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Pictures / Re: Porno Comic Book Art
« Last post by acidredux on Today at 06:21:36 PM »
"Russian Girl Trapped" by Rey Andrada. A Russian girl's mother dies, leaving her in the hands of her creepy, perverted old step-father who had been waiting for his wife to die so he could get his hands on his pretty step-daughter. When he tries to rape her, she kicks him in the nuts and eludes him, escaping to a friend's place. The girl, who plays the violin, gets a called with an offer to play with an Austrian youth orchestra currently on tour in the Philippines, and they send her a plane ticket. But when she gets to the Manilla, she finds that the "orchestra" was only a ruse to capture her for use as a sex slave in the Philippines, set up by her step-father for revenge for humiliating him.
Games / Re: Spit or Swallow?
« Last post by Stella on Today at 06:06:46 PM »
Hm... Never tried this so far. But I would. ->  Swallow.

Black Forest gateau?

One-on-One Roleplays / Re: Independence Denied (With Teaseme69)
« Last post by Stalk The Girls on Today at 06:00:31 PM »
All the while I’m fucking you I’m alternating between deep and hard thrusts and slow, gentle movements.  You scratch at my back and my arms over and over and, although you’re not scratching hard, it feels as though the constant scratching in the same places is starting to work away my skin.  Still, it’s not causing me too much discomfort.  For now, at least.  Every time I thrust hard into you you let out a small yelp of pain and dig your nails in a little harder.  I groan with pleasure into your mouth as I kiss you and you kiss me back. I growl as I feel the pressure slowly starting to build in my balls as I slide my thick, hard cock in and out of your soaked pussy.  I gasp and grunt, sweat building on my brow as I fuck you.  I swallow your moans and mewls.  I reach between us and cup your bouncing breast in my hand and run my thumb over your hard nipple.

I can’t help but wonder, even now as I’m enjoying fucking you deeply, what your reaction will be the next time we’re in the same room as Josie.  She’s not done anything to you yet you have found reason to hate her and be jealous of her, even though she is here as hired help and you have much more than her already.  And, once we’re married, you’ll have everything.  The thought of marrying you and making you legally mine makes my cock twitch inside you as I fuck you.  I growl and groan as I thrust into you then break our kiss and lean up.  A small drop of my sweat falls onto your face but you say nothing.  I raise my head and groan loudly as I continue to thrust in and out of you.  The hand around your breast slides down your body to your hip and thigh and then slides slowly back to your breast, groping and caressing as I push my dick as deep inside you as I can get.

“I can’t wait to marry you, Katherine,” I groan as my hips rise and fall and drive my hard shaft in and out of you.
Pictures / Re: Bare-Naked Close-Up Female Feet
« Last post by JakeK2355 on Today at 05:43:24 PM »
Cute reaction to a sound whipping....

Rape Fantasy Discussion / Re: Overpower
« Last post by Sarahhhhh on Today at 05:21:12 PM »
5'10, 45 y/o. Probably older than your father. :(
Oh yes mmm
Rape Fantasy Discussion / Re: Tiny girl
« Last post by Sarahhhhh on Today at 05:20:26 PM »
Tiny girls who can't put up much of a fight and are forced into submission relatively quickly make ME happy!

Mmmmm I neeeeeed
One-on-One Roleplays / Re: Dirty Business (with Teaseme69)
« Last post by Stalk The Girls on Today at 04:24:34 PM »
I chuckled a little when Adam beckoned you out and you took a few steps back from him while you fixed your dress, your panties in your hand.  I could see you glare at him as he smirked at you.  He knows full well that you just got railed in here - he wouldn’t have needed to see your exposed breasts or me handing your discarded panties to you to realise that.  It’s exactly why he never came back in the room after he showed Hatfield out.  I was hoping you were going to say something to one of us, to allow your smart ass mouth to run.  If you were to do that I might just let Adam have free reign over you when he gets you to your room.  Perhaps I will anyway.  It’ll do you good to know exactly what your place is here - I don’t want you to get used to the idea of it being gentle and passionate like it was just now every time you have sex in this house.  While you’re here you and your pussy belong to me and you will be used in whatever fashion takes my pleasure.  That bit you’re yet to learn.  My original idea tonight over dinner was to let Hatfield fuck you if he agreed to keep his shit out of my bars.  That might have been an interesting show to watch had I decided to let it happen. 

Adam left the room with you following obediently behind him, your gaze firmly fixed on the floor as you both climbed the stairs.  I stood at the bottom and watched you ascend, your dress, that barely covered your ass anyway, was not nearly enough to cover your modesty as you climbed higher and higher.  I looked up your dress from the bottom of the stairs as you climbed and had a good, hard look at your pussy and the cum that was leaking out of you.  I grinned to myself and went into my office to take the call from Ben.  I heard Adam saying something to you as I strode away but by that time I was too far away and he spoke too quietly for me to hear.  But I doubt he was asking you out on a date.

The call from Ben was to tell me that your dad looked to be packing up and leaving.  He said he’d seen him throw boxes and a couple of suitcases into his car before heading away from your house at speed.  He was travelling North and Ben wanted to know whether he should continue following or not.  I told him to carry on while I checked some things out - there’s something in the back of my mind that tells me he’s skipping town but heading to a holiday cabin that he has somewhere, but I’m not completely sure of the facts  I hang up the call and grab my laptop from the safe, fire it up and log into the encrypted server where I keep all my sensitive documents.  When I open the folder that contains everything I have on your dad - and the file is fairly extensive since we’ve had some issues before - I see that he does have a cabin in the woods but there is nothing specific regarding its location or value. 

As I search the internet for anything and everything that I can dig up on your dad my eyes are distracted from the screen and I look towards the ceiling when I hear you yell something at Adam and he replies but, again, the voices are too muffled for me to make out the conversation.  I can only assume that he’s making some snide comment about you.  Or maybe he’s trying it on with you while he has you alone in your room.  It takes some digging to find what I’m looking for but, after a few minutes, I have the address of your dad’s cabin and how much he paid for it.  It’s an exclusive place in the woods in the Pacific NorthWest beside a man made lake.  And it ran him a little over half a million bucks.  It seems daddy is much more affluent than I thought.  This changes things.  I thought your whole family lived on a budget but now it seems as though you’re fairly well off.  Or at least your dad is.  I wonder how much you or your brothers know about it.  I call Ben back and tell him to stick with your dad, assuring him that he’ll be well rewarded for his efforts.  In the meantime, I need to do a full financial check on your family.  I wonder what else he’s been hiding. 
Games / Re: Spit or Swallow?
« Last post by acidredux on Today at 04:24:06 PM »
bit sweet, but swallow.

Raw Oysters from the shell.
Games / Re: Spit or Swallow?
« Last post by Stella on Today at 04:15:44 PM »
@acidredux No?  :hm2:

Silly me, how could I get this wrong?

Swallow. All kinds of crisps are good.

Marshmallow toast?
Out of Character and Requests / Re: Looking for M
« Last post by Ms.Marvelous on Today at 04:00:03 PM »
Thank you! I’ll definitely look in to that :D
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