip onto the bed sheets beneath you.  You smell fresh and clean and that, along with the towel carelessly discarded in the middle of the floor, tells me that you took a shower while you were waiting for your dad to come by and fuck you over.  Because that’s what he’s done by turning up with just over half of what he owes. 

I move my arms from between your thighs, reaching out to the waistband of your panties.  You let out a little whimper because you know exactly what I’m about to do, but you still can’t contain the gasp that escapes when I lean up from your tummy and pull at your underwear, tugging your panties quickly down your legs and tossing them over the side of the bed to join your jeans.  Your beautiful, smooth mound is now completely exposed to me.  Your tummy rises and falls rapidly as you start panting, probably with fear and knowing that you’re about to be raped for the second time today.  I place my hands on your knees and push out, splaying your legs as far apart as they will go.  I didn’t have much time to enjoy you at your store, things were far too rushed since I didn’t want to attract too much attention by having my car parked outside for too long.  Now, I can savor and admire the young, fit body that I’m about to violate again.

I gaze down lustfully at the delicate curves and folds of your vulva, your lips slightly parted where my fingers were touching and tugging at them moments ago.  I almost salivate at the small hood of flesh that covers your clit.  “You’re beautiful,” I growl softly, my cock giving a twitch to remind me that it’s there and eager to be put to work.  I lean forward again, my hands still pressing on your knees, and clamp my mouth around your womanhood, my tongue slowly moving between your slit from your dry hole to your clit and back again.  You whimper when you feel my warm breath and my saliva on your most intimate area, gasp when I force my tongue to delve slightly into the entrance to your tight pussy. 

“You smell delicious,” I growl as I push myself back up from you and finish unbuttoning my shirt, slide it from my shoulders and let it fall from the bed.  Next, my belt is unfastened, then my pants.  I stand up on the bed and glare down at you, almost daring you to try and kick out at me while I’m standing up on the mattress with not the greatest of balance as it moves beneath me.  My pants slide down my legs and I push my boxers down with them, kick off my shoes then my clothes and push them off the bed too, peeling off my socks to finish so that I’m standing up on the mattress by your feet completely naked, my cock standing to attention hard and throbbing.  I see you open your eyes and gasp when you see me stood there, twitching manhood standing proud and ready to penetrate you.
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If you wanted to be rough with me, you would be but you are showing tenderness. It was off putting to say the least, but what was I supposed to do? You weren't ripping my panties off, just slowly pulling them down and then tossing them to the side where my jeans were. I was now naked from the waist down which was embarrassing. I don't know why you were being gentle with me, when at the store you beat me pretty good and raped me hard. You were taking your time or dragging it out just to make it worse for me. I felt you take both your hands and place them on each knee, spreading my legs as far apart as they would go. 

I was completely exposed to your lustful eyes now and you were enjoying taking your time. You told me I was beautiful and then I closed my eyes again and this time I gasped out when I felt your mouth down there. I hated the fact it felt good and your warm breath made it better. Your tongue moved slowly from my clit to my hole, getting me ready. I started to cry even though you told me no crying,  this was out of my control. This was humiliating! 

With all this that was happening, my mind was still dragging behind. I was still processing everything that has happened since you walked in our store. You raised up and told me I smelled delicious and I carried on sobbing as quietly as possible. The next thing I hear is you getting undressed but at least you were not hitting me. I may have to lie here and take it, but at least you were not punching and slapping me. I was still bruised from places you kicked. I still can't believe you actually hurt me like you did. What man does what you did to me? You see that I am half your size and  yet you didn't hold back when you beat me over something my father did. I wanted to fight you off right about now, knowing you were getting undressed and ready to fuck me again. I was feeling so much anger inside boiling up, being treated like an object because of my father's debt. 
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You closed your eyes so you didn’t have to see my naked body or, more to the point, so you didn’t have to look at the fat, hard cock that I’m about to force into your tight pussy and rape you with again.  Even though I told you not to cry, you have your hands covering your face and I can see from the way your body is heaving up and down that you’re sobbing.  I’m debating, as I drop to my knees between your legs, whether to punish you for crying when I told you not to.  But I decide that it’ll do no good if I do.  Even if you were to stop now, as soon as you feel me forcing myself inside your unwilling pussy, you’ll only start crying again anyway.  I might as well let you carry on. 

I shuffle forward between your thighs, getting in the right position.  Once I’m satisfied, I reach between your legs and run my finger softly along your slit and discover that clamping my mouth around your womanhood has actually made you a little wet.  Far from being soaked like I would want you to be, or like you will be once your body starts to protect itself from my invasion, but there’s enough of your juices there to allow me to penetrate you without causing myself the kind of pain I felt when I raped you in the store. 

“You better hope your Dad comes through for you tomorrow,” I growl menacingly as I lean over you and press the precum coated tip of my cock against your entrance and start to inch forward, the tapered end of my thick shaft beginning to stretch your hole and open you up to take my girth.  “Because if he doesn’t, then you’d better get used to this,” I tell you as I push my hips forward and drive my cock deep inside your tight pussy.
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I have my hands still covering my face and still sobbing. There's no way I can NOT cry with what is happening. How could you expect that?! To control me physically is one thing, but to try and control my emotions is just not going to work. I could feel your hands roaming over my body which only makes me shiver and groan in disgust. I still had my bra and top on at least, covered up halfway from your prying lustful eyes. I felt your fingers touching my womanhood, exploring and seeing how wet you made me. All I kept thinking about was how my father better get the rest of the funds that he owes you. You were going to tack on late fees daily and that was only going to put him more in debt with you. You told me that I better hope he comes through for me tomorrow and I was.

I started to cry harder when I felt your press your precum coated cock against my entrance. Just feeling the tip of your cock dripping with your precum was enough to make me want to jump out of my skin. To be tainted by someone, a strange man was jarring and I started to shake. You inched yourself in and then I took my hands off my face and grabbed the bedding on each side of me for gripping. I gasped out and clenched the sheets,trying to take your girth. You told me that if he doesn't bring the money, then I better get used to this. There's no way I am going to get used to this! Your hands were on my hips as you grunted and groaned out, inching your long thick cock inside my tight hole. I could feel my lower region tightening up in defense of this intrusion. My side was hurting where you had kicked me and I wondered to myself if you broke a rib or two. When you rubbed your hands along my body, I tensed up when you got near the bruises.

I started to get wetter as you thrusted into me harder now, getting in there easier now that I was soaking you. I was utterly humiliated that my body was getting wet for you, welcoming you with open arms. This wasn't anywhere near what I wanted, why was I so wet?! You moaned out louder when you felt it. I was in utter disgust with myself. All I could think about was how much more of this I was going to have to endure. I was crying so hard, my body was shaking. I still kept my eyes closed even though I was crying my eyes out. I didn't want to see you or what you were doing to me. I just needed to mentally escape somewhere and pray that my father would bring all the money needed by tomorrow.
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I groaned as I forced my way into you, inching my fat, hard cock slowly into your tight pussy.  It’s hard going at first because you’re dry, and you cry out as I stretch your inner walls.  You uncover your face and reach out to the bed sheets, gripping them so tight that your knuckles lose all color in them.  Forcing my way into you takes a fair amount of effort but I manage to bury myself fully inside your pussy and I’m able to start fucking you.  You whimper and sob as I do; the friction must be  causing you more pain that it is for me, but I carry on.  You have by far the tightest pussy I’ve ever had the pleasure of fucking, whether consensual or not.  And you’re far from the first girl I’ve fucked where it’s not.  I thrust hard because it takes a lot of effort to fuck a tight cunt when it’s dry.  But my perseverance pays off and I feel you finally starting to get wet around my thick, thrusting shaft.

“That’s better,” I groan as it becomes much easier to fuck you now that your inner walls are lubricating themselves and my cock.  I groan louder now, and with pleasure rather than the discomfort and effort of dry fucking you.  Now that you’re getting wet, and I have much more time than I did in your store earlier, I can finally start to enjoy myself on your body. 

Once it starts, the wetness comes thick and fast, my cock soaked with your juices within minutes of you starting to get wet.  I decide that I will let my hands wander all over your body, so, supporting myself on my left elbow as my hips drive my cock in and out of your pussy, my right hand starts at your mid thigh and slides slowly up your body, over your hip and towards your tummy.  You flinch when I get close to the bruising where I punched and kicked you earlier and I grin; something that can be remembered, stored away, and used to my advantage later.  My hand keeps moving; moving slowly upwards underneath your shirt.  You whimper when it reaches your breast and I cup it through the soft, lacy fabric of the cup, squeezing and kneading the firm globe of life giving flesh.  You whimper and sob when you feel me groping at you while I’m fucking you. 

Your body trembles beneath me as I violate you and take my pleasure from you, raping you partly because your dad owes me money, and partly because you have a pretty face, a hot body, and because I want to and I can.  There is nobody in the whole of Temple Falls who would dare stop me.  Nobody.  My thumb circles over your nipple through your bra cup until I pull at the delicate fabric, tearing the lace in my eagerness to get at the nipple that I’m making erect, something you have no control over but that I will exploit and take full advantage of - just as I am with your vagina too.  I groan and growl with pleasure as you continue to soak my thrusting, pounding cock, driving him deep into your tight hole.

“A part of me doesn’t want your dad to come back, you know,” I declare as my thrusting cock slides back and forth into your unwilling pussy.  “A part of me wants him to abandon you and leave you here with me so that I can enjoy you and the pleasures you have to give,” I say with a grin, not missing a single thrusting stroke into your pussy.
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You were taking your time with me and inching in slower than you did before. I kept my eyes tightly closed again, always making sure I didn't see you. If only I had earplugs so I didn't have to hear the noises you were making at the enjoyment of my body. The worst part was when I was getting wet and you spoke out how that was better. I wanted to scratch your eyes out! I wanted to start fighting you again just for how you were humiliating me, but I still remembered how you were about to break a toe. Anytime you could change your mind and hurt me just because you can.

Your hand all over my body, I flinched when I felt them get near the bruising area. I know you are being gentle, but it still hurts having my sides touched. I whimpered and still kept my eyes shut tight as you started to go beneath my top. Your hands reached my bra and started to squeeze and knead my breasts. You start to tear at the lace of my bra cup, tearing the fabric so you could get to my nipples. They were already erect from the touch of your hands kneading and massaging them. Now my bra was torn and useless now thanks to you.  My hands were still clutched to the bedding, pulling at the comforter because of frustration. My body kept responding to your touch and getting wetter. The more you touched my nipples, the more I squirmed and cried and whimpered. You growled out when I started soaking your cock, now making it easier for you to thrust in and out of me.

You groaned out how a part of you hopes my father doesn't come back just so you can enjoy my body. I was so angry, that I felt my face getting hot. As if you doing this wasn't bad enough, but you had to talk to me too. "Please just stop talking to me!" I sobbed out as I still kept my eyes closed. I wanted to ignore you as best as I could and your talking wasn't helping. I tried to distract myself by thinking of literally anything, but you were making it damn right near impossible.
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You lie beneath me with your legs forced apart, whimpering and sobbing while I fuck your tight pussy.  I feel you soaking me over and over now as I’m playing with your erect nipples, tugging at them with my fingers.  I groan with pleasure as your tight inner walls grip onto my thrusting cock as it slides back and forth between them.  Your hands are gripping tightly onto the sheets as my hips rise and fall, my skin slapping against yours as I’m thrusting deep inside you.  I could see from the expression of pure hatred on your face that you would like to scratch my eyes out right now.  And when I said that I hoped your father would abandon you and leave you here for me to use and to entertain myself on your body, your face flushed red with anger. 

I grinned down at you as I’m fucking you, groaning and gasping with pleasure as I enjoy your vagina.  You told me to stop talking to you and I grinned even wider.  The hand that was under your shirt moved from the firm globe of your breast and slid down to your tummy, then slowly to your side where I’d punched and kicked you.  At the same time I drove a particularly hard thrust into your pussy, the tip of my cock hitting your cervix, I pressed on the bruising.  This does two things.  It makes you yelp and cry out.  And it makes your muscles tense and contract, forcing your inner walls to clench around my cock.

“That’s not a very polite thing to say to your host,” I tell you with a smirk.

You start whimpering and crying harder now.  I respond by fucking you harder and deeper, my hips slapping against yours, my big, heavy balls swinging back and forth and crashing into the cheeks of your ass every time my fat cock slid effortlessly into your soaked hole.  If you get this wet while you’re being raped, I can’t help but wonder how wet you are when you want to be fucked.

I press down on your bruising again and listen to your cry of pain while groaning when you clench around my thrusting shaft.
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I'm so close on many occasions to almost punching you in the face but I know you will hurt me. I can't just lie here and take this, but I have to. I had told you to stop talking to me and then the next thing I felt was your hand leave my breasts and go to the bruises on my side where you kicked me. I yelp and cry out and then automatically feel my whole body tense up. You groan out when you feel my inner walls clenched against your cock. All this was so demeaning and it was unfair since I was the innocent one in this situation. You told me that it was not very polite to say that to you, the host that rapes his guests. I'm crying even louder and harder now and all I hear is chuckling and grunting. You're enjoying this! You thrust ever so hard deep inside me each time, each time hitting my cervix. 

"You're sick!" I cried out, arching my neck back and sobbing out. I clench the sheets still, pulling them up and making a mess of the bed. I was still tensed all over and now I had my eyes opened just to keep an eye on your next move. I hated the sound of your balls slapping against my ass. All of this was a nightmare! I wanted to kick at you and fight, but I knew it would make it worse for my father too. I relaxed some when you moved your hand away from my bruise, but I kept my eyes open. As much as I didn't want to, I just wanted you to finish. 

Again I tried to turn my thoughts on other things, happier things to distract myself. As long as you can shut the hell up, then ignoring you should not be a problem. I think about my girlfriends and how they are on a road trip right now. I was supposed to be on their road trip but dad needed me to work. This never would have happened if I was there. Who knows what you would have done if it were one of my brothers, it could have been way worse. 
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I groaned when I felt your inner walls clenching on my cock.  I enjoyed the feeling so much that I pressed on your bruises one more time, closing my eyes and thrusting deeper into you as I did so.  My balls slap against your ass as I’m fucking you, the sound of your wetness now starting to get mixed in with my groans of pleasure and your wailing sobs.  Up until I’d pressed down on your bruises again, you’d kept your eyes screwed tightly shut, not wanting to look at me, no doubt.  But as soon as you felt that second press, you whimpered in pain and your eyes flicked wide open, tears flooding them immediately.  You cried out that I was sick, which only made me smirk and chuckle some more. 

I don’t miss a single stroke, still driving my fat, hard cock deep inside your tight cunt with as much force as my hips can muster, plowing into you, my thick shaft pumping in and out of your hole like a piston as I groan and gasp and pant with pleasure.  You glared at me as though you might be thinking about putting up another fight; as if you might be getting ideas about trying to reach for the other lamp or maybe swing a fist at me.  But then you look like you zone out, looking past me instead of at me.  Perhaps you’re trying to imagine this isn’t happening.  Or you’re trying to imagine it’s one of your boyfriends fucking you.  Either way, I’m not going to let you zone out for long.

I fuck you deep and hard like this for a few minutes, allowing you to have a little peace with your thoughts.  Then, with you barely noticing, my hand leaves the deepening bruises on your tummy and reaches up for your throat.  You don’t realise until I’ve clamped my hand around it and started squeezing and cutting off your air.  Once again, your inner walls tighten around my thrusting cock and your eyes snap back into focus as you start gasping and panting for air that’s not getting into your lungs. 

“Nice memory, was it?” I ask you with a smirk.
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You are prolonging this just to mess with me. I'm still clenching on the bedding but I wanted to punch you right in the face. I wanted to kick you where you kicked me and I wanted to shove a pole up your ass! My nipples were erect because of your touch and now the a/c was blowing hard on us. Your cock is so thick, I was clenching and pushing to try and squeeze it out but you were too deep in me. If I had the physical strength I would be kicking your ass right now, but I don't. Of course you have your goons downstairs that could take me out if I tried to leave. My body was cold and shaking all over from the stress of what was happening. The feeling of your hands on me,constantly touching me was more than enough to cause me to snap. I had to tell myself to keep calm or things could get worse. You could easily break one of my arms or my leg! I have to keep my eyes closed shut and try to block you out better.

You caused me to jerk and yelp out when you thrusted into me harder and deeper. My eyes opened and you made a comment about a nice memory. You knew I was trying to mentally escape you and yet you took the time to wake me from it. My body was tainted now and the more you were inside me, the less I felt like I had control over my own body. I released my grip from the bedding and started to dig my nails into both of your arms. I screamed obscenities out at you as I continued to dig my nails into both of your wrists. "You asshole! I'll fucking kill you one day!"
I kept digging my nails and you started to yell out. You tried to move your arms, but I kept digging them in. "You sicko! How do you like that?!" I screamed and started to scoot upward, trying to get off your cock.
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As I’m fucking you, plowing my thick cock deep inside your moistening cunt, I can feel your inner walls clenching tight on me.  Clenching as though you’re trying to squeeze me out of you, pushing back as I drive forward.  I grin and thrust harder, slamming the tip of my cock into your cervix again, grunting as I bottom out and my balls slap against the cheeks of your ass, the sound of my hips slamming against yours filling the room.  Your fists gripped the sheets tighter as I hurt you internally with my one weapon that can reach that far inside you to cause you that pain.  You’re sobbing as I fuck you, shaking your head from side to side now that I brought you back from whatever happy place you were thinking about.  Anyone who has the pleasure of being fucked by me better be focused on me and what I’m doing.  “You gotta have the tightest pussy I ever fucked,” I tell you, wondering how you’ll take the compliment. 

Gasping and groaning with pleasure as I’m fucking you, you glare up at me as your head rocks up and down from my deep, penetrating thrusts slamming into you.  I’m sure that in your mind you’re plotting how many ways you would like to hurt or kill me right now.  But I don’t care about that.  That is something you would be unlikely to ever get the opportunity to do.  And even if you did, I have almost a whole army of people working for me who would gun you down before you’d got ten yards from my body.  As I fuck you, I tell myself that I’m thankful for having such a loyal workforce who would avenge my death.  Of course, they are well recompensed for their loyalty, hard work, and devotion.

You start yelling at me, calling me names as you lie beneath me, taking the pounding my cock is giving to your tight pussy.  You call me an asshole and tell me that you’re going to kill me one day, which makes me chuckle as I fuck your tight hole.  You release your grip on the sheets and start to scratch at my arms, digging your sharp nails into my skin and gouging at it.  I wince a little at the stinging pain as you rake your nails down my arms over and over, asking me how I like that and calling me a sicko as you try and push yourself up from under me to pull yourself away from my thrusting, driving cock.

I want to hurt you.  I want to pound my fist into your face.  But I don’t like to make pretty things stop looking pretty.  So I hold back on my instinct to lash out with my fist.  Instead, I pull my right arm away from your claws and reach for your throat, my hand clamping tightly around it and squeezing, stopping you in your tracks in your attempt to scoot away from me.  “Now that’s not very nice, is it?” I growl at you as I reposition and fully impale you on my cock again.  If you try and scoot away from me again, you have nowhere to go since your head is now only about two inches from the headboard.  I glare down at you and squeeze a little tighter.  “Is this how you want to go?” I ask, driving my cock deep inside your pussy.  “You want to die with my cock dumping my load into your cunt being the last thing you feel?”
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You mentioned again how tight I was and that only made me feel worse. You're not my fucking boyfriend, not some lover that I was spreading my legs for. I was getting angier inside, feeling my rage boil over that you were taking what wasn't yours. If you had a pencil dick, I would hardly even feel what you were doing, but your cock was bigger than what I was used to. I kept on trying to ignore you, but you were grunting and groaning and making your comments. If I could just plug my ears. I was screaming at you and cursing you, still digging my nails into your skin. I wanted to let more of my rage out, but if I did, you would knock me out cold. Dad always said I had the typical Irish girl temper and was right on the mark. You're a bully and you are well aware of what you are doing to me.

I kept digging my nails but you did nothing but winced and held on strong as you pounded into me. Finally you made a move, you placed your hand on my throat and held it there, squeezing and causing me to gag out. I was tensing up all over, inside and out as I tried to pull your hand off. I whimpered and kicked my feet, but you only groaned out louder when you felt me tighten around your thick shaft. I hated the feeling of your pubic hair against my soft hairless area. Everything about this was grotesed!

You told me that was not very nice, your arms I could see had small droplets of blood forming from where my nails were. I was having trouble gathering air in my lungs, you kept on squeezing and I was making gagging noises even more. You threaten me. Your voice got more sinister as you asked me if I want to die feeling you dump your load into me. I was shaking my head side to side as I continued to claw at your arm. If I could scream at "no", I would but I was choking.I kept on trying to pull your hand off, but you held on incredibly tight.
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You shook your head when I asked you if this is how you wanted to die, tears rolling down your face as you start clawing at my skin once more, your body trembling beneath me as I squeeze your throat and fuck you at the same time.  I’m groaning with pleasure at both the feeling of your tight inner walls gripping and clenching involuntarily on my cock as it thrusts back and forth, plunging deep into the sweet wetness between your thighs, and the pain of your nails as you rake them down my arms.  You gag and choke and I feel you kicking out with your feet, though there’s nothing for you to kick except fresh air since my being between them has them splayed so far apart.  I feel you grabbing at my hand and trying to pull it free of your throat but I only tighten my grip and throw back my head in pleasure.  Your pussy grips harder on my cock as I fuck you, my big, heavy balls slapping against your ass as I drive myself deep inside you.  Now that I have time to enjoy you, this is much more pleasant than the quick fuck I gave you on the floor in the back office of your dad’s store this morning. 

I can already feel the pressure in my balls building.  The contracting muscles of your inner walls that force you to grip on me seem as if they are trying to milk my cock, as if wanting to suck the cum from my balls.  “That’s it,” I groan as I fuck you harder and faster, “milk my balls you slut, use that tight little pussy to suck the cum out,” I groan, grinning as I taunt you.  Your face starts to go red, your eyes wide as though they’re about to pop out of your head so I loosen my grip just enough to allow you some air to breathe.  I have no intention of killing you unless I’m forced to.  I have decided that until your dad pays his debt, I will keep you here.  And every time he doesn’t pay enough money or shows up empty handed, I will rape you again.  I have a feeling that you’re going to be spending a lot of time on your back with me between your legs because I doubt that he’s ever going to find the money to pay what he owes and buy your freedom.

I’m getting close to finishing, the pressure in my balls reaching its peak as I thrust my cock into you like a jackhammer while you gasp and sob beneath me, your body shuddering and shaking as I fuck you.  My groans and grunts are getting louder, my thrusts getting deeper and harder as my hips slam down into yours, crushing you and pinning you down onto the mattress as I pound you, reaching the point of no return.  Just before I start to dump my load inside you, I change my grip and release your throat, moving my hand to your chin and turning your head to the side so that I can lean down and bite at the nape of your neck, my teeth nipping as your skin as I groan with pleasure.  “Beg, you slut,” I growl into your ear, “Beg for my cum.”
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My lungs feel like they are burning and my eyes were watery as I kept trying to pull your hand off. I kept kicking air, just trying to fight in some way. I hear you groaning out when you feel my inner walls clenched tighter around your thick shaft. I know you're going to cum again soon and deep inside my unprotected body and all I could do was be forced to take it. Everything hurts! My whole body, just inside and out hurts the harder you squeezed my throat. You grunted out, made vile comments about me milking your balls. You were humiliating me, talking gross and degrading things to me as you were trying to snuff me out. This "punishment" for my father's debt was too much. You were treating me like I was an object and not a young woman who was weaker than you. 

There was no way I could call out for help or beg you to stop, not like that would help. I had no voice. You pounded into me harder the more you tightened around my throat. My whole face was burning and feeling hot all over. This was it, I was about to die at 21 . I never thought about death before and now I was face to face with it. I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to anyone, I'm going to die while being raped. Now in this moment, I didn't care about being violated again, I cared about living and I would do anything right now to have that. Finally, you let up some and give me some air to suck into my lungs, in which I did as I gasped out and coughed. 

I felt your hand move from my throat to my chin and you turned my head to the side. I whimpered out and still was trying to catch my breath in between crying and yelping out. I felt your teeth on my neck, gently  nipping at it. You then tell me to beg for your  cum, my eyes widen in horror. There was no way I was going to beg for you to cum inside me. "N...no.. please... No I won't!" I was literally shaking all over as you pounded into me. I was terrified of you but I still had a fight in me. No, I won't beg for your cum inside me, not now and not ever.
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I’m thrusting deep and hard inside your tight pussy getting closer and closer to my release, and I know that it won’t be long until I’m filling you up with another load of my cum.  You smell fresh and clean as I have my face buried in the nape of your neck, kissing and biting on your soft skin.  I’m not choking you any more but I can still hear you panting and gasping for breath as you’re finally able to inhale and get air into your lungs.  Though my thrusting hips are doing a great job of trying to drive it straight back out as I pound you.  My cock is pumping into you like a piston as I speed up in readiness to drain my balls inside you.  And as I lean down on you, crushing you into the mattress as I’m fucking you, I can feel your pert breasts through your shirt, pressing against me as they move up and down from fucking you. 

When I tell you to beg for my cum, you tell me no, that you will never do that.  I growl and bite your neck a little harder, while my hand slides down your body to the bottom of your shirt, then slides underneath it; exploring.  Searching.  I know when I’ve found exactly what I’m searching for when I feel and hear your breath catch and you hold it.  I grin as I bite and fuck you.  Then grin when I hear you cry out as I press down on your bruises once more.  And once again feel your tight inner walls grip on my thick, hard cock as it thrusts back and forth deep inside you. 

Those cries and your clenching is enough to push me over the edge.  “Beg,” I growl at you, though I can already feel that it’s too late.  So I press down and make you cry out, gripping my cock once more.  At the very same time I start to cum.  Groaning and gasping, I push myself up from your neck and roar like a lion as I thrust into you, shooting stream after stream of my thick, creamy cum into your young womb, filling you to the brim as I keep fucking you; keep driving my cock as deep inside you as I can get.  All the while, you’re sobbing and crying as you feel my dirty load filling you and warming your insides while I groan and grin with delight.
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I could tell that you were getting off on everything you were saying to me. Taunting me about cumming inside me. You're an evil man and one day everything you have done to me and others will come back to you. As if rape wasn't bad enough, but having a crime lord raping me; it's just way worse You can and you will get way with this. If you get me pregnant, you'll know and you'll either not care or you will. So many thoughts were running through my mind, all this was still like a bad dream. Thankfully, if you do leave more inside me when I'm finally able to leave, I can just go to any clinic and get rid of it. I've only had sex twice before and bth times he used a condom. I've never had a man cum inside me before, I never thought that I would be forced to take in a man's cum. I was going to rush to the bathroom as soon as you leave my room.

You had demanded me to beg for you cum and when I said no, you bit down a little harder on my neck. It wasn't too hard, but enough to cause me to yelp and struggle in vain. "No!!!" I kept on denying you, protesting this demeaning and vile act on me. I feel your hands searching until you find one of my bruises and then I tensed up. You pressed down on my bruises causing me to wail out in pain and you bit down harder on my neck. You growl out at me to beg for your cum but I continue to cry and scream my head off, the next thing I know, you're cumming inside me again. You practically roar out like a damn animal, your face all red and veins bulging from your neck and forehead as you unload inside my unprotected body once more.

You laid on me, catching your breath and panting out as I felt you twitching inside me. I was utterly ashamed and humiliated. You didn't get up yet, just laid on me while I was bawling my eyes out. I was shaking, trembling with you inside me. You move your mouth near my ear and start to shush me like you were trying to soothe me. I couldn't tell if you were being condescending or mocking my pain and sadness, or if you were really trying to soothe me.
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You lie beneath me sobbing and wailing after I collapsed on top of you, my balls drained and my cock twitching it’s last in your vagina. I’m panting for breath, still biting at your neck and pressing on your bruise as your whole body shudders and trembles under me. I can’t remember ever having fucked a girl as tight as you, and I know none of the girls I’ve raped in the past, some on this very bed, have ever got as soaked as you did, which is something I plan on taunting and humiliating you with later.  I’m sure you’ll be disgusted with yourself when I remind you how you soaked my cock while I raped you in my house.  But that’s something for later on.  And, who knows, your dad might actually pull it off and come back with enough money to buy your freedom.  But I doubt it. 

“Sshhhhhhh” I growl softly in your ear as though soothing you, a grin on my face as I do.  “It’s over for now,” I whisper. 

I lean down and bite once more on your neck making you yelp out because I bite hard enough that I taste the metallic tang of your blood on my tongue.  I lift my head and look down on you, smiling broadly.  Then I push myself up, allowing my softening cock to slip out of your pussy, and sit up on my knees looking at your vagina as I watch my cum start to leak out of your hole and run down your ass cheek to the bed sheets. 

“Wasn’t that fun?” I ask, taunting you as I climb off the bed and start to get dressed, pulling on my boxers and pants, then slipping my arms into the sleeves of my shirt, slowly buttoning it up as I watch you lying on the bed sobbing, your legs still splayed apart as though you’re in so much shock at having been raped again that you’ve forgotten to close them. 

“I think we should do it again later,” I say with a chuckle as I pull my suit jacket on.  I look around the room at the broken lamp and the broken glass.  “You do have some damages to pay for,” I say, chuckling again as I walk towards the door. 

“I will have someone bring you some dinner up.  Never let it be said that I don’t look after my guests,” I say as I let myself out of the room and close the door behind me.  I stand there for a moment waiting to see if I can hear what you’re doing now that I’m not there.  I’m half expecting you to trash the room.  In fact, I find I’m actually hoping you do because that will give me another reason to come back and rape you again before the night is done.
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You shushing me was off putting, it was strange that you were trying to calm me down. I know you like to mess with me, say gross and vile things to see my reaction. I must be 15 to 20 years younger than you and yet you do not hold back when it comes to violence against me. My neck where you bit me was throbbing, my hand protecting the place where you bit me. You're a monster! You pulled out of me and got off the bed, adjusting yourself and getting the rest of your clothes back on. I laid there sobbing and not realizing I had my legs splayed. I was utterly humiliated for being raped, I knew deep down it wasn't my fault, but still I felt ashamed. I felt like since you walked into our store, that I haven't been able to really process things. Everything happened so fast! I didn't even get a chance to talk to my father at all, let alone hug him before he was forced to leave.

When you made your comment about this being fun, I turned over on my side and rolled up into a ball. I grabbed the comforter and wrapped it around my body, like I was a burrito while you got your suit jacket on. I now was covered head to toe in the soft down comforter and the only thing you could see was my head. I felt nasty all over inside and out.I knew I was never going to feel the same in my own body again. There will be no amount of bathing that will ever make me feel clean again. You're a life ruiner. You mentioned something about doing this again and I just tightened the blanket around me tighter and cried into it. I wrapped my legs around one another and just closed my whole body off under this blanket. I was breaking. All you care about is money, power, and material items. You told me I had damages to pay for, but what about the damage you inflicted on me?

I didn't even answer you, I was too much a mess too, so when you told me you were going to have someone bring me some dinner, I didn't respond. Like I could eat! You walk out and shut the door, locking it after. I was now alone in my room again, bundled up tightly in my blanket. I laid there in my blanket crying my out for what seemed like the longest time. I was starting to get tired and my eyelids felt too heavy to keep open. I drifted off to sleep in my big down comforter to keep me safe for now.
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I stood listening at the door to your room for a while and heard nothing but silence.  Not even the sound of you sobbing or crying.  I adjust my clothing; pulling down my shirt cuffs and buttoning my suit jacket and head downstairs to continue working.  I’m adjusting my tie as I reach the foot of the stairs and I notice Ben and Adam are in the drawing room sitting on the couch watching a football game on TV.  I stand at the door and watch for a moment, but football has never interested me much.  Adam must sense my presence in the room because he turns and looks at me.

“Everything ok, Boss?” he asks, which makes Ben turn and look too.

“Yeah, couldn’t be better,” I say with a smirk as a memory of me dumping my load inside your tight pussy flashes through my mind.  “One of you get the chef to make our guest some dinner and take it up to her,” I instruct them before turning away and heading to my office.  I hear Adam saying he’d get right on it as I walk across to my office. 

I’ve been sitting at my desk for about half an hour catching up on some emails and checking out my social media when I hear the distant sound of the buzzer for the intercom indicating a visitor at the front gate.  At that moment, Adam appears at my office door and tells me that he took dinner up to you but you were fast asleep so he left it on the nightstand.  I nod cordially as I try to listen in to Ben talking on the intercom to whoever is at the gate.  Adam leaves and is almost immediately replaced by Ben.

“Tony from the Mirage is here, Boss.  Says a guy turned up trying to sell some shit and he’s brought him here like you told him to,” he tells me.

“Fuck, that didn’t take long,” I say as I stand up and walk around my desk. 

Adam, Ben, and I go to the front door and, by the time we get there, a black Cadillac is sitting in my driveway, it’s engine purring obediently as a man I recognise as the manager of one of my drinking establishments climbs out of the driving seat. 

“Mr. Morgan,” he says, tipping his head towards me in greeting.  “Scumbag in the back was selling coke in the bar,” he tells me. 

I nod to Ben and Adam and they approach the car and drag the man, who has his hands crudely tied behind his back with rope and a strip of Duck Tape across his mouth, from the back seat of the car.  He has a small, dried trail of blood running from above his left eye down his cheek.  “Did he give you trouble?” I ask Tony.

“He tried to resist a little so I had to show him the error of his ways,” he answers.

“Thank you, Tony, you did the right thing.  We’ll take it from here,” I tell him.  Obediently, he climbs back into his car and drives away. 

I step forward and stand toe to toe with the man and, without warning, tear the tape from his lips, making him scream out in pain.  “I have no idea who you are,” I tell him, “but nobody sells shit on my property.”  I ball my hand into a fist and drive it into his mouth as hard as I can, then smile as I watch him crumple to the floor. 

“Get this piece of shit inside and show him what happens to people who try to involve me in their filth,” I tell my men.  I know that he will be barely conscious by the time Ben and Adam have finished with him. 

I sit back at my desk and send an email to Mick Hatfield, the person I suspect is the dealer’s boss, inviting him to my house for dinner tomorrow night.  This will take a little more than fists to sort out.  I have to be smart with him.  But first, I will have to deal with you and your father.  As I type the email, I can hear Ben and Adam in the drawing room, clearly enjoying their job as the drug dealer yelps and groans and pleads for it to stop.  I grin as I imagine what they’re doing to him.

I hear footsteps on the ceiling above me and I realise that you must be awake again.  I decide I should pay you another visit.  I slip out of my jacket and hang it over the back of my chair, then pull off my tie and drop it on my desk.  I think I may be less intimidating for you if I’m dressed more casually. 

I let myself into your room and close the door behind me.  I look around and, save for the smashed lamp and glass, the room is in the same state as it was before.  Though I notice your dinner is still untouched.  My eyes meet yours when I see you sat at the bottom of the bed glaring at me, having got out of the bed and put your clothes back on.

“You should eat to keep your strength up,” I tell you.  “And Chef will be so disappointed that you’ve not eaten the food he went to great lengths to prepare for you.”  I walk slowly towards you as I speak, watching you carefully to see if you are harboring any plans to suddenly spring up and attack me.  Your face is red and puffy from all the crying you’ve been doing, but aside from that and the cut on your lip from when I slapped you at your store, you look otherwise unharmed. 

“What size dress do you wear?” I ask you as I look you up and down.
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I slept hard. When I woke up, I had a pillow print on my arm and I had drooled on the pillow itself. I wa sso worn out physically and emotionally, that I slept so hard that nothing could have woken me up. When I woke, I saw there was a tray of food on my nightstand but no one was in the room waiting for me to wake. I got up and used the bathroom and splashed water on my face, I scrubbed my face with a towel until my skin was bright red. I was absolutely throbbing and aching between my legs. I had bruises and cuts and scrapes on my body and face. My bra was ruined from when you tore the lacey cups, so now I had no bra. I took it off and threw it away in the trash and put my white top on. Now you could see my nipples! I wrapped my arms around myself and glanced around my temporary bedroom and looked at the mess. I could use a piece of glass laying on the floor as a weapon.

I walked over to the pile of glass and picked up the largest piece I could find. I looked at it and then walked over to the bed and shoved it under the mattress for later. I walk over to the end of the bed and sit down and just stare at the floor. I was tearing up and just sat wiping the tears from my eyes when I heard the door unlock and open. I glared at you when you walked in and shut and locked the door behind you. I clutched the bedding and felt tensed all over as you walked in the room and told me I needed to eat. You tell me how Chef will be disappointed if I don't eat the meal he prepared. I almost blurted out how I didn't give a rat's ass, but I stayed quiet as I listened to you asking me what size dress I wear. I glared at you so hard, that if looks could kill, you would be dead right now.

"I don't wear dresses and if I did, I would not wear one given by you."
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I didn’t actually say you were going to wear a dress, but as soon as I asked you what size you wear, you jumped down my throat, automatically assuming I’m going to get you one, telling me that you don’t wear dresses but if you did you’d never wear one that I give to you.  I tilt my head and raise an eyebrow both at your assumption and your nerve for talking to me in that manner, considering the situation you currently find yourself in.  You’re sat with your arms folded defensively across your chest, hiding the swell of your breasts from my view, and with one leg crossed over the other, a stern look on your face.

“You know, that smart mouth of yours is going to get you in trouble one day,” I say as I step slowly closer to you.  I can see that your face is red, though not through anger or embarrassment or the tears you’ve been crying, more through pain.  Perhaps you’ve been using something to scrub your face and been a little over enthusiastic with it.  This is a disappointment to me because your face is naturally beautiful and I don’t want to see it harmed any more than it already is.  Already I find myself regretting striking your face.  It’s not me.  I don’t like to harm beautiful things. 

“I thought you would like to be wearing something nice for when your dad comes to pick you up tomorrow,” I say as I look you up and down and shrug my shoulders.  “I think you might be able to convince him to come up with the money he owes if you look pretty for him.”  I can see the contempt you have for me as you glare at me.  “Or perhaps you’d like to greet him naked,” I say, tilting my head to one side and chuckling.  It’s only when you shift your arms do I see the pink of your nipples under your white shirt and I realise you must have discarded your torn bra.  That must also be why you’re keeping your arms so tightly folded.  The sight makes my cock twitch in my pants, but I don’t want to put my cock to use on your body again just yet.  You will be my pleasure before I retire to bed for the night. 

As I’m speaking, I keep stepping slowly closer to you until I’m finally within reach of you.  Before you have a chance to react, I reach out and grab a handful of your hair and twist it around my hand, pulling your head back and making you yelp.  “Now, you can either tell me your dress size and I will get you something that fits, or I will take a wild guess at it.  And I will expect you to be downstairs for breakfast in the morning wearing the dress that I bring you,” I hiss at you as I tug on your soft locks.  “Now, what’s it to be?”
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You told me that my smart mouth was going to get me in trouble one day and I wanted to roll my eyes so bad. I had so much more I could say to you that actually would get me in trouble. I just glared at you with my arms crossed over my chest. You go on telling me you thought I could look nice for when my father comes to pick me up. I know I was looking at you like you were insane because that is exactly what I thought. You are fucking insane! 

When you started to walk towards me, I tensed up and watched you. My heart feels like it's beating a million miles a second. Your hand reached out and grabbed my hair and I instantly screamed out and reached for your hand tangled in my hair. My nails were digging in your skin, but you held on and hissed at me to tell me my size or you'll guess. You were so adamant on me wearing a dress, saying that I was to wear it for breakfast tomorrow. I was trembling just because your presence was unnerving to me, terrifying now to see your face and now you won't go away! 

"Fine! Let go!!" You held on, waiting for me to give you a size. "6! I'm a 6!" I also needed a new fucking bra too. You let go of my hair and I instantly rubbed my head.
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When I grabbed your hair, you yelped out and instantly reached up to try and prise my fingers off you, digging your nails into my skin as I pull at your locks.  I grit my teeth through the pain that you’re causing with your nails and I make a mental note to myself that if your useless dad doesn’t come up with the cash tomorrow night and you end up here another night, I will have someone give you a manicure and dull them down.  For now, it’s a pain I can take.  And I’m pretty sure I can take more pain than you can.  I tighten my grip, twisting your hair around my hand and pulling a little harder.  Your scalp has to be burning now, feeling like I’m about to rip a huge chunk of your lush mane of hair from out by its roots.  Finally, you give in and tell me you’re a size six.  Immediately I release my grip and you start to rub your sore, tender head.

“There, that wasn’t so difficult, was it?” I ask you, now reaching down and cupping your face in my hand, turning your head so that you’re looking up at me.  I smile at you as I gaze down into your eyes, knowing that my cold stare must be unnerving - something that has served me well over the years by instilling fear into my enemies.  “You know, you’ll find your stay here much more pleasant if you just cooperate,” I tell you.  Then I lean down and press my lips against yours, forcing my tongue into your mouth, delving and exploring while I reach down and grope and caress your breast through your shirt.  You swat my hand away and I lean up from forcing my kiss onto you.  “I guess you don’t want your stay to be pleasant, then,” I say with a smirk as I stand up straight.  You glare back up at me, wiping your lips with the back of your hand in disgust at my forced kiss and I chuckle.

It’s at that point, almost perfectly timed, that a dull scream is heard downstairs.  Your eyes widen as you look towards the door then back up at me in fear.  “Oh, don’t worry about that,” I tell you as I step away and start heading towards the door.  “That’s just Ben and Adam teaching someone some manners,” I tell you with a grin.  “I should go and make sure the boys aren’t having too much fun without me.  Eat your dinner."
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I kept my nails in your wrist, digging at it until you let go in which you finally did. After I told you my size, you let go and asked me if that was so difficult. You cupped my face and turned it to where I was forced to look up at you. You smiled and stared into my eyes, forcing me to look at you this close. You lectured me about how my stay would be more comfortable if I cooperated, then you leaned in and kissed me. I whimpered and yelped because it hurt when you kissed my busted lower lip. I groaned in your mouth when you forced your tongue in my mouth. Tears were running down my face as you kissed me. This was a nightmare. I had no place to go and hide from you. Your other hand reached down and groped and caressed my breast through my shirt . You broke the kiss and told me that you guess I don't want to stay pleasant.  I glared at you as I gently wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. Before I had enough time to speak, I heard a scream that raised the hairs on the back of my neck. I looked at you with fear in my eyes and you told me not to worry, that it was Ben and Adam teaching someone some manners. I felt my knees starting to shake and hit each other.

"Please, don't punish me for my father's debt." I started to feel like I was about to have a panic attack, my palms started to perspire and the back of my neck too. "I just want to go home." I started to sob in my hands as I shook all over. "Please let me go home." I had so many thoughts running through my head. Like how long was I going to be here?! "What if h...he doesn't have enough to pay you because you keep adding late fees?" What if he never catches up? I finally looked up at you and pleaded "I'll pay it! Please just give me a chance to go back to work, I'll sell some items and send someone to pay you the rest. Please!"
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You started breathing more rapidly as though you were gasping for breath.  I’ve seen panic attacks before and it looks like that’s what you could be on the brink of.  I’m sure it’s something you’ll get over quick enough.  You tell me not to punish you for your dad’s debt, telling me you just want to go home and begging me to let you go.  You ask me what happens if he can’t afford to pay me because he keeps adding late fees before you tell me you’ll pay it if I give you a chance to go back to work and to sell some of your things.  I grin at you as you speak.  I come back over to you and crouch before you so that my eyes are level with yours.  “Oh young, sweet Ava,” I say, reaching out and stroking your cheek with the back of my hand, making you flinch away slightly even though I’ve no intention of hurting you with it. 

“I’ve been in this situation with your dad before.  He always manages to come through somehow.  I don’t know who he begs and borrows from, or who he lets fuck him, but he’s always found the money from somewhere when he’s tried to weasel out of paying me before.”  My hand moves to your soft mane of mousy blonde hair and I run my fingers through it.  “But if he doesn’t, then yes.  You will go back to work and pay off his debt.  But you will work for me where I can keep an eye on you and make sure that you pay what is owed,” I tell you with a grin.  “If I allow you to go back to the shop, then you’re going to run.  We can’t have that.  It would take a lot of time and effort on my part to track you down and bring you back.”  I stand up and gaze down on you, my hand sliding beneath your chin and turning your head up so that you’re forced to look at me.  I lean down and press my lips on yours again before pulling my face back from you and looking down on you with a grin.  I release my grip on you and start to slowly back towards the door.

“So no, you’re not going home just yet.  You will stay here until the debt is paid,” I tell you.  “One way or another, the debt will be paid.”
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I was crying, taking in deep breathes, and just freaking out as I sat on the edge of the bed. You reached out and I flinched, but you gently stroked my cheek with the back of your hand. Hearing that man scream downstairs was unnerving and causing me to panic. I shuttered from your touch, flinching away as you chuckled at me. I was wondering what the hell Ben and Adam were doing to that poor man. I was literally shaking and wondering if those two were going to harm me next. I know that they can't touch me without your permission and if they tried, I would fight until they probably killed me. I could tell that you were pleased with the fear in my eyes, you want me to fear you. You're just a bully!

You told me about how you were in this situation with my dad before and how he always manages to come through, somehow.  When you spoke of my dad and how he must come up with the money he usually owes you, I cringed. You were so disgusting and talked about who he must fuck to get the money. I still had a hard time imagining my dad being how you described him to be. For him to even know you is bad enough. You ran your fingers through my hair as you continued to tell me about working off the debt by working for you. The only way is to work and have you watch me work for you. It was like I was never going to be free of you. 

I leaned my head down and kept on crying, trying to shake your hand out of my hair. You had everything all planned out it seemed and that only made me feel incredibly desperate. It was difficult not knowing everything about my father, I felt like I had no one I could turn to. You cupped my chin and lifted my face up so I had to look at you and then you leaned down and kissed me. I groaned and then you released me and walked off telling me I won't leave until the debt is paid. You opened the door and I heard that man's screams louder and I shuttered as you slammed it and locked it. 
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You looked down at the floor as I backed away from you, sobbing and crying.  I grinned.  I know that you’re scared of me and what I could do to you if I wanted to.  You probably understand now that I could end your life any time I like and nobody would know a thing about it.  Sure, your father might suspect something, but he’d never be able to prove it.  Not with the amount of cops and judges I have on my payroll.  There’s a reason I’ve never even had so much as a speeding ticket.  And you’re right to fear me.  Although I don’t want to kill you, if there comes a time where I no longer have a choice in it, then I will do so.  Or, at least, Adam and Ben will.  I open the door to your room to leave just at the moment Ben or Adam drives a fist into the drug dealer and a blood curdling cry of pain drifts up the stairs and into your room.  I feel my cock twitch and swell in my pants both at the sound of the low life scum downstairs getting what’s coming to him, and the look of terror in your eyes.  I grin when I see that and I know that I can probably control you with just the fear that I can inflict on your mind.

“Don’t worry about it,” I say as I resist the urge to come back over to you on the bed and using my already hard cock to rape you again.  “It’s not you or your dad.  Yet,” I say with a smirk before stepping outside and closing the door behind me and locking it.  I decide, in that moment as I stand leaning against the locked door to your room, that your dad will never be able to pay off his debt.  I don’t care how much money he brings with him tomorrow, it won’t be enough.  I’m sure when I came out of your room just now that I saw you trembling with fear.  And that fear really turns me on.   I snap out of my thoughts when I hear another scream and I decide I’d better go and check my guys aren’t having too much fun while they work. 

When I get back to the drawing room, the drug dealer is lying on a sheet of clear plastic curled up in the fetal position with blood pouring from his nose and mouth.  His left eye is swollen so much that it’s closed, and two of the fingers on his right hand are bent in an unnatural way and clearly broken.  Just as I get there Adam drives his foot into the small of the man's back, snapping him out of his protective ball and making him scream again.  As he stretches and screams, Ben thrusts his foot into the man's rib cage.  There’s a cracking sound that fills the room and, after a short delay of a split second, another blood curdling scream, both indicating that at least one of his ribs just snapped. 

“Ok, enough,” I tell my men.  “We need something left to give back to Hatfield.  Take him downstairs.” 

In the basement of my house there are two more rooms.  I guess you could call them cells of sorts.  In medieval times, they would more likely be called dungeons.  They each have a hard, uncomfortable bed and cold concrete floors and bare walls.  And just a bucket to piss in.  About six feet off the ground there are two iron rings built into the walls of each of the cells; just the right height and width apart to strap someone's arms up and apart.  There are two similar rings at foot level too.  I’ve found, over the years, that tying somebody naked to these rings with their back against the cold, bare walls is a very effective way to loosen somebody’s tongue.  Especially if you have some other tools such as whips, sharp knives, tasers, cattle prods and such like.  I’ve rarely had to use such methods.  Just the fear instilled in a person by the thought of what could happen to them is usually enough to make them as compliant as I need them to be.
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I know you have gotten away with murder before and probably so much more. You're rich as can be and probably have the higher ups in your pocket. Us middle and lower class have no one to protect us really from people like you. I kept shaking as I heard that poor man's cries and screams and I couldn't stop imagining what they were doing to him. There were no boundaries with you and what you would do to those who have wronged you. You could see the distress on my face and you told me not to worry, that it was not my father or me... yet. You finally left and shut and locked the door and I just sat in the same spot.I glanced around in my room that I trashed and gazed at the walls and the decor. I slowly stood up and walked over to the window and looked out. There men who were standing out there before in their black suits and glasses were still there. I unlocked the window and it only opened about 3 or 4 inches and would not go up any further. I guess the window was loud enough to where it caused one of the guards to look up in my direction. I quickly shut it and closed the curtains and walked back to the bed and laid down.

I curled up and grabbed the big comfy down comforter and wrapped myself in it. I felt safe in this cloud-like blanket. I didn't start crying but just stared at the wall with a picture of a black labrador running through a large field of trees and grass. I was wishing that I was running with that labrador, running far away into a large field of trees and tall grass, running away from this world and into a new one. I closed my eyes and imagined her running, her tail wagging and her tongue hanging out. I imagined she would chase birds, so many flocks of birds and barking at them to come back down and play. I could almost hear her barking and the birds squawking as they flew over the trees.
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I watch as Ben and Adam haul the beaten drug dealer to his feet and grin when he screams in pain as they do so, though he’s barely conscious.  “Wait!” I instruct them as they approach me.  Dutifully, they stop where they are, the man supported by his arms around their shoulders.  I stand in front of him and he looks at me with sorrowful, pleading eyes and groans something incoherent.  I cock twitches in my pants as I look him up and down and see the injuries that my men have inflicted upon him. 

“My establishments are clean,” I tell him as I step a little closer to him.  “If I ever find out you’re selling your shit in my bars again, you won’t be so lucky.  Understand?”  There’s a slight, almost imperceptible nod of his head.  “Good,” I say with a smirk.  Then I ball up my fist and drive it hard into his ribs.  It finishes him off as he cries out and then loses consciousness and slumps to the ground.  Ben and Adam laugh at him for a brief moment then pick him back up again.  I stand aside and they continue taking him to the basement to wait for his boss to come and get him.  I head back to my office and sit at my desk and type an email to my tailor:


I need two dresses, size 6.  One black suitable for a dinner party, one light purple that can be worn all day.  Also, matching panties for both - lace.  Both suitable to be worn without a bra.  Need them here by 5am tomorrow.   Invoice me as usual.

Tom Morgan’

I hit send then sit back in my chair and think how best to make you wear the dresses I’ve bought you.  Of course, you’ll be wearing one to greet your father tomorrow if he turns up.  And, since I already know he won’t be able to afford to pay what he owes, you’ll also need one to wear for dinner.  And I will demand that you join me in the dining room for meals tomorrow.  I look up at the ceiling as if trying to see through it and see what you’re doing, regretting momentarily not having surveillance videos installed in the guest rooms when I had this mansion built.  I decide the only way to ensure you wear the dresses that I’m going to provide you will be to deprive you of your own clothes.  I sit back in my chair and think about that.  Knowing that you need to rest for a little while since it’s not long since I last raped you, I go back to my laptop and get on with some work.  I check the time: it’s almost 8pm.  I’ll give you a couple more hours and then I’m coming to fuck you again before I go to bed for the night.  I’m thinking about enjoying your body again and I feel the familiar arousal in my pants.  I think fun times are ahead, with having such a pretty, and fiery, young woman here to enjoy.

A notification appears on my laptop telling me that I have an email.  I open it.  Mick Hatfield has accepted my invitation to dinner tomorrow night.  I smile to myself as I close the email and start catching up on some work.

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At first when I woke up, I had no clue where I was. I looked around and for a few seconds, my heart was racing and then I remembered that I was still here.  I slowly got out of bed and winced from bruises you gave me from before. I felt like a scalding hot bath, so I walked over to the bathroom and stripped down while I ran the water. I turned and noticed that there was a lock for the bathroom door and quickly I shut it and locked it. I had a private sanctuary in a way to rest and stay safe for now. I saw there were all sorts of fancy soaps and a plethora of shampoos and conditioners for both men and women. I wondered how many people had been trapped in this room before. You are a powerful man, most likely more powerful than the president and Congress combined. You probably have raped so many women and have killed so many, that you've probably lost count.

I slowly ease my body in the hot water and winced when it  touched my bruised rib cage. I had heard that hot water is healing for cuts and sores. The bathroom mirror was completely foggy with the steam. I laid back and soaked and was getting used to the scalding heat. I could see my skin turning red like a boiling lobster. I wanted to be clean, but I'll never be clean like I was before. I took my hand and touched my labia, gently rubbing and making a hand motion for water to go inside and cleanse me. I felt numb. I just stared at the wall in front of me, while I had my legs spread some as I cleaned myself out as best as I could.

I took a bar of soap and lather my hands up and then washed my breasts next. I lathered my neck, my collarbone, my face and every other place you have touched. I started to quietly cry as I washed, scrubbed with a washcloth over and over. I might have stayed in the tub for over an hour because the water was cooling down and my fingers were pruny. I finally let the water out and stepped out of the tub and dried myself off. I wiped the mirror and saw the cuts and scrapes around my chin and split lip. All this because my father had a secret life and was a deadbeat. All of this because his money and his new girlfriend were more important than me and my brothers. I stepped out of the bathroom and quickly got my shirt and jeans back on, I tossed my panties in the trash since it has your leftover dried cum all in it. I was fresh and clean, but really not. I laid back down and wrapped myself up in my cloud-like comforter again.
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It isn’t long after I sit at my desk and start to get some work done that I hear your footfalls above me once again.  I sit back in my seat and look up at the ceiling, my eyes following every step you take.  From the direction you’re going, I’d say you were going into the bathroom.  Are you using the bathroom or are you freshening up?  There’s a brief silence and then the sound of fast running water running through the pipes.  Too fast for the shower so I deduce that you must be filling the bathtub.  I smile at the thought of you laying naked in the tub trying to scrub the feeling of me off your skin.  I know that’s what people do when they’ve been raped in an attempt to cleanse themselves.  I wonder if you’ll find something to insert into your pussy to try and clean my cum out of you, or whether you’ll aim the powerful showerhead there instead, though that might have a completely different result from what you intended.

Once the water stops flowing, you stop moving around on the floor and I hear the muffled sloshing sound of the water in the tub and I know that you’re now cleaning yourself.  My cock stiffens again at the thought of you naked in the room right above me.  Soon, however, the sounds from upstairs drift away and become nothing more than white noise as I return my attention to my empire of businesses that still need to be run effectively if they’re to keep making me money and keeping me rich and powerful.  Something that must always be my main focus, no matter how young and hot the girl upstairs in my guest bedroom wondering when she will be raped again.

I completely forget about you momentarily as I send some invoices and pay some bills.  Money going out, money coming in.  I open the record on your family account and add the late payment charge to what your dad already owes.  I even go so far as to print out a receipt for the money should he come through and bring enough to pay me.  Because, as much as what I’m running could be considered a protection racket, it’s done through a legitimate security business that I am the sole director of.  The fact that the prices I charge for my services are extremely over inflated is no crime.  And there is no evidence anywhere that would suggest any other private security companies who might want to offer their services are turned away from the area by my men.  Nor is there a shred of evidence of any wrongdoing that would lead back to my staff, my company, or me.  And certainly nothing that would incriminate me or anyone on my payroll over the murders of two security guards who had been hired to protect a sporting goods store on the East side of town last year.  They were just collateral in a break in that had gone wrong.  At least that’s what all the evidence suggests.  And so strange how the trail went cold so quickly on the killers.

I’m looking over your dad’s receipt when I hear your footsteps doing back from the bathroom towards the bed, pausing for a moment somewhere between the bathroom door and the bed and I wonder what you’re doing.  Are you checking something in the room to see if there’s a way out?  You would only have to ask and I would be happy to assure you that there is no way out of that room other than through the door.  For which I have the key in my pocket.  Then there’s silence from your room and I assume that you’ve got into bed.  If you’re asleep, you’re going to get a very rude wake up call once I’ve finished up here.  I check the time; 10:30pm.  I estimate that I’ll be here another hour, and then I’ll be up to wish you goodnight.  Right after I rape you and take your clothes so that I can force you to wear the dress that will be here by morning.
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When I crawled into bed and wrapped myself up, I was wondering what time it was. It felt so foreign not having my phone in bed with me to look through social media. I was so bored being in this bedroom with nothing to do. I hated waiting. My dad should already be here by now with the money that he owes you. I was still pissed at him. How long was this going to take?! All I could think about was getting the hell out of here. The screaming from down stairs had finally stopped and I shuttered when it did. I sobbed out into the blanket and let my imagination get the best of me. You most likely killed that poor man because the last thing you are about is mercy. 

The bedroom was warm and steamy from the bathroom, which made me relaxed and sleepy. I didn't want to close my eyes but I couldn't keep them open. I had my jeans and top on and I was wrapped so tightly like a burrito, that it would take great effort to undo it. My father better not let me down again or I know that it will damage our relationship forever. The late fees  were getting higher with each day, as you warned him. I don't know how much longer I can stay here before I really lose my shit. I needed to try and not think at all and clear my mind. He could arrive tonight or in the morning, so I just needed to think positive thoughts. My room and bed were warm and I was comfy. I started to drift off again for another nap while I waited. 
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It’s almost midnight when I get finished with my work.  Ben came into the office about half an hour ago and asked if I needed him or Adam for anything else tonight.  I’m not expecting any trouble from anyone, so I dismissed them and they both went home.  Although they are two of my most trusted men, they don’t live on the property and have wives and families at home and though I try not to keep them here too late so that they can get to see them, sometimes they have to hang around a bit later.  But they’re handsomely rewarded for their effort.  So, save for the security who will patrol the grounds through the night, there is only you and me in the house.  I shut down my laptop and sit back in my chair, looking up at the ceiling which has been silent of your footsteps for a couple of hours.  I’m guessing you’re in bed and fallen asleep.  I try and imagine you up there deep in slumber, oblivious to me slipping into your room and climbing into the bed beside you, not waking up until I’m forcing my cock into your tight pussy.  That thought starts the stirring in my loins and I decide that it’s time for me to fuck you once more before retiring for the night myself.  I give myself a mental reminder that this time I must take your clothes to make sure you wear the ones I have bought for you.

I stand from my chair, pick up my laptop and lock it in the safe that is built into the office wall just behind my desk, then head upstairs.  When I reach your door, I press my ear against it and listen for any sounds.  There’s nothing.  I slide the key into the lock and let myself in, closing and locking the door quietly behind me.  Aside from the floodlights in the back garden casting a half light through the edges of the closed curtains and the dim glow of the night lights in the ceiling, the room is in darkness.  I slip off my jacket and tie and lay them over the back of the wing back chair next to the table by one of the windows and look around the room.  For a moment, I don’t see you and my heart starts racing, then I see the duvet on the bed formed into a cocoon where you must be hiding.  I grin to myself as I wonder if you think that is going to protect you.  I walk slowly towards the bed, unfastening my shirt and letting it slide down my arms to the floor, then unfastening my pants.  When I get to the side of the bed and I look down on the safe haven you’ve created for yourself, I allow my pants to fall to my ankles.  I kick off my shoes and step out of my pants and peel off my socks as I look over the duvet and figure out how you have it folded so that I can unwrap you.  I can feel my cock throbbing now against the soft fabric of my boxer shorts.  Precum leaks out and I feel it soak into the cloth and I look down and can see the silhouette of my bulge pulsating in the dim light.  I grin as I reach out for the duve and start to unravel the folds that you think are keeping you safe from me.  It takes a while and it’s clear that you’ve put a great effort into trying to keep yourself wrapped up tight but, eventually, I get to the last step. 

I yank at the duvet, pulling the edge that you’re lying on top of from under you, making you roll across the bed.  You wake up and squeal in shock and, for a moment, I think I’ve put too much effort into it and you might roll off the end of the bed.  But you stop just in time and you sit up and look around the room as though you’ve forgotten where you are.

“Good evening, Ava,” I say with a malicious grin.
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I slept pretty hard again because I needed the rest, I needed to heal my aches and pains with rest while I waited for my father. The bath was such a huge help with the scalding water that hurt at first, but ended up helping. This comforter I'm sure must have set you back a few thousands I'm sure. It was like sleeping in a cloud. I had no idea you were in my room until I felt the blanket starting to unravel. When you had it all the way unraveled, I screamed out in surprise and saw you standing there in your boxers. At first I thought it was a nightmare interrupting my dream, but it was real. You were here ready to take me again for a third time now! You greeted me with a grin as you stood there between me and the door. I know you lock it from the outside, which means your key has to be in the pocket of your pants. It's not like I will go far if I did make it through that door. I felt myself tense up and started to cry. 

There was nothing for me that was going to be in my favor. Even if I could know you out with a lamp, I still have to get through Ben and Adam and those guards outside. I was way out of my league and knew that I was going to have to take this until you're done with me. If I had to endure this, then you were going to get scratched up and bit.
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When I woke you up I was expecting a tantrum; screaming and yelling, throwing things at me like you did earlier - the fragments of the destroyed lamp are still on the floor by the wall where it shattered into a thousand tiny pieces.  But instead of throwing a fit and telling me to get away from you like you did earlier, you just burst into tears.  I wonder if that’s just a ploy - a tactic to make me feel sorry for you and leave you alone.  If that’s what you think then you haven’t learned much in the short time you’ve been here.  The one thing that you should have figured out by now is that I have no mercy, no conscience, no regard for anything unless it suits me.  You should, by now, have realised that the only things I care about are power and money.  I will take what I want, when I want it, and God help anyone who tries to get in my way. 

Slowly, very slowly, I climb onto the bed, stalking towards you on all fours as though a predator hunting his prey.  You try to scoot away from me as I advance on you, but within seconds your back is against the headboard and you have nowhere else to hide.  I laugh as I close in on you as you sit there helpless, sobbing and whimpering with nowhere to go. 

“Time for us to have some more fun,” I say to you as I chuckle.  You carry on crying and I reach out and take hold of the bottom of your ankles and start to tug hard on them to bring you closer to me.  “It’s no good trying to resist me, Ava,” I growl as you try to kick out a couple of times.  “I’m going to get what I want, whether you like it or not,” I say as I grin at you. 

Right now all you’re doing is sitting on the bed crying; I hope you still have some fight left in you.  I don’t want to hurt you but overpowering you and forcing myself onto you and raping you feels good, but it’s the fight back that really turns me on. 
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You got on my bed and started to slowly crawl towards me. This bed was huge, probably a California king. You advanced on me and I had scooted all the way back to where now I was against the headboard. I was crying and grabbing a pillow to hold. You tell me we're going to have some more fun and that only makes me cry harder. Before I could say a word, you reach and grab me by the ankles and pull me closer to you. "No!" I dropped my pillow and you had me in your grasp now to where I couldn't get away. "Please this isn't fair!!" I cried out as I arched my neck.

 You told me you were going to get what you want, when you want. "No, please don't do it again!! Please I beg you!!" I was starting to raise my voice in  desperation. "Please use a condom!! Use a condom first!! Please!!" I screamed, thrashing about and kicking my feet into the air. Tears were soaking my face and my heart felt like it was going to explode. This was too much for anyone to bear, let alone a 21 year old with anxiety. "Please, please use a condom!!" You just laughed and mocked me. This was going to be a long night!
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As I dragged you towards me, you grabbed a pillow and held onto it as though it was going to be some kind of defence against me.  Perhaps you thought pillows held magical powers against rich, powerful businessmen who are about to rape you for third - or was it fourth, I’ve lost count - time today.  I laugh at you as you sob and cry out ‘no’.  I drag you by your kicking, thrashing ankles to bring you closer to me.  I guess you realise that a soft, fluffy pillow is going to be of no use to you and you let it go, then tell me that this isn’t fair.  I grin at you as I bring you to me and you start begging me not to rape you again.  Before seemingly accepting your fate and starting to plead with me to at least use a condom.  I laugh heartily as if you’ve just made the funniest joke I’ve ever heard.

“A condom?” I laugh.  “Why in God’s name would I want to wear one of those things when I can dump my load into your warm, wet cunt?” I ask as I hold your ankles down on the bed.  Now I move forward, stradling your legs and keeping you from kicking out any more.  You flail your arms around at me and, though it takes two or three attempts, I grab your wrists and lean forward, holding them down on the bed at either side of your head.  “And what makes you think that I’m going to listen to the demands of someone who’s barely more than a child?” I ask you, grinning down at you.  “I decide where my cum goes.  But here’s a little clue for you.  It’s always going to go inside your pussy,” I growl. 

My cock is visibly throbbing in my boxers, eager to be inside you again.  I can feel it pulsating against the fabric of my shorts and against your thighs as I sit on them.  “Now, you can be good and take what I’m going to give you, or you can get hurt again,” I say as I let go of your wrists, actually hoping that you choose to fight back because that’s what turns me on.  And you don’t disappoint.  As soon as my hands reach for your shirt to pull it off you, you start swinging and flailing them again, getting a couple of hard slaps on my upper arms but nothing that causes me any pain or discomfort.  I laugh as I pull your shirt up your body, lifting it to your breast and exposing them.  I grin and take a slap to the face as I lean down and clamp my mouth around one of your nipples, making you cry out as I keep pushing your shirt up.  You keep swinging and landing an occasional slap until I have your shirt up over your head and to your elbows, effectively tying your arms and stopping you from swinging them at me. 

“There, that’s better,” I say as I lean up from the tit that I was feasting out on.  As I kneel up straight, I grin at your tear soaked face.  You scream out another loud ‘no’ when my hands reach down and start to slowly unbutton and unzip your jeans.
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I cringed when you replied to me in such a crass way, I always hated the C word. I was crying hard when I heard your pathetic excuse for not wearing a condom. You grabbed me by the ankles and started to straddle me to prevent me from kicking some more. You leaned down and grabbed me by the wrists and growled out at me about where your cum goes and insulting my maturity. You went about deciding where your cum goes and I just wanted to tear your throat out. I was seeing red. You really didn't give a shit about anyone but yourself! I just wanted to physically tear you apart with my own two hands. 

You gave me two options, I could take it or get hurt and then aggressively threw my arms down. "Y...you're a f...fucking monster!" I had no way of scooting away from you with you straddling my hips. All I had were my hands. As soon as you started to reach for my shirt, I started to swing and hit at you. The only contact I made was your chest and upper arms. Nothing was working! You kept pulling it up and then I shrieked when I felt your mouth covering a nipple. "Get off!" I kept swatting you until you got up from my nipple and raised my shirt all the way up, keeping me stuck for a brief moment. I screamed out and thrashed around, trying to buck you off. "Please don't fuck me without one!" I felt you undoing my zipper and button. 

I was shaking again and it felt like my heart was about to explode through my chest. "Stop! Please I beg you just stop!!" I wailed out. I arched my back and neck and basically screamed towards the ceiling. Ben and Adam most likely heard it, the guards outside probably did as well. My vocal chords were going to be hurting tomorrow. 
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You were wailing and screaming, thrashing your arms around as best you could with your shirt at your elbows keeping them almost tied together.  You called me a fucking monster and I grinned as the bulge in my boxers throbbed and pulsated.  As I slowly unfastened your jeans, you told me not to fuck you without a condom as though you actually have a choice in how or when I fuck you.  I laugh at you when you beg me to stop, right about the time that I have your zipper on your jeans all the way down and I’m pulling at the waistband.  I happen to glance down and see there’s nothing beneath your jeans but flesh and my cock almost bursts out of my shorts.

“No panties huh?  Damn, it seems that I’ve found myself a real fucking slut here,” I say as I start to pull your jeans down your hips.  “You have to be some kind of whore to ditch your panties when you’re in the home of someone who’s raped you,” I tell you, chuckling and reaching between your thighs now that I have your jeans down far enough to get access to your womanhood.  I press and rub on your clit with my thumb in an effort to make you wet so that it’s easier for me to force my cock into you and you scream at the top of your lungs.  “When I have a slut like you, who needs a wife or girlfriend?” I ask with a laugh.  “Maybe I should buy you off your father.  He’d never have to worry about paying me again,” I say as I return my attention to pulling your jeans down.  You look at me with shock and then scream out some more.  I climb off your legs and then yank your jeans down and pull them off you, throwing them behind me towards the door.  You manage to kick out with your foot but I duck away from it before grabbing your ankles once more and ripping them apart, spreading your legs and exposing your delicious, hairless pussy to me.  I position myself between your thighs, pulling my boxers off as I do.  Then, as you thrash around, I yank off your shirt and throw that towards the door too.  This is the first time I’ve seen you completely naked and I spend a brief moment admiring your young, firm body; your pert, ample breasts, flat, taut stomach, shapely legs.  And that tight pussy that feels so good around my throbbing cock. 

As I lower myself onto you, you thrash your head from side to side, telling me no over and over.  And then you stop, your eyes wide in pain and terror, your mouth wide in a shocked ‘O’ as, in one harsh thrust, I force my cock between your tight inner walls and fill your pussy with my length, burying myself, with a loud grunt,  balls deep inside you.
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I had tossed my panties that were stained and crusty from your cum. There was no in hell I was going to wear panties that had your cum in it. When you noticed I wasn't wearing any, you started having fun with me. The bully in you started calling me a slut and a whore because I ditched my panties in the home of the man who raped me. I've cleaned myself and scrubbed my skin raw, there was no way I was going to lay and sit in panties coated in your cum. 

Everything you were saying to me was hurting, I knew you were just being a dick, but it was really bothering me. I was kicking my feet; my arms stuck in my top and next I felt your thumb touching my clit. "Please stop!" I screeched. I could feel you rubbing it gently, trying to get me wet. The first time you raped me, you didn't even make sure I was wet. You had used your precum as lube but now you were taking your time with me, torturing me by prolonging this. I was beside myself. This was too much to endure again for a third time, even the first time was too much. The words coming out of your mouth were just as hurtful as you using your penis as a weapon. 

It was a struggle listening to all the vile things coming out of your mouth. I cringed when you spoke of me being a slut for you. Then you went on about my father selling me to you and then his debt would be paid. He would never do that in  a million years. Not only were you hurting me physically but you were getting off on fucking with me too. I was second guessing myself with almost everything you were saying. Was I really a slut for tossing my panties away? My face was soaked with tears and I was breathing so hard and fast, I thought I was about to have a heart attack. You lean off me and yank my jeans off and throw them on the other side of the room. You yanked my arms out of the top and threw it on the ground next to my jeans. I was fully naked in front of you and with my legs spread from your rough hands. 

Next thing I knew, you shoved your long thick cock inside me, I froze in pain for a brief second, then I started screaming my head off. It felt like I was getting cut in two, your cock so thick, I could feel all the way lodged deep in me. This was vile and disgusting! 

"Get it out!! Take it out! Pleased, I beg you to take it out!" I was sobbing my heart out, taking both my hands and grabbing the bedding tightly. I wasn't wet inside fully, so I could feel every bump and veiny on your cock. 
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You cried out when I penetrated you then started screaming as I thrusted my thick cock into your still largely dry pussy.  I grinned down at you as my hips buck and drove my hard shaft back and forth inside you.  I laugh at you when you start begging me to take it out of you.  I’m sure you must know me well enough now to know that I’m not about to do that.  That I’m enjoying every second of this too much.  Instead of pulling out of you, I push my cock deeper into you, filling your hole with my manhood and sliding balls deep into you, groaning and grunting as I do.  You were sobbing loudly and gripping tightly onto the bed sheets as I fucked you again, stretching your inner walls with my girth; screaming as the pain surged between your legs.

“That feels so good,” I groan as I look down on your tear stained face, your expression a combination of fear, anguish, and pain as you’re forced to pleasure me sexually.  “With a cunt this good, I should marry you,” I say, chuckling when I see you grimace to the profanity that just left my mouth.  And it’s not the first time I’ve seen you react in such a way to that particular word. 

“I think that while you’re here, I may have the urge to come and fuck you every hour,” I say with a grin as my hand reaches for your breast, groping and grabbing as I continue to violate your vagina with my invading shaft. 

Finally you start to get wet, the first hint of moisture lubricating my dick making me groan with pleasure as fucking you becomes suddenly much easier.  It starts out with a little coating of your juices but quickly becomes almost a raging torrent of wetness as your body tries to defend itself against my ongoing invasion of you. 

“I really hope your dad comes up short again,” I groan softly as I lean my head down to your neck and start biting at your soft skin.  I can feel your whole body tense beneath me, your thighs moving against my hips as you kick and thrash as you do all you can to try and force me out and off you.
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I  was screaming bloody murder and thrashing around as you laughed and grunted. You didn't even give me a chance to adjust or to get wetter than what I was. You just chuckled out and rammed in harder, causing me to jerk upward. You started to tell me how you should just marry me. I was pretty sure you were joking but still it was too much to hear. "SHUT UP!!!" I screamed out at you at the top of my lungs.

"Shut up, shut up, shut up!!!!" Every word that came out of your mouth was like a permanent wound in my head. You were just trying to get under my skin, which was working. I wanted to shove socks in my ears to prevent hearing you.  "Please... just stop!!" Being raped was bad enough, I didn't need this. You were making it worse now, telling me how you will come up here and fuck me every hour. That's not going to happen! I knew you were just trying to provoke me some more. I had nothing to say in response to your bullying me while you were violating me.

"You're evil!" I leaned back and screamed some more. Thankfully I was getting wet, wet enough to deal with taking you in. You tell me you hope my father comes up short again and then you start nipping at my neck. I groaned out when I felt your lips kissing and sucking my neck like you were my lover. "Get off me!!" I took my hands and started to push and beat against your upper body. "Please stop, I can't handle this! TAKE IT OUT!!!
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You were screaming at the top of your lungs as I thrust my cock deeper and harder into your moistening pussy, groaning with pleasure as I enjoyed the feeling of your warm, wet inner walls gripping me as I invaded you.  Now that you’re getting wet, I can drive my dick deep enough inside you that my balls swing and slap against the cheeks of your ass as I’m pounding you.  I was taunting you as I fucked you and I knew that I was getting under your skin when you screamed for me to shut up over and over.  I grinned when I heard you losing your shit while your head rocked back and forth as I slammed my body down onto yours again and again and again.  You change tactics and start begging me to take my cock out of you and I laugh in your ear as my teeth nip at your neck and I try to force a love bite in a place where your dad will easily be able to see it when he comes tomorrow. 

You told me I was evil and then leaned your head back, arching your body under me and giving me even better access to your neck.  I groaned as I licked and bit you while you wailed and bawled and yelled at me.  You then tell me that you can’t take any more of this and beg me to get off you and to stop.  At the same time you start pushing and hitting my upper body in a vain attempt to get me off you.  I laugh your blows off and reach between us and grope at your breast, my finger and thumb teasing your nipple as I thrust into you and enjoy your tight pussy gripping on my thick, thrusting cock.  The room is now filled with the sound of my hips slapping against yours and the smell of sex as your juices start to flow more rapidy; the result of me fucking you and biting your sensitive neck.

I leaned up from your neck and taunted you some more.  “Shut UP!” I squealed in a squeaky childish voice as I mock you and laugh at you.  “Your Daddy’s going to love seeing you all dressed up tomorrow, sporting that huge love bite I just gave you,” I say with a grin as I drive a particularly violent thrust deep into your pussy.  “What is he going to think of his slutty little girl when he sees that?” I mock.
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I was sure that your guards outside could hear me screamin like this. Even if there were cops outside chatting with them, you have them in your pockets. If I reported this to them, they would just throw it away. I was losing my shit! It was clear as day that you were tearing me down and it was working. I was feeling filthy between my legs; soaking wet and the sound of our skin smacking against each other only made me cringe. You laughing at me made it worse! The more I was fighting you, the harder you felt inside me. I yelped when  you bit my neck and chuckled at my pain. You raised up and laughed at my poor attempts to hurt you with my hands. I kept hitting and lashing out but nothing was working.

You laughed again and made a comment about my father seeing me all dressed up with love bites on my neck. I knew he was ashamed when he was last here. My own father could not even look me in the eyes. He knew what you already did to me, my face had bruises and cuts. He should have been apologizing up and down for not telling me about you. He should have had the money paid in full by now! Liam had said many times that dad's new lady love was a manipulative cunt.  I knew she was responsible for our safe being empty.

You started to mock me and that's when I started to see red.  You asked me 3what my dad would say when he sees me like this.  "You sick bastard, you're sick!"  I swiped my hand and slicked you across the cheek with my nails.
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I was laughing at you, mocking you and taunting you with cruel words and jibes as I fucked your tight, unwilling yet soaked pussy.  Groaning with pleasure between laughing at you.  I look down on you as I drive my thick, hard cock in and out of you over and over and a satisfied grin spreads across my face when I see your expression of both anger and despair.  I know you hate me more than you could hate anyone right now, which is of little concern to me.  I want one thing from you and that is the pussy that I’m currently buried inside and enjoying. 

Come what may, I’ve decided during the course of today that you will become mine.  Oh you will object and protest, but I would love to see you try and do anything about it.  And tomorrow when your dad comes with whatever pathetic attempt to buy your freedom he brings, I will send him packing.  You belong to me now whether you like it or not.  You’re no longer a person, you’re my toy.  My pet.  To do with as I please.  And that is one of the privileges of being rich and powerful.  In instances like this, whatever anyone might think about it, they’re all powerless to stop me. 

If I thought you’d lost your shit before, I hadn’t seen anything until I asked you what your dad will think of you when he sees you in such a state, your neck covered in love bites and walking like you’ve been riding a horse for the last twenty four hours because of the aching, throbbing pain between your legs. 

You called me a sick bastard, then swung your hand across my face, then raked your nails down my cheek.  There was pain, but nowhere near enough to really hurt me, only enough to drive me on.  I grinned down at you.  I’m trying to resist the urge to slap that pretty face of yours into next week, just because it will turn me on more to see you suffer the pain.  I don’t want to damage your looks any more than I already have and I’m hoping that the cuts on your lip will heal without leaving scars.  So I need to find other ways to punish you; to hurt you.  Ways that won’t ruin your natural beauty.  I grin at you and grab your wrist as you pull it back for another swipe at my face, this time clutching it tightly and starting to twist your hand. 

“If you think this is sick, wait until I really get started on you,” I whisper with a wicked grin.  Your eyes widen as I twist your hand further and further until you feel the burn of it’s unnatural turn.  All the while, my hips are bucking and thrusting, driving my fat, veiny cock in and out of your pussy without missing a single stroke. 

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When I had told you this was sick,  you leaned down and whispered in my ear. I cried harder when you told me if I think this is sick, then just to wait.  You started to twist  my hand further and further making me scream. "NOOOO!!" I was thrashing side to side as best as I could, trying to get you out but you were too big to sip out. "No, you can't do this to me!!" I tried yanking my hand from your grip, but you twisted more and more until we both heard a pop. At first I didn't know what it was, but then I knew you must have broken my wrist. You let go and pounded into me harder, you let go all together and just pounded the hell out of my pussy as I writhed in pain beneath you. 

"Y...you.... b....broke m...my hand!!" I was screaming so loud, my voice started to go hoarse.  I was now too much in pain and scared that you would break more bones that I just cried and took it when you plowed into me. Who knows what else you are capable of?! I've seen how you are with people, how you treated the man downstairs even  though you were up here with me. Ben and Adam messed him up from what I heard. Where was he now?

You were going so fast and hard that you were dripping sweat on my forehead. My tits were bouncing up and down and I felt like you were about to rip apart my insides from how violently you were pounding me. I was shocked that I did not have more serious injuries than I did. You didn't hold back when you hit me that day in the shop, just like how you don't hold back now. Now that I was in pain from my wrist, the desire to keep fighting you off me was now on hold. I held my arm and cried as I rubbed the wrist you injured. I had my both my arms across my chest, trying to protect myself and close you off to me as much as possible. 

I laid whimpering and crying as you made the bed rock and the headboard was hitting the wall. I cringed from the pain and embarrassment I was enduring and the more I was suffering, the more I was hating my father. He could have tried harder but he was a coward. He abandoned me. I wondered what I had done to deserve this. 
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I was thrusting and pounding your tight, wet pussy, groaning and grinning at you as I twisted your wrist further and further round.  The more I twisted, the louder you screamed and cried and the more you cried, the harder my cock became as I drove it deeper into you.  Tears are flooding down your cheeks as you bawl, watching as your hand turns further around until, above the sound of my skin slapping against yours and my grunts and your screams, a crack and a pop can be heard.  There’s a split second where you’re silent as you stare at your hand that’s now relaxed into it’s unnaturally upturned position.  Then you scream louder than I’ve heard you screaming before, snatching your arm back out of my grasp and cradling it with your other hand.

“Shit!” I say to myself, though I don’t miss a single stroke as I continue fucking you.  It was clear that your wrist was broken, something that I hadn’t wanted.  All I’d wanted was to turn it until you felt the burning pain, I hadn’t wanted to go that far.   Though the sound of the break and the scream of pain and anguish that followed made my cock twitch inside you and I thrust my fat, throbbing cock deep into you until the tip slammed into the entrance to your cervix.

You whimpered that I broke your hand as you clutched it to your chest, sobbing and wailing in pain and fear.  Having you properly injured wasn’t something that I had planned, nor had I wanted it.  But it is what it is.  And the fact that you’re feeling so much pain that I inflicted on you is now turning me on even more.  I’m fucking you so hard now that the bed is rocking and the headboard is slamming against the wall.  Luckily, the only staff that are left at the house at this time of night are the security and they have their own building at the side of the house, they don’t come into the house unless they have good reason to.  And they won’t be able to hear your screams there.

I grin down at you as I buck my hips and fuck your tight pussy, groaning and gasping with pleasure as I claim your body. 

“There are over two hundred bones in the human body,” I growl as I keep fucking you.  “I’ll break as many as I have to until you realise that I can do whatever the fuck I want with you, when I want,” I say with a chuckle, then lean my head down and take your nipple between my teeth and tug on it.
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It was clear that you didn't mean to break a bone, but you did. You swore out when you saw the mistake you made. If you weren't careful, you could kill me by mistake next. Now I didn't care that you were raping me, all I could think about was the pain I was in. I wanted you to finish, preferably on me and not in me, but I knew that was a pipedream. I was sobbing and holding my inured wrist, the whole time you carry on fucking me. You were fucking me so hard, that I kept yelping when the tip of your cock would hit my cervix. Normally I would be screaming and trying to hit you, but you're too strong for me. I didn't want any more injuries. 

You told me how there are over 200 bones in the human body and how you will break as many just to show me you can do whatever the fuck you want. I had no fight in me left for the time being. I was tensing up all over, inside and out from the pain of my broken wrist. I needed to submit to you for now to prevent anymore broken bones. I needed help! I wanted to cry out and beg you to stop, that I'm just a girl who had nothing to do with this. I wanted to ask you how you could do this to me, but I had to keep my mouth shut for now. It was time to be as good as possible to get what I needed. If I wasn't so strong willed, so damn stubborn then I wouldn't have a broken wrist. If I didn't fight from the beginning, I probably wouldn't have these cuts and bruises as well. Maybe I was too headstrong for my own good. Dad always told me that growing up and apparently he was right.  I was starting to feel like all this was my fault and an overwhelming feeling of despair was washing over me. 

I was biting on the good side of my lower lip and closing my eyes. My throat was hurting from all the screaming and wailing I was doing, that now I was sounding hoarse. My good hand was protecting my broken one, holding them against my breast. You sounded like an animal; grunting and groaning away as you pounded effortlessly into me now. I had to tell myself that this will be over soon. I tried to block you out as much as I could, but you were loud. I bit down harder on my lip, inflicting pain on myself to distract from what was happening. 
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You were sobbing and clutching your injured hand, holding them to your chest as I lean over you, my hips driving my thick cock into your pussy over and over, your wetness making it easy for me to slide in and out of you now.  I groaned with pleasure as I felt your tight inner walls gripping and soaking me as I fucked you.  Your head still rocked back and forth every time my hips slammed down into yours and drove my shaft deep inside you, my big, heavy balls swinging and crashing into your ass with every thrust.  This is the third time I’ve fucked you today and it’s taking longer than ever for me to finish, though your unwanted and forced arousal is doing enough to make the pressure slowly build in my balls as they fill with cum ready to dump into you. 

The crying and the tears subsided slightly as you looked up, looking past me rather than at me as though you were shutting yourself off and trying to block me out and take what I give you.  I’m sure that this isn’t the end of you fighting back.  You’re feisty and stubborn and I’m sure you’ve decided that this is a battle you’re not going to win so you’re conceding defeat to regroup for another time.  Tactics that any good combatant would apply when things aren’t going too well for them.  Unfortunately, for you, you’re losing the battle, but it’s a battle in a war that you have no hope of ever winning. 

The next time I gaze down at your face, you’re biting on your lower lip and it does something to me.  It’s such an erotic, seductive look and my cock twitches and stiffens inside you as I’m fucking you.  I can see the marks in your skin where your teeth are digging in and I’m sure it’s a distraction for you to shut me out of your mind.  I can’t help but wonder if you realise just how much of a turn on that look is for a man though.  If I’d seen you do that while I wasn’t already buried up to the hilt inside you, I would soon have you on your back with your legs spread.  I groan with pleasure and lean down, going to work on your neck again, sucking and biting and kissing as I force another love bite on your skin, all the while my cock stiffening and the pressure building in my balls.  Seeing you bite your lower lip like that has sped things up.  I groan and growl in your ear as I start to fuck you faster and deeper, my climax getting closer with every thrust.
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You've raped me three times in one day, I could only imagine how many more times were to come. You'll cum in me each and every single time. Feeling your heavy balls slap against my ass was difficult to ignore and block out. All my fighting you has gotten me beaten black and blue, not with a broken wrist. My lip was already bruised and split and now I was biting on the other side. I needed to inflict my own pain, I was in control over trying to block you out. You had my legs spread pretty wide and I was already getting a cramp in my hips. Everything was soaked between my legs and my pussy was feeling sore already. It was like you were on a rampage. You were grunting and growling out like some animal.  All of this was happening to me and I did nothing wrong. Or did I? How convenient you showed up at the store the weekend I was working. 

My eyes were closed tight while I kept on biting on my lower lip. I could taste a little bit of blood and I realized that I bit down too hard. I didn't care, I just needed to distract myself from you naked and inside me again. I held on to my broken wrist, trying to keep it safe and secured until you were done. The pain in my wrist was also keeping me distracted. I know you didn't mean to break it, from your profanity outburst after you heard the pop. Who knows, you may help me or you may not. I could tell you were getting closer. I kept my eyes closed shut and just tried to pretend I was somewhere else.
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The pressure in my balls is really building and I know that it won’t be long until I finish.  As I get closer to my release, I fuck you deeper and harder and faster, thrusting into you with all my might.  You lie as still as you can beneath me, defeated and dejected as you cradle your injured wrist, biting on your lower lip and crying profusely.  I grin at you as I drive my fat cock into your pussy, enjoying your warm, wet inner walls as they grip me and milk my cum.  You close your eyes, presumably to try and block me out.  That’s fine, I’m not doing this for your benefit.  Although it started out as just business, this is now completely for my pleasure.   I don’t care if your father has enough money to buy your freedom when he comes tomorrow, you will be staying here whatever.

I know that I didn’t mean to break your wrist, that it really was a complete accident, but since it’s broken, I might as well use it to my advantage.  As my climax becomes imminent, I lift my head and grin down at you, even though you can’t see me because you have your eyes closed, I make a show of the evil smirk that I plaster across my face.

“You should think yourself lucky that it’s only a broken wrist you have after scratching my face like that, you fucking whore,” I growl at you, making sure that you hear me.  The tears that fall from your closed eyes are sign enough that you heard what I said to you even if you’re trying to block me out.  I feel my cock stiffening inside you as I fuck you and I know that I’m about to drain my balls once again.

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I was doing alright at blocking you out as much as possible. I still had trouble blocking out your words, but I did my best. You were trying to really break me into a million pieces. I already felt broken in spirit. I just wanted to crawl in a hole and die! This was so degrading, so dehumanizing. The headboard kept hitting against the wall, the bed was creaking loudly. You were almost done, I could feel it. I didn't even care that you were about to cum inside me for a  third time, I just wanted my wrist to be looked at. My eyes stayed closed shut, even though tears were still seeping through. My arm was starting to throb up and down from the nerve pain. I kept picturing my father with his new bitch ass girlfriend, I bet they were just hanging out on his boat like they normally do. If I was a priority, this would have already been taken care of. You told me I should consider myself lucky that it is only a broken wrist. Scratching your face could have ended up even worse for me, but I'm lucky I just have a broken wrist. Since when I was not allowed to defend myself? I was getting angry listening to you. 

I could feel your dick get harder inside me, even twitching in anticipation of exploding in me. I tried to stay as still as possible, but I was trembling and dreading feeling your cum shoot up inside me. More sweat dripped on me as you rammed away. Your balls slapping harder and faster against my ass as you still had my legs spread wide. You went in deeper and deeper, you were going  to cum deep inside me. This was usually about the time I would start begging and pleading for you to pull out. I whimpered and tried to hold in my screams.
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I was working up quite a sweat from fucking you; I could feel it on my brow and my back.  I grunt and groan as I get closer to finishing, knowing that it won’t be long until I’m filling you up again.  I lean up from your neck and look down on you, your eyes shut tight and blocking me out.  I notice a couple of drops of sweat fall from my forehead and land on your face and you screw your face up in disgust, which only makes me laugh loudly.  I think about grabbing your wrists and wrenching them apart and holding them down beside your head, despite one of them being broken.  I know that it would cause you a lot of pain and the scream that you let out and your tight inner walls clenching on my thrusting cock as your whole body tensed up from the pain would turn me on even more.  But there’s not time.  At that moment, I feel myself reach the point of no return.

I fuck you faster and deeper, my cock twitching and throbbing.  Grunting and gasping, I throw my head back in pleasure and let out a loud groan as, for the third time today, cum starts to spurt from the tip of my cock, shooting deep inside you and filling your womb with my seed.  Stream after stream of my thick, warm cum is pumped into you as I drain my balls into your pussy.  You cringe and start to sob even more when you feel my warm load entering you, gushing into your insides and filling you.  I lean down and clamp my mouth around your breast and lick and suck on your nipple, my hips still bucking back and forth and driving my cock in and out of you as I deposit the contents of my balls into you. 

With my balls completely drained, my cock still buried inside you and twitching as it starts to slowly soften, I lean on you, my hips pressed against yours and keeping you pinned to the mattress, your legs still splayed wide apart.  “That was fun,” I say as I pant to get my breath back.  “I can’t wait to do that again in the morning.”  You let out another whimpering sob and I lean down and press my lips against yours, my tongue thrusting forwards and forcing your jaw open so that I can now invade and explore your mouth as I force a kiss on you.  I can feel your repulsion as my tongue investigates every part of your mouth; touching and pressing on your tongue.  Your whole body tenses and shudders and I push my hips harder against yours, my semi hard cock, still buried inside you, pushes deeper into your vagina.  Finally, I withdraw my tongue and pull my head back and look down on you.  “You need to work on your kissing, it feels very cold,” I tell you with a snigger.
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You came inside me again, I cried out the whole time you did. I could feel every bit shooting up inside me, deep inside me. You were loud when you came too. I hated hearing you making noises from getting off to my body. I was shaking all over, whimpering and trying to hold it together as much as possible. I was surprised I hadn't tried to throw myself through the window yet. You leaned down and took a nipple in your mouth, licking and sucking while you finished up flooding my body again. When you were done, you raised up and looked down on me and told me it was fun. I slowly opened my eyes when you told me you can't wait to do that again in the morning. Already you're planning when you're going to fuck me again. You were most likely trying to get a reaction out of me because you got off on it. 

You leaned down and forced a kiss on me, your tongue invading my mouth like your cock invaded my pussy. I was never going to be truly clean ever again! As you kissed me,  you pushed into me as deep as you could and then you started to slowly stop kissing me and leaned up. You told me I needed to work on my kissing and then laughed. I needed to play it cool to prevent getting any more injuries. I was worried about how much longer I was going to be here, how many more times you were going to force yourself on me. I could feel your warm cum slowly oozing out of me and onto the bedding below. I just held on to my wrist and tried to block you out. This was so humiliating and I couldn't stand to look at you.
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After I forced my kiss on you, then mocked you and laughed at you, I pushed myself up off you and climbed off the bed.  I started to get dressed and sniggered slightly when you opened your eyes and turned your head to look in the opposite direction from me.  You don’t say anything, just lie there whimpering and clutching your broken wrist.  I could feel your juices that are coating my now flaccid cock soaking into my boxer shorts and I take a deep breath and savor the feeling.  You still have one leg bent at the knee and your thigh spread to the side so I have a good view of your pussy, and my cum leaking out of you onto the bed sheets.  I make a mental note to have somebody come in here and change the bedding on a daily basis since I intend to fill your womb with my cum several times a day and, with all that leaks back out of you, it won’t take long for the sheets to get dirty.

I dress in silence, pulling on my pants and shirt, then taking my jacket off the back of the chair and slipping into it.  I roll my tie up and stuff it in my pocket since I’m going to shower and go to bed soon.  Although I have to get your wrist tended to first. 

“Don’t go to sleep,” I instruct you as I make my way to the door, and where your discarded shirt and jeans landed.  “I will return shortly,” I say as I pick up your clothes, let myself out of your room and lock the door behind me.  As I descend the stairs, I take my phone from my inside pocket and dial Dr. Kingston, my physician who is paid an almost extortionate amount of money to be on call to me twenty four hours a day.  He picks up on the third ring, knowing there must be some kind of emergency for me to be calling him at almost midnight.

“I have a guest with a broken wrist,” I tell him when he asks me what’s wrong.  “I need you to get over here and set it, and give her something for the pain.”

He tells me he’ll be over right away.  He arrives just 20 minutes later, his bag in hand and asks me what happened. 

“My guest had an accident,” I tell him, “I think her wrist is probably broken and needs setting and bandaging.  She’ll also need something for the pain,” I continue.  He nods as he listens to me tell him about your injury, though I don’t tell him how you came to be injured. 

“Of course,” he says, nodding his understanding.  Dr. Kingston has been here before, he knows better than to question me, and he knows that when he bills me for tonight’s visit, it will be worth his while to keep his mouth shut about anything he sees here. 

I lead him upstairs to your room, unlocking it and entering, discovering that you’ve wrapped yourself in the duvet, but are still clutching your injured wrist.  I lead him into your room and you look at us both with alarm.  “Ava, this is Dr. Kingston,” I say, as we move closer to your bed.  “He’s going to make your wrist more comfortable and give you something for the pain,” I say. 
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You had told me not to fall asleep and that you will return shortly as you picked up my clothes and then left the room. I was left without any clothes, not even my bra to wear. I curled up in the big comforter and the only part of me that was showing was my head. I scooted all the way back to the headboard in my blanket and cried. I was so sick and tired of crying! I had never in my life cried this much. Now, I was trapped in this fucking room again but butt ass naked! Why did you take my clothes?! I hadn't thought to even ask you. I was just glad to see you leave but now soon you will return. I looked around the room which was starting to become a new habit. It was like I was hoping some magical door would appear in the wall and I would have a way out. I was thinking of going back in the shower, but you told me you were going to be back soon.

My wrist was absolutely killing me! It was throbbing and I had it wrapped up in the blanket close to my body. I still remember when you realized you broke my wrist, the look of shock at what you had done. I had never in my life had a broken bone, the pain was too much. I whimpered as I cried like an injured animal. I wanted to go home so bad and crawl in my own bed with my own sheets and pillows. I wanted my father to fix this and take me away from you. I felt so alone and betrayed; abaondied as I was left here to be raped and beaten by a crime lord who gets away with murder. Who knew what your plans were with me. I was so worn out and mentally and physically worn out. I still was in shock at why I was here and why this was happening to me. This wasn't fair! 

I wondered where you had gone with my clothes and why you were coming back so quickly. I could turn the television on or just sit in here with nothing to listen to but my thoughts. I took the remote and switched it on but right when I did the door opened and it was you and some man. I quickly turned it back off as you introduced Dr. Kingston, explaining he was here to fix my wrist. A doctor was here, but I was sure he knew that I was a special guest here.
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Dr. Kingston and I walk into your room to the sound of the TV being hurriedly turned off.  You’re back under the duvet, having made it back into your cocoon and bundled yourself up, and you seem to try to shrink deeper into it when you see me coming in, then you notice the doctor and you look a little more fearful.  You seem to relax, however, when I tell you that he’s a doctor and he’s going to tend to your wrist.  You don’t put up a fight when he adjusts your covers to get to your wrist, pulling your arm gently out from under them in a manner that only someone with the best medical training can do because you barely even flinch until he touches your wrist.  As soon as he does, you gasp and tears start to roll from your eyes.

“It feels like a clean break so it will just need to be immobilised for the next few weeks.”  He runs his fingers gently around your wrist, feeling for something, then each of your fingers and thumb, then slowly going further up your arm to your elbow.  If I didn’t know better, I’d say he was getting turned on by touching your soft, young skin.  “There doesn’t seem to be any other damage so I will splint it and bandage it for tonight,” he says, then, turning to me: “You must bring her to my office tomorrow so that I can x-ray it to be sure and then put it in a cast.”

I nod my understanding at his instruction.  He opens his bag and pulls out a stiff looking cuff which he slides over your hand and into position around your wrist.  Then then tightly wraps a bandage around it, fastening it so that your wrist is completely immobile.  “That should keep it in place until I can put a cast on,” he says.  He looks at you and places his hand softly on your forehead, then pulls a thermometer from his bag and takes your temperature.  You look at him gratefully, but with big, pleading eyes as though silently asking for him to help you.  Since I’ll be paying him very well for his services, I don’t expect him to pay any notice to you.

“Ok, I’m going to give you something for the pain that will also make you a little groggy and help you sleep,” he says as he pulls a syringe and vial from his bag, filling the syringe with the clear liquid in the vial.  He cleans the top of your arm with an antiseptic wipe, then administers the first shot, placing the syringe back into his bag. “That should keep you comfortable until morning, I’ll leave some tablets for you for then,” he says as he stands, then leans down slightly, brushes your hair from your forehead and places his hand across it again.  I think he really is getting turned on by you.  Perhaps he can unconsciously smell your cum filled pussy leaking into the covers.
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When the door opened and I saw you and the doctor coming in, I was scared at first. I knew you accidentally broke my wrist and therefore you have brought in a practitioner to fix it. I sunked further and further into my big blanket. It was very intimidating seeing two men enter my room with me lying under these covers naked. I whimpered when you two got closer and he sat on the edge of the bed. You introduced him to me and told me he was here to look at my wrist which made me relax. I didn't resist him when he gently reached for my arm to examine it. I needed help and it would be stupid to deny this service. I flinched when you touched it, slowly looking it over and being gentle. Tears start rolling down my face as he continues to examine it. He said it was a clean break and should be fine in a few weeks.

I watched him run his fingers up and down my full arm and even glanced at you. You were watching him intensely. The good news was there wasn't anymore damage and it was going to be a fast healing time. He wraps it up real good to keep it in place and then tells you to bring me in for an x-ray tomorrow. I felt hope when I thought about how I was going to be out in public tomorrow. There will be police, people, and many opportunities for me  to run like hell away from you. You may have the cops and judges and even lawyers in your pockets, but citizens don't know you. I could always hop into a car and tell that person to drive me as far away as possible. The FBI could help me, they don't play around. I nodded my head at the doctor when he told me he was going to put a cast on and give me something for the pain. It felt nice having someone here that was helping me, instead of hurting me. I got the feeling that you were jealous of how the doctor was touching me.

He placed his hand on my forehead, I guess to check to see if I was warm and then got the shot ready for my pain. When he injected my arm, I winced and even made a small yelp sound. I was in so much pain that I was eager to start feeling good. He even took out a few pills and left them on my nightstand, I was assuming they were pain pills. "Thank you." He told me I should be comfortable until the morning. You were just watching and supervising the whole time, not leaving us alone for a minute. I glared up at you and then our eyes met, I just kept on glaring hard into your eyes. I was feeling the medicine quickly, my body felt warm and like I was on cloud 9.
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As the doctor stood to leave, you looked directly into my eyes, glaring at me with nothing but contempt and hatred.  I smirked at you as I stared back at you, watching your eyes slowly start to glaze over when the fast acting drugs that the doc had just injected into you started to work. 

“Thank you, Doctor,” I say as he starts to walk towards the door and I start to back away from the bed. 

I open the door and allow him to step out, glancing back at you and your stare before I follow him, locking the door behind me - which he doesn’t question.  He tells me that he’ll check his diary when he gets home and will email me an appointment time for me to take you over to his office to have your x-ray done and cast fitted.  As we reach the front door, which I open for him, I thank him again for his service and for coming out so late, then watch as he gets in his new looking Mercedes and heads down the long driveway towards the gate and out of sight.  I close the door, then head back upstairs and let myself back into your room.  I’m surprised to see that you’re still awake, though you’re looking a little groggier now, the drugs really starting to take effect.

I stand at the side of your bed and you look directly up at me, the hateful glare still there, but not as intense as earlier now that you have your veins loaded with whatever concoction the doc gave you.

“Doesn’t that feel better?” I ask you as I look down on you. 
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The pain medicine the doctor injected in me was fast acting, I was feeling pretty good and really relaxed. I didn't seem to care about anything. The pain was gone at least and my wrist wrapped up for now.  I was no longer feeling despair or anything bad. This was a miracle drug that took away all sorts of horrible, awful pain. I was no longer wishing my dad would show up and get me out of here. The anger I was feeling towards him and Sheila was slowly going away. I loved this stuff that he gave me. I could tell that I was going to want more later. 

I was just lying on the bed and looking up towards the ceiling. I felt so good I couldn't really move and didn't even want to. Nothing mattered now. I heard what sounded like a car driving off and I assumed it was Dr. Feelgood leaving. I'm sure you paid him handsomely and he never even questioned who I was or why I was locked in here. As long as he was paid and paid well, there were no questions asked. It must be nice to get away with any crime and pay anyone and everyone off. I was smiling as I thought about how one day, one sweet day you will get what you deserve. The universe always has a way of paying you back.
I heard my door lock getting turned and the door opened, it was you again. I couldn't scoot up and get comfortable, so I just laid on the bed and watched you walk in. I didn't say a word when you walked in and asked me if I was feeling better. I nodded and that was all I had the energy for.  I could see you staring at me, gazing at me and I did nothing. What could I do? I was so high and feeling great, that I didn't want anything to ruin how I was feeling. 
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When I asked you if that felt better, you didn’t speak, just nodded your head.  Looking how distant and glazed over your eyes look, I’d say it was more a case of you couldn’t speak, not wouldn’t.  I think that Dr. Kingston’s pain relief has really started to take effect.  He did say that it would help you to sleep but even I’ve never seen a sedative act that fast.  I can’t help but wonder if the good doctor makes money on the side selling that shit on the East side of town.  As I look down on you, I know that I could peel the covers back from your naked body, climb on top of you and fuck you right now and you wouldn’t be able to put up much - if any - fight.  In fact I think you’d barely even realise that my cock was inside you.  But that would be no fun.  Fucking you feels a whole lot better when you fight back.  It makes me hornier when you fight back, something that is confirmed every time I rape you and my cock stiffens every time you try and hurt me and I end up hurting you worse.  Case in point was how your pussy almost ripped my cock from my body when you clenched around me when I broke your wrist. 

Since it would be no fun to fuck you now, and your eye lids are clearly getting heavy, I decide to leave you to get some rest, I’m sure that you’ll be back to fighting and feisty once the drugs have worn off.  As you look back up at me, trying your best to make yourself glare at me instead of just staring thoughtlessly into space, I turn and leave the room, leaving you looking at the ceiling, and lock you in your room before going down the hall to my luxurious bedroom.  I strip off and go into my palatial sized en suite and turn the shower on.  I look at myself in the large mirror over the wash basin and counter and grin.  I’m feeling pleased with myself that I have a plan to get rid of your dad and make you mine to use and do with as I please until your body expires from everything I’m going to do to you.  I grin with satisfaction to myself before I climb into the shower and wash the day off me. 

Once I’m cleaned and dried, my teeth brushed, I go back out to my bedroom and slide beneath the soft satin sheets and lay my head on the thick pillows, closing my eyes and remembering the three times I’ve raped you today, and how I’m going to enjoy raping you again tomorrow before I take you to Dr. Kingston’s office.  Perhaps I’ll have time to rape you again before your dad gets here and fails to pay for your release yet again.  I grin at the thought of sending him away and telling you that you will be staying yet another night.  That, I think, will really give you something to fight for.  As I think about that, I’m aware that my cock is stiff and throbbing.  I don’t even try to control myself; I reach down and stroke my thick shaft with my hand until, with a loud grunt and groan, cum spurts out of my dick and over my tummy.  I grab some tissues and clean myself up.  I reset my alarm for an hour earlier than normal then turn onto my side and close my eyes, drifting quickly off into a deep and relaxed sleep. 
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At first when you walked in, I was prepared for the worst! You were just staring down at me and asking how I was feeling. I was feeling so good, that I didn't care what you were thinking of doing. I could see the look of lust in your eyes. I tried lifting my good arm, but I was feeling heavy all over. Whatever he gave me was working too well. You didn't even touch me like I was expecting, you just leered. I felt like I was a piece of meat that had no motor skills. You didn't say a word and just turned and walked out of my room. I heard the door shut and then you locked it and walked down the hallway.

I tried to scoot around in the bed and get as comfortable as I possibly could. I wasn't thirsty or hungry, just a pile of mush. I felt like I was melting but in a fun way. I stared at the wall and imagined I was seeing bright stars like in the night sky. I closed my eyes and imagined I was outside in the dark with the dog in the picture on my wall. My broken wrist was the last thing on my mind. I had no contact with anyone other than you. I was hoping in my fogged up mind, that my father would pull  through by tomorrow. I was already daydreaming what I was planning on doing if and when I get out of here. I was planning in my head, planning on leaving my job. I was thinking of packing up and moving in with one of my friends until I got a new job and new place to live. Being around my father and his girlfriend was not an option anymore. I blamed them both for what happened to me here. I know deep down that Sheila is the reason why all our money and valuables are gone from the safe. My eyelids started to feel heavier and my head was so foggy. I got as comfortable as I could and then slowly drifted off.
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My alarm woke me up at 6 am and I sit up on the edge of my bed bleary eyed and a little disoriented after waking from a dream where I became president of this country and made it mine using my power, wealth and influence to bring in new laws and rules that would make me richer and more powerful than ever, and wondering why it was going off so early.  Then I remembered you, high on Dr. Kingston’s pain drugs and probably still asleep in my guest room.  I smile to myself when I remember I have a fuck toy waiting for me as soon as my cock is hard and ready to be buried inside you again.  I doubt that you’re going to be awake yet, the drugs probably having knocked you out cold for the night after the way your eyes glazed over so rapidly after he gave you the shot.  So there’s no point in going to your room now; I might as well get started on some work early then I can take a break later and come and start to have another fun day with your young and very unwilling body.

I check my phone and there are several emails that have come in overnight, the main one I’m interested in is from Dr. Kingston telling me that he’s made an appointment for you to have an x-ray and cast put on your wrist at 12.  That gives me six hours to get some work done, then fuck you at least once before we have to leave.  Then you can get ready for your father to come back and disappoint you again. 

I stand and go into the en suite to freshen up and brush my teeth, washing the sleep from my eyes and having a shave, ready to face the world.  As I go back into my bedroom I can hear Adam down stairs talking to someone, probably one of the maids that he has the hots for knowing him.  I pull on some clean clothes, the black suit I was wearing yesterday replaced by a more casual look of jeans and a polo shirt since I have no plans on any business visits until later tonight.  I leave my room, unlock the door to your room and step inside, going over to the bed where you lay.  It’s not even 6:30 yet so I don’t expect much, and I’m not surprised to find you sleeping soundly, the covers that you’d cocooned yourself in last night when I was her having slipped somewhat and revealing your shoulders and the top of your breasts, though not going low enough to expose your nipples.  I smile, reach silently beneath the sheets and grope each breast gently in turn, my thumb brushing your nipples.  I watch you intently, but you don’t stir.  I smile to myself, withdraw my hand and leave you to sleep, going down stairs and greet Adam and Ben, who is just walking in the door.  As I suspected, Adam is talking to Joanne, one of the army of maids that comes in each morning to help clean the house.

“I need the car at about 11:30 to go over to Dr. Kingston’s office,” I tell Ben, who nods his understanding while taking a bite of a breakfast bar.  “And in about an hour, one of you get the kitchen staff to take a tray of breakfast up to my guest,” I tell them before going into my office.  Sat on my desk waiting for me is a package from my tailor that has the clothes I ordered for you.  I smile to myself again.  Not only do I get to fuck you, but I also get to dress you how a woman should be dressed.  I put the package to one side, then sit at my desk, open my MacBook and power it up.  I open a couple of apps ready to start work, but am distracted momentarily as memories of fucking you yesterday flash through my mind.  I need to focus and do some work, so I shake the thoughts off and lean towards my computer.

When I finally hear your footsteps in the room above me, I glance at the time.  It’s 9:30; I have two hours to finish what I’m doing and get upstairs to fuck you before we have leave for the doctor’s office.  Plenty of time, yet, so I’ll give you another half an hour to freshen up and prepare yourself for me.  Hopefully, by then, the drugs will have worn off, and you will have eaten some of the breakfast that had been left for you.
Title: Re: Dirty Business (with Teaseme69)
Post by: Teaseme69 on November 05, 2020, 08:35:23 PM
I didn't even remember when I passed out and slept the rest the whole night. When I woke up, I felt like I weighed a thousand pounds and I was groggy. It took me a little bit to realize where I was. I was starting to feel the throbbing in my arm but not as bad as it was yesterday. I was looking forward to more pain meds like that and that was when I saw my two pain pills on the nightstand the good doctor left. I was wondering to myself if I should wait till I eat first and then take them. I saw the tray of food in my room and I felt relieved, I needed to eat. I was actually starving and was eager to eat. I slowly got up out of bed, I walked over slowly towards the dresser with the tray of food and grabbed it. I took it back to the bed and sat down taking a bite out of a warm piece of toast. I took my time eating my breakfast and sipped on my juice. It must be nice to have people do everything for you. I kept looking at the door and expecting you to barge right through at any moment. It was morning time, I was hoping that my dad was going to be stopping by here soon. 

I glanced around the room as I ate and saw that my clothes were gone. I had things to cover my body with but the blankets on the bed. You're a monster so this probably was just a sick joke you were playing on me. As soon as I ate, I walked over to the bathroom and freshened up some. When I was done, I walked back to the bed and took one pill and saved the other for later. I wrapped up and just stared at the ceiling and waited for your unwanted arrival.
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It’s been a while since I heard you padding around the bedroom, probably using your en suite to freshen up and wash the grogginess from the drugs off your face.  It’s 10 am, plenty of time for me to fuck you before we have to leave to see the doctor.  I grab the parcel with the two dresses and two pairs of panties in and I head up to your room, passing a sheepish looking Adam on the stairs.  As I walk along the hall to your room, I see Joanne in one of the rooms working and looking flushed and it becomes clear why Adam was looking so sheepish as he passed me.  I smile to myself as I take the key to your room from my pocket, unlock your door and step inside, closing it behind me.  I look towards the bed first and see that you’re lying under the thick duvet on your back staring at the ceiling.  I can’t help but think that at least you’re in the right position for me, all you have to do now is open your legs for me.  I then glance at the nightstand and see that you’ve already taken one of the pills that Dr. Kingston left for you.  And, on the dresser, some of the large selection of food that had been prepared for you for breakfast had been eaten.  Good.  You will need to keep your strength up if you’re to stay alive while you’re with me.

“Good morning,” I say as I set the parcel I’m holding down on the dresser, moving the tray of food slightly to the side so that it will fit.  “I hope you enjoyed your breakfast,” I say, remembering that I haven’t actually eaten myself and taking a bite from a cold piece of toast.  “I’ve brought you some fresh clothes,” I say, pointing towards the parcel and setting the half eaten toast back down on the tray.  “And you have an appointment with Dr. Kingston at 11:30,” I continue and come towards the bed.  I reach down and pull at the duvet, which you feebly try to hold onto with one hand but I just pull harder, yanking on it and freeing it from your grasp.  Then, with nothing hindering it, I slowly pull it down and off your body, throwing it onto the floor at the foot of the bed.  “That gives me plenty of time to devour those amazing tits while I’m fucking you,” I say as I start to unfasten my jeans.  As soon as I say that, your arm moves across your chest and covers your breasts.  I smirk as you do that.

“That’s so cute that you think putting your arm across them is going to stop me,” I say as I let my jeans fall to the floor and I step out of them.  Tears start to fall from your eyes when you see the large, throbbing bulge in my boxer shorts as I pull my shirt over my head and drop it on the floor.  “Now, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.  It all depends how much you want to be hurt again,” I say as I start to climb on the bed at your feet.
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I didn't even look at you when you walked in my bedroom, didn't even turn my head. You locked it behind you and strolled over to my bed and wished me good morning. I didn't have the strength to look at you,  to see you leering at me. You told me you brought me some fresh clothes and confirmed that you were taking me to the doctor. I was actually looking forward to seeing the doctor and getting out of here. You started to pull my covers and I held on as much as I could with my good hand. I started to cry as you ripped away my covers and then you made a disgusting comment about my tits. I wrapped my good arm across them and glared at you and you just laughed. I felt so embarrassed and ashamed. I heard you undo your pants and let them drop to the floor. It was about to happen and I wasn't ready for it. Mentally and physically, this was something I was never going to be ready for.

You walked over to the end of the bed where my feet were and started to crawl on the bed towards me. I whimpered and closed my eyes, with my arm still across my chest. I could hear you chuckling as you got closer to me, you were like a lion and I was an injured lamb. I wanted to fight you because it was my nature to do so, but I was ready to leave this mansion like house. I was going to do my best to block you out and not think or worry about you dumping another load inside me. I felt my body trembling as I felt the bed sinking from your body weight. No words were going to come out of my mouth. I needed to block you out completely, make you bored with me so you'll let me go. If you're bored, you'll just tell me to get the hell out of here... hopefully. My pain pill was helping and I thought happy thoughts. There was no way you were going to have me screaming and crying under you again.
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You didn’t reply to me as I advanced on you from the foot of the bed, getting ever closer to you, my cock throbbing and leaking precum.  I know that you’re trying to block me out and ignore me, trying not to give me the satisfaction of getting a reaction out of you.  The fact that you covered your breasts when I said I was going to devour them was the kind of unconscious reaction that gives away how much you hate me right now.  And the fact that, as I started to crawl up the bed and loom over you, your legs subtly closed tighter together.  I’d actually be surprised if you even realised you did that.  I lower my head and place a soft kiss at the top of your thigh, before biting at your flesh, making you yelp out as I bite hard enough to leave teeth marks.  I grin, then lean up and kiss the bruising that I caused from where I kicked you yesterday. 

“Bruises look good on you,” I remark with a humorless laugh.  “But can you take the pain from getting more?” I ask you as I climb further up your body.  I’m now almost face to face with you, leering over you and panting like a dog in heat in anticipation of being inside you again.  “I hope that tight little cunt of yours is ready to be used,” I say as I force a knee between your thighs and push them apart.  I take hold of your wrist and try to move your arm away from your breasts, which you immediately resist.  “I’d be very careful if I were you.  Surely you remember what happened to your other arm last night,” I say with a smirk, then pull hard at your arm and force it away from your body, holding your wrist down on the bed beside your head.  I lean my head down and take your breast in my mouth, clamping my teeth around your nipple and flicking my tongue over it to make it erect.  I hear you whimpering as I take my time enjoying myself exploring your unwilling body.  Meanwhile, my other knee forces its way between your thighs and I lower myself on top of you, pinning you down to the bed with my hips and pressing my throbbing cock against your hairless slit while I tug and nibble none too gently on your nipple.
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I know that seeing you standing naked before me was something I was never going to forget. I never slept around and only have been with one guy, my ex boyfriend. Seeing a man standing with a raging hard on, leaking precum was never going to leave my mind. Not only will I never forget this, but seeing your cock leaking precum was disgusting and now it was about to be lodged deep inside me. I was never going to feel the same in my own skin again. I had my eyes closed as you climbed on the bed but then I yelped out when I felt you biting my leg. I wanted to close my eyes again, but then you would do that again and pull me out of my mental escape. I was already crying and wiping my eyes when you told me bruises looked good on me. I just needed this to end! 

I was almost going to say something to you, but I just bit down on my lower lip. I could feel you breathing on me as you leaned over and your cock was touching my legs, leaving a trail of precum along my skin. You talked about my vagina, calling it a cunt and making me cringe from hearing that word. Again, I needed to have earplugs to try and block you out. You forced a knee between my thighs and I groaned out. My heart was beating so fast, it felt like it was about to burst out of my chest. You then took my arm that was covering my breasts and removed it. The other arm was out of commission for now, thanks to you. When you felt me resist at first, you warned me and I stopped resisting. You held my good wrist down by my head and took a nipple in  your mouth. I immediately gasped and yelped out, my toes curling up from the sensation of your mouth on the most sensitive part of my body. I opened my mouth and just started to cry. I could no longer keep my sounds of despair silent. I tried to close my thighs but there was no use since you had your knees keeping me open. I was hoping my dad would be here when we get back from seeing the doctor with the money he owes you. I kept my eyes open but just looking towards the nightstand. I was tensed all over, inside and out, ready for  this to be over. 
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I felt your legs move against mine when I started sucking and nibbling on your nipple and I heard you start to wail again.  It’s all you seem to do is cry whenever I’m around you.  The fact that I have enough power over you that I can instill that much fear and upset into you just turns me on even more.  I lower my hips into position, the tip of my cock parting your lips and pressing against your entrance ready to penetrate you as soon as I push forward with my hips.  I feel you gasp while I enjoy your breasts and I grin onto the one I currently have in my mouth.  You’re bone dry and I know that this is going to be uncomfortable until you start getting wet; I remember how tight you were when I first forced my cock into you in the store yesterday and I know that it’s going to be just as painful and as uncomfortable today as it was yesterday.  But it’s nothing that I haven’t felt before with other women as   well as you. 

While I lick and suck and slurp and flick your nipples one by one with my tongue, teeth and mouth, my hips buck and grind, teasing your entrance and getting ready to force myself inside you again.  I know that I can’t mess with your head by teasing you for too much longer because you have to get dressed and ready to see the doctor, so I decide that the best approach is just to prepare myself for the pain of your tight inner walls and thrust myself deep inside you with one hard push.  So that’s exactly what I do.

You scream loudly when my girth pushes between your lips and stretches out your entrance, my thick cock sliding roughly deep inside your vagina, moving further and further into your body until I’m balls deep and there’s no more left to go inside you.  I lean up off your breast and grin at you.  “I bet that feels so good,” I groan as I feel your vainga clenching on my cock.  I start to pump slow, deliberate strokes into you until I’m sure that I can overcome the discomfort from your dryness for a few minutes until your body starts to protect itself and instinctively moistens you against my thrusting, pounding shaft. 
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I was bawling my eyes out when you started to suck, kiss, and even nibble on my breast. It was traumatizing. All of this was beyond traumatizing. This time you were focusing more on my breasts then anything else. I could feel the precum leaking from your rock hard cock and it only made me whimper in despair. I was never going to feel the same in my own body again. You got in position and when you were, I could feel your cock starting to press into my entrance. I screamed out and arched my back, my pussy was nowhere near wet and ready to take you in. I couldn't do anything to get in a more comfortable position because you had my legs spread and holding down my only good arm. You knew you what you were doing, keeping  me spread and vulnerable to your cock. I might as well have had my legs tied spread eagle and arms too. 

You asked me if this felt good and that only made me cry louder and harder. How could someone be so evil? How could all thus be happening to me? I had nothing to do with this money drama and yet I was paying the price. I was hurting so bad and every time you thrusted into me, I felt like I was being split in two. You grunted each time you went in deeper, my battered breasts bouncing up in down which only made you harder and twitching inside of me every time you looked down at them. Every time you twitched inside me, I felt it. I could feel all of you almost ripping me apart. Thankfully, I started to get wet and the pain was easing up some. I was already planning on aching once this is over, like the first time you fucked me, I throbbed for hours. You laughed at my pain and cries, which proved just how fucked up you are. 
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You screamed as I forced my cock into your dry pussy, arching your back as you feel the pain from my invasion.  And you started crying when I asked you if it felt good.  I grinned as you wailed and I fucked your tight, dry pussy, watching as your breasts bounced up and down as I thrust my cock into you.  I grunted as I overcame the friction that your dry inner walls were giving me, then groaned with pleasure as your body finally started to succumb to my invasion and you started to get wet.  “That’s more like it,” I growled as it started to get so much easier to fuck you, my thick cock sliding in and out of you now with much more ease.  My cock throbs and twitches inside you as I’m now able to thrust deeper and harder inside you, my hips slamming against yours as my big, heavy balls swing back and forth and hit the cheeks of your ass.  I lean down and start to nip again at your neck, sucking and biting on your skin as I tease more bruising into your skin, giving you another love bite where your dad will easily be able to see it when he comes calling later. 

I grin as you wail and sob under me, your body trembling as I violate you.  You turn your head as far to the side as you can so you don’t have to look at me.  That’s fine, I don’t want you to want me, I just want to use your body for my pleasure.  “You’re such a good fuck,” I growl softly in your ear as I lift my mouth from your neck.  “Your cunt is so tight and juicy.  I love how you grip on my cock as if you’re trying to milk the cum from my balls like a slut.”  I grin as my words make you sob harder, your breasts heaving up and down as you bawl like a scolded child, all the while my cock is sliding deep and hard in and out of your pussy.  “I bet you’re loving having my fat dick inside you, aren’t you?” I ask.  I know that my words are hurting your mind as much as my actions are hurting your body.  You have no idea yet that I’m not going to let you go, that you’re now mine to do with as I please.  You have no idea of the offer that I’m going to make your dad when he gets here later.  And I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you find out. 

I grin to myself as I continue to rape you, the thoughts of what I’m going to do with you racing through my mind.  The excitement of knowing that you will never be free of me, that you will forever be my own personal fuck toy and cum dump.
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When I finally got wet, you groaned out about how it was about time. I cringed when you said that, using my body your own perverted pleasure. If I didn't have a broken wrist, I would be scratching and swatting at you; pulling your hair and even biting. Now that I have seen how far you are willing to go, I couldn't fight, at least not until I healed. The words pouring out of your mouth was nothing but toxic masculinity trying to keep me down in all ways possible. You were sucking and biting at my neck, probably giving me markings.  I could scrub my skin raw and it still wouldn’t wash away how dirty I felt. Even when I was in the tub scrubbing myself raw, I still felt incredibly filthy.

When you started to talk to me again; saying awful and disgusting things, It was as if you were raping every inch of me inside and out. I clenched my teeth and groaned out as I kept my eyes closed tight. You were treating me like I was the one who personally wronged you. I was so confused still as to why you were beyond horrible with me when you knew I had no clue what was going on. You could have done this once to send a message and even that would have been too much. You were violating me like you were out for revenge. You were more than just a sicko, you were a bully. I wanted to scream at you and say things back but that would only please you seeing the reaction out of me. I needed to tough this out until we leave the house.
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You weren’t taking me on this time.  Every time I spoke you closed your eyes and visibly cringed, screwing up your face like a baby who has just tasted the vileness of a pickle for the first time.  I knew that I was getting to you, but it seems that you’ve now decided not to show it; perhaps having your wrist broken taught you that fighting back will be painful.  Such a shame, really.  I’m still going to fuck you every day for the rest of your life; you’re a very pretty young girl with a smoking hot body, of course you turn me on - as does the very thought of having my cock buried inside you.  But I’ll admit that it does make me much more rampant when you put up a fight.

I lean my head up from your neck and gaze down at it, a satisfied smile spreading across my face as I see the bruise blooming halfway between your shoulder and your ear; a deep red love bite that the whole world will be able to see.

I groan with pleasure as my cock slides effortlessly back and forth inside you now that your tight pussy has started to get wet, the pain and discomfort I was feeling from your dry inner walls when I first forced my way inside you having passed.  My hips buck fast and hard and drive my thick shaft deep into your vagina, my big, heavy balls swinging and hitting your butt every time I thrust forward into you.  Tears stream down your face as I violate you; your breasts bounce up and down as I fuck you; the sound of skin slapping against skin fills the room as my hips slam down onto yours. 

“I bet when you were making your career plans at school, you never expected you would end up being the personal fuck toy of the city’s most powerful man,” I say as my cock twitches and throbs as it slides in and out of you, your pussy now soaking me as I violate you.  “But look on the bright side, at least you’ll never have to worry about your next meal or a roof over your head,” I grin, grunting and gasping with pleasure as I enjoy your young body.
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All I could think about was how badly I wanted to hurt you, kill you in fact. If I had my way, I would blow your brains out all over your walls. The fact you  think it is alright to do this to anyone only proves how messed up and vile you are. You were treating me like a common whore all to get back at my dad. None of this made sense and none of this was remotely fair. I wanted to hurt you so bad but I couldn't. The pain pill I took at least was starting to work and my head was starting to feel foggy which was good. Anything to distract me from you was a bonus in my book. You were doing everything in your power to break me. You pounded harder and faster, your balls slapping against my ass as you grunted out and spewed more hate towards me. It was like you were trying to destroy me with your words. I wanted to headbutt you, bite you, or at least claw your eyes out but you would break my other arm if I tried. I was soaking your cock and that only made me cringe in disgust at how my body was being used to please you. All of this was too much for me to handle, but I had no choice in the matter. As angry as I was at my father, all I wanted was him to take me away from here forever. I was looking forward to my doctor's appointment and being out in public. He better pay you off today!

Maybe I could get more pain pills from the good old doctor. You were the one that caused this and now you had to fix it, literally. I felt you hitting my cervix and it caused me to yelp a few times and try to scoot up some. You had me pinned on your thick cock which didn't leave me much room to get off of it since you were lodged deep in me.  You then started to spew out more vile things, telling me that now I am being used as the personal fuck toy of the city's most powerful man.  It was sad to know that they are indeed more powerful than government officials, I'm sure you paid them all off by now. This is why you are committing the most heinous crime known to man, because you know you can get away with it. My screaming and crying died down once the pain pill started to work its magic. Now, I was doing better at ignoring you, which is my way of fighting back. I didn't even make a groaning sound or any sound of disgust when you went on about me not having to worry about food or a roof over my head. If you think I am staying here another damn minute, you have lost your mind. You were really going for the gold, really trying to reach into my soul but I wasn't letting you.

You chuckled at how I was clenching, ignoring you and probably making fun of my facial expressions. Nothing mattered but me getting the hell out of here! I had to  think clearly about making an escape when we reach the doctor's office. Ben and Adam will most likely go just so you can have me watched, but that doesn't mean I won't try anything. All you have to do is let me out of your sight for once. I was just plotting and planning how I could rescue myself.
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I keep taunting you and mocking you as I’m fucking you, trying to delve into your mind and your soul with my words.  “Don’t tell me you’re not enjoying this when your cunt is this wet,” I groan as your pussy soaks my cock over and over.  “What a fucking whore you must be to enjoy being raped,” I continue.  “I love your nice, tight pussy,” I compliment you as your tightness makes you grip onto my thick shaft.  I grin when you screw your eyes up tight.  I know that being silent and not fighting back is your way of being defiant.  You must have figured out that I enjoy it when you put up a fight.  I’m sure at some point I’ll press the right button and you’ll scream in fits of rage at me again. 

“Do you soak your boyfriend’s cock like this?” I ask, “Or is this a special treat that you’re reserving just for me?”

I chuckle when I see your face flushed red with anger.  I know that I’m getting to you.  I noticed that you’d taken one of the pills Dr. Kingston left you so I’m assuming that you’re feeling the effects of that and that’s why you’re managing to stay so relaxed and not rising to the bait that I’m feeding you.  Nonetheless, your tight, wet pussy feels good around my cock and I’m enjoying fucking you whether you’re fighting back or not. 

Tears start to leak from your eyes and slowly roll down your cheek and I lean down and run my tongue up your face, lapping up the salty liquid.  “No need to cry, my slut, you can have my cum soon enough,” I promise with a chuckle, knowing that having me dump another load of my seed inside your womb is probably the last thing you want.
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You told me I must be enjoying this since I was soaking your cock so much. I was beyond embarrassed! My face was probably showing you all sorts of expressions of disgust. You went too far when you told me I must enjoy being raped. You were really going for the gold in trying to break me.  You went on telling me how tight I was, gripping you like I wanted you to stay inside me. I was on the verge of breaking. You were wanting me tol react or  to at least fight back, but I'm not dumb like you think I am. The last time I fought back, you broke my fucking wrist! I wanted to hurt you bad, though.

The pill I took was at least helping with the pain and making me more relaxed. I felt foggy and high which felt nice. I almost didn't care  you were about to cum inside my unprotected body again. I made some sort of weak groaning sound. You were bruising me, I could feel it between my legs how raw I felt. My nipples were still pointing up from when  you sucked on them and the a/c blowing on them. The more vilke words you spewed out, the more it was cutting into me like a razor blade. I was doing the best I could do to block you out, but I couldn't hold back the tears. You told me there was no need to cry at that soon I would have your cum soon enough, that only made me cry harder. I cringed when I felt your tongue licking up my tears, leaving my face wet. The more you spoke, bringing up my boyfriend as you asked me if I soaked his cock like this. Everything you said felt like another cut into me. More and more. Then you told me I would have your cum soon and I wailed out and thought about how each time you’ve never used a condom, you just pull your cock out and use it as a weapon anytime with me.
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You’re still not biting.  Not fighting back.  I’m saying anything I can think of to humiliate and degrade you but you’re not biting.  You’re just lying there under me, your head turned away and eyes closed, sobbing and bawling like a child as I’m fucking you.  That’s fine if you don’t want to fight back, I’m still going to rape you.  Still going to enjoy having my fat cock pumping in and out of your body like a piston as I claim you as mine over and over.  It just makes it a little more entertaining if you fight back.  Or if you’re yelling and screaming and hurling insults at me.  Or threatening to kill me.  I grunt and gasp and groan as my throbbing cock slides in and out of your soaked pussy, the saltiness of your tears still on my tongue as my hips buck and my cock thrusts.  The pressure in my balls is reaching its peak and I know that very soon you will be feeling my load spewing inside you once again as I brand you; as I leave my mark inside you.

I let go of the wrist that I’ve been holding down on the mattress at the side of your head to see if that encourages any kind of fight in you, but you don’t move it at all.  Leaning on one elbow as I fuck you deep, I use my other hand to turn your face towards mine.  Your eyes remain tightly closed and I grin, unseen by you.  “Such a pretty little slut,” I groan as my cock starts to stiffen inside you signalling my imminent release.  “You’ll go far here,” I say as I groan and growl louder.  “I wonder how much daddy dear will sell you for,” I muse as I thrust and buck, grunting louder as I fuck you deeper and faster.  More tears leak from your eyes at my suggestion that your dad would be prepared to sell you to me.  Perhaps you think that my words are just more cruel taunts that I’m using to try and get a reaction out of you.  Or perhaps there’s the thought in the back of your mind that he might actually consider selling you to me so that he can keep his new tart in the life that she wishes she had.

I grin to myself as I think about the expression you’d have on your face as you watch in horror as I hand over a wad of cash to your father in return for you.  From my past experience with your father, it won’t be an especially big wad of cash, either.

“Everyone has their price,” I whisper as I lean my head down to your ear.
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I kept trying to ignore you but it wasn't going well. The one thing you said that really got my attention was how everyone has a price. That's so true and unfortunately I was not really sure if my dad was going to come through for me or not. I guess if he was truly desperate enough, he just might. I was still biting my tongue to keep from popping anything out at you. Everyone has their price indeed. I was getting extremely sore again between my legs. This was driving me crazy! Every vile word spouting from your mouth was tearing me apart. Your words were hurting me worse than ever but I tried to block them out. I wanted to cry out and scream and beg but you would laugh and tear me down worse. 

Finally, I just could take it anymore and I swiped my good hand. I actually slapped the shit out you and then leaned over and bit your arm. You were yelling out and calling me all sorts of names, but I held on tight. I wanted your cock to soften, but it stayed rock hard. I ripped my mouth from your arm and then tried to bite at the second arm. I no longer was able  to take anymore from your toxic mouth and now I was acting like a rabid animal. 
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I can see the rage building in your eyes as I continue to taunt you, to drive daggers through your heart and mind with my words.  I know that it’ll only be a matter of time before you snap and you start to fight back again, giving me a reason to hurt you while I rape you.  I grunt and groan with pleasure as my thick, throbbing cock slides back and forth inside your now soaked pussy, feeling your tight inner walls gripping on my cock as I thrust and pound into you over and over.  I don’t have to wait long.  Almost as soon as I’d told you that everyone has their price, meaning your dad, you lost your shit.  I released my grip on the wrist that I was holding down and you took advantage right away, your hand slapping me hard across the face, the crack of skin on skin filling the room as my head snapped to the side.  I growl and smirk as I feel the burn of your hand on my cheek and I thrust my cock deep and hard into your pussy.

You leaned your head over and bit down on my arm as I supported myself over you.  There was a lot of pain, I have to admit, but it made my cock stiffen even more.  I growled out loudly and gritted my teeth as I endured the pain of your teeth in my flesh, but didn’t miss a single stroke, filling your tight hole over and over with my fat dick.  “FUCK!” I cried out as you sunk your teeth in even deeper.  “YOU FUCKING CUNTING SLUT!” I hissed at you as you let go and leaned towards the other arm, your teeth snapping and chomping as you tried to bite that one, too.  I see what you’re about to do so I move my arm just out of the way, slightly out of reach of your snapping mouth as you cry out and squirm under me. 

This can’t go unpunished, but I’m going to let you think you’ve got away with it.  For now.

“I wonder how much your daddy’s price is for a tainted little slut like you, how much he thinks you’re worth,” I muse as I fuck you deep and hard.  “Not that much, I wouldn’t have thought,” I say, grinning as I start taunting you again.
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Even though I was lightheaded from my pain pill, I still couldn't take any more of your toxic mouth. I needed to shut you up, so I bit you like a rabid animal. You yelled out and I was prepared at any second for you to lash out at me. You have most likely done this to many women before me, but they're all most likely terrified and hiding. You are a monster! You yelled out a few choice words but kept on fucking me. I was yelling out and screaming as I kicked my feet up and down on the bed. I was expecting more out of you, but you were using your cock to keep me in line. Next, I took my good hand and started to dig my nails into your arm. "You like that?!" I screamed out at you. "You fucking peice of shit!! I hate you!! Of course you were chuckling at me, making more comments to drive me insane. I kept digging and digging my nails into your wrist but you just growled out and fucked me harder. This was going to be a long day I could tell. I was going to need to run like hell after the doctor sets up my arm. I know the doctor is not a good man if he works for you,l so asking for his help is out of the question.

"STOP TALKING ABOUT MY FUCKING FATHER!!!" I screamed out at you in your face when you mentioned how you wonder how much his price is for a tainted slut like me. I tried to bite your arm again but you moved it away in time. "You fucking coward!" I was crazy at the moment. Everything I have been through was too much and now your words were breaking me. "I'm not for sale! Fuck you! I am not for sale!!!"  I started crying my eyes out, no more screaming and biting just crying as you pounded me. I was feeling overwhelmed and desperate and terribly alone. No one should have to endure this, but humans are the worst monsters. You were treating me like I was the one who personally wronged you. So abusive and hateful towards a young girl who knew nothing about this. You were full of hate and greed and power!

My nails are still imbedded in  your skin, holding on to you for gripping. You growled out when you felt my long talons go in deeper. I was starting to feel even more lightheaded than before, the pain pill was really working now. No more fight, but just desperate crying. "I didn't do anything wrong!" I wailed out. "You and my father can burn in hell! FUCK YOU BOTH!"
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You went from biting my arm to digging your nails into my skin as deep as you could, raking them down my arms and into my wrists.  I grimace in pain as I feel them breaking the skin and drawing blood as I fuck you, grunting and growling as my hips buck and my thick, hard cock is driven deep inside your tight, wet pussy.  I grit my teeth and take the pain that you’re giving me and then your eyes flicked wide open and you stared up at me, asking if I like that and calling me a piece of shit before telling me you hate me.  I grinned as I thrust my cock as deep into you as I could and with as much force behind it as I could manage, making you yelp out as I buried myself fully into you.  You lifted your head from the pillow and screamed in my face for me to stop talking about your father, calling me a coward and telling me that you’re not for sale.  You then slumped back to the pillow and started wailing like a small child as I continued to rape you, enjoying the pleasure your body was giving me as I plowed into you over and over.

“Everyone’s for sale when you’re as rich and powerful as me,” I boast.  “You’re just a piece of meat like everyone else, albeit a very pretty piece of meat with a nice, tight pussy,” I tell you with a growl, savoring the feeling of your tight inner walls around my cock as it slides back and forth inside you.  You lay back and bawled like a baby, still digging your nails into my wrist while I pounded you.  You whimpered out that you did nothing wrong which, in all fairness, is true - raping and kidnapping you was originally just to send a message to your father.  But once I’d tasted the sweet fruits that your young, fit body has to offer, I had to make you mine.  You told me that me and your father can both burn in hell, leaning up and screaming ‘fuck you both’ in my face.

I roared with laughter at the tantrum you were throwing while you were pinned to a bed in a guest room in my house, completely impaled on my thrusting cock as I fuck you.  I reached down with the hand that you couldn’t sink your nails into because of your broken wrist and pressed down on the bruises on your tummy, making your whole body tense up and forcing a squeal of pain from your lips.  I groaned with delight when I felt your already tight, wet inner walls clenching involuntarily around my cock and suddenly I felt pressure building in my balls as though your pussy was trying to milk the cum from them.

“That’s it, you fucking whore, squeeze my cock like a good little slut.  Suck my cum out so I can fill you up,” I say with a chuckle.
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I could the side of your face where I slapped you had a big red handprint and your arms were bleeding. People that see you will wonder what the hell happened to you  or what you've been up to. I was surprised that you were not striking back; it seemed like you were getting off on the pain. It was only pisssing me off more that you were not showing any signs of distress. The only thing you did was grimace but other than that, your cock stayed rock hard inside me. You like it when I hurt you. Maybe you were in pain but you didn't want to show me, since that would be a sign of weakness. Your poor masculinity would be put to the test then.

It was like you were trying to rip me in half with your cock! You were in so deep and buried in me  that I could have sworn I was bleeding from the inside. Maybe you like pain, but not me! I was bawling my eyes out the whole time. I just wanted you to pull out of me because I felt so uncomfortable being impaled on your cock while you used it as a weapon. Another man using his dick as a weapon. You weren't going to get away with this forever. "Please stop!!!" I couldn't fight anymore, I was feeling dizzy from the pain pill. I'm sure I could have done more damage to you if I wasn't high on a narcotic. You went on again about everyone being for sale when you are rich and powerful. More toxic words pouring out of your mouth as you kept pounding and dripping sweat on me. You saw me as a piece of meat that you purchased to use and abuse for your own sick amusement. If my father does not show up, then I will know that he has resigned to letting me pay off his debt. I've already paid off his debt from all  the ebatings and horrible rapes I have endured. I've already done my part! You kept talking about my pussy and ity only made me cringe more.

When I screamed out 'fuck you', you laughed in my face which only angered me more. You then pushed down on my bruises and I tensed up and howled out. You laughed again! I felt my whole body tensing and clenching which only gave you more pleasure as I squeezed your cock. You growled out for me to suck the cum from your balls. It was soo too much to hear! "Please just stop!!! Please no more! Please!!" I was now desperate and feeling raw between my legs and my mental health was going down each time you were deep inside of me.
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You’d gone from biting me and trying to scratch my skin off to pleading and begging for me to stop, wailing like a baby and telling me you can’t take any more.  I grin at your pleas, my hips thrusting my cock in and out of your tight, wet pussy like a jackhammer as I groaned and grunted, feeling myself stiffen inside you as I get ready to fill your pussy with my cum once again.  “You don’t like it when I hurt you back, do you?” I ask as I press down on your bruises again, making you cry out once more.  “You like to give pain out, but you can’t take it, huh?”  I fuck you harder, knowing that my release is coming.  “Perhaps I should break the other wrist just so you can feel a bit more pain,” I hiss at you as the pressure builds in my balls and I reach the point of no return. 

You lay under me sobbing and bawling as I throw my head back in pleasure, my words giving way to satisfied groans as cum starts to spurt from my cock.  Stream after stream of my thick, warm cum is pumped into your womb as I thrust my cock deep inside you, sliding back and forth as I spew my load into you and fill you with my seed.  Grunting and gasping, my hips drive my dick forward over and over and over as I drain my balls and fill you up.  “Doesn’t that feel good?” I ask with a smirk as I keep plowing my cock into your tight pussy, gasping and groaning as I twitch inside you, throbbing between your inner walls as the last few drops of my cum leak into you. 

I collapse on top of you, my cock still twitching inside your pussy as I pant for breath, grinning and laughing as you cry while I use my body weight to keep you pinned down to the bed and completely immobile, your legs still splayed apart with me between them.  “Wasn’t that fun?” I ask as I lean my head down to your ear and bite at your earlobe.  You wail out as I feel your breasts pressed between us, your nipples still involuntarily erect and pressing into my chest.  I lifted my head slightly and admired my handiwork with the love bites I’d given you.  Anyone who sees them will think that you not only have a boyfriend, but you’re a complete slut for him, spreading your legs willingly for him.  And I’m the kind of person who would encourage those thoughts - especially if there were any kind of benefit for me in spreading those rumours. 

“We can do it again when we get back from the doctor’s office if you like,” I whisper with a smirk.
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You kept touching the bruises on my body that you put there and it only made me tense up in pain. When you chuckled at my reaction of pain, you mentioned how I don't like receiving it. You told me I like to give out pain, but not take it. Then you threatened me saying maybe you should break the other wrist. I whimpered out when I heard you threatening to break more bones. Sure, it was probably foolish fighting back, but this was my body you were harming. You'll say and do anything to keep me in line. It finally happened, you threw your head back and groaned out and I felt your warm cum shooting up inside me. I cried even harder and held my injured wrist to my chest. You asked me if it felt good and then laughed again. This was nothing but a fucked up game to you! I felt so disgusted with my own self. EVen though this wasn't my fault, it still felt like it was. I kept going over different scenarios in my mind before about how I could have handled you better. Maybe I should have tried to fight back even harder; maybe I should have taken the baseball bat to your head. It's not easy to fight you when you have Ben and Adam watching over you.

You collapsed on me and I felt your warm breath against my ear. I was bawling my eyes and trembling all over. You told me we could do it again when we get back from the doctor's office. "No, please no more!! My father is supposed to be coming today, please no more!" I was feeling depressed and hopeless and alone. "He did this, not me..." I sobbed out.  "He is the one who did you wrong, not me." I was desperate and was hoping I could find one ounce of humanity in you. You know I am innocent and that this was not my fault and I had no clue what was happening. "Please, let me just call him. I can get him here, I can get him to pay what he owes you. I just want to go home!" I bawled out again as I kept begging you.

You were still lodged inside of me, making no effort or attempt to pull out. All I wanted was to be free from this place. I just wanted answers! "You can't keep me here forever." I sounded defeated and filled with despair. "I'll pay for it myself." My voice was now barely a whisper as I felt high on my pain pill. I had no money, but I was willing to find it.
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Your body was trembling and shaking under me as I lay on top of you, my cock twitching and throbbing inside your vagina as the last of my cum leaked into you.  You were sobbing and crying, your good hand clutching your broken wrist as tightly as you could to keep it from being hurt any more.  I grinned when you started whimpering your demands to me, telling me no more after I’d told you that we could fuck again when we come back from the doctor’s.  You tell me that your dad is coming today to buy your freedom, which only makes me chuckle.  Even if your dad manages to come up with what he already owes me - which I doubt he will - it still won’t be enough for me to release you.  You complain that he’s the one who did me wrong, not you.  That he’s the one who owes me.  You beg me to let you call him and get him to come over and pay me off, and complaining yet again that you want to go home.  I smirk at you when you say that. 

“For all the good your father is going to do you, you might as well start calling this your home because he’s not going to come up with the cash,” I tell you matter of factly.  “You know it and I know it, Ava.  He’s going to let you down yet again.” 

My cock throbbed and twitched inside you before starting to slowly soften.  As soon as the stiffness goes in him, I feel my cum starting to slowly run down your inner walls and leak out of your vagina.  You tell me that I can’t keep you here forever, and that you’ll pay me off yourself, though I’ve no idea how you think you’re ever going to do that.  At least not unless you work for me. 

“Don’t underestimate me, Ava, I can keep you here as long as I need to.  Nobody would ever question it.  And you have no hope of being able to pay what daddy owes you.”

I start to climb off you, my flaccid cock slipping out of your hole.  I look down between your thighs and grin as a huge glob of white cum leaks out of your pussy and runs slowly down your ass cheek to the bed sheets below your butt. 

“It must suck having a father who’s such a constant let down,” I say, taunting you.  “But if he doesn’t pay up today, then we’ll figure out a way that you can work off the debt,” I tell you, smirking to myself as I make my empty promise.
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I hated the feeling of your cock twitching inside me, getting all the remaining droplets of cum out. This was disgusting and degrading! I couldn't fight you like I wanted to, especially not with a broken wrist. I held on to my broken wrist as you laid on me; keeping it safe and protected from further damage. There was so much running through my mind, anxiety and fear at what was to come. Who knew if my father was going to come through or not! I had a thousand things to say to him. I had a million things to say to his tramp, gold digger girlfriend. What was more disturbing, was the fact I grew up in the town without knowing you practically ran it. Everyone was paid by you and therefore, you had the whole city in your hands. I could feel your cum leaking out of me while you were still lodged inside. My head was foggy and dizzy some from my pain meds; something I was happy I had. I was begging to call my father and you didn't care. You told me I might as well call this home now. "No, this is not my home and never will be." I could feel myself tensing up again with anger. "I just want to go home." You were always either laughing or chuckling at me. You told me I couldn't depend on my father, that part was true. He never used to be undependable until he met Sheila. My brothers didn't take to her either, but they just kept their mouths shut when father was around.

You kept using my name, which was uncomfortable to me because it was too personal. You told me not to underestimate you and how nobody would question what you do. You started to pull out of me and a big glob of cum leaked out . I immediately curled up in a ball and covered myself with the blanket. I didn't want to look at you, so I looked anywhere else but you. We were going to leave soon so the doctor could set my wrist and maybe give me more pain pills. Just then I had an idea. I was going to ask the doctor for some sort of emergency Plan B. I didn't think about it before, but now I might be here longer than expected. I've never been on the pill, only used condoms with my ex boyfriend. I needed back up! Hopefully, you will be in the waiting room so I can plead with the doctor and ask for his help. Somehow I don't think you will just wait patiently in the waiting room. I needed to find a piece of paper and a pen to slip him a note.

As you got dressed, you told me it must suck to have a father who is a constant let down. Then you told me if he does not pay up today, that you will work a way for me to pay it off. "He never used to be a let down. He has always been a good father...until now." I knew I was going to need to get dressed soon in that dress you wanted me to wear. I wanted to wait until you left so I could have my own time to get ready and freshen up.
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I was laughing at you as I climbed off you.  Laughing at you crying while I was on top of you.  Laughing at you clutching your broken wrist.  Laughing at you telling me that this isn’t your home and it never will be.  Laughing at the cum that’s leaking out of your pussy as I stand at the side of the bed and start to get dressed again.  Laughing at your naivety in thinking that your dad is going to come and pay off the money that he owes me and buys your freedom.  Or that I’m going to let him.  Laughing that you think you’re going to be out of here later today. 

As I pulled my jeans and shirt on, you pulled the blankets over you and looked to the side, your body heaving up and down as you sobbed, no doubt staining the pillowcases with your tears.  I must remember to have someone come and change the bed while we’re out at the Doctor’s office.  And leave you some lunch.  You sob to the wall that you just want to go home and I smirk.  “You are home, sweet Ava,” I tell you coldly. 

When I asked you what it was like having an unreliable father who is a constant let down, you actually answered me in a civil manner, rather than the torrent of abuse I was expecting for bad mouthing the man who left you in this situation in the first place.  You told me that he wasn’t always a let down, that he used to be a good man that you could depend on until now.  Clearly you don’t know of his history with me and all the times he’s failed to pay on time in the past.  Or the way he’s resolved his issues.  But those are stories for another day. 

I check my watch and see that time is moving on and we will have to be going soon if we’re to make our appointment on time.  “You have some new, clean clothes in the parcel on the table,” I tell you.  ‘The ones you arrived in will be cleaned and returned to you in due course,” I continue.  I walk over to the table as I finish fastening my jeans and step into my shoes.  “There’s a couple of dresses in here, and a couple of pairs of panties.”  I don’t mention that there are no bras to go with the outfits, but you’ll find out soon enough.  “There should also be shoes, too.”  I say.  I look across at you but you’re still looking at the wall.   “When we get back, I’ll get somebody from my tailor’s to come over and you can choose some new clothes with her,” I say.  That snaps you out of your sulk and to turn your head to glare at me.  “Get ready and get dressed, we leave in 45 minutes,” I demand, and let myself out of your room, locking it behind me as usual.
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I hated how you kept on telling me that this place was now my home. You said something similar before. Maybe I was twisting your words around in my head, but to me it sounded as if you were going to keep me here forever. I felt so foggy in the head from all the pain meds I have had in my system. Everything that has happened has been mentally exhausting. The whole time you were getting dressed and we spoke, I kept my eyes on the wall. You told me to get dressed and that they were in a parcel on the table waiting for me. The whole time you heard me sobbing you spoke to me in a cold and emotionless tone. 

I couldn't understand how you could be so cold and ruthless towards me. I had nothing to do with this. You were going for the gold with your abuse and torment on me. You treated me like I was the one who personally wronged you. I still didn't understand where all your anger came from. You try to hide it and act all cool and collected, but I can see right through you. You get off on hurting others and causing misery and pain. There's something wrong with you for sure. 

You told me that I can get more clothes later with a tailor you have. Then you give me 45 minutes to get ready so we can get my wrist fixed. I was ready to get it looked at so it could get properly wrapped. I kept hoping that I would have privacy with the doctor once we got there. I needed to stay on guard in case I came across an opportunity to make a run for it. When you finally left me alone and locked the door, I slowly sat up and looked around. I felt dizzy and filthy. The first thing I needed to do was shower and dress, the whole time, remembering to take it easy with a broken wrist. It didn't take me longer than 30 minutes to get ready and once I was, I sat on the bed and waited. 
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I left you to get ready and went back down to my office and got on with some work.  Since your room is directly above my office, I was listening to see if you were doing as you were told.  There were a few moments of silence, then I heard you walk across your room.  Minutes later I hear the shower in your ensuite.  I start getting on with some work while I allow my mind to remember all the times I’ve had my cock buried inside you and used your body.  On the floor in the office at your store, the first time I raped you was an especially fond memory, the shock and surprise that was all over your face.  Now I think you’re coming to expect me to force my way into your pussy and use your body every time I come to your room so it’s less of a surprise to you.  Though you clearly don’t want it any more than you did that afternoon in your store.  I remember the look of disgust on your face the first time you felt my cum shooting into your womb, soiling you and tainting you forever as I branded you with my seed.  My cock is already twitching at the thought of it. 

I don’t know when you turned the shower off, I was too busy daydreaming to notice.  I look at the time and realise that we need to be setting off in a few minutes.  I’m just getting up from the plush leather chair behind my large oak desk when Ben comes in to tell me that the car is ready and waiting at the front door.  I thank him and tell him we’ll be out in a few minutes, then I head upstairs to your room, unlocking the door and letting myself in.  When I come into the room, you’re sitting on the edge of the bed dressed in the thin summer dress that the tailor has sent.  In that sitting position, I can see that it comes not more than a third of the way down your shapely thighs, and the fabric clings to the swell of your ample bra-free breasts; the dress supported by two thin shoulder straps.  “You look pretty,” I compliment you as I admire you lustfully.  “It’s time to go to the doctors,” I tell you.  You get up and walk silently towards me and I smile when I see two deep, red love bites on your neck.  I take your arm gently just above your elbow and lead you from the room and down stairs.  Just as we reach the foot of the stairs, one of the cleaning staff passes by.

“Have someone change the bedding and clean Ava’s room, please,” I instruct the young girl as I lead you out of the front door to the waiting SUV.  Ben is in the driver’s seat, waiting patiently with the engine running.  I open the back door and indicate for you to get in.  You do, and I slide in beside you, closing the door after me. 

“What a pleasant day to be outside,” I say with a broad grin as Ben eases the car down the drive and out into traffic.  I rest my hand on the soft skin of your exposed inner thigh.
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I hated the dress that was picked out for me to wear. It was thin fabric, very feminine and just not me. There was no bra for me to wear and support my C cup breasts, but I could go without. Thankfully, you left me some panties to wear with this already thin material dress. I was wondering to myself why I had to wear a dress. You were dolling me up for what? You've already raped me more times than I can count. When the door opened and you greeted me, I just kept my head down and my hands in my lap. For some reason, I felt like this whole mess with my fault. I was longing for the doctor to fix me up so my wrist could start healing. You complimented me by telling me I looked pretty and told me it was time to visit the doctor. I didn't say a word to you, could not even look at you. I needed to be on guard and see what opportunities I could have to escape. Father will let me down again, I just know it! If I had one minute alone with him, I would tear him down with my words alone and watch him cry. This was his fault what happened to me! He couldn't even look me in the eyes. I was getting teary eyed just thinking about his betrayal.

When we walked out of the room, you had me by the elbow and you ordered for my room to be cleaned. The whole time, I kept my head down and did not make eye contact with anyone. I'm sure everyone under this roof knew what happened to me. I'm sure they know what will keep happening to me if I stay here. The housekeeper told you she would get it done and you walked me downstairs. I could hear other staff members roaming about and I kept on hanging my head. There was no need to meet anyone or say hi, I was a prisoner here and they all knew. When we stepped outside, you commented on what a beautiful day it was, but still I said nothing. When the car was ready for us, you got in right after me and sat close to me. You placed your hand on my inner thighs and instructed Ben on where to go. I took my hand and pushed yours off my leg and scooted over to the door. One hand was on the door handle  and my broken one in my lap. "You keep your hands off me or I'll create a scene in public." I could see Ben's eyes in the rear view mirror looking back. "What the hell are you looking at?" I glared at him and then you.
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We were cruising along the city street heading towards the doctor’s office when I’d put my hand on your inner thigh.  Almost immediately you looked from me to my hand with utter contempt and disgust - something that didn’t surprise me if I’m being honest.  Then you willingly touched me for the first time when you reached down and pushed my hand off your leg before shuffling over towards the car door and as far away from me as you could get.  You reach for the door handle and i think that you’re about to try to open it and jump out of a car travelling at 40 MPH.  We both know that things won’t end well for you if you were to do that. 

You tell me to keep my hands off you or you’ll create a scene in public before turning your attention to Ben who was watching proceedings in his mirror.  You ask him what the hell he’s looking at as you glared at him and then me. 

“You can try the door if you like, Ava,” I say as I spread my arm out along the seat back and shuffle closer to you.  “But the child locks are on so it won’t open from the inside,” I tell you with a smirk and scoot so close to you that our hips are touching - something which I can see from your expression repulses you to your very core.  I lean in close to you, almost pressing you against the car door and bite softly on your earlobe. 

“You won’t make a scene in public,” I whisper quietly, my lips brushing your ear as I speak.  “Because, if you do, Ben will put a bullet between those pretty green eyes of yours before we’re home,” I threaten.
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You thought I was going to jump out of a moving car with a broken wrist. I wanted to say something but I just glared at you. You moved closer to me just to piss me off, knowing you repulsed me. Our bodies touched and you leaned over and bit softly at my earlobe. When you whispered in my ear a threat about Ben, I whimpered and tried to move even more against the door. "Why Ben? You can't do the dirty stuff yourself?" I snarled out at you. I didn't care if Ben heard me or not and definitely was not going to hide what I wanted to say. You just gave me a weird look; a psychotic kind of grin. Ben looked at us in the rearview mirror as he drove; probably curious as to what was about to happen in the backseat if I didn't shut up soon.

I tried to push you away from me by pushing on your shoulder, but you just grinned and stayed in place. You were the master of all bullies for sure. You showed enjoyment on your face when you saw pain and suffering on mine. Again, you treated me like I was the one who personally wronged you. You were already causing me to get all flustered and upset and we just left the driveway. I promised myself I wasn't going to let you affect me today. I don't know why I even made such a stupid promise when just looking at you destroys me. I could hear Ben snickering up in the front and when I looked up, he was eyeing me. I felt like I was the crazy one and the two of you were aware of it. There was no respect and no treating me like I was a lady, let alone a human with rights. 

"Fuck you, Ben!" I spat in his direction. 
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When I pressed myself up against you and started biting on your earlobe, you pushed up as hard as you could against the car door.  You asked me why I would get Ben to shoot you, asking if I can’t do the dirty work myself.  I noticed Ben watching us in the mirror as he drove; I’m sure he’s wondering if things are going to go bad in the back seat and he’s going to have some kind of mess to clean up instead of a nice easy trip to the doctor’s office.  You push on my shoulder to try and push me away, but I remain steadfastly pressed against you, my hip and thigh rubbing against yours while you lean against the door.

“Ben carries a much bigger gun than me,” I reply as I lift my hand and softly trace a like slowly from your forehead down to the tip of your nose.  “It’ll make a much bigger hole in that pretty face of yours,” I say with a maniacal grin. 

Ben sniggers when he hears what I say to you and you glare at him, hissing a disgusted ‘fuck you’ at him.  He glares back at you then glances at me.  A slight nod of the head from me indicates for him to carry on driving and that I’ll deal with you.  This effect that this confrontational talk is having on me is not unexpected; I can feel my cock swelling and throbbing in my pants as I become aroused and I know that I’m going to be getting frustrated over the next hour or so as I long to be back inside you again.  But I must restrain myself until later.  Of course, your body is safe from me while we’re out - not even I would rape you in the back seat of the car as we’re driving down the highway, even if the windows are blacked out.  Nor am I going to rape you at the doctor’s office.  So you will be safe until we get home, at least.  After that, who knows what might happen?

“You would be well advised to remember who you’re speaking to, Ava.  And what I can do to you,” I say as my hand again rests on your inner thigh, but this time sliding up under your dress and brushing against the soft fabric of your panties.
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You touched my face, tracing along and threatening me that Ben had a bigger gun than you. I know I should be scared shitless, but I was angry and tired of being here. I was desperate and sometimes desperation can you make do stupid things. "Get your damn hand off me." I swiped you your hand away from my face like you were a pesky fly. "I don't care what that mindless drone has." I started to cry, wiping my eyes and trying to push you away from me. Ben was driving what felt like 10 miles per hour. I wanted to get there as asap, to try and see what options I had in escaping. Sure, you can find me, but not if I get out of town and move far away. There was no way I was going to stay here after this. I was already degraded and humiliated; living here and possibly running into you and your goons would be too much. You would probably always have eyes on me someway. I was smothered! You weren't giving me any space just to be an asshole on purpose.

I had to try and just deal with your constant harassing behavior. You told me to be careful and  to realize who I was speaking to. Another threat! I hated wearing the dress you forced me to wear, my breasts were practically on display for perverted eyes. You could obviously see I was upset but you had to carry on. "Please just leave me alone!" I clutched the door and of course tried to open it as quietly as I could, but the child lock was on. I had to try. "What kind of man rapes and picks on girls?!" Ben was up there chuckling at the show behind him, I wanted to knock him out so bad.  I didn't want to cry before the doctors but it looks like I was. I tried to ignore you, but you kept touching me! Your hand was on my inner thigh once again and this time, I took your hand and practically threw it off my leg. "keep your damn hands off me!" I yelled at you. Of course Ben looked at what I was screaming at you again. "Keep your eyes on the road!" I was pissed, like a rabid dog. I wanted to get there and find some help.
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You swatted my hand away from my face and told me to keep my hands to myself before turning on Ben by saying you don’t care what he’s got, calling him a drone in the process.  I glance at the rearview mirror and see some anger brewing in his eyes but he knows not to do anything unless I tell him to.  You shuffle up as tight to the door as you can as you try to scoot away from me.  As I look towards Ben in the front seat, I see at the corner of my eye your hand reaching for the door handle.  You pull it to no avail, but I guess you just wanted to test whether I was lying to you about the child lock.  Of course, it should come as no surprise to you that the door doesn’t open.  I chuckle slightly when I turn back to you and see the disappointment on your face that the door didn’t obligingly throw itself open when you tried the handle, though I don’t let you know I saw you.  You plead with me to leave you alone, then in the next breath start grilling me about what kind of man rapes and picks on girls.  And then all but screamed at me to get my hands off you when I ran my hand up your thigh and under your dress.  When Ben sniggered from the front seat, you snarled at him to keep his eyes on the road.  Another glance at Ben tells me that he’s only waiting for me to give him the word and he would happily put a bullet in your head. 

Even in your precarious position of having threats made against you, you don’t seem to learn when to keep your mouth shut.  I’ve directly threatened you yet still you’re running your mouth and being a smart ass.  I guess it must be your natural instinct or something.  It looks like I’m going to have to teach you some manners if I’m going to keep you. But now is not the time as I know that we’re almost at the doctor’s office.

I turn your head so that you’re facing me with one hand while I roughly wipe the tears from your cheeks with the other.  “Can’t have you walking in to see Dr. Kingston with a tear stained face can we?” I say as I hold your head in place and glare at you.

“Now, I’m going to be coming in with you since I don’t trust you not to try and run off.  If I even think that you’re trying to pass a message to the good doctor, it will do you well to remember he’s on my payroll,” I tell you, then let go of your face.  Even though I’ve released my grip on you, I can still feel you looking at me, your disgusted stare burning into me as I watch the end of the journey through the windshield.  Luckily, for me, a stare can’t kill.
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This car ride to the doctor's office was exactly what I expected. You cannot leave me alone for one minute and can't keep your hands to yourself. I was just wanting to get there and not even have to look or talk to you much. This was a way for you to just show your sick power and control over me. You obviously know I am injured and it was because of you and yet you kept picking on me. This wasn't about my father anymore, now it was about you and me. If it was about my father, you would do your thing and leave me alone. You keep coming back and you keep laughing as you hurt me. My face was a mess and you grabbed it abruptly causing me to yelp. 

You started to wipe my face, making me presentable for the doctor. You weren't gentle either as you wiped my face dry. Through all my crying and yelping out, I could still hear Ben chuckling up front. You told me that you were going with me just to keep an eye on me. When you told me about the doctor being paid off, I knew that asking him for help was out of the question. I suddenly felt filled with despair. You were never going to let me out of your sight. 

I kept my head down and cried and held onto the door. We pulled up to a big black skyscraper in the city that must have had at least 100 floors. Of course your doctor is going to be in the biggest and most intimating building downtown. Now, hopes of being able to escape by jumping into someone's car or running up to someone was getting slim. I was scared and feeling intimidated to even enter the building. I've never liked heights and never been inside a tall building, especially not a huge skyscraper. I started feeling panicking and hot all over. Now it was hard to breathe as I looked up and saw how high it was. 
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You never spoke for the rest of the journey, just looked out of the window as the city passed us by.  Moments later we pull up outside one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city which houses Dr. Kingston’s office.  Ben stops the car outside then gets out to open the door on my side, mindful that you might try and make a run for it if he were to open your side.  I climb out of the car and wait for you to slide out next to me.  I watch as you slowly look up at the building and I can see the look of anxiety on your face.  Something tells me that it’s more than being in my presence that’s making you anxious.  I get the distinct impression that you’re terrified of heights. 

“Come, let’s get your wrist looked at,” I say abruptly as I hold your upper arm and lead you towards the imposing building.  You dig your heels in momentarily but I guess you must think better of resisting and start walking, albeit very unenthusiastically.  I can feel your body trembling as I’m holding your arm and I wonder if it’s me that you’re fearing or the tall building.  You whimper as we move from the bright sunlight and into the building’s dark, overpowering shadow and I watch you look up at it as it looms over us when we approach the entrance.  “Don’t worry, it’s not going to hurt you,” I tell you as the tinted glass doors automatically slide silently aside and grant us entry to the large entrance hall.  A large reception desk which is staffed by three young women, probably in their mid to late twenties - two brunettes and a blonde - are busy answering telephones while a fourth, a pretty redhead, greets us warmly with a broad smile.

“Good morning, how can I help?” she asks politely.

“We have an appointment with Dr. Kingston,” I reply.

She taps at the keyboard, glances at the screen and then returns her focus to us.  “Of course, Mr. Morgan.  Dr. Kingston is expecting you.  His office is on the fourteenth floor,” she says informatively. 

I lead you towards the elevator, releasing my grip on your arm and placing my arm around your shoulder as we cross the hall.  “This shouldn’t take long and we can get home and have some lunch,” I say to you as the elevator pings.  The doors slide open with a swish and an elderly couple emerge, greeting us with a friendly smile and ‘good morning.’
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Yes, it was obvious that I was a tad intimidated by the skyscraper. I didn't want to make it to where you could see a new fear of mine. Knowing you, you would use any and all fears against me. I tried to breathe in and out as calm as possible as you helped me out of the car. I dragged my feet as you reached for my hand as we walked inside. You could tell I was bothered by this monstrous building because you told me not to worry. I was panting some as I looked around anxiously, glancing at the large reception desk and noticed a woman greeting us. She was a redhead woman with baby blue eyes and milk like skin. Her eyes bore into the whole time as she checked the schedule and told you which floor the good doctor was on. 
I was staying close to you as we walked into the elevator and was greeted by an elderly couple as they walked in. You had told me we would have lunch after this, but I wasn't concerned with food.

I wanted to know when the hell my father was going to bring the money so I could go home. I was starting to feel like he was never going to come and pay. I had a sick feeling that maybe he already made a deal with you and I had never intended to leave in the first place. We rode up for a little bit with the elderly couple until the elevator stopped and they got off on the 8th floor. It was just the two of us for the rest of the way. I kept trying to ignore you the best way I could. You always had your hands on me and never let me stray away from you too far. Your eyes were always on my tits or either my ass. I felt like a walking, talking piece of meat. 

"Call him today." I looked up at you as we carried on riding up. "Please, I need to know what my father intends on doing. I need to know if he plans on paying off his debit, or if he plans on leaving me here... like I think he has." For the first time being in your company, I spoke to you like an adult business person would. I needed to know what the plan was since I was involved now. I can't go another day or night guessing and wondering what was to come. 
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The elderly couple leave the elevator on the eighth floor and we ride up the rest of the way on our own.  I’m expecting, and completely comfortable with, you either ignoring me or making some bitchy comment about how much you hate me, gambling on whether I’d do anything to you in public or not.  Of course I wouldn’t be foolish enough to bring that kind of attention to myself unless you forced me into something and I had no other choice.  But, for the most part, I want us to keep as low a profile as I can so as not to attract attention to us.  Aside from it not being in my own interests to cause a scene, Dr. Kingston does have other patients to consider.  So I’m slightly taken aback when you speak to me in a civil tone, asking me if I could call your father rather than demanding I let you call him.  Telling me that you need to know if he intends to come and pay off his debt today or whether he plans to abandon you and leave you with me.  You even speculate whether he’s actually done a deal with me to do that already.

“Oh I’m sure he’ll turn up later today,” I tell you truthfully.  “He always turns up when he says he’s going to, he just doesn’t always bring the money he says he’s going to,” I continue, also truthfully.  “You probably won’t want to hear this, but the only thing your father can be relied on is to let people down.”

You look at me with disappointment and disbelief at what I’m telling you, though after he left you in your store alone knowing that I would be calling and knowing that there was nowhere near enough money to pay me in the register, and after he turned up last night over a hundred dollars short on his debt, you must surely now be realising that he can’t be relied upon. 

The elevator doors open with a heavy swish and we step out into a large waiting area with plush leather chairs in rows.  On one side is a wall of glass that lets in an abundance of natural light and gives a reasonable view of the city, though only being of the fourteenth floor, it’s nowhere near as spectacular as it could be a few floors up.  The other two walls have several doors in them, each bearing the name of the doctor who works behind it, including Dr. Kingston.  I lead you over to the chairs closest to Kingston’s door and indicate for you to sit in one while I take the one beside you. 

“Your father has until 4pm.  If I’ve not heard from him or if he hasn’t appeared by then, then I will call him,” I promise and reach across and place my hand on your thigh, this time over your dress.
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You kept telling me about how my father is known for pulling stunts like this. He kept his secret life hidden from us pretty damn well. I felt so betrayed by my father, I just couldn't believe I grew up with a man I didn't know like I thought. We were being civil with each other as we rode up in the elevator and you went on about my father. You said we would most likely hear from him by 4:00 pm today. My wrist was starting to ache again, the pain pill was wearing off. I was rubbing it as we spoke and then the bell rang and we were on our floor. I was nervous for some reason seeing the doctor. I never liked going to hospitals or doctor offices growing up and I still don't. I wonder if the doctor will even ask how it got broke. Knowing me, I would probably blurt it out that you broke it. He's being paid by you, so I'm sure he wouldn't even bat an eye.

When we walked in, you pointed for me to sit down and wait. I saw the large windows that showed the entire city up on the 14th floor. My breathing became erratic as I tried not to look at the windows that showed how high we were up. I sat down as quickly as possible and looked down at my feet. I needed to calm my breathing and not think about how high we were up. There were other patients waiting in the office, a couple of men and one old woman.  You sat right by me and immediately placed your hand on my leg again. As subtle as possible, I pushed your hand off of my leg. One of the men in the waiting room, looked to be in his late 30's and he kept glancing at my breasts. I hated wearing something so then in fabric with no bra; you were putting me on display. I then grabbed a magazine and placed it right over my chest and glared at the man. He returned my glare with a cocky smirk and then looked at you looking at him and he cleared his throat and went back to looking at his phone. I hated wearing something so revealing! I never wore anything like this in my life.

When the door opened, a tall blonde woman with bright blue eyes called for us and we followed her in. We walked down another long hallway with dark walls and fancy decor until we reached a patient room. We sat down and she told us he would be right with and smiled at you and then shut the door. I no longer felt talking and just wanted to get my arm in a cast and call my father. "You never answered me before." You looked at me with a questionable expression on your face. "I asked you if I could call him later. May I please call him and speak to him?" I was showing respect, talking calmly and showing confidence. Maybe you would start to treat me differently now.
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I smirked to myself when you pushed my hand off your thigh again.  I’m mentally taking notes of all the times you spurn my advances and will make you pay for them next time we’re alone in your room.  As we’re sitting in the waiting room I noticed a man sat opposite look up from his phone and start ogling you.  His tongue was almost falling out of his mouth as he stared at your breasts.  If there weren’t other people here and this room wasn’t so public, I’d ask him if he wanted to have a go on you - mainly to embarrass him but also to add to your humiliation.  I watched in amusement as you picked up a magazine and opened it to cover your chest and the man quickly went back to his phone.  I chuckled slightly at your unspoken rebuke.  I’m just about to compliment you on it when the doctor’s secretary - a tall, blonde haired woman who wears so much make up that it looks more like war paint - comes out and calls us in.  She leads us to Dr. Kingston’s office and invites us to sit, telling us the doctor will be along in a moment, before leaving and closing the door behind her.  I can’t help but think that if she were to be much more subtle with her make up she’d be extremely pretty. 

As we sit and wait you tell me that I never answered your question.  When I look at you quizzically you ask me, in the most polite manner I’ve ever heard you speak, if you can call your dad when we get home.  Normally I would rebuff you straight away since I’d already told you that I would call him if he hadn’t showed up or I hadn’t heard from him by 4pm.  But I’m still chuckling to myself about how you made the guy in the waiting room look about two inches tall, and the expression on his face when he realised he’d been caught out.  So I’m not as harsh as I could be. 

“We’ll see,” is the only promise I make to you as the door opens and Dr. Kingston walks into the office and greets us, taking a seat on the other side of the desk.  He taps some keys on his computer keyboard and the screen springs to life and he begins by asking how you’re feeling, how the pain is, if the medication he gave you had any side effects.  You answer his questions and then he comes around the desk and takes your wrist in his gentle hands, slowly unravelling the bandages he’d put on there late last night when he made his house call.  He presses softly on your wrist and you wince in pain slightly as he examines you.  I notice him also glancing at your ample, bra-free breasts as he examines your wrist and asks you questions about it.  I wonder if he might want to have a go on you, too.  I inwardly smirk to myself again, knowing that I have my delightful prize that all the men want and that they will never get the chance to have because you belong to me. 

“I’ll take you for an X-ray now, Ava, just to make sure the break is clean and there’s nothing unexpected going on,” he says as he releases your wrist, steps back from you and goes to the door, opening it wide and gesturing for you to go with him.  You look at me, a kind of satisfied glint in your eyes, as you stand and walk through the door.  Kingston guides you out of the office by placing the palm of his hand at the small of your back just above your ass.  Low enough that he’s almost touching you up, but high enough not to be a sexual assault law suit.
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I've always been somewhat modest for my age, even though I would dress up and go out, I've never liked exposing myself. When that man was staring at my chest, not even being discreet about it, I was getting hot. I continued to glare at him as I heard you chuckle and look to see what I did with the magazine. When he turned and looked back at his phone, I still glared at him for another few seconds to make sure he kept his damn eyes down. It was your fault he was staring at me, making me wear a dress without a bra. Of course you found the situation funny, people are just toys for you to use.

When the beautiful blonde woman showed us to our waiting room, our private patient room we sat. As she smiled at you, I wanted to tell her that she was smiling at a monster. When she left and we were waiting, you told me you will see when I asked about calling my father. I rolled my eyes and sighed out. The doctor knocks on the door and then walks in and greets us with a warm smile. He asked how I was feeling and I told him I was starting to hurt again. It was funny how the good doctor didn't even ask how I broke it. When he gently pressed on it, I winced out and felt my eyes get watery. I looked at you and gave you a quick glare; if looks could kill. I wanted to just blurt out how my wrist became this way. He then tells me he will take me to get an X-ray now as he opens the door and waits for me to walk out in the hallway. I turned and gave you a smirk, now I was going to be alone with the doctor.

As the doctor walked with me down the hall towards the X-ray room, I looked around to see if anyone was ear. I could tell he was wondering why I was looking around and acting anxious. When we reached the room he closed the door and I started crying. "Please you have to help me get away from him! He's keeping me prisoner in his house because my father owes him money! He's raped me and beaten me over and over, this is why my wrist is broken." He looked nervous once I started spilling the beans on what you have been doing to me.

"Ava, go ahead and lay down here so I can get you taken care of."  I didn't budge but stared at him in disbelief.

"Did you hear me? Please I need help! He came into my shop and raped me, he's been raping me non-stop! Help me! Please call the police or someone who can help." I was rambling on uncontrollable and getting louder until he smacked the side of my face hard.

"Shut up you foolish girl! Don't you know who he is and what he can do to you and your loved ones? You're lucky that's all he has done to you. I can't help you, no one can help you. I'm sorry, Ava, I wish I could help you." The look in his eyes did tell me he was telling the truth, he felt sorry for me. "What am I supposed to do if my father can't pay him?" Tears were running down my face non-stop.

"There's nothing you can do. You're his now until he's done with you." He got me set up and put a lead blanket over my chest and started to take X-rays of my arm. The whole time I was weeping. When he was done, he gave me a box of kleenex to clean up my face and then led me back out to the hallway, taking me back to our private room where you waited. When he opened the door, you were already grinning at me.
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You and the doctor return a few moments later; your cheeks are slightly red and puffy as though you’ve been weeping, and, from behind you, Dr. Kingston looks at me and raises an eyebrow at me.  In that instant I know that you’ve told him what I did.  How much you told him, or how you told it I can’t be sure, but I know that it will be the worst possible version of events that you could think of.  I speculate that you’ve told him I have you tied up in the dungeons in my basement, even though you don’t actually know they exist.  Yet.  Although that time might come one day if you prove to me that you can’t behave properly or can’t be trusted to stay in the main house.  You retake your seat beside me, unable to look at me and continually looking down at your feet, while the doctor sits on his side of the desk and starts to tap away on his keyboard.  He ums and arrs for a moment before turning his computer monitor towards us.

“You have a radius fracture, Miss O’Reilly,” he says, pointing to a thin line bisecting one of the bones in the X-ray that’s taking up almost the whole of the screen.  “The good news is that it’s a clean break and it will heal fully in about five or six weeks.”  I notice you staring at the screen, at the picture of the broken bone inside your body.  The cost isn’t an issue, but it would have been a damn inconvenience if you’d needed surgery, so I’m thankful for that.  “You’ll need to rest it and try to keep it as immobile as possible while it heals, so I’ll get Greta to put a cast on that will keep it still for you,” he continues, turning the screen back towards him.  A few taps on his keyboard later and a printer on the desk springs to life which, once it’s finished, turns out a prescription for more pain medication for you.  “It’s going to hurt for the first week or so, but if you take these you’ll be fine,” Kingston says as he hands me the prescription, which I examine.  It’s for a strong painkiller - much stronger than your run of the mill Advil or Tylenol, but not as strong as Xanax or Morphine.  I notice you don’t even smile at the doctor this time which, in turn, makes me smirk.  Because it’s obvious that you asked him for help and he flat out refused you. 

There’s a knock at the door and a nurse walks in; a plump, middle aged woman with brown hair pulled into a tight ponytail and wearing green scrubs and has a warm and welcoming smile on her face.  “You must be Ava,” she greets you as she comes into the room.  “I’m Greta, I’m going to get a cast on you and then you can get out of here,” she says as she gestures towards the door.  We both stand and I thank the doctor, making sure to emphasise the part where I thank him for ‘ALL’ his help.  He nods knowingly as we leave his office and follow Greta to her treatment room.  You look anxiously at me and I know that you thought I was going to leave you alone to run your mouth to somebody else, possibly someone who isn’t on my payroll and will actually believe you.  Or, worse, try to do something about it.  Which would be bad news for them. 

Inside the room, there’s a hospital bed, which Greta instructs you to lie on, a wing back chair, not too dissimilar to the one in your room, beside it, and a few metal carts that have various machines and treatment instruments on them.  One of them contains a bowl of white liquid and some rolled up bandages, which Greta heads to now.  I take a seat in the wingback chair beside you as you lie down.  With Greta’s back turned, and you settled in place, I lean forward to your ear.  “I know you told the doctor,” I whisper menacingly to you, and watch with a smirk as your breath catches in your throat.
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Why was I so stupid? I had to open my mouth to a doctor I thought I could trust to get me help.When we got back to the room, the doctor started to tap away at his keyboard. He knew I was glaring at him the whole time as he spoke about my arm. Coward. I didn't even listen to what he had to say about my wrist, I was fuming. When he mentioned more painkillers, my eyes lit up. I was feeling anxious as the doctor kept talking about my arm and how the next week I was going to be in pain. I wanted to blurt out that YOU were the one that broke it, I wanted to tell the pretty blonde that wlaked us back here smailing at you, that you rape and beat women. I wanted to throw a huge fit, but I couldn't. I sat in my chair stewing...

The doctor looked at me and I continued to glare which made him uncomfortable. He shifted his eyes back to you and just looked at you the rest of the conversation. There was a knock on the door and a middle aged nurse walked in with a large smile on her face. I looked at her and gave her a polite smile in return, although I was sure she noticed I was not happy. She was here to do my cast, so I was grateful for her presence. She had extra weight on her, but she carried it well and had a sweetness to her. "Hi Greta." You and the doctor stood up and then I followed the lead, we started to walk out to the room to where she was going to get me taken care of. We followed Greta into a room with a bed to where she instructed me to lie down. I laid down, the whole time not looking at you. I hated how you were always around! I wondered to myself if Greta worked for you too. If I told her what you've been doing to me, if she would help me or not. The doctor already showed his true form and that he works for you. It was probably safe to assume everyone that you come in contact with regularly or not so regularly, that they all work for you in a way.

You pulled up a chair next to me, your expensive cologne hitting me in the face as I laid down. I kept my injured wrist safe as I held it against my chest. I looked up at the ceiling, keeping my focus away from you. You're the monster under my bed and in my closet, you're always around. You leaned in and whispered that you know I told the doctor. I felt goosebumps on my arm and a chill run down my spine. Tears started to fill my eyes as I kept them focused on the ceiling, not responding to you. Greta turns and then you lean back and smile at her and thank her for help. You're good at being charming and charismatic, but if only she knew. She got all her supplies together and sat them next to me on a small metal table. When she turned her back again to us, I turned and glared at you.

"I will be right back, I need more gauze." Greta cheerfully left the room.

I turned to you. "If I promise not to fight you, will you get some emergency contraceptive while we are here?"
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I could see the tears welling in your eyes when I told you that I know you’d told Dr Kingston what I’ve been doing with you.  You clearly thought that he would help you, that he was part of your plan to escape.  You obviously haven’t realised yet that there’s nobody in this city that I don’t or can’t own.  Nobody that I can’t pay off to get my way.  That there’s nobody that wants to get on the wrong side of me.  I let you think on my words for a moment as you stare at the ceiling while Greta goes about preparing her things to put the cast on your wrist.  I grin at your reaction.  You’re pissed that your plan didn’t work.  Pissed that I still have control of you.  Greta comes over to the bed wheeling a metal trolley with her supplies then goes back to the cupboards.  As soon as her back is turned, you turn your head and glare at me.  If looks could kill, you would have executed me right there and then.  Fortunately, for me, they can’t.  But I still have the means to kill you if I have to, not that I would want to since I’m enjoying your body too much.

Greta leaves, saying that she has to get more gauze.  I roll my eyes.  Surely she knew what we were coming for and she should have made sure she had enough supplies to do the job before she came and brought us in here.  I don’t want you out of the house any more than is absolutely necessary because the longer you’re out in public, the more chance there is of you foolishly thinking that there’s a way for you to get away.  A way for you to bring me down.  An irritated sigh escapes from my mouth.  Just then you speak to me.  You ask me if I’ll get you some emergency contraception if you promise not to fight me.  It’s all I can do not to burst out laughing.  Because you’ve been fighting and it’s got you nowhere other than in a doctor’s office nursing a broken wrist, alongside a few cuts and bruises.  And, despite all your fighting, I’ve still fucked you and you still have a womb full of my cum.

I lean forward, brushing some of your soft hair from your tear filled eyes and gaze into them.  “Sweetheart,” I say as I lean forward and place a soft kiss on your forehead.  I can almost feel you cringing at the feeling of my lips on your skin, the repulsion you’re feeling when I touch you.  “The fighting is half the fun,” I say with a chuckle and, essentially, shooting down your request to kill off my seed; to protect your womb.  Just as Greta comes back into the room, I place another soft kiss on your lips, making it look like a gentle, loving kiss, before leaning back in my chair and grinning at you as you glare at me, a look of horror and rage on your face.  I’m already imagining that you’re going to pitch a fit at me once we get out of here.
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The doctor visit wasn't going as I had planned on it to go. I wanted to get help, but no one wanted to risk their life helping me. The doctor knew very well how my arm broke, which is probably why he never asked how it happened. When jI made a deal with you, not to fight you anymore if you supply me with some Plan B's, you laughed. You leaned in and tools me fighting back was part of the fun. You kissed me gently on my mouth and I felt myself starting to feel that anger inside. Hopefully, my deadbeat dad will follow through today so this nightmare will end. Greta came back in right when you kissed me and she even went 'awww' at the sight. Maybe she thinks we're a couple and doesn't know about you yet. I turned and glared at you and I wiped my mouth. Greta noticed how I glared at you and wiped my mouth off and made an awkward giggle. 

If I wanted to make a scene I could, but something told me not to. You could get away with any crime and not face punishment for it. There was something wrong about you and the way people reacted when you were around. Everyone kisses your ass. I had tears in my eyes, wiping them as they fell down my cheeks. I could make a scene and really spill the beans, or just get wrapped up and get some pain meds. I really felt weak and tired and needed some relief. I kept my mouth shut as Greta got everything ready to wrap up my arm. You leaned back some when Greta made her way over to my left side to wrap up my arm. 
"You two are so cute together, you remind me of my daughter and her new husband, George." 

I could tell right off the bat Greta was definitely a talker! I heard you chuckle when she said we reminded her of her daughter and new son-in-law. It was taking everything in me not to make some smartass remark. I had to literally bite down on my tongue as I looked up at the ceiling and listened to you chuckle about that as well. You thanked her for the compliment, not even correcting Greta. You were so charming with her, making her laugh as you made polite conversation with her as she started to wrap my arm. I winced some when she had to move my arm some, of course she was nice and apologized. She was a little too sweet for my taste and listening to the two of you talk, was beyond annoying. I kept on trying to block the two of you out and pretending I was elsewhere. 
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As I was kissing you, Greta walked back in the room and cooed out a sickly sweet ‘awwww’ at us.  Of course, I didn’t mention to either of you how ridiculous it sounded, I just pulled back from your face and sat back down in my seat, grinning at you as you turned your head to glare at me and wiped your mouth with the back of your good hand.  She’d said that we reminded her of her daughter and son-in-law, then giggled inanely when she saw you wipe your mouth.  I can tell that you want to say something - probably to both of us, but I don’t actually think you’re brave enough to do it while I’m sitting next to you.  The thought of all that anger building up inside you, ready for you to unleash it when we get back to the house, or maybe even in the car on the way home is starting to turn me on.  My cock is twitching and throbbing in my boxers as I watch your face flush red with anger.  I chuckle again as I sit back in my chair and make small talk with the annoying Greta.

While she works on your wrist, we talk about her daughter and how so in love she is with her new Husband.  We talk about how good the weather’s been recently, about what plans she has for her annual vacation with her Husband - Hawaii for the fourth time.  She tells us that she has three daughters - Victoria, Amber, and Jessica, and that Jessica must be about the same age as you.  I wonder if her daughters would be as feisty as you if I’d installed them in my guest room instead.  She tells us about her church and about her Husband’s job for some tech company.  I notice you staring at the ceiling, wincing in pain occasionally as Greta moves your hand to wrap the plaster soaked bandages around your wrist, and I think that you have a good plan and I too zone out from Greta’s inane waffling. 

Before I know it, she’s declaring that she’s done and that we need to wait around for twenty minutes or so until the plaster has set and then she’ll come back and send us on our way.  As soon as she leaves, Dr. Kingston comes back into the room with a syringe and a vial of clear liquid and asks if you want another shot for the pain.  You don’t hesitate in saying you do, which he administers in your upper arm.  He tells you that it’s not as strong as the one he gave you last night, that it won’t make you drowsy like that one did, but it’ll help with the pain.  I glare at you wondering if you’re going to thank him for helping with your pain but you remain silent.  Then he’s asking me if I’d be interested in a round of golf at the weekend.  I can’t stand the game, but it’s a good way of networking, of keeping people on my side if I indulge them occasionally, so I agree and promise that I’m going to beat him this time - which I won’t because I’m absolutely hopeless at the damn game.  But I seem to be in the minority of business people when it comes to golf.  We arrange a time to meet at the club he’s a member of and I make a mental note to myself to get out in the garden and practice my swing.  While I may be bad at the game, I don’t want to look completely inept and unable to even grasp the basics.

As soon as he leaves, Greta returns and examines her work, then tells us we’re good to go. 

“Thank you, Greta, you’ve done a splendid job,” I say as you silently sit up on the side of the bed.  “Hasn’t she, Ava?” I say to you, now forcing you to say something.
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Listening to Greta and you make mundane conversation was more than I could stand. I was getting pretty damn good and blocking the two of you out, but I did hear a few here and there. She was obviously very proud of her daughter for marrying well. I continued to do my best to phase you both out while she wrapped up my am. I was thinking about how my father should be putting his only daughter as a priority. Who knows if I will be again now that he has a new woman in his life. Woman or no woman, you don't put her above your kids. I kept asking you previously if I could call him, with a "we'll see" comment coming from you. No, I needed to speak to him and it needed to be down asap! She apologized a few times when she noticed the grimace of pain on my face as she had to move my arm. As much as she kept talking, she hadn't asked how I broke my arm.  I was still staring at the ceiling and listening to you two talk. I could tell you were being fake nice with her and that she was most likely getting on your nerves like she was mine. You were even laughing like you were having the time of your life. With the two of you being so jolly,  I wanted to break it up but I had to be on my best behavior. I was and am still in your care; now your responsibility. You were holding my good hand and gently stroking it with your thumb as she finished up. When she said she was all done, I let out a sigh of relief. I looked at my arm in a cast and then turned and glared at you once again. You were the reason I was in this cast in the first place.

She told us we needed to wait about 20 minutes for the plaster to dry and I subtly rolled my eyes. I wanted to get out of here now. No one was going to be on my side, to get me help; now that my arm was bandaged up, I was ready to split. As soon as Greta walked out of the room, Dr. Kingston came back with a syringe in hand. When he asked if I wanted it, I nodded to him but did not say a word to him. He's a coward, he's a spineless twit who works for you and gives two shits about actually helping people. He injected my arm and I noticed you were glaring at me, probably upset that I didn't say thank you to him. As he is injecting my arm, he starts to talk to you about a round of golf. You agree to it and you two make tentative plans and then he finishes up and leaves the room as Greta walks in. As soon as she examined her work, she told her we were good to go and I started to sit up. You thanked her and told her she did a splendid job, then turning to me with that look in your eyes. I could tell you wanted me to thank her too and be all happy and polite. You asked me didn't she did a good job, still giving me that look. "Yes, thank you Great, if it weren;'t for him breaking it, you wouldn't have to have done such an amazing job at this." Her mouth opened some as she glanced at you and then me. I then had a great big smile on my face as I looked at both of you.
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You took the hint when I’d forced you into thanking Greta, but not in the way I imagined, instead of just a polite thank you, you told her she wouldn’t have done such a great job if I hadn’t broken your wrist in the first place.  At first, the woman’s mouth dropped and then she smiled awkwardly as you hopped down off the bed with a beaming smile and looked between the two of us.  I smile back at Greta and reach out and place my hand on the back of your neck, subtly squeezing and pulling you in closer to me as I swallow down my anger, knowing that I have to hold my temper until we get home.  “Just a bit of horseplay while we were fooling around, you know,” I beamed at Greta with a wink, feigning embarrassment to explain away the red flush of anger on my face.  “Accidents happen, unfortunately, although she wasn’t complaining at the time,” I say.  Suddenly it was Greta who was embarrassed at being told you’d broken your wrist while we were having sex - which was, in itself, true.  Though she doesn’t need to know that only one of us was consenting to that sex. 

“Thanks again, Greta,” I say as I lead you towards the door, my hand still firmly gripping the back of your neck and walking you calmly towards the elevator.  I’m silent on the ride down to the ground floor, though you could cut the atmosphere inside that small square of space with a knife.  I glance at you and I can see that there’s a hint of fear on your face.  You know you’ve pissed me off and I’m pretty sure you’re wondering what I’m going to do next.  You’re probably just waiting for me to take my wrath out on you.  Instead, I remain silent.  When we reach the ground floor, I lead you out of the elevator, through the lobby and out of the door to where Ben waits with the car.  By the time he’s climbing out of the driver’s seat to open the back door for us, I’m already there with the door open.  “Get in,” I growl at you, pushing you towards the car.  Once you’re inside, I slide in beside you and slam the door closed.  “Take us home, Ben,” I say, sternly.  Even Ben can tell that I’m pissed.  I glare at you as Ben pulls out into traffic, but remain silent.
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The look on Greta's face was priceless when I threw you under the bus. As quickly as I ratted you out that you were the one that broke my arm, you quickly made a believable lie. You laughed when you told her it was 'horseplay' and even winked at her which made her blush. I was mortified and pissed at the same time. I wanted to throw shit around and slap Great across the face and shake the doctor and tell them what fools they were to be working with you. Greta was just a poor fool in general.For a brief moment, I envied Greta because she seemed so happy and acted like she had no care in the world. She was the kind that was oblivious to the evils of this world, or just would probably stick her head in the sand like an ostrich. You placed your hand on the back of my neck and made a firm grip. My face was red. I was sure of it, every time I was upset or angry, my cheeks would flush red. You played it off well and we got up and thanked her and walked out of the room and down the hall.

I could tell you were mad, the way you handled me and made sure you were acting professional as we left the building. Your hand was on my lower back as you guided me to the elevator. I knew you were pissed and you were waiting for the right time to let me know. I wasn't even nervous or scared, the shot for my pain was making me feisty and more of a smartass. I felt cheeky to say the least now as we stepped in the cold elevator.

As soon as you saw Ben waiting for us, you growled at me to get in and I scooted all the way to the furthest from you I could. You barked at Ben to take us straight home and he replied with a respectful “yes sir”.  He knew you were pissed too but the good news was, maybe you wouldn’t hurt me on the way home with Ben in the car, maybe he would. I felt dead again, my feistiness was focused on the cold stern look on your face.
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Clearly Ben can tell that I’m in a mood as he’s driving us back home.  It’s rare for me to stay completely silent while we’re in the car, even when we have a passenger - willing or otherwise.  Anyone would be able to tell that I was in a mood because you could cut the atmosphere in here with a damn knife.  I’m resisting all the urges I’m feeling to yell at you and to hurt you for trying to humiliate me in front of Dr. Kingston and Greta.  Of course, Kingston is on my payroll and, since Greta is on his payroll, she kind of is too, by association.  I might not pay her directly, but anyone that is on the payroll of my staff, I treat as well as I would if they were paid by me.  For the whole of the journey home, I’m glaring at you while you stare out of the window, clinging onto the door handle as though you’re ready to try to open it and make a run for it.  Of course, I’m sure you’ll remember the child lock is on so the door will only open from the outside, but it will be fun to watch you try anyway.  And it’ll give me another reason to hurt you when we get back if you try to put up some kind of escape. 

“You ok, Boss? You’re awfully quiet,” Ben asks me from the front seat.  My eyes meet his in the rearview and I nod my head.

“Yeah, nothing that won’t sort itself out once we get home,” I reply.  Although I’m not directly telling him that you did something that pissed me off, he can be in no doubt that you are the cause of my mood since I’ve just told him it would be sorted out when we get home. 

It’s almost 3pm when Ben turns the car into my long driveway, through the electronice gate, and slowly drives up the hill to my mansion.  There’s another car parked by the front door, a car that doesn’t belong here but one which I recognise just the same.  I look at you and your eyes widen and light up when you see it.

“Looks like Daddy has come by early, today.  Let’s hope he’s brought enough money with him,” I say as Ben brings the car to a stop and kills the engine. 
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We sat in silence as Ben drove us back and I could feel the tension in the air. You were definitely pissed at me. To be fair,  you could have already hit me by now but you were holding back. It was obvious that you were stewing at my behavior inside the doctor's office with Greta. I looked outside the window and tried to focus on anything that could distract me. I was starting to feel good, the pain shot working but not as strong as the pills were. My attention was taken from looking out the window when Ben asked you if you were okay. I didn't even bother to turn my head, just sitting as still as I could. When I heard your answer to him, I started to feel nervous again. You were going to wait until we got back for you to deal with me. The rest of the ride I was anxious, I knew  you were planning on disciplining me once we got back to your mansion. I could have made a bigger scene but I held back. I was just searching for someone to listen and someone to be aware of what was going on. The sad thing was, everyone knew but didn't care. Money controls the world.

When we finally pulled up to your gate, it opened and Ben drove us down the extremely long driveway. I noticed a car andx my eyes widened, it looked like my dad's car. When you told me it looked like my father had arrived, I was practically like a dog wagging its tail in the car waiting for its owner. I didn't even respond to you when you told me he was here. I was now smiling and looking through the glass to see if I could spot him. Ben pulled up right behind his car and turned the engine off. He stepped out and walked over to your side to let YOU out first. For a brief moment, we both made eye contact with one another and I knew you were wanting to hurt me right then and there. I didn't want to gloat just yet; we needed to make sure my father was here to pay off the debt and then I'd flip you off as we would walk out. In the back of my mind, I knew I wouldn't do such a thing that might set you off and possibly kill one of us or both.
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I could see the grin spreading across your face, a look of satisfied smugness as you think that you’re finally getting away from me.  But I’m not about to let that happen.  Even if your father has brought all the money that he owes me, it won’t be enough.  When he leaves, he won’t be taking you with him.  He could turn up with a million dollars in cash and the price will be two million.  Hell, I might even offer to forgive his debt in return for you.  I think the selfish prick might even go for that if it means he has more money to spend on his new girlfriend that he was bragging about a couple of months ago.  ‘She’s gonna change me, Mr. Morgan,’ he’d told me at the time.  Yeah, he got that right, I’m sure you’d agree.  But I decide not to mention things he’s told me in the past to you.  At least not yet.  Those things are best kept for later on when I need something to hurt you with, a mental and emotional weapon.  But first things first, and right now you need to be taught what happens to you when you try to show me up in public.  And I think your dad will be a good audience for that.

Ben climbs out of the car and comes around to my side and opens the door.  I can sense your eagerness to get to your father so, with a smirk, I very slowly slide myself out of the car and stand back and wait for you.  You almost leap out of the back seat and, just as you start to bound happily for the front door, I reach out and grab your upper arm and pull you back. 

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet, you know what a let down he is.  So until he’s paid up, you’re still mine,” I growl at you as I lead you by the arm up the steps to the front door.  As we approach the door swings open and Adam is there to greet us.

“He’s in the drawing room,” he states as he stands back to allow us into the house.

“Bring him to my office,” I say firmly as we walk past Adam and into my office off the main hall.  I kick the door closed behind us and lead you to my desk.  “Take a seat,” I demand, indicating to the imposing leather office chair behind my desk.  I keep my workspace clean, and my laptop is switched off so I’m not concerned about you seeing anything you shouldn’t.

Moments later there’s a knock at the door and a brief pause before it opens and Adam brings your dad in.  He’s wearing dirty blue jeans, a blue polo shirt and face full of stubble that tells me he hasn’t bothered to shave before coming to see me.  He’s either only just got out of bed or he’s just a lazy ass deadbeat, I think to myself.

“Ava,” he yelps out as he comes into the office and takes a seat - uninvited - on the other side of the desk, not even attempting to hug his only daughter or mentioning the fresh new cast on your wrist.

“Leave us and close the door,” I instruct Adam, who does as he’s asked.

I look between you and your dad for any kind of reaction or expression on either of your faces.
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I was so excited that my father showed up, he was finally going to take me away from this place. When you slid out of the car, I quickly followed you with a smile on my face. I felt you grabbing my upper arm as I started to quickly walk away from you and towards my father's car. You gripped my upper arm hard, hard enough for me to know you were truly pissed at me. You told me to not get ahead of myself and reminded me what a let down he was. I wanted to tell you to 'fuck off' but  just wanted out of here. I didn't even reply to you, just walked up the stairs as you led me up to the front door. When the door opened, it was Adam with a smirk on his face. He tells us that my father is in the drawing room and I look up at him and glare hard. I hate him as much as I hate you and Ben. My heart was racing from the excitement of seeing dad and going home. You still had my arm, keeping me close to you like I was your property. In your eyes, I was property until you were ready to sell me back to him. You told Adam to bring my father to your office as you made me walk with you to your office. I kept trying to jerk my arm away, but you held on tight.

You kicked the door open to your office and it actually startled me. You told me where to sit, poining for me to sit at your desk, in your seat. I was confused as to why you wanted me to sit where your laptop was, even though it was turned off. You were probably just trying to keep me away from the nearest exit. When there was a knock at the door and it opened, I was excited to see my father. When he walked in, he just looked awful and worn out; wearing filthy clothes and unshaven. He definitely was not the same man I grew up with, the one who always had his shit together or so I thought. He stumbles in and sits across from me, not even trying to reach for me or embrace me. We were always a family that hugged and kissed one another. He didn't mention my arm being all in a cast or the cuts and bruises on my face. He's changed for sure!

"What's happened to you?" I choked out, trying not to cry for the billionth time. "You can't even pay a debt to free your only daughter." My eyes filled up with tears. He couldn't even really look me in the eyes, just kept looking down in shame. "Answer me!!" I yelled at him for the first time ever and slammed my good hand down on the desk. "Look what he's done to me!" Now I was full on crying and yelling at my own father. "What is wrong with you?!!" I looked at you to see if you could say something. I looked at you crying and feeling hopeless.
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I watch you both closely for your reactions to each other.  You’re the only one showing any kind of emotion; your eyes are filled with shock, with resentment, with horror, with anger.  While he just looks at the floor as though he’s embarrassed to be here, to even be in the same room as him.  One would expect a father who could see his only daughter had been injured by someone would be the one who’d be angry at the sight of your cast and your cuts and bruises, would be demanding to know what had happened and wanting to do something about it, to avenge it.  Instead, he looks sheepishly at his scruffy white sneakers as though he’s completely unable to look at you.  For a moment, I pity you for having this individual as a father and I wonder how you managed to grow up so feisty and strong willed that you’d fight back against someone as strong and powerful - both physically and in stature - as me while I rape and abuse you.  Your injuries are testimony to how much of a fight you put up despite you having very little chance of ever getting the better of me.  And you will likely fight more in the future until I break you.  Because there’s no way I’m letting you leave this house. 

It’s you who speaks first, asking your dad what has happened to him, something I’m wondering myself, he didn’t look this bad yesterday when he was here.  I can hear your anger building in your voice as you question him about why he can’t pay his debt to free you, though your voice almost breaks when the tears well at your eyes.  He physically jumps in the chair when you yell at him to answer you, and again when you slam the palm of your hand down on the polished mahogany desk and hold your cast up for him to look at.  When you tell him to look at what I’ve done to you, he raises his eyes, but not his head, for the briefest of moments before turning his attention back to his sneakers.  The tears break free from your eyes and roll down your cheeks and you begin to cry.  ‘What’s wrong with you,’ you sob at him before looking up at me as if asking me to help you.

Already I can see where this is going to go from the expression on his face and the way he’s staring at the floor.  I would be willing to bet a large amount of money that he hasn’t got what he owes - if he’s even got anything at all.  “Let’s get this over with, shall we?” I say after clearing my throat.

“You can’t keep my daughter hostage like this,” he says, finally showing some kind of emotion, some courage.  He looks up at me and glares at me as though his pathetic stare will make my resolve weaken and I’ll buckle under it and allow you both to just walk out of here. 

“Until you pay me what you owe me, I will do exactly that,” I reply, returning his stare.

“I’m leaving and taking her with me.”

“Not without paying me, you’re not.  And I’d like to see you try.”

Out of the corner of my eye I can see your head moving from side to side as you look between the two of us.  I’m on edge and expecting some kind of reaction from you and I’m ready to push you back down into your seat if you try and get out of it.

“You owe me money, O’Reilly, and Ava isn’t leaving this house until you pay me.  And your dumbass outburst thinking you can tell me what to do has just put the price up by a thousand bucks,” I snarl at him.  I hear you gasp and whimper when I tell him this, and he looks up at me with a look that is a combination of contempt and shock.  I think if he wasn’t the other side of my large mahogany desk he’d try and take a swing at me.

“You can’t do that!” he yells, slamming his hand down on the desk and getting to his feet.

“I own this town and I can do pretty much what the hell I like.  Now sit down.”

“Give me my daughter,” he yells, his face flushed red with anger.

“Give me what you owe me,” I yell back.

“Fuck you, we’re leaving.  Come on, Ava,” he spits back, beckoning you from around the desk as he straightens himself up. 

Before you can move, I’m already on my way around to his side of my desk and standing beside him.  He stands a couple of inches shorter than me and is nowhere near as stocky or well built.  It only takes one hard fist to his right kidney to make him crumple back into his seat clutching his stomach and gasping for the breath that I just punched out of him.

“No!,” I growl, “you leave when I say you can leave.  How much money have you brought with you?” I demand.

He doesn’t reply, he just sits there shaking his head, a tear rolling down his left cheek.

“Nothing?” I ask, genuinely stunned.  “You came here with nothing?” I ask again in disbelief.  I hear you sob and whimper, presumably equally unbelieving.  “You think you can walk in here and make demands and walk out with what you want?  It doesn’t work like that, O’Reilly.”

I come back around to the side of the desk where you’re sitting in my large chair and lean down so that my head is at the same level as yours.  You look at me but I turn your head so that you’re looking at your father.  “You see what a pathetic ass he is? He didn’t even bring any money.  He knew what he was doing and he thought I would let him just walk out of here with you without paying what he owes.  Ask him, Ava.  Ask him where all his money is.”

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He looked like he was strung out on drugs or that he hadn't slept in a week. None of this shook him to his core to get upset and I am his only daughter. I was so pissed. He was not the same at all! "Look what she's done to you! You have let her ruin you and our family!!" I was a sobbing mess. You stood there watching us talk, watching me tear a new one into my father. You cleared your throat and said to get this over with. I wiped eyes and looked at you and then back at my father, hoping he had all the money. I could see it in his eyes, he didn't have a cent and he came here for a reason and that was to steal me away. 
Dad starts to tell you how you can't keep me hostage like this. I look at you to see your reaction and you just smirked. I felt a little less angry with dad once he started to show some balls towards you. It started to get a little uncomfortable for me when you said no and he kept on. The last thing I want is to see my father being killed in front of me. The two of you were glaring and I could just tell that it was going to get ugly. I started to pop my knuckles and then bite my nails, two habits I picked up as a child when I got scared or nervous. My father always hated the sound of me popping my knuckles, telling me how unlady like it was. I knew either Ben or Adam were outside the door waiting for it to go bad. My stomach felt like it had a thousand butterflies inside as I watched the two of you argue.  "Please stop!" I started to shake and treble, crossing my arms over my chest and crouching as low as I could. 

You tell him you're gonna add another grand and I started to cry, this time covering my face with both hands. Dad got up and you got up and then next thing I knew, you punched him and he went down. I screamed out and watched my father writhing on the floor. When you asked him how much money he brought, he said nothing. He had nothing. I knew he was going  to let me down again. You crouched down to me, to talk to me and reminded me what a pathetic ass he really is. You kept taunting me to ask him where the money was, over and over. I was going to lose it, it felt like at any moment. "Shut up, shut up, shut up!!!" 

I didn't think, but reacted and jerked back to where it made you tumble a bit and I jumped over my father and jerked the door open. Adam was there but I caught him off guard as I charged him like a bull in a china shop and ran like hell to the stairs. I was panting and running, not even realizing I just left my own father there on his own. I heard shouting from you and some other commotion and it only made me run faster towards the front door. I just focused on my goal and tried to ignore the noises of the men after me. 
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I grinned when I got in your face and told you how pathetic your dad was.  I could see straight away that I had touched a nerve because your eyes widened and tears began to flood out of them.  Your whole body was trembling and I had an idea that you were about to do something, I just wasn’t sure what until you actually did it.  And I was right.  As you crouched by your father, you started yelling at me, repeating for me to shut up over and over.  Then you pushed back into me and knocked me off balance.  If I had to put money on what you would do, I would have lost every penny because what I didn’t expect for even a fraction of a second was for you to jump up, leap over your stricken father and run for the door, pulling it open and bursting out into the hall and heading for the front door at a sprint.  Ben and Adam, who were standing as guards at the office door, looked dumbfounded as you blasted past them and ran across the hall.  Ben looked back at me curiously and I returned it with a glare.  “Don’t just stand there, bring the fucking bitch back,” I yelled at him.  Immediately, they sprung into action and gave chase.  In the meantime, I crouched back down to your dad.

“That wasn’t a very wise move, old man,” I tell him as he lay on the floor doubled up in pain.  I hear a scream and commotion out in the hall and I know that Ben and Adam have caught up with you and are bringing you back.  And you’re clearly not coming quietly.  As they appear at the door, each of them holding one of your arms while you kick out and scream profanities at them, I’m hauling your dad up off the floor and dumping him back into his seat.  He grunts as I get him within three or four feet of the chair and then let him fall back into it. 

“I...I...I….” he stutters out as he gasps for the breath I knocked out of him when I hit him. 

“Save it, I’m not interested,” I growl, then drive my fist into chin and snap his head to the side as he grunts in pain and you scream out again.

As your dad sits there holding his face in pain, I turn my attention to you and slowly walk to the door where Ben and Adam are keeping hold of you.  “And that was a dumb move, too,” I hiss at you as I reach out and grasp a handful of your hair and twist it around my wrist. 

“Leave us,” I instruct my men.  They look at me then look at each other and then, finally, release their grip on you.  “And lock the goddamned door,” I holler at them as they leave the room, doing as they’re told and closing and locking the door behind them.

“Now, we’re all going to find out what happens when you try and cross me,” I hiss in your ear as I drag you across the room while you reach up and try to prise my fingers from your hair and spit some of your potty mouth vocabulary in my direction.  When we get back to my desk, your dad is hanging his head in shame and looking at his sneakers again. 

“Look at me, O’Reilly,” I demand.  He hesitates and then finally looks up at us.  As soon as his eyes make contact with mine, I push you towards the side of the desk and slam your abdomen into it and forcing you to bend forward.  “You both know the consequences of crossing me,” I snarl as I lift your dress to your waist and move behind you, my grip on your head pinning you to the desk as you flail your arms around.
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Just when I thought I was going to reach the front door, Adam grabbed me by the hair. I fell back on the floor, landing hard on my ass as he yanks me up hard from my arm. Ben yelled at him not to hurt me too much or you would return the favor on him. They each took an arm and walked me back upstairs and towards your office. "No, please don't take me back to him!! Let go!! You assholes!!!" They laughed and then knocked on your door to where you opened it and they held me in place. I was crying and trying to squirm out of their hands but they held on tight. You walked over to me and I had tried to scoot away from you towards Ben. I had a feeling you were about to strike me, but instead you grabbed a handful of my hair. You were angry and it showed on your face and you were not going to let this slide. I looked at my father still on the floor, acting like he was dying. Ben and Adam let go of my arms after you barked at them to and to lock the door.

They leave and lock the door as you dragged me over to your desk. "No, please don't!!" I tried to use my nails to try and get loose from your grip. You slammed me on your desk, had me bent over. "No, please! I'm sorry!!" I screamed out,slamming my good hand on your desk over and over. You had told my father to look at you and he obeyed. There was no way you were going to rape me in front of my father! This could not be happening! This was about to be the ultimate humiliation you were about to bestow on me. "No!!! Please! Not in front of him!!!" Tears were running down my face as I kept trying to fight you off me the best way I could. I kept kicking my feet, but your hand held me down. "Please don't do this!!!"

This was something my father was never going to unsee or forget. He was going to see his daughter getting raped. All of this was HIS fault...
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Suddenly, as I held you down on the desk, you became apologetic as you begged and pleaded with me not to do this to you.  Really, you know what I’m like by now and you should have thought of that before you tried to run.  Running will only get you into more trouble, as you’re about to find out.  You beg me not to do this, beg me not to do it in front of him.  I grin at the fact you say ‘him’ and don’t call him your dad or father.  I lean down over your back and bite at your neck to deepen the love bites I’d forced on you while I was raping you earlier. 

“You should have thought of that before you tried to escape, Ava,” I growl softly in your ear and grind the swelling bulge between my legs against the crotch of your panties.  “You know what happens when you make me mad,” I whisper to you.  Then run my tongue along the back of your neck.

The way this meeting had descended into violence had already started my arousal - there’s something about inflicting pain and hurting people that gets me off.  I can’t explain why that happens but it always has.  The first erection I ever remember getting was when I pulled Katie Smethurst’s ponytail so hard that it made her cry - I was in fifth grade at the time.  I didn’t pull it for any reason other than it was there, swinging from side to side as she walked in front of me as we were leaving school one afternoon.  My second erection came that same afternoon after I got home and remembered her tears.  That was the first time I ever masturbated. 

Now, with my cock starting to throb from punching your dad, and my erection establishing itself from you trying to escape and subsequently being slammed down onto the desk, it’s now at that familiar point where it feels like it’s going to bust out of my shorts as I grind it against your vagina that is protected by nothing more than the thin layer of satin that are your panties. 

“You already know what happens when you piss me off,” I growl.  “And now daddy’s going to find out, too.”

You wail out and slam your hands down on the desk over and over as I push myself up off your back.  I look at your dad and he turns his head away.  “Look, old man, don’t you dare let me see you looking away,” I hiss at him.  As soon as he turns his head back towards us, I yank your underwear down your thighs and unfasten my pants.  You kick out at me but your feet miss their mark and, suddenly, I’m glad I got you flat shoes and not heels.  I free my fat, hard cock from my pants, push the precum tip between your lips and press it against your tight entrance.

“This is on you, O’Reilly, you let this happen to your daughter.”

You wail out and scream as I buck my hips forward and penetrate you, my thick shaft stretching your tight, dry hole wide open as I force my cock deep inside you.
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I kept thinking to myself that this was all a nightmare, this wasn't happening in front of my father. Yes, this was going to happen in front of the man who most of my life protected me. I shivered when I felt your mouth on my neck and ear, touching the same places you bit and sucked on before. There was no way I was NEVER going to be able to look at my father in the eyes again. You told me that I know what happens when I make you mad. The next thing I felt was your tongue running along the back of my neck. "No!! Please this wasn't my fault!!"  You were rubbing and teasing me with the tip of your cock. I still had my panties on, but you were about to rip them off me. You told me I already know what happens when I piss you off. "No! Not like this! Not in here!!"

To be raped is already humiliating enough and now my father was being forced to watch. When he turned his head, you yelled at him to turn and watch and how this was his fault. The last part I agree with,all of this was his fault!  He betrayed me bigtime. He was forced to watch as I screamed while you yanked my panties down. The next thing I felt, was your cock hard as a rock, dripping precum. "Noooo!!!" I wans't wet, so of course it hurt and made me scream bloody murder. I kept banging my good hand over and over on the desk, the gold pen you had by your lamp rolled off. I knew this was probably killing my father, but he made his bed and now he has to lie in it. You were in balls deep, grabbing and groping at my body as you held me down in place.

I was sure that Ben and Adam could hear me screaming. One or both were probably right outside the door. My father started to say something, some sort of mumbled threat to you. I knew he was scared of you, but he said something when he should be pulling you off of me. I could have sworn he said he was going to one day kill you. If only my father would actually follow through with what he says.
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I groaned in both pleasure and discomfort when I penetrated you; your pussy, your tight pussy always feels so good around my fat, hard cock but when you’re dry it’s uncomfortable and hard going to fuck you.  But I’ve managed to fuck you while you were dry on several occasions now and I will do so again.  I’m also getting to know that it won’t be very long before your body reacts to my invading manhood and starts to lubricate you to stop you from being injured while you’re being fucked.  You cry out a loud, wailing ‘no’ as I bury myself inside you, holding you down on the desk as I savor the feeling of your tight inner walls around me, my balls resting against the cheeks of your naked ass while your dad watches on helplessly.  When I start to slowly ease my cock back and forth inside you, driving hard into you with every thrust to overcome the friction of your dry walls and making you yelp out, you slam your hand onto the top of the desk over and over.  My gold pen that I received from the Mayor in honor of all the good work that I do for the city rolled off the desk and fell to the floor.  I drive my cock harder into you for that.  You scream over and over as I fuck you, your head turned towards your dad as he’s forced to watch you being raped. 

“I’m going to kill you, you bastard,” the old man mumbles as I grunt and gasp and drive my cock over and over into your tight cunt.  I laugh at his words, knowing that he wouldn’t have the balls to even try.  I doubt he’ll even have the balls to come back here after he leaves tonight.  I doubt he’d ever be able to look at you again knowing that he’s the cause of all this.  Somehow I know your relationship with your father is dying right in front of my eyes.  I grin and fuck you harder, groaning when I feel your wetness starting to seep through your inner walls and soak my cock.

“You don’t have it in you, O’Reilly,” I grunt at him with a smirk while you wail and beg me not to do this in front of him.  I ignore your pitiful pleas and keep thrusting my thick cock into you while the hand wrapped in your hair holds your head firmly down on the desk. 

“Don’t you dare look away,” I growl when I see your dad trying to avert his eyes.  His lack of action does not go unnoticed by me.  I know that if I were locked in a room where someone was forcing me to watch someone I’m supposed to love be raped, I would fancy my chances of taking him on, if only at least to make the ordeal end for the girl who was being plowed.  He looks back at us but can’t meet your eyes.  I stare at him as I’m fucking you and realise why he’s shamefully trying to look away.  He’s watching my cock as it moves forward and disappears inside your vagina.

“What’s wrong, old man?  Are you jealous?” I ask with a chuckle.  “Are you pissed that I’m fucking her and you’re not?” I taunt.  I know, with your head held down on the desk so that you’re forced to look at him, that you’re watching your dad’s reaction to my ridicule as much as I am.
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This was the most humiliating act I had ever endured in my life, this all in front of my father. You showed you had no heart and no soul; no remorse for your actions on people. Dad was being forced to watched you fuck me! This was something he or I would never forget. My tits were starting to fall out of my dress, since you took away my bra. Hearing you enjoy my body in front of my father only made me feel stripped away even more. Everytime you fucked me, you stole a piece of me, something I would never get back. I was no longer holding back as I cried and made an attempt of fighting you off. I heard my father threatening you some more, anger spilling out of his voice. Maybe he was sobering up or coming down from whatever drug he was on and now noticing what you were doing to his only daughter. "Dad, please!! get him off me!" Dad kept threatening you, but it was all talk like what you thought. You asked him if he had it in him,but he never answered. The father I had once before he met that slut would never have allowed you to lay one finger on me. I'm sure you had a huge smile on your face as you were trying to piss him off even further.

You kept trying to pick at him while you were raping his duaghter. It was like you wanted him to get up and start a fight while you were still inside me. You yell at him to look back when he turns his eyes away. It was disgusting hearing you taunt him about being jealous. No, he would never!! "Shut up!!!" I screamed at you at the top of my lungs. "Disgusting pig!!" I kept banging my good hand against the desk over and over. "You sick fuck!!"  I could hear you chuckling at my expense and my father cursing you. I used my bad arm with the cast to place across my chest. I didn't need my father seeing my ass and tits.  You asked him if he was jealous at what he was seeing. My skin crawled at your words. I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die!

"Get him off of me!! Please dad! Please get up!! Why do you do nothing?!" i wailed out as you continued to fuck me and to9uch me. He was worthless.
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Asking your dad if he was jealous of me fucking you seemed to push you over the edge and you let fly with a barrage of name calling.  You called me a disgusting pig and sick fuck to name a couple, and told me to shut up - as you always do when I start to get inside your head.  I kept thrusting my cock into you as you screamed out in pain and disgust and despair.  Driving my thick shaft deep inside your dry pussy as your dad just sat and watched and mumbled idle threats at me.  I laughed at both of you.  One of you is in no position to do anything about this, and one of you doesn’t have the balls.  I’m fucking you so deep and hard that at one point, around the same time you start to slap your good hand on the top of my desk, your breasts escape from the top of your low cut dress and swing to and fro under you until you realise they’ve broken free.  I can see your cheeks flush red as you realise and quickly slide your cast under you to cover your modesty.  Not that you have anything left to cover now that your dad has sat there and watched me rape you.

As you start to finally get wet around my cock, you beg your dad to get me off you, screaming at him as tears roll down your face.  When he does nothing more than sit there looking shameful, you start to whimper and sob, your tight inner walls clenching around my thrusting cock as your body heaves with crying. I groan with pleasure when I feel your juices soaking me and letting me fuck you deeper and harder and faster.  And easier.  I pull back on your hair and lift your head from the desk, pulling your chest from your cast and allowing your breasts to swing back and forth again.  I grin as I thrust, my cock throbbing and twitching inside you as you bawl and wail like a scolded child.  You’re begging your dad to do something, willing him into action but he does no more than mumbles some more idle threats that he’s going to kill me and that I’ll regret the day I ever crossed his path.  I laugh at him and he turns his head away again. 

I lean forward and place my lips by your ear again.  “You see, Ava?” I ask.  “You see what a useless, spineless pussy he is?” I growl softly in your ear.  “Ask him who Miranda was,” I tell you, smirking broadly even though you can’t see it.  I glance at your dad and he looks once again at the floor, shaking his head from side to side as tears roll down his cheeks, too.  “Go on, Ava, ask him,” I whisper as I thrust deep into your now soaked pussy from behind, my balls slapping against your clit with every thrust.
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His eyes were watching us, my father was being forced to watch you fuck his daughter. You were damaging both of us; body, mind,and soul. This is what you do! You suck the life and soul from people for your amusement. This was for YOUR enjoyment. Seeing and hearing pain from others was enough to get you off, that I picked up by now. The pain on my father's face was legit, he felt guilty for what he allowed to happen. I was beyond mortified. This was never going to go away, you were going to keep me here as long as you wanted. My dad was trying not to look but when you yelled at him, he looked back. I was begging my father to do something, to at least pull you off of me. He did nothing but sit there and whimper like a pathetic man. I was amazed how much he was no longer the same man I knew. "You're spineless!!! BOTH OF YOU!!!"  I screamed out at the top of my lungs.I snarled at my dad and you, you were both the same.

It was very clear that you were right about my father and I was the blind one. My brothers, where are they? That's the next question I was going to ask, if they knew what was happening. "You're a coward, dad!" I screamed out at him. I felt your mouth touch my ear as you whispered. You told me that he's always been like this. You told me he's useless and a spineless pussy. Of course hearing all this about my father was hurtful,but it seemed to be true. You growled softly in my ear as you kept on pounding me, as I kept soaking your cock. "SHUT UP!"
I couldn't take it anymore! All of this was too much for any person to metally handle.

"I don't ever want to see you again!" I shouted out my father. You whispered about a girl named Miranda, you begged me to ask him about her. "WHo the hell is Miranda?!!" I waited for him while you pounded me, such a weird scene. I was getting plowed by you while you made my father watch.  Now, I was waiting to hear who this Miranda chick was.
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You called us both spineless, then yelled at me to shut up as I was whispering in your ear.  Perhaps that was for your dad’s benefit, maybe trying to get him to think I was whispering sweet nothings to you or something.  But it had no effect, he just continued to watch shamefully as I thrust my fat cock in and out of your moistening pussy, groaning and growling with pleasure in your ear as I do.  You yell at me to shut up and I chuckle at you.  But, finally, you take the bait that I was feeding you.  You yelled at your dad that you never want to see him again and then you ask him who Miranda is. 

Suddenly his eyes widened in horror.  I know that he knows what’s coming next.  I know that what you’re about to find out will have devastating consequences for both of you.  The question is who is going to spill the beans?  Will your dad have the balls to admit his secret?  Or is it going to be down to me to reveal what he’s been hiding for all these years?

“Tell her,” I say with another chuckle, not missing a single stroke as I continue raping you in front of him.  “Tell her your filthy secret, Pete.”

He doesn’t say a word, just continues to look on.  He looks as if he’s actually staring through as at the wall opposite him.  It’s as though he’s barely registering that we’re there.  Finally, as tears start to rush down his face like the Colorado River, he hangs his head and sobs.

“I...I’m s...so s...sorry, Ava,” he weeps, his body heaving up and down as he struggles to get the words out. 

“Do you want me to tell her, Pete?”

He doesn’t reply, just shakes his head and covers his face with his hands and bawls like a small child who just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

I pull hard on your hair and lift your head and upper body up from the desk, then thrust my fat, throbbing cock as deep inside your tight, wet pussy as it’ll go, my balls resting against your clit as you reach back with your good hand and try to prise my fingers from your hair.

“Miranda,” I say, pausing for effect and smirking as I look between you and your dad, “Miranda was the whore he was fucking in the back room of one of my bars before your mother’s body was even cold.”
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This was too much for me to endure, seeing my father acting like a gutless man and being plowed by his "boss". You may not be a boss to him like a real one, but you do give him money; loans and god knows what else. You were grunting as you spoke to him and then me. I was actually amazed you were able to keep your erection up my pussy with an audience. I know that the father I grew up with, who was happily in love with my mother, would never allow this. They were mad for each other, even after 30 years they acted like lovestruck teenagers. After three children, and their many ups and downs, they still stay strong to one another.

You kept pressing him to tell me, some more secrets that were about to be spilled out while I was being raped. I knew I never wanted to lay eyes on my father after all this was over. You kept egging him on to tell me his filthy secret. What could it be/ How much worse can it get? Is my father as evil as you? "WHat the hell is happening?!" I was so confused and just exhausted from all this. "What is it?!

I kept my eyes away from my father as much as possible due to the shame and humiliation of being raped in front of him. You were forcing him to watch, which only made it more traumatizing for me. "Please just fucking tell me what is going on!" What could be my father's filthy secret? He didn't respond and just kept on looking at you ramming into me."OH MY GOD!!! FUCKING COWARD!!" I was bawling my eyes out as you plowed into me,pulling my hair and being rough.  I hear him weeping and telling me how he is so sorry but he doesn't say what. "For what, dad?!" He started bawling like a child and covering his face and now my curiosity was really peeked. "TELL ME!"  You asked him if he wanted you to tell me, but he just shook his head and covered his face. The next thing I hear is you telling me about Miranda.

You told me that Miranda was the whore that my father was fucking in the backroom before mom was even cold."What?" Now, I was focused  on my father. "Are you kidding me, dad? You were fucking around when mom was dying in the hospital?" I was in total shock and now it made sense. We knew he was depressed from the cancer taking her from us,but to do that while she was still hardly alive? How could you be so fucking selfish?!!"
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You lost your shit at your dad after I told you who Miranda is, asking him if he was serious and yelling at him that he’s selfish.  “Finally you realise,” I growl with a grin.  My cock twitched inside you at your reaction and I thrust deep into you with such force that I drove your hips into the corner of my desk and you yelped in pain.  My cock twitched again and I pulled back and thrust into you just as hard again, groaning loudly with pleasure as my heavy cum filled balls swung and slapped against your clit.  I pulled back on your hair and drove into you a third time and, finally, your dad collapsed onto the floor in a crying, sobbing heap.  I laughed riotously at the sight of this and wondered slightly how my cock hadn’t gone soft.  But, instead, it felt harder than ever and I pounded you over and and over, enjoying and delighting in the feeling of your soaked inner walls gripping on me as I raped you in front of your dad.

In fact, instead of subsiding, my arousal grows and my cock feels to swell and stiffen even more at the sight of both yours and your dad’s despair.  I thrust harder and deeper and faster, gasping and grunting as I feel the gentle tug of pressure starting to build in my balls that tells me my release will arrive shortly.  I grin and place my free hand on the cheek of your ass, grasping and kneading that perfect firm curve. 

“Oh, your dad is a regular at the Ritz Lounge,” I tell you as I fuck you.  “Always had an eye for the girls who provide the entertainment there.  For a price of course,” I say, grinning.  “But he only ever wanted the expensive ones, the ones who would take their time with him.  He was happy to pay five hundred bucks to spend a couple of hours in the company of Miranda.”

You bawl loudly.  Perhaps you’re realising that part of your whole life was a lie.  That this man who claimed to be your father isn’t who you thought he was.  I grinned and thrust my cock into you as it throbbed and twitched and I got closer and closer to finishing. 

“Five hundred bucks.  To fuck a prostitue,” I say, spelling it out for you, even though I know you got it the first time.  Saying it just to twist the metaphorical knife I just plunged deep into your back.
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You sounded happy as you told me that I finally realized. I now knew that my father was not the man that I grew up with. All this that was happening to me was really my father's fault. None of this would have happened if he wasn't a sleazeball! You were telling me all this while he bawled his eyes out. He was now completely covering his face and crying like a little girl. You were pounding me hard, really getting in deep and hurting me.  I could feel you getting harder inside me to where I could feel you twitch. It wouldn't be long now until you unload on me. "STop!! You're hurting me!" You were bruising my body against the desk as you pounded me. I knew I was going to have a bruised pelvic bone after this. Between dad's crying and your grunting and mine screaming, it was all too much for me.

"Please just stop! Please I cannot take it anymore."  You kept telling me how dad was, how he was a regular at the Ritz Lounge. "SHUT UP!!" I screamed at you at the top of my lungs because I didn't want to hear anymore. "Please just let me go! THIS ISN'T MY FAULT!!!" I pounded the desk again with my good hand over and over. This was now too much for me and I couldn't take anymore from you or him. "I just wanna go home!!" I bawled out. I just wanted all this to end! I wanted to be far away from you and my father. "I don't care anymore, I just want to go home. Please stop!"
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“Are you enjoying seeing your daughter being railed, Pete?” I ask him with a snarl as I continue to fuck you deep and hard.  You were yelling at me to shut up and that you couldn’t take it anymore.  Begging and pleading with me to stop, telling me that you just want to go home.  Over and over again you slammed the palm of your good hand down onto the top of my desk while you take my fat cock deep inside you.  You screamed at me to shut up and that it wasn’t your fault which, essentially, is true - although I’m still pissed at you for how you tried to throw me under the bus at the doctor’s office.  Although I think raping you in front of your dad and destroying the view you had of him about makes up for that. 

“You’ll go home when I’m done with you,” I growled at you as I drove my cock deep inside you.  “And after this pathetic piece of shit you call your dad has paid his debt.”

I throw my head back and groan with pleasure as my cock throbs and pulsates and my balls get ready to unload.  I pause, my dick buried fully in you.  “But I wouldn’t get your hopes up on that,” I snigger as I look down on the sobbing heap on the thick pile carpet of my office. 

“I’ll get you out of here, Ava, I promise,” your dad whimpers.  And I laugh and carry on fucking you.

Deep, hard, fast thrusts as I claim your body, smirking to myself knowing that he will never pay off what he owes.  Even if i don’t pile on the late fees - which I will - he’ll never be able to come up with the money that he owes just on the weekly basis that he pays. 

“Don’t count on it.  Don’t be surprised if he never comes back for you,” I snigger as I get to the brink of my release.
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I felt so embarrassed that you asked my father if he was enjoying you ram into me. This was something either of us will ever forget. I knew I was done with my father, after this, nothing will repair our relationship. I was surprised you were able to fuck me and hold a conversation at the same time. I was doing my best to not make any kind of accidental moaning sounds. I kept slamming my good hand over and over. I knew tomorrow I was either going to have a bruise or it was going to be tender to the touch. You told me I'll go home when you're done with me and when my father pays his debt, that only made me scream out louder. "NOOO!! Please!! HELP ME, Dad!!" I was losing it, I couldn't handle anymore of this. I started to try and stomp your feet and kick your shins with my heels. 

You were getting louder as you were getting closer to cumming inside of me. The last thing he needed to see was  you cuming inside his daughter. "Please stop, you're hurting me, you shit!!!"  My father's crying was only getting louder and I'm sure he was beating himself up for his poor choices. Maybe he didn't care or was just acting like he cared. He yells out that he will get me out of here. You laughed and carried on fucking me harder, really hard to hurt me. "GET ME OUT OF HERE THEN!!" I screamed at my father at the top of my lungs. 

My hip bones were getting bruised from how I was bent over the desk and with you ramming me. "You're hurting me! Please stop! Please you're gonna break more bones!!" I was bawling my eyes out by now, filled with despair and the feeling of betrayal. You tell me not to count on him, sadly you are right. I just wanted out! I wanted to run so far away and never return home. I needed to get out.
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All the time you were screaming at your dad as I fucked you, I was laughing at you.  Pulling on your hair and driving my thick, throbbing cock deep into your pussy over and over while you yelled, screamed, slammed your hand down on my desk and sobbed.  Your emotions were going from rage to despair and back again in an instant.  You were raging at me, raging at your dad.  Then you were bawling your eyes out and pleading with us both.  Pleading with me to let you go, pleading with him to do something to make it stop.  But neither of those were going to happen.  I was enjoying myself and having too much fun to stop; he just didn’t have the balls to do anything about it.  I’m sure he also knew that if he were to try he would only wind up with a bullet in his head. 

When he promised you he’d get you out of here, you screamed at him to do it at the top of your voice.  You screamed so loud it almost hurt my ears to listen to you.  I drove my cock especially hard into you, slamming your hips once again against the corner of the desk and making you yelp.  I pulled hard on your hair and groaned loudly as I felt pressure building in my balls as they prepared to deliver their load.  You begged your dad to help you, then you begged me to stop.  You told me that I was hurting you and that I was going to break more bones if I didn’t stop.  Then you kicked out at me, your shoes connecting with my shins.  Luckily, you’re wearing a pair of Converse sneakers and the impact barely registered.  Then you tried to stomp on my toes which had a similar effect on me.  Indeed, all it got you was fucked harder for your effort.

My cock stiffened as I fucked you and I knew my release was imminent.  “You don’t really expect that pathetic piece of shit that’s lying on my floor crying like a baby to actually do something, do you?” I ask with a groan as I get to the point of no return.  “In the alley behind your store, there are rats with bigger balls than him,” I growl and gripping your hair tighter to pull your head back and forcing your spine to bend, changing the angle of your vagina as my cock thrusts in and out of you and causing you to grip tighter onto me as I get close to filling you up again. 

“Sorry to disappoint you, honey, but he’s never going to do anything for you.  You belong to me now,” I groan as streams of my cum begin explode into your womb.
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My scalp was going to be bruised and achy later on, you kept on pulling on my hair as hard as you could ."Let go of my hair!!" I screamed out and tried to keep on kicking you. Dad was still on the floor, crying and acting so weak and pathetic. You really did have him under your control and power. What other reason would he not get up and kick your ass? He knows you can do anything to anyone and get away with it. I was bruised and hurting and just wanted this nightmare to be over! I was ready to just fall down in a heap like a bag of rocks. I was alone in this, my father being a major let down and letting women and greed control him. I finally stopped begging, just closing my eyes and getting ready for you to finish.

How my father can just do nothing is beyond me! I wondered to myself if my brothers know about what he has been up to. You were getting close, I could feel how rock hard you were. You were about to flood me with your seed right in front of my father. You kept on laughing at both our pain and misery and it felt like you were getting harder by the minute. Seeing us in such despair was obviously getting you off. I no longer spoke out to you or him, just tried to advertise my attention elsewhere until you were done.

It seemed like seconds later, I started to feel you go in the deepest you could and then you started cumming inside. You're groaning out as streams of your cum fill me. I was absolutely mortified.
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I groan loudly as cum spews from my throbbing, twitching cock.  Stream after stream of my thick, warm load is delivered into your womb as I keep thrusting into you.  You’re screaming at me to let go of your hair so I twist my hand and grip onto it a little tighter and you try again to kick my shins and stomp on my toes - still to no effect.  All the while, as I’m draining my balls inside you, your dad remains a sobbing, pathetic heap on my office floor, completely unable to drag himself to his feet and even so much as threaten me while I rape his only daughter in front of him.  You fall silent, save for some sobs and hiccoughs, as I slide my cock balls deep into you and fill your vagina with my manhood, plugging you up as I twitch and pulsate in you and allow the last of my cum to be deposited inside you. 

When I finally ease my grip on your hair, you bury your face in your arms and bawl, your whole body heaving up and down and your inner walls inadvertently clenching on my cock inside you.  If I hadn’t already dumped my load in you and could feel myself starting to soften, I would fuck you again because that is one of the most amazing feelings I’ve ever known.  But I am starting to soften so I pull my hips back and withdraw my cock from inside you.  As soon as I pull away, you breathe a sigh of relief as though my cock vacating your cunt is the best feeling you’re ever going to have.  Perhaps it is.  By the time I’ve finished tucking my dick in my shorts and fastening my pants, my cum is starting to slowly leak out of you and run down your thigh.  Surprisingly, you’re still bent over the desk with your panties around your knees sobbing into your arms. 

I smirk to myself, reach forward and run two fingers along your slit between your lips, smearing my cum on the tips.  I walk over to your sobbing dad and wipe my fingers on his cheek.  “You did this.  This is on you, O’Reilly,” I tell him.  I lean down and get in his face.  “Now get the hell out of my house you pathetic cunt.  And don’t come back until you’ve got what you owe me.” 

He whimpers and slowly starts to get to his feet.  I look at you and you’re pulling your panties up and tentatively standing, too.  “Don’t count on him ever coming back for you, honey,” I tell you with a grin.
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When you finished inside me, you stayed until you finished draining every drop of your filthy cum. I was panting and so were you, trying to catch your breath as your fat cock twitched inside my tight pussy. I had turned my head the opposite of my father, looking at the window that faced the city. I could hear him sobbing and still on the floor like a pathetic mess. I was trying to hold it in, but as soon as you let go of my hair, I buried my face in my arms and bawled my eyes out. This was something the three of us would never forget.

When mom was alive, dad was a totally different man and would never allow this to happen. He was much more assertive in life and would not let anyone walk over him. After she died, he changed and it was evident that he was only going further downhill. My brothers had noticed the change in his behavior before I did, he started drinking more than the typical Irish bloke in our neighborhood. I still had so many questions for my father. I wondered to myself if I was ever really able to forgive him one day. How could he fuck a woman before mom was even in the ground? I would have thought he would never want to be with another ever again after losing the love of his life. Once again, I didn't really know the man I called father.

When you softened, you finally pulled out and I sighed out. I hated the feeling of your cum already leaking out. I groaned in disgust when I felt your fingers touching me down there. I turned and looked at you as you walked to my father and you wiped it on his face. You told him that he did this and how this was on him. You were blamming my father for you raping me and beating me, keeping me here hostage. In a way, he is to blame, but you're the corrupt one. You told him to get out, calling him a cunt and he did just that. He slowly stood up and kept his head down the whole time. I knew he was filled with shame and rage like me. To be treated like less than human was demoralizing. You told him nolt to come back until he has the money he owes you. He didn't even say a word to me when he walked out. I started to pull up my panties as you threw him out and started to slowly stand up.

When you walked back in, you told me not to ever count on him coming back for me and then chuckled. When you called me honey, I reacted and grabbed your desk lamp and threw it at you. It just missed your head, shattering against the wall. "Don't call me that!"
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As your dad staggered to the door sobbing like a little boy, you yelled at me not to call you ‘honey’ then picked up the table lamp off my desk and threw it with such force at me that the power cord was ripped clean out of the socket.  You don’t look like you’re big enough to have that much strength - especially with only one good hand.  But you do.  You put a lot of effort into throwing that lamp.  So much so that I have to deflect it with my arm to stop it from hitting its target.  The lamp goes crashing to the floor and the ceramic base shatters with shards flying in all directions.  I glare at you as you stand there looking at me, your face ruby red with anger, your right breast still exposed where it fell out of your dress while I was fucking you. I snarl at you then turn to your dad, who has now made it to the door.

Having heard me yell at your dad to get out, Adam has unlocked the door and your dad is making his way out of my office and towards the front door.  I follow and get there just in time to see Ben opening it to let him out.  I follow as far as the doorstep, knowing that Adam will be keeping a close watch on you while my back is turned, ready to put a bullet in your head if he has to.  Ben and I stand on the doorstep and watch your dad climb into his beat up old car and slowly make his way down the drive. 

I lean a little closer to Ben.  “Follow him.  When he gets to where he’s going, teach him a lesson,” I say quietly to him.  He nods his understanding and steps down and climbs into my SUV and goes off to follow your dad.

After I watch your dad’s car leave my driveway and head towards the East of the city where your store is, then watch as Ben follows a short time after, I go inside and close the door before making my way back into my office.  You’re still standing beside my desk and, judging by the color of your face, you’ve not calmed down any.  I stride over to you and, upon reaching you, drive my fist hard into your stomach.

“That’s two lamps you owe me you fucking slut,” I sneer as you collapse in a heap at my feet gasping for breath.
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I hadn't realized one of my breasts was still exposed as I chucked the lamp towards you. I stood there seething as you glared at me and I glared back at you. I tucked my breast back in my dress and straightened my dress out. I watched as you took my father out of the room and led him downstairs. I knew deep down that he wasn't coming back for me.  I hadn't had a chance to ask him about my brothers, if they were aware of what was going on. I didn't want them to be caught off guard like I was, maybe they know. I straightened my hair out with my fingers and wiped the loose strands from my face. My face felt puffy, mostly around my eyes because of the constant crying. I watched through the window as I saw him get in his car and Ben started to follow him. Why was Ben following him? I suddenly had a bad feeling. 

You walked back in and walked towards me and then I felt your fist hit my stomach. I fell straight to the floor and rolled around moaning and groaning as I held myself. The pain was sharp and it felt like all my nerves were inflamed in my lungs. You towered over me barking at me about how I owe you two lamps. I was curled up as tight as I could get. I couldn't 't catch my breath enough to respond to you, not like it would matter. When I was finally able to catch my breath I looked up at you. "Why is Ben following my dad? Please don't kill him! I'll earn the money he owes you and then some, just please don't kill my father." I started crying and begging at your feet. "I know he's a bum, but please don't kill him!" 
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I looked down on you as you writhed in agony on the floor at my feet.  Finally getting your breath back, you looked back up at me with tear filled eyes and asked me why Ben was following your dad.  You beg me not to kill him, promise me you’ll earn the money to pay what he owes and then some, calling him a bum but begging me again not to kill him.  I crouch beside you and brush your hair back from your tear stained face and smirk at you.  “Oh Ben isn’t going to kill him,” I tell you as I thumb away tears that are rolling down your cheek.  “But he is going to teach him a lesson.”  Your eyes widen in horror at this and my smirk grows wider.  My hand moves down your face and cups your chin, my thumb now tracing the outline of your red, kissable lips.  Had I not just finished draining my balls into you, desire would be building in me right now and I would fuck you right here on the deep, thick pile of the carpet in my office.  But I’m spent so that will have to wait for another time.  My thumb brushes over the cut at the corner of your lip where I slapped you a couple of days ago.  It’s already starting to heal and doesn’t look as though it will leave any kind of permanent scar.  Good.  I must control my urges to hit your face in future.  You’re very pretty and I don’t like to mess up pretty things.

“As for earning enough to pay off his debt, yes you’re going to work it off alright,” I tell you as I move my hand from your face and slowly down your neck.  I feel and hear you gasp when my large, strong hand pauses at your throat, then feel the sigh of relief you exhale as it moves away and continues going down.  Your breath catches again when it moves to the side and cups your left breast.  “And I’m going to enjoy taking my repayments,” I tell you with a grin.  More tears fall from your eyes.

I take my hand away from your breast and your trembling body.  I stand, reach down and take hold of your upper arm and haul you to your feet now that you’ve had a chance to catch your breath completely.  “Now.  Time for you to go and get some rest.  Tonight you will be joining us for dinner down here,” I tell you as I lead you from my office, up the stairs and back to your room. 

“Rest and refresh yourself,” I tell you as I lead you into your room then step back out.  “Dinner is at eight.  Someone will come and get you,” I say before closing and locking the door.
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You confirmed with me that you were not going to kill my father, but only teach him a lesson. You had your hand on my face, running down to my collarbone. I wept uncontrollably and still laid at your feet. You told me that I was indeed going to work off his debt. Somehow I knew it wasn't what I had in mind, but being your personal whore. Your hands were all over me, cupping my breasts as if you could not, NOT touch me. You bragged about how you were going to enjoy taking payments from me. I kept weeping at your feet, moving my head from your hand. You grabbed me and pulled me to my feet in a haste. I yelped at the pain I felt in my upper arm from you grabbing too hard. "Ow!!" You held on to my arm as I straightened my dress out. I was crying, but subtly and wiping my tears away.

You told me that I was to get some rest and come down later for dinner to join from what it sounded like, more than one person. You said "us", I was wondering who that was uness it was Beavis and Butthead; Ben and Adam. You said to get some rest and that someone would be up to collect me later. "And what makes you think I want to eat dinner with you and whomever else you plan on inviting? Just let me stay in my room, I have nothing to say to you or anyone else." I glared at you and yanked my arm from your grasp. Tears were running down my face as glared. "You're such an evil man! You know I have had nothing to do with this, yet you punish me!!" My voice was elevating my tone filled with malice towards you. "I shouldn't be here! Please just let me pay you by working, in cash!! Please!!" I needed to get out of here, find a way to just break out. There's a way out, I know it! I was going to find a way out.
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Just like the petulant child that has never grown up, as I walked you back to your room you asked me what made me think that you’d want to eat dinner with me and whoever else might be coming.  Then telling me you have nothing to say to me or to anyone else and that you want to just stay in your room.  I said nothing for the moment.  You told me that I was an evil man - something which I’ve been called many times before and by better people than you.  You remind me that you had nothing to do with this but I’m still punishing you for it.  Then you beg me to let you work for money so that you can pay me off and get out of here.  Before I closed your bedroom door on you and locked it, I smirked at you from the doorway.

“Haven’t you ever heard of the phrase ‘guilty by association?’” I asked you as I leaned against the frame.  “You were the first of your clan that I came across when payment was due, therefore you’re the one who gets the punishment.”  You look at me with horror and a little confusion.  “Let me put it to you this way.  If it had been one of your brothers who your dad had double crossed, he’d be here now taking the punishment.  Oh, he wouldn’t be in a nice, cosy bedroom like this.  I couldn’t entertain myself by fucking him.  No.  He’d be down in the basement having his toenails wrenched out and being beaten within an inch of his life then allowed to recover before being beaten again.”  I watch your face for the reaction and, as your mouth falls open in an ‘O’ I smile.  “So think yourself lucky that you’re up here with a nice soft bed and three good meals a day all freshly prepared by my chef.  Of course, you could go down there if you like and sleep on the cold, concrete floor in the dark.  I could let Eddie - you’ve not met Eddie yet.  He likes electricity and hot, burny things.  I could let Eddie play with you.  I’m sure he’d have a lot of fun with your young, flawless skin and your soft, tender body.”

I walk over to where you stand gawping at me in complete shock at what I’ve just told you.  I place a single finger under your chin and lift your bottom jaw upwards to close your mouth.  “Trust me, Ava, you have the better end of the deal.”

I walk back towards the door.  “Dinner is at eight.  You have another dress in the parcel and I expect you to be wearing it.  This is where you start working off your debt,” I tell you, not even bothering to turn and face you as I speak.
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You were walking out of my room as I kept on voicing my concern about dinner. "I can eat up here! Who else is going to john us?!" I had my arms crossover my chest as I stood there and waited for you to answer me. "Who else?" With all the things you have done to me,  I was surprised at how still feisty I was towards you. I don't have respect for you so maybe that's why I wasn't kissing your ass. It was just likely Ben and Adam. Great, I had to have dinner with the three of you. I was distraught and felt like a fish out of water. I had already lost track of how long I had been here. You told me how I was guilty by association, how I was there and was his family and needed to pay.It still wasn't fair since I had no idea what he was up to.

You warned me to get ready and how someone was going to comed up here to collect. You have me a harsh reminder that I better be ready to go down and eat. I nodded and glared. When you took me to my room, you told me how lucky I was that I had a nice room and nice bedroom. You told me about Eddie, he likes to hurt people with electricity and fire. It felt like my heart stopped and lodged inside my throat. I felt tears in my eyes again as I thought about how you could do that to me or my father at any time. You told me dinner was at 8:00 pm and how there was another dress in the parcel and how you expect me to be wearing it. You tell me that this is how I am going to be working off my debt, you smiled and shut the door.

Who was going to be dining with us? Maybe it was going to be Ben and Adam there, watching me like a hawk. I was all alone in my room again, walking over the window and looking out. I only saw two goons outside with guns and looking like they were FBI. I knew if I tried to bust out of here, I would literally fall to my death at their feet. Maybe later when I'm downstairs having dinner I'll find a way out of here.
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I heard you demanding to know who was going to be joining us for dinner as I was walking out of your room.  I didn’t reply.  I didn’t look back.  I walked out of your room and closed and locked the door behind me.  I have no time to answer your questions at the moment - I have to prepare for dinner.  I can’t believe I’ve actually invited that drug dealing asshole, Mick Hatfield, to my home.  Or that I’m actually going to allow him to eat at my table.  I might be a lot of things.  I might not be a particularly nice person.  But I do have a few morals left and I won’t have anyone dealing drugs in my bars.  Or any of my businesses.  So, firstly, there will be the gentle approach, asking him nicely.  Perhaps offering him something to keep his creeps and their vile shit away from my bars and clubs.  Of course, I’ll deliver the dealer I already have in the basement to him, though I’m sure he’s probably missing a couple of teeth and is a little more battered and bruised than when Hatfield last saw him.  But I also know that Mick Hatfield is, in one respect, like me.  He likes to look at beautiful things.  Which is why I want you down and dressed for dinner.  With you to cast his eye over, he may be more receptive to my demands.

“Get someone to set the dinner table for three,” I tell Adam as I come downstairs and into the drawing room where he’s spending his downtime watching some cheesy action movie from the 80’s.  He nods compliantly and gets up and heads for the kitchen.

I send Ben a text and ask him what your dad is up to.  He replies back almost immediately that he’s at home and nothing seems to be happening.  I decide to leave Ben watching him for the time being.  With Adam and the kitchen staff preparing for dinner, Ben keeping tabs on your dad, and you - hopefully - taking a shower and getting dressed for dinner, I decide I’ll go and ready myself for dinner, too.  I go back upstairs and into my large bedroom, strip off my clothes and pad into my en-suite, turning on the shower and stepping under the hot jets of water.  As I’m soaping myself down I think to myself that I should have gotten you some make up as well as the dresses.  That would have really got Hatfield’s attention.

Half an hour later, I’m clean, shaved, and dressed in a navy suit, white shirt - no tie - and black loafers.  I go back downstairs and into my office and carry on with some work while I pass the time before dinner.
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I was alone again in this room. I needed to shower and get into the clean dress you told me it was in parcel. I sighed out loud and took off my dress and panties. I knew I had to play by your rules, most of the time, if I didn't want anymore broken bones. I was still in a small cast, god knows how much longer i have to wear it. I was missing my brothers, needing to speak to them. I wondered if they knew where I was this whole time? I wondered if they were a part of what my father was in. Money changes people. This wasn't fair that I had to pay for my father's crime, but it would have pained me if it happened to my brothers. The worst part of my pay back, was taking your dick and unwanted filthy cum. If I got out of this, I was going to get the fuck away from you as fast as possble. It was such a vile thing on you rpart, to fuck me in front of my father.

I tossed my panties and dressed on the floor and even kicked it in disgust. I hated dresses and always have. Mother always dressed me in the girlies, frilly dresses as a little girl. I always loved the feel of jeans and pants, never liked my legs to be so exposed. I walked around naked in my room for a few minutes, pondering and biting my nails. I knew I needed to rest like you instructed and I honestly was tired. I walked to the bathroom and turned on the hot water for the shower and then waited for it to get steamy. I stepped into the shower and breathed in the steam and exhaled. The hot water felt good and helped my bruised body. I knew the heat would help the healing process; really I should be in the tub but I didn't have all the time in the world.

I  washed up as much as I could, always to the point to where my skin was red and raw. I know I will never truly be clean again, but I had to try. If I could scrub my skin off, I would. When I was done and  got out,I dried off and wrapped myself and then crawled into bed. I was exhausted and saw the time, still time to take a nap. I knew I was going to probably get a knock on the door when it was time to come down. It didn't  take long for me to pass out from exhaustion and stress. I didn't even care. I was naked wrapped in my towel and wrapped again under all the blankets. I needed to keep myself as safe as possible as I slept. I knew I would soon hear a knock on my door that dinner was ready.
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Despite my meeting and you in the room above me at the forefront of my mind I get a surprising amount of work done.  I hear your soft footfalls above me going into the bathroom then hear you turn the shower on.  I hear you pad back to the bedroom then, shortly after, back into the bathroom.  I listen to the shower, listen to the sound of the water splashing as you cleaned yourself off.  Then I hear the water stop and a few more footsteps in the en-suite, probably as you dry yourself off, then hear you go back into the bedroom.  All the time I hear you moving about up there my mind is consumed with thoughts of your young, naked body and just the thought of you has my manhood starting to swell and throb again.  I’m lost in those thoughts when Adam comes in to tell me that the table is set and dinner will be ready for eight as per my instructions.  I thank him and he retreats back to the living room and to whatever crap he was watching on the TV when I disturbed him.  Before I can return to my daydream, my cell phone rings, the screen telling me that Ben is calling.

“The old man is back at his house.  From what I can tell, he’s alone.”

I think for a moment.  I told you that I wouldn’t kill your dad and, for the immediate future, I have no plan to.  In fact, I have no plan to at all.  I have a different idea to deal with him.

“Work him over, give him something to think about.  But nothing to the face, I don’t want anyone to be able to see he’s been in any kind of fight,” I tell Ben.

“Gotcha, Boss.”

I cancel the call and get back to work.  There has been no sound from your room so I’m assuming you’re actually doing as I told you and resting.  I check the time and it’s just coming up to seven o’clock.  A short while later, I hear you move again, though only for a few minutes and then all goes silent.  I keep working until 7:45 when I hear the buzzer for the intercom at the gate sound.  Adam, alert as always, answers it and buzzes the caller in.  I know who it is before he even comes to my office to tell me.

“Hatfield?” I query with him before he has a chance to speak.  He nods.  I save my work, shut down my laptop and lock it in my safe.  “Get the girl,” I tell him as I pull on my suit jacket and go to the front door to greet my guest.

Matt Hatfield is a stout man, about fifty years old, possibly a little more, and is always well groomed - those who are high up in the drug supply chain generally are.  Tonight he comes wearing a suit of a similar blue to my own, though he wears a tie.  He stands a couple of inches shorter than me, his jet black hair receding, his eyes cold and grey.  I offer my hand and he shakes it respectfully.

“You must want something to invite me over here for dinner,” he smiles at me.

“Maybe so, but let’s eat before we discuss business,” I reply as I stand aside for him to enter.  As I close the door behind him, I see his face light up.  I already know without looking what has attracted his attention but I turn to see anyway and am greeted by you following Adam down the stairs.

“Matt, this is Ava O’Reilly, a friend who will be joining us for dinner.  Ava, this is Matt Hatfield, likewise,” I say by way of introductions. 
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As I predicted, I was awoken by a knock on my door and it was Adam calling for me from the other side of the door. He could just walk in, but I guess he was showing me some sort of respect by letting me get up and answer it. I did just that. "What?" I barked at him as I glared at his cocky smirk on his face. I was wrapped up in the comforter, the first time I actually felt fully clothed here. Adam instructed me to get dressed and told me he would wait for me until I was dressed. "Fine." I shut the door and dropped my blankets on the floor purposely as I walked to the parcel and grabbed the second dress. My jaw felt like it dropped to the floor. The dress was very beautiful, dark green with black trim and of course a deep neckline. Other than the deep neckline, I loved the dress! I put it on, along with a fresh pair of panties and went to the bathroom and brushed out my hair. Green was always my favorite color, dark emerald green. 

I was ready and gave myself a once over and then opened the door, glaring at Adam. He looked me up and down and then stopped his eyes right at my cleavage. 
"What the hell are you looking at, creep?"

I kicked him in the shin and he yelped out and started rubbing it. He took his hand and backed me up against the wall by placing it on my throat and keeping me pinned. "Don't fuck me, Ava. Just because your boyfriend is downstairs, doesn't mean I won't hurt you." It was the first threat I got other than from you. For the first time, I felt threatened by someone else other than you.
"Fuck you, Adam." I hissed at him as he still held me against the wall. The next thing he did was lean and touched his lips to my ear. "In time, Ava, in time." 

He let go of my throat and I pushed him away from me as hard as I could, but then he just chuckled. He grabbed me by the arm and took me downstairs. The whole time I thought about his threat and how ballsy it was for him to touch me. When we reached the bottom of the stairs, he led me to where you and another gentleman were. I was starting to feel anxious and full of suspicion as to who this man was and why I had to meet him. You introduced me to him, Matt Hatfield. I looked at him with a blank expression and confused as to who he was and why he was here. He said it was nice to meet me and I nodded my head as subtly as possible. I had nothing to say  to anyone. I didn't want to be here and it was obvious. You gave me a look, a look that you wanted me to be a bit friendly and not a cold bitch.  I glared back. I fucking hated you and you knew it. I wasn't going to smile when I hated being here. 
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You remained silent as I made the introductions and, though Hatfield smiled warmly at you, you didn’t return it, instead remaining stoney faced.  Although I did note a hint of a satisfied smirk on your lips for a brief moment, which also leads me to the question of why was Adam limping slightly as he led you down the stairs?

“A pleasure to meet you, Ava,” he says politely as he offers his hand. 

I glare at you when you say nothing in return, nor accept the proffered hand to shake.  His smile wanes and he lowers his arm and I can see the displeasure in his eyes.  This isn’t a good start, though I didn’t exactly expect you to be cooing all over him like a doe eyed teenager. 

“Please, this way,” I say, holding out my left arm to indicate to Hatfield to go forward into the dining room.  As he moves toward the door I come beside you and place the palm of my hand on your back between your shoulder blades to guide you.  I need your help with this asshole but I’m not going to tell you that because that will just make you push back against me even harder than I know you’re already going to.  Yet all I really need you to do is be polite, look pretty, and make small talk to keep this guy focused.  I know that he was ogling you as you came down the stairs, I could see it in his eyes - alongside the fact that his jaw literally dropped and he was almost drooling.  Which is exactly the reason I bought you the low cut dress. 

When we enter the dining room a veritable feast has been laid out for us.  There are trays with sliced hot meats, bowls with vegetables and jugs with sauces.  Each place is set with a wine glass and there is a selection of reds and whites to choose from.  I even hear a small gasp of surprise escape your lips when you see the amount and the choice of food available.  I also think that I will need to get some wine into you to help you relax a little.  By the time we reach the table, Hatfield has taken a seat on one side.  I guide you to the place directly opposite him and pull out the chair for you to sit on, showing my guest that I have manners when it comes to entertaining, at least.  Surprisingly, you don’t resist where I place you and take your seat.  Again, Hatfield smiles at you, though his eyes can’t seem to decide whether they want to stare at your face or your cleavage.  Exactly what I wanted.  This is going to be a very long night for you.

“Please, help yourself,” I say as I take my seat beside you, my words directed at both him and you.
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Mr. Hatfield was polite and extended his hand but I refused to shake it. I didn't even greet him or smile, very out of character for me since normally I'm a sociable person. This was a different and fucked up situation. No one has the right to keep me here, let alone make me have manners. I didn't care you were giving me a look, I was curious as to what the hell was going on. I felt practically naked in my dress with the thin fabric and my cleavage out on display. I was curious as to who this man was and why I had to meet him. You led us in the dining room and we all sat down. You sat next to me and Mr. Hatfield across from me. When you wanted to be nice and show manners, you excelled in it. You were acting like a true gentleman, most likely for a show for your guest. You told us to go ahead and help ourselves to the beautiful spread before us. 

I watched Mr. Hatfield started to scoop food on his plate and then I did the same. You watched us and waited till we got our fill and then you scooped food on your plate. There was wine and you made sure I had a nice big glass in front of me. I was getting more and more curious. What was this dog and pony show for? You started to eat and we all ate in silence for the first five minutes. I looked at you and then looked at Mr. Hatfield. Who was this man and why was he here? I took a sip of my wine  and then next did Mr. Hatfield. Adam stood behind you near the wall. I would glance up every so often and catch him looking at me and I would glare back. I noticed Mr. Hatfield looking at my arm in a cast which he then asked me how I broke my arm. I didn't answer at first just look at you and grinned. Should I tell the truth? I didn't answer him yet because I saw how you were looking at me. This was an important business meeting of some sort and you needed this to go well. 

"I'm a real life klutz that cannot walk straight without breaking a bone." I chuckled some as I took another giant sip of my wine. "I remember one year in high school, I broke both my toes on the same foot just by playing soccer."  I saw you how you looked pleased with my lies, so I stopped talking after that and ate on. 
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Hatfield took the lead and started to pile food onto his plate, followed by you and I filled my plate last.  I poured the wine for each of us and we began to eat and you took a sip of your wine.  Good. You’re going to need to lighten up a little while we have company.  We eat in silence for a few moments and I notice Hatfield looking at your arm and he asks how you broke it.  I knew the question would come eventually and I wonder how you’re going to answer it.  It makes no difference to me, really, whether you tell the truth or not - Hatfield, I know, has done more than broken a few arms in his time.  And I know he’s forced himself on more than one woman, too, so I know he would likely laugh it off if you told him exactly how it had happened.  You glance at me and I subtly raise an eyebrow.  Then you tell him how you’re such a klutz and you can’t walk in a straight line without breaking a bone, even inventing a story about how you managed to break two toes playing soccer.  You gulp down some wine and I smile at you.  You return to your food and eat in silence.  I can’t help but wonder why you didn’t try and throw me under the bus again like you did in the doctor’s office earlier.  Perhaps you think you might have ended up being brutally raped again.  Not that I need an excuse for that.  Your mine now and I’ll be using your body whenever and however I like.

We eat, you mostly in silence save for politely answering a few questions when Hatfield speaks to you, while Hatfield and I make some small talk as we eat.  So far business has not been discussed.  Once we’ve all eaten hearty platefuls of food, all three of us full and declining dessert, we leave the dining room and go to the drawing room.  On the way I instruct Adam to go and check on our guest - Hatfield’s dealer that he and Ben had worked over earlier.  I’ve not seen what condition he’s in but it’s sure to not be at his best.  We enter the drawing room and you, silently, sit on one of the large leather couches.  My eyebrow raises again when Hatfield sits beside you.

“So why have you brought me here, Morgan?” he asks as I pour three glasses of cognac.  I bring them over and hand you and Hatfield one each.  You look at the amber liquid cautiously then look at Hatfield, who is taking a sip from his.  You tentatively do the same and I grin when I see the grimace on your face as you feel the burning drink slide down your throat. 

“I want you to stop sending your dealers into my bars.  I run a clean operation and I don’t want that shit doing the rounds.”  He laughs.

“Do you think I can stop people from doing their own free will?” he asks

“That’s exactly what I think.”

He looks at you.  “What do you think, my dear?  Should I make someone do something they don’t want to do or stop them from doing something they do want to do?” 

When I say he looks at you, I should say he leers at you lustfully, getting a good, long look at your cleavage and your shapely legs that protrude from your dress.
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The food was delicious and to die for! You must've had Gordan Ramsey back in your kitchen. I finished the first glass of wine and felt less angry and annoyed. When I gave Mr. Hatfield my bogus answer as to how I broke my arm, I saw the small smile on your face you have me. I could have thrown you under the bus, but I was in no mood for fights. You seemed pleased with my answer which made me feel relaxed. I just wanted to sit here, eat, and then leave as soon as I was allowed. My lie about my arm seemed to fool Mr. Hatfield enough that he seemed pleased and both assumed. I turned and glared at him when he laughed about my clumsiness. When we were all done eating and drinking, we followed you to the next room. As soon as I sat down on the couch, Mr. Hatfield sat right next to me. I scooted over just a tad so our thighs weren't touching. I felt more relaxed after two full glasses of red wine.. Merlot my favorite.

Mr. Hatfield asked you why you invited him over as you poured some drinks in glasses. When we sat down, you handed us some sort of amber liquor. I didn't even reject it, but started sipping it. I didn't mind sitting and sipping on the cognac while the two of you talked. Mr. Hatfield asked you what all this was about and then you started explaining what you brought him here. I was nervous it had something to do with me, since I was here.  I kept sipping on my drink and I was already starting to feel tipsy. You told him how you wanted his guys to stop bringing in drugs in your bars and clubs. I soon realized it was just business talk, you were telling him it was bad business. I turned my head and looked at  Mr. Hatfield when I heard him give you a little bit of an argument. I was actually kind of intrigued by the conversation you two were having. I could tell that the both of you were already getting annoyed with each other. I was loving it! He asked if you thought that he could stop people from doing what they wanted. I knew things were going to get a bit more interesting.

Mr. Hatfield looked at me and asked me what I thought of the situation. He asked if he should make someone do something they do not want to do or stop them from doing something they do want to do. His eyes lingered down to my cleavage and just up and down. I was already a bit tipsy.

"I think you two have too much power. No one should force anyone to do a fucking thing they do not want to." I stared right into your eyes as he leered at me. I was talking to you...
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I was taken by surprise when Hatfield asked you what you thought.  So far you’d been sitting on the couch beside him and sipping your drink and, so I thought, mostly ignoring us - and doing a damn good job of it too, I might add.  Especially since he wasn’t being subtle about the fact that he was ogling you.  Something which I’d actually been counting on.  He can’t resist attractive things - especially if those things happen to be women.  You thought for a moment, taking a long sip of the expensive cognac, then turned your head to face me.  You looked right into my eyes as you said in an accusatory tone that we both have too much power and nobody should be made to do anything they don’t want to, the language you actually used being rather colorful.  I stared back at you.  I knew your scathing remark was meant as a direct insult to me and, suddenly, there was a tension in the air between us.  If Hatfield hadn’t been here you would have had my hand across your face for that. 

For the first time, my guest looked nervous when he realised you could cut the atmosphere in the room with a knife.  Then he guffawed loudly, a big, booming, fake laugh as he tried to break the tension.  You blinked and looked away and I smirked.  You might have got your bitchy comment in, and you might have directed it right at me, but I could tell that my stare sent a shiver down your spine. 

Hatfield drained his glass, as did I.  I stood and got the decanter from the side and topped all three of our drinks up.  I can tell by the way your eyes are starting to glaze over that the wine and brandy are starting to have an effect on you.  That’s good.  It might loosen you up a little. 

“That’s all well and good in a perfect world,” Hatfield eventually replied to you.

“But in the real world, it doesn’t always turn out that way,” I finish for him.

“For instance, Miss O’Reilly, I, or rather some of my associates, sell certain goods on my behalf.  Sometimes these goods are sold in establishments that are owned by Mr. Morgan.  This makes me a lot of money, therefore I do not want to stop selling them there.  But I might if Mr. Morgan were to make it worth my while.”

“Similarly, I do not want to keep bringing Mr. Hatfield’s associates back here and beating the living crap out of them,” I answer, raising my hands and making quotation marks in the air with my fingers when I say the word ‘associates.’  “But I will do it to every single one I can find.”

This gets both of your attention.
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I may have been lightheaded from the booze, but I was well aware of Mr. Hatfield's wandering eyes. I ignored him, mostly I was too tipsy to even care or say a word. If he started to touch me, then that would be a different story. No way in hell!  I could feel the tension in the air from the two of you. I was in the middle of something I had nothing to do with. You glared back at me when I made my underhanded comment about not forcing anyone to do anything. The look in your eyes actually caused a little fear in me. I felt a shiver run up and down my spine and then looked back at Mr. Hatfield.  I was keeping an eye on him and another on you. This scenario was odd and I was confused on why I was involved. You had me dressed up like this for a reason I was assuming.

Mr. Hatfield kept asking me questions, kept on getting me involved after I answered the question. He goes on about how he rather have some associates sell certain goods on his behalf. I was getting annoyed with Mr Hatfield now. I scooted further to my right to get to the furthest part of the couch. I could tell he was slightly offended by how he looked at me. Fuck him, I thouht to myself. He said how he might have his men back off if you make it worth his while. I looked at you but not Mr. Hayfield regarding his comment. Worth his while?

You make a subtle threat to him and we both look at you. "Do I have to be here? why am I here?"
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You’re clearly getting nervous about being here.  Especially as it looks like this might get heated sometime soon.  And it’s bound to once I let him have his dealer back, who is probably now fifty shades of black and blue and barely able to walk.  But I need you here as a distraction for Hatfield.  If he has something pretty to look at, I know that his mind is going to be preoccupied.  That as long as his dick is throbbing at the thought of fucking you - and I can tell by his lusful eyes that’s exactly what he’s thinking about - then he won’t be paying too much attention to much else until it’s too late for him to do a damn thing about it.  In fact he probably won’t even know what I’m talking about until his seller is in a heap at his feet.  I don’t even think he’ll have missed the dealer that didn’t return a couple of nights ago. 

Your nervousness is even more noticeable when you ask me why you’re here and why you have to be here. 

“You’re here because we’re entertaining guests, my dear,” I say as I sip my brandy.  “In business sometimes we have to have guests over and entertain them.”

You glare at me again, far from satisfied with my answer.  Perhaps you realise the implication of my use of the word ‘entertain’ or perhaps you don’t.  But I was very careful not to say that you’re here to entertain my guest.  To be the eye candy.  The slutty vamp look is exactly why I bought you that dress.  Because I know that Hatfield wouldn’t be able to stop leering at you all night long.  Of course I know that he’d much rather be doing more than just leering at you.  Something which you must notice yourself because you scoot away from him until you’re pressed against the arm of the couch.

“And what do you do, Ava?” Hatfield asks you. 

I smirk as I look at you and, almost imperceptibly,  raise my glass in a silent toast almost daring you to try and throw me under the bus again like you did at the doctor’s office earlier.  I take a sip as I wait for your reply.
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I was getting more and more nervous being in this situation that had nothing to do with me. There was anger and annoyance in your eyes and I knew it was mostly because of Mr. Hatfield. You were annoyed with me too but you forced me down here. I didn't want to get hurt and the two of you were only getting more heated with each other. I was expecting either you or him to make the first move. You answered me and told me I was here to entertain our guest. You explained this is how it works in business, I was just a distraction. You could tell I didn't want to be here and that yours and Mr. Hatfield's argument was making me highly uncomfortable. I glared back at your response and Mr. Hatfield scooted closer to me asking me what I do for a living. You smirked at me and raised your glass as you waited for me to answer him.

"Ummm I h....help run my dad's shop." I didn't want to give him any more details about me or my life. Short and sweet answers are what he's going to get! He was so close to me, too fucking close. I kept wiggling and trying to scoot but there was nowhere else to scoot to. Mr. Hatfield was too close! He was invading my persoanl space and I looked at you for some sort of fucking assistance with this drunk fool. Maybe he wasn't drunk but he had a few drinks in him already, as I did too. I could smell the alcohol on his breath, he was that close. "Do you mind terribly scooting back some? My arm is still healing and I just need some space." I was as sweet and polite as I could be, plus I was still pretty damn tipsy. He smiled but it went away some and then he looked at my cleavage agan. I looked back at you and you were slurping your drink. I was wondering to myself if you were testing me or testing him. I haven't known you too long but I have figured out you like playing games. You like playing with people, we're your toys; tools for entertainment as you enjoy our misery and pain. You were probably the biggest bully in school.

"I didn't know grown men couldn't have a conversation without a babysitter." I smirked back at you. The look on Mr. Hatfield's face was hilarious, it was that of a "butthurt" man. A man's ego is so damn fragile, it's hilarious. Of course I knew better than to laugh at these two idiots, knowing what they could do to me, I was trying to be as nice as possible.
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When Hatfield had asked what you do, I still half expected you to try and throw me under the bus again, but you didn’t. You politely told him that you help your dad run his convenience store.  A small smirk lifted the corners of my mouth briefly as I thought to myself ‘not anymore, you don’t.’  I could see the anxiety on your face as Hatfield kept throwing questions at you, all the while he was shuffling a little closer to you and you were shuffling away.  That is until you found yourself pressed up against the arm of the couch and had run out of real estate.  Hatfield shuffled up some more until his thigh was pressed against yours.  I could also see that the alcohol was having an effect on you.  You seemed to be relaxing but you also seem to be becoming more bold.  You asked Hatfield to move away a little and told him that you need some space.  I cocked my head to see his reaction to this.  He nodded his head respectfully and siddled to the left.  By about two inches.  I smirked again.  Well he did do as you asked, though you were clearly expecting more a couple of feet than a couple of inches.

You looked directly at me and said that you didn’t know grown men couldn’t have a conversation without a babysitter.  You smirked at me as you spoke, and glared directly into my eyes.  Hatfield’s jowls wobbled as his jaw dropped slightly and he sat there with his mouth open in a small ‘O’ while you poured the last of your brandy down your throat and sat there with a triumphant grin on your face.  If you had directed your snide comment at Hatfield instead of me, I’d have congratulated you for royally pissing him off once he’d left.

“Are you going to let this little trollop talk like that?” Hatfield asked. 

I rose from my seat and went to the decanter and refilled my glass, drained it, then refilled it again.  I walked back to the couch where the two of you sat and refilled both of your glasses, too.  Straight away you took a sip of yours. 

“You’re sitting next to her,” I say to Hatfield as I return the crystal decanter to the table then lean against it and face the two of you.  “If you think she’s said something out of line, feel free to discipline her.”
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Mr. Hatfield moved like a couple of inches away from me when I asked him to give me some space. I glared at you when I heard you chuckle and take another sip of your drink. You knew I was feeling highly uncomfortable even though I was tipsy. I felt like I was trapped! I needed air and space and for this bastard to get out of my personal space. This was entertainment for YOU! I could feel my own frustration building. When he scooted another couple of inches, I sighed a sigh of relief but I was still annoyed. After I made my comment about the two of you needing a babysitter, the demeanor in the room changed. I instantly regretted saying what I said after the look on your face and his. I was shocked when I heard Hatfield ask you if he was going to let me talk like that, calling me a Trollop. I instantly looked at him and glared for calling me a name. I almost blurted an insult out to him but I bit my tongue.

The next thing out of your mouth was giving Hatfield the approval to discipline me. My eyes widened in horror when I heard you tell him that and then he had a large grin on his face. "What? No way! Are you fucking kidding me? Fuck you, both!"  There was no way I was putting up with this! I was lightheaded but pissed. I still knew what the hell was happening and you two were just fucking around and playing games. "Some of us have real lives to get back to!" I stared at you and glared, standing up slowly and on wobbly legs but then I felt Hatfield grab my dress and yank me back down. He told me there was no need to get so angry and want to storm off. I kept trying to resist him, pushing him off when he was getting too close again. "Please stop!" I was starting to get tears in my eyes. I looked at you as you were sipping your drink as I was forced to sit by this creep. "You're a life ruiner." I hissed at you.

I could feel my body start to shake all over from panic. Why was I here? Were you going to sell me or give me to him? I looked at Hatfield and glared at him. “You won’t do anything to me. I am not yours to touch.” The next thing I did, surprised even me. I stood up abruptly and quickly so he couldn’t reach for me again and walked over and stood by you. “I’m his.” Of course I said what I said to protect myself from being raped by Hatfield. If I had to go through this, I would rather be raped by one man instead of every man that comes here for a “business meeting”.  I knew that it was the alcohol that was also a big influence on why I would say I was yours.
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Hatfield grinned broadly when I told him to discipline you, grinning as though all his Christmases had come at once.  And there was a look of horror across your face when you heard my words and saw his expression.  I think you’re about to lose your shit when you say no way and asking if I was fucking kidding you.  I chuckled a little when you said fuck us both.  You say that some of us have real lives to get back to, though I’m not sure who exactly you’re speaking to since you’re looking into space.  You move to get up and just about pull yourself upright, albeit it on drunken, wobbly legs, but before you can move away Hatfield grabs your dress and pulls you back down onto the couch.  You land with a heavy thud and the soft leather lets out a soft hiss as it allows your cute ass to sink back into it.  You look at Hatfield with an expression of horror and revulsion while he just stares at you with lust filled eyes.  For a moment I’m convinced he’s going to force you onto your back and rape you right in front of me but he just ogles you for a moment before you plead with him to stop. Then you look at me as I take a sip of my brandy and you call me a life ruiner.

I raised my glass to you slightly in confirmation of your accusation because I know that over the years I’ve ruined many, many lives.  Some by raping them - as I have with you, some by instilling fear into their very being, some by beating the crap out of them.  And a few by literally ending them.  So there is plenty of truth in what you’re saying.  But I will never admit it. Not to you, the cops, or a court. 

Your next move completely stunned me.  You turned to Hatfield with a new resolve, though I could see the glass in your hand trembling slightly, and told him in a firm voice that he wouldn’t do anything to you because you weren’t his to touch.  Then you quickly stood up and walked away from the couch.  I was now alert and ready to stand between you and the door to stop you from running out of here but you didn’t go in that direction, you came to the table and stood beside me.  You glared at Hatfield and told him that you were mine.  I looked at you curiously before looking back to Hatfield who looked completely beside himself.  He thought that he was going to be fucking you tonight, indeed that’s the whole reason you were here.  You were going to be offered to him as an incentive to stop selling his shit in my bars.  But now the look of incredulity on his face as though he was actually entitled to your pussy only makes me want to put a .45 calibre sized hole right between his eyes.  Suddenly I find I don’t want to let him rape you. 

“Well if that’s the way things are going to be, it looks like we have nothing left to say to each other, Morgan,” he hisses at me with a scowl.

“I disagree,” I reply as I set my glass down on the table behind me. 

I walk to the door and open it and peer out into the hall.  “Bring our guest in, Adam,” I tell my trusty aide.  I stand aside so that he can drag the unconscious dealer that had been caught in my bar into the room and dump him at Hatfields feet.  For a brief moment I think the old fool is about to have a stroke as his face goes an unhealthy shade of red.  I walk over to him, striding over the groaning piece of shit that’s lying on my carpet and lean down grasping his jowls in my hand.

“If I ever find one of your parasites on my property again, I’m going to put a bullet in your fucking head.  Now take this piece of shit and get the hell out of my house,” I hiss at him.  I glance over at you and see that you have a satisfied, if somewhat drunken, smirk on your face.  I also note that your glass is also full again.
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I could not believe my tactic worked! When I walked beside you and told Hatfield I was yours, the dynamics changed. No longer were you trying to influence Hatfield to discipline me. The look on your face showed that of a stunned reaction to me saying I was yours. No, I am NOT yours! I had to say, I have to do what I have to do in order to stay safe. Of course I did not mean one word of it! I am not yours and never will be. I needed Hatfield off my ass. Your confused look was slightly humorous to me because I had the upper hand. I caught you off guard and stunned you. I had to think of something fast to get Hatfield out of my face. I knew you were wanting to see him hurt me, but my fast thinking literally saved my ass. For a brief moment, I felt safe right by you only because I was trying to get away from Hatfield. For a moment, I was safe from his advances. He hissed at you  and told you  there was nothing more to say in which you disagreed. 

Mr. Hatfield looked pissed. I was feeling nervous again that there was going to be some sort of altercation. I listened to the two of you while glancing at the door which most likely had Adam standing on the opposite side of it. I was preparing myself to get the hell out of here, in case the two of you get out of control. I would flee the area whenever my brothers would start in with each other, knowing they were going to break a few items in the process. You placed your glass down and walked over and opened the door and there stood Adam. You told him to bring your guest in and he then drags an unconscious man in. I grimaced at the sight of the beaten man; it looked like he was already dead, but he wasn't. His face was completely black and blue. His lip was bleeding and he was also bleeding from the nose and brow above his right eye. It was a disturbing site to see and it bothered me seeing Adam just drag him like he was trash. Adam plops him down at his feet and the unconscious man started to groan in pain. 

I looked around the room as subtly as I could without being noticed. No one was watching the door. Everyone was focused on Hatfield and his dealer, that the thought crossed my mind to make a run for it. There were guns and I wasn't about to react and not really think it through. I was craving my freedom out of here, it was all I could think about. I knew the wise choice was to stay right where I was. You threatened Hatfield and then glanced over at me. I stayed silent, feeling a bit more intimidated by you after I heard you say how you would blow his head off. Everything seemed incredibly too real for me, seeing all  this was just too much. 
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It crosses my mind for a second that you could have bolted for the door while Adam and I were preoccupied with Hatfield and his dealer and I was a little surprised to see that you remained where you were.  Perhaps the drink had slowed your reactions and thought process enough that you didn’t even think about it.  Or perhaps you’re smart enough to realise that you wouldn’t get far before you were either caught by me or Adam or gunned down as an intruder by the security patrols out in the grounds.  Either way, I’m pleased that you’re still here.  Things didn’t go the way I’d planned tonight; I was going to use you to give Hatfield incentive to leave my bars alone by letting him fuck you - I know he would have loved that, to put his dick in a girl more than half his age.  As it is, I stand back and look at his face, incredulous at seeing the state of the man at his feet who he probably barely even recognises.  He turns bright red with exasperation and I think he might actually have a stroke right here on my couch.

“Who do you think you are, doing this to one of my men?” he growls at me.

“I’m just someone trying to look after one of my business interests.  My business is legitimate, which is more than can be said for yours,” I retort.

I hear a quiet snigger behind me and I glance at you; a smirk quickly vanishes from your face as I glare at you.

“You can leave now, Hatfield.  And take this piece of shit with you.  And remember what I said. If I catch one of your goons in my place again I’ll come looking for you.  And it won’t be to invite you for dinner.”

Hatfield glares at me then stands up.  He kicks his man and demands that he gets to his feet.  Poor bastard is barely conscious.  I nod to Adam who steps forward and drags the man to his feet and all but carries him out to the front door with Hatfield skulking along behind them.  When he gets to the dining room door he turns and glares back at me. 

“This isn’t over, Morgan.  Not by a long way.”  Then he turns and disappears through the door.

I look back at you, still resting your pretty little ass against my table, and I come over to you and stand in front of you, reaching past you to pick up my glass.  I gaze down on you with a smirk on my face and sip my drink.  Then I reach out and place my right hand on your slender hip; I feel you flinch when I touch you.. 

“So, by your own words, you’re mine, huh?” I ask with a smile.  Then I lean down and press my lips against yours.
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I tried not to look at the poor man that must have been in his early 30's. He was so badly beaten, I was surprised he was still alive. It made me realize that you could do just that to my father, brothers, or me. Hatfield was beyond livid at you for what you did. He growled out at you asking who you think you are doing this to one of his men. I had to agree with Mr. Hatfield for sure, this was way too far to get a point across. He could still not make it if he has any type of internal bleeding or something worse. This was someone's child on the ground all black and blue and swollen like one big sore. You're much more evil than I imagined. I glared at Adam when he turned and looked at me. I know he did this! He was the one who almost beat this man to death. Him and Ben probably took turns in treating him like a pinata. Hatfield looked like he had vengeance in his eyes as he stared at you and then gave me a "go to hell" look. 

You hissed back at him, telling him you are just trying to protect your business and how yours was actually legitimate. Maybe it was the conversation or the booze that went straight to my head, but I let out a little snicker. When you turned and glared at me, I quickly stopped. You turned your attention back on Hatfield, telling him he can leave and to take that POS with him. You gave him one last final threat and then Hatfield gave you a go to hell look. This was the most uncomfortable meeting ever!

Hatfield gets up and kicks his injured dealer on the floor, demanding he gets up. He was too injured to get up,so Adam intervened and helped him up  and led him out. On the way out, Hatfield glares at you and tells you this isn't over by a longshot. I chill went up my spine at his last threat as he left your house. We were by ourselves now and you walked up to me and just placed your hand on my hip and commented on how I said I was yours. I knew I was going to pay for that remark to save my ass. Before I could speak, before I could protest that I didn't mean it, you leaned down and kissed me gently on the lips. I was tipsy and light headed so I let you kiss me and I moaned in your mouth. I gently pushed you off me to break the kiss. I glared. "I only said that to get Hatfield off my ass."
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Your lips taste of cognac and your own sweetness and I feel the swell of my arousal as soon as I pressed my against them.  I kiss you a little harder and breathe you in as I’m tasting you.  I’m slightly surprised that you don’t immediately try to push me away; I can only assume that the wine and the brandy is having an effect on you.  An assumption that is made stronger when you moan softly into my mouth.  I move my hips forward and press my building erection against you, breathing a little heavier as I start to become more and more aroused by you until, eventually, you get your hands between us and push me back slightly and break the kiss I was forcing on you.  You tell me that you only said you were mine to get Hatfield to back off.  I smiled at you as I looked into your eyes then leaned forward again.

“You keep telling yourself that, Ava,” I said, my lips brushing against yours as my hands moved to your waist.  In one swift move I gripped your waist, lifted you up and sat you on the table in front of me, making you squeal in surprise a little.  One hand moves around your back to hold you in place and I step forward using my knees and hips to force your legs either side of me. 

“You wouldn’t have said it if you didn’t know it was true,” I tell you before pressing my lips onto yours again for another kiss.
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I was relieved that Hatfield was leaving and taking his dealer with him. The poor guy had to be carried out practically by Adam. I watched and sipped on my drink more and more. When you kissed me, I moaned in your mouth only because of the alcohol in my system. You pressed harder, being more forceful and I was too tipsy to fight you off. I knew you did this on purpose, getting me drunk so you could handle me without a fight. I could feel your growing erection as you pressed your body against me. I could try and wiggle, but you would just hold me tighter. You were horny and ready to fuck me yet again. When I pushed you away from me some, you smiled and told me to keep telling myself that I do nolt belong to you. You moved forward again and pressed your lips slightly against mine, moving your hands to my waist. The next thing I knew, you were lifting me up and sat me down on the table. I  squealed out in surprise and then you got between my legs, using your body to keep my legs open.

"Please, stop!" I could feel my head becoming heavier and I knew I had too much to drink. You weren't stopping. I could feel my heart racing now, I was nervous because I knew what was about to happen but too  inebriated to really try and stop you. "I only said that to get away from your friend." I slurred my speech some. I kept turning my face away from your kisses, my hands still trying to push against your chest. It was all in vain! "Please I.... I..." Your lips pressed against mine again. It was just us now, the door was shut and it was just us. I moaned out and then you started to kiss my neck and collarbone, going down to my cleavage. I tried closing my eyes and imagining my ex boyfriend. Nothing was working! I knew it was you all over me. "Please just fucking stop!" I was getting worked up some, getting triggered by you even in my current state. "I can't do this." I tried to push but you just stayed against me, kissing me all over.
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I could feel your resistance as I kissed you, though you were moaning softly into my mouth as I kissed you.  I know, of course, that it’s the alcohol that’s lowering your inhibitions and making me that more receptive to my advances but it’s clear that you haven’t had enough to let go completely because you’re still struggling against me.  That’s fine.  The feistiness, the fight is what makes it even better.  My cock is bulging in my pants now as I force your legs around me just by standing between them.  I reach behind you and pull you into me and groan into your mouth when I feel your firm breasts with their hard, bullet like nipples pressing against my chest.  Eventually you manage to turn your head away from the kiss that I’m forcing on you and plead with me to stop.  Naturally, I don’t.  Instead, my mouth heads for your neck and your shoulders while a hand reaches up for your head and my fingers start running through your hair until I take a grip of it in my hand and use it to pull your head back so that your throat is exposed.  I lean down and kiss softly at your throat. 

You tell me that you didn’t mean what you said, that you only told me that you were mine to get rid of Hatfield, calling him my friend as if you actually believe that.  But your words were slurred and I know the cognac is starting to go to your head now.  If I’m to fuck you right here I’ll need to do it quickly before you pass out from the booze.  You tried pushing me away again but there was barely any strength in your arms and I knew that I could take you whenever I was ready.  You whimpered out a slurred ‘please’ before trying to push me away again as my kisses moved down to your cleavage that was on show and had been for the benefit of Hatfield.  Then you started to become a little more aggressive as you demanded I stopped and cussed at me in doing so.  I smirked at you and pushed myself further against you.  There’s no doubt that you can feel my building erection pressed against you as you try to push me away one more time, again without success.

“If you’re not mine,” I growl softly against the firm swell of your breast that I’m kissing, “perhaps I should have let Hatfield have his way with you.  I know that’s what he wanted.  I know that’s what he came here for.  Perhaps I should have let him,” I growl before standing up straight again and looking directly into your eyes.

“Is that what you want, Ava?  Would you like me to let every man who crosses me rape you or would you rather just admit to yourself that you’re mine?” I ask.  A sob escapes your lips and I place my hand against your collarbone and gently push you backwards so that your shoulders and head are leaning against the wall behind, while your hips and ass are firmly planted to the table pressed against my throbbing bulge and your legs forced either side of me.

I look behind me and see that Adam had closed the door when he and Hatfield had carted the dealer off out of here.  And I know that once the door is closed he won’t come back in until it’s opened again. 

“You’re mine, Ava,” I repeat as my hands move to your thighs and start moving upwards, pushing the hem of your dress up with them.  I move my face close to yours again.  “You’re all mine,” I say as my lips once again brush against yours.
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As tipsy as I was, I was still aware of what you were trying to do.You kept on and I kept on trying to push you off of me. For a moment, I wondered if you put something in my drink. I had never had a reaction like this to any kind of liquor, any kind of alcoholic drink. I knew it was a hopeless battle, trying to get you off of me and prevent you from fucking me. No matter how hard I tried to resist, you had the upper hand. I knew you were abut to fuck me right nhere with the door not even locked. Sure, the door was closed, but anyone could walk in. You pulled back some from kissing me to tell me you could always give me to Hatfield to fuck and another other man that crosses you.Of course you do something that degrading and dehumaning to me.

"N..no...  I do not belong to him or you and you know that." You had your whole body between my legs, so I couldn't budge. "I'm not you! No one is yours!!" All we did was play this "cat and mouse game." You wanted me, but I didn't want you to even look at me. You and the others, everyone I hated. ben and Adam could go vry well just fuck themselves. You reminded me again that I could be yours or all the men who visit you for your meeting. "No, please, no!"

You kept going on and I tried to push you off me like crazy. I was going to scream,but who would help me? It is just me and you here and you can do whatever the hell you would like. The images of that bloody dealer who was hardly even alive. You repeated how I'm yours as your hands moved over to my thighs and started to move upward. I kept trying to close my thighs, taking on hands and trying to stop you. No, I didn't want to be raped by any man to take me just because you think I am your property. "No! Get the fuck off of me!!"
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No sooner had I pulled you close to me and got myself positioned between your legs you started protesting and telling me no.  Denying, despite what you just said to Hatfield, that I was yours.  You kept saying over and over that you don’t belong to me or anyone else.  You told me that nobody belongs to me.  I smirked at you.  If only you knew how many people I own one way or another, from things I know about them that would leave them in a very compromising position, to people I pay off, to people I take as mine in lieu of payment for outstanding debts.  Of which you’re not the first and I doubt very much that you’ll be the last.  One day in time you will find out what happens to the people that I own.  They have a tendency to become faithful servants or non willing participants to a business that they can’t get out of because I make it so.  I don’t think you’re grasping the immense power that I hold in this city, the state, even.

You made a few futile attempts to push me away but, with my arm snaked behind your back and holding you against me, I’m not going anywhere.  My hand slowly slides up your thigh, pushing your dress up with it.  I can feel the bulge in my pants throbbing and pulsating as it builds and swells; I’m sure I’m pressing it against your crotch in which case you’ll be able to feel me getting harder and harder and you know what will be coming next. 

When I mention that I might let any of my business associates fuck you just to prove the point that you are, indeed, my property now, you start pleading with me, saying ‘please no,’ and ‘don’t’ over and over.  I move my hand away from your thigh and take the glass of brandy that you’re still clutching and gulp down the drink that remains inside there then set the glass down on the table.  My hand returns to your thigh and starts moving up the soft, flawless skin.  I grinned when you told me to get the fuck off you.

“Now you know that’s not going to happen,” I whisper softly as the hand behind your back moves up to your hair and, after taking a handful, pull back on it to tilt your head back and expose your neck.  As soon as the way is clear, I lean forward and start to kiss and bite at your sensitive skin.  You’ve not been here long but I’ve already discovered the fastest way to make your body betray you and get you ready to take me.  A few minutes of this and you'll be soaked.
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I was more relaxed than I usually would be in this situation, you poured me at least 2 glasses. As relaxed as I felt, I still knew what you were doing and it wasn't sitting well with me. You were using me before just like you're trying to use me now. I kept on pushing you away from me, or at least trying to. You didn't hit me or yell at me like you have done before, you just kissed me more and more. You were letting your hands and mouth take over. You had your arm snaked behind my back, making it damn near impossible to escape your grasp. Your hand slowly went up my thighs, dragging my dress up.I kept trying to push your hand away. "Stop!"

I kept on whimpering and a few tears ran down my cheeks. You were a man with a mission and that mission was to get inside me. "No, I don't want this now." I don't know why I said "now".

You grabbed my glass of brandy and gulped it down and placed the glass down beside us. I thought for a moment that I could use that very glass and hit you in the face with it. There's always repercussions to our actions and if I did just that, I would face a huge one. If I did, I wouldn't be able to run out of here with how tipsey I was. I knew I had no chance of properly escaping. If I tried, I would end up with more broken bones. I wondered to myself how I never knews about you and your wicked empire. I grew up in this town, this city and I knew nothing of such evilness from one man. My father was no longer the same man I grew up with, he was now a spineless coward blinded by pussy and greed. Everything I have gone through so far was already traumatic. There was no one I felt like I could trust or even knew anymore. What if my brothers were in the same situation?  My thoughts were running in my mind a mile per minute.

I had to make a choice, to accept that I am yours for now. What could be worse is having to be under any man you threw my way. When I yelled at you to stop, you whispered to me it wasn't going to happen. The way you whispered in my ear, gave me goosebumps and a tingling feeling below. You were working on me, trying to get me wet and it was working. I felt your hand grab a handful of my hair and I yelped and whimpered out. "Ow, you a...ass!" My speech was slurrying. "Stop now, please!" I hated to admit it, but this way was way better than you smacking me around. I was soaked now! I was absolutely soaked between my legs.
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I was using the hand placed against your back to press your crotch against mine while, at the same time, grinding against you so that you could feel the throbbing bulge that was building between my thighs.  When I pulled your hair to tilt your head back, you called me an ass and, after all the things you’ve called me and yelled at me since you’ve been here, that’s probably the lightest.  And the funniest since the alcohol in your system has started to slur your words slightly.  I resisted the urge to chuckle, instead just grinning slightly against your soft, smooth skin as I kissed your throat and neck.  You told me to stop now, though it was more a slurred, whimpering, breathless gasp than actual coherent speech.  By this time your body is well and truly betraying you; I can smell the musky scent of your arousal and I know that your juices are leaking from your vagina and soaking your panties.  My hand slides down to the small of your back and I pull you hard against me so that your breasts are squashed between us and the soaked crotch of your panties is pressed tightly against my bulging erection that feels as though it’ll burst out of my pants of its own free will anytime soon.

“You don’t really want me to stop, though, do you?” I growl softly against your skin as I grind against you. 

I pull one of the straps of your dress from your shoulder and allow it to slide down your upper arm.  I reach between us and pull at the plunging neckline of your dress so that the side I moved the strap of slips down from the swell of your breast and exposes it.  I cup my hand around it and caress it while, at the same time, my thumb circles deftly over your erect, sensitive nipple. 

“You don’t want me to stop, you want me to fuck you,” I say, my voice still nothing more than a soft growl as my kisses move from your neck to your ear and I nibble gently on your earlobe.
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No matter how drunk I felt, I still had some fight left in me. I knew I didn't have much in me, but I was always the hard headed one in the family. I was always the girl who got in trouble for talking too much in school. I knew that the alcohol in my veins made me a lot less feisty than normal. I knew you were about to fuck me and I knew I had no way of preventing it. The back of my mind, I kind of felt the need to be penetrated; it was due to the warm alcohol in my bloodstream. I kept trying to resist you, to push you away but it was all done in vain. My body was getting used to your touch, your smell, your noises to where now my pussy was getting wet. You knew exactly what you were doing! You had me in this dress for easy access and easy access. All you have  to do was pull my panties to the side and fuck me. I was panting and begging for you to stop, but I really was trying to make you stop.

I could feel the wetness on my crotch area on my panties. I could feel how hard my nipples were against your chest.You were making subtle growling noises and kissing and sucking on my neck. "No..."  I slurred over my "No" as I kept my head tilted back, so you could continue doing what you were doing. As much as I hated you, what you were doing felt nice. It was definitely the alcohol that made me relaxed. I knew once my head was clear from the liquor, I would soon feel ashamed for not trying hard enough. Right now, I'm just going to focus on this. What could be worse? You throwing me to every Tom ,Dick, and Harry that pisses you off, would be way worse!

If I was going to be raped again, it would be better coming from the same douche bag instead of multiple men. God knows where they have all been! As much as I loathed you, loathed  your touch, this was better than Hatfield touching me. I kept my legs spread, I didn't have much of a choice in the matter but at least I was wet.My body wanted you! I felt confused on why I was craving you inside me. I knew it was just the natural reaction of my body to yours.
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When I told you that you wanted me to fuck you, you kept replying ‘no’ over and over again, the word slurred as it left your lips, but your protests are half hearted at best.  Perhaps the fight in you is running out already, but I think it’s more likely the alcohol is affecting your inhibitions.  I’m sure if you were sober you’d be fighting tooth and nail to push me away from you and I’d be throwing you around and hurting you.  Instead, as I hold your head back so I can kiss your neck, the resistance dwindles as though you’re actually moving your head further back to let me kiss deeper.  I groan against your skin as my cock throbs against your crotch, itching to be freed and shoved inside you.  You moaned softly at my touch, whimpered out another ‘no’ and then the hand that had been pushing against my chest, with absolutely no effect, fell to the table that you’re sat upon.  I grinned as I felt your last resolve fall away and I growled once again in your ear as I pulled you tight against me once again, grinding my bulging crotch against yours.

“You know you want it, Ava, tell me you want it,” I whispered softly as I felt your thighs around my hips and my cock twitched and pulsated again. 

You didn’t respond at first, but you weren’t fighting it so I carried on doing what I was doing; kissing and biting softly at your neck, nibbling on your earlobe and grinding against you.  You were panting like a slut and I’m sure, at one point, I’m sure I felt you grinding your hips back against me, rubbing yourself against the bulge in my pants.  There’s always the risk that Adam could come back in here before he leaves, but I had already told him that once Hatfield had gone he could go home to his family for the night.  And, even though I’ve been somewhat preoccupied with you, I’ve been listening for him and I’ve not heard him come back into the house so I'm assuming he made sure Hatfield left without incident and got in his car and left as well.  And Ben is babysitting your dad to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid so I know I don’t have to worry about him coming to the house any time soon.

I push away from you slightly and you lean back, putting your good arm behind you to support you.  I lean down and take your exposed breast in my mouth, my teeth clamping down on your nipple and tugging slightly at it before my tongue starts licking and flicking over it, making you gasp and whimper.
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This was a battle I knew I was going to lose from the beginning. I've never been able to hold a lot of alcohol down without passing out. I was not really in the mood for a fight when I was feeling this way. I hated not being in control over this situation, but I wasn't in much control prior. My hand fell to the table and I gave up as you kept on grinding your bulge against me. I could feel how incredibly excited you were, you were grinding your stuff bulge over my crotch as you growled out in my ear telling me how I know I want this. My body did want you inside, the wetness between my legs gave it away. This was the most messed up situation I could ever get myself in. In the back of my mind, I was still in denial that this was all happening. I kept hoping that I would wake up any second from this nightmare.

Now, I was letting you kiss and bite at my neck, you were being gentle at least. I knew you were going to fuck me any second right here and withut a care in the world that someone might walk in. Did you even lock the door? You were treating me like a lover would. You were soft and gentle and could eaisly start fucking me, but you waited. What were you waiting on? I was panting louder and louder, like a slut ready to be pounded. This was mortifying but at the same time, now I didn't care too much to stop it. Were Ben and Adam nearby to where they could hear this? Who was listening outside the door?

I leaned back some and then I gasped when I felt your mouth on my breasts. I felt my pussy getting soaked. You knew what you were doing and you were not going to stop until you were deep inside me. The alcohol was a good idea to relax me, to keep me calm and receptive. I was being calm and receptive now for the most part. What young woman wants to be here, being used like an object? I wanted out and I wanted to run like hell out of this city that I once grew up in and knew nothing about who was really running it. You were the one running itg over the city officials.  This what you were doing and have been do0ing is considered legal in their eyes.

"I don't... want this." I was like a limp doll, making slurred protests. "I don't."
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My cock is leaking precum into my shorts as it throbs against your crotch.  You’re panting hard as I’m suckling on your nipple and my hand on the small of your back pulls you against me as tightly as possible and forcing your crotch to rub against the throbbing bulge in my pants.  I can tell from your panting that you’re aroused, but I can now also smell the natural scent of your arousal and I growl with pleasure on your breast.  I’m panting myself, eager to be buried inside you and fucking you but I want you to be absolutely soaked between your legs before I shove my dick inside you.  I want to be able to use this to humiliate you in the future when you’re resisting me; constantly reminding you of the night when you were soaked and begging like a slut for me to fuck you every time you tell me that you don’t want me inside you. 

When I tell you that you know you want it, you tell me in a slightly slurred but coherent reply that you don’t want this.  I lift my head from your firm, heaving breast and gaze into your sparkling green eyes and smile warmly at you.  I reach in between us with my free hand and thrust it between your thighs and grab at your crotch.  My smile broadens as my fingers touch the gusset of your thin panties and feel your wetness seeping into them.

“Are you sure about that, Ava?” I ask with a growl, then press my fingers against your clit through your panties.  You gasp and moan and I lean down and take your other nipple in my mouth, removing my hand from between your legs and going back to grinding against your crotch with the throbbing, pulsating bulge in my pants.  I lean up again from your tit briefly.

“You want it, Ava, tell me you want my cock,” I demand with a soft voice.
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My crotch was right against your bulge and I was panting like a whore as you sucked on my nipple. You were turning me on with how you were acting towards me, not hitting me or yelling at me, but just being charming in a way to where I was relaxed. I still was a bit nervous that Ben or Adam was right outside the door, listening to us. Maybe they weren't outside the door and would just walk in casually any minute. You sure did not give two fucks about it whether or not someone barged in or not. You own this mansion and you own half the city too, you can do whatever, whenever. My body was actually craving having you inside of me. I could feel myself getting aroused by this, which only annoyed me.

When I told you I didn't want this, you lifted your head from my breasts and asked if I was sure about that. The next thing I knew, I felt your hand on my crotch as you felt the wetness on my thin black panties you provided for me. I felt embarrassed and ashamed that I was wet. I knew it was not my fault, that it was just a reaction and it was normal, but not to me. To me, I felt like a whore and that this was all my fault. You then pressed a finger to my clit and returned back to sucking on my nipple. I gasped and moaned out as you carried on, my cheeks getting flushed from being turned on by a very bad man.

You lift up again and softly demand that I tell you I want your cock. If I obeyed you and did what you demanded, you would never let me live it down. I can just imagine all the mind games you would play with me. I stayed silent, even gently biting down on my lower lip to stay quiet. No, I was not going to comply and tell you I want your cock. I wanted to tell you to fuck me, but I also knew that was sick. You're a murderer, a rapist, and so much more! Why would I beg you to fuck me?! "No."
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Despite how wet you are between your thighs, how erect your nipples are and the fact that you’re panting wantonly, you’re still denying the fact that you want me to fuck you.  I know that you’re being stubborn, doing your best to avoid admitting what your body is longing for.  That’s fine.  I will keep up my advances until you can’t take any more and you beg me to fuck you.  When you tell me ‘no’ again, I grin to myself as I lean forward and place a soft kiss on your neck, my hand still firmly wedged between your thighs and pressing on your crotch.  I move my fingers slowly up and down the soft fabric of your panties, pressing them between your lips so that the juices that are leaking from your vagina soak into them.  I can smell the natural scent of your arousal.  I can see it in your face as your cheeks flush a bright crimson.  I can feel it in the way your breasts heave up and down as you pant breathlessly with desire.  I’m happy to keep this up until you can’t take it anymore, and will stand here all night if I have to, but I will make you want me.  And I will do it without allowing my fingers to probe inside your panties.

As I touch you and inhale you and kiss you, my cock throbs in anticipation, the bulge in my pants swelling and pulsating, precum leaking into my boxer shorts.  I wonder if it’s possible for me to actually cum without physically stimulating my dick; to cum just by doing what I’m doing to you to force you to want me.  I satisfy myself that I can so I try to divert my thoughts and calm things down in my own underwear while I concentrate on hotting things up in yours.  I press on your panties, bite softly at your neck, brush my shirt gently against your erect nipples, doing everything I can to drive you wild with lust.  I sense you biting your lower lip to try and keep the gasps and moans in but they escape anyway. 

I use the middle finger of my right hand to rub gently on your clit through your panties and you gasp audibly.  I feel you reach your arm behind my neck when I do.  I grin as I nibble at your earlobe and I know I’m getting close to breaking you.  You will soon beg me to take you right here on this table.  I could ply you with another stiff drink but right now you’re just a little tipsy and I don’t want to get you drunk.  I want you to remember this in the morning.  I want you to remember for all eternity the night that you begged your rapist and your captor to fuck you on the drawing room table.  I press my finger against your clit and you gasp again and a whimpered moan follows immediately after.  The hand that was at the small of your back holding you against me now moves up your body and around to your face, my thumb tracing along the lines of your lips then tilting your head back so that I can lean down and kiss your throat and your collarbone.  I run my finger from your clit to your tight, wet hole, press your panties into the wetness, then go back to your clit.  I press my body against yours, compressing your breasts against me, the fabric of my shirt rubbing on your nipples again.  My mouth returns to your ear.

“Say it, Ava,” I whisper huskily, almost inaudibly, my lips brushing against your ear.  “Tell me you want me.”
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When you kissed me softly on my neck, I felt goosebumps cover my arms and legs. You were being so gentle, so much like a tender lover instead of a violent man. I was soaking wet and I wanted you to fuck me, only right now. Besides the alcohol in my system, you were also making this a pleasant experience. No hitting. No fighting. No threatening my life or the life of my father and brothers. Your hands were roaming over my body like it was the very time you were touching me. You were exploring me; relaxing me as you kept on whispering to me how much I want it. I was making subtle moaning noises, only because my body was responding to you. I hated this, but I also wanted it to keep on. 

I could feel how erect my nipples were, my whole-body was hot inside and I knew I needed to be fucked hard. I was craving your cock inside of me, leaving it to the liquor to leave my defenses down. I gently bit down on my lower lip, trying to kiss you back. The warm liquor inside my body made me feel like I was in some sort of heavenly haze. This all felt good what you were doing, but for my dignity, I had to deny  you over and over. Everything you were doing was working. I wanted it. What will you think of me if I give in? What would I think of myself afterwards? 

When I felt your finger rubbing on my clit, I opened my eyes wider and gasped in surprise. I felt both shame and pleasure, but the pleasure washed over the shame at the moment. I wrapped my arm around your neck and held on as I panted. It felt so good what you were doing and I could feel the heat rising up to my face. I needed to be fucked hard and fucked now! You teased my wet hole which was covered by thin lace panties. You pulled me closer to you whispered louder to say I want you. I shook my head "no" but I finally lost the battle. This couldn't be happening! No, I must not say it!
"I want you!"
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The kisses on your neck, the soft brushing of my thumb across your lips, my body pressed against you and my fingers between your thighs very gently rubbing your clit through your panties.  All the things I’m doing to you would probably have no effect on you if I did them individually.  But doing all those things at the same time is driving you wild.  I can sense it in the way your body is reacting - how wet your panties are getting under my fingers, how your breasts are heaving against my chest, your flushed complexion, and the way you’re panting wantonly.  My cock is throbbing wildly in my pants and I feel as though it will bust it’s way out of my shorts soon if I don’t have it buried inside you.  I push my hips a little closer so that you can feel my bulging, throbbing erection against your thigh.  You moan softly as I nibble on your earlobe and softly bite at your neck, your head still tilted back so I have free reign.  When I’d whispered in your ear and told you to say that you wanted me, you shook your head but I know I’m pushing you closer and closer to the edge.  I can feel your rapid breathing, I can hear your soft moans.  I can feel your body trembling slightly.  I can smell the scent of your arousal.  If I have to make you cum in your panties over and over, I will.  You’re not getting off this table until you’ve told me you want me and then been fucked on it.

And then, there it is.  Your words are nothing more than a whispered gasp but they are clear enough for me to year you tell me you want me.  I grin against the soft, sensitive skin of your neck as I hear the words I’ve been waiting for. 

“Good girl,” I growl softly, running my finger one more time along the gusset of your panties and pressing the delicate fabric between your lips and against your entrance to soak up some more of the juices that are leaking from your tight hole.  I lean back from you slightly, my other hand reaching for the bottle on the table which still sits beside us, pulling off the stopper and pouring a generous serving of alcohol into the glass.  I set the bottle down, take the glass and take a large chug from it before passing it to you as the burning liquid slides down my throat.  You look me in the eyes and, as you raise the glass to your mouth, I reach up your dress with both hands.  I watch you as you put the glass on your lips, my cock pulsating in my pants in anticipation.  At the same moment you start to drain the contents of the glass I pull at your panties.  You don’t resist and they slide easily down your legs and drop to the floor, your legs opening wide again to accommodate me as I step forward again.  I would have preferred to have humiliated you further by having you unfasten my pants and free my cock but with your arm in a cast, I realise that’s going to be impossible.  So I do it myself, my pants and boxers around my ankles by the time you’ve set the now empty glass back down on the table.  Your eyes glance down at my erect penis and I hear you gasp.  I can tell you’re itching to reach for it and stroke it, grip it, caress it.  Perhaps even run your tongue along my length before taking it in your mouth.  But that can wait for another time. 

Now I step forward and press myself against you, pulling the top of your dress down to your waist so both of your breasts are free and exposed.  I lean my face forward and brush your lips with mine.  I push the tip of my throbbing, precum coated cock between your lips and tease your soaked entrance; one push of my hips and I will penetrate you easily and bury myself deep inside you.

“Tell me again that you want me,” I whisper, my lips brushing against yours as I speak.
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I instantly felt ashamed of myself for telling you that I wanted you. I knew I was under  the influence of strong booze, but still. I was horny and drunk and now you were going to throw this in my face later on. Whatever you were doing to me, was working and I needed a pounding. My body was made for a pounding and now I needed one. You were acting like the world's best lover instead of a man who rapes and kills for kicks. My face was flushed with embarrassment from the words that escaped my mouth. You whispered "good girl" and I felt even more embarrassed. You kept rubbing your fingers along my pangties. Then you lean back and reach for the glass and pour more into it. Were you trying to get me even more drunk? I was already feeling relaxed, maybe too relaxed. You took a big gulp of it as you kept your bulge against my crotch. You hand me the glass in which I reached for it and took a big sip that burned my throat.

My head was even more fuzzy after I took a final sip of the burning liquid. I felt warm all inside my body and felt so good. I knew you did this on purpose to keep me from fighting you. It didn't matter anymore, I was in the palm of your hand and you were about to devour me. I felt you slowly pulling off my panties and at first , my heart raced , but then it settled back down. I was nervous even though I was drunk-ish. This was YOU doing this to me! YOU! I needed to push down any thoughts that would cause me to trigger. I finished the remainder of the contents in the glass and immediately felt better again.

You slowly took off your belt and then let your pants and boxers drop to the floor. I had my legs spread wide for you, wiating for you to fuck me. You leaned in and pulled the top of my dress down and then softly kissed me. I moaned in your mouth and you pulled away again. You told me to tell you again that I wanted you and without hesitation, I did just that. "I want you, I need you." I was almost 3 sheets to the wind, so everything coming out of my mouth now had to do with the booze you poured down my throat.
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When I told you to tell me again that you wanted me, you didn’t hesitate even for a second.  As my lips were poised almost pressed against yours, you told me you wanted me and needed me.  We were so close that I could almost taste the whiskey on your lips.  I smiled.  “Good girl,” I growled softly and moved my face forward, my lips locking against yours, my tongue invading your mouth in a deep, passionate kiss.  At the same instant, I eased my hips forward and I felt the tip of my cock pressing against your entrance, stretching you and opening you up with my girth.  Then the warm wetness of your tight inner walls around me as my thick, hard cock slid slowly inside you.  You moaned into my mouth as I penetrated you, my hands sliding around your back and pulling you tightly against me as I buried myself balls deep inside you.  Your breasts were squashed between us as I held myself inside you and savored the feeling of your pussy around my cock. 

Slowly, I started to move my hips back and forth, groaning softly into your mouth as my cock slid in and out of you.  You moaned back and accepted my kiss as I held you against me and fucked you slowly.  Each time I pushed my cock into you I held myself there for a moment to enjoy the feeling of your pussy.  Enjoying being inside you not only with your consent but with you all but begging for me to fuck you.  That thought made me groan a little harder.  I pulled back and thrust a little harder into you making you gasp into my mouth.  I broke our kiss and pulled my mouth away from yours to get some breath into my lungs, and to fuck you a little harder and faster.  I eased my embrace and you leaned back a little, supporting yourself on your good arm, your head tilted back as you moaned and mewled while I fucked you.  I softly moved both of my hands up and down your body, over your breasts and your tummy to your waist and hips.  I leaned down and took your left breast into my mouth, my tongue flicking over your erect nipple while my hips moved back and forth in a steady rhythm, thrusting my thick, hard cock in and out of you. 

“That’s my good girl,” I groaned onto your breast as you moaned and mewled, gasping out that it felt good.  I felt you reach around my neck with your other arm, your cast resting on my shoulder as I nipped and tugged at your nipple with my teeth, groaning and grunting onto your breast.
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Your lips were right against mine, growling out and calling me a good girl because I complied. You pushed yourself into me slowly at first, then grabbed me and pulled me in and then you were all the way inside. I moaned out in your mouth and pussy clenched around your cock. I was feeling full with your thick cock inside me, my legs wrapping around you to keep you in. I was drunk now. There was no way in HELL I would do this if I was sober. No way in my right state of mind, would I fuck you willinglly. It didn't matter what I would do or not do, the point it was happening now. What was I supposed to do? How was I able to say no to you when I couldn't even spell the word now with my head being so dizzy. I had to admit, it felt good having you inside me. I did have my eyes closed and pretended you were my ex boyfriend for a few minutes. This was so wrong on my part for letting this happen. I was the one who really made all this worse than what it should have been.

I had my legs still wrapped around you, keeping you close to me. I kept hearing myself screaming in my head at what the fuck I was doing. You were making subtle growling noises which only caused me to get more excited. I started slowly fucking you back by lifting my hips. Your hands were all over my body and soon your mouth was on my breasts. Something about you calling me a good girl soaked me even more. I was feeling more and more like a nasty, filthy whore. I basically was now! I was paying off the debt that my father owed to you with my body against my will... other than now. I moaned out louder and caught myself on how loud I was getting. The last thing I needed was Ben and Adam hearing I was enjoying having your cock inside me. I had to keep it down to save face when I leave this room.
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I called you a good girl and your already tight inner walls clenched around my cock as it pumped in and out of your vagina like a piston, soaking my length as it slides back and forth.  You’re moaning louder, your legs around me, heels on my ass pulling me deeper inside you like a common whore.  I groaned with pleasure as I felt your grip on my shaft as I used your body, my teeth tugging gently on your nipple and making you whimper slightly, throwing your head back, your long hair cascading down your now bare back.  I could hear as well as feel my skin slapping against yours every time I bucked forward with my hips and buried my cock deep, deep inside your pussy, filling your hole and stretching you out with my girth.  I lift my head from your tits and look at you.  Your head is lifted to the ceiling, your eyes closed and your mouth open in a small ‘O’ as you moan and mewl while I fuck you.  I straighten and lean forward, taking your lower lip between my teeth and biting gently on it and making you gasp and whimper again. 

“You feel so good, Ava,” I groan, my hand reaching behind your neck and holding you as my lips move down to your throat and I kiss you there, my thrusting cock not missing a single stroke as I fuck you a little deeper.  You mewled as I kissed your throat then leaned your head forward, your lips searching out mine as I drove my cock deep inside you.  I let you kiss me, my mouth opening and welcoming your tongue as it pressed against mine.  I kissed you back harder, my hand reaching behind your head and pulling you tightly against me.  I groaned into your mouth and you moaned back at me.  This might be the hottest sex I’ve ever had, I think to myself as my hips buck back and forth and my fat, hard dick slides effortlessly in and out of your soaked pussy. 

“Fuck me back,” I growled into your mouth, my lips moving just far enough away from yours to speak the one sentence before returning to our deep, passionate kiss.
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I knew I was too drunk now to even care about what I was doing. I was enjoying you inside me, when every other time, I was not. I could feel myself tense up when you first pushed yourself in due to my anxiety. Every drop of liquor that went down my throat was relaxing me. I felt so full with your thick cock deep inside of me. I pulled you closer, deeper in me as you groaned out. I was just praying that neither Ben or Adam would barge in here at any moment. I was moaning like a wanton whore, wanting more of you. This was utterly humiliating but it felt so good! Your mouth was on my firm breasts, sucking and gently biting only made me wetter. I wanted to yell out "stop", but I didn't because I truly did not want you to stop. It was like we were two lovers fucking on a weekend night. There was nothing else that mattered other than this perversion we were up to. I knew that later on, you were going to possibly through this in my face. I was going to feel utter shame once we were done.

I wanted you to fuck me harder but then I was too timid to demand it. You whispered to me that I felt so good. You kissed me on my throat and I gasped out and moaned as I got wetter on your cock. My nails were starting to scrape your upper arms. I wanted to fully dig into them! We were kissing now like we were inlove, I moaned and mewllwed and you growlowed at me to fuck you back. I did just as you demanded, I started to fuck you back. I could feel myself getting hotter internally and I knew you were hitting my G-spot just right enough. Sooner or later,I was going to cum on your dick for you to throw in my face later. I felt my nipples hard like little tiny bullets as you bit and sucked on them and went back to my neck and mouth. You knew my body or at least just a body of a woman well enough. I started to fuck you back, but this time grabbing your shoulders and slighty digging my nails into them. "Harder." I whispered! I felt my face turning red from embarassment at begging my rapist to fuck me harder. I knew this was going to do more damage mentally then what you did to me. I was allowing this! This truly was my fault now..

I was panting harder and louder as I fucked you back. My hips went back and forth,back and forth as you groaned out. I was fucking my rapist! It felt good and bad at the same time. There was going to be not enough showers to feel clean after this. I had no choice, but to obey you, especially when I was weak like now.
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When I told you to fuck me back, you did exactly that.  Leaning back from me slightly and giving me even better access to your breasts, you started to thrust your hips forward in time with mine, meeting me half way through my own thrusts as I’m driving my thick cock deep into your pussy.  I groaned onto your breast as I felt you fucking me.  I want to call you all kinds of slut and whore for not only saying you wanted me, but actually fucking your rapist back.  And enjoying what you’re doing.  I groaned loudly as your inner walls clenched and soaked my cock over and over, your legs around me and pulling me deeper inside you.  I feel your nails scratching at me and digging into my flesh as I thrust into you over and over.  You were moaning and mewling as you felt my thick shaft sliding back and forth inside you, my balls, heavy and full, were slapping against the cheeks of your ass each time I filled your hole with my dick.  I’m sure that I’m hitting your g-spot as I’m fucking you and, although it was never my intention, I’m now hoping that you cum on my cock as I’m fucking you.  How much will that humiliate you, to orgasm for your rapist?

I moved my lips from your breasts to your collarbone, my hips not missing a single stroke as I continue to fuck you, savoring the feeling of your soaked, wanting pussy.  I’m sure that you realise I’m going to throw this in your face every time you do something that displeases me.  I will constantly remind you of the time that you begged me to fuck you on the table, and how you fucked me back like a common whore.  I groaned louder as I pushed my hips forward and drove my cock as deep into you as I could.  My kisses find their way further up your chest to your shoulder and then your neck.  I growl in you ear and, at that moment, as you reach around my neck with one arm and start to dig your nails into my fles, you moan out a single word.  Harder.  You want me to fuck you harder.  I’m momentarily taken aback by this.  Of course, you’ve now accepted being fucked by me, embraced it, even, by begging me to.  But now you’ve thrown something in that I really wasn’t expecting.  I grinned against your skin and then nipped at your neck as I eased my cock slowly out of your vagina until just the bulbous tip was barely still inside you.  I reached my arms around your back and then thrust my hips forward with all my might, slamming them into yours.  You threw your head back and cried out both in pleasure and pain as the sound of my skin slapping against yours filled the room.  You dug your nails harder into me and I groaned out before pulling back and slamming my cock into your cunt again.

“That’s it, Ava, enjoy it,” I growled softly in your ear as I nibbled on your earlobe, my hard thrusts pounding and driving my cock into your pussy.  “Take it, take my whole fucking cock,” I said with another groan of pleasure as I slammed my cock hard into the entrance of your cervix.  “Take it and cum for me,” I whispered as my hand reached for your breast, cupping it and then caressing it as I carried on fucking you deep and hard.
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I fucked you back and didn't mind it at all. The warm liquor was running throughout my body, turning me into a slut for you. I knew that I was going to  regret this later. I knew that if I hadn't had been drinking, that I would never, ever fuck you. I moaned out like a cheap common whore as  I fucked you back. You were going to throw this back in my face for sure. I scratched my nails gently along your arms. You growled out as  I scratched you, but not too hard. I was soaking your cock and the sound of us fucking was filling the room. I was hoping that no one would catch us. If they saaw me fucking you, what would they think? You groaned into my breasts as I soaked your cock and fucked you back.  You moved your mouth up to my neck and focused on my collarbone. We were fucking like lovers. You started to fuck me harder which caused me to mewl out louder. "Harder. Fuck me harder." I whispered in your ear and gently bit down on your earlobe. Youj started to fuck me harder, going in deeper and harder. Your balls slapped against my ass as you did and I leaned my head back and moaned out.

I dug my nails harder as you went in deeper. I could feel you hitting my cervix but I didn't care now. All I wanted was to be fucked and to continue to feel good. I took my right hand and ran my fingers through your hair. I pulled on your hair a bit harder and you growled out again. "Yes, fuck me!" I could feel you hitting my g-spot and it was only getting me hotter and wetter. I knew I was going to cum, I could feel it building. The heat inside my body was building and I was panting louder and harder. You kept the rhythm steady and I was still fucking you back as I moaned and panted like a slut. "Yes! Fuck me!" It was going to be here any second now, my orgasm was coming! I didn't want to stop it, I wanted to cum. You kissed me and then bit and sucked on my neck and collarbone again. "Yes! Fuck yes!!" You fucked me harder to where you were sweating and grunting. I knew you were probably almost there too. I couldn't think of you shooting your cum deep inside me right now, I just needed to cum. I started to arch my back and tense up. The next  thing I knew, I was squirting all over your cock and screaming out in pleasure as I came over and over. You groaned out and called me a good girl.
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The last thing that I expected when I told you to cum for me is that you actually would cum for me.  But that’s just what you did. 

As I was thrusting my fat cock deep inside your tight hole, you threw your head back, your long hair cascading down your back as you moaned loudly, your inner walls gripping on my dick as it slid back and forth inside you while I kissed and bit at your neck and collarbone.   You moaned at me to fuck you harder still, so I did.  I drove my hips forward as hard as I could, slamming them into yours while you continued to fuck me back like a five hundred dollar whore.  I growled as you dug your nails into my flesh, though it was turning me on and making my cock throb and pulsate harder rather than causing me pain.  I groaned and grunted, working up a sweat as I pounding my shaft into your soaked pussy over and over again while you were moaning out ‘yes, fuck me’ over and over.  I could feel myself getting closer to my release and, the way you were clenching on my cock as I fucked you, I could tell you were, too.  I felt you wrap your legs around me, your heels on my ass and pulling me deeper into you every time I thrust forward.  I could tell from the feel of your feet that one of your shoes had fallen off for one of the heels I could feel was bare skin.  Then you came, moaning loudly as your orgasm crashed through your body.  You came so hard that you spasmed in my arms and arched your back against me.  Then, as your tight, wet inner walls took my cock in a death grip, I felt the warm blast of liquid against me and I knew that you didn’t just orgasm, you squirted.  I growled with delight.  This was even more to humiliate you with at a later date.

Your orgasm, and the fact that you were squirting all over my cock as you came on it, pushed me over the edge.  I fucked you deep and hard, the pressure built in my balls until I couldn’t resist any more.  As you moaned and mewled and panted like a slut while you were cumming on my dick, I exploded inside you.  Thick streams of my warm cum spurted from my fat, pulsating cock as I drained my balls inside you, pumping stream after stream of my seed into your womb with each thrust I drove into your pussy.  I groaned and gasped and panted myself as I unloaded into your soaked cunt.  It felt like I had a bucket load of cum in my balls and I was dumping it all inside you right now as I held my body against yours, smearing the sweat that had built up on my chest all over your firm, ample tits. 

“What a good fucking girl you are, Ava,” I growl before pressing my lips against yours and forcing my tongue between them while I kept thrusting my spasming cock into your tight hole.  While I kissed you, I reached into the wet, sticky mess between us, my finger seeking out your clit.  As you panted and moaned into my mouth, I started to rub at your clit as I wondered if I could make you cum on my cock a second time.
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I was fucking you back like we were lovers, just moaning like a whore. I was enjoying this, but it had a lot to do with the booze in my bloodstream. I knew I was going to beat myself up over this later. Nothing mattered but this... this moment of lust and taboo. I was fucking tthe man who has raped me continuously since you stormed into my shop. Knowing how you are, you were most likely going to throw this in my face later on. You kissed me all over and only drove me crazy in such an amazing way. You fucked me harder as I requested; demanded was the key word to use. I was rampant for your cock to get me off and that's exactly what it did. To me, you were just a random man getting me off and it took so much energy to phase you out. I had to block your voice out when you called me a good girl. I had to pretend you were not you.

I wrapped my legs around you so I could pull you in and keep you in place. In a way, I had some control but you had it mostly. I wanted to be the one in control since you ripped it away from me and everyone else for that matter. I ran my fingers through your hair and kissed you back. I was spent! I felt soaked and filth between my legs as you carried on fucking away at my pussy. I scratched my nails down your forearms and panted as you got ready to explode in me.  I didn't care that you were about to cum inside me yet again. I knew I was being stupid,  but I  didn't care You exploded in me hard, panting and shooting your load up my cunt. You finally finished and we both laid panting and trying to catch our breath.

I knew that it was about to be awkward at any given minute. I tried not to look you in the eyes, but you were giving me gentle kisses now on the lips. Your cock was twitching inside me as you were still rock hard. At that point, I wanted you out of me. I knew if I made a big deal about you nolt pulling out already, you would get pissy. Just when I thought we were done, you started to rub my clit. "No, I can't cum again." I moaned out. I felt so dirty!
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My cock was still hard as the last of my cum slowly leaked into your pussy while I twitched and pulsated inside you.  Your face was flushed bright red as, presumably, it was sinking in that you begged your rapist to fuck you and then not only did you cum on my cock, you actually squirted.  I’m sure that the humiliation is building inside you right now as you sit on the edge of my desk, your legs splayed wide apart and still impaled on my thick, rock hard dick.  I grinned when I started to rub your clit as you panted like a slut trying to get your breath back.  You told me, as you moaned and mewled a little, that you couldn’t cum again.  I guess we’ll just have to see about that, but there’s nowhere for you to go while you have me buried up to the hilt inside you, keeping that tight, wet hole of yours stretched and filled.  I leaned my head forward so that our lips were almost touching while I kept rubbing at the tiny nub between your thighs.

“I’ll make you cum for me again,” I whispered, my lips brushing against yours as I spoke before I pressed them against yours and pushed my tongue into your mouth.  You moaned loudly as I rubbed your clit and explored your mouth, my hand at your back pulling you tightly against me so that my hand is all but wedged between us as it rubs and your breasts are squashed against my chest.  My cock is forced as deep into your tight, soaked vagina as it will go, my now drained balls resting against your ass cheeks.  I know you want to resist.  I know you want to pull away.  I know you don’t want to have another orgasm.  But this is my house.  And my rules.  I’m not letting you pull away from me, and I’m going to do my best to make sure you suffer the humiliation of cumming for me a second time.  I will take great delight in throwing that back in your face at a later date when there comes a time that you’re being a feisty little slut and trying to fight back or protest about something.  I know, I just know that as soon as I mention the time that you squirted on my cock as I fucked you, or when you came on my cock twice, that you’ll crumble and fall in a sobbing heap at my feet as the memories of it flood back.  I couldn’t care less if you ever have another orgasm or not because this one time will be enough to keep you in check until I decide what exactly I’m going to do with you once I’ve had my fun with that deliciously tight cunt of yours.

I felt your hips buck towards me slightly as I rubbed you, a clear sign that you’re getting into what I’m doing to your clit.  You moaned into my mouth as my tongue invaded it, though it’s not completely clear whether it was a moan of pleasure or a whimper of humiliation.  If it was the latter, then that’s a signal to me that despite your protest that you can’t cum again, that’s exactly what you’re heading for.  I grin as I enjoy the kiss I’m forcing on you and then rub a little harder at your clit, making you moan all the more.

I break the kiss and you moan out loudly, tilting your head back as you pant like a whore.  I pick up my glass and take a sip of the brandy before pressing the glass against your lips and tipping it up just enough for you to swig some, too.  At the beginning of the night I didn’t expect that we’d have been sipping from the same glass after you’d begged me to fuck you then cumming hard on my cock.  I think this is going to be fun having you around.
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I never thought I would be fucking you. Never in a million years did I think that I would spread my legs for you, without you forcing me. I was enjoying this... for now at least. I had enjoyed that massive multiple orgasm, but soon shame would wash over me. Your cock was pulsating deep inside my soaked, used cunt; I panted as you did the same. I was starting to feel embarrassed. I actually came on  your cock, squirted like a bitch in heat and now what was I supposed to do or say? I was hoping you wouldn't mention it, but you like mind games too much. I could feel my face turning red from humiliation. I told you , when you said you would make me cum again, that I couldn't. When I heard you tell me that you were going to, I started to get annoyed. You were still inside of me as you told me this and as I protested another orgasm. You then shoved your tongue in my mouth to shut me up. I groaned back in your mouth as you started to rub my clit again. Of course it felt good but I was still a little tender. You didn't pull out of me, instead kept your cock lodged deep inside me as your balls rested on my ass. You kept me pinned, making sure I was in place. You kept on rubbing me and I tried to move and close my legs, but you held me in place. When I broke the kiss, I started to protest verbally.

 I didn't look at you at all while I panted and moaned, just looked down. I felt so much shame! I wanted to crawl in a corner and die. Tears started to fill my eyes and I knew, if I blinked, my face would be covered with them. This was too much for me. I needed you tol stop and stop right fucking now! You were being stubborn and hurting my clit as you kept rubbing. I had no choice but to put up with this. I had to cum again; you were nolt going to let me up until I did. The thought came to my mind about faking it. I moaned louder and leaned my head back. I looked up at the ceiling as you rubbed me and kissed my neck, I just wanted to leave this whole damn city all together. How could I ever go back to normal from here? How much more did I have to put up with?  Was my father ever going to come back? I panted and tried to focus but I knew nothing was gonna happen. I needed to make you THINK something was about to happen, that I was about to cum again like I was some sort of machine. No, I was not going to actually cum this time.
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When you leaned your head back and started to moan loudly I grinned.  I drained my glass and then leaned down to your neck, kissing and biting softly as I continued to rub your clit.  When I was fucking you and you were fucking me back and enjoying what I was doing to you, your legs were all but wrapped around me, your heels on my ass and pulling me deeper into you.  Now your legs have fallen away and I know the only reason that they’re still wide open is because I’m between them with my thick cock firmly wedged up your pussy twitching and throbbing, though not yet starting to go soft.  Although it will do soon.  I growled onto your neck as I kissed and bit at your skin and you continued to moan unnaturally loudly for what I’m doing to you - simply rubbing your clit and lavishing some attention on your neck.  Something - instinct, perhaps - tells me that you’re not into this a second time and that your moaning is not completely genuine.  Are you faking it so that I’ll be done quicker?  You’re a smart girl - that much I’ve learned about you already - and I’m sure you’ve thought about faking an orgasm to get me to leave you alone.  But I’m not sure you’d have the balls to actually do it.  So I’m torn between believing your moans and gasps and not believing them.  Either way, I rub harder at your clit.  One way to outsmart you if you are going to fake it would be to actually make you cum again.

Through the closed door I hear my office phone ringing.  I block it out because I’m busy making sure that I force another orgasm out of you - I want your tight little pussy to clench on my cock again like it did when you were squirting your juices all over me.  The phone rings half a dozen times and then falls silent, then I hear Adam’s voice, muffled by the walls and closed door, as he answers the phone and speaks to the caller.  I can’t make out anything he’s saying, though I’m not trying all that hard to listen since I’m still enjoying having my cock buried deep inside you while I rub your clit.  My lips move down your neck to your shoulder and your collarbone, then move lower still to your breast.  As my tongue swirls around your left nipple and I’m just about to take it between my teeth and tug on it, I notice that Adam has fallen silent in my office.  I continue on, biting down on your nipple hard enough that you’ll feel some sensation of pain that is likely to arouse you but not likely to actually hurt. When I tug at your nipple I feel a hint of a clench of your inner walls on my cock, which spurs me on to nibble and bite more at your nipple as I groan onto your breast and you let out some more of your exaggerated moans. 

There’s a knock at the door which is swiftly followed by Adam’s voice, loud and clear this time. 

“May I come in, Mr Morgan?” he enquires.

I know that he won’t come into the room unless I tell him to, but I also know that he wouldn’t disturb me unless it was urgent.  I don’t reply immediately.  Instead, I lean up from your breast and glance at your face, noting your sigh and expression of relief that you’ve been saved from being forced to cum for me again.  Quickly, I pull back from you, my thick, softening cock sliding out of your vagina coated in your juices. 

“Yeah, come in,” I call, quickly tucking my cock away in my shorts and fastening my pants while you fumble with the straps of your dress trying to cover your breasts before he comes into the room. 

The door swings open and Adam enters and I can see by the look on his face and the direction of his eyes that he’s caught a glance of your right breast just before you pulled your dress up over it.

“What’s wrong?” I ask him as he steps further inside, no doubt trying to look up your dress to see if he can also get a look at the delight that awaits between your thighs.

“Ben is calling, he says it’s urgent.”

I sigh.  “Ok, take Ava up to her room while I go and speak to Ben,” I tell him.  He doesn’t even attempt to hide his smirk when, as you hop down off the table that I just fucked you on, I bend down and pick your panties up off the floor and hand them to you.  His smirk doesn’t go unnoticed by you or me, and nor does your face flushing red go unnoticed by me or Adam. 

“This way, Miss,” he says, holding his arm out in the general direction of the door that leads out to the grand hall.
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It was like  I was saved by the interruption that Adam caused by knocking on the door. There was no way I was going  to be able to cum again and you were not taking no for an answer. I was immediately trying to cover myself from his eyes, but he still looked. I was being treated like a whore in this house and now I was developing a reputation. You got your cock inside your pants just as he walked in, but his eyes were focused on my nipple that was exposed. Adam walked in and explained how Ben called and it was urgent. My heart dropped. What if it had something to do with my father? I wanted to ask but I knew now was not the time to do so. You sighed and told him to take me up to my room, which he nodded and walked towards me.

I felt tense. When Adam came over and reached for me, I sneered at him and took a few steps back. I wanted to ask what happened and if it had something to do with my dad. My eyes started to whell up with tears at the crazy thoughts roaming through my head. When you picked up my panties and handed them to me, I blushed with humiliation. The smirk on Adam's face was pissing me off. I knew I had to keep my mouth shut. I wanted out of here with some sort of dignity left. I kept my head down as I followed Adam out and up the stairs to my temporary bedroom. I had a thought to make a run for it but you have guards outside too. I had no choice but to follow Adam with his stupid smirk. I just looked down the whole way up. The whole time, I felt your cum leaking out and sliding down my legs. Hopefully no one would see it! I was trying to walk in a way to where Adam wouldn't see your seed running down my legs.
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I chuckled a little when Adam beckoned you out and you took a few steps back from him while you fixed your dress, your panties in your hand.  I could see you glare at him as he smirked at you.  He knows full well that you just got railed in here - he wouldn’t have needed to see your exposed breasts or me handing your discarded panties to you to realise that.  It’s exactly why he never came back in the room after he showed Hatfield out.  I was hoping you were going to say something to one of us, to allow your smart ass mouth to run.  If you were to do that I might just let Adam have free reign over you when he gets you to your room.  Perhaps I will anyway.  It’ll do you good to know exactly what your place is here - I don’t want you to get used to the idea of it being gentle and passionate like it was just now every time you have sex in this house.  While you’re here you and your pussy belong to me and you will be used in whatever fashion takes my pleasure.  That bit you’re yet to learn.  My original idea tonight over dinner was to let Hatfield fuck you if he agreed to keep his shit out of my bars.  That might have been an interesting show to watch had I decided to let it happen. 

Adam left the room with you following obediently behind him, your gaze firmly fixed on the floor as you both climbed the stairs.  I stood at the bottom and watched you ascend, your dress, that barely covered your ass anyway, was not nearly enough to cover your modesty as you climbed higher and higher.  I looked up your dress from the bottom of the stairs as you climbed and had a good, hard look at your pussy and the cum that was leaking out of you.  I grinned to myself and went into my office to take the call from Ben.  I heard Adam saying something to you as I strode away but by that time I was too far away and he spoke too quietly for me to hear.  But I doubt he was asking you out on a date.

The call from Ben was to tell me that your dad looked to be packing up and leaving.  He said he’d seen him throw boxes and a couple of suitcases into his car before heading away from your house at speed.  He was travelling North and Ben wanted to know whether he should continue following or not.  I told him to carry on while I checked some things out - there’s something in the back of my mind that tells me he’s skipping town but heading to a holiday cabin that he has somewhere, but I’m not completely sure of the facts  I hang up the call and grab my laptop from the safe, fire it up and log into the encrypted server where I keep all my sensitive documents.  When I open the folder that contains everything I have on your dad - and the file is fairly extensive since we’ve had some issues before - I see that he does have a cabin in the woods but there is nothing specific regarding its location or value. 

As I search the internet for anything and everything that I can dig up on your dad my eyes are distracted from the screen and I look towards the ceiling when I hear you yell something at Adam and he replies but, again, the voices are too muffled for me to make out the conversation.  I can only assume that he’s making some snide comment about you.  Or maybe he’s trying it on with you while he has you alone in your room.  It takes some digging to find what I’m looking for but, after a few minutes, I have the address of your dad’s cabin and how much he paid for it.  It’s an exclusive place in the woods in the Pacific NorthWest beside a man made lake.  And it ran him a little over half a million bucks.  It seems daddy is much more affluent than I thought.  This changes things.  I thought your whole family lived on a budget but now it seems as though you’re fairly well off.  Or at least your dad is.  I wonder how much you or your brothers know about it.  I call Ben back and tell him to stick with your dad, assuring him that he’ll be well rewarded for his efforts.  In the meantime, I need to do a full financial check on your family.  I wonder what else he’s been hiding. 
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As I followed Adam up the stairs, I stared hard towards the front door. I was feeling a bit of depression; knowing I was stuck here for god knows how long. I knew I was whore now. My dignity was gone. I felt like I didn't even know my own self and that my body was no longer my own. I felt like an empty shell that walked and talked and formed opinions. I knew you were watching me from behind because I could feel your eyes on me. You were always going to be watching me.When we reached my bedroom door, Adam opened it for me with that same smirk on his face. I didn't budge but just stared at him and the room I was being forced to reside in.

"Let's go." He barked out at me and made a movement with his hand. My head was still groggy from the booze and I felt weak and gross. I looked up at him and glared and that's when he reached for my arm and grabbed me. He pushed me in my room, but didn't just close the door and leave like he was supposed to. He rolled up his sleeves and looked me up and down as he scratched his head in wonder. "Don't tell me you have nothing under that slut skirt of yours?" I gave him a look of repulsion. "Get out." When he just stood there and shook his head 'no', was when I felt my heart reach my throat. 'I said get out!" I yelled it out louder the second time around. He started to chuckle and was taunting me by not leaving. "So you're a willing slut now for the boss, huh?" He laughed louder this time at my tantrum. "Get the fuck out, Adam! GET OUT!!" The last part I screamed so loud, he actually covered his ears. He laughed as he opened the door, calling me a slut as he slammed it behind him. My heart was pounding what felt like a hundred miles per minute. I felt so scared and of Adam of all people.
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I’m almost lost in my search into your father’s finances when I hear the door slam upstairs and I wonder what you and Adam have been up to.  I sigh and I’m just about to get up and come upstairs to check when I hear Adam’s heavy footfalls as he stomps down the stairs.  I’m guessing he made some kind of advances at you and you rejected him.  Clearly he doesn’t have the balls to just take what he wants from you like I did.  If he did, then I’m sure he’d be between your legs by now instead of coming into my office and moping around.  He asks me if Ben had given me any new information and I answer him with a smirk.

“He might just have, you know,” I reply as I tap at my laptop.

So far, based on the address I have on his cabin, I’ve managed to uncover the deeds, and legal documents that confirm the fact that there’s no mortgage on it, and never has been.  So he’s always owned it outright.  This only increases my resolve to dig deeper.  Given that he’s managed to pay half a million bucks for a holiday place, he must have some money stashed somewhere.  And for someone who has a convenience store that does moderately well, that’s some stash.  I think he has his fingers well and truly in some other pies.  I’m already wondering how much you know about this.  I’m wondering if you actually know anything about this.  Your surprise at the things your dad has said and done since we’ve crossed paths and you’ve been my guest here would tell me that you don’t have the faintest idea about it.  I wonder what your reaction will be when you find out?  I print off a copy of the deeds to your father’s cabin, and the documents that prove it’s owned by him and not mortgaged then think about how to break the news to you.  A grin spreads across my face.

“We’re going for a trip tomorrow, Adam.  You’ll be driving.  We’ll be leaving early,” I tell my man.  He seems excited by the prospect of what might be in store. 

I place a call to my tailor and tell him that you’ll be needing some clothes suitable for a day in the woods and he assures me that they will be delivered before dawn.  I thank him and hang up the call, shut down my laptop and put that and the papers I’ve just printed into my safe and lock it.  I tell Adam to inform the night staff that my tailor will be making a delivery sometime overnight then tell him to go home and get some rest and be back at 7 am.  That should give us plenty of time to get there before your dad has a chance to get up and get out.  I then send a text to Ben to tell him to call me if anything changes.  When Adam leaves, I come upstairs and let myself into your room.

“Sounded like you and Adam were having fun,” I say with a smirk.  You sneer at me but don’t reply.  I glance around your room and notice that you have discarded your panties on the table instead of pulling them back on.   Nothing would give me greater pleasure right now than to get you on your back and fuck you again, but I need to get some sleep and so do you. 

“We’re going for a little trip tomorrow, Ava, I have a surprise for you.  Some suitable clothes will be delivered first thing.  Freshen up, I’ll get somebody to wake you at seven.”  You look at me with complete indignation as I tell you what’s going to happen.
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Adam was being brave, a little too damn brave with me. "Get your fucking hands off me! I'm not a slut!" Tears started to stream down my face as I tried to stick up for myself. He was laughing at me which made me want to slap the shit out of him. I knew if I did that, I would receive one right back. "I shouldn't even be here! I want to go home." All he did was stand and watch me cry and have a small breakdown. I was so angry and confused as to why I was still here and why dad wasn't getting me the hell out.

"Poor little baby, all crying because she can't get her way." He was being mean and wouldn't leave my room.  I was wondering in the back of my mind, where you were and why Adam wouldn't just leave. I knew you were downstairs and most likely in your office. I stepped back from Adam to where he couldn't reach me with his touchy hand. He either knew he couldn't touch me or knew I would try to kick his ass in the process. Adam just laughed and started to turn for the door when I started to cry. When he left, I looked around and just sat on the bed wiping my face. The nerve of him trying to touch me! He walked out, calling me a 'bitch' and then shut the door behind him.

I sat just thinking about all this and how I was the one that had to be punished. My father's lies and misdeeds were getting me in trouble, not him. I was getting madder and madder at my father. He left me here! He abandoned me here with criminals. God knows what all of them have done and my father included. I waited and waited, being bored out of my mind. My anxiety was high and all I could think about was when this would be over for good. Everything was locked! All the windows and of course the door was locked behind Adam.

Soon the door unlocked and you entered with a cocky grin spread across your face. I wanted to punch you in that smug face! You made a comment about how it sounded like me and Adam were having fun. I gave you a look that could kill... I didn't say a damn word but just stared at you like I wanted to kill you. You then told me how we're going on a trip tomorrow and my expression changed. "What? Where are you taking me?" A sudden fear washed over me that maybe this was going to be a trip to where you drop me off somewhere. Maybe you plan on killing me because of my father.
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A look of fear flashed across your face when I told you that we were going for a trip in the morning.  Clearly you think I’m going to do something bad to you; perhaps you’re thinking that I’m going to take you away somewhere and kill you.  That couldn’t be further from my mind.  You asked where I was taking you and the fear in your voice was clear as day.  I stepped over to where you sat on your bed and looked lustfully at your tearstained face.  There’s something about seeing a girl falling apart like this that really gets my blood rushing.  But right now I’m going to restrain myself and get some rest for the trip tomorrow.

“Oh it’s a surprise, Ava,” I say with a smirk.  “Don’t look so worried, we’re going for a hike by the lake.  It’ll be fun.”

I reach forward and wipe away your tears with my thumb as I speak, grasping at the side of your head slightly to stop you from flinching away from my touch.  My hold on your head remains once I’ve thumbed away your tears and I turn your head so that your eyes are forced to meet mine. 

“Nothing bad is going to happen to you.  I’m not keeping you here while your dad owes me money only to take you out in the wilderness to kill you.  And if I were going to do that, I’d do it here, not drive for two hours.” 

There’s almost a look of relief on your face but you’re clearly wondering why we’re going out to the lake; I’m sure you don’t think for a second that I’m taking you for a picnic or something.  I lean forward and press my lips against yours and, now that the booze is wearing off, I can feel your repulsion at my kiss.  I pull away and grin at you. 

“Get cleaned up and get some rest,” I tell you, smirking as I pull away from you, my eyes moving up and down as I admire the young, nubile body that I just ravished in my living room.
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You seemed to be in good spirits as you told me what we were doing. You wiped away a few tears with your thumb. Everything about you was a mystery to me. Being here and my father was all just on big cluster fuck! The buzz was wearing off and I was feeling more and more ashamed of myself. You told me not to look so worried and told me about the lake. Why would we go to the lake? What was there that I needed to be a part of? "Hiking?" I looked down at what I was wearing; the slutty dress that I had on was not hiking clothing. Why the fuck would we hike? More tears fell and you wiped them away as you continued to tell me our plans for tomorrow morning. 

You told me to get cleaned up and get some rest, but how could I rest? My head was clearing up and I knew I wasn't going to rest. "Please, I just want to go home. Stop all this." You stand up to leave but I reach and grab your arm. "Please let me go. I won't tell a soul what happened!"

I started to sob again because everything was just coming down on me like a tidal wave. I wanted to be in my own house, my own bedroom and crawl under the covers."I won't tell a soul, I promise!!"  You looked more than annoyed with me as you yanked your arm away from my grasp.

"This can't go on. You can deal with my father, I have nothing to do with this. Please, I beg you to let me go!" I knew you weren't going to let me just go home, but I had to beg. You sneered at me and told me 'no' as you walked out of the room. You left me crying inside a cold room with a locked door.
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All you kept telling me as I stepped back away from you was that you wanted to go home.  Begging and pleading with me like it was going to have some effect on me now that it hasn’t had in all the other times you’ve begged and pleaded with me to let you go.  You promise over and over that you won’t tell anyone about what’s happened here.  Really, by now, you should know that even if you went to the cops and told them every single thing I’ve done to you I pay them enough in bribes and kickbacks that they’re more likely to arrest you for wasting their time.  I grinned at you when you told me that it wasn’t your fault and that I can speak to your father about all this and let him deal with it.  Really, you should think yourself lucky that you’re a girl because if it had been your brother looking after the store that day, I would have had Ben put a bullet in his head.  But, I think, your father being forced to watch his precious little girl being raped right in front of him sent a more powerful message.  I think if I’d just killed you and left you there like I would have your brother, I think he’d have just moved on.  Now, it’s clear he’s rattled since he’s taken to the hills and run away.

As I reach the door to your room, still listening to you begging to be let go, I smirk at you and look you right in the eye.  “No.” is all that I say before stepping out of the door and closing it behind me, making sure to lock it before heading to my own bedroom.

In the shower of my en-suite, the memory of fucking you on the table in the living room come flooding back into my mind.  I close my eyes and replay every single thrust on the black canvas of my eye lids.  I can all but see me fucking you as clearly as I’m watching a movie on the latest HD TV.  I can see the look of pleasure on your face as you’re feeling my thick cock sliding into you over and over, the alcohol knocking down your inhibitions as you willingly spread your legs for me and let me fuck you.  I stand in the shower with the steaming, hot water cascading over my body and feel my cock swell and stiffen at the memory.  I try to think about other things to make my erection wane and soften but the thoughts of your young, nubile body and your amazingly tight pussy won’t subside.  I turn off the water and step out of the shower, towelling myself down before going to the wash basin and wiping away the steam on the mirror. I go back into my bedroom and look at the key to your room sitting on the nightstand beside my bed.  I think of you alone in your locked room, my cum probably still leaking out of you from earlier.  I stride to the nightstand and grab the key.
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You left me all alone again in my room with the door locked behind you. How long was I supposed to be here? We were going to have a long day tomorrow, so I guess I did need rest. I was wide awake and the sun wasn't even set yet but I was grounded to this room. I wasn't planning on falling into bed and going off to sleep by whatever time it was. I just walked around and looked at every corner of the room. I knew I could not get out of here, but I still tried to find a way out. I walked over to the windows and saw that your watchmen were still standing around. It felt like a prison. The windows of course were still locked tightly and of course I was two stories up. What was I supposed to do, fall down and break every bone in my body?

I had no choice but to get some rest as I was ordered to. My head was pounding now from the booze. I slipped into the bed and under the covers and wrapped myself up like a burrito. At first I stared at the door and just watched it without a thought in my head. The tears then started to flow as I clung to the comforter, the very thing making me feel safe. Nothing here would keep me safe. Nothing at all was ever going to make me feel safe ever again, even if this does come to an end.

My mind was drifting around to what happened and how it happened. Why was I alone in the shop that day? Why did it have to be me  that ran into you? Mentally, I kept asking the same questions over and over in my head. I pondered how you could be so heartless towards me, a young woman. You knew I had nothing to do with my father's misdeeds. It just goes to show you do not have feelings, you do not have a heart. My eyelids were getting heavy finally and sleep was creeping up on me. I wanted to get some rest but then I was too leery to close my eyes. That door was locked, but anyone could get in here. I finally drifted off to sleep, no longer caring about the door.
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I grabbed the key to your room off the nightstand and turned it over and over in my hand contemplating what I should do.  As I thought things over in my head, I grabbed the bottle of scotch on my dresser and took a long sip from it.  My erection throbbed and pulsated as I thought of you in your bedroom; thought of you and your tight, wet pussy gripping my cock when I fucked you on the table in the living room earlier.  I grinned to myself as the memories raced through my head.  I took another swig of the burning amber liquid and left my bedroom.  Walking down the landing as naked as the day I was born, my cock stiff and hard, moved from side to side with every step. I reached your room and quietly slid the key into the lock, opened the door, stepped inside and closed the door silently behind me. 

The only light in your room was the moonlight shining through the window and falling across your bed.  I could see that you were wrapped up in the covers.  And I could hear by your rhythmic breathing that you were fast asleep.  I stood at the foot of your bed and watched you sleep for who knows how long.  During the time I was standing there I examined the sheets to see how you’d wrapped yourself up.  I knew if I wanted to get at you without waking you it would be an intricate job removing the layers of sheets one by one.  I watched you a little longer, slowly stepping closer towards your bed until I was standing right beside you, the moonlight casting my shadow across your bed.  All that was visible was your head and your mane of long hair on the pillow.  I almost feel bad for waking you.  But my cock needs to be inside you again.  Slowly, tentatively, I reach out and start to gently unravel the covers that you’re cocooned in.  One by one I pull the blankets off you until I’ve uncovered you completely.  You were still wearing the dress that you’d spent the evening in, though I noticed that the panties I’d handed to you after I’d finished fucking you were draped over the chair by the dresser, so you can’t be wearing any under your dress because those were the only ones I got for you.  You stir slightly as I push your dress up to your waist, taking in the curves of your body in the half light.  As gently as I can I push your legs apart and expose your pussy to me.  I softly brush my fingers along your inner thighs and hear you sigh softly and I grin to myself.  As slowly and as quietly as I can, I climb onto the bed between your legs and lower myself over you.  Using the tip of my thick, throbbing, precum coated cock, I part the delicate folds of your lips and press myself against your entrance.  I take one last look at the peaceful expression on your sleeping face, smirk to myself, then buck my hips forward and thrust my fat cock between your tight, dry inner walls, groaning as I force myself balls deep into your pussy, grinning when your eyes flick open and an expression that’s a combination of fear, pain, and confusion spreads across your face.
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I slept like a baby in the king bed, all wrapped up tightly. I had so many dreams but none that I would remember in the morning. There was a point in the night where I woke up and didn't know where I was, but then it dawned on me. I had a feeling that I was not alone anymore. My eyes were closed and I was still half asleep, but something felt off.  You were the only one with the key to the door, so it had to be you that was in my room. I kept my eyes closed and played possum as I heard the door shut and lock again. I knew what was going to happen, I knew you were here to claim me again.

There was no escape for me and I had no strength to fight. I could smell your cologne and it was filling my senses. I felt you standing at the end of the bed because of your strong and intimidating presence. I curled my toes in anticipation of what was to come. You slowly walked over and started to touch my covers. I stayed still, rock still to make sure you thought I was still sleeping. You tried to unwrap me as quietly as possible so as not to wake me up. I was fully awake now, but my eyes still shut. I knew what was about to happen...

You were having trouble at first with the blanket, which made me mentally smile. I did a good job wrapping myself up but not good enough when you finally unwrapped me. I laid perfectly still as you moved my dress up to my hips. I knew you were going to try and wake me first,or at least that is what I thought. I kept my eyes closed tightly until I felt what you did next. Immediately, my eyes bolted open and I screamed out when I felt you shove yourself inside. "NO! What the hell?!" I made a painful grunt as I was trying to adjust to you shoving yourself into my moist pussy. "GET OFF ME!!!" I used my good hand to try and push against your chest, to try and push you off of me.
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As soon as I thrust my cock deep into your pussy your eyes opened wide, leading me to believe you weren’t as asleep as I thought you were.  You cried out at the top of your lungs for me to get off you as I forced myself balls deep into you.  You were crying out in pain and rage as my hips lifted and fell, driving my thick shaft in and out of you.  I grinned down at you maniacally as I fucked you, grunting and groaning with the effort of forcing my way into your dry pussy.  It didn’t take long until you started to moisten around my cock, your slutty little cunt already used to having me inside you - you were clenching on me and trying to milk the cum from my balls when I fucked you on the living room table earlier.  I felt the stiff cast on your arm as you tried in vane to push me off you while you whimpered and protested under me.  But there’s no way you’re getting me off.  I’m bigger and heavier than you and I have you fully impaled on my thick, thrusting cock.  I smirked at you as I felt your attempts to try and push at me as you told me to get off you over and over.  I could tell by the way the tone of our voice changed as I raped you that you were crying now; could feel your body heaving under me as you sobbed while I violated you.  I looked down at you and could see the tears running down your face in the light of the moon shining through the window.  I leaned down and ran my tongue up your cheek, tasting the saltiness of your tears as I fucked you.  Then pressed my lips against yours and forced my tongue into your mouth and delved and explored and made you taste your own tears.

I lifted my head from your mouth and growled when I felt you dig your nails into my bicep.  I glared down at you then turned my face into a sneer.  I raised my arm and slapped you hard across your right cheek making you yelp in pain and snapping your head hard to the side.  The slap stunned you into silence for a heartbeat, then you started wailing and bawling.  I carried on fucking you, grunting and gasping as you lay under me, legs splayed wide around me, my thick cock sliding into your pussy easier as you become wetter.  The big hand that slapped you now reached for your slender throat and easily wrapped around it.  Your eyes widened as I started to slowly squeeze and narrowed your windpipe.  Your eyes were now filled with fear as I gripped your throat and I grinned, increasing the force of my grip.  I chuckled as you tried to prise my fingers from you and thrust my cock harder into you.

“That feels so good,” I groaned as I felt your whole body tense and your already tight inner walls take my thick, thrusting cock in a death grip as you started to panic and fear for your life.
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Why did I think I was going to have a restful night? Why did I think that I would be safe for one fucking night?! You couldhave at least wooken me up, but you just started fucking me! Even though I was half awake and then BOOM, I felt you shove yourself inside my dry cunt. I finally was able to dig my nails into your forearm with my good hand in which you growled out at me. "GET OFF OF ME, YOU SICK FUCK!!" I was now screaming that if anyone else was in the house, they would hear me for sure. The sobbing started when you laughed and chuckled at my distress as you grunted and fucked away. "Please, stop, please!" Tears were streaming down my face and my sore arm started to ache. I eventually stopped trying to fight you off and just cried as you fucked me. There was no way I could fight you off. I had to take this at 2 am; taking your cock and not being able to do a thing about it. "Please, you're hurting me!" Finally, I was getting wet which made it easier to take you in but brought me more and more shame.

I cringed when I felt your tongue licking up my tears. My face was now wet with your saliva which repulsed me. "S...stop..." I choked out as I wiped my face with my good hand. After I wiped my face, you stuck your tongue in my mouth and I gagged. You wanted me to taste my own tears! You were doing all you could to make me more and more uncomfortable. All I was doing was sleeping! I knew if I spat at you, you would haul off and hit me. I knew if I did anything real harm to you, you would just punch me out cold. "Please no more!!" My nails were now digging into your arm again and you made another warning sound. Just when I thought it was just a warning, it wasn't and you hauled off and slapped the shit out of me. I screamed again and started bawling my eyes out from the sting.You did not hold back! You slapped so hard, I could hear a ringing in my ear. You were being brutal at midnight, pounding away at my now soaking wet pussy.

Your hand reached and grabbed my throat as you kept on pounding away. I was crying and staring up at the ceiling. I was saying a silent prayer that all this would be over. You then started to grab harder and my eyes widened and went to yours. You were slowly starting to choke me as you grinned at me. I tried to remove your fingers from my throat but I couldn't. You groaned out how good it felt and I just wailed. I tried to wiggle from underneath you, to buck you off but you were too strong for me to budge an inch.
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You called me a sick fuck as you yelled and screamed at me to get off you.  I grinned at your insults and fucked you harder as my hand closed around your throat and you tried to prise my fingers away.  I could feel you trying to lift your hips to buck me off but there is no way that is ever going to work; I’m much too big and heavy for you to manage that.  And to emphasise that point, I lower a bit more of my weight on top of you and crush you into the firm mattress beneath you.  All the time, I’m grunting and gasping as my hips rise then slam down into yours and thrust my thick, throbbing cock deep inside you while you cry and yell and scream under me.  You gasp and pant as I squeeze your throat, struggling for breath as I’m closing your windpipe.  When your pussy starts to soak my cock, I groan loudly and thrust harder now that it’s much easier for my cock to slide back and forth in your tight little hole.

Despite it not really having been that long since we fucked on the table in the living room, I can already feel myself getting close.  There’s something about taking a woman against her will that is a massive turn on for me.  I definitely cum quicker when the slut I’m fucking is absolutely not consenting.  The fighting back, the screaming, the crying, the begging turning to insults and back to begging as I violate them with my cock.  The tightness of their dry cunts and how those same cunts get soaked after a few deep, hard thrusts.  I grin at you when I think about how your dry pussy is now welcomingly soaked.  And how humiliating that must be for you.  To be raped but have your pussy betray you like that and welcome my cock inside you while you’re begging me to get off.

Finally, I release my grip on your throat, my hand now reaching to your leg and pulling it up, slinging it over my shoulder so that I can thrust my cock even deeper inside you.  My balls are slamming into your ass as I pound you.  I grope at your bouncing breast again, pulling harshly on an erect nipple as I watch the fleshy mound moving up and down with every thrust.  I throw my head back and close my eyes and enjoy your body, fucking you; raping you as hard as I can. 

“Is that good, Ava?” I ask you as you lay under me whimpering and taking the full force of every thrust.
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This was going to last as long as you wanted it to. I was already aching and sore and ready for you to pull out of me. You were being brutal with me and not making this a simple fast fuck. I kept crying and wailing out, hoping someone would hear my cries of distress. All I could think about was how much I was going to be sore when this was over. I was feeling disgusted with myself for not fighting you enough."P...please...n...no m..more." I tried to choke out. You crushed me even more into the mattress, keeping me pinned tightly to where I couldn't move much. You were either teaching me a lesson or just being as evil as you naturally are. My nails were digging again into your forearm, drilling and clinging on with each deep pounding.

You kept squeezing and letting up some to give me some air. You were playing a game with me, making me squeeze your cock even tighter involuntarily. "I c...can't breathe..."  You finally let go but just to make it easier on you to fuck me harder and deeper.You were fucking me like you were punishing me; hard and brutal and then you put my leg over your shoulder to go in deeper. "N...NO! No more!!" You had let up off my throat and I was able to breathe comfortably again.

My face was soaking wet from the tears and I finally turned my head to look away from you. You went on to tell me how good it felt, which only made me cringe in disgust. "You fucking bastard, I HATE YOU!!!" I was screaming it out. I wondered if Ben and Adam were here and who else. Was it just me and you in this giant house? "I CAN'T TAKE IT!" This was a nightmare and not in my own bed and own room. All I could think about was the finish. How many loads have you deposited deep inside of me by now?
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I was grunting and growling as I slammed my cock as deep and as hard inside you as I could, my balls slapping against your ass as you lay under me taking the pounding that I’m forcing on you.  I grinned when you started calling me names and screaming at me to stop and to get off you.  I wonder to myself if you’re screaming to try and attract some attention; to get someone to come and help you.  Unfortunately for you, the screaming is going to do absolutely nothing.  The people who are here are paid very handsomely and know that if they were to hear screaming and shouting and cries of distress that they’re to ignore it, lest they feel my wrath if they didn’t.  Eventually, after a few minutes of my drilling your fantastically tight cunt with your leg slung over my shoulder, you turned your tear stained face away from me and looked out towards the window and sobbed as you felt my thick cock sliding in and out of your now soaked pussy.  You called me a bastard, whimpering the words almost silently as I grunted and groaned with pleasure before you screamed at me that you hated me and yelled that you can’t take any more.

“If you think your screaming is going to make someone come and help you, Ava, you’re completely deluded,” I growl as I pause my thrusting.  “The people who work for me are extremely loyal.  Nobody’s going to come and help you.  You’re here with me until I’m done with you.  What happens to you when I’m  done with you will all depend on how you behave,” I tell you.  And, as if to emphasise my point, I pull my hips back until my cock is at the very edge of your vagina, and then slam it back inside you as hard as I can, making you yelp out in pain.

“You’re mine to use as I see fit now, slut,” I grunt as I continue fucking you.  “You’re not a young woman any more, you’re my property.”

I reach out and grab roughly at one of your bouncing breasts as I buck my hips back and forth and enjoy your tight, wet pussy around my cock.
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I felt like a used object, one that you will never be done with apparently. I kept staring at the window, the closed window with nothing to focus on. I wish I had a damn lock on the door and had bolted something against it  to keep you from entering. Of course, this being your house and you would bust through the door in a heartbeat to get to me. I closed my eyes for a moment as I cried and whimpered and tried to ignore you. I was thinking how sweet it would be to put a bullet through your head like I am sure you have done so many times to others.  I was worried about a possible STD that you would transfer to me, all the women you've been inside, it was only a logical thought.

You informed me that no one was going to help me no matter how much I scream. I knew they could hear me, I knew those bastards were still here. When you hissed at me that I was nothing but an object now for your pleasure, I felt my face reddening with anger. I wanted to spout out more insults at you but I didn't feel like getting choked again. You were saying things to me as you fucked me, grunting away and tormenting me with your words. The words were the worst part of all this. This was always going to be stuck inside me, the taunting will never go away from my mind.

You reminded me I was yours, calling me a slut. Reminding me again that I was just for your enjoyment. I had to do all I could to try and block you out but it was damn near impossible. "I'll... k...kill y...you one day!" You grabbed my breasts roughly, making me yelp out. "YOU BASTARD!" I took my good hand and dug my nails into your hand that was groping my tits. I was going to make you bleed! I wanted to hurt you as much as you were hurting me. It didn't matter anymore, I just wanted to hurt you. I wanted to kill you in cold blood and dance on your grave.
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I was grunting and groaning, chuckling at the sweat dripping from my chest and landing in the valley between your bouncing breasts.  The breasts I was now groping and feeling.  I could feel my release getting close.  I knew it wouldn’t be long until I was dumping another load of my seed into your young womb.  I thrust harder, leaning down on you and pushing your elevated leg further back with the shoulder I have it slung over.  I grin at your tears as you look at the window; I know that you’re just staring into space to try and block me out.  I buck my hips forward as hard as I can and slam my cock as deep into you as I can as a reminder that I’m here and to make sure you can’t completely block me out.  I grunt and gasp as I enjoy your tight little pussy and grope your bouncing tits, my thumb flicking over the erect nipples that are betraying your body as much as your soaked pussy is. 

As you lay there staring out of the window while I fucked you, you told me that you’d kill me one day.  I grasped your breast harder and laughed when you cried out and called me a bastard.  I thrust into you hard again before you reached for the hand that was cupped around your breast and started digging your nails into my skin.  I laughed harder at you at first, which only encouraged you to dig your nails in harder.  The harder you digged, the harder I drove my fat, throbbing dick into your cunt.  I could feel the blood starting to leak as you broke the skin on my hand.  The pain was building but I held it in; didn’t yelp out or even let you see that you were physically hurting me.  I sucked it up and pounded away at your pussy as I felt the pressure building in my big, heavy balls.

I threw my head back in pleasure and roared loudly as I exploded inside you yet again, pumping stream after stream of my thick, warm cum deep into you.  My cock pulsated as I drained my balls and I grunted and gasped as I unloaded and filled you to the brim.  I grinned as I saw the revulsion on your face when you felt my seed going inside you again.
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You were not making it easy to block you out with how hard you were fucking me. I tried to block you out but you just slammed into my vagina with all your might. I screamed out in pain and looked back at you. You were smiling as you were raping me. I couldn't hurt you back because you were going to give it to me back even worse if I did. My nails kept digging from the pain I was in with you fucking me violently. "Please stop! No more, I can't take it anymore." I wailed out as you hurt my breasts and slammed harder into me. I just wanted all this to stop!  I needed to crawl under the covers, more like the bed.

You were laughing as I dug my nails into your skin, now drawing blood; it seemed you were getting off on the pain, but I didn't care, I just kept digging. I wanted to hurt you and make you bleed. Somehow making you bleed was making me grin back at you. We were like two wild animals ready to devour one another. I knew your hand was going to be bloody by the time you finished. I could feel the blood leaking from beneath my nails and fingers. I was loving the feel of your blood surrounding my tiny finger tips. I was hurting you back and it felt fucking great!

I knew you were going to finish inside me yet again, it was the worst part of all this. The last thing I need is your seed inside me again and again and again. My eyes water up at the thought of what could happen. When you threw your head back, I knew it was coming. You were about to dump another load inside of me, another unwanted load. When you started to cum inside me, I cringed and bit down on my lower lip as I closed my eyes. I couldn't take feeling your cum shooting inside me again, but I had no choice in the matter. I slowly let go of your hand, taking my nails out. I curled up on myself as you were still on me, still inside of me. You were filling me up to the brim and I just couldn't take it. "Get out of me! Please just get the fuck off of me now! You got what you wanted!!!"
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You continued with your pathetic pleading and begging as I unloaded into your tight, wet pussy, my cock pulsating as I pump my seed into your womb.  All the while I was fucking you you were telling me that you couldn’t take any more and begging me to stop over and over.  Of course it fell on deaf ears.  You should know by now that no amount of begging and pleading is going to stop me when I decide I want to have my dick inside of you.  Once I was spent, I remained inside you with my cock twitching and keeping you plugged up.  Aside from my panting to get my breath back, I was silent as I savored the feeling of your tight cunt around me.  Of all the women I’ve slept with and raped over the years, your pussy is something else.  And one I intend to keep and use for a long time.  I lay on top of you and you were sobbing under me, knowing full well that your womb was now filled to the brim with my cum that will start leaking out of you the instant I pull my cock from your vagina.  Which I’m still in no rush to do.  I grope roughly at your breasts, pulling on your erect nipples while you look out at the window into the dark sky.

You didn’t even turn your head to look at me when you told me to get out of you and get off you and telling me that I’d got what I wanted.  I’m tempted to hit you, to hurt you and cause you some pain just for having the nerve to speak to me like that.  But I hold my tongue.  I want you to feel like you’ve just been used like a piece of meat.  Because, essentially, that’s all you are.  Just a girl with a nice pussy that I’m going to fuck whenever I feel the need to.  Along the way I’m going to humiliate you tomorrow and show you just what a colossal prick your father is.  And that he has the money to pay me off and buy your freedom, he’s just not doing. 

I grinned down at you and pushed myself up off you, feeling my softening dick slipping out of your vagina.  I just caught a glimpse of my cum starting to leak from your hole before I turned and walked away from the bed.  I looked back once and saw that you were still in that same position with your legs splayed wide apart and staring at the window.  I let myself out of your room and locked the door behind me and went to my own room, climbing into bed and drifting off into a peaceful, satisfied sleep.
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To say I felt gross and disgusting was the understatement of the century. How many loads have you deposited inside of me by now? I lost track of how many, but it didn't matter since I might be killed in the end. I knew I would never feel clean ever again. No matter how many times I clean myself inside and out, you will always be on me. All of this because of my father! I wasn't home and safe from evil and harm, no, I was here. I cried when you pulled on my nipple as you came hard inside of me. You didn't pull out of me right away because  you wanted me to feel you twitch inside. I groaned and moaned in disgust as I tried to ignore you but you were making it damn near impossible. You collapsed on me, trying to catch your breath as your cock stayed put.

I wanted to take my fingers and gouge your eyes out. I wanted to boil you in a tub of acid and dump your body out to sea. I had so many evil thoughts of what I wanted to do to you for what you've done to me. When you finally pulled out of me, I cringed again when I felt your cum leaking out. I had no other bed to sleep in but this cum stained one. I considered sleeping on the floor in the corner by the windows. I curled up into a ball, moved over out of the wetness you left on the sheets and cried in the pillow. You were still in the room, naked as the day you were born. I just wanted to die...

When you left the room, you locked the door behind you. I was used and abused just like that in the middle of the night. For some reason this assault took more out of me. I slowly moved to the edge of the bed and wept as I looked at the window. Maybe I could throw myself through it and see if I make it or not. I would rather die than go through this another second! I stared at the window long enough to fall asleep. I wrapped myself up like a burrito again and cried myself to sleep.
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I woke at six the next morning, half an hour before the alarm I’d set.  I showered again to wash off last night’s rape of you then dressed casually; blue jeans, a plain black t-shirt with a black and red checked flannel shirt over the top, which I wore unbuttoned.  I slipped my feet into a pair of hiking boots ready for the day at the woods and the lake.  When I get down stairs, the kitchen staff already have coffee waiting for me and my tailor is handing a parcel to a member of the housekeeping staff.  He notices me as I come down the stairs and greets me cheerfully.  I come to him and shake his hand and thank him for being so prompt before making some casual small talk with him about his life, work, and family.  He’s been my tailor for many years and I’ve gotten to know him fairly well over that time.  And he always does an impeccable job without complaint or question.  I tell him that there might well be a few more requests for clothes in the same size in the near future and warn him that some might be at short notice, such as these ones.  Of course, he says it will be no problem at all and I know it won’t be.  Because he will be well paid for his services.  I bid him good day as he leaves and I go into the kitchen to get my morning coffee, greeting the kitchen staff and housekeepers as I do.  This place really is a hive of activity first thing in the morning.

My chef tells me that he has been told we’re going out early and we’ll be doing some hiking so he has prepared a hearty breakfast for you, Adam, and me.  I thank him before going to my office and getting my laptop from my safe.  I boot it up and check my emails, then place a call to Ben, who should have been spending the night watching your dad.  He confirms that’s what he did, tells me that he’s still in the cabin and gives me the gps coordinates and detailed directions on how to get there.  I tell him to send Adam the information since he’s the one who will be driving, then tell him to let me know if things change.  He promises he will.  I guzzle down my coffee and check the time.  Six thirty.  I wonder if you’re awake yet.  I wonder if you actually got any sleep at all after I raped you last night.  I think about sending Adam up to get you but I decide I’d prefer to do it myself.  I tell Adam what Ben said and let him know to expect the details of how to get where we’re going.  Then I go and retrieve the parcel my tailor brought and head to your room.

After letting myself into your room, I discover you fast asleep and, once again, wrapped up in your blankets. 

“Hey, wake up,” I say in a less than gentle manner.  “We have places to be.”  I come over to the bed and stand over you.  Last night I’m pretty sure you were awake and pretending to be asleep when I climbed on top of you and forced my fat cock into your tight little cunt.  So there’s a good chance you’re doing that now.  I kick the side of the bed, jolting you awake.  I grin when you turn and look at me and I see the fear in your eyes. 

“Get up, we have a long day ahead of us,” I tell you.  I toss the parcel containing jeans, a shirt, new underwear, and hiking boots down onto the bed next to you.  “There’s the clothes you’ll need for the day ahead of us.  Chef has prepared you some breakfast.  Be downstairs in the dining room in twenty minutes.  I think you’ll like what I’m going to show you today,” I say with a smirk before turning away from you.

“Oh,” I say as I reach the door and turn back to you, “don’t bother trying to run, there are enough people here to shoot you dead before you even make it to the driveway,” I inform you before leaving the room with the door left unlocked so you can get out and come downstairs when you’re ready.
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The whole night all I did was toss and turn and wake up crying. I wanted to go home so bad that I walked around the room several times trying to find a way out. When I looked outside the window, the moon was bright and full and there were no guards downstairs. Maybe they all went home for the night, or maybe they're inside the house. I had so many thoughts racing through my head as I finally walked over to the bathroom to take a bath. I was wide awake and knew the sun would be up in just a few hours. I couldn't sleep one wink through this horrific night.

After I spent a good hour washing myself up in the scolding tub, I started to get sleepy again. My skin was so red, I looked like a human lobster. I still felt disgustingly filthy inside and out, but more inside where you've violated me so personally. The only thing I had to wear was the dress and no fresh panties or bra. If I wanted to be dressed, I would wear and sleep in the very outfit you raped me in. I was mentally going to lose it soon. What you've done to me was something that I was never going to forget or get over. It was like being murdered but still living in the body that you were killed in. I crawled on the clean side of the bed and placed a pillow behind my back so I could feel safe. The very next thing I felt was your foot hitting the bed so you could wake me up.

I opened my eyes when you told me to get up but stayed still and practically ignored you. I didn't want to turn around and look at you, I just couldn't. You finally walk over to my side of the bed after barking how we have places to be. I felt you hitting the bed again which made me jump as I finally looked you in the eyes. I felt terrified of the person within you and how much more you are willing to do. You say again how we have things to do and then toss a box on my bed. You conveyed to me that what was in the box was clothes and I felt better hearing what was inside it. Jeans, thank god. Before I sat up, you walked towards the door and gave me a nice little reminder on what would happen if I tried to run.  I didn't say one word to you and then you left my room. I took a quick shower and then opened the box and smiled when I saw I had jeans. "I just need to get out of here." I whispered to myself.

I was dressed and ready to go and even threw my dress into the trash bin by the bed. "I'll never wear that again." I followed your instructions and walked out and waited for you in the foyer where Adam happened to be.
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I leave you to get dressed and head back down to my office where Adam is waiting for me.  We discuss where we’re going and what we’re going to do when we get there.  I pull out the papers I printed that proves the cabin where your dad is hiding is owned entirely by him.  And, importantly, how much it cost him and the fact he paid without a mortgage. Adam goes out into the foyer and, when I hear your footsteps on the ceiling of my office leaving your room and heading towards the room, I shut down my laptop and slide the papers into a pocket of my backpack.  I put the computer into my safe and pull out my Glock semi automatic pistol, sliding out the magazine and checking that the clip is full before locking it back in place.  I slip the weapon into another pocket in my bag.  I then go out to the foyer and join Adam just as you get to the bottom of the stairs.  I look you up and down in your jeans and shirt, both of which fit well in that they should be comfortable and functional to wear but also show off your curves.  I glance at Adam who is also looking you up and down to the point that he’s almost salivating over you.  I’m sure he’d happily rape you too if I gave him the chance; especially since he knows that I’d have his back and nothing would ever happen to him for it.  At least from a legal standpoint.  And he knows better than to do it without my say so.

“You’re looking good, Ava,” I greet you with a smile, all thoughts of last night where you all but gave your drunken self to me on the living room table and the brutal, silent rape in your  bed after, evaporated from my mind, although I expect they’re all so, so fresh in yours.  “We have a long day ahead of us,” I say as Adam walks into the dining room.  You glare at me with an expected contempt as I place my hand on your shoulder and guide you towards the dining room.  “Chef has prepared breakfast for us.”

I notice you looking warily around the room, your eyes first focusing on Adam and then the staff that are wandering in and out laying serving platters filled with bacon, sausages, eggs, hash browns, and toast on the table.  There is also a pot of coffee and a pitcher of freshly squeezed orange juice.  I smirk when I see your jaw almost drop in awe when you see the food.  I pull out a chair for you but you just stand there glaring at me.

“Please, sit, you need to eat,” I say, extending my arm towards the seat and indicating for you to park your pert little ass in it.
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I got dressed and felt like a zombie as I pulled up my jeans and buttoned them. The last thing I wanted was to go downstairs and see you. My eyes filled up with tears at what you did to me last night and all the other times. No, I didn't want to stay in this room any longer than I had to, but I didn't want to see you. I dressed as slowly as possible then went to the bathroom to wash my face. When I went downstairs and saw Adam, I cringed. I stood away from him but he kept looking me up and down. I couldn't even look at you, give you any kind of eye contact so I kept my head down. I stared at my shoes for a few minutes and then you told me I looked nice. I felt so dirty and ashamed but I knew it wasn't me, it was you that made me feel this way.

I wanted to cry as I stood before you and Adam. I felt like a piece of meat standing on display for you two to leer at. When you said I looked nice, I said nothing but stayed downward. I could see from the corner of my right eye that Adam was still looking my way. It was breakfast time and for once while being here, I was actually hungry. You walked over to me and placed your hand on my shoulder which made me jump some. You were trying to move me into the dining room, but using manners this time. I moved away from you and walked into the dining room without saying a word. We all sat down and I made sure to sit away from the two of you.

I shouldn't even have an appetite after what you put me through so far, but the spread looked amazing. If you were going to take from me, then I can do the same and eat your food. You told us to go ahead and eat and we both started to help ourselves. I kept my head downward still and tried like hell not to meet your eyes for too long. I knew that if I had to look at you for too long that I might break down. There was no getting away from you speaking to me and possibly that creep Adam. I needed to internally get it together so as to not embarrass myself.
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You did as you were told and sat down at the table.  I saw the brief expression of enthusiasm when you see the food on the table.  When I take my own seat and see you just sitting there, I tell you to dig in.  Surprisingly, do you as I tell you, and with gusto.  You fill your plate and begin to devour your food, which pleases me.  Though you keep your head down the whole time and never once raise it to look at me.  I glance across at Adam who is matching your enthusiasm for breakfast.  Satisfied that you’re both going to be suitably fed before we leave, I fill my plate and begin eating too, pausing only to pour myself another cup of coffee. 

“So where are we going today, Boss?” Adam asks between mouthfuls.  I notice as he speaks that you do briefly look up from your plate and look between me and him with something that resembles a mild curiosity.

“Up to the north end of the lake,” I reply as I set down my coffee and pick up a slice of toast.  “There’s something I think young Ava here really ought to see,” I continue and note that you stop chewing and glance up at me, the curiosity on your face now mixed with a little fear.  I’m wondering if you think I’m going to do you some kind of harm while we’re up there.  I have no intention of doing that, you belong to me now and I’m going to keep you whether you like it or not.  You have the most amazing pussy, there’s no way I’m giving that up.  I can say with some degree of honesty that your cunt is the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of fucking, either raping or consenting.

I chuckle to myself amusedly when you look away and concentrate on your food again, reaching for some more hash brown and bacon. 

“Why> What’s up there?” Adam asks.

“Oh if I were to tell you that, then there wouldn’t be any surprise left for Ava.  And surprises are fun, aren’t the Ava?” I look at you as you chew and wait for you to swallow your bite of food and answer, ready to swing my leg and kick your shin under the table if you don’t.
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The food was to die for and I could tell it was made by someone who knew what they were doing. You're wealthy enough to have a head cook in the house, which I assumed made this delicious spread. I ate and listened to you and Adam talking about the day that we were about to have. I was in no mood for stupid small talk about the day and what was planned or not planned. When you asked me a question, I just chewed and looked at you. I was in no mood to talk and could hardly make eye contact with you.

Adam was being inquisitive and kept asking more questions about our day. This was nice, the two of you talking while I was keeping to myself. I had a thought that maybe you were going to do something to me out there, but if you wanted to kill me, you would have done it by now. You asked me if I thought surprises were fun after you told Adam it was a surprise for me. I was getting internally anxious now about what was to come. Why were we going on a hike? You glared at me as you were waiting on me to answer you.

"I don't like surprises." I didn't look at you as I replied, but just chewed on some bacon and looked at my plate. I knew the two of you were looking at me, wanting me to show more emotion. There was no way I was going to remotely act normal around  you or Adam. You two are creeps and I had a feeling Adam was itching to fuck me. I just wanted to get a hold of my father and get this done with! "I just want to pay you what we owe you and go h...home." I could feel my eyes filling up with tears as I took a sip of my orange juice. Everything and everyone was just a game to you, we were just props in your world of cruelness. 
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You didn’t even look up from your plate as you answered me and told me you don’t like surprises.  I’m sure you don’t.  And you’re sure as hell not going to like the surprise I have for you today.  I honestly can’t wait to see your face when you find out that your father could have probably paid what he owed and secured your release days ago.  He’s bought a cabin in the lake that’s worth at least half a million and not even taken out a mortgage to pay for it.  I’m sure he probably has plenty of money in the bank.  I should probably check that before we go out there.  Arm myself with more proof that he’s knowingly thrown you to the wolves.  You say something about just wanting to pay me off and go home.  But, if I’m right about him, then you’ve probably been abandoned and left to me.  Not that I’m complaining about being able to fuck you whenever the urge takes me.  I think you’re going to be seeing your pathetic excuse for a father in a whole new light by the end of the day.

“Well I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one, there’s no sign of daddy calling by to pay up,” I tell you as I take a biscuit from the serving plate and deftly slice through it and smear butter on it, savoring the fact that it’s so fresh that it’s still warm and crumbly.  You pause briefly as you’re lifting a slice of bacon towards your mouth then choose to ignore my comment, though I can see that you’re holding back some scathing remark that you want to say.

I decide I’ll go and see if I can quickly get some information on your dad’s bank accounts and find out if he actually has any hard cash that he could have bought your freedom with long ago.  We’re now way beyond you going back to your life.  Your dad has fucked me about so much that whatever money he gives me now, I will be keeping you as my plaything, my sex toy.  My cum dump.  He has already signed you over to spending the rest of your life being raped by me.  But now I just want to humiliate you both as much as possible.

“I need to check something out,” I say as I grab a slice of toast and rise from my chair.  “If she tries to run, shoot her,” I instruct Adam as I leave the dining room and go to my office, chuckling to myself because I know that you despise Adam almost as much as you despise me.  And I know that he’s itching to fuck you so his eyes will be all over you.  I chuckle because I’m wondering if you’ll actually be brave enough to say anything to him as he ogles you, and what, if anything, he’ll do about it.  I’m still chuckling when I get my laptop from my safe and sit at my desk.
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I tried to ignore  you both as much as possible but it wasn't possible to just stay quiet. You were planning something evil, I just knew it. What was it that you needed to show me? My stomach was getting full and my thirst quenched, but my nerves were high on edge. Deep down I knew you weren't going to inflict harm on me wherever we were going. I know you need me to stick around a little longer for some reason I accepted it. This was a debt that I had to pay off, but in the most vile way. You told Adam you had to do some things before we left and if I tried to run, to shoot me. I just rolled my eyes and kept looking down. I wanted to cry, but I held it back.  I got done eating before Adam did and you were taking off to check on something before we left. When you took off, grabbing a roll, I saw Adam turning his head in my direction. I knew he was going to try or at least say some smartass remark to me.

"You're looking good enough to eat, Ava." Adam whispered loud enough for me  to hear and wasted no time in trying to get under my skin. I just sat and played with my fork and moved my eggs along with it. I ignored him and played with my eggs with my fork by scooting them back and forth. He chuckled and kept on eating and slurping down his coffee. I closed my eyes and imagined stabbing him in the right eye with my fork. I took in deep breaths and tried to ignore the bastard as much as possible. "No wonder the boss can't keep his hands off of you, Ava, you're a total slut." He was trying to get to me, to make me lose it. I took another deep breath and tried not to let a single tear fall from my eyes. I knew if I retaliated, I would get in trouble.

I scooted my chair a few inches to my left to get further away from the prick. I was doing my very best to act better, not to jab this fork inside him. I looked at the knife before me and had another vision of slicing his throat open and making a run for it. I pushed my plate away and placed my napkin on top of it and then grabbed the knife tightly in my hand. "Stay the fuck away from me." He laughed at me and laughed hard. "Ava, you can't bring a knife to a gun fight now." I wanted to bash my plate over his head and make a run for it, but I stayed calm. "You can look all you want, you perv, but you touch me, you die." I smiled slightly at him as I held the knife. "Go ahead and try it."
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In my office I’m trawling through the internet using every bit of tracking and hacking software at my disposal.  Using this method I’ve hacked into the personal bank accounts of presidents of small countries.  They suddenly became considerably poorer overnight once I discovered how much they’d fleeced from their citizens.  There isn’t a government or politician on this planet that isn’t corrupt in some way so it doesn’t weigh on my conscience one bit when I empty their bank accounts.  So with all that computer power at my fingertips, it doesn’t take me long to find your dad’s bank accounts.  All of them.  And within a few minutes I have access to them all.  And I can see that just in cold, hard cash sitting in these accounts, he’s only a couple of hundred grand away from being a millionaire.  So much for the struggling convenience store on the bad side of the city.  Straight away I’m wondering where he’s got all this money.  Secondly, I’m wondering how the hell he’s managed to hide it from everyone for so long without attracting anyones attention.  Least of all mine.  Or the IRS.  Where he got his money from will be a question for another day.  Right now all I’m interested in is showing you how much of a pure, upstanding father he is.  I also make a mental note to check out the accounts of you and your brother when we get back from confronting him.  And if I find out that you know more than you’re letting on and you have money in the bank, too, then it’s going to turn into a very bad day for you.  I print out copies of your dad’s last statements from each of his accounts and slip the papers, of which there are a fair few, into my bag.  I look at my watch and decide that we really should get moving soon.  I grab my phone and dial Ben’s number.

“Any change?” I ask.

“No, Boss, I’ve been here all night and he’s not left the cabin.’

“Good work, Ben.  Are you sure he hasn’t seen you?”  Ben’s good at his job so I trust that he’ll be able to carry out a bit of overnight surveillance without messing it up.

“Nah, I’m well hidden.  I’ve been sitting fifty feet up a tree.  There’s no way he can see me but I can see the whole of the property.  He’s not so much as come out to watch the sunrise.”  I roll my eyes as Ben speaks.  I can’t fault his commitment to me or my empire but sometimes he really isn’t that bright.

“Ok, bud, sit tight, we’ll be up there in a couple of hours.  I’ll bring you some food.”

“Thanks, boss, I’d sure appreciate it.”  I end the call and shake my head, though I smirk a little.  Sometimes he deserves a pay rise for his dedication.

I go into the kitchen and ask my chef to make up a cold breakfast to take with us, and to put some bottles of water in the car.  Glancing outside I can already see the day is going to be a hot one in the city, though as we go up into the mountains and the lake it’ll likely cool down.  I thank Chef and make my way back into the dining room where I find you still with your head down and pushing food around your plate with your fork, and Adam with a broad smirk on his face.  Clearly he’s said something that’s pissed you off and he’s incredibly proud of it.  I could ask what happened but I’m sure I wouldn’t get a straight answer out of either of you so I decide not to.

“You ready, Adam?” I ask.

“Absolutely,” he replies as he stands up from the table and hitches up his pants, the bulge of his gun clearly visible under his sweater.

“What about you, Ava, are you ready for a day out at the lake?”
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I knew what Adam had on his mind, which was why I had the knife in my left hand. There was no way I was going to let him even get near me. I kept looking busy as I shuffled the food around my plate. I was anxious and wondering what this trip we were taking was about. He kept staring at me, grinning as he ate and took a sip of his coffee. I was looking around, trying to see when you were returning. Being in this room alone with Adam was causing me to get more and more anxious by the minute. I kept having thoughts of jamming this knife through his cold blue eyes. The vivid images didn't even cause me to flinch as I daydreamed. I wanted to slice his throat open and watch his head fall on his plate. I even had a vision of stabbing him between the legs and watching him drop to the floor. I've never had a taste for violence until now when justice needed to be served.

I wanted to ask him what the fuck he kept looking at but it would stir up trouble. He would make quiet little comments about my attitude, but I did my best to try and ignore him. He was getting off on annoying and aggravating me. My thoughts went back and forth between being here and where my father was. Tears were in my eyes as I looked at my plate and moved my eggs around. Why did he allow you to take me away and not fight harder to get me back?!  Why couldn't he pay an amount that was under a grand? There was something he was hiding. I just wanted to leave this god awful place and crawl into my own bed for a month or two. I thought about my brothers and how they were probably wondering where I was. Did they know I was here?

I suddenly felt abandoned and fear was creeping inside the depths of my mind. What was about to happen? I was afraid of what was to come. I didn't trust you or Adam as far as I could throw you two assholes. What was so important that we needed to go on a hike? Were you going to shoot me and hide my body in the lake? Was this my last meal? I saw Adam's gun bulging from his pants and I thought about reaching for it. I wanted him far away from me, not fucking inches! I kept moving my chair away from him and he kept on purposely scooting over. I was waiting on you of all people to come back to the dining room to keep me away from this creep. I finally heard your footsteps stomping down the staircase and I felt more tense knowing we were about to leave. You came down and told us it was about time to go, so I shoved my plate away and placed a napkin on top of my plate.  “No, not really.” When you asked if I was ready to go to the lake.
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When I said it was time for us to go you tossed your napkin over your food then pushed your plate away from you.  When you replied that you weren’t ready to go to the lake I smirked a little.

“Lighten up, Ava, it’ll be fun,” I tell you, my smirk remaining in place.

You glared at me and remained seated while Adam stood and adjusted his gun.  Sometimes he’s less than discreet about the heat he carries and I’m sure that eventually he’s going to blow someone away just for the fun of it. 

“You want me to haul her ass outta that chair, Boss?” he asks me with a pleading smile.  I just know that he’d love to get his hands on you.  That he’d love to get a taste of what I have.  He’s ready to reach out and pull you up from your seat if I give him the go ahead.  And he won’t be too gentle about it either.  And I’m sure if I let him he’ll find a way to grope you in some way.

“Ava’s a grown up, Adam, I’m sure she can manage to stand up all by herself,” I answer without any attempt to hide my patronising tone.  “Why don’t you go and fetch the car.  We should probably go in the SUV.”

He nods, adjusts his gun again, then leaves, giving you a longing, lustful look as he does so, which you return with a glare of contempt, though I also note a hint of satisfaction at him being told to lay off.  I roll my eyes.  I have a feeling I’m going to be spending the next couple of hours listening to you two bickering like a pair of small siblings on a long journey. 

“What about it, Ava?” I ask as I turn my attention to you.  “Are you going to prove me right and come out to the car like a big girl or am I getting Adam back in here to drag you outside?”
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Adam was itching to put his hands on me and drag me out of the chair. You asked me if I was basically a big girl enough to get up by myself. He got out of his chair and leered at me as he did. My stomach was in knots and my palms were sweating. I wasn't in a hurry to go see where you were taking me, I was terrified to be honest. I wanted to beg you and at least try and reason with you some more to let me go. My eyes still had tears in them, so I took a napkin and dabbed my eyes to dry them up. I wasn't ready to go just yet but I had no choice.

I looked at you and slowly rose from my chair and pushed it in. To say I was taking my time was an understatement. "I'm not feeling too well." I was lying of course, but I had to try, had to try and stall. I could see the look in your eyes and I knew you weren't buying it. You snapped at me to hurry it up, but I just took my time. You made a comment under your breath and walked over to me and smacked me extremely hard on the ass. You growled at me to get the fuck going and stop messing around. I slowly walked in front of  you as I rubbed my ass as I did. You weren't in the mood to deal with my lying self. I'm sure you were staring at my ass as we walked out of the dining room.

When I reached the front door, I saw that Adam was standing by the car with a big smile on his smug face. He opened the door for me and smirked as I slowly got in, taking my sweet time. The car smelled like it was brand new, of course it could have been knowing you and your wealth. I heard you and Adam talking as I got in and put my seatbelt on. This was it, we were heading off somewhere for you to do whatever  to me.
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You were clearly dragging your feet and not wanting to get up off your chair.  I stood in the doorway looking at you with an irritated, impatient expression on my face.  Eventually you pushed the chair back and began to rise.  Then turned to me and told me you didn’t feel well.  You felt fine when you were spitting threats at Adam a few minutes ago so I’m not buying your bullshit.

“The fresh air will do you a world of good then,” I tell you, letting you know that trying to pull those kinds of elementary school tricks won’t work on me.

You started to walk very slowly from the table towards where I’m standing by the door.  I roll my eyes and walk over to you and place my hand between your shoulder blades and push you gently to hurry you on.  Once you’re a little way in front of me I swing my arm back then bring it forward to connect hard with the cheek of your pert, round ass.  The sound of my hand makes a satisfying thud on the thick denim and you yelp in surprise and a little bit of pain.  Luckily for you you’re wearing jeans and not that flimsy party dress you had on the other night when you surrendered yourself to me.

“Quit stalling,” I growled at you, now ogling your butt as it swayed from side to side while you walked. 

When we got to the front door Adam already had the SUV parked there waiting with the engine running and the back door open for you.  You didn’t need to be told anymore, you climbed into the back seat, slid along to the opposite side and fastened your seatbelt.  It seems you’ve learned your lesson for this morning at least.  I go back into the house and grab my bag from my office, hearing some remark from Adam that was aimed at you but I’m too far away to hear what he said.  Or what your reply was. I’m sure he was trying to make you feel like a piece of meat again.  When I return, he’s still standing by the car, you’re still sat where you were but now you’re staring out of the window. 

“You know where we’re going?” I ask.

“Sure, boss,” he nods.

“Let’s get out of here then.  We’ll be stopping at the tailor’s on our way back,” I say, climbing into the car beside you and closing the door behind me. 

Adam climbs in and starts easing the car down the long driveway and out onto the road.  For the moment, you’re silent.  I pull out my phone and send a text to Ben asking him if there’s anything happening.  He sends a reply almost instantly saying, simply, ‘No change.’

“How long?” I ask Adam.  He glances at the phone he’s got stuck on the dashboard which he’s using as a GPS. 

“A little over two hours.”

“Make it a little under.”  I feel the car accelerate slightly as he pushes it a little over the speed limit.  Turning to you, I say: “Relax, Ava, try and take a nap, it’ll make the journey go quicker.”
Title: Re: Dirty Business (with Teaseme69)
Post by: Teaseme69 on September 13, 2021, 03:55:21 PM
Having you around me was difficult enough already, but being forced to speak to you was almost impossible. You've brought so much shame on me that eye contact makes me blush from embarrassment. What should I have to be embarrassed about? My mind was all over the place...

I sat in the SUV and waited for you to make your small demand of Adam getting us there under 2 hours. I guess it didn't matter if we were pulled over, since the police probably work for you. Whatever you say, people just do it without question. How did you get so powerful? I could smell your cologne as subtle as it was, you were just too damn close to me. You say on the far right side while I sat on the far left but you were still too close.

My eyes started get watery again which I was getting sick of. I hated crying so much since you beat and raped me in the shop. My eyes were constantly wet from having a few tears in my eyes; no matter how many times I tried to hide it, they just kept coming. You told me to relax and to take a nap, but how could I? I turned to look out the window without saying one word to you. I just wanted to get there and keep my eyes open while I was around the two of you.
Title: Re: Dirty Business (with Teaseme69)
Post by: Stalk The Girls on September 13, 2021, 07:05:55 PM
You ignored my suggestion to take a nap, which didn’t exactly surprise me, instead opting to stare out of the window as Adam drove us towards the Interstate and turned North towards the lake and the mountains.  It was just after dawn and the sun was starting to rise into a clear sky in the East and setting us up for a beautiful morning hike to the lake - although according to Ben it was only about a twenty minute walk from where he’d parked up.  Adam switches on the radio and tunes to a classic rock station and taps out the beat to a Queen song on the steering wheel as he pushes the speed up to eighty and sets the cruise control.  I pass the time scrolling through my phone, checking some messages and emails and replying.  I send a message to my tailor to let him know that we’ll be stopping by later this afternoon so that you can shop for some clothes.  As much as it would please me to keep you naked in your room and ready to be used any time I feel like it, it’s just not possible.  For a start, I expect you to be joining me for meals when I’m entertaining guests.  Having something pretty to look at while I’m trying to cut a deal usually makes people more enthusiastic to part with their money.

Traffic is light for now since it’s still early and this area isn’t cursed with the rush hour jams that most of the city suffers from so we make good time.  We’ve been on the road just over an hour and a half when Adam turns off the Interstate and takes us East on a quiet two lane that winds its way into the mountains.  Another fifteen minutes and he’s turning off the road onto a narrow road that disappears into the woods.  I notice your breathing quicken as the bright morning sunlight becomes diffused by the canopy of the trees and begins to fade more as we go deeper into the forest.  A few minutes in and we come to a clearing where there are a few cars parked, one of which is Bens.  When you see all the other cars you breathe an audible sigh of relief, presumably because it’s not as isolated as you were expecting.  I let out a little snigger at your fears.  Adam parks next to Ben’s empty car and switches off the engine before climbing out and opening the door where you’re sitting and offering his hand to help you out.  I snigger again, knowing full well that you’ll completely ignore him.  I climb out myself and sling my backpack over my shoulders.  Opening the trunk, I grab two bottles of water then close it again. 

“See? That wasn’t so bad was it?” I ask you as I offer you one of the bottles.  You hesitate about taking it but seem to realise it might not be great to be without water out here as the day starts to warm up. 

“Sit tight, Adam,” I say as I open the GPS app on my phone and navigate to the coordinates that Ben sent me.  Finding the route through the trails to the cabin your dad owns, I look you up and down briefly.  “Ok, let’s go.  I’ve got a treat for you, Ava,” I say with a smirk and pointing towards the paved trail that heads to the lake.
Title: Re: Dirty Business (with Teaseme69)
Post by: Teaseme69 on September 17, 2021, 04:21:28 PM
There was no way I was going to be able to nap, so I stared out the window. All I could think of was my fate. You were in good spirits and excited about where we were going.How could I relax when I was worried about what was going on? You were acting nice to me and not like the bad guy you've been. You acting so nice was only making me more and more nervous. It's always the ones who act too nice you have to watch out for. Everything that you have done to me has been everything BUT nice and now here you are acting so good to me.

The whole ride, I just kept thinking of my father and where he was. Tears kept running down my face as I continued to look out the window as Adam turned it on a Queen song. How could my father just abandon me with someone like you? Why hasn't he shown up every day to try and get me out? I would have never let anyone take my child! I was so angry and sad at the same time at my father. Why would he do this to me? Where was he?! I never felt so alone than I did right now in this SUV with two other people in it. I just wanted to go home and try and forget about all this.I knew I was never going to forget or forgive for that matter, but I just needed to get far away from you. I was pleased the radio was on loud enough to distract everyone.

When we got to our destination, I saw cars and let out a sigh of relief. I was anxious for nothing apparently. I guess you weren't planning on killing me right now. I was still anxious as we pulled in and  you started to speak to me about it not being that bad. I still said not a word to you and was going to continue to give the silent treatment. I was curious as to what all this was about and who these cars belong to. I stayed silent as you told me you had a treat for me. I wondered what this treat was. Were you going to do something even worse to me just to get back at my father? What was about to happen to me next?
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Post by: Stalk The Girls on September 20, 2021, 08:03:24 PM
You were still keeping quiet.  Something told me that you were scared that your life was about to end.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  I pulled out my phone and typed out a quick message to Ben telling him that I was on my way up there and to sit tight.  Then I opened the GPS app and looked at where your dad’s cabin was.  Looking at the map with the pulsating blue dot marking our position, I guess that it would take us about twenty to thirty minutes to get there.  You started walking when I told you, though your progress was deliberately slow.  Still trying to drag things out and slow us down. 

“Don’t worry, nothing bad is going to happen to you,” I tell you, though the grin on my face might tell you otherwise.  “There’s just something down this trail by the lake that you really, really need to see.  We’ll see it, then we’re out of here.  I’ll even take you clothes shopping on the way home.”

I notice you look at me out of the corner of my eye.  I’m sure the comment about taking you shopping has thrown you; confused you.  If I was going to kill you, why would I be promising to take you shopping right?  Perhaps you think that’s just a ploy to try and get you to relax.  But we really are paying a visit to my tailor.

Just over half an hour later we reach a paved road that bisects the forest and leads straight up to a cabin by the lakeside.  I check the GPS on my phone and, sure enough, it’s the cabin that Ben has been watching all this time.  I’m now wondering why Ben didn’t guide us up this road instead of us having to hike through the woods. 

“This way,” I say as I type out another text to Ben to let him know that we’re here.  He replies back in an instant with ‘I know, I see ya.’  As we approach the cabin I become aware of rustling in the trees.  You look around you anxiously but I know it’s just Ben following our progress.  I stop and you stop with me.  I look to where the noises were coming from and, sure enough, I see Ben well hidden in the undergrowth.  I signal for him to come out, which he does - to your surprise.  Clearly he did a good job of disguising himself because, if your expression is anything to go by, nobody had any idea he’d been here for two days. 

“He still here?” I ask.

“Hasn’t left since yesterday afternoon,” he replies, nodding his head. 

“Ok, let’s do this.”

I guide you towards the cabin, up the three steps onto the porch and stand at the door.  I glance back and see Ben has followed us and is waiting at the bottom of the steps.  “Ready?” I ask as I knock on the door.

The door opens slowly and silently.  Your dad stands before us, confusion written across his face.  I look at you.  You’re standing there with an expression of stunned, exasperated shock at seeing your dad at this luxurious, extremely expensive, cabin.
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You reminded me that nothing bad was going to happen, but I didn’t fully believe you. We were somewhere out of town and far away from my home. You informed me how I needed to see what you were wanting me to see. Maybe it was the body of my dead father. Maybe this is what the trip was about, seeing what you’ve done to him. You then mentioned how you’ll take me shopping afterwards for clothes.  That comment caught me off guard. I guess I wasn’t going to be dying today.

I was getting bored and anxious and ready to see what you wanted me to see. It seemed like forever and a day until we finally drove up and stopped. I was more and more confused.  It seemed that you and Adam were hiding something from me. I just wanted to see what the damn surprise was. Everything seemed to be taking too long, you were texting someone or checking your phone for something and Adam was driving slower. I wanted to ask you what this was all about but I just couldn't speak to you. I felt too much shame from the other night to really look at you and speak to you.

When we finally stopped, we all got out and I stretched some. I tried to stay as far away from you as possible. It was now time to walk to our destination and I was confused as to why we didn't just drive all the way up. I hated surprises and was hating this trip. I was still planning on a way out. There has to be a way to escape you, there had to be a way.

I started walking and followed Adam as you stayed by me. I heard noises in the trees next to us and I looked around anxiously at the noise until I saw it was Ben.  You were guiding me towards the cabin and my heart started to race. We were walking a good ways to this destination of ours, the whole time I was thinking of ways to escape.  When we reached the cabin, we walked up to the door and you just opened it. When we walked in, my mouth dropped open when I saw my father just standing there. “What are you doing here?!”

To say I was confused was an understatement, I was in total shock. “W… what’s going on?!” My eyes were huge as I stared at my father. “Dad, what’s going on?”
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It was never in doubt that you’re your father’s daughter, such is the resemblance between the two of you, but if it were, your identical expressions of shock and wonder on your faces would put that to bed once and for all.  You both looked at each other completely stunned into silence.  A silence which you eventually broke by stuttering out the first question that comes to mind in a situation like this: asking your dad what the hell was going on.  I have to work at it, but I manage to hold my laugh in.  This is serious business and there’s no way either of you would take it seriously if I burst out laughing at the state of your collective shock.  For what seems like an eternity, your dad can’t seem to find any words to say in reply to your questions.  Perhaps too shocked at having been discovered here in the semi wilderness.  Perhaps realisation that his secret was out and he was going to have to come clean about how much money he actually has.  The surprise for him will be that if he doesn’t tell you, then I will.

“Hello, Pete.  Not going to invite us in?  Make us coffee?” I ask with a sarcastic smirk on my face.

You look from your dad to me and back again as you try and comprehend what’s happening.  It seems to be dawning on you slowly that this place might be a little expensive.  That there might be something your dad is holding back on.  That perhaps he’s not been as straight with you as you always believed he had.

“Hi, Pumpkin,” he says to you with an embarrassed smile on his face.  He looks at me and then at Ben, who is standing at the bottom of the steps up to the porch.  Then he pulls the door wide and steps to the side to allow us in.

“Ladies first,” I say to you as I extend my arm in invitation.